Chelsea - Rooney to Chelsea? No thanks.
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Rooney to Chelsea? No thanks.

Chelsea players, and even Carlo Ancelotti, have said positive things about the idea that Wayne Rooney could join Chelsea. They have their point of view. Allow me to have another.

"We've got a great squad of players and he would add to that and strengthen the squad. He is the best player in the world for me" is what John Terry said about Wayne Rooney. Nicolas Anelka added "if he wants to come to Chelsea he would be very welcome. Would I buy him? Of course I would, he's a good player." You`d think that, if the Chelsea players welcomed Rooney, everyone else should roll out the Blue carpet.

But here`s another point of view: Chelsea should bodyswerve the guy and let him find a club at his own level of vulgarity.

On form, why should Chelsea shackle themselves with a player who has failed to score for ManYoo since March? We accept that Wayne has been frequently injured (and that includes the difference of opinion between player and manager as to whether he is currently knacked), but when fit, he has been a waste of space. He was, after all, the worst England player in South Africa during the World Cup, and that is really saying something. If it was purely on form, Wayne Rooney doesn`t make the starting United lineup. It`s arguable whether he will ever recover that, and why should Chelsea take that risk? We signed Andriy Shevchenko at a time when he was a better striker, he was already in terminal decline. Let`s not repeat that mistake.

Signing Wayne Rooney means playing Wayne Rooney. In the long run, Chelsea will have to replace Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka. We should consider someone who can ease in to Chelsea rather than someone who will demand starts. Let`s not also forget that Wayne Rooney is a red card waiting to happen. When the games aren`t going well, he becomes petulant and a liability. Is that a risk Chelsea want to take?

But Wayne Rooney`s current form, the worst of his career, is far from being the reason why Chelsea should no sign him. Let`s quickly deal with the off-pitch stuff. By all accounts, Wayne Rooney is not really a candidate for Mensa membership. He was caught out in a sex scandal when younger, and he managed to repeat that, learning little. In fact, his recent playing away is spectacularly stupid when you consider the careful way that Wayne Rooney has tried to build up his nauseating image and media presence. This is not to be censorious about a bloke who cheats on his wife, even who hires hookers for his gratification, only to point out that you have to be quite thick to invite the media into your life, to the extent that Wayne has, and then not to take far more precautions to hide your indiscretions.

In fact, better still, don`t invite the media into your life. Don`t try to 'transcend` football by become a multi-media personality. You are a footballer, stick to the back pages. Ryan Giggs, a far better example of loyalty and decency, already asked Wayne at THAT wedding to Colleen whether he really wanted to sell the wedding pictures to Hello magazine (or was it OK?) even for £1 million. When you invite the media into your life, you shouldn`t complain when they start looking in the cupboards and under the carpets for skeletons and dirt. Best to ensure that there is none to be found.

That`s something that Ashley Cole and John Terry have already discovered the hard way. Do Chelsea want to have an even more troubled player on their books, one who is in the newspapers even more? One who has such a bad reputation, who attracts the opposition supporter taunts, the bad publicity? And Rooney is not like Ashley Cole: Wayne`s troubles off the pitch affect his performance on the pitch. That`s a hell of a liability.

But Wayne Rooney`s rap sheet doesn`t end there. By accounts, the main motivation of his move is, well, entirely understandable: money. Wayne Rooney wants to be the best paid player in the world. The news in Spain is that he`s targeting €14 million per year, or €1 million more than Cristiano Ronaldo. Wow. Just as Chelsea have rationalised their finances a little over the summer, they would think about paying Wayne Rooney some £150,000 per week. Or it could be £160,000. Or £250,000 (depending if you believe The Sun or the Daily Mail). Of course, that kind of salary offered to Wayne would lead to John Terry and Frank Lampard seeing an automatic ratcheting of their wages to match Wayne`s. From the point of view of the club finances, and as UEFA`s new rules kick in, that sounds like a terrible idea.

Besides, honestly, does Wayne Rooney deserve that kind of money? What kind of pretension is that from a player who has had the past 12 months that Wayne has had? Chelsea already offloaded Joe Cole for demanding silly money. Wayne Rooney has done everything that he can, in the past 12 months, to convince people that he is not the World`s Best Player, why should anyone, least of all Chelsea, make him the best paid player in the world?

