Chelsea - Congratulations to Manchester City
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Congratulations to Manchester City

Yesterday was probably the greatest finish to a season in the Premier League era.

Two teams fighting to avoid relegation, while at the opposite end we had two teams going for the title. Having witnessed an unbelievable game of lows and highs at The Etihad, it must be said that Manchester City have won the title on merit.

Of course, there will be the usual talk about 'buying' the title and people won't stop pointing at the huge bill they've ran up in doing so. And of course, don't forget the regular jibes about 'history'. Having been subjected to the same treatment over the past few years, I'll just say this to the City fans - 'Get a thick skin and enjoy your win'. And be ready for an influx of johnny-come-lately's hopping onto the bandwagon.

As a Chelsea supporter it felt a bit strange not be involved in the thick of the action at this time of year, but then, we gave up the ghost a long time ago. This time next season, however, you can be sure we'll be having a right go at it. And knowing that there's another worthy opponent only makes it more challenging for us and for everyone else. That can only be good for the English game as a whole.

In the end, I'd like to congratulate Manchester City for their title success. Your long-suffering supporters deserve every bit of it.

See you next season.

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Writer: Blueklaw Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 14 2012

Time: 1:30PM

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Agree with you mate. As much as despise some of the mercenaries like Lescott,yaya toure and Nasri, some of their players really are a credit to the premiership (Hart, Kompany, Aguero...) Perhaps some of those greedy disloyal ********s don't deserve to win the title but like you said, their "long-suffering" city supporters deserve this victory.
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14/05/2012 13:38:00

feck city,i dont congratulate other teams success. only my own.
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14/05/2012 13:47:00

dtr1977 agree
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14/05/2012 13:48:00

Congrats to Citeh they deserve it. This win marks a new era of domination which will encourage more competition in the EPL. Looks like we‘re going to have to work harder next season to be on top. Dont you just love the EPL?
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14/05/2012 13:56:00

ok they are champions in an outstanding final day BUT i dont congratulate them! Like dtr1977! NEVER!
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14/05/2012 14:02:00

Yeah Congrats to City. But it is because of Manure did not win that made my day.
Keyser Soze
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14/05/2012 14:05:00

Silva, Aquero,Tevez. all Players we were linked, Just think what might of been , anyway never mind well done citeh, But please dont buy Hulk or Falcao !!!!!!!
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14/05/2012 14:05:00

Man. We should have had Aguero 2 years before they did.
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14/05/2012 14:14:00

Lol it's no surprise Chelscum congratulating ur sister club ! Yes the facts point to them buying instant success but unfortunately history and class can't be bought... See u on the 19th...
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14/05/2012 14:21:00

Fek u mix26
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14/05/2012 14:22:00

@drt1977 & austriablue congratulating Citeh doesnt make up less a Chelsea fan, its more on a tip of the hat type acknowledgment. Good ol sportsmanship just as some Spuds were congratulating us after the FA cup win or as ol rednose gave them their props.
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14/05/2012 14:24:00

@ Mix26 thats to you to & whichever club you support.
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14/05/2012 14:27:00

lol spurs fan talking about history. come 19th may it would sure be fun to look at your sorry faces
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14/05/2012 14:30:00

@fabiofognini I dont know why you are slagging Yaya(didnt get proper game time at barca) Nasri(clearly know that if he stay with AFC he wont win anything at all) Lescott..All their decision is vindicated somehow even though they get more money than the previous clubs..Its not their fault..
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14/05/2012 14:33:00

I add my congrats to others to city...they were certainly the best team over the season stretch and it would have been a travesty for ManU to win again after City owned them twice and the number of times refs including especially Howard Webb had to lend ManU a helping hand. The emergence of city also makes it clear tnat the BPL is without a shadow of a doubt the most competitive club league in the world..this is not the duopoly of La Liga..come next season there will be 4-5 teams with a realistic chance of winning the title at the start..we have to make sure we are included in that number by what we do on May 19 and during this summer transfer window. I cannot but add, the looks on the faces of the ManU fans, players and best of all SAF when they thought #20 was in the bag then it was snatched from them in "fergie time" that is just priceless!!!
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14/05/2012 14:36:00

it was priceless to see so many glory hunting manurerers crying on my tv. priceless indeed! the carlsberg ad springs to mind. way back city used to be my 2nd favourite team. it was really because i HATE manure so much. not so much since i grew up and don't have a 2nd favourite team anymore. well done city! congrats. you deserve it.
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14/05/2012 14:50:00

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14/05/2012 14:51:00

Instead of congratulating City we need to figure out how we will be challenging for the title next season. 25 points off the winners is really bad for a club like us! its true, Silva, Aquero,Tevez and even Modric were all on our radar before they came to the Premier League...just goes to show huh!
True Blooze
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14/05/2012 15:09:00

@traykidd-sorry fella did i write anything saying your more or less a fan by not congratulting another team??? i dont think i di fella. dont put words in my mouth.and if spuds want to congratualte us the there fecking idiots! thats why tere***** and win feck all. FECK CITY. MY BLUE IS ROYAL NOT FECKING SKY SPIT ON THERE FLAG AND WOULDN.T ***** ON THEM IF THEY WERE ON FIRE.
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14/05/2012 15:16:00

