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The El nino interview

Yesterday was a historic day in the history of our club as we all know but less than 24 hours after that epic victory in Munich, Fernando Torres gave an interview to Guillerm Balague essentially whining about his lack of playing time etc etc etc.

I wont bore you with the details, anyone who hasn't read it already can easily google it on the internet. Please don't get me wrong, those who know me will acknowledge that while I never felt signing Torres was the right move for Chelsea FC (and certainly not at the price we paid for him) I have always loved the guy from his Atletico Madrid days and have always been looking out for ways to make his time as blue productive and mutually beneficial.

El Nino is one of the most beloved blues and this is despite the fact that he really has little body of achievements as a blue to justify it. I just feel we should be consistent and call a spade a spade, this interview was very ill timed and the things he said in the interview are the sort of things that should be discussed in private with coaching and administrative staff not in the tabloid press.

That is just the truth, anyone trying to defend this action from Torres is just being hypocritical. Would we be as forgiving if this had been Lamps moaning, we all know how Lamps has been brutally abused for the way he publicly handled his poor relationship with AVB (and I said along with others that Lamps should have done better than that and kept his mouth shut from the media), would we be as forgiving if this were Danny Sturridge?

We all know how hard many of us have been on the lad for asking publicly either by himself or through his dad to play in the central striking role. Would we have been so forgiving if Drogs had behaved this way? Look back to how the Drogs has handled himself since Torres has arrived, he has had to spend substantive time on the bench with Carlo, AVB and with RDM, never once has the Drogs complained to the media.

That is how a pro conducts himself, he makes the case for his inclusion by proving his worth on the pitch. Torres has been with us for just about 1.5 yrs and now already has two high level trophies, more than he had in his Liverpool days. He has Champions League football to look forward to next year. He can reasonably expect to have some high level reinforcements join us to make his job next year easier. He is paid handsomely and the majority of the blue nation fans adore him despite his really suboptimal output as a goal scorer for us thus far.

It is easy for El nino to blame Chelsea and our poor midfield for his problems but his form for La Roja has not be scintillating either and it would not surprise me if Vincente Del Bosque who is like a second father to the lad is forced to leave him of the Euros squad just because of his lack of form. The tone his interview had was essentially one of calling out the coaching staff and administration and asking for guaranteed playing time irrespective of his form and this barely one day after the club wins the Champions League!

This is ridiculous and wont win him any friends among his team mates or with the management staff, this is not how to go about this sort of things and I would think after the big mess he made of an interview earlier in the season when he essentially referred to his veteran team mates in unflattering terms he would have learnt his lesson.

For the record as my posts show I felt Torres should have started in the final along with Drogs. I once wrote an article suggesting he be given penalty duties, I feel he has improved quite a bit and has a place in our future but he needs to stop this very annoying habit of always crying to the media when he feels all is not going well for him, he needs to focus on competing for his place by his performance and effort on the pitch and when he has grievances discuss them with the powers that be man to man behind closed doors, not aired in the media to embarrass the club, undermine your team mates and put a very sour flavor to what should be the most unalloyed joyous occasion for our club.

Finally El nino be patient, you don't even have 2 years of history under your belt, you don't even have 20 goals scored as a blue and you now want to call the coaching staff and board out in the media, mate get real, you haven't earned the right!

