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Who Would You Start With?

I`m running a bit late folks!

Having spent the last two days up in in a far from warm and sunny Norfolk, in fact is was damn cold and windy, I`ve not yet done the Liverpool preview.

However, to get the ball rolling and with a huge Champions League Final on the horizon, I`m going to ask you a question.

When we`ve finished parading the FA Cup around Anfield, showing it to all those Liverpool supporters who left before the final whistle, what starting eleven would you send out if you were RDM?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 7 2012

Time: 7:49PM

Your Comments

Very interesting to hear you were in Norfolk, Merlin. I spend the past week in Norfolk as well, but in a different country.
dont know whether you guys have noticed but providing neither of Arsenal , Spuds and Newcastle win their last match and we win both of ours , we could grab 3rd!
Hilario, Brana, Hutch, JT, Bertrand, Romeu, Meireles, Ramires, Malouda, Lukaku, Turnbull.
Well ill love to see a lot of our first team players get a rest for this one...just to clear their minds spend a few days extra with family. So ill go with Turnbul-Bosingwa-Hutchinson-Iva-betrand-Romeu-Meireles-Malouda-Meireles-Sturridge-Torres. 4-2-3-1. The idea of the line up is to give a fair amount of players a Good rest.
Meant to say Romeu and Essien in holding and CM....My mistake.
Nelyvanile... I thought I was winging it by playing Turnbull in the front three, but you're suggesting cloning Meireles???? Also, Ithink it's only fair JT can get a game or two.
dont see spurs winning against fulham and newcastle will lose against everton. the main issue whether we would be able to win against liverpool. if we win we have a chance to finish 4th albeit spurs draw or lose and we better our GD.
Maloney is like a faster version of Mata. He has been unlucky in his career.
Cech-Hutchinson-Ivanovic-Terry-Cole, Essien-Oriol, Sturridge-Mata-Ramires, Torres
Hilario - Iva - JT - Hutchinson - Bertrand - Romeu - Essien - Malouda - Meireles - Ramires - Torres/Lukaku. I want Lukaku to get a go.
it's a tough question, because of recent slip ups of all three teams above us, 3rd/4th place is still not out the question. if it was i would most certainly play a weakened team tomorrow, but Fulham are doing well and could easily draw with or even beat spurs. Arse and Newcastle have two tough away days at Everton and West Brom respectively, so it's not impossible for us to give up 4th just yet, and because of that, i would throw the reserves out, but i'd still rotate the squad and weaken the team.
I would go with paulo#, iva*,jt*,bert# essien# romeu# meireles* ramires* torres# and sturrige#. *-no champions league final #- never played on sat
Guys we've been blowing chance after chance after chance. Now we have a last one, we should take it. I seriously can't see Tottenham winning against Fulham. Newcastle will lose at Goodison Park as well. Smash Liverpool and get the job done against Blackburn. We could grab third if everything goes well for us! My starting XI : Cech - Bertrand - JT - Brana - Ferreira ; Romeu - Essien - Lampard ; Malouda - Sturridge - Torres.
salzburry...I would rather we focus our energy and mind on one game,a game we have in our own hands the UCL final,than focusing on games in which we need opposition to do us favors.
FECK. Mikel is injured according to the official website. Damn we've got too many suspensions already we can't afford to lose players because of injuries as well. Everybody should be fit for Munich.
Here's what i'd go for: Cech, hutch/ferreira, Ivan, Jt, Bert; Romeu(for sure) Essien; Ramires, Mata, Sturridge; Torres
FrLamp - Mikel looked fine at the weekend, im sure RDM has simply ruled him out because he knows he's not going to risk him, he will be back for the final.
nelyvanile..... CL takes the utmost priority but all i am saying given an opportunity we should at least try to win the liverpool fixture. if we win we at least have a chance of finishing 4th. dont think daglish would play full strength pool team. so we might be able to sneak in a win. we already have messed up so many chances of going 4th season
SameX... The FA Cup Youth Final second leg is Wednesday. Piazon and Chalobah will be starting that. You expect them to start back to back games?
Normally don't agree with foreign_viewer, but really agree with his starting eleven. Maybe switch Cole and Bertrand, but other than that, nice eleven.
Yea samex u got it wrong this time....The lads have a date with blackburn youths on wednesday....Wouldve loved to see piazon though..And nathan.......Turnbull,brana,bosingwa,terry,betrand,romeu,essien,raul,kalou,studge and lukaku....
I would have gone with playing people on the fringes of our frist team But we have a huge chance to catch up with the race for top 4 So I think we should field a strong team for liverpool then if we loose we can play youngsters against blackburn But if we win that means we have a chance at top 4 once again So its gonna be a tough call but I think that's what on di matteo mind
Don capon
@desmond....Oooops it escaped my mind....would love to see piazon and Chalobah tough,,,i like your lineup but i think Rammy will start
I honestly think it will be.... 4,3,3 with Cech-Iva-Bossman-Terry-Ryan....Ramires,Romeu,Raul...Sturridge-T9-Mata
