Chelsea - Do Chelsea really need to buy?
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Do Chelsea really need to buy?

This is my first article and I will beg my fellow fans to put up with the shortcomings because I am not very good at writing articles like this.

I have been thinking a lot about the players Chelsea have at the moment and their quality assuming they were also in the market. Would you not buy some of them and bring them to Chelsea?

Now assume you have looking at the players market and you see names like Torres, Sturridge, Kakuta, Ramirez, Josh, Luiz, Cole, Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Cech.

Who will you not buy from that list?

Are they not good enough to play in any team and if they are why look for other players to buy if we already have some of the best?

Our substitute bench will look like this, Hilario, Bertrand, Essien, Mikel, Lampard, Anelka, Drogba, Kalou, Zhirkov, Malouda etc

I have put so many substitutes so that you can see the luxury we have. Surely do we have to buy? Or do we just covet any player who has not come to Chelsea?

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The Journalist

Writer: derfmesh Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 14 2011

Time: 6:00PM

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14/06/2011 18:05:00

we most def need to buy nuff said and your article was well written.
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14/06/2011 18:07:00

Well, maybe we won't have to buy for next season(huge pun on "maybe") but we do need purchases for the longer term.
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14/06/2011 18:12:00

I reccomend some medicine to those who think Luiz would handle the anchor man position.
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14/06/2011 18:12:00

Chelsea really need to buy. People should really stop mentioning Josh, he is not a first team player yet and won't be for a few years. Same with Kakuta. Hilario isn't a good enough back-up goalkeeper (remember when he played against ManCity two seasons ago, shocking). We are fine up front, and at in defence. In midfield the players in your first list - only 3 are midfielders, and two are Josh and Gael. That leaves us with 4 spaces to fill. If Kalou was available from another club I would be saying avoid at all costs. That leaves us without a right-winger at all, and lacking creativity in midfield. Torres will end up a waste of 50m if we don't revamp our midfield. Chelsea should also always be looking to buy the best young players in every position once they become available - e.g. Lukaku, even if we don't need a striker right now, we will soon once Drogba leaves and he can be loaned out until then. WE NEED TO BUY AT LEAST 4 PLAYERS, goulay said 3 which would be ok if they are in the right positions and good enough. Nasri, Modric and Neymar would leave us with a great mix of power and creativity in the team. WE NEED TO BUY
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14/06/2011 18:13:00

this season was one of pain, annoyance, sadness and very little joy. Why at all would you, derfmesh, want us to go through that again nxt season?
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14/06/2011 18:17:00

That would be a good starting 11 if we want to finish 7th.
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14/06/2011 18:18:00

there's always a need to buy, sell or whatever. We have always been tagged as the "big money spenders" who buy talent and not create it, and we need to alter people's minds, we're chelsea, not some man city who kill talent after purchasing it. We need to create something out of what we already have. Have a look at any of our matches last season and you'll realize the sheer creativity we possess. drog,nicola, lamps, malouda, essien were the men who did that ( we miss deco and ballack though). sheer genius. we need to bring that back somehow and inculcate the same in our young players. DON"T change the system.
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14/06/2011 18:24:00

We do need to buy.Consider the fact that Zhirkov wud go,if we dont ensure him first team football,Malouda is utter crap rite now.Even if he scores,I cant stand his dribbling 'skills'. Kakuta has the potential, but may need one more season to compete amongst the elite.He mite be ready enuh now....but MAYBE. Lampard's date is truely expired,so sorry to say that.He will play a vital role in the coming season,but mark my word, he cant play day in day out. Moreover, to get the best out of Torress( I cant take any more taunts from Scousers), we have to buy a creative midfielder.
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14/06/2011 18:29:00

@ESSIENTIAL-thats a great great great profile name you have mate!!!says a thousand words!!!we badly need essien to stay ,though he was li'l of colour last season.but still he is a vital part of chelsea!!
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 18:29:00