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The Journalist

Writer: GabeU Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 21 2012

Time: 1:01PM

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Period!...i just hope a single ill timed interview does not lead to his exit...
He's angry he didn't start against Bayern Munich which is understandable. Still he played an important role to win the corner which led to Drogba's goal.
Drog of War
Doesn't seem to be much proof, is there a video or audio of the interview or just his word?
in the parade, when interview Torres said " the best has yet to come" , so definitely his interview with Guilem Ballague yesterday was more emotion type of interview because he only came on at 85th minute, and btw yesterday he looks fine in the parade, he was laughing and cheering, though i agree with you he needs to be proffesional in his interview
i would have been *****ed too if a player who has not even played in any champions league games for us and has pretty much zero experience played instead of me who the club payed Ł50 million for and who has been playing bloodywell(my opinion there) of late!! with ramires out torres should have started simple. did you see how he helped out in defence too? he tracked back when needed, plus we looked so much more dangerous once he was on the field too. im pretty sure drogba will be gone in the summer and that torres will be told he will be the number one striker at the club.
"@F8Piraux: Drogba quitte Chelsea ! L'Ivoirien l'a annoncé ŕ ses coéquipiers. Vraiment triste d'écrire ce tweet... via FranceFootball. #CFC #Drogba". "@F8Piraux: Didier Drogba leaves Chelsea... via FranceFootball. Very sad news for Blues ! #CFC @Princelinho10". "@F8Piraux: Foot - Transferts : : Drogba quitte Chelsea via @lequipe". "@F8Piraux: @KAKUfrank Two newspapers FranceFootball and l'Equipe give this information in France. I think is serious. Drogba say that last night." English Press: "@CarloFan: Didier Drogba to swap one football-mad billionaire for another: Chelsea star set for move to China #CFC"
Torres also said this at the end, which everyone seems to have missed: "But in the end I could participate and offer the team something. I'm really happy."
Torres may be frustrated with his Chelsea career so far, but this looks as though he has been tucked-up by that self-publicising weasel Guilem Ballague.
Far from a Torres apologist I kind of sympathise with him, you feel if Drogba got his contract extension it would not matter how good Torres form was Drogba would be the automatic choice in a final.
The guy has gone mental...a day after his most successful season in Club football, he moans. What an ass!
blueklaw in the parade he also mention "the best has yet to come" so i'm positive 100% he is staying, beside lately 2012 he has been performing brilliant, and after he come on he fares better than Kalou and Malouda combine, so yeah of course he was dissapointed (i'm looking from general/neutral view?
and don't forget he volunteer to take the penalty but RDM refuse to give it to him, so yeah i understand his dissapointment
Torres also made the Euros. I will advise all chelsea fans to go the Balague's website and read the full transacript of his interview and when you do, then comment on the Torres interview.
Anarchy, but Drogba delivers. Torres doesn't.
@anarchy, per the french and english media, Drogba has announced to the teammates his departure
I didn't want Torres when he came just because Poo wanted to get rich off us and were holding us ransom for what they were asking. Now that he's at the club and we did pay so much money for him we should have played him more this season (I blame AVB) to get some return. However Drogba's performance in the final could not been faulted. But I feel if Torres were allowed more game time during to season he would have been more sharp and been in contention to start the final.
The guy was speaking form the heart. Hes a world class player signed for 50 million he wants to play. Yes we won the ifnal but i would have strated him on th right not taking anythign away from kalou and bertrand. I'm at a peak moment in my career, with more desire and hunger than I've felt in a long time, but I've had to spend the final on the bench. "It was a huge disappointment when I saw the line-up, perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life. I thought I would play in this game and I couldn't imagine not doing so." This is a type of player i want playing for my club!!!
Kaku Torres hasnt made the Euro's yet. It was only the squad for their 2 friendlies. The team is yet to be named!
Hey guys, the interview was in Spanish and may be some meaning is lost in translation. I found a skysport interview of Torres (in English). He said that Drogba scored a great goal and he is disappointed that he didn’t start but the main thing is to win, so it doesn’t matter who plays. He also said that he knows not every player could start and he is happy for Bertrand because Bertrand is a great player and a great guy. He also said that this is a very difficult season because no one believe in us and the fans deserve more. The mood of this interview is the total opposite to the one he gave in Spanish. So watch it with your own eyes here.
I am Number 7
The problem with Torres is he needs good service and we havent been able to provide it for him or any of our strikers this season....its no coincidence that no one managed 20+ goals for us this season. I think a couple of wingers (already have one in marin) and an attacking midfielder is needed to bring some creativity for torres and I know he can grab us 30+ goals next season. Similarly a few must leave this season such as malouda, one out of essien or mireles, Kalou and drogba maybe!
Lamps spoke to the media and he got "what he wanted" so too Torr-mentor (I understand and support him 100%)
Have to admit that as a Torres fan I am slightly disappointed and let down by his comments but hey, it's been an emotional few days, months even so let's just put it behind us and move on. I hope he stays and if he does, I truly believe that the best is yet to come. We have seen glimpses, he still has it and with his confidence back and Didier probably leaving, now is Fernando's time to shine. FORZA CHELSEA, FORZA EL NINO!!!
