Chelsea - You Just Couldn`t Have Dreamed This One Up!
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You Just Couldn`t Have Dreamed This One Up!

Oh deary me someone is going to be mightily disappointed come next Saturday evening aren`t they?

Yesterday, the fates conspired sufficiently to dump Tottenham Hotspur into that 4th Champions League qualification place when Arsenal got that late winner up at the Hawthorns.

Now normally, that lot up at White Hart Lane would be dancing a jig of joy at having qualified for the Champions League, but there`s a huge spanner that could yet be thrown into the works.

You see UEFA have contrived to maximize the number of teams England can have participating in the competition to four. There`s also a cute little rule that allows the winners to defend the trophy the following season, a rule that I`d imagine will, this morning, be receiving short shrift from those in N17.

It`s public knowledge that, next Saturday, Chelsea need to win the Champions League Final, against Munich, to be in the Champions League competition next season.

Therefore, it`s no surprise that the White Hart Lane fraternity have jumped on the Bayern Munich bandwagon, singing the names of the Bavarian club in the dying stages of their home win over Fulham yesterday.

We`re also led to believe that some enterprising traders, outside the ground, were flogging t-shirts bearing the slogan - Bayern Munich Supporters Club - North London Branch.

Uncle Harry, aware that nephew Frank could kybosh his dreams has also come out and spouted,

"Frank knows there`s no love lost. My allegiance is only to Tottenham. He understands that."

"I want Tottenham in the Champions League next year. We`ve done all we can."

Now normally I`d get on my high-horse and start berating the lot of them, but, having thought long and hard about it, I have to admit that if the boot was on the other foot, I`d probably be singing from same hymn sheet!

Which if I`m to be brutally honest; would make a win in the Allianz Arena on Saturday even sweeter.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 14 2012

Time: 4:26PM

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All odds are against us to win in Munich... Just the way we like it!
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14/05/2012 16:46:00

Would of preffered arsenal in 4th but none the less Spurs isnt a bad alternative. A win would basically mean a win on 3 fronts, its massive that we win!
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14/05/2012 16:47:00

Makes the win in Munich that much sweeter!!! Those arrogant Spurs fans that come on Vital Chelsea and bash our supporters and club will get their justice from us come May 19th. :)
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14/05/2012 16:52:00

It's only fair to say that if we don't win the CL final, it will leave an even bitter taste knowing Spuds get to play in the CL and we don't. In other words, we better feckin win it!
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14/05/2012 16:55:00

There is extra incentive of winning it now that Spuds have finished 4th.
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14/05/2012 17:02:00

Would have loved the gooners to finish 4th,but then i hate spuds just as much.
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14/05/2012 17:25:00

U cant really fault d spurs fan. They worked hard for 4th and honestly they deserve it. We can only pray and hope that our own team win on d 19th.
Chelz Akamz
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14/05/2012 17:26:00

Wenger has ensured that arsenal have been in the champions league all 16 yrs he has been arsenal boss but in all those 16 yrs none has been more remarkable than what he achieved this lose Fabregas and Nasri and then Wiltshere all season and the other extended injury spells they endured..say what you will about le professor but you need to respect the mans ability to cobble together a team from almost nothing. For us with spurs in 4th i cannot begin to imagine just how painful it would be not to win on the 19th...on the other hand when we win on the 19th i would really love to see ol Arrys face and those of the some of the more obnoxious spurs would be so poetic for them to come so close and then be relegated again to play in the Europa league....lets make it happen!!!
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 17:26:00

winning the Champions League final would be akin to winning 1 million on the lottery...and the Spuds not getting CL football because of it would be akin to a 1 million bonus on top !!!
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14/05/2012 17:34:00

i like your analogy @springy, i would add to that bonus of kicking spurs out of cl and into europa league comes with a mental punch to their arrogance and over confidence on top of the 1m bonus! lol :)
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14/05/2012 17:59:00

I 'm loving every bit of this chelsea's journey to glory, the odds being against us is no news any more as that has been our story right from the begining of the season till this stage. They said VALENCIA would gualify at our expense but we destroyed them in less than 45minutes, they said NAPOLI would get us knocked out but we finished them, they predicted BENFICA would help put an end to our dream, yet we put them to the sword home and away and they said BARCELONA would disgrace us but it went sweetly the opposite way. We didn't only get them knocked out but we forced their manager into premature resignation. HERE IS MY PROPHESY; Bayer munich will sack their manager on monday 21st of may 2012 after we must have disgrace tnem. CONGRATULATIONS IN ADVANCE TO EVERY CHELSEA FAN ALL OVER THE WORLD
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 18:15:00

I dont have a good feeling bout this. Keep your words fornow, we dont what will happen on the 19th. Hope for the best tho.
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14/05/2012 18:30:00