Lampard no boubt needs to be replaced this season, so does Malouda & Co. We honestly need to get new stars in if we want to forget what happened last season, Neymar, Lukaku etc. Enuf said on this article
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 18:33:00

Many of your substitutes are starters, so I don't understand the list. Also, based on your logic of not needing to buy, how can you explain last season? Forget about trophies for a moment--midfield was largely dreadful and we had no width at all. Drogba, our central striker, provided the most assists. If that doesn't alarm you, well, it should! Good on you for writing an article; I know it isn't easy to be scrutinized--but expect more of the same. Also, Gael has shown no indication of being ready to start yet; McEachran won't force his way ahead of Lampard, Essien or Ramires--not yet. Danny has a shot at starting but probably only as a RW, which isn't his normal role. In other words, your list of starters is problematic, just as is your list of subs. None of it makes much sense.
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14/06/2011 18:39:00

If we have no creativity in midfield how did we produce the most attempts on goal in the 2010/2011 season??? Having said that i feel that the ball moves very slowly from defense to attack and the lack of true wide players has seen our play run thru the centre of the park in most cases.
Nelson Blueman
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 18:48:00

Yes we need to sign players.
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14/06/2011 18:59:00

the main thing we were really bad at last season was the slow speed we were moving the ball at!! it was so painful watching the ball go sideways all the time and players dwindling on the ball. we dont need major overhaul of the playing squad,just need a manager with the skills to get us playing fast one touch football.players like lamps and anelka seemed to dwell way to much when they got the ball.And the player movement off the ball was really poor last season. i really hope the new manager sorts this out on the training pitches
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14/06/2011 19:01:00

i think an article should be written in reply to this "Did you really watch last season?" Of course we need to buy. I agree with Essiential, please stop talking about putting Luiz at DM.
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14/06/2011 19:04:00

LMAOOOOOOOOO @"Did you really watch last season?"
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14/06/2011 19:19:00

exactly stamforblues5, definetly need to buy, althought it may look good enough on ðpaper, last season tells us it isnt
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14/06/2011 19:22:00

These players might be good but they are not great (except for a few i.e defence, Cech and the youngsters in danny, gael, josh, ryan, patrick, todd kane etc). Others are too comfortable(just as carvalho said before he moved on) and thus they need a new challenge. We need new faces who are thirsty for trophies.
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14/06/2011 19:30:00

SAEMUS,,,VERY WELL SAID ,TO BE FAIR I AGREE WITH ALL THAT.modric and neymar defo ,maybe not nasri hes a bit too easily pushed off the ball but another player with his ability sure,i think if we get neymar then anelka kalou and proberbly drogba aswell all need to go,really felt drogba tried to sabotage torres last season,not to say torres didnt have a bad start but thats another topic.
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14/06/2011 19:34:00

i really love that formation u made!!! but still, we must buy!!
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14/06/2011 19:35:00

another playstation formation....we need to strenghten the squad not a massive overhaul mate.
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14/06/2011 19:41:00

The only way to get Torres scoring is for him to stop missing chances. He had plenty of chances created for him he just missed them. If Torres had scored more than minus 1 goals for Chelsea last season we'd probably have won the Premier League.
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14/06/2011 19:56:00

Last season gave the clear answer:We need to buy. But I´m getting afraid we´re too slow! Today Neymar is heavily linked with Real Madrid,Schneider seems to stay where he is,Modric seem difficult to get,Aguero is placed in Juventus... . Gurlay says 2 or 3 new players and thats fine if they really will strengthen us. But not that many will,and we cant´t miss out on all of them...Please hurry to get Guus (hopefully) and at least 2 really good players...
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14/06/2011 20:01:00

yeah just read juventus have one the race for aguero along with the news earlier that neymar has agreed to join real so the creating players we need are slowly diminishing and i am starting to wonder if players actually want to come to us!
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14/06/2011 20:25:00

20.06 Santos striker Neymar has denied rumours that he is set to join Real Madrid. "There is nothing [with Real Madrid]. Today, nothing will take me out of Santos," he said.
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14/06/2011 20:40:00

