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How Has Your Day Been Michel?

Picture the scene, a plush Munich hotel and a frustrated chambermaid desperate to do her duty.

This housemaid, a pretty blonde thing with her hair in pigtails and with a skirt that`s so short there not a lot left to the imagination, has repeatedly banged on the door of this plush bedroom for the last hour, but to no avail.

In desperation she tries one more time, desperate to get the room vacated for the next guest with deep pockets and a fat wallet.

Still there is no answer so she decides to bellow out loud, in the hope that the occupant can be stirred.

"Mr Platini" she cries.

"I really need you to vacate the room. I have another guest booked into it tonight"

Suddenly she can hear a noise shuffling towards the door, the handle turns and a rather dishevelled looking Michel Platini opens I remarking,

"But what`s the point, the world has ended. Despite all my best laid plans, they did it."

"In the past I`ve used a crooked ref, I`ve labelled them the 'axis of evil`, I`ve used my powers to fine them, to ban players but still they prevailed."

"Hell, I even gave them the hardest semi-final I could, I threw Barcelona into their paths, but they prevailed."

"Hell, I even placed the damn final in Munich to give Bayern every advantage. I made sure that they had four players suspended, four key player, I even made sure that the ticket allocation was a lottery, giving them 17,00 tickets but making sure the Allianz Arena was packed to the rafters with Bayern supporters, but still they prevailed."

"But to add insult to injury, I arrived back at the hotel late last night and found that the chef`s special was something from England called 'Cottage Pie` and that breakfast this morning was a 'Full English` - no wonder I crawled under my duvet and stayed there."

"I am shamed; I can never show my face in public again, not now Chelsea Football Club have won the Champions League."

"Hell, it was all going so to plan, I was so certain Bayern would win, so certain that Bavaria would prevail and so certain that I`d be rid of that Chelsea lot from my prestige competition next season."

"Now you see why I`ve not shown my face today."

"Yes Mr Platini" she replied.

"But Mr Abramovich wants to know if you fancy a lift back to France in his jet this evening and enjoy a friendly chat about his wonderful night."

And with that the door slammed shut.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 20 2012

