Chelsea - Spurs - About Due!
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Spurs - About Due!

In our latest poll we asked you to reflect on our RARE defeat to Sp*rs.

We gave you four options -

Is it a disaster?

About due?

Very painful?

One of those things?

The winner, polling 38% of the vote was about due suggesting that after being unbeaten against Sp*rs for so long, it was only a matter of time before the run came to an end.

In second place with 37% if the vote was is a disaster suggesting that old rivalries die hard and that even after so long, we really wanted to keep inflicting that pain on Sp*rs.

In third place with 15% of the vote was very painful - the category I cast my vote for. Work on Monday really was a torrid affair as Sp*rs fan after Sp*rs fan came out of the woodwork to have their gloat.

In fourth place with 10% was one of those things suggesting it was no great shakes and almost totally irrelevant(?)

Once again we`d like to offer our appreciation to all those that voted and we hope you take the chance to participate in our latest poll.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 7 2006

Time: 6:36AM

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You have been BEATEN by a great up and coming Spurs side who really are starting to work and gel together as a TEAM and have a fantastic manager that is excellent at man managment and coaching, Chelsea have some great players with great individual skill but do not gel, Moaninio is not a great Manager as any manager that can spend the amount of money that he has and buy great players yet still lose should not be praised and looked upon as a God as you muppets do. get real and try to look at it as an outsider would and then perhaps you will see why your club and fans are despised throughout the World.
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07/11/2006 07:16:00

Cravens, I get the impression you are not one of Chelsea's biggest fans! However, there is a very good point in there regarding the amount of money Moanrihno has spent/can spend - relatively speaking he could be one of the worst managers in the league given resources at his disposal. Interesting....
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:05:00

Chelsea were clearly cheated by referee Poll, who had an agenda/vendetta/gripe against them. This is why they've only ever won five points in games he's officiated. He should be made to face the press. I don't think Chelsea should let the matter lie. They should take it to court. If that fails, Chelsea should consider a boycott of the Premier League and refuse to play their fixtures unless Graham Poll is sacked and beheaded. Abramovich will pay the costs of execution. An idea: Abramovich should buy ALL the players in the league so that none of the other clubs can field a team against Chelsea. Then they'll win the league for sure. Then take that tactic into Europe. Even Ronaldinho will have his price, believe me. Also, the rules should be amended so that Chelsea players can do what they like. Abramovich should buy time on television so that Mourinho can explain to everyone why his team was robbed/is better than other teams/is hated by everyone/inspires refs to teach them a lesson/believes that rules shouldn't apply to them/should be allowed to sign on referees to officiate in games. Why mess about with buying time? Buy all the TV stations! Better, Abramovich should buy the FA. Hell, he should buy Fifa. Then Chelsea won't have to answer to anyone, and the whole world of football will be forced to agree that they were CHEATED!!!!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:13:00

I loved watching your lot clueless on how to handle the Super Spurs! Yes The SPURS! Lennon was just amazing. He made Cole stop to scratch his head and wonder which way Lennon went! Against the current champions, Spurs stood up to be counted! The special one, was only special in whinging! I( am fortunate in having Chelski tv and I love watching The Spurs on it, over and over again! The cimmentators, however baised towards their team, couldn't degrade The Spurs! Nobody mentions the disgusting 2 legged leg breaking takle on Chimbonda, which didn't earn Lampard (Lampoon) even a caution. I saw it as deliberate, and I would have sent him off! But, this was the chelski! Defeat was well deserved! Lennon only have to look at how SWP has been treated to see what would become of him, if he did go to Chelski. Money can buy you talent, but you need a real top quality Coach to nurture young talent, as our own Great Martin Jol does with all him young stars. Only one decided to defect, Carrick, but all the Super Stars of Spurs have remained faithful to the cause! Witness King! He is incredible, taking the ball from Robben while 5 metres behind. He is staying. Jenas is pleading for Lennon to stay at Spurs. Proof positive! Here in Cyprus we all celebrated, and rightly so. Join Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club, email
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:23:00

Furthermore, it should be made against the rules for Chelsea to lose, because I can't take all the bulls**t no more!!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:25:00