We need to buy, but not as much as some would want us to believe. We do need another right back for Bosingwa, that much is certain. Sure, Ivanovic may play there while Luiz, Terry and Alex take turns in the central defence, but that would leave us spread thin in case of injuries and suspensions, and Ferreira may be a nice bloke and good, allround squad player, but he's getting old and Todd Kane's not ready to replace Ferreira as right back sub. So, 1. one right back (for instance Van der Wiel, but it doesn't really matter that much). 2. Up front, Drogba is getting older and would need replacing in two seasons at the most anyway, so we need to ease in a younger target player. Lukaku would seem the ideal solution. 3. Maybe a new back-up- keeper, as Turnbull's been awful (granted, he did save a penalty in the Reserves' final)? Hilario did extend his contract for another year, and maybe we could play him with one of our youngsters/ reserves as third choice? Anyway, a new, decent back-up- keeper is not necessary. 4. After this, I'm not all that sure we actually need or should buy. I already count on us selling Anelka to make room for Sturridge, who'll demand regular starts, but if we'd also sell both Malouda AND Kakuta OR Torres AND Kalou, sure, go ahead and sign that wiz-kid Neymar to play alongside Drogba/ Lukaku. But for me, I'd be happy with just Lukaku and Van der Wiel.
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14/06/2011 21:05:00

we need more than Lukaku n VDW, they dont even meet our urgent needs. We need to buy at least 3 players, 1 playmaker, 2 wingers, one of which shld be Neymar.
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14/06/2011 21:30:00

We definitely need to buy players this summer. We were crap last season and this was due to our midfield. We lack creativity in the middle and we lack pace and good crosses into the box out wide. We need new players this summer and I think 3 or 4 would be good enough if they were what we needed.
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14/06/2011 21:31:00

Stage 1).......we need to flog a few!!
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14/06/2011 21:36:00

Thank you Latunvic, Maestrinho you didn't even fill the biggest needs.
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14/06/2011 21:37:00

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14/06/2011 22:08:00

Maestrinho you talk crap, sell malouda and kakuta or torres and kalou?
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 22:29:00

YES. we need creativity , pace and a robben! :)
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 22:32:00

Did lukamolski just say sell torres....Lol
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 23:27:00

We don't need new signings ONLY if we had The torres of 2 seasons ago(who scores from any angle),the REtired lamps, A malouda who loves assisting, A kakuta who can cross a ball,A rejuvenated Drogba,A composed kalou(who likes bench-warming), A younger Terry, An experienced version of Josh and A ramirez who actually make a complete tackle!
Report Abuse
14/06/2011 23:46:00

No, maestrinho said sell torres look at his post.
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14/06/2011 23:59:00

chelsea need to buy two wingers and play with ramirez rcm and lams in lcm and get josh ready for first team football, sub him with lamps 65-75 minute into every game (excluding matches with top rivals), but...when josh gets in he should play more of an iniesta role....where he can give juicy passes on the end of intelligent torres runs
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15/06/2011 00:01:00

The need to buy is part of the equation. Just as important is the need to sell. We had the highest weekly payroll in the league, yet lost the league by 9 pts. was a weaker league than in years that makes it even more telling. We really need to drop 4-6 from the first team, buy three without a doubt- RW, CAM and RB. Guessing we'll not see any purchases at keeper, so there goes that need. Not a major overhaul, just a moderately severe...
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15/06/2011 00:35:00