watch the interview that i am number 7 posted, it was also after the match, the same as he Guilem Ballague interview, the difference he's talking in English,
Guys I think Torres was angry that EDM did not let him take a penalty when he offered. Imagine cole, hibbing Luiz and even Cahill were ahead of him. You can not blame him for getting emotionally angry. I have watched his body language in the celebrations after the game and at the parade and there were no signs of a player that looks disgruntled and when Torres is disgruntled he shows it
well well. not even chelsea could get negative publicity on a day like yesterday... or could we. in steps mr. torres with his mouth piece mr. ballsaga. here is the player that the fans stuck by ridgedly when he couldn't hit a barn door in mid season under AVB. disapoints me.. he prob should have started on the right instead of kalou but who am i to question RDM on the back of what's just happened us. am on an unbelievable high and there's no sign of coming down yet! what a feeling. wheeeey!
@Chelsea44 Right. Everyone should watch the Skysport interview with Torres and compare it with the interview with Guilem Ballague.
I am Number 7
Guys..i am not saying Torres does not have a point..he does..again i actually picked him in my starting line up for the match..the issue is this..and it goes for all Chelsea players..they need to stop using the media as their platform to air is very unprofessional and it lets other team mates in on things they should not be privy to as it may create bad blood in the side. Kalous is probably leaving but you can imagine how he would feel about this..also Bertrand may also be feeling that Torres is pouting because he was a starter while torres wasnt..this kind of thing does not help team dynamics period!!! If this nonsense is not curbed it could ultimately lead to chaos...if every player is to use the media to pout and moan every time things dont go their way can you imagine how the team will look. There needs to be clear club policy regarding what players can talk about in interviews as part of their contract terms. This is one reason why i love coaches like Jose and Capello..and SAF...any player doing this sort of thing on a side they coach will eat bench for a very long time ...who ever they are!!!
Its simple, Drogba must go for him to fulfill his potential, no pressure from the bench, Drogs is 34, we must look at what happened to ac milan and liverpool. The old guard must be moved on. We need a new era. U heard lampard's interview, he said the old guard is not finnished yet and that they must keep the old guard together. The board must not buy that crap.
Fernando Torres is the Forrest Gump of football. He keeps turning up on the big stage when medals are being handed out after contributing very little - World Cup, Champions League, FA Cup. He has improved this season - it would have been hard not to - but really he's just a more expensive version of Salomon Kalou, he should be delighted to be on the bench for a club like Chelsea.
LoL @COBHAMBLUE...Torres is my fav player, don't say that else I ask Merlin to ban you
here , celebration at the parade, you could clearly see nothing wrong with the lad, btw every chelsea fans must watch this, this is amazing!!
My instinctive reaction to the interview when I read it yesterday was that Torres was just feeling emotional. This is a guy who--to be perfectly fair--has improved over the past few months. He really has. He didn't feature in the FA Cup final; he didn't start in the CL final. He's competitive and he wants to play. Only the luckiest of players make a CL final. I doubt Torres ever expected to be selected over DD; I'm sure he felt rejected when Ryan was selected, though. Even though RDM's tactics were effective, to be fair we also never looked like scoring until Torres came on. I don't approve of the timing of his interview but I don't look at his words as a betrayal to the club or as an insult to the CL win. This is a top player who wanted to play. If he was complacent about not starting, that would be more worrying. And anyway, it looks like he'll get his wish if DD is in fact leaving for China.
why would he take a penalty? He never took them at athletico nor at liverpool and never for Spain. let the players that take pens regularly or b4 like drog or lampard. mata and luiz have also taken pens this year. whilst ashley cole scored in an fa cup final sootout and now 2 CL finals
There are multiple reports suggesting that Drogs has said his farewells to his team mates and is leaving chelsea..apparently for China and maybe to join us with his pal Nico anelka but i have said this before and will reiterate it Drogs leaves, Chelsea is playing with fire if we dont go into the market to get a proven, currently in form 20-30 goal a season it Cavani, Falcao, Higuan, Hulk think that El Nino can carry the scoring load for this team on his present form is very dangerous..go ask Inter how they fared when they lost Eto and thought Pazzini would be enough coupled with an aging Diego Millito. I could care less about El ninos feelings on this..Chelsea needs to do what is best for the team..a forward line of El Nino and sturridge as our only true striking options (clearly Kalou is also out the door) will not get us the BPL title and frankly i doubt will get us a top 4 finish in next years BPL..let us be wise and not act on sentiments unfounded in reality. Beyond El Nino simply not being in top form at the moment we must not forget the lessons this season has taught us about having poor squad depth..Our double winning squad under Carlo (when we last won the BPL) had for strikers; Anelka, Drogs, Sturridge, Kalou and an in form Malouda. That is 5 strong not to mention the goals we got from the likes of Deco, Ballack etc..we would be more than foolish to think with the BPL much improved and with far more credible threats in the gunners, City, ManU, Newcastle and even Spurs that we can keep pace with just two strikers neither of whom is currently in great form.
and at 2:42 in the celebration, i saw one of my incidence
Wrote a similar article and agree with you GabeU. Only consolation is that the comments don't seem as bad in context. He didn't actually call the final one of the worst moments of his career - but the period before when he was playing badly.
