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Disgraceful Spurs' Fans Attack John Terry's Dad

Disgraceful Spurs' fans have brought shame upon their club as some mindless 'fans' have attacked and beaten up our Captain's Dad.

Ted Terry, 56, suffered a 'serious head wound' when the pathetic hooligans attacked him at a train station. Bloody mindless thugs.

According to reports, one thug with a blue and white Tottenham Hotspur scarf wrapped round his hand pushed Ted's head into a metal post.

John Terry is 'stunned and upset' by the attack, the Sun reports.

'Ted suffered a nasty wound to the back of his head that required a lot of stitches. He is upset he was attacked by so-called football fans purely because his son plays for a rival team. John is also very shocked about what has happened,' one family friend said.

Ted, now recovering at home in Chafford Hundred, Essex, was targeted at Upminster station last Saturday by Spurs fans returning from their team's 4-2 defeat at Bolton.

The hooligans are thought to have recognised Ted Terry because of publicity in the press earlier this year.

Cops investigating the attack are being hampered in their investigation because Mr Terry Senior has refused to give them a statement.

Very interesting if you ask me, but whatever way you see it, these mindless Spurs idiots have brought shame upon their club and, in my opinion, are nothing but weak, pathetic fools who obviously have no life.

I'd love to say I'm sorry for displaying my feelings so strongly, but I'm not.