Let`s end with some question marks about Wayne`s loyalty. He`s a footballer, he`s a mercenary, by definition. But Wayne is different. At 17, he was a diehard Everton supporter. If he left, apparently it was to further his career. He has been hated by the Everton faithful ever since, not for having left them, but for having proclaimed his eternal love for the toffees before shafting them. It could be funny to see that Wayne has done exactly the same thing to the third biggest club in the world: going from declaring his intention to retire at United to jumping ship. However, the stunning lack of loyalty doesn`t end there.

For whatever you can say about Siralex, you can point to the way that he has been fiercely protective of his players. And that protection has been particularly defensive in the case of Wayne Rooney, a player considered the rawest talent seen in England for a very long time, but requiring extensive nurturing to turn Wayne into a world class footballer. To do that, Fergus has had to build a shield around Rooney. Fergus has had to defend Rooney from the (justified) questions about his temper and petulance on the pitch, as well as turning a blind eye to the problems off the pitch. In fact, ManYoo has offered only support to Rooney, particularly in the past few weeks when Rooney transgressed any number of the United rules and brought embarrassment to the club. Ferguson has been fiercely protective, paternal towards Rooney. It is this attitude that has made Rooney the player he is today. But if Rooney is not one of the World`s Best, it is entirely because of his own lack of application, and despite Ferguson`s best efforts, not because of them. It takes a special kind of person to betray that kind of protection, not to mention the fans who have always idolised Rooney (to the extent that even on Saturday, before the story even broke, they were chanting for Rooney to come on when United squandered their 2 goal lead). You need to be particularly nasty and ungrateful to do that to the second person (after David Moyes) who has nurtured your talent. You have to be particularly devoid of loyalty. Is that the kind of player Chelsea want on their books?

Finally, we have to take at face value the justification that Wayne has given for wanting to leave. In Rooney`s statement, he suggested that he wanted to leave because he considered that the club 'didn`t match his own ambitions`. "For me, it's all about winning trophies - as the club has always done under Sir Alex. Because of that I think the questions I was asking were justified." Those questions were about "the continued ability of the club to attract the top players in the world."

And I honestly think that Rooney, in his delusions, actually believes this. If he stays at United, what guarantee does he have about trophies? Clearly, in Rooney`s mind, that depends on bringing in the top players in the world.

Here, we see that Rooney, at age 24, now considers himself bigger than Manchester United. Bigger than the manager who started as a manager at Old Trafford when Rooney was 1 year old. Manchester United is no longer 'matching Rooney`s ambitions`. What ambitions, Wayne, are they (beyond that of deciding and judging ManU`s transfer policy)? What a breathtaking delusion and arrogance.

The thing is, Wayne, you might have not fully understood where you fit in United`s current malaise, and have excused yourself from helping the club that has given so much to you. If ManU are slumping in the League, conceding sloppy goals, it is, to a large extent because of you. You have brought the circus to United, against the desires of Siralex. Ferguson had to sit you out of the Everton game to protect you. He was prepared to do that. He then may or may not have invented an ankle injury so as not to play you against Valencia. Whatever his reasons for having done that, your boss was prepared to put his team (and your team-mates) at risk for YOUR benefit. United have been dragging around a zombie, it turns out since the middle of August, once the season had started. Even when fit, you have been playing as if you were wading through soup. Still, your club has been prepared to play you. That`s how important you were to United, and how strongly Ferguson feels about you.

And now that the club is having a difficulty, this is how you repay them? A truly loyal player would think how he can help that club. A truly talented player would consider how he could lift up the team. A truly gifted individual would see how his talents can help the team, rather than blaming the fact that the club is not bringing in the 'world class talent`. And a person with a modicum of intelligence could understand that it is, in fact, Wayne Rooney who is the cause of much of the club`s malaise rather than citing external circumstances.

Wayne Rooney should consider what responsibility he has to shape Manchester United`s future. Instead of that, through his megalomaniac actions, he`s as culpable as the Glazers in fostering the club`s decline.