If chelsea should win the champions league on 19th & qualify as holders, does it mean arsenal 'll play the qualifers or the four england team makes it to the group stages?
prince china
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 18:51:00

@springy. sorry mate i would rather win 1 million on the lottery than chelsea win the champions league next
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 18:52:00

I face a similar scenario as my son, to my shame is a spuds fan! It only happened cos his Mum & me split when he was just getting into footie and his big sister started going out with a lad who was a spuds apprentice. Didn't make the grade but made a big impression on my lad, tantamount to child abuse I'd say. So he understandably wants us to fail on Saturday but he WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.
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14/05/2012 18:53:00

This is absolutely fair enough, I don't blame Harry for this one at all. In fact, I will be in a minority but knocking them out of the CL would give me no pleasure at all, it is grossly unfair! The winners should obviously qualify but so should the team who earns it over the course of the whole season. Obviously, I desperately hope we win it but I will feel sorry for all the genuine Sp*rs fans out there.
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14/05/2012 19:25:00

to be brutally honest, Spurs deserve the final champions league spot than us. they ve had a downturn in their fortunes in the last 3 month but sure as hell deserve the place more than us. but life is not fair. so come 19th, i hope we win.
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14/05/2012 19:29:00

For a laugh go to
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14/05/2012 20:47:00

No sympathy for the Sp*ds from me...if we lose they won't ever let us forget...just remember that when you get a pang of sympathy for them...i live in Norf London for 20 years now and they will be unbearable if we lose...them losing their CL place will be the icing on the cake for me KTBFFH
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 21:10:00

So don't sink to their level blueleader01, don't you see that makes you just as bad as them?
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14/05/2012 21:18:00's called rivalry. Not sure if anyone else here resides in North London but if you do you may understand what it's like to be a blue in this area. I would love for us to win the CL with this team and to secure our place in next years competition. The fact it would be at their expense would just make it all the more sweeter...and we get bragging rights to boot..happy days!!
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 21:37:00

I feel sorry for us... Sad really, Munich will end in tears...
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 21:43:00

Chin up Alx-Pat0...we CAN do this...KTBFFH
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 21:48:00

Fellow chelsea fans,lets just be considerate and reasonable in everything.put them in our own shoes and view it from that angle.lets just pray for good luck on our side and that we may win the champions league in Jesus name.amen.
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 21:58:00

Balls looks like citeh bagged hazard. Damn this wonder kids snubbing the chels. Hope we promote some of our own. Either that or hazard flops lol
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14/05/2012 22:05:00

@Clingy...even more reason why we MUST win the CL...otherwise we will be picking up the sort of players that don't have the quality to get us back into CL contention. Or signing players that demand vastly inflated wages to join a team outside CL competition.
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 22:26:00

It does irk me though. I know we wouldn't be held to ransom over absurd wages. But Torres is on 175 say, aguero is on 200 ish right? Nobody can deny his why did we get so stubborn on the 25k. Look what is gets you. I use Torres as an example of a players wages not as a comparison between the two
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 22:33:00

Oh men...Lets not jinx it for freaking sakes...We are going their to fight for our first Champions league trophy not to boot spurs out of the UCL spot... that's the last thing on my mind right now,i just wanna see us win the trophy. I would care less who was 4th. I know the hate for spurs right now,but that's not the priority or motivation we need,lets just concentrate on winning.
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 22:50:00

Best of luck against Bayern, it would be great for English football for a Chelsea win against the arrogant Germans in their back yard. Thanks also to those Chelsea fans that came on Vitalmancity and told us about the roar of approval when we scored the third and thwarted the Scum.
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 22:55:00

really wanted assnal to finish fourth but oh well...
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14/05/2012 23:16:00

Wswilly3 cheers mate,I've always said I'd be happy for City to win the title if we couldn't do it,your supporters have been through a lot over the years.Nice to actually have a rival fan supporting us in the CL,People say I'm mad to do it but I actually support all English teams in Europe(Besides Liverpool).
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 23:28:00

Too bad QPR survived the drop... We will definitely miss Bolton! Is it an Automatic Qualification for Chelsea?? assuming we defy the odds on saturday
Report Abuse
14/05/2012 23:37:00

@galrhone "I hope the Chelsea team have a plane crash on the way to the final #coys"
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 00:18:00

I don't feel sorry for any of them and my hatred just grew once I read that tweet.....
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 00:20:00

Second tht opinion Kaku
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 04:57:00

Disgusting as that is Kaku, I reckon most of their fans would be equally embarassed by those kind of sick sentiments. Just as we have been by some of our fans this season. Here's to getting the job done and winning the thing! If we do, I'll be way too busy getting reprehensibly hammered to even think about Spurs!
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 06:13:00

@nely - you are right, Spurs dropping from CL is a by-product of us winning, it is inconsequential. If we lose, they have rightly earned their place, but the worse scenario is that we start to go down in the EPL pecking order of where sought after players will want to go. That is much worse than any grief their idiot fans will give us.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 06:22:00