Honestly, we all know we need to not only buy a few players, but sell some. Some players we need to sell: Anelka, Kalou, Malouda, Zhirkov, Ferreira, Mikel. If 6 players leave, we need a few players (we buy) plus a few of our youngsters step in. Players I say we buy from the funds we raise from the departures: Aguero, Sneijder, one holding midfielder.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 00:44:00

ugh honestly...... it's getting tiresome reading some of these comments.... although, I am all for difference of opinion, having said that here is mine: why try to develop young talented players when we can go out and purchase a ready-made 1st teamer for what 25, 30, 35, 50 million? Honestly, the problem with most of the comments i read on here is that not many are willing to have that transitional period wherein we can bring in the players who show real promise - I am not saying that we need not buy a single player, but surely the situation is not as dire "this season" as people make it out to be. We absolutely need one creative CM, no doubt. and maybe a versatile attacking player/winger. I'm just afraid that most of "us" on here are too used to buying the brand new packaged version of the player we need - and honestly, that kind of policy is something that i find most frustrating about supporting this club at times. Ppl fall into the media trap of "Oh, well..... Chelsea gave it a proper go at filling in the holes left by the departure of big names with youngsters and have abandoned that policy after it was a failure" - in truth we haven't done anything different than previous seasons, we just filled in those positions with the remainder of the squad players - having loaned out 2 of our most prominant youth players for half of the season (sturridge and kakuta) along with bertrand, bruma, borini, patrick van aanholt - how can anyone honestly say we gave it a go??? cus we gave each of them a few mins of playing time in the carling cup/fa cup/preliminary stages of the cl with the group wrapped up? Honestly now. And for those of you who say they are not ready? How can you tell?!? anyway, some may think that they are not at the point to be able to fit into the first team squad, but how will they ever be ready if not given a chance to stake their claim? i dont want a revolution over the summer, I would much prefer an evolution. And since that wont happen, let's just go out and spend another 100mil. God I hope our first purchase is a manager with some balls to recognize and play the talent we have, where they should be played.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 01:50:00

We need to get at least 3 new players and sell 3. Two of those players should be creative midfielders because that's the position we are lacking. The other player should be Neymar / Aguero, a creative forward. In other words, CREATIVITY is what we need to recover the Premier League.
Drog of War
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 02:06:00

well if we seel 3 and buy 3 i dont think thats strenghting we are just replacing e can sell 2 and buy 3 then we can say we strenghtened the squad.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 02:14:00

No i definitely think we need to spend. I would like us to spend on players that do not have monstrous wages though. ex. tevez, aguero, schneider
Blue Kalou
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 02:51:00

YES,,YEss...But Not a Striker...Chelsea need a Ballack-type mid plkyer, young...
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 03:02:00

Agree....we have strikers. We need a RW and if we sell Zhirkov we'll need a LW. Yossi is a very servicable CM, but has to stay healthy, so we absolutely need some at CM willing and able to create and serve. Far prefer to see Malouda go and start Yuri at LW. Should go: Anekla, Bosingwa, Malouda, either Mikel or Essien.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 03:25:00

we need to buy a couple maybe 3, but 2 need to be high profile starters, a midfielder and a winger. Perhaps another winger for some competition. Oh and Luiz should NOT play holding midfield, dyou guys wanna ruin him? We turned mikel into a holding midfielder, how'd that turn out?
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 05:05:00

I have read the comments made here and they are very fascinating because nobody has replied to the question I poised that from this list of players (Torres, Sturridge, Kakuta, Ramirez, Josh, Luiz, Cole, Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Cech.) who won't you buy if they are in a market being sold by their respective clubs.If chelsea fans cannot say they wont buy so and so from that list and shows they like these players and logic dictates that you cannot have your cake and it eat at the same time.No wonder we keep chasing a creative midfielder but most are shy to come.How can they come when they see the type of players you want them to play along side? Creative players are very selective because for them to excel they need to be assisted by the like minded players,fans,administration and coach.Since nobody has not discarded any player from the list it proves that we are not ready to have our team play differently.To buy 3-4 players you need to bench and loan some of the players in my fast list and to be honest my substitution list has to be sold.Radioactive,have thrown the ball to your court.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 06:38:00

@ derfmesh nice one, lead them to one way but then come at them through another way, well to me i think wat we need is a right back, a playmaker (anybody who thinks lampard will get better must be dreaming) so we need one and i prefer either fabregas ( the guy i call FabrePASS) or Modric simply because they are both young and have proven themselves in both the english and champions league AND will definitely bring out the best from Torres. these two i have mention are most important but if we can get a right winger too (mind you i said a right winger and not a right wing player ) what we have now in Kalou is a right wing player and not a right winger ( THE POOR LAD IS EVEN NOT A NATURAL WING PLAYER FROM DAY ONE), and i will suggest Sanchez because not only can he dribble past his marker, he's got pace AND most importantly his crosses are good too
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 09:06:00