i agree with Gabeu, bring in Cavani, he will be much more easier than Falcao( he just move) and no UCL for Napoli, than as Hazard seems to be toying with all EPL club which makes me sick, just leave him if he don't want to be with us, get someone like Lavezzi/Hulk, much more better and good thing we're having proper winger next season
Not letting Torres take that penalty was probably the best decision RDM took that night. Imagine the scene - he would have been facing Neuer, an expert at shootouts. If Torres missed, that would have spelled the end for RDM, the CL and Torres himself. Can you imagine the headlines? The press would have had a field day, feasting over the carcass of our CL hopes and that of Torres' confidence. The pundits would have torn into RDM for letting Torres take a penalty, knowing well that he's just come on half an hour ago (an excuse peddled by one Mr. Anelka). As for Torres, the poor bloke would have never recovered, the club's own fans would be on him in a flash and for his Chelsea career he would be always remembered as a 50M flop who cost us the chance at CL glory. Scary, innit?
RadioactiveD, I really don't know what all the fuss is about, and we don't need to worry about 'lost in translation' because he said how disappointed he was not to start the final and how he expected to start, to Sky Sports, in English, immediately after the match whilst he was still standing on the pitch at the Allianz Arena celebrating the win.
The issue with torress is that he's always been the star of the show from his athletico days to his Liverpool days but in Chelsea he I guess you all know that story.... So try understanding
One day, years from now, They’ll talk about him bullying helpless defenders in the air, using his incredible strength to win balls on the ground. They’ll mention a couple spectacular goals, this year’s against Tottenham maybe. They’ll talk about his overall career and legacy, the influence he has in his native country. A disgruntled opponent’s fan will poke fun at his tendecy to embellish contact. But then, a Chelsea fan will start to say something, but will stop. He’ll clear his throat, flustered, and look down at the ground. The other conversationists will tell him so spit it out. And he’ll describe a rather pedestrian goal, by Drogba’s standards, that made history and changed Didier’s life. The run towards near-post, the mid-air twist we’re so used to seeing from Drogs, the speeding ball that was destined to go in, and Neuer’s hilarious save attempt. He’ll move onto the penalty. Cooly slotting it home. And by the time he remembers the image of Drogba with the trophy, a tear or two will have run down his cheek. And as he gasps for air and grasps for adjectives to describe the beloved Drogba, one will stick out in his mind. Legendary.
blueklaw, well said. It's a cruel world but the picture you paint is pretty much how it would have played out if Torres had missed a penalty.
ya gabeu but there's something about to open called the transfer window and we have been know to spend a few bob there before. do you seriously think we'd start the season with torres ans sturridge as our only 2 options upfront? i wouldn't mind but your postings normally make great reading....
I hope he doesn't go as Didier is clearly leave with big money move, but if he really leave I can't blame him. Chelsea bought a striker that didn't fit with it's style of play, we as a fans maybe support him till death but the board clearly didn't support him by not bought a player that would help him score the goal. But recently from our kind of signing it looks like the type that will help Fernando score the goal. So I wouldn't want him to leave as we will definitely lose Didier. Btw this timing of the interview is sick, we just won the CL and he looks like ungrateful with what he had achieve, actually it's understandable but we just won the 'HOLY GRAIL' and he complained about that? I hope it's just media hype not the actual Torres interview
The full interview puts perspective on some quotes published out of context by the media. Before such judgement calls are made, i urge you all to read it.
@maka4chelsea, I have asked all to leave the Sky Sports manuscript and go to Guillem's website directly and read everything. Remember this was even before the Chelsea parade yesterday and Torres singing on the bus with Luiz does not sound like what soccernet, sun and skysports have written which is why I urge everyone to read what Torres said in his interview with Guillem.
its so shocking... been supporting him all the while he has been at chelsea..and he should have been disappointed but to go all out in the media less than a day after your club wins UCL shows how much he cares about the club chelsea.. i want him sold ..period..go fek off to wherever u want to outside the pl asssholee
kaku maybe ud be so kind to post the link here?
@ kakufrank don't need to read the manuscript like I said looking at torres body language when celebrating after the game and at The parade tells me he wants to stay and the media has blown this way out if proportion!
Torres is just jealous of Didier and that he is getting all the attention. He knows his silly interview will direct attention to him. If Didier did not equalize, there wont be any penalty for the buffoon to talk about not taking. I hope we buy Cavani or Falcao and let go of the attention seeking sulking girly boy who reaps out of others success. He won world cup he did not contribute in and now he won Champions league he did not contribute in. For those talking of his goal against Barca, even if he did not score, we would have still gone through.
Torres is just jealous of Didier and that he is getting all the attention. He knows his silly interview will direct attention to him. If Didier did not equalize, there wont be any penalty for the buffoon to talk about not taking. I hope we buy Cavani or Falcao and let go of the attention seeking sulking girly boy who reaps out of others success. He won world cup he did not contribute in and now he won Champions league he did not contribute in. For those talking of his goal against Barca, even if he did not score, we would have still gone through.
@bluemillionaire What about his assist against Benfica and his 2 assists against Bayer Leverkusen? What about his 2 goals against Genk? And yes, his goal against Barca put the game to bed. I do not agree with his actions but let's not be myopic in our opinions
