Chelsea - There May be Trouble Ahead!
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There May be Trouble Ahead!

With Queens Park Rangers visiting Stamford Bridge this weekend and with the history between the two clubs still causing friction, in particular the Terry and Ferdinand spat, the scene is set for another altercation this weekend.

Although the suited gentlemen in charge of running our game have decreed that the 'handshake ritual` will be adhered to, the mood form the Queens Park Rangers camp is that if Rio were to be seen to shake hands with JT it might, possibly, be seen as an act of reconciliation.

With this in mind, legal advice is being sorted with a spokesperson from Loftus Road remarking to the news hacks of the tabloid press,

"This is still a very sensitive issue and a serious court case is pending so that`s why Anton is wise to take advice."

The best solution would be for there to be no contact between the two teams before the match. But the Premier League insist on both sides shaking hands before kick-off."

"So Anton, and maybe the rest of the Rangers players, must decide whether they should shake hands with him or not - and find what the implications are if they do or they don`t."

Perhaps a solution would have been for JT to miss the game but with Ivanovic still suspended and Luiz and Cahill injured, JT remains our only fully-fit centre back and will, we presume, start the game.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 26 2012

Time: 10:00PM

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Merlin this circus is just absolutely ridiculous to me..JT must start and lead us out..if the entire QPR team including sparky who played with us as a player feels this nonsense warrants the drama of refusing to shake JTs hand or even worse still not shaking any of our players be it..we need to soundly beat these guys this sunday and assist them in going back to the N champion mship never to return to the BPL again..that should then permanently solve that problem. BTW Merlin in your article you wrote Rio when you meant Anton. You are forgiven of course because it is clear baby brother Anton appears to have no mind of his own..all his actions and pronouncements on this matter have essentially be teleguided by Big bro is almost like though the face is of Anton, the voice is of Rio and he continues his petty jealousy and quarrel with JT over the England captaincy vicariously through his brother not apparently realizing that the whole matter is moot now..neither of them will be captain and it is possible neither may make the Euros or even Olympic teams. Would these grown men just grow up and move on!!!
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26/04/2012 22:30:00

I wont exactly call it a nonsense becos it is not & would do d same if u re d one abused. i agree that what ever their decision, JT should lead us out & carry on with his game with or without their handshakes. JT is 1 of my most favorite players but he is always getting himself into troubles like he did on tuesday! i hope he survives this come july.
Chelz Akamz
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26/04/2012 22:57:00

*would do d same if u believe u ve been racially abused.
Chelz Akamz
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26/04/2012 23:03:00

@Chelz Akamz i understand where you are coming from but the thing is Anton never heard anything said..he never made any complaint nor reacted to any racial slur during the match..this was all dredged up post facto after someone with a cell phone camera took a video recording and then used lip reading tech to come to a conclusion to what they felt JT had said and posted it on you tube after the match. It was hours later after the match was over that this reared its head. During the actual altercation between Anton and JT during the match both said things to each other when the referee called them together and the ref made no mention of any thing remotely racially tinged in his match report and neither player made any complaints to him then in this regard. My problem is the whole contrived, artificiality of this, the sense of wrong that Anton is now expressing is all well post event and is just spurious to me..It is so different from the time course of events in the Patrice Evra, Suarez situation where Evra heard what he felt was racially disparaging, reacted to it there and then and expressed his displeasure to both Suarez and the referee and immediately after the match said it loud and clear again. Pls i am not trying to belittle issues of racial abuse..far from me to do that..i have seen racial prejudice first hand and it is ugly stuff. what i dont appreciate is people taking situations that have no relevance to this real scourge of human society and changing them to fit their agenda to harm another persons reputation unfairly and i think that is what the ferdinands both Anton and Rio are doing here.
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26/04/2012 23:26:00

Handshake cancelled AGAIN! by Premier League... Maybe the entire handshake should be cancelled for every match? After all isnt a precedent now being set? If 1 player dosnt fancy shaking hands then the whole thing is cancelled... its becoming a farce
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26/04/2012 23:48:00

shaking somebody's hand is an expressive greeting when you meet someone and it usually means respect for that person and no more than that. i don't see how any body, the PL or whoever, could posssibly tell anybody at any time to shake, or indeed not shake somebody's hand. what an absolute load of nonsence!
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26/04/2012 23:57:00

sure this whole thing is blown out of proportion, there is no other explanation on why this should be a long term soap opera!!!
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I cannot begin to explain how pathetic this all looks! And I am glad that it is not us who are 'causing' this. For something that has not even been resolved (i.e JT's guilt or innocence), the PL is ready to step in and make these suggestions? Utterly pathetic! I would be ashamed if I were a QPR player/supporter. How long will this last?? Get over it you lot!! Behaving like children.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 01:48:00