Shannon posted Her? comments as I was posting mine. I would use her outburst as a typical Chelski fan. For her as it is with the majority of your supporters its all about MONEY! Abramovich will pay assasins to take out poor Pole. And Yes, Abramovich can buy the Premiership and change the rules to Chelski's liking. For being the English representative for referees. As for refusing to play in the Premier....Great! Spurs hate for Arsenal stems from a century of rivalry. The hatred of all the other teams against Chelski stems from the arrogant way Chelski believe it is all about Money! Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool, if you can march on and win the Premiership this year, you will have my b;essinig. I have no time for the perfect one or what Abramovich's money can buy! Come on You Spurs!!!!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:33:00

stop moanin chelski, i know we moan alot but you lot are a different class!! drogba scored yes, but only because everyone else had already stopped as the ref had blown his whistle for a foul about 3 seconds before (albeit an unseen foul),you dont know if he still would have scored had poll not blown and everyone carried on playing! and heres the shocking news, Terry went for being racist, thats why chimbonda went after him and thats why there was no complaints from him when he went, how can poll say to everyone he is a racist? the ENGLAND CAPTAIN is racist!! theres no excuses for you losing. Chelski although you did have some good spells and have a great team, you were deseverdley beaten by a great spurs performance.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:37:00

Err Cyprusyid - may I just point out that Shannon is a Spurs fan - she was being sarcastic! Nice post Shannon I liked it.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 08:48:00

Moaninho in the press - Boo Hoo, Ashley Cole in the press - Boo Hoo, John Terry in the press - Boo Hoo, Arjen Robben in the press - Boo Hoo... even the poll on this page 'Spurs best player was Graham Poll' - BOOO HOOO! Yes, defeat on Sunday clearly meant nothing to you & you're all taking it with SUCH good grace.
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07/11/2006 11:06:00

"I mean, my booking right? The ref says to me get back 10 yards right? I said to him ' but don't you know that I'm the ref & I say I'm already back 10 yards', then do you know what he did? He booked me... can you believe that? It's outrageous... It's almost as bad as Arsenal expecting me to live on £55k per week"... Ashley Cole. Tuesday 7th November. Boo Hoo.
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07/11/2006 11:13:00

I actually cannot believe how much "air time" the megamouths at chelsea have been given! Why report such utter drivel? Typical tabloids and typical Chelsea trying to divert attention from the fact they got beaten and beaten well.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 12:32:00

Ray Wilkins! John Major! David Mellor! Steve Clarke! John terry! Cashley Cole! Graeme Le Saux! Dennis Wise! Pat Nevin! Gavin Peacock! Jose Moanrihno - can you hear me, Jose Moanrihno! Your boys took one hell of a beating - Your boys took one hell of a beating!
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 12:38:00

Shannon a YID? Shannon a GIRL? WoW! I knew she was Special! By the way, why is it, that on a chelski website (this one) there are no Chelski fans? Must be because the few that there are, must be hiding under there Chelski duvet waiting to win a game before they make an appearance! And Rob is spot on. Terry made a racist remark, two spurs players reacted and were confronted by the chelski black players. Terry knew he was in trouble, and he walked away. No arguments, no nothing! Now, he is claiming he didn't know why he got red carded. Shame on you Terry. You ain't fit to play for your country or even in a Premier league side. Step off now and make room for the King. Ledley.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 13:37:00

There seems to be a lot of sour grapes here. As a Chelsea fan I would like to congratulate Spurs for contributing to a great game. At no time did they seek to hold Chelsea they did'nt play in the slightest bit negative and were worthy of their victory. Poll did'nt have a classic but I think Spurs had the bit between their teeth and were'nt going to let us back in. One thing I would say to Cravens and the Tailer is think about what you are saying. Money does'nt automatically buy success there is no such thing as an automatic right to win. Are you suggesting that winning the title twice in a row makes Jose the worst manager in the league. mmmmmm yes interesting point.... What about the Champions league Eufa cup 2 league titles he won in Portugal remembering he took over a struggling team and did'nt have the money he has now. MMMM.. yes very interesting point. Maybe I'll get back to you on that.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 14:13:00

you know i hate all these stats that say, they haven't won in 16 games against chelsea, fact is they have in the league cup and beat them by 4 goals. chelsea them beat them in the league by 4 goals a week later, but they still have recorded a win. and also, the team that played 6 years ago is not the same team so it is not a like for like comparison.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 14:20:00

Spurs deserved the result that the got methinks. Lennon and Keane were class, and Dawson was like a rock at the back, some fine saves by Robinson (The England cock-up is really behind him now.). Credit to Makelele though, that was a class strike.
wei, wu and shu
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 14:24:00

Tjay - I appreciate your mature comments. I am merely pointing out that at Chelsea (Porto is irrelevant) JM has had unlimited resources. Teams like Arsen*l and Man Utd have not had anything like that and their managers have managed doubles on more than one occasion (Lge and FAC)and in Fergies case a treble (lge, FAC and CL). JM should be doing the treble every year given his money so you can come back to me on that whenever you're ready!
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 14:44:00

So money buy success? Why don't the whole lot here who thinks so, take a bank loan and make yourself successful? I bet 100% of you will screw up. I've never said this before but this is the first time I witnessing sore winners ???
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 15:46:00

