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Luiz has got the message?

Pardon me if anyone else has written something similar but I've not seen it anywhere if they did.

I missed Saturday's match due to a trip abroad and haven't even been able to force myself to watch the 'highlights' so what I'm about to say may have applied then too.

Last night, at St Andrews against Birmingham, David Luiz was more than solid, he was uncompromising in almost an English style, using his speed and reading of the game to get to the ball before the attacker and then, most importantly, 'launching it towards row Z', where previously he'd get there first and try something fancy even though the attacker was still an immediate threat.

Now I don't want David to turn into a Neanderthal centre back and completely bury the superb passing/ dribbling ability he has, but we all know that there's a right time and place for that and it's not when a pacey striker is a stride away and his supporting cast is pouring forward.

Someone (RDM?) has clearly had a word and I certainly welcome it; he can become a great centre back if the penny has finally dropped.

Does anyone else feel the same?

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The Journalist

Writer: analooish Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 8 2012

Time: 4:33PM

Your Comments

DL has played much better in the past few months. He's been more composed and smarter. It seems he's improved since Terry has been out, maybe he's more comfortable on the the right than the left.
Sorry, I meant more comfortable on the left than the right
he is a rare player he almost invents his own position kind of a box to box defensive striker
i just think he has just realised in the uk sometimes and more often than not you just got to hoof it out! simple. he thought he was better than he wes. he is learning
Luiz looks more comfortable in Terry's position and may actually work very well with Cahill - only time will tell. But I am sure his next mistake will open a can of worms from fans pretty soon.
I love the pair of Luiz and Cahill, it is beginning to gel gradually
he certainly has learnt as he is clearing the ball with a no nonsense hoof.
looool @ box to box defensive striker
Agree with the general sentiment here. He has cut out the silliness lately and does seem more comfortable on the left, already forming a pretty good partnership with Cahill which is all very encouraging indeed. Luiz has all the attributes to be a top, top CB. He is still raw but if he can learn and develop as he is showing signs of doing, then our defence could be in pretty safe hands for many years to come. If Barca eff off that is!
Box 2 box defensive striker! What a label, what a position...only Sideshow Bob can harness such a power...well, his display against Birmingham showed that there was a focus on the basics of play and he showed his brilliance. I recall a moment he dropped his head to clear a ball and nearly got it knocked off. I'm guessing our focus now is not to get fancy and get the fundamentals down. His hair has really gotten huge lately.
Kiff Shot
If he stops the craziness when it comes to dangerous situations then I think we will be fine. Luiz will certainly go down as a legend one day at the Bridge.
Good point about Barca SB. Luiz's talent and potential are obvious. The more he improves his defensive game the more teams will start lining up for his services. Luckily he seems like a pretty loyal person.
Skill is not silliness. Titus Bramble, English. David Luiz, Brazillian. Get it?!
The Luiz Cahill CB pairing will be our preferred CB pairing in the near future..both pacy and quite comfortable on the ball, both significant goal scoring threats going forward and both quite capable of devolving to the traditional no nonsense "destroyer" type CB when needed.
well said foreign_viewer
EPL viewers dont seem to appreciate the player David Luiz is. People think that a good CB is one who does career threatening tackles & hoofs the ball anywhere outside the 18yrd box. He is a modern CB. His skillset complements his game. Rather than clear the ball out of the box & lose possesion he can dribble & pass the ball safely which shows he can think under pressure. He can & does attack thus giving an air of unpredictability leading to his 4 goals. All he needs to work on is his interception (which is ok) & he‘ll be amongst the best.
It will only be a matter of time when David shows his true talent.
Luis is 100% better than terry, those lazy and over paid english players only over work him. He has been playing his wing and cole's wing these days and if terry comes in now that will be another extra work for the poor guy. Cole, terry, lampard are the main chelsea problem even sturidge is begining to follow their bad foot steps, who knows may be tomorrow cahil would start his own trouble. Better football countries like Spain, Brazil, Germany, France etc that always have superior players with football brains never have players that cause trouble in their clubs. England is a nice country with *****y, arrogant and brainless footballers.
Oh my god! David De Gae is soo naive! ManUre 1 Atletic 3! Hahahaahhaahahha!
Final score Manure 2(2nd goal pen) Atletic 3.
So u base ur argument on one game.
Manure 2-3 Bilbao. Sporting 1-0 City. Top two in England. Knocked of the champions league. Now failing in the Europa league. Best league in the world my ass.
Teams in England, including Chelsea, as soon as there a little of speed, dribbling and passing fall apart. I hope the Luiz bashers are watching. Skill is more important than hoof-up-the-pitch-long-up-and-under-football.