if QPR have reason for declining the invitation (avoiding a media flare-up ala Evra and Suarez) then they must be respected because they do this for the sake of their player who was racially abused by Terry (if someone say's I didn't call you a...without reason that's an indirect racial slur) GABE and if you can't see the wrong in Terry's actions (blaming it on being contrived artificially and Anton reacting post-event) then something's wrong mate...why would Terry be accused in this manner if he never did it, the same Terry who initially denied wrong doing against Sanchez until video evidence was released?? This epitomizes the ugly culture prevalent at Chelsea especially among the Senior players, there's no respect for opponents (fans insult opposition teams and Managers out of spite than reason) the senior players are seasoned deceivers (Drogba's play acting, Lamps exaggerates achievements, Terry regularly trips holds or drags opponents, Ashley Cole has little respect for Referee's) and we tolerate (somewhat condone) them when it benefits us that's why it persists...
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 01:59:00

They should settle this issue and please put it behind....Does it mean these guys will never shake hands again and hand shake will always be suspended for every Chelsea vs QPR match involving JT and Anton.....
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 02:30:00

@Mq.... relax man. You're getting it wrong. There ain't no ugly culture at Chelsea......
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27/04/2012 02:51:00

@Mq clearly you have all the facts on this case, you know all JT said and the context he said it and you also know that Anton said absolutely nothing untoward or abusive to JT whether to incite this or in response..correct? I also see you will be testifying at the hearing at the Crown court on the case. Also it is clear from your post that we at Chelsea are the scum and devils of the BPL and professional Soccer while other clubs are populated by saints who never say anything out of order. Our fans are all uncouth speakers, our senior players are all frauds and deceivers and the legends on other teams like Giggs and Scholes on ManU Gerrard and Carragher on Liverpool, Henry and Lundberg on Arsenal are all saints etc etc Clearly in Chelsea there are no decent players who are role models of anything decent. The only culture of note in Chelsea is ugliness right? that about covers it right? it ..thanks.
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27/04/2012 04:35:00

MQ - for a supposed Chelsea fan, you do seem to find every reason to slur and disrespect our team, certain (older) players, our manager, our tactics and fellow fans. You are a disgrace.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 07:12:00

LoL @GABEU you've taken my opinion and magnified it so much that it's clouded your once admirable ability to objectively comment on any article or comment...I'm a realist (naturally) so I don't mince my words, especially when it come's to criticism and that's why I'm where I am today...firstly if Terry didn't do it why all the trouble?? and trouble seems to follow my beloved Chelsea captain around...about the fans let's not generalize, I'll clarify that I meant the fans that have insulted Barca since we beat them (how low can 1 go really??) which perhaps symbolizes certain personalities which I won't discuss but true consistent winners don't gloat around and undermine their opponents, then again perhaps we haven't been "consistent" winners so...I never said other clubs are populated by saints (incredibly ludicrous implications mate) and about our senior players being "frauds" I don't need to explain this knowing Drogba's conduct on the pitch but of-course being a fan you expect me to "blindly" celebrate without criticism but sorry, I'm just not that narrow minded mate, I don't tolerate or condone any bad behavior from any soccer player ESPECIALLY CHELSEA FC player...your ending comments are laughable really because you clearly and willfully trying to divert my reasonable comments and opinions with your sentimental imperceptibility and I'm appalled, what's happened to the objective GABEU who answered objectively with reason??
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 07:39:00

@BLUEABS I'm a realist and I speak the truth the way i see it, i never allow myself to be blinded by "miraculous" deeds because miracles aren't consistant...I love Chelsea FC and just because I criticize it don't make me any less of a fan. In Life criticism and praise go hand, you can't have 1 without the other...and by the way, having a different opinion without insults, gloating or boasting doesn't mean you spite whatever you differ on, but having a differing opinion filled with insult, undermining and boasting is the definition of spite-filled envy
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 08:31:00

Someone develop an anti-virus for this "@Mq" spam. He is getting ridiculously irritating.
Keyser Soze
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 08:34:00

@Mq, I am trying to apprentiate the objective of your post, but I am finding so difficult, just as you are finding it difficult to really know who you are. You called yourself a realist and do you really know who you are? If you can't you see anything good about our club Please feel free to support Barca, a team fill with saints and realist like you, You are actually getting irritating
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 09:28:00

it seems that nothing is right about our beloved chelsea form Mq's point of view
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 09:40:00

