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Chelsea - Closing in on Ozil?

Following the signing of Benayoun, Carlo hinted that we may be in for two more names.

The Ramires deal seems to be still on, though reports suggest that he is having issues getting a work permit. With that in mind, fresh reports have emerged with The Times suggesting that we are close to agreeing a £13million deal for Mesut Ozil with Werder Bremen.

However no official word has been received on the subject. This link in particular is a confusing one. The reason I bring it up at all is because I feel that it does slightly make sense. At least more so than some of our other links.

Just 2 days ago Werder's club Coach said that he expected Ozil to stay on for another season and continue to play. However Werder's Board probably knows that they have a lot to gain financially in selling him.

The Times report that Chelsea have emerged as front runners and discussions have gone on at a pace in the last 2 days.

Now here is why I think we may have a chance: Apart from us, Ozil listed 3 other clubs that he'd love to play for. United, Barca and Madrid. Of the other three, none are likely candidates anymore.

Here's why: Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has responded to reports claiming he went to see Ozil in the Fulham game by saying :

'I was there to look at Fulham. Ozil is interesting a lot of teams but at this moment I trust the ones I've got. I've got a really good squad of players.'

This to add to having already said countless times that he's happy with his squad... a clear indication that he hasn't got much left to spend or he probably would have done.

Madrid already have two players ready to play a similar role to Ozil, Kaka and VDV. While Kaka is out for 4 months, Mourinho confirmed that there would be no panic buys and Kaka would be like a new signing upon his January return.

Barca are the likeliest Candidates IMO having given up on Cesc for the time being but many believe that all that stands between the two is a season. With that in mind, Barca coach Pep Guardiola said that he would look at an academy player to take the role Fabregas was intended for and has been playing kids constantly on his Asia tour.

That leaves.... us: While Chelsea have not spoken of any links regarding Mesut... there is a slight hitch in that in order for him to come in, we would either have to put the Ramires deal on hold or sell another foreigner.

The Ozil situation really is intriguing as anything could still happen. For Werder, wait till January and his price drops further... and Wait till June and he goes for Free.

The Jury's out on this one1

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The Journalist

Writer: maka4chelsea Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 10 2010