Yeah guys read the whole interview on the guy's website. It's not that bad, but him demanding to get an answer from the board what is his role is going to be next season didn't need to be said.
@slash_blue, here is the link to the full manuscript to the interview: Guillem was the one who reported this and if you follow him on twitter, he MADE IT CLEAR Torres was not moaning. Here are his tweets: Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague Interview took place after the game. The whole piece will show a guy happy/wounded. At the same time. Like most of us are often I guess. Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague I found Fernando Torres troubled, wounded. Nobody wants to hear this,but he is a young man under lots of pressure. The rest in my web later. Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague Torres: there’s been many times when I’ve felt lost, I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt like I didn’t know where I belonged. Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague Torres: And especially to the fans, if it hadn’t been for them this season I would have given up. There are some of the tweets that came out before the interview took place.
I read Gulliem's Website and Whatever the case we are celebrating the biggest trophy of our History and the fool is talking about himself. He was signed for five years so he should have known he was a long term project. He can go back to Athletico madrid. He cant even play better than Kalou for those saying he should have been ahead of Kalou.
I read Gulliem's Website and Whatever the case we are celebrating the biggest trophy of our History and the fool is talking about himself. He was signed for five years so he should have known he was a long term project. He can go back to Athletico madrid. He cant even play better than Kalou for those saying he should have been ahead of Kalou.
ok reading the entire interview doesnt change a lot .. im so sure his agent asked him to do get noticed for the euros/force a move away..this had to be deliberate on part of torres .. tell me what purpose does this serve -tell the media he is going to ask the board about what he is going to do next season? what except for the fact that he wants the world to know he is in top form n should be selected for euros ? doesnt look good when you read it a fan.. im disappointed !!!!
Whatever the case is, it is not a hidden secret Chelsea is chasing Falcao. Both parties in FT9 and Chelsea have tried to get the relationship working, but for one reason or the other it has not worked. The only thing left now is to hope we realize some decent value for him IF we do sell him. We are pretty much taking a gamble on whether he will be able to put the ball in the back of the net consistently which quite frankly has not happened till date SINCE HE JOINED. The cost to get Falcao will be humongous, but Falcao is worth it. The other issue we have is who do you sell Torres to IF we indeed decide to sell and whether we will get good value. The summer transfer window has up to 10 strikers (by choice and not by choice) hitting the market: Berbatov, Lewandoski, Pato, Lavezzi, Falcao, Higuain, Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko, RVP, Drogba (who has gone according to a lot of people) etc...
@bluemillionaire wtf are you talking about. the only goal we scored came from a corner that torres won. what did kalou do entire 83 mins when he was on the pitch. torres has not played well at the club but dont talk rubbish like kalou is better than him. just look at the stats before you say anything.
Torres cost Carlo Ancelotti his job as He was starting him Ahead of the Drog, He cost AVB his job as he couldnt hit a barn door even though AVB persisted. He wanted to cost RDM his job but RDM refused and now he is sulking. His goals against Genk and what have you were not game defining goals. Anyone else could have done that. With the way we played the final, if Torres started ahead of the Drog, he wouldn't have seen the ball at all. You can call me Myopic but I have had enough of the selfish girly boy who soured our celebrations.
Kalou has not lost any of the 26 games he featured in this season. that should tell you something about him.
Kalou has not lost any of the 26 games he featured in this season. that should tell you something about him. Kalou helped in defending. He helped bosingwa. Torres cannot defend for the 83 mins, Kalou was helping to defend.
Storm in a tea cup
ten men
@Humza_96 He was Atleti's captain and he used to take penalties for them. What is wrong in asking for an explanation? He was our second best playmaker this season where either he or mata were creating goals for us. He has come to play as a striker but nobody is ready to assist him. Players just arent ready to pass the ball forward instead they keep on passing sideways. Torres thrives on quick passing and ball to his feet. He was often seen wandering in the wings and out of the box was purely because he wanted to get involved. He did not moan like Slo Mo or Lamps mid season, he maintained a dignified silence and kept working like a thorough professional and this is the only time he spoke about his playing role in the entire season which was after Chelsea's last game. And mind you even Messi won't score until you give him the ball.
San Medu
@bluemillionaire lol i never compared DD with torres. and also i never said that torres should have started. your comparison of torres and kalou is what irked me. also if you say that torres got ancelotti sacked i would suggest you check the form of chelsea before torres arrived and after he arrived. it was the injuries to lampard and AFCON which costed us. torres has not settled at the club and not justified the top dollar paid for him. whether he should stay at the club it is for the management to decide. but if it was to decide whether torres or kalou should be kept no wonder i would keep torres. kalou has been at the club for 6 seasons and still not been able to cement his position. given he is played out of position but 6 seasons is a hell lot of time
Been celebrating the past 2 nights and have just read the interview. The fact is Torres has had a torrid start to his Chelsea career but after seeing him in the victory parade and reading that he can´t wait to play against Atletico. I believe he is not contemplating leaving.