There is no coach in this world who could bench all these BIG PLAYERS in a crucial match like against ManU, Barca, Real, Inter.....Essien, Mikel, Lampard, Anelka, Drogba, Malouda. So you better get rid of some of them to ease the job for any coach. Helo to the wise!
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 09:22:00

EliteBlue,if that coach cannot bench them then he signs his death warrant I mean he will get the sack before the season ends.I agree totally with Bluu4real we need only 2 signings a brainy midfielder and Sanchez.What I mean with brainy midfielder is a player who can have eyes behind him,hold ball,pass,dribble and also shoot,whoever can do that will make Torres and Super Drog tear teams to pieces.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 10:23:00

Its gonna be Guus and from what we know about him he is not gonna do th experimental thing at chelsea he is gonna stick with the players that are inform
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 11:33:00

We don't need that much, a central playmaker and a winger, all the rest should only come in if someone else goes
Luis Enrique
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 13:10:00

@derfmesh 1> your starting 11 would not be the same as chelsea starting 11 simply because kakuta, josh do not have enough exp. heck kakuta could not start even at fulham so how can be one at chelsea(although sparky is an idiot). 2> with the squad you put out what formation are we gonna play. surely not 5 defenders and if luiz is cdm who will be on the wings. 3> your subs bench is much stronger than your starting 11. 4> given these players are in the market and if i am a coach who needs to win trophies every season i would buy only cech alex ivanovic torres and sturridge. 5> given your comments i agree what we need is CM and one proper winger cum creative CAM.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 14:16:00

@Stupid,You mean you cannot buy Ramirez and Luiz who are the in thing at chelsea,full of energy and new drive.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 14:34:00

missed both of them. ramires is a sure yes. luiz is a bit 50 50 because of his price tag and also since he is prone to rash challenges and his decision making is poor sometimes but that comes with exp. prefer defenders who are solid enough. . although you did not answer my question about the formation you want to play
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 14:45:00

this is really a no brainer, although we may not need to buy a lot, maybe 4/5 players realistically. this squad has been together far too long now and has become too clicky, with divisions and needs to be shaken up, it was tried in January but imo Torres was shadowed out by certain members of the squad. the squad needs to be equal together not have individuals who run it.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 15:12:00

Yes...some fresh legs in the mid field won't hurt. Nice discussion though!
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 15:48:00

I don't believe we should spend major money...If we want Sturridge to play a star role, what is the point in buying someone like Aguero? Our first 11 currently looks like Cech Iva Luiz/Alex JT Cole Ramires Essien Frank Sturridge Malouda Drogba/Torres Apart from getting an attacking RB, and a quality winger to fight with Malouda and Sturridge for a wide position, there are not many positions we could realistic improve without spending ridiculous amounts. We need to get rid of players like Kalou, Nico, Zhirkov and Bosingwa.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 16:45:00

I don't think Zhirkov is going anywhere with Gus coming in.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 17:06:00

No one answered your question because your article wasn't that good, sorry. Asking if we need to buy anyone or not after a season like last was stupid, no other word for it. I think putting Luiz at DM is also a poor decision, if we do that than who is our CB on the bench. Iva, Alex, Terry and Luiz are all on the field. We have no proven creative player in midfield. I have no idea where the goals are going to come from. Also, just a little thorn in my side, it's RamireS, his name does not end in a Z.
Report Abuse
15/06/2011 19:40:00

Stamfordblues5,did you watch the Barca Vs Man U game? where was Mascherano playing? you should start unlocking your mind by thinking out of the box.Chelsea needs radical change to challenge for 4 trophies or does it not pain you when Everton beats us twice.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 08:24:00


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