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The Journalist

Writer: DJDUTTS Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 12 2010

Time: 10:46AM

Your Comments

Are we meant to expect anything different? Scum will always be scum, europe or no europe. Classless....
dont tar us all with the same brush!!
Two people to be very proud of John Terry and his father. Perhaps they just didn't like convicted drug dealers and didn't even realise he was that abhorrent individuals father.
Pathetic. These aren't Spurs fans or football fans. Barely even human.
By all accounts i've heard Mr Terry is a bit of a charmer himself. Don't make accusations until you know the facts. Who is to say Mr Terry didn't bring this upon himself. The fact he has refused to give police a statement suggests there may be more to this than meets the eye.
Oops - I've opened up a hornets' nest here Merlin! [Edited by DJDUTTS]
Please don't generalise all spurs fans like these guys. They are clearly scum, and there is no place for this kind of act in any walk of life
because chelsea have no history at all of hooliganism...
And all Chelsea fans are Squeaky clean I think not, Scum are Scum who ever they support be it Spurs or Chelsea
Its not right at all but every1 knows john terrys dad is a **** and priobaly deserved it, Id be surprised if they even knew who he was. Iv seen him b4 in a boozer, the geezers a ******** idiot, always coked up and giving it the biggun.
im glad to see someone had the balls to say it on here. well done liam. i wanted to but couldnt be arsed with the backlash from chl$ea fans!!! He is a cock and prob deserved it. like Darbhino says, there's more to this than meets the eye. why else would he have refused to give a statement
You ought to work for the tabloids DJDutts. Judge and jury on half a story, made up of heresay, anecdote and no evidence given by the perceived injured party to the authorities. Well done.
By the way DJ, ain't it disgraceful they still haven't moved that Lancaster bomber off the moon.
Maybe it should read morons beat up drug dealer - nothing to do with football. Who knows?
sadly there are idiots supporting every club, but in this case and any other one similar, I hope they get caught.
Spot the Link ; QUOTE FROM THE SUN;- ''CHELSEA skipper John Terry was shocked last night after his dad was battered by Spurs yobs'' THEN THEY GO ONTO SAY;- ''One thug - with a blue and white Tottenham Hotspur scarf wrapped round his hand - shoved Ted's head into a metal post'' So they said to Ted, we are spurs fans or fan ??? The convicted cocaine dealer was left barely conscious, but will not give a statement to the police?? On two counts, it's a disgrace when any member of the public is attacked, perhaps making his way home. It is also a disgrace when people deal in COCAINE.
spu 4 life
What's enlightening is how many Spurs fans seem to think that attacking an elderly bloke at a train station is somehow OK. Fair play to those who distance themselves with those that did this, but it stretches belief that there are others who say 'well, he probably deserved it'.
Everyone take off their blue or white tinted glasses will they and see the story for what it is, drug dealer gets beaten up. If it wasn't Terry's dad they wouldn't have even mentioned a scarf. Non story and not worthy of a football debate website surely. The writer of the article is obviously using it to bait some Spurs fans and he knows it.
North Upper
This article is a joke right? Your talking about Terry the drug dealer right? Every football club in all four leagues and even below that has a violent element. Everyone except Chelsea that is, thats what your saying right? Jog on, the only thing pathetic here is this article. If your looking for a classless club look no further than your own back yard and your treatment of Ray Wilkins.
haha, love the fact that Euroblue is makin out like he's a defenceless old man!!! he's a bloody drug dealer!!! He gets what comes with that!! This is more than likely related to some druggie who he's ripped off with some cut up sniff over footballing issues. sorry if i have no sympathy for the guy but if he wants to play big boys games then thats what comes with it!!!
How about this headline instead "Men beat up Terry's disgraceful drug dealing dad"? This is clearly over drugs and nothing else. The "fact" they were Spurs fans is irrelevant. It speaks volumes that he won't make a statement because he knows he will put himself in it. End of.
The Tailor
Yeh "classless" - priceless. Hahahahahahahaha coming from Chelscum!
The Tailor
Spurs fans should be ashamed, I know I would be if any Chlesea fan engaged in such classless and inhumane act.
so @nimz there has never been an incident of violence, classless or inhumane act commtitted by a Chesea fan? I'm thinking of Kettles calling and pots etc.
John Terry is a (unt, he's dad is a drug dealing (unt and his mum is a theiving (unt. They are scum who happen to be in the limelight, he probaly deserved his beating and every1 knows it. Why would any spurs fans go a beat up some1s old man for know reason? The blokes a lairy****, and dont give me this 'old man' *****, if youve ever met him he tinks he's a right lad. Whos to say it was even spurs hooligans, wearing the teams colours doesnt sound like hooligans does it. Everyone knows him round our wayso these people would have good reason to weigh him in, I'm not condoning it, but being a spurs fan doesnt come into it, he got bashed for other reasons then being the chelsea captains dad!
