Chelsea - Gourlay Keeps Things Close to his Chest!
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Gourlay Keeps Things Close to his Chest!

Although admitting that since being appointed interim coach, Roberto Di Matteo had turned things around and done a marvelous job, Ron Gourlay was in no mood to give any clues away as to whether Robbie will get the job on a permanent basis.

Instead Ron simply hedged his bets commenting on television last night,

"We`ll take it one game at a time and see where we are. That`s best for everyone. We`ve a number of big games before the Champions League Final."

This morning the tabloid press are insinuating that Robbie, on the back of his fine work, has elevated himself to third on the wanted list, with only Pep Guardiloa and Jochim Louew ahead of him.

But, on the back of what he has achieved, there is growing for Robbie to be given a chance at taking the club forward. Already the likes of Gianfranco Zola, Avram Grant and a host of football celebrities are demanding to know what more Robbie has to do to be given the job on a permanent basis.

But if you want to see an impassioned plea for Robbie to be given the job track down an interview with his fellow Italian, Paulo Di Canio, on YouTube, it is well worth viewing.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 26 2012

Time: 7:00PM

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Give him the job Roman.
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26/04/2012 19:09:00

Wait for the summer then lets see whats up.
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26/04/2012 19:38:00

and sit around assessing the squad, Groundhog Day anyone?
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26/04/2012 19:42:00

Guillem Balague said on Twitter that Guardiola will leave Barca in the summer. Don't forget this guy knew the amount of money we offered to Valencia for Mata one week prior to his signature. He also said Coentrao was at RM's training ground for a medical one week before he finally put pen to paper. And he was the first one as well to dismiss that rubbish rumour that Benitez would replace AVB until the end of the season. So we have a very reliable source there. And it doesn't help. With Roman's obvious admiration for Barca's style of play I can't help but think that he'll grab the opportunity with both hands should Guardiola become available in the summer. And that would be a mistake. I don't rate the guy. Give the job to Di Matteo for feck's sake. But actually I agree with Gourlay there. To start searching a new manager midway through the most crucial period of our season would do nothing but hinder the group's concentration and atmosphere. And, on the other hand, giving the job to Di Matteo could prove to be a distraction more than anything else midway through this period of time. He's right. Let's wait until the end.
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26/04/2012 19:54:00

I agree with Ron on this (can you imagine there is actually something i agree with the fella on) that this is not the time to publicly announce that RDM has been given the permanent should come at the end of the season when all is said and done and it cannot serve as a distraction but ...and it is a big but, the board and Roman should give him the job now and just instruct him to keep his lips sealed till then. They need to show that hand of faith and appreciation. When and if he wins the FA cup and the Champions league any fool would know then that he deserves the job and not to give it to him then would be sacriledge of the highest degree. If the board waits till RDM wins the trophies before finally appointing him it sends that very dangerous message out again that unless you win trophies you cannot be the Chelsea coach and that mentality will see even the best coaches get sacked the moment they have a poor season. It is a wrong mentality we need to outgrow in Chelsea. It is now news all over Spain that Guardiola is leaving Barca. If Roman now breaks the bank to bring Guardiola here and by so doing lets RDM go i just pray it does not blow up in his face because if he does that and Guardiola flops here i doubt that fans and the old establishment Chelsea folks will ever forgive Roman because he wont be able to get RDM or any other Chelsea legend from then on interested in taking any part in the Chelsea reclamation project..the level of personal insult to RDM to sack him and appoint his age mate (both men are 41yrs old ) just because of his history at Barca while discounting all RDM acheived in his short term with Chelsea while provided so little will not be lost on RDM nor on most fans who have any history with this club. For the record i think Guardiola is not as good as his record at Barca will be very interesting to see where he ends up..i sincerely hope it is not Chelsea because i think where he goes next his limitations as a coach will be rudely and painfully exposed the way AVB was once he moved from Porto.
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26/04/2012 22:20:00