Time: 7:21PM

Your Comments

Feck Platini.I hope we create a dyansty and defend it.A big hug to all the VC members.
I can actually imagine that...haha...
Still want to smash that arrogant****s face
APPARENTLY A QUOTE FROM TORRES: Its contradictory because I feel like Im at a peak moment in my career, with more desire and hunger than Ive felt in a long time, but Ive had to spend the final on the bench. It was a huge disappointment when I saw the lineup, perhaps the biggest in my life. This season I have felt things that I never had before. Ive felt like they treated me in a way that I didnt expect...not in the way that was spoken of when they signed me. Weve had a lot of talks and well talk about my future because the role Ive had this season is not for me, nor is it the one I expected to play when I came here. Im not comfortable. I want them to tell me what is going to happen in the future. Football has been fair on us, on me. Now I do feel like football is worth it, but Ive been through a difficult time, the worst in my career. Dont want that again. I need the club to tell me what is going to happen and what sort of role I will have within the team, what my duties are.....what the club expects of me. And then judge whether it is worth it.
ucmyway Do you still believe that Feruz is better than Torres and Drogba?
@Lakuplippu, He can dribble better than Torres, he's got more pace than Torres, his decision making is quicker than Torres and he's more confident than Torres. He's definitely better than Torres. Not Drogba though, although I'm pretty sure he'll play better than Drogba one day (as long as we give him matches, and he does not get injured).
Also, I think Bertrand and Todd Kane WILL BE as good as Cole.
ucmyway if u think feroz is better than torres than you know nothing about football!
as for platini it was priceless seeing his face giving those medals to our boys
i guess that is why they didn't blow no ribbons yesterday... crazy UEFA
Just wait for Feruz to play...but he's still 16, so he might not have the stamina to perform for 90 mins for whole season. So maybe Torres is better...for a whole 90 mins
ucmyway Think what you like but the fact is that Feruz is a practically a dwarf. A very good Dwarf but no way will he end up being a centre forward. If he develops he could play the Rooney role. I went to the home semi and final of the youth cup and we have some very good kids but people who think that players other than the odd one like Messi can go straight from a youth set up to the first team in this day and age need to get a grip. Piazon is class and Swift and Baker are both neat tidy midfield players. Bamford could be another that might come through as he is a natural finisher.
@ucmyway. I couldn't believe what I was hearing on sky news coming from Torres .Who does he think he is . He has a cheek to use the greatest moment in Chelsea's history to vent his "frustration" at not starting the game and basically slam Chelsea Fc .He's a bloody disgrace as can take a jump for all I care .The cheek of him making me angry on a day like today ! He's more with us in 14 months than he ever dreamed and he still cant resist moaning and groaning when millions of Chelsea supporters are celebrating around the world ! He is one selfish son of a b**ch ....Get rid now i say ...... Sorry Merlin ,very funny article by the way !
*He's WON more
Platini was a great player but will be remembered as a slimy little fake. He was probably holding in the tears as he handed those losers medals to his Bum chum Blatters favorite team. As for Torres he was messed around by the Idiot but Robbie gave him game time but with only one up top you have to go for a player who has shown why he was picked by being a huge factor in the win.. I do think though that had he played in Kalou's position last night he would have given us more. My personal feeling is that he could go back to Athletico in exchange for Falcau. Hope Drogba stays or says to hell with Chinese money and goes back to Marseille where they love him as much as us. Pains me to say this in some ways considering i watched so much of Osgood but Drogba really has been the best Centre forward in my forty years of supporting the club, sometimes drove us to distraction but what a player and what a charector.
Does anyone actually believe a word that comes out of AS Newspaper or guillaum balague. Really come on, there worse than the daily bloody mail. As for he quotes coming out now, of course they have, they want to dampen the celebrations, just ignore them. Roman has supported Torres, I have supported Torres and so have the fans(proper ones anyway). If we signed hulk and hazard, do you think he'd leave.
zolas.. calm down mate.. i think the qoutes have been taken out of context. because he going by his mood of celebration yesterday, i dont think he will give such an ill statement today.