Err Jogabonito - the money the Russian brings is interest free so there is no risk and there is no limit either so despite the fact that Chelsea have wasted loads of money he carries on spending. Slightly different to "taking a bank loan and making yourself successful" - which is limited in amount and certainly not interest free - maybe you can get me a loan of £10m interest free? Let's keep comments sensible please.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 15:54:00

Ferguson has had 18 years as the top spending manager in the league his spending power far exceeded any other clubs in this country and he was given time to develop the team. Wenger is a different matter I think he is a quality coach and I like the way he has developed the Arse turning round decades of dull, win at all costs football and becoming entertaining. I don't think he is a better manager than Jose but appreciates the game more. Jose on the other hand has managed to turn around the mentality at Chelsea from being good losers to winners. No amount of money can do that as was proven by Ranieri. There is no doubt that the money had helped but I don't think just anyone could have come in and we would have automatically won the league. Also players become very expensive when it is discovered that Chelsea are after them. You also seem to assume that whoever has the most money will necessarily get the best players, there are plenty of examples of great players being at other clubs because they don't want to come to Chelsea, Ronaldhino, eto, Rooney Gerrard, to name but a few. I'm still not totally sure about your argument are you saying that if Allerdyce, Pardew, McCarthy, Keane became manager they would automatically do a better job than Jose because we have an unlimited supply of money. I'm not convinced management works like that you still have to make those players into a team.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 16:17:00

Interesting points but the point you miss is that a good manager with unlimited, yes unlimited, resources would win more than JM has. That is my point - nothing to do with the likes of Alan pardew etc though the issue is they have done very well on shoe string budgets. The real question is would JM manage a smaller premiership club to any trophies - not a foreign one (let's not forget that Porto is one of the biggest clubs in Portugal - 1st or second at best to Benfica). but a Premiership team? I think Arsene Wenger would be good at any level whereas JM would not be able to.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 16:51:00

same old Sp*rs, same old ****!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 16:53:00

if money = success, how come Real Madrid have won nothing since Makekele left?
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 16:54:00

what a load of crap,havent heard a peep out of spuds and they fluke a win and all of a sudden they come on here trying to give it large.they are clueless they really aint gonna win much spuds,its chelsea man ure and maybe arsenal,forget the rest u aint in it,as for europe eufa cup is as good as it gets for you.take it on board get used to it you are 5th or 6th best in england,and if you are lucky thats where you stay.end of.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 17:05:00

See Merlin... we are having a civilised conversation and you have to act like a typical chelsea yobbo and steam in with insults. No-one is throwing insults around at the moment! Real Madrid has not had good managers so that is the point - no manager has invested in the defensive side of the team until now and it will take time for that to come together. Nor have they had the UNLIMITED resources that Chelsea have - big resources I grant you but let's not compare theirs to Chelsea because recently they have not spent big. So i repeat my point from earlier - JM should have won more than just two leagues - you have bought limited success so I have to agree with you that you can't necessarily buy success. You need a good manager and you don't have one.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 17:07:00

the tailor, the dutch stand up comedian has bought lots of players and won jack ****.what are you on about,we are more than happy with our prem league wins,we have a winner as manager his pre chelsea days confirm that,where you been,mars it seems!!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 17:20:00

The "dutch stand up comedian" as you so eloquently call him has bought a number of players - very true. Jose Moanrihno has spent more on any two players (SWP, Shev, Drogba, Carvahlo) than we have on the lot so let's not make ridiculous comparisons about who has bought more players. We are improving, you are not and let's not foget who's money it is - we self generate ours you just borrow it from the Russian. Anyway gotta go as I got things to do.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 17:25:00

Tailor your argument is wrong. True Porto are considered to be a top team in Portugal but how do you explain the Champions League and Eufa Cup. I think with a bit more luck Chelsea could have won the CL but they are Cup competitions and anything can happen. Furthermore, I have no doubt that if Jose was managing Arsenal or Man Utd that the club he was managing would be Champions now even with Chelsea's wealth. Money means something but he adds that winning dimension. I think Ferguson has got it but Wenger appears to be losing it and, good manager though he is, I would bet anything that Arsenal will never win the league again with Wenger as Manager unless he changes his style. It's nice to watch but ineffective.
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 18:05:00

tailor typical spuds have it on ya toes!!!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 22:10:00

Like yor 'Headhunters' running away after getting f@cked up outside the Bricklayers by the Tottenham-massive YID ARMY YID ARMY YID ARMY !!!
Report Abuse
07/11/2006 23:19:00

you conviently forget the last39 years hatethe goons.
Report Abuse
08/11/2006 09:38:00


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