a full season and 15 games of largely won by "luck" are 2 different things altogether, let's be honest RDM hasn't had pressure since he took over because everyone didn't expect this much success from him when he started so to now suggest he manage us full time is worth deep thought. I have nothing against him but he has no history of successfully building a team (Pep has) and while he has done admirable with the current "experienced" squad there's no guarantee he'll do the same with a different crop (no previous experience) unless we retain pretty much a bulk of the same set up but that means our style remains rubbish (we can't defend like this against all big teams next season and win) and the fact that we have barely beat "smaller" opponents in RDM's tenure it points to a Liverpool pattern (perform against big teams and be eventually exposed by smaller teams)...If we want to be among the greats in football (we aren't really there yet honestly) we need someone experienced in knowing and buying players who are mentally and physically fit to lead a championship side (has RDM displayed this knowledge or experienced this before??)because imo he's too much of a risk for an "ambitious" club seeking a renewal ala Chelsea
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26/04/2012 23:22:00

@GABEU read my response on your previous article "Memo to Roman: RDM is the Man"
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26/04/2012 23:25:00

"I started a biography (sort of) titled "The Curious Case of Chelsea FC" and this summer and next season may just add interesting views...due out end 2013
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26/04/2012 23:46:00

@Mq you are not being honest when you say you have nothing against do have something against wrote an article some time ago suggesting with not a shred of evidence that he undermined his boss AVB. You now suggest that all he has achieved since he took over from AVB is just luck and we play rubbish under him..i guess you are also one of those who said during the Jose years (if you were a blue then) that we played boring football then as well despite the results. Now to Pep..go read your history because it appears you either havent read it well or have not been around long enough..Pep did not build this Barca team..He did not start the tika taka philosophy of want to know who may want to go to the 70s and see the original apostle of total football who taught this system to a young Yohan Ajax in Holland. I actually saw Cruyff play as well as his orange team of the 70s..this is where total football and its modern day incarnation of tika taka was born. Cruyff brought it to Barca when he became their manager and is the father of the total football philosophy which is the bedrock principle of Barca play for decades since the time of Cruyff. This team you say Pep built was largely put together by Frank Rijkaard who had already won a Champions league and La Liga titles with the side..Pep who had played tika taka all his footballing life and taught the same in the youth squad was given a top 5 world squad and he made some tweaks..he moved out players he felt he could not control like eto and Ronaldinhio (but won his first set of trophies with essentially Rijkaards team). He then added world class players like henri from arsenal, Villa from Valencia, Fabregas from Arsenal and Sanchez from Udinese..Pep did not build a thing..he inherited a virtually finished product with the best player in the world by far and three other top 10 best players in the world in Xavi, Iniesta and Eto. Many have argued that virtually any coach with half a brain cell could win with that team. We may not be football royalty yet but to come here and belittle what RDM has achieved as a player and as our interim coach in the last few months really rubs me the wrong way. You feel Pep is Barcas messiah right..well he is leaving how much they fall of the pace (my prediction will be not by much)..they will continue to challenge for la liga and champions league titles for a few years as long as the core of this team built by Rijkaard (not pep) is still intact. On the other hand when Pep gets a new team..(and i hope he settles for a team like porto etc who dont have endless reams of money) we will see how well he can actually coach, and how well he can build a team from scratch. We have seen coaches like Wenger, SAF and Jose build teams (Jose did this in Porto and also here at Chelsea in case you are wondering). But to come here and suggest that Pep because of his record over 4-5 yrs coaching the best club team of the world is all that and the answer to all Chelseas coaching woes and RDM because he has only been privileged to coach Mk dons and West Brom is a numpty who is a risk not worth looking at is beyond ridiculous to me. We will see, maybe Roman has still not learnt his lesson after the AVB debacle and goes and pays a fortune to bring Pep here..when he flops here as a true blue in that scenario i would mourn for our club and the fact that we dont seem to learn from past mistakes but i would certainly seek you out in person and ask you whether you are fully satisfied. If on the other hand he acts wisely and either appoints RDM or someone else who actually has a body of experience spanning years in different settings and different styles of football (like the excellent coach he sacked called Carlo anceloti) i would be glad and i trust if he is patient with such a person for a change rather than being trigger happy we as a club will grow and expand as our present golden generation ride into the sunset.
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26/04/2012 23:57:00

I believe we should try and wait till he gets the champions league..Then u can appoint him and instruct him to clear out the oldies (with due respect to their achievements)..Get him good young and hungry players,utilize our loanees and youth team...Atleast there wont be any loss if we offer him a 2year deal
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26/04/2012 23:58:00

