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RDM's Tactics

Going through the 'Match Day Moments` thread it is quite obvious that many fans were disappointed with the defensive tactics.

For me the stage was set as soon as Munich had won against Madrid and the Hoennes et al started all the talk about Munich playing attractive football and neutrals supporting them.

Personally, I'd like to give Di Matteo credit where it`s due. He realised the mind games Munich were playing and not only did he avoid the bait so to speak, he understood the situation.

All those interviews made it obvious that if we could prevent the Germans from scoring early, the pressure would increase a lot on them. So I fully support the tactics used for the first 60 minutes. As I guess would most of the other fans here.

Most people didn`t like the Malouda sub and I'm 50-50 on that. Fact is we didn`t have a left sided player apart from left footed Sturridge and the only thing he would have brought was pace.

Another alternative may have been to get Torres on the right and move Kalou to the left. But I think it would have been bad as again you`d expect Kalou to be another sub and the whole thing repeats.

Torres' substation appearance maybe came a tad too late but the result was there to be seen as he won the corner. Extra time and the biggest talking point for me was the penalty. And that too at Neuer's end.

Schweinsteiger was sitting on the turf unable to watch the penalty and a bundle of nerves. I saw that on television of course after the save but knew that he would scuff his penalty then if it went to penalties.

Back to the point, their midfield marshal was already on a yellow and nervy. We should have put some pressure on him which we didn`t. But for me the biggest and probably only place where RDM was wrong was Mata playing the whole 120.

It was there for everyone to see that he was tired. In the 2nd half of extra time he gave the ball away so easily and also misplaced many of his passes. His tiredness may also have had a say in that weak penalty.

We had a sub left and either going for Essien or Sturridge with 10 minutes to go would have maybe made a lot of difference. Either Sturridge or Lampard going against a Scweinsteiger, Tymoshuck and van Buyten.

We may have been able to avoid the pens. But the bottom line is WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE PRIDE OF LONDON BLUE IS THE COLOUR

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The Journalist

Writer: BlueTyphoon  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 20 2012