My suggested line up against Liverpool tomorrow would be based on trying to win but putting the first priority to getting our best 11 for the May 19 date safe and healthy. With that in mind i would go with the ff; Turnbull in goal, Backline of JT, Ferraira, Brana and Bertrand Midfield of Ramires, Romeu and Miereles. Forwards; Kalou, Lukaku and Sturridge. Subs; Cech, Torres, Bosingwa, Essien, Malouda and lamps
Hearing on twitter, Raul has been ruled out as well. So he and Mikel are sure absentees from the midfield.
Daily Mail is reporting Cech did not travel with the Squad for Pool tomorrow. Pretty risky if you ask me since there is still top 4 to play for.....
@KAKUfrank..i dont think that is risky ..i think it is is true we can still secure a top 4 position but only if both NewCastle and Spurs fail to at least draw in the final games while we would have to win both our last games..the fact is the odds are not in our favor. On the other hand if Cech plays tomorrow and picks up a knock..can you imagine how stupid RDM will look..that scenario will virtually seal our chances come May 19.
I'm pretty certain when the players were knocking back beer & champers on Saturday night most thought they wouldn't have another important game until Munich. However, with Spurs & Arsenal being so useless, and Newcastle losing to Man City, we really do still have a chance of finishing in the Top 4. Tuesday night is a must win game. I really think Roman should tell RDM if he wants us to go for it tomorrow and play a strong team, or play a weakened team and just put all our eggs in the Munich basket.
If Chelsea win our game in hand tomorrow, we will be 1 point behind Castle and 2 points behind Spurs. If Spurs and Castle lose on the last day and we beat Blackburn; we will be in top 4 before touching the pitch at Munich...The odds of Cech picking up a knock before the final are also pretty low. We have two chances at making top 4. Playing a weakened squad reduces our chances to just 1. That's not what we should be doing at this moment. Munich is on the 19th and the players will have more than enough time to recover.
Also note that saves made by Cech has kept us in games against Benfica, Barcelona, and more recently Liverpool. I don't see how Turnbull or Hilarious would have made those saves.....
I say we go nuts with our final-suspendeers these last two games. No reason to hold back on them. Lampard, Mikel, Cole, Cech and Mata, however, should not be risked in any of the remaining games, in my opinion. And Malouda MUST NOT start if we have any ambitions to win these games. Hope to see either Chalobah or Piazon make at least one sub appearance too.
Cech; Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole; Essien, Lampard; Torres, Mata, Kalou; Drogba. We have to try with Torres as right winger in a competitive away match as I see him as the best option for replacing Ramires in the UCL final
If Cech isn't with the squad then, Hilario Paolo Iva JT Bert Essien Romeu Studge Malouda Kalou Nando
Turnbull, Fereira, JT, Ivan, Bertrand, Romeu, Essien, Ramires, Sturridge, Torres, Malouda
Give Turnbull a run-out - Hilario won't mind.
@KAKU:I do not think Liverpool are going to trouble us much in the league.Therefore,Turnbull can take his oppurtunity.Cech has been playing each and every game.Did he rest at all?No.Let him rest.Even Mata should not play more than 60 minutes.
@Puritano , you are right mate. We need to keep an eye on the CL final and pick the team to try and play together as much as possible before they play together in final. Torres needs to be tested on the right side. He is the only one who can compensate on the right side in our current formation. Then why do you guys think that Liverpool wont trouble us much ? Its their home Anfield. Season end. They will try to give joy to the spectators. They will play for their pride obviously after loosing the FA cup final. Play a strong to win the match which will mount the pressure on Newcastle and Tottenham.
Jay Blue 7
Scouting in Iran because you're looking for an explosive winger...
4-2-3-1 (Cech)-(Bertrand-Ivanovic-Terry-Bosingwa-)(Essien-Romeu)( ramires-miereles-kalou )-(Torres)
i wud start- cech,bossingwa, brana, jt,betrand ,mikel, oriol, ramires,mata,sturridge,torres. all in a 4-2-3-1 formation
stamfordblues5-is raul injured?he should be on the team sheet because he won't play in CL final.btw,completely agree with OldShedBoy lineup.just want to replace malouda with meireles if he available for mata's role..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
4-2-3-1- Turnbull-Paulo-Sam-Iva-Ryan-Romeu-Meireles-Sturidge-Malouda-Ramires-Lukaku Sub: Hilario, Terry, Torres, Essien, Cole, Lampard
Hazard said he'll be playing in blue next season. Its either City or united's away kit....
Blu run why not put Hutchinson and Piazon on the bench for this one??
I really don't enjoy watching Malouda
Hilario now as cech is out of the clash !!!
Hilario now as cech is out of the clash !!!
dont give a feck about hazard anymore! we wont get him anyway! I would play with: Hilario, Paulo, Iva, Terry, Ryan, Ess, Romeu, Rami, Mata, Danny, Torres!
Hilariously bad, Paulo, ivanovic, terry, Bertrand, cole, Essien, romeu, Sturridge, piazon, Torres- however the jury is still out on Torres state of mind when it comes to playing Liverpool. Whatever the team, Ferreira must play in the CL final.