Nice one there gabeu..I doubt pep can survive in the premier league...Cos his style of play is alien to us..Maybe except arsenal and tottenham
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27/04/2012 00:04:00

Part 1 response to GABEU... firstly you should know by now that having a differing opinion about someone doesnít mean you dislike them or spite them, it just means you donít think they are suitable for whatever it is you have a differing opinion on (so I have nothing against RDM, just donít think he has the experience to Manage a top club for an entire season)...regarding my article about him undermining AVB, if you understood the article I merely questioned his role, there is not a thread there where I factually accused him of undermining AVB (again you wrong)...Regarding my belief of luck in his recent success, look no further than our performance under RDM and point out 1 match we won outright, unquestionable apart from Leceister (just plain facts mate)next you questioned if I was a blue under Jose (I started supporting Chelsea in 1998 when I got an ďAutoglasĒ Zola T (Autoglas were our sponsors back then) and yes I was one of the fans who wanted more than score and defend victories and celebrated when Mourinho was fired (he had failed with the largest transfer budget as heís failed now with the best attacking force in the world)
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27/04/2012 00:31:00

Part 2 response to GABEU...about Pep, youíve undermined him in all your comments and articles since we beat Barca (barely beat them after all) and Iím sorry but that has spite all over it, you are like some who were so jealous of Barcaís success that when they lost (you canít win them all) itís suddenly ďPep isnít good enoughĒ so who is GABE??...about the history, I didnít say Pep started their current style of play (again you wrong) I said he managed these players at youth level meaning he had a large influence in their grooming (thatís a Managerís job) and it made sense that he take over when Rijkaard was sacked (read any biography alluded to Barcaís current success not un-researched Internet crap mate) further (wrongly) allude Pepís initial success on Rijkaard forgetting that Pep cleared out many of Rijkaardís core team and brought on the current team (Messi, Iniesta werenít starters under Rijkaard and Pep had Managed them at youth level so he knew and trusted them)furthermore you (wrongly again) undermine his success because of the players he bought (name 1 Manager who hasnít been successful out of purchases?)and say ďPep didnít build a thingĒ which perhaps sums up your bias and narrow-mindedness about Pep
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27/04/2012 00:42:00

Part3 response to GABEU...I never undermined what RDM achieved as a player (again you are wrong) and suggested that while he has achieved relative success as interim Manager, basically 1 victory has been unquestionable without an admission on luck (realistic observation and analysis from objectivity mate, not sentimental-driven analysis as you clearly seem to possess) you further allude that I said Pep was Barcaís messiah (how many wrongs GABE??)and dare to suggest that I intimate their fall for grace (far from it mate, they have a structure to sustain them for years to come without a big name Manager)and you (correctly, finally)say they will challenge for years to come because of the team built by Rijkaard (back to the wrongs, how many of Rijkaards team is there??)you say you hope Pep getís a new team without realms of money like Porto you will see how well he can coach (13 Cups in 3 years with largely the same squad and you still questions his ability?? Iím afraid you are 1 of the few who do)now you say we have seen coaches (did you forget to add ďgreatĒ this time??)like Wenger (no cup in...LoL)SAF (no prizes for guessing whoís beaten him twice in the finals and what ManUre have ďachievedĒ this season) and Jose (he won at Porto and failed with MILLIONS at Chelsea in the Champs League, winning the EPL twice playing rubbish football 75% of the time)further-on saying I suggested ďPep because of his record over 4-5 yrs coaching the best club team of the world is all that and the answer to all Chelseas coaching woesĒ is proof of how wrong this response is because I NEVER SUGGESTED PEP FOR CHELSEA, I disapproved you downplaying his achievements and lambasted (objectively) you suggesting we hire RDM because we had tried others and they had failed (is this ever a good reason to allow someone to Manage a club of Chelseaís stature full time??)
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27/04/2012 00:50:00