And drogbas only been used in the big games, because he is a finals man and it's his last season, so they want him to go out on a bang.
Zolaisalegend Understand your frustration but can also understand Torres frustration because he should have started last night he is a better player than Kalou and no worse at defending. No one can accuse him of not trying although it looked like he was refusing to take a penalty last night.
Here here, champion blue, he's just won a bloody champions league trophy, if robbie stays Torres will be no.1.
Anyone see the look on merkels face, Cameron jumps for joy whilst she looks sick as a parrot. He he.
As for Platini, I hope his hemoroids itch like mad
If Drogba leaves, Torres WILL BE NUMBER 1.
Congratulations "it was meant to be"europa league for us lot,funny old game football,enjoy the celebrations!!!Well until we meet next year
COYS forever
Hahaha. Go Chelsea!
@Norfendrd, I just think Feruz is a classy player - much like Piazon. Neymar and Messi are two of the least "physically present" footballers, but both can play CF very well. Feruz has just as much pace, and can develop his skill to become a fantastic asset to Chelsea.
Maybe your right lads and I shouldn't jump the gun but its the last thing I was expecting to hear today of all days ! I f true Its just very bad timing as far as i'm concerned . Anyway ,Big CONGRATULATIONS to EVERY CHELSEA FAN OUT THERE .WE ARE THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS ! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Renato ‏@th14Renato Mercato365 says Eden Hazard has chosen to sign for Man United. Hazard will announce after the game tonight where he'll play next season.
Everyone forgot to mention that we now have a shot to be the WORLD CUP CLUB CHAMPIONS!!!!
Slippy G-19
Everyone forgot to mention that we now have a shot to be the WORLD CUP CLUB CHAMPIONS!!!!
Slippy G-19
Everyone forgot to mention that we now have a shot to be the WORLD CUP CLUB CHAMPIONS!!!!
Slippy G-19
twitters goin mad that utd have signed Hazard He's just scored hat-trick in the first 25mins of his last game ! :-(
He hates Chelsea! It is our season our year.. sorry Michael Oleeee oleeeee oleeeee!!
Haha **** you platini.
Guys.Believe me.Hazard is over-rated.Even Ribery was rated so highly once upon a time.I do not want him to come to Chelsea.
Ooh, if it is possible, hazard joining us will make the weekend even better. everyone expects him to go to city, and united seem to be where he is going of late. Dont want him at united. Still WOO HOO EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!
Mia Maynard
The funny thing is if drogba leaves, i still don't trust torres to lead our attack.
Grrr, though it hurts to say it, I feel it's the decent thing to do. Credit where credit is due, to beat Barca over two legs and then ze Germans on their home patch is a great acheivement even if it is at the expense of my beloved Spurs. Congrats........ Grrrr.
Let them sign even Messi... forget about transfer 4now, lets enjoy and celebrate the History made by Kings of London to be Kings of Europe! Oleeeee oleeee oleeeee!!
it was Guillem Balague who did the interview with Torres and is very well connected with the Spanish players in both Spain and here. He usually does not report crap and always spot on. I think Torres was discussing this in more of a disappointment point of view rather than mad point of view. He didn't feature in the FA Cup, didn't start the champions league final and was only brought in 5 minutes towards the end of the game after we conceded (even though he won the only corner kick Chelsea got the whole game). To break the camel's back, he VOLUNTEERED to take the penalty rather than shy away from it (Like the FA Cup game) and RDM turned him down. So he was absolutely devastated and only winning the CL was the only thing that healed that disappointment. The truth is it hasn't worked for both parties (CFC and Torres) even though quite frankly, both parties have worked hard together to making him a success here at Chelsea. At the end of the day, he has done what he came here for which is to win trophies more than he ever won at Liverpool. As far as being the main striker for Chelsea, it is still up in the air. As far as DD is concerned, I seriously doubt he will remain here next season. His agent already confessed to so many offers being on the table for him and the salary he will get offered from anyone will probably blow Samuel Eto's current salary off the park. I find it hard to believe Drogba will turn down a 400k a week offer for a 1 year offer with Chelsea especially after he has cemented his status as Chelsea's best striker and one of the best premiership's strikers and I think the most clutch striker ever???? What more is there to prove? Defend the UCL?
Hazard is not overrated at all. Pastocrap is overrated. He will soon announce I guess....