Hate spurs and hate hooligans! Spurs hooligans makes me sick! Hope they die a painful death!
Fair enough, I suppose a couple of Chels fans did the same with Donal MacIntyre, although being a grass is somewhat lower than punting a bit of chaz to like minded fellows...
Indeed Tonyblue and well done for being honest enough to admit that. McIntyre wasn't really a grass, it was the bbc really (or whatever channel it was on). He probably had no idea it would be as bad as it was but he is a ***** for not realising.
The Tailor
I won't say all Chelsea fans are squeaky clean angels, and always condemn it when some of our so-called "fans" indulge in unlawful activities. What is shameful about this situation is Spurs fans coming on here and saying that "he probably deserved it". Feckin muppets. But then again, its probably foolish to expect any better...........***** off you Spurs.
JT is God
I thought most of the spurs fan would be ashamed of this act. but after reading comments here they are kinda chest thumping. Well but there are few level headed spurs fans too. What a disgraceful act by those individual/s (spurs fan or not). I dont think it is all to do with the fact he was a convicted drug dealer. Which leaves to football rivalry...which is very sad to say the least.
Keyser Soze
@michael.thfc: No I'm sure it happens everywhere with so called fans but regardless it's classless and shameful whether it's Chelsea, Spurs or etc. But look at all the spurs comments here, they are all approving of this behavior!! this is even more shameful and and looks disgraceful & ugly on your club.
Hang on nimz - at no point did I say I approved. I have simply pointed out there is more than one side to any story and you shouldn't believe everything you read. JT's dad is a convicted drug dealer and he was beaten up. They say by Spurs fans which is totally uncoroborated and he is declining to give a statement which makes it fishy in the least. If you want to believe everything you read so be it.
The Tailor
How can anyone not approve to this behaviour? Drug dealers deserve everything they get! they deal drugs which ruin lives! How would any of the angels like chelsea feel if he was dealing to their children????? I imagine like any normal human being they would want him in a grave right now, not just recovering from a kicking! So whether he is JT's dad or just some low life tramp, a drug dealer is a drug dealer!
liamyid, you're nothing but a typically ignorant, low life Tottenham scumbag. For decades now Tottenham hooligans have been well known for attacking scarfers, even old men and women and children. Loud mouthed, low life, bullying cowards, you're not worth the ***** out of my arse.
Was the deleted word 'Cum' Hutchinson?
Those of you who justify this by citing his character or personality are as bad as the ones that actually assaulted him. I don't know the bloke but even if he is scum of the earth (he may well be!), there can be no defence or justification for a physical assault. Club colours are irrelevant here (the thugs who did over McIntyre are as bad), take a good look at yourselves.
I feel sorrier for the three kids burnt to death in their house last night, and the woman impaled to death by a tree trunk falling on her car. Sorry folks, but unlike them Terry Senior lives the life that invites violence of violence of all sorts.
No doubt all the Press are falling over themselves to take their share of the responsibility having framed the man and whipped up the public vilification earlier in the year to the point that he has now become the target of a group of mindless thugs (whilst his actions too were reprehensible, he is hardly the Columbian cartel leader some are trying to suggest) - would this have happened without the actions of the Press? Shameful, and not just the thugs.
He's a convicted drug dealer - who'd believe a word he says? Especially when he 'refuses' to make a statement to the police..!
The chances are that he was doing a 'deal' that went wrong - all the nonsense about ONE of his attackers wearing a Spurs scarf is just misdirection.
what's sad to see is how many Chelsea fans have rushed to defend him and accuse ALL Spurs fans - but then I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
there are plenty of glory hunting chelsea fans, but that doesnt make all of us that!!! so as much fun as banter is , its not right to generalize this way......... but yeah , this is inhumane behaviour, no need 2 mention wat club they support!!
I should have also added that it's pretty disgraceful for a site on the vital network to publish such an inflammatory headline; perhaps a more balanced headline/article may well have been the more prudent approach, unless of course the writer is looking to play in the gutter and elict the response his article is now getting.....I would have thought this site editor would have higher standards and a better intellect then to fall into such a obvious trap.
From the 'article'