Part 4 response to end by saying maybe Roman hasnít learnt from the AVB experience and I donít want to dwell much on AVB because we all know before the Arsenal game (where we lost than Mourinho (I expect you to deny you supported AVB so Iíll definitely check the archives after this response)but as you said (correctly) letís wait and hope Roman acts wisely because need I remind you, managing a full season and 15 games with questionable victories are 2 different things and RDM (imo) hasnít faced the pressures of Managing a big club when things arenít going to plan and as further credence to my belief that RDM too has no plan B, why have we barely beaten ďsmallerĒ teams and struggled much against equal opponents (Spurs FA Cup 2nd goal changed the match, fact) while winning in the Champs League largely because other teams fail to take their chances (should I explain this??)...Letís appoint the next Manager (RDM or not) out of reason not emotion because emotion eventually runs out and easily turns on you when the going gets tough and believe me it will get tough for any Manager managing Chelsea, the question is who has the experience to handle the pressure and AVB didnít, RDM hasnít had any pressure because many of us didnít expect anything but basically a top4 finish and I wonder if he really has the experience, we shall see...Reason over Emotion when making decisions is what setís apart great clubs, Barca decided against Mourinho for Pep (13 Cups in 3 years with team he Managed from youth level, makeís sense) ManUre decided against sacking Fergie (almost 20 Premier League Cups) Madrid sacked Del Bosque after 3 Champs League and 3 La Liagís in 6 years for un-exciting football (what happened afterwards, del Bosque won the world cup and Madrid??) the same Madrid sacked Capello (twice) after La Liga and Champs League victories (boring football they said, what have they won since??) and we hired AVB after a successful short term stint in Management (look how that turned out) so to experiment on inexperience now is tantamount to stupidity and insanity (doing the same thing again...) so itís important to reason over emotion...
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27/04/2012 01:03:00

*in part 4, meant to say ...AVB because we all know before the Arsenal game (where we lost 3-5) he was being touted as our "Messiah" all round, especially here at VC because we were playing better football than Mourinho (I expect...)
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27/04/2012 01:09:00

@mq i wont both responding to your 4 part just isnt worth the trouble. I will just put a few facts here for anyone interested in comparing the issues you raised and those i raised. Independent minded people can come to their own conclusions; Fact1; we clearly disagree on the merits of RDM as a coach. You feel all he has achieved in the time he has been with us is based on luck and that Pep Guardiola is a better coach based on his 4 yr record at Barcelona. Let each person decide. Thankfully in a short while when Pep has had the chance to coach outside of Barca we will all see just how good he is. People said similar things about AVB after his magical time at Porto but we all know what happened next. Pep does have the advantage that he has actually played the game at the highest level unlike AVB but like RDM so if for that alone his chances are probably better. Fact 2; You feel Pep is a more experienced coach than RDM based on his 4 yr record at Barca though prior to this he had coached no where else other than the Barca youth squad. RDM on the other hand has coached two other senior professional teams before coming to Chelsea and took one of the them from the Championship to the premiership. Pep has no premiership experience and i refer back to AVB as an example of how success somewhere else does not translate to success in the BPL. BTW both men are the same age and have been coaching ff their playing careers for about the same total time. Fact 3; You feel Pep built his Barca squad not inherited it. Well the fact is you only need to compare the squad Rijkaard had before he left Barca and the squad Guardiola fielded in his first year. The only differences in the 25 man rosters are the following; Pique who was brought from Manu, Pinto (sub goalkeeper), Seido Kieta, Danny alves from Sevilla, Hleb, and Pedro..Every other player he had was in Rijkaards squad..the big additions from the academy that you; Pedro. Those are the facts. Conclusion; I feel that appointing RDM is far less risky for Chelsea FC than appointing feel exact opposite. Everyone can decide where they stand. For the record i have nothing against seem bent on convincing yourself i have this petty jealousy against him because he coaches Barca..if that floats your boat..go ahead. He was an excellent player..i think he is a good coach but i dont see the evidence to tell me he is among the top 10 in the business currently..i feel he has benefited greatly from being in the right place at the right time for his skill set. You disagree fine. The only thing i have ever had against Pep is that the diving culture in Barcas players coincided with his arrival. I have been watching Barca, Madrid and the Italian giants closely for years even before i became a Chelsea fan in the mid 90s..i respected them all..I have issue with the embellishment and diving that is now a defining feature of Barca since Pep took over and he has never once spoken up against it or called out any of his players on it..maybe it is the old school way i have always seen football but for me a side as talented as they are have no need to play those unsavory games and anyone who thinks Pep has no blame in this can compare Barca play under Rijkaard and under him as well as what happens to players like Mascherano once they made their Barca move. Thats all i have to say.i wont belabor this any further.
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27/04/2012 03:02:00