I think he'll (torres) get one more year, main striker, if it doesn't work out then fine hell be off, but if it does work then fantastic. How do we know if we don't try it. If you read the interview, he says that the owner as supported him, so there in lies a clue, does it not.
Transfer Central TNC ‏@TransferNewsCen Eden Hazard: "My agent has met with Manchester, and with Chelsea, they both give good offers, and are both great clubs" -S James Eastham ‏@james_eastham Canal Plus television reporting Hazard replied: "I still don't know" regarding where he will play next season. #MCFC #MUFC #CFC
I'm okay with any of Hazard or Hulk..... I will prefer Hulk though.....
Hazard: "I will go on holiday after I play for Belgium, but we don't play in Poland so I will sort my future after"
tease!!!!!! sure he agreed to join city, but a late offer from THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE has caused him to think.
Mia Maynard
Grant ‏@BlueRising10 Our congratulations go to Tottenham Hotspur who have just beaten Everton's record for the shortest stay in the Champions League!
Graceless article. What might not be obvious to most is that the dramatic turn of events during yesterday's game is actually a positive advertisement for the UCL and thus for UEFA and therefore a source of plaudits for the same Platini and company that you mock here. Why can't you just enjoy the win without taking shots at every perceived adversary.
PastoCRAP! lol! nice one, but i guess he's not doing too bad at PSG.. Is 175K per week not too much for Hazard? would rather spend that on Hulk...
if the quotes attributed to torres are true then ***** him!!!! How dare he after all the love & support we have given him during the sh(it 1 & a half seasons he has given us back. ***** him im so *****ed at this am i the only one annoyed at this??!? How *****ing dare he after we win the cl for the first time *****ing idiot... We should sell him ***** him how dare he
And why not lighten up, essienic?
I'm with you BIGTIME on this GONDO ...........F**k him
WE ARE THE CL WINNERS OF 2012 feck off Platini.
The bitter disappointment on Platinis face was all too obvious yesterday..we are happy and glad to oblige him. As far torres i feel for him..left to me i would be happy with swap for swap deal with Atletico Madrid for Falcao with no money involved..i think it may well work out well for both parties. I agree with KAKU though..i cant imagine Drogs staying with us for one year with all the money he could make by going to china or some of these other money lade places..he has nothing else left to prove..he has literally done it all.
James Eastham ‏@james_eastham Hazard: "Until I've signed the contract, I won't say where I'm going to play." #MUFC #MCFC #CFC Tom Williams ‏@tomwfootball But... Hazard asked if he could join Chelsea. His answer: "It's possible.
Top Article merlin!!.....I thought the ending would be different though. Something along the lines of: "Well, Hildegarde, you bavarian I couldn't screw chelsea it's your lucky day instead!"
A swap for swap with Athletico for Torres will never happen. A.Madrid are a mess. They have the third largest debt behind Barcelona and Real Madrid and missed out on Champions League. The fees from the Aguero sale to Man City was used to pay down back taxes so Atletico only paid 20mm Euros of the 40mm with the remainder according to various people being paid by an investment fund run by Peter Kenyon and Jorge Mendes. So that investment fund has to make money along with A.Madrid. In addition, A.Madrid is not in the CL for next season and Torres's salary is as high as a kite. With no CL football, not sure how they will afford. They will also be looking for cash as well. He will have to be flogged somewhere else and probably half of the money. Hopefully he does well at the Euros so that we can recoup some cash for him....
Bruno Constant ‏@Bruno_Constant Hazard: "Chelsea is qualified for the Champion's League next season and that's what i wanted about my future destination. It makes me think" Bruno Constant ‏@Bruno_Constant Eden Hazard a reconnu que la victoire de Chelsea face au Bayern le "fait hsiter". "Ils sont qualifis pour la C1, c'est ce que je voulais" Francois Piraux ‏@F8Piraux @Princelinho10 Contracts are the same for City, United and Chelsea. 10M/year and 5 years. Now, it's the play-time the most important. Ahmed Alaa ‏@Amadycfc @NourAgha Hazard did say that Chelsea's offer makes him hesitate, especially now that they will play in Champions League next season #cfc
what is Hazard's problem?..... go with the club u like and stop this irresponsible behavior. This guy has no love for chelsea, let him go to wherever he wants....
He admitted the CL victory changed his mind. So the important thing now is playing time. Most believe it is between us and Man United since City have spent 1 billion pounds on buying all the wingers. We've been chasing him for 2 years or so....With time, we will know what happens.