Time: 5:46PM

Your Comments

has been discussed on other articles a lot already. Many European sources, not English, claim that Real and Özil have made a deal. The only truth is that no one has made a deal for Özil and that is both what the player and the club says. I rather believe them than the media. But of course I hope that Chelsea will act to get him. But I do think he is too good a player for any club to dare to wait until June next year not knowing where his preferences are as he states four (4) clubs he could imagine playing for. It is not like Lukaku that is a huge Chelsea supporter himself. And him Spanish media claim is to be sold to Real now for 20m euro.
We need to get him but i don't believe that by getting Ozil we wont get Ramires. Both are different players so we should get both but it means someone who is in our current squad will get dropped for Ozil. Who would it be?
Please get Ozil
Interesting. It'd be great to see Ozil at the Bridge, but it almost seems too good to be true. So I'm not sure I want to get too anxious about it until either Ozil or Bremen comes out and says something.
frosty penguinz
we better not pull out of ramires deal
i Agree with weluvzolaa...Ramires better come regardless of if we get Ozil or not
if its true loose kalou and bring ozil we still need ramires as r right midfielder he will add pace in da midfield whic we have lacked in previous seasons
Seeing as Ramires and Ozil are two completely different players, I don't think this will terminate Ramires' arrival. Ramires, Ozil, and Benayoun would make for three great signings IMO.
frosty penguinz
OOOOOhh WHOOOOOOOOO!!!thats a luxury buy for chelsea's champions league aspirations!!!
Can you guys please provide the list of foreign player?
Rip The Reds Apart
Hope we don't waste money on this physically unimpressive player. Barca can have him.
I just can't see us beating Barca to sign the lad. Not that Ozil (or Oezil, make your mind up media types) isn't exactly the sort of player we should be able to sign. Young, exciting and full of promise. But, if he wants to go to the Nou Camp then I'm sure that's what'll happen.
maestrinho we have enough physical players at chelsea we ned to have someone wid a bit of style and creativity now
well we dont know it depends on who werder bremen want to sell him to really and he doesnt mind going to chelsea
i think anelka and drogba would thrive on a creative player behind dem sliding those through balls in
Please please get him. Werder can't wait to sell him & are willing to do business. His price is much lower than it should be due to his contract running out. He's expressed his desire to play for us. We know we need a creative young engine(only 21). I really can't see what's stopping us. as I said a couple of months back if he ends up in another club someone at bridge should get fired!
If he comes either Kalou or Anelka should be phased out.
You see.....that assumption really gets to me. To say that, SAF isn't spending because there's no money to spend. Maybe that day will come when a club like Manchester United are struggling to pay their debts and have no money to spend on players but that is not now. We have more sponsors than any other club in the UK if not the world. We are making profits every year and have sold more than 50,000 seasn tix this year. The reason behind us not spending is simple......the more players you buy, the further back you push promising youngsters. These youngsters will look to leave and all the work we did on them will benefit another team. Look at Rossi, Chris Eagles and Pique to name a few. And the earlier they start to play alongside the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Vidic, the better they'll get. CIP, Johnny Evans. And we have added two new players to our squad. I would love to see Ozil at Utd, but my optimism for this season will never change whether he signs or not.
Maestrinho - "Hope we don't waste money on this physically unimpressive player. Barca can have him." I don't want to insult you, but this is the most stupid post I have read here ever since alonrose popped up the last time a few months ago. Seriously, you beat lukamolski by miles.
Surely, you also want us to drop the "physically unimpressive" Kakuta, don't you?
LOL at Maestrinho, 'physically unimpressive' - what exactly is unimpressive? He is tall and fast, glides around the pitch like a ghost.
dis rumour will b gone tomorrow lol
"I said a couple of months back if he ends up in another club someone at bridge should get fired!" That is pretty harsh nimz. You guys give Ancelotti less credit than he deserves. He breeded Kaka, Pato and he is going to add a cheaper, younger, and better version of Bastian Schweinsteiger (in my opinion) with the Ramires purchase. You should trust the coach, management and board on this one. No need going crazy if we don't get Ozil. Time will tell.
please god let this be true, if true then which other foreign player will leave will it be RICCI
if we dont ozil den kakuta should start i cant stand kalou
just leave kalou at werder bremen
so if ronaldo ever wants to come back to the pl will he b classes as a homegrown?
Ramires is a good signing but we need a playmaker. I don't think Kakuta is ready to regularly start and dominate PL games. If Chelsea don't get him, fair enough but if they are not trying their best to get him i would be concerned because he is a bargain. We bid 17.5 for Neymar so why are we not bidding that amount for Ozil and throwing in Kalou for good measure? Chelses should be doing all they can to sign him up, imagine Ozil in blue, we will be unstoppable with Essien, Ozil and Ramires.
yeh it will b exciting times if he comes but i dont wanna think about it incase it dont happen
even if we had to forgoe the Ramires signing like i read above we have Ramires types in Essien and Mikel so a fast, creative player like Ozil would be my preference,and don't forget we have the Belleti space to fil in terms of foreign Quoters i think i'm right in saying this.Also i believe we need another top class striker for when the ACN kicks in jan. we only have Anelka when Drogba goes and if he's injured then.........