RDM hasn't done anything spectacular in the sense that he invented anything new. He simply returned to a formula that has worked in the past and utilized some fresh legs doing so. Our clashes against Barca were simple repeats of what Guus did, the difference being we cashed-in on our opportunities instead of wasting them. I wouldn't be averse at all at giving Robbie a shot at the manager's role next season. What I would be vehemently averse to would be to seeing Gourlay and Buck running the transfers and deciding player personnel choices. I'm afraid that these latest matches will lead some to believe that significant changes are not needed at the Club, and that would be a very incorrect assessment of our situation. Malouda, Kalou, Bosingwa, Drogba all need to go as only Drogba has shown anything and he's only done so in extremely small patches. JT, Lamps and Cole need to stay, but they need to accept the fact that they are not 90 min every match players. The true test will be when RDM has to devise a strategy and tactics when the "old guard" are gone. Regardless, no need for a knee-jerk reaction at this stage other than to give Gouraly and Buck their walking papers, although that would hardly be considered knee jerk.
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27/04/2012 03:54:00

@rockhead..i agree entirely with your views. I had previously advocated an overhaul of our boards structure irrespective of who we appoint as coach..i have been an advocate of an evolutionary change to our squad since Carlo won us the double. I do hope like you mentioned we dont make the worst of conclusions from the success we have had with RDMs tenure so far.
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27/04/2012 04:46:00

Roberto Di Matteo for manager
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27/04/2012 05:06:00

@GABEU you absolutely right that each individual can reach their own conclusions but allow me further dispel certain myths you seem to have concluded about my opinion...Fact 1 you right about our disagreement and I can FACTUALLY back why I believe RDM has been lucky (Referee decisions and failure by other teams to take their gilt-edged chances) and anyone whoís watched us play since RDM took over will agree that he has only reverted to the opposite of AVB and more Guus further allude that weíll see how successful how Pep is when heís at another club and I have to ask, did SAF have to change clubs to achieve this status??...Fact 2 results alone prove how miles ahead Pep is from RDM (one flopped at a minor club and the other succeeded at a B-Team that plays as competitive as the division RDM managed West Brom in) and Pep may not have Premier League experience but he has succeeded in La Liga (Mourinho succeeded in Porto and had no prior experience in the EPL but look how that turned out) then you used AVB as an example of how someone can fail in a different set up and while Iíd quickly throw Mourinho back at you I will use the AVB example you brought up and itís broad as daylight that AVB failed because the players couldnít play to his game style, letís not forget that before the Arsenal game just about everyone including you GABEU was all for retaining him long term because we were winning with good football (I hope you wonít deny because the VC archives are clear as daylight) and I never mentioned age as a factor, I said experience managing a ďbigĒ club which Pep is way ahead of RDM in-fact Pep has been more successful than Mourinho over the same time-frame...finally about the squad, Messi, Iniesta werenít starters under Rijkaard and Rijkaaard mainly used Messi on the wings and where has he flourished?? He ACTUALLY managed these players at youth level (if you didnít know)
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27/04/2012 07:11:00

At the end of it all everyone is entitled to their own opinion, thatís why other people go on to be very successful and otherís donít, thatís why other teams sustain success (FC Barcelona) and regenerate constantly and others donít (no names out of respect) , thatís why other Managers are widely respected by ALL important foot balling fraternity (Pep) without question and others (Mourinho) arenít, and thatís why Barcelona has been the benchmark of winning while playing brilliant football and others basically fade after winning ugly (Inter)...opinionís drive decisions and the repercussionís of these decisions differentiate between great clubs and 1 hit wonders
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27/04/2012 07:20:00

@ROCKHEAD you implying we take a chance buying RDM the players he deems necessary to get us challenging for the title?? It's a huge risk seeing as he's never done that before and therefore doesn't actually know the physical and mental attributes of the difference between a good player and a winning player (it takes more than talent to win titles) and that's probably why if we retain him the board will decide on the players and he'll just coach...
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27/04/2012 07:24:00