hahaha... spurs fans angry with Saha and Piennar for congratulating Chelsea... Now, that is so dumb, there is nothing wrong with their players showing support and love for good football....
Eden Hazard signed off for Lille by scoring a hat-trick on Sunday night - but refused to reveal which Premier League club he would be playing for next season. Hazard is wanted by Manchester United, Chelsea and Premier League champions Manchester City, but despite admitting his agent has held talks with a number of clubs, he did not say which one he would move to. The Belgian star was expected to choose between City and United, but Chelsea have made a late bid to sign the playmaker. After his final game on Sunday night in which Lille beat Nancy 4-1, Hazard told Canal+: My agent has met with Manchester, and with Chelsea, they both give good offers, and are both great clubs. 'I don't know. It's not been finalised yet.' Hazard's agent was in London on Saturday according to reliable sources in France. Chelsea expect a 30million fee for Lille's 21-year-old attacking midfielder and the offer of a five-year deal will be successful. Only City's Yaya Toure is thought to earn more, at 270,000 a week. Chelsea's offer is one that even City's Premier League title winning Roberto Mancini and his Abu Dhabi paymasters are reluctant to match as they try to reduce their losses to comply with UEFA's financial fair play regulations. City are also in the hunt for Arsenal striker Robin van Persie and need to get stars like Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko and Emmanuel Adebayor off the wage bill before they can break the bank again. City cite Hazard's wage demands and high agent's fees as the stumbling block to a deal. They were seen as favourites to land Hazard, to the point of inviting him to the crucial derby match against United at the Etihad and taking him on a tour of homes in the more fashionable areas of Cheshire. But negotiations floundered as City lost patience with Hazard's representatives over their refusal to budge from his sky-high wage demands and an incredible 6m fee for organising the move from the French First Division club. United fans will be worried, however, if they miss out on Hazard, given that their midfield needs strengthening after losing their Premier League crown to neighbours City. Figures released last week showed United's debt stands at 423m, while their cash reserves have dropped to 25m with overall income also falling by six per cent. It means Sir Alex Ferguson will find it hard to compete at the top end of the transfer market, which he has blamed clubs like City for making 'insane'. The United boss has pledged to rebuild the team by developing younger players rather than buying star names. Sir Alex, who must replace veterans Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs in midfield, has been linked with 7m Borussia Dortmund and Japan midfielder Shinji Kagawa and another Belgian star, Mousa Dembele, of Fulham, who is refusing to commit to a new contract at Craven Cottage. Tottenham were among the suitors for Hazard in the January transfer window but the fee and wages required have rocketed well beyond their scope. Hazard has expressed a desire to switch to the Premier League, indicating last week he would announce his decision tomorrow about which of the two Manchester clubs he would join. But clearly there would have to be a significant scaling down of his representative's demands before any such deal could go through and Chelsea's late move may swing the deal Abramovich's way. Read more:
I prefer Hulk to Hazard cos he is a beast and is hardworking, scores lots of goals and assists. We will need a player like him if Drogba will go...paying 175k for Hazard is a waste of money...i say get Hulk and Munian(Bilboa are willing to sell) to support Marin,Piazon and Ramirez on the wings and you will forget that Hazard ever existed....if we cant get Munian, Frei is another option or lets just swap Danny for Adam Johnson, i read somewhere that City are ready to sell him and Sunderland and Fulham have tabled bids
seen the spurs fans go nuts lol cant help but laugh at them :D whats even better is that due to thursday night channel 5 football they wont sign ***** all this window lol.... might even get a few players on the cheap. but honestly i dont want bale or mod they are over rated just like kyle walker. spurs the team of pretenders
Same here @sameX, prefer Hulk for same reasons you pointed out...