"Cops investigating the attack are being hampered in their investigation because Mr Terry Senior has refused to give them a statement. Very interesting if you ask me..."

what exactly is it that you find interesting? That a drug dealer refuses to 'co-operate' or that it's a completely unsubstantiated allegation?? One where given the time the supposed attack took place hasn't had one witness come forward to back up his 'story'...?
No Darbinho, It began with an "s" ended in "t" and the second and third letters were "h" and "i" respectively. I'm sure even you can figure that out.
After reading some comments here it seems OK to beat up anyone who's been convicted for anything, they have no rights, they asked for it themselves, guilt is assumed before it has been proven. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I am reading about Stalinist Russia...
I'm glad he was never my father. Thanks dad!
Disgusting indeed, should all be shot.
Apparently one of the 'thugs' that beat him up had a I LUV NY T-shirt perhaps the headline should have read: 'Yank loving thug beats the crap out of John Terry's dad for being British!'.....makes about as much sense as this article does.
I agree Seabourch.....I see no point in locking up drug dealers either. A good friend of mine (and Chelsea supporter) has a son who came under the influence of one such person when in his early twentiesa. He suffered a bad reaction, and a promising life and career has been wrecked......the lad has been on medication and receiving psychiatric counselling for the last 10 years. The tragedy is that he's an extremely likeable lad from a caring family .....his twin sister and parents have all suffered as a consequence.
....incidentally, we'd better hope that one of the attackers doesn't turn out to be a Chelsea supporter. You never know.
This isn't a football article but Spurs will forever be in our shadow. Remember when u couldn't beat us in the league from '87 to 2006.
mutters: even if that was the case, what you won't find are Chelsea fans clamouring to defend either the attack or the attacker.
You obviously haven't read the article above, as what else is it other than a Chelsea fan 'clamouring to defend the person who was attacked' without a single shred of evidence of what he was doing there, nor why more tellingly why he refuses to co-operate with the Police - which is highly suggestive of he's desperate to hide his reasons for being there in the first place - what possible other reason can there be?
Now I don't know about you or other Chelsea fans but if I was a victim of a supposedly unprovoked attack, I'd be willingly co-operating with the Police - wouldn't you?
Exactly what is Ted Terry hiding?
No one has defended the attack or the attacker. 1) Just saying it is not necessarily a Spurs fan 2) Probably totally unconnected to football 3) although it was wrong Mr Terry may well have provoked it/deserved it/thrown the first punch and 4) this article was deliberately inflamatory and biased and Spurs fans have every right to try to correct that bias and point out where it goes wrong.
Noone has defended the attack? ................... cb25Yid: "He is a cock and prob deserved it" ... "he's a bloody drug dealer!!! He gets what comes with that!!" ... SteadySpur: "This article is a joke right? Your talking about Terry the drug dealer right?" ... liamyid "John Terry is a (unt, he's dad is a drug dealing (unt and his mum is a theiving (unt. They are scum who happen to be in the limelight, he probaly deserved his beating and every1 knows it. Why would any spurs fans go a beat up some1s old man for know reason? The blokes a lairy****, and dont give me this 'old man' *****, if youve ever met him he tinks he's a right lad. Whos to say it was even spurs hooligans, wearing the teams colours doesnt sound like hooligans does it. Everyone knows him round our wayso these people would have good reason to weigh him in, I'm not condoning it, but being a spurs fan doesnt come into it, he got bashed for other reasons then being the chelsea captains dad!" ... danwj7 "How can anyone not approve to this behaviour? Drug dealers deserve everything they get!"
Pointing out that he is a scum bag and may have deserved it is not the same as defending or justifying the attack or the attackers. Incidentally many clubs have Spurs colours including 2 with the most scumbag yob supporters i.e. Chelsea and Milwall.
Look. I'll make it easy for you... "He probably deserved it" .. "How can anyone not approve of this behaviour?" ... Is that plain and simple enough for you. And as for the nonsense about Chelsea and Millwall having the same colours as Tottenham... you're unbelievable pal.
Hutchinson, you're rightly outraged at what you perceive as the 'injustice' of those who think beating up a drug dealer is ok.....perhaps you should be just as outraged with the disgraceful way that the article attempts to incite Spurs fans by sluring ALL Spurs fans with this comment: "these mindless Spurs idiots "
Have I made it simple enough for you to understand why this article has caused the reaction is has?
Frankly its appauling that someone has been attacked, whoever they were attacked by. This really shouldnt be something that is debating in a football fansite forum - its something for the police and not for football related banter/debate which is what these sites should be used for.
Dave D
spursex, we're talking about two different issues here. First is the original article, second is the reaction, not to the allegations of who was responsible for the attack, but in support of the attack. And as for that little comment about Chelsea and Tottenham playing in the same colours, I have to ask myself, where do they find these people?