This man should be the first man out of the door- I do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Putting it politely the man is a bafoon. Although I must say I do believe it when guardiola says that he wants a sabbatical. He won't be back for a while. I agree with the point, let's just leave things as they are after all we do not want to damage our chances of winning the finals.
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27/04/2012 07:32:00

I wish there was an 'ignore' setting on this site, prime candidate >>> Mq. better still merlin - ban him, he is not a Chelsea fan.
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27/04/2012 07:33:00

LoL @ BLUEABS just because I differ in opinion don't make me less of a Chelsea fan...criticism and praise go hand in hand mate, you praise and I'll praise where due, you don't criticize and I'll criticize where necessary, and to suggest that Merlin ban me would make it even more amazing if he did because as I know, this is a forum to "DISCUSS" Chelsea FC and discussing doesn't only mean praise mate...*amazed*
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27/04/2012 08:35:00

You don't agree with Mq so he is not a Chelsea fans? Who put you in charge of who is and who is not a Chelsea fan? Don't make yourself feel important here.
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27/04/2012 08:41:00

Personallly, I don't care who is the Chelsea coach. I don't want Mourinho style football.
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27/04/2012 08:42:00

@BlueABS mate Why there is a need to ban @Mq..For stating his reasons politely by not insulting you..i hav seen much more insults thrown by lot of posters with out even a slight relation to the topic or football in general..but @GabeU and @Mq is arguing against each other well in this post..What is wrong in that..Vital is a forum for our fans to argue and support CFC..Not just a mute site where we can read and sign out..
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27/04/2012 09:00:00

@Mq @GABEU This is my response to bith of you mates..( i am not taking anything away from RDM and what he did this season and i am greatful for him to step up and unify the team).1)Nobody know for certain whether RDM is a good manager or not with this season results...Reasons: RA told the players in no uncertain terms that they forced his hand to sack AVB..So if they dont act together then in the summer he wil get rid of everyone..2)This set of players has done this before now they are doing it agian..(Grant Scholari now after AVB they are doing it under RDM)For me this is the biggest pblm we are facing..Each time we tried to change comething then comes the annual mutiny and the results go south.This is more dangerous than a season failure and come back strong next yr with a manger who knows what he doing..3)RDM didnt tried anything NEW..That is the very very important factor in here..AVB tried new and the players back stabbed him..RDM let the players play the way they know for the past 10 yrs..So they are happy its showing in the results...4)What ever this team achieve this season there must be a clear out in the summer..Lets say thanks for your service but its time for us to move as a club...Still this players can do it but not twice a week anymore..5)There should be changes in the board level if we want to be taken seriously as a football club..Our club is the only club that doesnt hav a football icon in the board.It helps all the big teams to persuade players to join them..6)If anybody think that this players are good enough to go on for another 3 yrs then they dont know anything about football..This is the last hurrah of these set of players..They already did it once in 09..We are not wise at that time..But we should be wise now..7)Finally the board must stop signing players..It should be the coach and DOF's combined decision..Not from above..
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27/04/2012 09:15:00

@Mq @GABEU Everybody is talking about how best the UEFA FC academy is but the truth is they are producing players bcz they hav a certain style of play..All the big teams has some type of play..Loot at BM they are also producing youth to 1 st team easily...But just look at CFC..1st team is utterly functional football..Youth is playing good attacking football..Now we put our youth in the 1st team all he is surrounded is technically inferior players who knows to play only one way that is not what thought to the young player..So he wil flop...Also Loaning out players wont help 99% for the same reason mentioned above..
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27/04/2012 09:22:00