I know this is the way football is now but the way Hazard and his agent have handled this is absolutely deplorable. He is essentially hawking himself to the highest bidder out there like the football equivalent of a common prostitute. It dosent appeal to me at all..much as i feel he is the better player if we could get Hulk for about the same price i would also go with hulk and instead find someone else to be our central playmaker. Besides, his wage demands are so outlandish..he is good but not worth those sort of wages..i wish we had gone after Shaqiri when he was available for a fraction of the cost. The other question is how about Lucas moura as our playmaker target..he may actually be more accesible now that we can offer champions league football.
RadioactiveD, I am "lightened up!" When you lighten up to the point of total bliss, you can find laughter and mirth that is at no-one's expense.
Lucas Moura is still young and very raw. He needs sometime in Europe before he could be deemed ready for Chelsea and his price is almost the same as Hazard. Lucas needs a lot of development especially teamwork. He runs with his head to the grown and doesn't notice his players running alongside him. He is already on 70k a week in Brazil and he is just 19 and will cost around the same price as Hazard. As far as the value of Eden Hazard is concerned, Eden Hazard is just 21 years old and his season in Ligue 1 alone is 20 goals and 16 assists although 9 are penalties and 2 are free kicks. That is still 9 goals and 16 assists in Ligue 1. If we take a poll here, I am not sure how many CFC fans will be able to mention Lille's striker.....I think he is 2nd only to Mesut Ozil....surpassing the likes of Messi, Di Maria and co on the assist charts...I am sure a lot will agree Hulk has benefited from the likes of Falcao in his marvelous form last season. I agree with you guys that Hazard's salary is the stumbling block for me. But the fact that Chelsea's offer forced him to think twice about his offers from City and Man U is a good thing if you seriously think about it. From all I have read on this, the fees and salary offer are mostly the same. I think where we differ with others is probably the agency fee we pay which could sway this deal.
sorry guys but hazard will only cause problems and unrest if he gets 175k+ look for other targets
wow can you imagine an attacking midfield of hazard-mata-hulk with torres upfront well i can't
Has anyone actually read the full transcript of this Torres interview? The reason why it's been put out now is because we have just won the European Cup, which nobody wanted us to win, so they are trying to dampen the atmosphere. I take this as a positive, it shows to me that torres wants to succeed here, he has said that he has the owners support and the support of the fans, of which I am proud to be one, but what he doesn't have is the support of a squad behind him or for that matter the confidence of a manager. Torres is a player that thrives on confidence, if he doesn't have it then he struggles, but when he does have it boy he is one deadly finisher. All Torres wants to know is whether these things are going to be changed, as I said he came here to succeed, he just won a champions league and an FA Cup and has other trophys to win before he goes. Yes one player is not bigger than the club, but when you've cost 50million quid, you need to have support, he's annoyed that he hasn't played in an FA cup final or started the CL final, but I think that was always the plan, drogbas last season, feed the ego, let him go out on a high. Torres still has three years here, next season he will have to fill the big mans boots and make himself the big game player, but he ain't going to do that until the environment he has around him suits him. We have built a squad around drogba, played to his strengths now wee need to build one around Torres, if we have a little more faith in him and use his talents then we and he can take this club to even bigger heights. Positive more than a negative.
My only one thing I have against Torres is that he needs to man up against his former teams, he plays for Chelsea now we need him on the pitch, yes playing against your boyhood club in the super cup is gong to be difficult, but we are his club and he needs to help the team to win. That's my only problem with him.
I dont prefer Hazard. Not with a offer that matches the Manchester clubs. We should think we are still in champions league and so we need to adhere to the FFP rules. When we are looking ways to reduce the wage bill, this kind of offer is simply mindless. Also, looking at the players attitute, I dont him to play here. He seems to be interested in playing for the money rather than the club. i think the news is a tactics from the player and his agent so that they can extract the most from MANC...
how will mata feel is hazard comes n earns three times as him ??
175grand a wek for Hazzard?? what is the world turning into? any pay above hundred grand a week for that whoring footballer is ludicrous, he is only a budding talent, yet to play for any of Europe top clubs, his name has never being on the back of kits wearers in Asia and America. A great talent, yes, but not anywhere near the sort of money he is demanding.