i can't believe there are many sp*rs fans out here trying to defend the assault... even if terry snr is a pig... it doesn't justify physical assault... and the people who claim not to generalize the dirty act with sp*rs should first look at other comments from fellow fans justifying it... ridiculous...!
Erm , Blue? Do no Chelsea fans have blue scarves?
I hope the writer of the article displayed the same outrage and disgust at the actions of these chelsea 'fans'
and let's not forget the organised thuds of Chelsea either:
Darbinho. I don't know where you're from, I don't know who you support. But take it from me, with the best will in the world, you're making yourself look a right fool.
Hutchingson, the article starts with " Disgraceful Spurs' fans have brought shame upon their club as some mindless 'fans' have attacked and beaten up our Captain's Dad."
this type of generalisation, as well as the ill-conceived comments later on the article seem purposedly designed to provoke a backlash - I personally don't condone an 'unprovoked attack' (if that is what it was).....but you're being selective, if you want to condemn those that think beating up a drug dealer is acceptable, perhaps you could start by stating that the 'article' is without foundation, with collaboration and unnessarilly provokative and seeks to paint ALL Spurs fans with the same brush......perhaps we should also do the same given Chelsea fans recent history (see my links above) of violent unprovoked drunken attacks - which looks to me as if Chelsea have an endemic ongoing issue of thuggery...
spursex. Now you're telling me what I should argue with and how I should argue? I could go all the way back to the '70s and '80s give you examples of cowardly attacks by Tottenham fans. Not from articles I've read, but from personal experience. But that isn't why I entered this thread. I'm not going to argue with you over some links you've found on the web or about your opinions on the original article. My point of argument is with those cretins who are in support of the attack on John Terry's father. If you don't like the tone or the content of the article, then argue with the author. You're a Tottenham fan, right? I really couldn't give a monkey's whether you're upset or what you're upset about. Don't waste your time trying to drag me into it.
Which will see the mighty blues from West London destroy the Spuds at Sh*te H*rt L*ne in a months time.
Hutchinson, then if you didn't want to be part of the 'argument' why enter yourself into it? The point I'm trying to make that you seem so desperate to avoid is that when you 'generalise' the way the article does, then you're not going to get a rational reaction.
Like you, I too wouldn't condone an unprovoked attack on anyone, but drug dealers in particular, causes some people to believe that they are the lowest of the low and that they deserve everything they get for peddling the stuff they whilst you continue to be selective, all you're proving is that you too are being hypocritical in the stance you're taking. Perhaps if you showed that your moral stance stretched to condemning the generalisations in the article, your positon and stance along with your moral indignation would be credible.
"Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz" etc. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. They should have stabbed the fackin mong.
Moral indignation? I don't like Tottenham fans mouthing off, simple as that. I'm not avoiding anything, desperately or otherwise. I haven't even mentioned the article. I've had my say about a few morons who happen to support Tottenham, which makes having a go a them even more worthwhile. I've told you I don't care about the article. I don't actually care much about your reaction either. Let alone your opinion of anything I have to say. You're only Tottenham, after all. Anyway, I'm out of it. I've got better things to do with my time.
Clearly not Hutchinson, you've posted more than anyone you spoon.
Hutchinson, as I expected, your moral indignation has proved to be nothing more than a facade to join in the generalisation of the Spurs fans bashing bias in the article..
this is abit rich coming from the club who has a "proud" hooligan history, whos hooligans have a direct link to C18 (be honest, dont waffle). and support pro loyalist groups in northern ireland, such as the UVF, UFFF, UDA, etc etc. and such flags frequently fly at games. people in stone houses shouldnt throw stones......
I actually don't give 2 facks about this because Ted is a mong and somebody should've whacked him years ago.
just like the mong who ran onto the pitch at White Tart Lane and tried to whack Lampard when we knocked you *****s out of the FA cup! Enjoy your Champions League experience cos you'll not be in it next year!
I think it is pathetic that they should beat him up, but if it was for a drug deal, I won't slate the Spurs fans, purely because he is JT's dad. The very fact that he doesn't give a statement is suspicious.. I'm sorry, guys, I'm not blaming the spurs fans outright. Remember, in our system, it's innocent until proven guilty! Till the Spurs fans are actually convicted of assault and it is proved that it wasn't anything to do with a drug deal, I will hold my tongue.
But I defo don't like some of the stuff which the spurs fans here are talking about. Why don't you just denounce the attackers (for assault OR drug deal, whatever) and move on? They very clearly aren't true fans, either way.