Lol @ bluemillionaire. I haven't seen you say a good word about anybody but the players you like.
go watch his parade that i post the link and his interview first, stop moaning and bitching around people
Torres pls shut the feckup u were playing rubbish under Avb and waltzing out of position ...RDM gave him a new lease of life....But when it came to whats best for chelsea well he chose chelsea over u,why dont u play well in the friendlies,get into the euro squad....Play well in the euros and lets take it 4rm there....Guys? Aint bamford ready for the first team?
I think that there are several factors at play in the interview: 1. semantics...different cultures and languages translate differently, 2. Emotions...Torres wanted to give more than he was allowed to, 3. He's a competitor and felt that he was kept out of the battle. I wholeheartedly agree that this constant queue of professional athletes going to the media to air their unhappiness is somewhere between silly and absurd, but it seems that it's the way things are today what with all the "social media". I don't like it, but I don't like those big things hanging out of peoples ear lobes either. The fact is, in the match, Torres was a very significant reason we scored as he won the single corner kick that we had. He was also the single player that seemed to cause any concern for the Bayern defence, and quite possibly he should have been awarded a pen in the first overtime for his getting knocked-over in the Bayern area (questionable, but a certain talking point had we lost the match). RDM's choice of Mata taking a pen was curious since he's missed more than he's made for us (as I recall) and he was obviously exhausted. I have to believe that Torres could very well have started and offered far more than Kalou did during his spell on the pitch and I have to believe he would have been a better choice than Mata to take that first penalty kick. Regardless, we won and to those that really know the game his value on Saturday in terms of what he did to help us win far exceeded several players who saw far more time on the pitch. His time will come...just give him 2-3 players alongside who can actually visualize and deliver some decent serves now and then.
@KAKU.Do you mean to say that the gutter media is making a mockery out of it?
i just read the interview on his site and it sounds worse there than what the papers are msaking of it! jesus a lot worse. sounds like theres been talks for a long while between the club and torres about his future,from this i reckon he will be off to psg or madrid ina swap with falcao. everything does not appear to seem very well between the club and player
I love Torres but if he really said that,then he should apologise or feck off.
Torres is a professional who doesn't complained about how his season has gone in midseason but at the end. He spoke the truth at the end of the season, it tells u the pain he has suppressed not to destroy the teams season. What didn't Drogba do when Mourinho was sacked. U pathetic fans forget things so easily. El Nino is the future.
guys just half an hou ago i saw a program on star sports called score tonight at 9 pm in india. they were showing the pictures of parade and our celebration. they showed the video of torres really getting angry when he was told he will not be taking penalty. from his face he clearly felt that situation like an insult. he was devastated. and i think in that emotion he got caught by that reporter and gave the interview. but after that they showed the video of torres being interviewd on the bus in the parade. he was really happy. kissing and biting his gold medal and said "this is great really, this is just the start and more trophies will flow. and best is yet to come". now the judgement is yours.
@Champion Blue.Score Tonight?I think they will show the same thing on Sportscenter Asia at 10:30 p.m.I will see there.
He accomplished what he came here for-to win the champions league-and now he starts whining.I do not think that a proffessional players nowadays could be such a ****s-he is being paid 170K per week+the bonuses without doing ANYTHING and he dares to complain.Bearing in mind how many poor people there is in this world who will give everything to be on his plays for one fecking day.That,ladies and gentlemen,is insolence.
of course there have been talks with torres because he played badly 90% of the time. But for me the team is not built for Torres it is built for Drogs. Same for sutton when he was here. square peg for a round hole!
@cfc250, I am not saying so. I am just appealing to everyone to interpret it the way they see fit. Guillem admitted this interview was done right after the game and I can bet my ass, the interview was likely conducted in Spanish between the 2 of them. As every bi-lingual person knows, things can be taken out of context when you translate your local language to English. Guillem also stated that he did not appear to be sulking throughout, but appeared as a broken and disappointed player. Guillem may have taken advantage of the moment and interviewed him, but I agree FT9 goofed and should have kept his yap shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we need better players upfront with torres.... our wingers are not gd enough. Real Madrid play the same formation as we do but they look a lot more dangerous because of ronaldo and di maria on the wings with so much pace. Ozil = mata... khedira and alonso = our lamps and mikel. if you get what i'm saying. we just need 2 devastating wingers to compete and aid torres. P.s we need new RB too lol
I don't like him. Plays awfully bad on the field (please any of you Torres lovers, don't protect him. If you had put Sturridge's form over the whole season into Torres, you would love him more than you do now. But many of you Torres lovers hate Sturridge...). He has also embarrassed the club on and off the field. He acts so childish. THE BIGGEST WASTE IN FOOTBALLING he's worse than that...THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY + TIME + EFFORT IN THE HISTORY OF ANY SPORT. That's my humble opinion...
I'd be mightily p***d off as well...He could have done a better job than Kalou did so why not play him?..he did'nt start in the FA cup final..ok Drogs is the man in big games I know but there was room for Nando
G - When you were brought on, you got involved, you ran for every ball.