@true blooze 100% Agree with you! 25 points off is bull****!
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14/05/2012 15:16:00

who is that bloody *****er moron speaking about history??. mutherfu(ker we just dont believe in loving history blindly.. we believe in creating history.. fu(k off you son of bi1ch
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14/05/2012 16:03:00

byw congratz to city.. they have spent, but spent wisely, taking into account the style of play.. we need to spend wisely now. including blooding our youngsters. that is the thing we need to do differently from them.
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14/05/2012 16:11:00

byw congratz to city.. they have spent, but spent wisely, taking into account the style of play.. we need to spend wisely now. including blooding our youngsters. that is the thing we need to do differently from them. but i cant understand why we are not getting financial rewards as good as them? can somebody please explain it?? because they have just won it. but we have won it thrice. please explain somebody. asking seriously.
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14/05/2012 16:13:00

Oh man. I have no clue how Aguero didn't come to us. He was basically begging us to come and get him, but we never got him. Torres-Aguero partnership would've been sick.
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14/05/2012 16:15:00

Mix26 - The whole world will see us on the 19th...Enjoy
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14/05/2012 16:19:00

It's funny not being involved in the battle for first, but I suppose it happens to all clubs at times. Congrats to City, but what makes me happy is United NOT winning. If we bring in the right players, and we've already started to, we will have some serious pace and talent in and around our first team. Future looks bright.
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14/05/2012 16:24:00

I read somewhere that we will offer Torres + 15m to get Falcao. What do you guys think?
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14/05/2012 16:28:00

no nah.. we wont and we shouldnt give torres to anybody. the guy is showing that you support him and he will deliever. 11 goals and 15 assists this season. i am definately sure we will keep him. and its not like he switches off in big games, its like our tactics has been negative in big games. thats why he looks isolated in those situations. and moreover rdm has been putting him with sturridge malouda on pitch. so that sums it up.
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14/05/2012 16:37:00

I missed it. Couldn't be bothered and i missed what people are calling the best game ever. Was it that good? Gutted
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14/05/2012 17:20:00

The important thing is that ANYBODY BUT MANURE should have won the 2011-2012 EPL & credit to Citeh for doing the deed.
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14/05/2012 18:08:00

Congrats to Citeh.well deserved.they bought the talents needed and achieved their aim.We also should add to what we already have and kick out those we don't need.
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14/05/2012 18:58:00

Not really bothered. Chelsea is my only interest. From that standpoint, congrats to City but hope this success does not add even more to their financial muscle. (Yeah I know a Chelsea fan has a cheek saying that). Main downside was that City's win did not result in QPR's relegation.
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14/05/2012 19:12:00

Absolutely, congratulations Citeh! Thought they'd bottled it but they pulled something amazing out of the bag, that is the stuff of Champions indeed! Pleased for their fans (apart from the Gallagher tw*t), they were in the 3rd tier of English football just a few, short years ago, how sweet this must be and the manner of the victory can only make it even better! Hope they keep Mancini though, don't rate him. He's the reason the best squad by a mile didn't have the tile wrapped up weeks ago!
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14/05/2012 19:16:00

how did they do in Europe folks?
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14/05/2012 19:28:00

I think it's good for the league that Citeh won, it doesn't help that we keep going on that the EPL is more competitive than La Liga, yet if you look at the last 7 years the title has only been shared between 2 teams. This win will really gear up the league that I love, Congratz to Citeh. GO CHELSEA UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!
Slippy G-19
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14/05/2012 19:34:00

we didnt buy our way into it when roman took over we were alredy in the CL ang got 2 the semi-final. when the sheikh took over city were finishing 13th in the league they bought the league outright. we just changed from 3rd/4th place to 1st/2nd place they went up 12 places we went up 3. BIG DIFFERENCE
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14/05/2012 19:41:00

well done city, you couldn't have put them in their place in a nicer possible way, that's the stuff dreams are made of, it wasn't that long ago we were jumping around like idiots celebrating our first title for an age, enjoy it.
ten men
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14/05/2012 20:57:00

Exactly ten men, we know as well as anyone how they feel right now and we didn't beat our bitter city rivals to the title with the last kick of the season! Mind you, we had waited 50 years to win ours!!!
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14/05/2012 21:23:00

Congrats man city.well done.
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14/05/2012 22:00:00

***** man *****ty
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 22:13:00

I was only happy for City cos the main contender was Utd!
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14/05/2012 23:41:00

congrats ManCity...for the sake of English football they had to win. Clubs must learn to buy players and make it more interesting
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 09:51:00

Just give credit where it belongs. Well done Man-City
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:20:00

Its not as if they won with a shoddy performance....If we get the champs league...Then we can flex our own financial muscle and guys my word players would pick us over city......
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 14:27:00

most def @DESMOND unless City double their targets salaries ala Robinho
Report Abuse
16/05/2012 07:00:00

Hongera sana kwao!
Report Abuse
17/05/2012 09:08:00


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