It would be tempting, since we are talking about a big rival, to laugh at all this. Since Chelsea have been linked as a possible destination, however, I`d like to ask that we don`t get involved with this individual. He`s show a staggering lack of judgment and loyalty, his pretensions, self-delusion and venality dwarf even his own view of his own talent and worth (and there is some doubt as to the precise nature of that talent in October 2010).

In a Blue shirt? No thanks. ManU fans, I`m with you on this one. You have all my sympathy here.

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The Journalist

Writer: Cendrowski  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday October 21 2010

Time: 4:35PM

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Shame on JT saying that Rooney is better than Drogba, Lampard, Essien....etc
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21/10/2010 16:47:00

You sure make a compelling argument and I am sold. No Rooney in Chelsea for me, and never to the wage and transfer fees being speculated in. No thanks Rooney. Try Liverpool FC.
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21/10/2010 16:54:00

JT *****ed me off with all dat Rooney praise. i would take Drogba, Anelka, kalou, kakuta, sturridge on any day rather than an arrogant overhyped english piece of football trash!
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21/10/2010 17:06:00

Sorry but JT, Anelka and Kalou are correct. If Chelsea wants to buy him, and Rooney wants to get him, then I would welcome him. However the reality for me, is that he will go to Madrid, in a exchange for Benzema plus money.
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21/10/2010 17:09:00

And JT says that about Rooney cause he wants him at Chelsea and lift his Gerrard said about Joe Cole. Is just mind game from Terry. He wants Rooney at Chelsea, and he wants to make Rooney feel he is wanted at the team, they way Barcelona players where doing to Fabregas!
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21/10/2010 17:10:00

Someone clearly tapped him up in the summer. If Rooney were not sure about the club he would join and the money he would receive, he would never act like that. Everything was done and dusted. And it is definitely not Chelsea because we went for Neymar and Torres. I think he will end up in Real. Mourinho hasn't been pleased with Higuain, Benzema and has looked for a striker since summer
Rip The Reds Apart
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21/10/2010 17:16:00

Actually Terry said the following, which all but one newspaper left out. "He is the best YOUNG player in the world." You didn't believe the press did you?
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21/10/2010 17:19:00

That's true aslaram. And it is in skysport! Read it yourself:,19528,11668_6457720,00.html It is why I always get on these guys, about putting quotes from trashy places like the Daily Mail, The Sun and such. They make up stuff and distort the news. Give us Skysport or the Guardian please!!!!
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 17:25:00

We should forget signing him simply because Ferguson would never sell to us .
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21/10/2010 17:30:00

Fantastic article, and I thoroughly agree in every word you put out there. I hate that guy's guts almost more than I hate Øvrebø.
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21/10/2010 17:34:00

Well for me I really hate man u so i don't want to see Rooney in blue Jessy so I disagree with JT saying Rooney is the young best player in the world, I'm saying capital NO NO NO to that One love my True BLUES
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 17:49:00

if he comes to chelsea and start scoring goals u guys will be saying best signing then i will remind u of now when u didnt wanty him
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21/10/2010 17:57:00

This just in: - Rooney wants to go to Juventus - he'll never turn down an approach from an Old Lady. :)
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21/10/2010 18:01:00

ona previous article on vital chelsea mentioning about rooney, i'v said we'd b better off with a player like neymar who we can develop not someone who creates publicity wherever he goes...
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21/10/2010 18:01:00

Hats off to you sir.... my sentiments exactly. Personally, i hate the guy and to me he's a 1 season wonder. To say his name in the same sentence as Torres/Villa/Drogba/Eto'o etc is a travesty to football. And that's the sad part... half his talent only exists cuz he's English. He don't fit in, he never fit in, and he will be a BIG waste of cash. If you wanna spend that much, Kaka and Torres are in the semi-avaliable area. Atleast you'd be getting players with Class.
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21/10/2010 18:23:00

Yeah, good article Cend. I didn't really know what to think about this saga before - in some ways I fancied it, in others I didn't. Got my mind straight now;)
Bluephoot Cat
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 18:27:00