FT - It´s contradictory because I feel like I´m at a peak moment in my career, with more desire and hunger than I´ve felt in a long time, but I´ve had to spend the final on the bench. It was a huge disappointment when I saw the line-up, perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life. I thought I would play in this game and I couldn´t imagine not doing so. But in the end I could participate and offer the team something. I´m really happy.

G - What have you learned this season?

FT - This season I have felt things that I never had before. I´ve felt like they treated me in a way that I didn´t expect, not in the way that was spoken of when they signed me. We´ve had a lot of talks and we´ll talk about my future at the end of the season because the role I´ve had this season is not for me, nor is it the one I expected to play when I came here. I´m not comfortable. A victory like this one against Munich does compensate, but I want them to tell me what is going to happen in the future. Football has been fair on us, on me. Now I do feel like football is worth it but I´ve been through a difficult time. The worst in my career. And I don´t want to go through it again.

G - And what does it depend on?

FT - I don´t know. There have been a lot of ups and downs, there´s been many times when I´ve felt lost, I wasn´t sure what to do. I felt like I didn´t know where I belonged. I´m eternally grateful to my family who have been by my side and also for the support of the owners who have stuck by me. And especially to the fans, if it hadn´t been for them this season I would have given up.

G - So, what would be the ideal situation for you next season?