If Ozil don't feature against the CL matches against Sampdoria, then it will give a sort of confirmation that He will b sold! Otherwise, I don't see the point of taking him when he won't b eligible playing in the CL............if he is free to play CL(not playing against Samp), then Sign him for Christs sake !!
We also have Matic who i think is better than Mikel. If we dropped the Ramires deal and used the money to get Ozil i would be happy.
joe cole we got sturridge aswell u know
My hopes are up for this but it's too good to be true, Chelsea don't make these kind of signings, we wait until they are older and worth 40 million.
wen r they playing sampordia
The ANC isn't this season joecole and we have Borini aswell.
well ancelotti made pirlo and kaka he must have an eye for ozil aswell
@luka-- The ties will be played on 17-18 and 24-25 August 2010.
maybe carlo is working in to the diamond with ramires , essien,matic, and ozil forming the diamond, hope we just swap kalou and di santo for ozil and even give werder some cash maybe they give first priority chelsea beacause we gifted them one of the best strikers in bundesliga,, read that the club is looking to off load franco
haji ahmed
Ohh we are ready to buy a Ramires for 22 million but not interested in buying an Ozil for 15 million.. interesting.. Makes our philosophy very clear I gues..
You really think he will drop Lampard and Malouda? Why not give them Kalou and Di santo, maybe even Anelka.
and to those who say ozil is physically unimpressive in bundesliga they play with very large players i dont want make a list , but look at players robben and ribery they look physically more weak than ozil who is 6 feet tall
haji ahmed
Yes it does crazyforchelsea, it's alot harder to create than destroy, Ancelotti should know that.
Look at Ozil against England, mostly 'big' players and he made them look stupid. The size of a player is not really important if they have the skill, the best player in the world is a dwarf lol.
Ozil has already called out Chelsea as a team he would be willing to play for, now it's down to Chelsea to make a deal, they can use players and cash if they want him bad enough.
I think a midfield of Essien-Ramires-Lampard and an attack of Malouda-Drogba-Ozil would be great to have... And maybe give us a good reason to get rid of Ferreira/Kalou.. Still I do not think this will happen.. If this happens most like Matic will be loaned out..
@crazyforchelsea-- I read there r talks already to loan out Matic to Bolgna !!
see the way scholes dominated midfield in the community shield.. we need a creative mind in our midfield and i cant get why for the love of football chelsea cant see this... ramires is costing 20mill euros .. so u r telling me we cant buy ozil at 15mill... we r screaming out 4 a playmaker..dats all we need .. ramires n ozil buy. sorted
Just read an article that Chelsea are "desperate" to offload Di Santo and are "advertising" him to other clubs including FC Twente and are willing to make a loss on him. The fact that it used the word "desperate", could this be a sign of making way for Ozil?
jackstan - I don't want to disappoint you, but Özil NEVER exclaimed Chelsea as the club he would like to play for. He named Chelsea among other 5 clubs, a few of which are also interested in him.
I like how we all go ape***** over this guy LMAO
Yes Chelsey, we were one of the clubs he mentioned, along with Manu, RM and Barca, my point is he mentioned us so he would want to join.
"We bid 17.5 for Neymar so why are we not bidding that amount for Ozil and throwing in Kalou for good measure?" Jackstan, I ROFLed
Reports in the Spanish capital on Tuesday night indicate that Real Madrid have agreed a fee of €8 million for Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho.Spanish daily Marca claims the two clubs have come to an agreement and that Carvalho, 32, will sign a two-year contract at the Bernabeu, with the option for a further year.If Carvalho does move to Real then he will join Joe Cole, Michael Ballack, Deco and Juliano Belletti in leaving Stamford Bridge this summer.
Logan JT
CARVALHO DEAL AGREED Posted on: Tue 10 Aug 2010 Chelsea Football Club can confirm it has agreed terms with Real Madrid for the transfer of Ricardo Carvalho. The transfer is subject to a medical and the player agreeing personal terms. Chelsea would like to thank Riccy for his six years of service, and we wish him well in his future career.....This is from club website
Logan JT
I'm sorry to see Riccy go but it's probably the right time. Ivanovic and Alex, along with Bruma--we've got a wealth of defensive talent.
Did u really ROFLed? Get *****ed ;)
8 million euros? Good money for a 32 yo center back.
Are we making space for more foreigners? Big thank you to Riccy nevertheless!
no we r just offloading and not replacing
Might look like that but still 20 days to go. Plus we're only flogging the players who had little to do with us winning the league last season. I wouldn't worry just yet!
i still think we shuld sell terry
CFC would be crazy not to buy him for anything under 20mil. He's a quality player with pace and considerable skill. He's exactly what we need! Pls get him now...and wrap it up!!!
blues first
...and yes, I think its great that Riccy will get his move to Real...for a few. A couple clubs wanted us to give him away last season. That was crazy. But Riccy has moved down the pecking order and if he wants a move after all these yrs...good for him. And good luck to him. He's been a fine servant at CFC but we should have enough to cover for him...
blues first
Hopefully they will do the right thing and use that money to sign Ozil.
If Ozil comes both Anelka and Kalou should be sent out!!!What about Kakuta???Have you all forgotten him??