Sorry to say it Cend but in my humble opinion, that is arguably the worst article and biggest load of nonsense I have ever read on here! Seriously, do you really believe any of the things you said? Mind you, it has given rise to one of the funniest comments I've read too, brilliant justin_3d!!!
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21/10/2010 18:46:00

nicely put, convincing arguement and I totally agree. We really don't need him. Not so sure Neymar is any less of a hassle, funny with all the injuries etc that have been going on how Neymar would have easily been given playing time. I think Torres would be a shrewd buy because we could afford(time wise)with nic,drog and sturridge to let him get 100% fit again.
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21/10/2010 18:50:00

If the manager wants him, the player is ready to move and Roman is ready to splash the cash, none of your opinions will count. I'll just give him my backing if he ever dons the blue of Chelsea.
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 18:51:00

Ok, to explain. Rooney at 24 is in "terminal decline", come on Cend! How can you compare him to Sheva who was nearly 30? Too vulgar, he's a footballer, many of them are, many of ours are! Who cares and what do you expect from hugely wealthy, not very bright chavs? He shafted Everton for going to ManYoo - what?! He took a promotion, a definite step up the ladded of his career as a footballer, that's all. In spite of all Fergie's efforts etc. - so if he is as truly awful as you say, why, pray tell, is Fergie, who you correctly (I admit grudgingly!) praise fullsomely, so disappointed to see him go and still leaving the door open? He's been playing Prem football for 8 years and has had 2 clubs - not exactly "mercenary" material but even so, loyalty in any job context equates directly to stupidity and/or lack of ambition on behalf of both employer and employee! Man Utd. clearly are not the dominant force they were, so why should Rooney deny that, lie to himself and waste what should now be the best years of his career if he can go elsewhere. Remember, he won't get a move on his ego or self-belief alone, some Manager has to agree with him to be prepared to take him and offer all he wants, presumably at a big club then to meet Wayne's expectations and if at a big club, presumably not bad at his job. In spite of this, I don't think there will be a shortage of suitors! A "1 season wonder" maka? 92 goals in 193 games for Utd, over 100 career goals and he's TWENTY FOUR!!!! I should think of Torres/Villa/Drogba/Eto'o, only Torres might match that.
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 18:52:00

I should have clarified, that's 92 league goals, he's on 149 career goals in total, at 24! Also, another aspect that no one has mentioned is his 'value' in terms of brand image, merchandising etc. Obviously never a good enough reason alone to buy a player but such is the game today that it cannot be ignored, nor should it be. Madrid reckoned that Ronnie's £80m+ transfer fee would be paid out of global shirt sales alone and whilst I don't actually believe those figures, it is worth considering the effect that signing Wayne Rooney would have in global revenue terms.
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 18:57:00

Oh, and I forgot to cover the "red card waiting to happen" comment. I believe he has 3, just 3 red cards to date in his career. That's less than our very own and much younger John Obi Mikel! Don't get it Cend, your arguments are normally watertight even if I don't happen to agree with them! This was an emotional rant from a bloke in the pub, what you get from normal football fans!
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 19:00:00

i'm with the mancs on this one as well the guy is a see you n t,, he says utd lack ambition and he wants to win medals, the only medal left for him to win is the world cup, sorry but no chance of that, someone commented on one site that he should take a leaf out of torres' book, torres is a world cup winner playing in a crap team, but does he throw his toys out of the pram and belittle the club that pays his wages NO, he keeps his mouth shut and gets on with the job at hand. some of the comments on here yesterday said that the guy was class, he was class, but at the moment he's far from class and obviously classless. he's a time bomb keep well away i say
ten men
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21/10/2010 19:06:00

Actually, i think u r right. Chelsea dnt really need rooney to come and disorganize our lovely squad.
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21/10/2010 19:08:00

Gotta disagree with everyone. Year, I know he's a bit of a w*anker, but then so is JT in all honesty. Rooney at his best is a terrific player- the best English player since Gazza (poor sod). Who else better than Carlo to nurture him back to his best?? I'd be the first to buy a royal blue Rooney shirt.
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21/10/2010 19:10:00

didn't he join manyoo on transfer deadline day, leaving everton with no time to sign anyone?
ten men
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21/10/2010 19:10:00