@Mq @GABEU What ever happens in the season for our CFC..There should be some fundamental changes about how our club is running..We are being run like a CHARITY...Bcz of RA our imbecile board dont care much about the long term planning whatever happens then RA is there to bail them out..Whether its player contracts or funding the academy scouting network etc..If We want to be successful as all the big clubs without RA money then we must hav a 3 to 5 yr plan this summer and must stick with it whatever happens in that period..Evaluate after 3 yrs and then decide whether to change the approach or not..This is a must..Like AVB said its a 3 yrs rule in football...If we want to attain some way of attacking philosophy that associated with our club we must wait for 3 yrs atleast..WE Must Ensure a Chain of command at our club..There should be no back stabbing like AVB there should be no politics behind the back..Players speaking directly with the board about managers..All need to stop...We can go on and on about our pblms..But all i want is that No papering the cracks once more...I want a surgery this time..Once for all...We must rectify the fundamental Pblms that are crippling the club from becoming a great club..we are great in the past 9 yrs its mainly bcz of RA money..Now i want the club to ensure it by making some smart decisions in the summer...
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27/04/2012 09:32:00

@SPONN I couldn't have put it any better...I fear we are headed for the papaering again, especially the way majority of the fans (at VC and Chelsea TV) and the Media are campaigning for an appointment out of sentement than reason...
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27/04/2012 11:19:00

i enjoyed the argument btw GabeU and Mq although where they got such strenght and time to write such lengthy epistles in succession will be something an employer will like to look into. (lol) PEP guardiola is a good coach who was marvellously helped by the fact that he was in the right place at the right time and inspite of Di matteo's recent success, he is an unknown quantity with regards to his style and his philosophy or how football should be played. what i take exception to is Mq's theory that most of the wins under RDM had been because of luck. Luck dont just happen;people make their luck. To Mq; ( we were lucky mata shot at goal and in the ensuring melee the ball crossed or did not cross depending on which picture you saw) the line. we were lucky 10 men stood strong in the face of barca assault and nicked it at the very end. etc. that very comment made you guilty of the very same sin you are accusing GabeU of. As usual, you conveniently forgot the questionable calls barca had recieve over the years that got them to where they are now. Van persie's red card a season ago, overbo, fabregas's swan dive recently that earned them a penalty, questionable calls during their match against ac milan, segio busquest's antics that got thiago motta sent off sometime ago, dani alves (bowling tactics that got pepe or ramos) can't remember which sent off last season etc. the list is endless. Barca is the best team that has emerged in the last 10 years as far as i am concerned; but they have had tons of luck and a lot of questionable refereeings to cement that status. To begrudge RDM of his on luck now only shows your bias just like what you accused Gabe U of.
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27/04/2012 13:32:00

Nicely written comment dwonder...@mq,@gabeu both of u have points..But what happens if pep bcomes anoda avb? Gabeu what happens if rdm cant win the big games next season? UCL is different from the BPL guys...So what i wana say is lets limit the risk by signing Rdm for a year by year contract..And if he flops then we sign pep
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27/04/2012 17:23:00

@DWONDER allow me to clarify the difference between RDM's "luck" and Barca's luck...Barca have thoroughly outplayed their opponents and why I don't discuss their success is simple because I'm a Chelsea fan not a Barca fan, I only criticize their undermining here because it obliterates the issues we have at hand, the issues I'm constantly trying to explain (get if off my chest) now about RDM's "luck" why have we only won unquestionably against Leceister?? Benfica had chances they missed (we didn't outplay them imo) and Benfica has a chances, their last being missing a sitter (am sure you saw that) then Barca well (hit the post 4 times at the bridge alone) the trend is that we hardly outplayed or even matched our opponents in many games but either won because the other team didn't take their created chances or the referee (Wigan & Spurs FA Cup) and this is where I conclude that RDM has been all our threads in the matches under RDM and I guarantee 80% have a "wish" or "prayer" mentioned quite often, it's no secret some have even called our Barca win a miracle (right here @ VC by the way) so if that isn't luck then I don't know what is?? You say we make our own luck and that is true to a certain extent but I wonder, will we make this luck all season long??...Let's not discuss other teams (Van Persie etc) but focus on Chelsea, and yes that Fabregas fall was a penalty (watch the replays) it's unfortunate it's Barca the opponent, had it been Chelsea and not been given God knows what VC would be filled with....i don't begrudge RDM, I just don't rate him as highly as you and many others with my reasons of-course, and likewise you too...regarding bias (if you refer that but I call it difference of opinion) at-least I have reason's not just statements without justifiable reasons
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27/04/2012 20:30:00

Just do not do the same mistake by taking alot of time and come up with a gamble. We need stability and we already have sight on where it can come from.
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28/04/2012 09:26:00


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