Why can't Ozil and Kakuta play in the same team?
We are crying out for a true No 10 like Ozil. I'll be suprised if we don't sign him. Ramires is a completely different player more of a midfield maestro. We havent got a CAM. With mesut we could play, 442 (diamond), 433 (him as the third striker) and 451. With Ozil, lampard, essien, malouda, ramires and mikel we would have the best midfield in the world. £15 million is well worth seeing as we signed yossi for 5million. We also have 7 mill from the riccy sale, a shame but for the best I think.
alex6 - kakuta is so young with hardly any experience in senior games. Losing Ballack, Cole and Deco we need someone who is ready to play a huge roll for us in midfield. Gael is such a talent but is not ready to play for long periods in most games. Ozil however is. Kakuta will be most likely be an impact sub and this will be superb for his development
I agree with SJCM that Ozil can fit in many formations. And Riccy was out, there is a place for Ozil now.
Rip The Reds Apart
could it be potentially possible that we were about to sign kaka and now that he has had an operation we have switched our attention to ozil?
SJCM - What you said about Kakuta is probably true!
We bid 17.5 for Neymar so it's not like the money isn't there. Sign him up Carlo!!
We can never be too sure about anything in these matters mza!
Money's there, foreign spot is there- COME ON, SEND THAT BLOODY FAX! :)
After watching Brazil-USA friendly... we have to buy RAMIRES and NEYMAR! DAID LUIZ is a good option after selling Carvalho!
anything new on ozil guyz,their is nothing in this morning papers...with RICCI gone,we have 1 slot available come on chelsea send tht damn fax
Ive seen nothing over here, but much talk of Luiz and our possible signing of him. Ramires is a done deal, Luiz looks to be getting closer, and Ozil will probably be a battle with the ever so frugal mancity overall, I think he will join CFC as he fits nicely with our squad - the fax should be sent within 48 hours
chelsea803,if luiz comes then we will need to sell another foreign player for us to be able to get ozil......hope we dont sign luiz,bruma and co are ready for action,time is now for them,and for OZIL well,who knows.....I see another saga developing
Ozil will go to Barca not Chelsea!
Look.... Lots of questions here.... 1) Can we play Ozil and Kakuta in the same team? 2) If we bring him in who's going to go? 3) How much is he going to cost? Some answers: 1) Playing a 4-5-1 best allows for a player like Ozil to fit into the team behind the striker. That way we still get Malouda left, Lamps/Essien middle and Ramires/Kakuta right. The interchangability of Essien/Lamps Essien/Ramires Ozil/Kakuta/Lamps allows us to swap and rotate the midfield to counter the opponents. 2) Ricky has gone for the squad-quota, but realistically there wouldn't be anything wrong with losing either Kalou (£8-10m?) or Di-Santo (£2m) in the process. 3) Most sensible sources are suggesting a bid of around £12-14m should suffice. Bremen have said that they are looking for around £15m so take off 10% at least and you're left with £13.5m which is the supposed bid we've put in for him. However..... Bremen have said that clubs have expressed interest but they haven't had any solid bids yet. I'm expecting interested clubs to be Us, Man Ure and Barca (possibly R.Madrid). Exciting times at the Bridge!
we wont get ozil believe me look david luiz benfica want 27m for him and we would rather pay that then 15 m for a creative player
and the german manager said that he should reject united and chelsea and go to barca where he will sit on the bench till xavi or iniesta retire or messi gets injured
its just too good to b tru chelsea dont get these deals on barca and real madrid do
Looks like RM could snatch Lukaku aswell. That would be a disgrace if we don't get him because he has Drogba posters on his wall.
no lukaku is staying at anderlect
bt the chelsea ozil rumours have dispeared today like i thought
dam media keeps getting my hopes up
i don't care if we can't get Ozil and i know chelsea will perform with or without him
remires dey will not b able to break down the big teams tho
lol ur one to talk ramires... he'll hinder your playing time.... lol sorry had to get that one out :)
Remires, u can't deny we would be stronger with Ozil, alot stronger.
accoring to reports arnesson and that serbian buy r trying to do deal for ozil but if it doesnt work it said they have another target in mind who wuld dat b?
Jackstan, what if we dont get him? I don't want to be in the middle of heart arch when the season starts and ozil is not there. Let us look else where or the academy so to speak
Where u read that luka? Remires, aslong as we try our best to get him i don't mind, we have Kakuta.
Here is what i think, i think Chelsea should get David Luiz and we should sell kalou if we r to get ozil, why is it taking so long for Ramires to get a work permit. I want to see him play saturday. Finally concerning Neymar since he wants 2 stay another year in Brazil we should sign him and loan him back to Santos, I think Chelsea should really consider this
Chef Dawkins
I totally agree with SJCM and Rip. Players like Bruuma, Kakuta, Matic...maybe lads like Borini and Mancienne...will have their time to shine. But its not clear that they're 100% ready for top flt duty on a regular basis...and have very little to do with the merits of signing Ozil. Lets get Ozil and sort the rest out later! He's too good to pass on, esp at some of the fees I've been hearing about. Finally, I dont worry to much about tactics, formations and such with a player like Ozil. I think they'll find a way to fit a person of his talent in somewhere.
blues first
Well said blues first.
i saw this page on goggle. sign that maybe ozil is going to man utd?{FE60904B-C2A8-4E60-9B05-700DBBC29BBC}&section=playerProfile&teamid=&bioid=94383

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