absolutely Raybell. It is just ludicurous money he is demanding and everybody is using chelsea's link as the chance to improve their market value. We should ideally be targetting persons who actually love to play for the club in whichever competition the club participates and give his best....
Hazard is rapidly becoming a whore who wil show her a$$hole to anybody who gives more money..Eventhough he is really really good player i dont want us to bid for him and give the unnecessary high salary demands..We are not top dog anymore at the market and wage offers..I really dont want us to go on this route..Even if we decide to match city offer and salary then city wil come up with another offer and salary bump then he wil sing in another we need to make another offer..I really dont want CFC to chase stars stupidly with out any good out come..Neymar used us..Lucas moura used us..Now hazard is using us..There is lot of players on the level of hazard or just below the level of him they wil play for cfc with even with one foot...So we need to let go of this mentality of play station players ..
Great imaginations mate!
but if hazard went to city and score important goals or give important assists everybody will say wish we signed him bla bla bla stupid board i say sign him and prevent a second aguero Its not just about hazard mate..Its about how we move on to finish the deals quickly with out players using CFC or their current clubs using cfc to create a bidding war..City is going to bid more than what ever we put in in wages and transfer money..So its no brainier to go to a fight when money talks..Players dont care about history anymore mate..So hazard wil go to city..If looserpooll bid for hazard and we bid him in the same time then hazard wil come to us just bcz of opportunities to win titles and better wages..Its simple math..So i want our board to be intelligent by not getting in to unnecessary tussle with selling clubs and city etc..All i want is CFC to be go for good players who could become great in a season or 2 with out spending obscene money..Hazard is going to cost atleast 30M and he is already asking for a salary even higher than FL JT FT etc..Mata is on the 60K/week..Hazard asking for 170k/w..So by signing him we wil alienate our entire dressing room..Not only hazard is still young he is yet to be proven at EPL..Anyway lets see how our board is going to move about the manager and players..
Lets forget about Hazard, he will not come to Chelsea, he will go to City as Sir Alex does not like players that are money seeking....Hulk should be our main target, he has 21 goals and 14 assists in 38 apperances this season, he is skillful, strong,quick and unselfish, he will create alot of goals for Torres....And if Hazard goes to City Johnson will be free to go, we can sell Danny and use the funds to get him as backup for Marin in LW with Hulk and Ramirez@RW......get Jovetic(0518m) to replace DD.....Torres,Jovetic,Lukaku @CF will be devastating......swap Essien for Fellaini 15m and Raul 17m for Moutinho and we have [Fellaini-Moutinho][Mikel-Lamps][Romeu-Josh] as 3 solid double pivot pairings....Mata & Debryune @ CAM....release Bossman and and offer Paulo to QPR, get Isla and Promote Kane
Jovetic for 18m*
Good reading :D I'm sure he was gutted when Drogba scored that last pen! He hates Chelsea and english football!! Now we are the champions of Europe! Suck on that Mr. Platini!
WOW Samex! Agree with you!
Yes Samex...Agreed on ur wishlist...I would also add Munian for CAM positio...
well we all know Hazard is a very good player but if his demanding for a crazy wages please we should let him go alot of good players out there and potential to be a great one... i watch montepiller yesterday and i saw belhanda play very well why can't we go for the guy and then get willian or hulk and other players like modric type and our wings and Cm will be alright... running after this money hole hazard is just HAZARDDDD
Torres interviewed during the parade on the bus yesterday and said "the best is yet to come." Doesnt sound like he is off to me! (SSN)
Who saw/read Lukaku's interview, his comments about AvB?
Mata and Debruyne will be okay for CAM,,,and Kakuta can also play there, but i think the board will give him one more season on loan @Dijon....i also like Munian but i think he is more of a winger than a CAM and i think we need a taller and strong winger to complement for Marin and Mata's size.....btw, if we are to sell Danny he should be replaced with another English player and Johnson fits the bill...Johnson can be like Hazard if given the support, i have seen what the lad can do, he is skillful,creative,fast and scores goals....Victor Moses,Frei,Jarvis are other options
What were his comment @Dannism
Just read it @Dannism, I really feel Lukaku's pain. AVB was too harsh in dealing with players, extremely poor man management, I hope he has learnt some lesson....
Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku still furious with Andre Villas-Boas | Football News |
'I will never forget the previous manager for what he did to me, the way he treats me, and talk to me'- Lukaku.
And i think he has improved since then....
Please can someone help me out....are we going to play play-off to get into the group stage of the champions league for next season?
It'll be interesting to see how AvB fares on his next job, he thinks players are robots. I read Mikel's comment, how AvB isolated him since his costly mistake against Liverpool in the league, Alex also complained about how AvB hated his style of play. The Group One, lmao.
Lol @Dannism
He won't let us defend it next year.He will make sure that we don't defend the bloody thing.
Disrespecting or blaming managers personal shortcoming has become a recurring phenomenon, everyone want to have ago, even Lukaku, the attitude has become contagious, the young ones are learning from the masters. Torres just came out to announce the club did not treat him well - yea the same Torres that could not score to save his life when Drogba was away in Africa. Lukaku a player I like very much just like Torres has not shown any display to justify the huge amount paid by the club to get him.
Raybell.Lets be patient with Lukaku.He will improve.But this Torres thing has disturbed me to a great extent.I love Torres but he disappointed me after his comments.
*for personal
Do we still need Modric?? When there are better options in Javi Martinez and Moutinho, and their clubs are ready to sell....
Platini will make sure that there's another referee like Tom Henning Overebo to feck us next year.I am sure pretty sure we won't be allowed to defend the CL even if we are at our best.
cfc250, honestly I really like the boy and that he is still young and have long yrs ahead of him is more reason why I just don't want him to learn the wrong stuff from the seniors.
Not forgetting that if you pay silly wages and you need to move the player on (Tevez, Adebayor) there are few or sometimes no club that is prepared to take on the player meaning you are stuck with someone who is taking money better spent on someone else and who is at best contributing little to the team and at worst poisoning the dressing room and causing trouble.
blueleader01 also sad about his comments but Anelka,Alex,Mikel,Lamps,Torres also complained about AVB, he was just poor in man management and it seriously affected the teams performance, they were not interested in playing for him anymore......Avb is supposed to know that young players need plenty of support and care for them to make it, instead he was killing Lukaku's confidence no wonder Lukaku's performance was s**t compared to what we saw against Liverpool and Blackburn, he has improved tbh...
SameX.After we win the CL,our party time gets distracted by this Torres thing.Oh!My goodness!Can't these players enjoy the CL and just shut up?
Who care Platini day? I'm still drunk celebrating the UCL cup over the weekend. I'm calling in sick today.
Imagine Torres complaining he was not allowed to play penalty kick in Munich, same Torres refused to play peno when his team was leading a game by 2goals, who would blame RDM for stopping him to play a peno at the most precious moment of the club's existence.
Hazard is not as exciting as u people think....We should get munian to partner marin at LW....KDB can partner mata with davila too....We only need a RB and a RW to complement iva and rammy...Just 3 more quality players at cheap prices.
Agree with Desmond.No need to get him.Moreover,he will cost us a lot of money.And his attitude does not seem to be good.
@Desmond....we also need a quality, creative and mobile CM like Martinez or Moutinho to replace Raul....and a solid young DM like Felleini or Witsel to replace Essien....btw, Munian is good but his tag is 0522m, better alternative will be Victor Moses who is as good as Munian, he is the best dribbler in the Epl, he is creative,pacy, scores goals and can put in beautiful crosses and he wont cost more than 0515m...he and Marin for LW.....just get Hulk to challenge Ramirez @RW and we are set for next season
essienic: though you lack a sense of humor, I should thank you for giving me a good laugh.
Yea samex....We should consider victor too...Young,fast and technical
I want MQ to pay his wager with Desmond. I await eagerly that Desmond confirms MQ has paid it LMAO @ MQ - what a loser.
why didn't we go for Belhanda i watch his game yday for montepiller and he was immense, he can also solve our mid-field issue and then probably willian for the winger job cos im tired for this hazard bidding war i don't want him coming here to make 170k/wk when mata only making 60k we have to open our brain dis time for FFP

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