Defending them only lowers your own profile, guys.
spurs you suck! chelsea will beat you home and away this season..
"disgraceful spurs' fans" is not a generalization... it just means spurs fans who are disgraceful... and not that all spurs fans are disgraceful which imo would have also made sense...
well u know JTD.. that is so spurs fans..if you are a drug dealer, they will beat you..they act like they are the law..hahaha moronic at its best!
Agreed EuroBlue.
WOW, look at these children pumping their chests like apes. I dont even feel sorry for you guys.....just look at the post above? i know a couple of spurs fans who are decent lads but you guys have absolutely no are bottom of the pit anyway....ha WhiteHartSpur.
Most of these 'deserved it the mug' fans are probably little 12 yo's that watch Danny Dyer football hooligans on TV.
JT_daniel... what we do know is that terry snr was attacked and not in self defense... (else the article would have read otherwise) which is a pretty disgraceful act on its own... whether it's a drug deal gone wrong or just hatred for chelsea (as the family source claims) is secondary... your "innocent until proven guilty" theory should work the other way around... as he was attacked... which is punishable by law... however the circumstances behind the attack are not yet established, which could prove terry innocent or guilty later...
The only obvious thing I can make of this is that the spuds fans here, their way of arguing and what they say and claim does not improve anyone's impression of them not being worthy of being called names. Vigilantism seems to be the spud-solution whatever the cause is. There is no defence for anyone doing what has been done to whoever, whatever their club sympathies are. A more pitiful attack/defence than presented by so many here is disgusting. Violence is never the solution, but it does seem to be to way too many supporters of a certain club writing/spewing their hatred here. I pity you.
"Ted, now recovering at home in Chafford Hundred, Essex, was targeted at Upminster station last Saturday by Spurs fans returning from their team's 4-2 defeat at Bolton"....IF this allegation is true, then expect more beating coming up cos spurs are going to lose again and again and again.....and again. what a 2nd-class team!
I'm a Spurs fan and I abhor ALL violence. Even if it was a deal gone wrong there is no justification for assault. As far as I can see there is no evidence for it actually being a drug deal, Spurs fans or an attack motivated by who is is, just tabloid speculation. Regardless, the end result is someone being hurt. I do find however, the sanctimonious tone of the writer pretty funny and Hutchinsons attempts to portray all Chelsea fans as lovers of fluffy kittens and flowers as stretching the indignation to breaking point. The Chelsea Headhunters anyone?!!??
never recall the headhunters went beating an old man..that would be a COWARD act. only suit for 2nd-class club (no offence)
Sorry folks but all this is based on a little article on Page 3 of the bloody Sun! I haven't got the energy to get into something which might just turn out to be more pure tabloid sensationalism.
...crocodile tears chelsea slap-headhunters old bill know mr terry gangster mug get well soon ...I was attacked by dozens of chelsea thugs from behind @ liverpool st for singing outside their boozer the riot cops stepped in, only a small posse escorted to the lane beat the scum 2-1 ello ello we are the tottenham boys...
mesmo you're a Tottenham fan and you're an idiot. I haven't portrayed Chelsea fans as anything. I've merely had a go at the Tottenham supporting cretins in this thread who have actually approved the attack on John Terry's father. The article may well be nothing more than tabloid sensationalism, I don't know. What I do know is that there are a number of Tottenham fans in this thread showing themselves up as the low-life cretins they really are. But that's Tottenham all over. Just look at the denials by Tottenham fans of what's actually been written in this thread by other Tottenham fans. And spursex, you cite my "indignaton." as "nothing more than a facade to join in the generalisation of the Spurs fans bashing bias in the article.." Oh really? I've had a go at some muppets approving of a violent attack on and old man, and you and other Tottenham fans have told me there was no condoning of this violence, even after having the relevant quotes pointed out for you. What are you, a reject from the school debating team? Ok muppets. I've wasted far too much time here, so this is my last post in this thread. And I tell you what, to show how generous I am, and how little importance I or anyone else attaches to your idiotic, meaningless drivel, I'm going to allow you and your half-witted fellow Tottenham fans to have the last word on the subject. Spout away muppets.