Honestly he really a good striker, but in personal i dislike him so much becoz he is in Man Utd even he goin to leave. Just dislike his behavior on da pitch, i rather Torres alots more than him, so same for me, No to Rooney to Chelsea
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21/10/2010 19:15:00

i wiv stibba
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 19:21:00

he'd not play for you rent boys anyway!
Red Boy
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21/10/2010 19:23:00

lol spanishblue cend is right of course mikel has more reds his in cdm cend is right about rooney if we are ever stuggling in a game he will loose his temper which he we always have and he still can't control it at 24 which showed at the world cup
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21/10/2010 19:26:00

he'll not play for you either red boy, but at least most of us dont want the****
ten men
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21/10/2010 19:31:00

He's a great player who's going through a rough patch simple as that, same thing that happened to JT. I can understand that people would talk trash about other teams players but don't be sour losers, he's one of the best players in the world & I'd love nothing more than seeing him in a Chelsea jersey.
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21/10/2010 19:51:00

Plus I think Carlo is the master of man management and he can help someone like Rooney find his best form and behavior. He did a great job with JT and Drogba and he'll be fine with Rooney as well.
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 19:53:00

SpanishBlue Good arguments i concur with you. Reading this article made me wonder whether this was from a mnu fan :P. sorry cendrowski but i do agree with your sentiment. Cend and Spanish put this in perspective , had rooney said the same thing in june having lost the league, we could have agreed atleast in spirit saying the young man has taken the disappointment too seriously. All this talk in the middle of the season seems bizarre ,cos now roo cannot leave , if he stays after talking so much poison he will rot in the bench, which will plummet his price and united and rooney will suffer. I feel that we must get to the bottom of the issue , something larger and sinister might be on. if he does move though i do think it won't be chelsea. All the omens point to a rooney reunion with ronaldo.
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 20:23:00

That's what I think too Harry that he'll go to Madrid and to be perfectly honest, I think that would be the best thing for him, to go and play abroad and learn something new. Shame more English players don't have broader horizons. Madrid is a fantastic city and has 2 red light districts so he'll be spoilt for choice! Look, I don't like the guy any more than anyone else and I'll say the same about him as I do JT. I don't want to have him round for dinner but I would like to see him showcase his huge football talent at my club! I didn't like Maradona much either as a person but I'd have been quite chuffed f he'd signed for us in his prime!
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 20:34:00

In all fairness we must be happy if roo leaves england and not end up in city, we already have a duck against city in the last two seasons we wouldn't want them getting stronger
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 20:47:00

If the price is right and his wages around 12-130K then I would love to have him here, im sorry but I would. We can easily get him to his best and the service here ismuch better than at UTD. He will be with 3 other ENG players........yeah I rather want Torres but I still wouldnt mind Rooney.
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21/10/2010 21:11:00

Thanks for clearing that up aslaram. ******** press.
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21/10/2010 21:41:00

i don't understand the fuss really - if rooney comes here i don't think anyone will be complaining - likewise if he doesn't. we don't need him.
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21/10/2010 21:48:00

rooney is a top player...him and drogba could form one of the most feared partnerships in the world! add a little bit of malouda too that and thats a team no defence can handle!!! go on carlo sign him up
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 22:15:00

we're a great team, we'll be great if we dont get rooney. we will be the greatest if we get rooney.
NJ Blues
Report Abuse
21/10/2010 23:54:00

People dissing Rooney for being vulgar and quoting the Daily Mail as a valid source should be ashamed, our very own JT is rather vulgar and has had his words and actions distorted by the rags. The cognitive dissonance by some of the posters here is ridiculous. I'm not sure as to whether I'd like to see Rooney in a blue shirt, but I remain convinced his best years are ahead of him. Finally who here has never had a bust up with their boss?
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 00:36:00

Drogbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hit the nail on the head.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 00:46:00

I'd welcome Roo to chelsea any day.He's a gem & just needs impetus to play at his best.Remember our very own Drog was in disarray? Most of us were willing to pack his bags for him now look.He may have no class but a talent he is.We can argue & say that torres is also average cos he too is churning out crap performances & looks a shadow of his former self.A useless WC & poor start to the campaign now he's completely devoid of talent?? Come on,english or not he's one of the best.He may not be a consistent 20 goal getter but he brings so much more ala nico.The wages are my only gripe but I'd take him & his baggage.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 00:55:00