@BANDI & NEKPEN the good is we are in the final of the FA Cup and Champs League and I celebrate, but don't say I'm not a fan for objectively criticizing my team?? Just because I choose to view things differently (objectively without bias) doesn't make me any less of a fan...
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 11:14:00

Feck QPhaha. We are going to thrash and teach them a lesson. They'll regret what they did at loftus road or whatever their ground is called. They want to blow the whole incident out of proportion. Terry didn't even do such a thing, some chelsea and terry hater took a video at the right time and framed him. GabeU you are right mate. We'll teach those ********s a lesson.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 11:36:00

Lol I agree with you Keyser
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 11:40:00

@ Mq can your lordships explain the meaning of (this epitomize the ugly culture prevalent at chelsea) as a realist. I am actually disappointed not in you as a person but as a chelsea fan. are you really saying that your ears are blocked when fans from other clubs sing rubbish about us or some else? It is my thinking that under the law a man is not guilty until it is decided in the courts. It is convenient for you to believe this speech analyzing software than your own captain and you obviously never heard of someone being wrongly accused. your extremely bias and disrespect to the So - senior players must be applauded. Obviously in own asinine view ashley cole disrespects referees more than rooney, lamps over 150 goals (the only midfielder to achieve than in recent times) is an exaggeration, drogba dives more the ashley young and in the utopia that you live, defenders don't hold, drag or trips opponents only John Terry does. No one took your opinion and magnified it. your opinions stinks so much no one will take it up. Trouble follows a lot of players around not JT alone. Balotelli, Banaan, Suarez, Andy Caroll, Ryan giggs .... need i continue.... of course you mind is unable to take that into perspective. Have you ever been on other club sites when we play them. I bet you they sing sweet tunes to our names. your comments are not reasonable and Gabe u is spot on about you as well as blue abs. Inspite of your high opinions about yourself, YOU ARE A DISGRACE.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 12:48:00

Report Abuse
27/04/2012 12:51:00

LoL @ DWONDER firstly I'm honored to be titled "Lordship"...about the culture prevalent, we've always known Drogba's antics and when it's working in our favor (e.g slowing down the game against Barca) we tolerate it (tolerating rubbish) and we never castigate Cole for his disrespect of referee's (discipline begins to be undermined and next thing the gun issues come up) we never lambaste Terry when he manhandles other players when marking them (in almost every match he's always pulling their shirts etc) and discipline once again results in lack of respect for opponents (racism case??) and Lampard always speaks so eloquently when we win about desire, hunger and the importance of experience and you wonder if you were watching the same game with him (when we lose it's a deafening silence) so my point is there's little discipline because the Manager's are powerless (Fergie can drop Rooney and not win but not even Rooney will criticize him for that, dare drop any of the senior players for discipline and you'll be AVB part 2)...I hope this explains your question
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 13:02:00

I've never questioned the aforementioned players abilities and achievements (Lamps goals etc) because that's diverting the fact that when we win he's all over the media but let us not win (draw or lose) and I hardly see him own up to the loss (accountability) and I didn't compare Drogba to Young because...well..Young is ManUre and Drogs is my team so I only speak about my team...regarding the rest of your comment I'll best summarize by saying I'm a realist. I call **** when I see it, more-so if it's something as close to my heart as Chelsea FC is so I'm not going to keep silent when I see something wrong, the same way I praise my team is equally the same way I criticize them (out of love) sorry I can't be the "all praise" fan like some of you, but to question my support is laughable, would I waste time, energy and mind-matter pondering on and discussing these matters so profusely if I didn't support Chelsea??
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 13:08:00

Every season there is Terry drama. I'm tired of it.
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 15:44:00

Mq,the way u comment about being a realist is really annoying..Who is without sin should cast the first stone...Terry fecked up big time against barca and i was telling a friend that he ought to be fined..But the way u paint everything pertaining to chelsea black this days in most articules is alarming....First the rdm debate and now this? If chelsea is that ugly then find a beautiful saintly club to support....Jeez!..I am sure zidane would headbutt materazzi again if he repeats what got him angry at the world cup
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 18:12:00

@DESMOND don't read my comments if they "rile you up wrongly"...no1's without sin but from what I can see our captain seems to have more sins than others (publicly of-course) and for a role-model who's supposed to lead by example, he's been pathetic lately
Report Abuse
27/04/2012 21:50:00

Just would like all these dramas to be put to bed once and for all.
Report Abuse
28/04/2012 09:30:00


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