Every body just calm down.Let's be realistic here,if he's a drug dealer(proven one,I can't say I'm sure) and he has refused to give a police statement,I think it's logical to think it was a drug related.However,you Spurs fans are really a funny lot.Some of you sound like little kids,seriously.Beating your chest and saying he deserved it.If the roles were reversed and Chelsea fans were implicated,I think the first thing I'd do would be to deny they were actually Chelsea fans!Not go around saying 'He deserved it',that's just not right.It almost sounds like you're proud of your hooligans.I wouldn't want my little bro near a drug dealer,but I wouldn't want him near hooligans either.Sounds like you're saying it's better to be a hooligan than a drug dealer.Grow up.
Hmm defamation! Anyone ever heard of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974? No?! Didn't think so...
djdutts - what have you done?
Red Boy
How do we now it wasn't a Chelsea fan in disguise?
Some of the Spurs' comments on here are (as Drogba would say) a ****ing disgrace.
Dear oh dear, there are good and bad, Tottenham and Chelsea and everyone else. This attack was the act of mindless thugs and to try and throw back at Chelsea fans the "you can talk, the Headhunters did it too" argument is perverse. Incredible as it may be to think, I wasn't a Headhunter, I never supported them and certainly am not/was not proud of them. I'm as ashamed of our mindless thugs as any decent person should be about those associated with their football club too. What is wrong with the "Great" British public? Not a good article I'm afraid either DTDUTTS, very self-righteous and sanctimonious.
I agree ChelseaDC.........unfortunately so is Terry Senior!
Well, that certainly opened a can of worms!
I couldnt give a ***** if he is a scumbag thats totally out of order, they need putting behind bars. But please dont pretend CFC doesnt have its fair share of hooligans because behind your new army of Prawn Sandwich eating glory fans or your new West African contingent youre as bad as anyone
If not to inspire more hate, what exactly is the point of this article? I rarely post on other team's sites as I prefer talking my team, but really these type of articles are provocative and do nothing to further football discussion. This incident has nothing at all to do with football or the supporters of any squad. No-one and I mean no-one condones this action. May the perpetrators be caught and dealt with and I wish Mr. Terry a speedy recovery. Regardless of what occurred, it's difficult to fathom anything that would justify the result. I also hope that the Terry's all get themselves right because they are a sideshow that I'm sure most Chelsea fans could do without. COYS
huddersfiedhiddo.. you are (unt n an ass for sayn and beign who u are..leave west africans out of this $h!t
peterballib, well said mate. WIsh the rest of the yids were as level headed too.
You better be sure of your accusations. One thing I know of "hooligan" acts is that they never show their colours, so why one would be wearing a Spurs scarf at the time is intriguing. All in all, sorry to hear about what happened to Terry's dad. But after the things you lot have done, it's hard to see how you can take the moral high ground.
Just to let you know that the press have got the situation completely wrong, my mate broke up the so called fight, it wasn't actually spurs fans who were involved in the altercations. JT's dad had been having a go on the train at a couple of blokes on the way back from the rugby; one of whom had a blue and white scarf...not a spurs scarf. The other guys didnt want to fight and on getting off the train at upminster tried walking away...JT's dad kept going for them one pushed him away and he fell and bashed his head the bloke who pushed him then ran away..and my mate tried to help the old guy to his feet obviously not knowing who he was until it came out in the papers that he got attacked by spurs fans.

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5. Tambling 54
6. StamfordDLion 51
7. Seabourch 42
8. DeepBlue1 39
9. Michael Reid 38
10. merlin 35

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Chelsea 2 - 0 Hull City
Newcastle 2 - 1 Chelsea
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Sunderland 0 - 0 Chelsea
Chelsea 2 - 0 WBA
Liverpool 1 - 2 Chelsea

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
1. Chelsea 16 12 3 1 +23 39
2. Man City 16 11 3 2 +19 36
3. Man Utd 16 9 4 3 +12 31
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 +8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 +12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 +9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24

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