Maka4Chelsea - to say Torres name in the same sentence as Drogba is far worse....have you seen him lately? Because I haven't, despite watching liverfool games I don't think there is a player I dislike more.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 02:21:00

Well, i think that we have to trust our manager's decision on this one more then anything. We as fans do not know what might be the key factors behind all of these stories. If CA can get the best out of Rooney just like he did it with Malouda, Anelka, Drogba, Lamps, JT, and Essien, then it is probably not that bad of a deal if we can get him at the right price and right wages, other than that we just have to have faith in the people who will make this decision. Otherwise i don't think that CFC is the best place for Rooney, plus where will he play? rw, or 442 with drogs in which we don't seem to play that well, there is a lot to think about for sure, not convinced that we should change the shape of the team for him.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 03:59:00

I'd prefer Torres more. Rooney's a liability. Torres is definitely unhappy, Liverpool would rather accept a 30 million bid in Jan and spend it on other players rather than have a fully fit but absolutely zero motivated Torres in the team. My word, he looks perfectly disillusioned. Just as well for us. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind either. But Rooney's atrocious wage demands? A total no!
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 04:09:00

Form is temporary, class is permanent. 20 million quid, 70,000 pounds a week. Deal. Anything more, sod off tw@
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 04:29:00

The only problem I'd have with Rooney coming here is that all the good work done in rationalizing our wage structure in the past year would be blown to bits.. His off field antics really wouldn't matter as long as he delivers on the pitch..
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 07:39:00

Rooney is a baggage chelsea cannot afford to carry,simply because he cannot fit in the chelsea setup.With Terry,Lamps,Drogba and Essien pulling strings in that order He will upset the status quo by jumping the ladder and thus unsettling the entire squad.In all teams there are players the team is built around and when you want to buy another one you observe if He will fit in your plans.In this Rooney doesnt fit in any big team in the world except Man U.I also say NO thanks.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 08:13:00

He's fat, slow, mentally unstable, has the morals of an alley cat, smokes 40 fags a day, drinks lager like a deranged England fan who's just been released from a Turkish prison, injury prone and a Scouser.....You do the math.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 09:10:00

Get Tevez and Neymer.....Welease Wayne.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 09:15:00

Hang on a sec here. Those who've seen my posts before will know I hate Liverpool with a passion, but even I can admit Torres and Gerrard are class players on form. Same thing goes for Rooney. There's a reason why lots of people over hype him and that's because he has talent and yet untapped potential. He is the ONLY striker in the premiership bar our own Drogba who can actually defend. His work-rate and passion for the game is out of this world and if he came here he'd have a major point to prove and I think would do EXTREMELY well for us. What he does need is someone like Carlo to guide him back to form and I think he'd find that in buckets here playing alongside Didi and with JT roaring him on. Truth be told I can understand the article, but agree with very little of it. A similar tale can be told of Didi's poor form under Scolari, Anelka's Le Sulk moments, JT's drop in form during the England Captaincy scandal. We stuck by them as our boys, and if Rooney comes to us then I'd stick by him too. At least give him a chance before running him down. Finally anyone who doubts this player needs to go back and take a look at some of the old United matches. He's class, and if he came here are Carlo worked with him then I think we'd have an unbelieveable front line!
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 09:47:00

Oh and the red card comment..... You mean likely to get sent off just like Didi has on occasion? The type of temper / passion that sees a player launch a foul mouth rant into a camera defending the honour of his team? I'd rather have player like that than someone who just turns up for a paycheck (Miss-A-Barn-Door for City??
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 09:51:00

GPL - Tevez and Neymar would probably cost us around £60m+ With Tevez wages being sky-high and him on the verge of allegedly quitting football all together! Since neither of these players would count towards the homegrown quota then I can't see the value in either. Now if we were to land Rooney or Torres and then pick up Lukaku, I'd be a very happy camper!
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 09:54:00