@JackWilshere Every Gooner will be a Chelsea fan next week....nice to receive support from Arsenal player to knock Spuds out, let's win CL!
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 06:39:00

@Chelsea44.Sorry for disturbing you mate.But I just wanted to ask if you have an account on ESPN player.I actually wanted to watch Monday Night Verdict?Could you tell me where else can I watch it?Imissed the show yesterday.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 07:32:00

cfc250 sorry mate, don't have any, not available in my country, i'm from Indonesia, i watch it using tv cable though there's a repeat of the show today at 17:30 until 18:30
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 07:56:00

Just read that samsung will not renogotiate the sponsorship deal with chelsea if they dont win the champions league. Should be an extra incentive to do it. Chelsea for life.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 09:37:00

I am having a bad feeling abt this game with the germans.....Buck should have kept his mouth shut abt he,gourlay and Roman being disappointed with our 6th placed finish...Mikel,drog,torres might be match rusty (nerves)
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:11:00

We are going to win it and let someone cry over it.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:30:00

A plane crash - will be the only thing that will stop us winning this on saturday - its the teams destiny - Drogs, Cech, Cole and Lamps will see it done - BM look flakey at the back - not in the best form and i feel they have the pressure oif being faves in front of their own fans at home. Then it will be the words train crash not plane crash being whispered round that s**t tip part of london!
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:52:00

Cech needs a wonder game and if this happens as it did versus Barca we will nick it at the other end - as long as it doint go to penalties again - not against the germans - please!!
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:55:00

My worry for the CL final would be of the BENCH strength. Since JT, Ramires, Ivanovic, Meireles are all suspended we need 4 players from the Players List B to supplement and Add on. Wondering who will be the players who will take the Bench? Cech-Bosingwa-Luiz-Cahill-Cole-Mikel-Essein-Lampard-Mata-Drogba-Torres//---> Suppose these are the 11 who starts, so left out will be Hilario, Paulo, Malouda, Kalou, Romeu, Sturridge-- Still we will be missing people in bench, right? We need 7 players in the Bench including 1 Goalie. Can some one tell me about this? Btw-- Here is the list of Chelsea squad for CL-
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 10:55:00

It will be the icing on the cake when we win, knowing that Spuds drop out of Champions League because of us. Payback time for when they conspired to refuse to allow Chelsea to play league football in 1905... ;-) and some other grievances over the years.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 11:02:00

It would be perfect if we dumped them from the CL this will be more sweeter after the win 5-1 thrashing we gave them in the FA Cup.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 12:43:00

im heading down from nottingham on saturday to london - anyone be able to recommend a place to watch the final on tv with other fans??
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 12:57:00

Luiz and Cahill back to training - some hope there
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 13:47:00

@ Kaku (and other Chelsea fans), in response to the twitter post made by galrhone - unfortunately this has been taken out of context. Whilst fully thoughtless and somewhat idiotic to post something like that on twitter, galrhone isn't even a football fan. Spurs fan in peace, and I wanted to let you folks know, that this isn't representative to the spurs fans in our family (we are mixed Spurs and Chelsea fans), and the reason I know about this is because galrhone is my younger brother. His comment was made, in light of some 'banter' between him and his friends (who are chelsea fans) - the banter went over the line somewhat, some of his friends joking about the Spurs bus crashing, and the team dieing of food poisoning, he made his comment back, aimed at his mates, unaware that this would go public... No excuse, but coming to the defence of little brother once again.. Anyway, you guys have more important things to worry about, such as Saturday evening, good luck and I really wished Fulop hadn't gifted Arsenal the win so I could cheer you boys on, but as such I have to stick with my team.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 14:29:00

great news Malouda is injured ....another sign that we can win CL this year
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 14:50:00

As our club approaches a momentous weekend, I heard a hopeful rumour that both Cahill & Luiz trained today, source was Sky Sports News. My other point is not so positive. I doubt whether any other club than Chelsea suffers the level of press negativity, particularly in the lead-up to the top European club game. Sometimes admittedly we are our own worst enemy, but the article by Mick Dennis (a strong Chelsea hater) takes a dog's biscuit: My view is why the need, what relevance, and what authority does his jibe come from? The hope is people like him just make us stronger.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 15:23:00

Mick Dernnis is a twonk - worth asking the question about City - but what everyones forgetting is the fact the fair play rules will pretty much even out things in future seasons - all this city hype will die down next week if we win this saturday - the press will be talking about the new chelsea revolution - champ league winners and london - know where i would rather be next season - best of luck to them - i cheered when them when they won at the weekend - anythings better than seeing UTD win again
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 15:54:00

Confirmed by RDM, Luiz & Cahill trained today. Malouda doubtful.
Report Abuse
15/05/2012 16:04:00


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