Time: 9:57AM

Your Comments

Mata and Lampard were the two lads helping us take the pressure off the defence by playing the balls out of tight positions. Keeping him on for 120 minutes was just the thing to do
M only talkin of the last 15 mins as far as mata is concerned. HE did tht twice and gave the ball away easily on both counts
If any of our fans thinks the tactics employed by RDM at munich is wrong and negative then i dont think they know anything about football(sports in general) and tactics etc..When i seen the name RYAN in the team then i know this is the move to counter Robben and Lahm..If you people think that CFC could match UEFA FC and BM on finesse with finesse then you guys are retarted..Robben Lahm Ribery made almost 100 assists and goals between them..So just coming here and telling how defensive our tactics is plain stupid..I am also frustrated by our play yesterday..Lack of ambition to go forward..Kalou was worthless in the attack yesterday but he did really well to contain ribery and helped Bosingwa very well..I thought RDM wil opt for FT for the RW role in the final for offensive play..But he gone the other way and suffocated the wing play of BM with Cole/Ryan and JB/kalou..So nothing wrong in that..This team cant match the breathtaking speed of RM,Dortmund counter attacks..Finesse of UEFA FC or BM..But what this can do is soak up even if the opposition fire a bullet towards the head of your midfield and defense..That is what we did..Finally we are not in beauty pageant final..Last time i checked Football is about defense midfield and attack..But lot of stupids thinks that only attack is football..I enjoyed the performance against UEFA FC this yr more than our EPIC victory against them in 04/05 season..Do you know why..Bcz 05 CFC played with their equal in barca..But this season its David vs Goliath..The defensive organisation showed in that game is out of the world..Dont talk about luck luck and luck..Luck only favors who knows their plus and weakness and plan accordingly to their strengths..Barca thought they dont need to bother about the defence so we Fu(ked them with counter..So i really dont hav any pblm with these type of performances when our team shows grit determination on the field..I really cant believe our fans are still arguing in this thread about how we need to move the players etc etc...Just wait for atleast a day guys..I am one of the biggest critics of the 30+ players..But today is not the time or thread to talk about negatives..So just leave it all the negative guys..
I saw it before it started-I told my brother Mata and Schweini to miss the penalties...he told me Drogba won't score,but when he aproached the ball,my heart went pumping so hard,and when he scored I needed a few moments for my brain to recieve the information that we won, and then i started jumping crazy.........congrats to my compatriot,warrior Ivanovic...Di Matteo,and all Chelsea fans...its our time fellas :D
The biggest tactic was never give up. You can't teach that, it is engrained.
You can't teach an old horse a new trick, Rdm was smart enough to realise this, and played to the team's ability and talent. We simply don't have the players to attack and the same time defend against strong european teams like uefa fc and bayern. He realises how to use the players and get the desired result, so in my view he deserves the job. He won the fu(kin cl for crying out loud, so he must be a good arse tactician.
Three minutes to go and Drogba scores. Was that part of the tactics too? I just don't buy it. Positives: Game won, wingers coming next season.
yes i agree Di Matteo wasn't brace enough, he didn't want to change the team, but allow it.. WE ARE CHAMPIONS!
I can see those tactics winning a lot of games if there are better players than Kalou and Malouda as outlets. Marin, Sturridge, Ramires and De Bruyne. Kalou to Spurs in exchange for Modric.
We are Champions and I thank God for it. But Rdm showed a whole level of inexperience when he kept kalou on till they scored that my people is tactical ineptitude. I love RDM like the next Chelsea fan but if we are to retain him then we should hire an experience Director of football to guide him in our rebuilding anything less that he would be gone before january. Because this has no motivation again
RDM had come up with a plan without Terry, Ivanovic and Ramires. He decided to play the inexperienced Bertrand alongside Cole which turned out to be a brilliant tactical masterstroke. Which other manager was game enough to do that ... and succeed?
Blue Day
We must not forget that Drogba's tackle on Ribery was another tactical move that ease the pressure on Bosingwa. The resilence nature of our left side defenders ran Robben out of ideas, he kept doing the same thing that failed to yield result throughout the match. Ball posession have never won a game neither have free-flowing football ever had. I cherish this moment will keep this season's jersey for my unborn child
RDM won the champions league with one of the most make shift teams ever so i wont hear a bad word said about him... LEGEND
i dont give a fecking toss about the tactics. will the tactics show in 5 years time when we look at who won the champions league in 2012? NO IT FECKING WONT!!! get over it,tactics win football matches and RDM just won us the bibbest trophy on the planet in club football. Too miuch negativity on this site. MORONS
This is Chelseas BEST SEASON EVER! And you guys are questioning RDM's tactics? What makes you think that the next manager will be better? No wonder we average one manager per season!
Blue Day
A day we should all be enjoying what we achieved with a depleted team only relying on pure grit, determination and spirit! (which you cant buy) instead people are to busy picking negatives.... to many armchair managers on this site..
@Blue day- I completely agree. Now our trophy cabinet is complete. This is the best season ever. I still believe that we could have played a little more adventurous but we had no much attacking aptitude on the wings. The pressing by the top 4 was not present. Only if mata, kalou and bert/malouda could have pressed more the game could have been more open.
Blue India
dtr1977 is right GREATEST TROPHY IN THE WORLD!!! WE SHOULD BE DELIGHTED!!!! Jose was a great tactician, and he never won it with us, Carlo, Scolari...but Robbie did it! No one can say we are not A GIANT CLUB now! CHELSEA WAS ALWAYS BIGGEST FOR ME, BUT NOW IT IS CONFIRMED!!! DIDIER MADE IT A BLUE DAY!!!
Nobody is saying they are not happy about the trophy. But what luck!
this has given me a new meaning to the word destiny...Look at our run, against the odds and everything else we emerged talk about the way we did it today (that's for another day), just that we did it....CHELSEA FC CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE
Let's not get ahead of ourselves and start giving more credit than due here...WE WON and that's that, to start claiming "tactical astuteness" is rubbish because we all know that wasn't really a performance to write home about...WE WON, LEAVE IT THERE...don't create trouble and start saying things that are false because of the result, our success was largely down to Bayern's failures to convert their chances NOT "TACTICAL ASTUTENESS" don't start the crap plz
please guys understand this and dont slash me for my opinion. guys we need to play positively. board needs to be curious during the interview regarding the attacking tactics of rdm. because these negative will bear us nothing. do you think that top players will come to us if we are to play this negative football?? making strikers defending? i am not saying rdm dient have the attacking tactics. because his reason for playing this football may be our squad. but need to change tactics. would we have been praising rdm if we had lost?? no is the answer. we would have scrutinised his negativ tactcs first of all. and guys there lies the charm of positive play. do you think guys barca are broken in pieces because we defeated them? no. they know we were pretty determined and lucky as well. so they know they will come back stronger next year. this is the positiveness of playing good football. me thinks. sorry if any one diagrees or gets hurt.
Tactics! Tactic!!tactics!!! I dont about what tactics mean provided Iam wining matches and. Big trophhies, so could U listen pls. Chelsea CHAMPIONS of Europes. That's wat matter first, win matches and win Trophy.
Tactics! Tactic!!tactics!!! I dont know what tacticts was all about. provided Iam wining matches and. Big trophhies, so could U listen pls. Chelsea CHAMPIONS of Europes. That's wat matter first, win matches and win Trophy.
what are you talking about positive football...not even real madrid play positive football is too difficult...even the 'talented' Borussia hit bayern on the counter....For winning u have to strengthen your strengths....For me RDM did this in the best way shortest time period...Mark of a gr8 tactician...If u know to strengthen your strengths u can make a team any way u wanna....Gr8 defending by cole mikel cahill cech bosi luiz...Hats Off!!!!!!!!!!!! KTBFFH!!!!!!!!
Don't start an argument you have no reason's to back up...let's celebrate WE WON or else some of us "honest" people will start speaking the truth that will hurt so many (talks confirmed to be with Drogba not RDM, tell's you something)..CHELSEA WON THE CHAMPS LEAGUE
@SPONN don't start by saying something fundamentally flawed then ask us to leave the "negativity" because your comment on it's own is "negative" truth. I won't delve into responding out of respect for the win but likewise, don't be so eloquently naive mate
@Mq No comment mate..I wont make any comment regarding anything about CFC unless its congrats and celebration messages..So lets talks 2morow..
Who cares, we won the bloody Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!
Di Matteo is probably the most calm manager I've ever seen. I watched the game on Club RTL, a Belgian channel, and they had a reporter just next to our bench. When we conceded, they contacted him and he told the commentators that as soon as Muller's header went in, he stood up and urged everybody on the bench to keep quiet and start warming up for extra time. He then shouted to Lampard to cool the nerves of the players on the pitch. That's why I think he should be kept as permanent coach, he knows his stuff, Heynckes was partly at fault for Bayern's downfall. With the team he had on the pitch we didn't score for 85 minutes and he changed the set up for the last 5 just because he was winning 1-0? RDM didn't get suck into that and respected his game plan until the end. Of course Drogba's goal was solo brilliance but you have to give him credit for not panicking because he absolutely made Heynckes look like a child - for 30 minutes in extra time he had Muller off and Van Buyten on because he thought it was safe to protect a one goal lead IN A BLOODY UEFA FINAL while we didn't change anything (Torres was freshly introduced and we had one substitution left). Heynckes lost the tactical battle, RDM won it.
The tactics were awful. The end.
Watch the Parade guys and stop arguing over tactics....... enjoy the moment, Chelsea TV showing the parade live..... incredible atmosphere......
There's a parade!!!
LoL.......what "tactical battle" did RDM win @FRLAMP when Bayern outplayed us and only failed to score because they were awful at converting the chances they created yet we created 3 CHANCES the entire game and scored out of 1, A CORNER. Do you call that "winning a tactical battle" where you score from corners?? Do you call missing a penalty (Robben) missing a sitter (Gomez, Ribery twice and Muller twice) winning a tactical battle?? Don't go meowing then claim you barking mate...
@Mq they couldnt score because we defended well kiddo :) and sponnukumar good job :) completely agree
They didn't score because they missed their chances. Don't make things up. Luck, Drogba and Cech won that game.
Why they missed foreign_viewer ? We didn't let them to score you idiot!!!! Btwy go and kiss barcelonas ass u mother fckr!!!!
Prettyguy they missed. Did you watch the game? Gomez missed, Muller missed, Olic missed. Luck was a big part.
Oh boy..even after winning the champions league title..Chelsea fans cant help usual like crabs in a bucket.
@PRETTY GUY you not at my level of intellect so I won't respond...
Those were the finer details and how I hoped to win the cup that I started celebrating even before the game started.
To be honest, I think RDM's tactics were all wrong. Yes, we won, but we rode our luck all they way through. I had to have had atleast 5 to 7 mini heart attacks during that game. When you set up extremely defensively, your are automatically inviting the pressure from the other team, giving them possession in and near our box, without challenging them in the midfield. This is why all of our breakaway were mostly uncessful. All of our attacks started too far back to be potent, and Bayern was there to take it right back from us. If we had attacked, bayern would have had far less chances that could have easily killed that game off had we not had the luck of some POOOOOR finishing fromt he byern players.
Chelseapride? Tell me the player on Chelsea's bench that would have made an attacking difference. Torres? He is not an attacker, he is supposed to be a scorer. Throw him in from the start, and he would have fizzled out. We would have played better, if Iva, Rami and maybe Meriless were eligible. RDM is not stupid so Foreign_viewer, Mq and Chelseapride.....kindly spare us the noise. We are still savouring that great win.
Now that we are looking for a manager, can RDM show us the other side of beauty the owner is craving for since he has proven that he can get something from a written off squad and now has the summer to do what he would like in the market, if he is given the job of course.

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