"He's fat, slow, mentally unstable, has the morals of an alley cat, smokes 40 fags a day, drinks lager like a deranged England fan who's just been released from a Turkish prison, injury prone and a Scouser.....You do the math." I did. He's scored more Premiership goals since joining Utd than any other player in the league, including Didier Drogba. Your sums don't ad up GP1905.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 09:58:00

Cend, I can understand your worries, but I think this is more of an emotional outburst. Comparing Rooney and Sheva? They're light years apart. Rooney might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but neither are JT, Drogba and some of the other lads on here at Chelsea. And to call him a mercenary is hypocritical. Surely there are loads of us who have changed jobs for better opportunities, newer challenges and higher pay. Does that make us mercenaries? The same applies to footballers. He carried United single-handedly last season and his injuries played no small part in us being able to achieve the double. He may not be the kind of lad you'd want to spend a family Sunday with, but he is an awesome footballer. I love his passion, his aggression and the way he works his socks off for the team. He is in a bad moment, but please, let's not delude ourselves by saying we wouldn't want him to bang in a few at Old Trafford in Chelsea blue. That said, I agree with SpanishBlue and some of the others here, Real look top contenders for the boy.
Report Abuse
22/10/2010 10:35:00

agree with spanishblue, what a joke of an article, your wage demands are valid as a concern but to say he is a one season wonder is an absolute joke. more a case of trying to be the only one to say rooney isn't talented and pretend you know something everyone doesn't. his talent is the one thing that is as clear as day and undeniable. yeeeesh
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22/10/2010 10:39:00

Even if Rooney did sign a new contract now and devoted himself to the club until he is 30 i'm afraid to say the damage he has now done is irreparable. He has questioned his team-mates ability, he has questioned Fergies ambition and hunger for trophies and broke everyone of Fergies rules and completely disrespected him. He has ripped the heart out of the United fan-base and has really shown a lack of loyalty and appears ungrateful and spoilt. His ego has grown far too big and thinks he is up there with Messi and Ronaldo and is bigger than the club. The only thing he can do now is leave with some respect intact and play his heart out everygame Ronaldo-esque style but he doesn't appear to be doing that either.
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22/10/2010 11:55:00

OFFICIAL-- Rooney has sign e new 5 year contract with manyoo............what a *****er and wht drama by tht arrogant red nose !!!
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22/10/2010 12:45:00

Haha great words from thefamous7 - he's just sign a new five-year contract. Lol!
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22/10/2010 12:50:00

Undoing the good work we've done on reducing the wage bill was the only valid concern with this one but fret no longer Cend et al. Young Wayne has signed a new 5 yr contract with Manchester Utd. Anyone else sense a stitch up? Personally, I think this time Rooney has made the wrong decision, he should have left!
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22/10/2010 12:52:00

Can you please provide the link the_blue_world???
Rip The Reds Apart
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22/10/2010 12:59:00
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22/10/2010 12:59:00

SpanishBlue - I do think so, he should leave. He will regret like Torres now
Rip The Reds Apart
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22/10/2010 13:02:00

OK now bring me Torres
Rip The Reds Apart
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22/10/2010 13:09:00

@SpanishBlue : That was then and this is now. By the way, can you refute anything I wrote?
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22/10/2010 13:23:00

They'll probably sell him off in the summer for an arm and leg.
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22/10/2010 16:55:00

Agreed Rip, Torres it is then! And yes GPL, I can! He's not fat (though I'm sure he will be one day); he's not slow; I can't possibly say if he is mentally unstable as I am not a clinical psychologist but I very much doubt he is (see Gazza for mentally unstable); I agree that his morals do not match my own but as with JT, Cashley or anyone else, I don't see the relevance or that it matters on a football pitch; I don't know any more than you do how many he smokes but it's probably fewer than Vialli used to and is obviously not 40 a day; no idea how much he drinks but he's clearly not an alcoholic and I would question the term "injury prone" - he's had a few injuries but most players do, he is no Arjen Robben.
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22/10/2010 17:14:00

Anyways, this saga is over. All it served to do was to sell a substantial bit of papers the last few days... and no, I was never worried about having to see Rooney in our blue shirt. Jose proved most prescient of all when he said point-blank that Rooney wasn't leaving OT. Or did he have an inside tip?
Born To Be Blue
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23/10/2010 11:58:00


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