I dont want hazard in that team...Not that my opinion matters to RA...But i read awhile ago that he is a sulker too and acts like a petulant child atimes.....A fantastic player though
Sorry,Ramires instead of Kalou.
Guys no one has pointed out that if Arsenal loose as well they are in danger to. The way i see it, if we win tonight there will four sides vying for those last two positions on the last day. NUFC and AFC have tricky away trips and Spurs have a tough game at home. We however have a relaegated side waiting for us. So tonight is a must win just so we there, anything can happen in all three of those other fixtures.
Lets not get involved in this hazard talk anymore, he aint coming to us. He is running around dropping clues, enticing fans thinking he is the best thing since sliced bread. He is good ill give him that, but its not like i would loose sleep if we didnt get him.
@juniorcfc21 absolut agree with you! We have these "must win games" since 2 months! Every game is and was a final! Hope that we can win today....KTBFFHForever
ARGH the dilemma..... In my eyes there are 11 days of recovery ahead of the big one. IF we beat Liverpool then we're in touching distance of the top 4 and require 2 of the 3 teams ahead of us to get no more than a draw in their last match, which to be fair is very possible. Arsenal have to deal with West Brom during Roy's last match in charge and he'll want to go out on a high. Spurs have Fulham who are always going to be a tough side, plus it's a London derby which makes things quite interesting. Finally Newcastle have to face an in-form Everton team which is always tricky. In a perfect world Arsenal Lose, Spurs lose/draw and Newcastle WIN. That leaves Newcastle 3rd, Us ahead of Spurs in 4th on GD (assuming we win both matches with +3 GD), Spurs 5th and Arsenal 6th (again depending on the goal difference). That would tie up the season in a perfect fashion for me with BOTH Arsenal and Spurs missing out on Champ League, although to be fair out of the two if one had to get in to Europe I'd prefer it to be Arsenal! So why the dilemma?? If we play the full team and someone gets badly injured then we'd be gutted to lose another player for the final. If we don't and lose/draw then we miss out on the chance of making top 4 on the last day (to be clear a draw means we cannot finish top 4). So would I play tonight? Ramires, Meireles, Ivanovic and Terry are all must plays (as it doesn't matter if they get injured as they're out of the final anyway). Cech should be a safe bet in goals. Around them I'd play Bertrand and Paolo along with Mikel/Essien (whichever one ISN'T starting in the final). That's the Def & Mid clear. Up front I'd be putting Kalou/Studge and Torres plus Mata. Mata is the risk for me, but someone I think we need to take a chance on if we want to try to win tonight. So there's my suggestion: Cech; Paolo, Ivan, Terry, Bertrand; Mikel/Essien, Ramires, Meireles; Studge/Kalou, Mata & Torres. Let's hope we can snatch the win again tonight and keep the pressure on the 3 above leading into the last day!
Seems M'villa is headed for arsenal.
i face the same dilemma bizarre_blue.but if i have to choose,i will take no risk and play 2nd team tonight,as i believe what on RDM's mind right now.we can't afford another player lost for game of the year on may 19th.i believe our 2nd team is not bad at all compare to the 1st,just mata exclusion would effect much though.but we still have a chance against these poor liverpool's side,with the inclusion of terry,iva,ramires and torres.i just hope drogba and torres will have enough time to sharpen their combination because we will need it in Munich..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
play the best today! they have 4 days for blackburn! and then 1 week for munich! i mean i played football for almost 15 years and i played it nearly at the hightest level but there was NO WAY of being tired of football! ok i mean i cant compare it to premier league but as juan mata said! you cant be tired of playing football! 3 games left! 270 miuntes! and two weeks to go! Give 150% and we are done and dusted in history!!!!!
guys with no ramires on 19th.. who do u think would be our best bet at that position..altho i want torres to play on that pos.. as he doesn track back much i have a feeling RDM will go with malouda .. and that is damn scary !!
I would also go with Torres. And having seen Bayern play at the weekend without their suspended players, it seems as it will be Contento playing at left back. I think Torres can exploit his inexperience
Should be a fairly strong team I think. I would choose in 4-3-3: Cech; Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry, Bertrand; Essien, Romeu, Meireles; Sturridge, Torres, Kalou.
The reason why I don't think Ramires might play is that, although he is a machine, he looked absolutely knackered by the end of the fa cup game.
Funny how the ONLY guy in the team actually trying is a 22-year old Bertrand. What can we learn from this? Hutch in for Ferreira and Lukaku in for anyone. Lack of quality+lack of motivation+lack of play time doesn't make a very good team. And why did we put Torres in the middle of all this? Are we deliberately trying to break the guy?
My team chosen was spot on, all 11. Do I get a prize?
The Rami machine must play, even though he has really played alot of games.
And will not be playing in the finals for he is suspended.

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