FT - For someone to tell me what is going to happen and what sort of role I will have within the team, what my duties are, what they expect of me and then judge whether it is worth it.
I can understand his frustration but he should've said it privately with management.
Let me tell you something Torres ! Liverpool destroyed us, when u were playing up front. Thats why you were left out!! Thats why you didnt take penalty, thats why DD is the best forward We ever had!Perform and show us what u r capable of and why we bought you from Liverpool dude! I like you but sometimes you r so immature .... and annoying. We r Chelsea not Liverpool or Spain. You have to learn how to attack from defending position Torres. When we had DD up front in FA cup final we won. When we had you up front next game in Liverpool we lost and were destroyed.. Think about your actions twice before to say something like this!
tbh i was gutted when I did'nt see torres name on the sheet. He is arguably the most talented player in the team and for 85mins we paid for not having his attacking presence and it almost cost us the CL...when he came on, we scored from his attacking enthusiams. I don't think he was malishes in his interview he just expressed his dissappointment like many of you do day-to-day on vital (including myself). This guy is brilliant and a final guru, I'm glad he is part of this team but in a way I feel for him not giving the oppertunity to make a greater contribution
Slippy G-19
Slippy G-19
Chelsea r not about only you, you have your teammates and your fans.. Chelsea r Kings of Europe because you have such teammates who can make difference. You will become good player like DD and will have all those trophies if you r serious about this club and fans. We've been supporting you from the start and now your saying your not happy? WTF DUDE?
I suggest people also watch the interview with Ron gourlay on sky sports news. Seems to me that the whole thing has been blown up, and I don't think there will be any talks about this or that. Torres is the future for the next 3 years, get a squad that makes him tick and he can still win us things. The fact that didier will probably be going, the fact also that RDM won't get the job as much as I and you would love him too, means there's really nothing for anyone to be talking to anyone about. Torres won't leave, as he says he still has Roman's and the fans support.
@kaku.. completely agree. the interviewer was quite smart there. guys if you read the question sequentially, you can realise that torres was caught in an emotional dillema. and guys get over it. the issue has no substance what so ever. buck has been interviewed after that quite a few times. and if this torres issue had any substance to it, i am sure buck would have been questioned regarding this. just calm down. he has said about playing against athletico. so he will stay and he is dreaming about it. and also. many people are saying that we started slashing sturridge because his father and himself opened mouth regarding playing in middle. but guys we started slashing him.after he showed the real selfishness of himself. not after the interview straught way. so similar way we cn forgive torres until he speaks stuff like this again.
I have to admit that the dynamic of the Munich game changed after Torres came on. We were more dangerous and pressed Bayern back.
I am Number 7
If we bring in additional creative help with the likes of Marin already on the way, Torres will have his best season yet next year and we will see the dividends. The timing of this interview was terrible, but the content isn't really that surprising. The guy is in his athletic prime and was brought in to be arguably our biggest star player. He's largely been second fiddle for a year now and wants a chance to prove that he is the man for the job. Going forward he should choose his words more carefully but I think this is being blown a bit out of proportion.
sao paolo president is a ***** just like a few others we know. we just getting linked with every player now because we european champions. thats all. get it every bloody summer too
Actually, I don't really care about Torres' comments. If he wants to leave, then leave and I will bless him for his contribution to our first CL trophy. But if he stays and score like 20+ goals a season (and I fully expect that he will), we will all forget about this.
I am Number 7
Guys. Look at this response from Balague on his twitter: "One note about Torrres:He might not be comfortable with his situation at the club.But that DOESN’T mean he wants to leave. He doesn’t at all" . Even he says, Torres doesn't want to leave. I think we should leave this matter.
@shindu99 Right!! I mean cut this guy some slack!! He was the star player everywhere he goes, but after coming to Chelsea, he became the butt of every football joke. The mirror even invented the verb "To Torres" meaning to be plain useless!! OK he is partly responsible for this but it is still very hard for him. So after sitting on the bench for the biggest game of his career and denied to take the penalty shoot out (Even Cahill who had a dodgy hamstring was ahead of him to be the sixth penalty taker), he must be a bit emotional. To put it simple, He said he doesn't want to sit on the bench next season and will discuss his future with the future. During the whole interview, he didn't a single thing that is disrespectful to the club and thank the fans for their support to get him through his bad time. He didn't say he wants to leave Chelsea and is looking forward to play Al. Madrid next season.
I am Number 7
The dynamic changed when Torres came on largely because it was score or lose. The dynamic changes when you send the GK forward at the end of matches too, but we don't retrospectively deduce that playing the keeper in an offensive position should have been done from the start.
not really impressed by this interview torres gave. i am also of a strong opinion that drogba ( i will be forever grateful for what he has done for us) still needs to leave us this summer. we will never have a fast attacking team with drogba and lampard in our team. At least lampard can still come in once in a while for a modric/moutinho/lucas moura but we need a young fast striker to complement torres. not necessarily Cavani or Falcao, a Schurrle or lewandoski type will do nicely.
Torres is becoming such a tragic figure in football what the feck went wrong?!?!? Im holding the hope that if the Drog does go Torres will pick up where he left off when he scored his hatrick and hit 20+ goals next season. In the transcript he kind off implies that his problem has been with the coaching staff as the board and fans have been behind him.
Yeah, we should have send Cech upfront and we would win the game 2-1.
I am Number 7
I think everyone is taking this out of context really. Remember, the players and most of the squad staff effectively go straight onto their holidays immediately after the game. This is just Torres putting a little marker that he wants to know where he stands. I have a little sympathy for him, had we lost in 90 minutes, he would have played 7 mins or so of the two big finals. We all knew Drogba had to play, but does anyone really believe he couldn't do what Kalou did in those two finals? I am sure he knows he could, and he has a valid point.
I meant to say, he was laying down a marker for when everyone returns from holiday, fresh start, new pre-season and all that.
Drogba is leaving guys! He spoke to the French press that he will not b here next season. There u go Torres now take your chance. I will miss didi and a massive thank you for your amazing services!
I think Buck's words that Chelsea will do what's best for Chelsea and Didier will do what's best for Didier says it all. Chelsea are not going to move on their 1 year offer it would seem to me.
I think a major point is being overlooked here. All true Chelsea fans want Torres to stay and score goals in record numbers. We should also praise his honesty, the timing may have given a few haters a small stick but I'd prefer he spoke his true thoughts at a time when everyone would expect platitudes. What does concern is how down Torres appears to have been at his lowest point. Despite his odd faults Drogba has immense mental strength. I saw him miss the penalty that would surely have won Ivory Coast the Africa Cup of Nations. That must have hurt but you knew he would return stronger to complete unfinished business in the CL. We will sorely miss that mental strength if he goes, the question is can Torres take the flak that came his way last season? Drogba got loads but answered in the best possible way, Torres will have to make his actions speak louder than his words.
Drogba confirms leaving
Drogba the Legend!!!! But you know what guys , I think what happened with Torres is good coz now the Drog is leavin and maybe he's hungry to show what he's really worth. Another CL perhaps ??? Hahahahahaha.. European Champions Baby!!!!!!!!
Time for Nando to step out of Drogba's shadow. And I am believing he will.
Torres will be back helping us to more glory.
I simply don't understand torres. He should be greatful instead of moaning

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