@foreign u r very funny but honestly EPL has bn shadow of itself...very poor to a top league standard... is it not the same europa we undermine AVB winning.saying is not a tough competition ...some of our fans are disgrace.. i know when AVB return to coaching job he will prove all of us to be wrong.. we let our so called legend running the club.. d english players r destroying our clubs.. if the likes of zola had bn dis way maybe lampard could have had their chances... greedy and spoilt brainless footballers
@heart_of_blue loool box to box defensive. hahahahahaha
David Luiz is just so good that when he makes an error all the envious, xenophobic British ex-footballers/fat pundits have a field day. He's getting better and better every week defensively; the stuff he can do as he attacks--absolutely stunning. Wonderful player, criminally underrated.
To say that DL is "100% better" than JT is blasphemy! JT is a better defender. That is a fact, even now as his pace has declined. But DL has the potential to be even better than JT, which is exciting.
Best of all he's 24! We got Riccy at 26 so Luiz got two years to catch up.I really do think RDM did have a word with him,he's never shown better judgement in nervy situations.Bobby's got him watching Desailly vids.
Apparently Barcelona want him as Puyol's successor which must mean he's doing something right if the world's best team wants him-----
Luiz is growing and fast. He is one of the players who played for AVB and really wanted to help him save his job. He is proving that he can be a great player for chelsea, since it is long since chelsea had a ball playing defender since he is growing in confidence every passing game. This proves how much a player can improve given continuity and consecutive games.
Who said skill was silliness f_v? If you don't agree with someone then disagree, fair enough, but don't invent things they didn't say to argue with, it just makes you look all the more lacking. As for Emmaboh, just try thinking before you post and please learn how to spell LuiZ, it's just 4 letters, it's really not hard.
what he is doing is called CB overlap which is very risky given that its not the coach strategy or gameplan for the day,he just develops it and its costing us hell because when he came back to defend he automatically forgets the fundamentals of defence like that chicharito goal against man u that made it 3-3,he was caught offguard way too much.what i like in him is his sweeping ability and man marking skills,probably he will get to the ball before you.he need to improve a little bit but he need to forget those humurous adventures of him cos we bought him a DEFENDER.
FV I think the PL was labelled "the best league in the world" because all four teams would usually advance past the first knockout round I the CL while other leagues were lucky to get two, the PL is more competitive from top to bottom, and it isn't usually a two team race to the title until maybe the last month or so. It's still more competitive than the other leagues but the other two points I mentioned obviously haven't lived up to previous standards.
@Spanishblue, what did you mean by "all the more lacking"? An english guy who can't write a sensible english, I wonder how you can cope if english is not your native language. I can speak and write 4 languages, how many can you speak? Make your own point rather than childishly looking for people's mistake.
What's wrong with that Emmaboh? f_v is lacking and making things up to argue against makes him look all the more lacking to me. Fair enough, English is not your native language and your English is really very good but perhaps you should look something up in a dictionary before attacking a native speaker for getting it wrong. I'm not sure if it's arrogant or ignorant of you to assume that the native speaker is wrong just because you don't understand the world or construction. It's kind of you to wonder how I would cope in English if it weren't my mother tongue. Very well I think, given that I am pretty fluent (and qualified) in French and Spanish and studied Russian at night classes for about 3 years. Mind you, I don't recall correcting native speakers very often and when it has happened, I have made absolutely certain of my facts first!
@spanishblue, Word not "world", mother's tongue not "mother tongue". Go back to school my man.
@spanishblue, Word not "world", mother's tongue not "mother tongue". Go back to school my man.
@spanishblue, Word not "world", mother's tongue not "mother tongue". Go back to school my man.
Sorry for the posts.
World was clearly a typo (intelligent people not desperate to score points can tell the difference easily) and "mother tongue" is perfectly correct. If you don't own a dictionary, there are plenty online you could try. "Mother's tongue" has a far more literal meaning and would not be used like this. If you'd like to pay me for English lessons then fine, otherwise I've had enough now but thank you for at least answering the question in my mind; definitely ignorant, not arrogant. Where did you learn English? Would you like me to pick out all the mistakes you made so that you can learn from them? Believe you me, there were an awful lot. Don't apologise for the duplicate posts but rather for their content.
Emmaboh, refrain from correcting someone if you can't even do it right.
The brainless english men are coming out one after the other, I guess my first comment is working.
Emmaboh.we are both africans but the difference from you and me is that you are the ignorant and foolish type!
a grammarian?huh mother tongue and mothers tongue which one is the correct one.FOOL
Overlapping centre half? Thatz a good one and it will work if our defensive midfielders learnt to play with his tactics, and cover for him when he goes forward.
What, exactly, do you think you have achieved Emmaboh, apart from looking stupid?
Please dont!

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