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Who would you choose?

We have all seen the rumours, read the articles, flirted with the ideas and guessed the outcomes. But who would you prefer out of the three.

And when I say 'three' I am of course referring to Hazard, Hulk or Lucas Moura

Rumour has it we have put in bids for all three, whether that is fact or fiction remains to be seen, but where there is smoke there is fire. So I have thrown in my two cents worth on the three of them and who I feel would be best:

1.Lucas Moura - Fantastic talent, brilliant on the ball and doing all the right things to ensure he becomes a great. But he comes across as another 'Neymar' who under the steady guidance of Pele and co, will be pushed towards the Italian and Spanish sides rather than the EPL. His rumoured price of 35mil is outrageous as well and I wouldn`t want to see us taking such risks on a 19 year old who is yet to set foot on European soil.

2. Hazard - There is something bugging me about this boy. He sits around in France leaking clues of which destination he will grace next like he is the God of football. I get the fact it`s a tactic to spark a bidding war, but many rumours suggest he is a selfish, self absorbed know it all. He is an exceptional talent and a definite match winner but I get the feeling if he comes to us, every transfer window we would be waiting around for him to be whisked off to Spain. Tactically speaking, with Mata, Marin and De Bruyne all left sided players I am not sure he is the one we should be going for anyway.

3. Hulk - The one I want. Is he as naturally gifted as the two above? No probably not, but does he fit the CFC system and what we need? Yes. With Drogba gone and the need for some balance down the right, Hulk can fill the void of striker or right sided forward. He is powerful, unpredictable and can bring an array of set piece specialities with him. One sticking point is his fee, but I feel if we willing to pay £32mil for a Lucas Moura we shouldn`t hesitate at pushing the bar for a Hulk.

I wrote this assuming we would be in a position whereby we can only have one of the above. They all exceptional talents, but we live in the real world and would be lucky to get our hands on one of them. Let me know who you would prefer. #Sillyseason

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The Journalist

Writer: JuniorCFC21 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 25 2012

Time: 2:00AM

Your Comments

Hazard. I acknowledge that his ego may be a problem but i think that he is just what we need to help provide Torres or whoever will be leading the line. He is tricky, fast, and will most likely bring us the first true winger since Robben departed. Also, apparently he is basing his decision on how much playing time he will get. With us he is guaranteed playing time. For this entire season we have been switching between Mata, Kalou, Sturridge, Bertrand, and Malouda so that we had someone to fill the void until we purchase someone like Hazard. In my opinion, he is a real quality talent.
Also, i think that he might find limited playing time at United with the likes of Young, Valencia, and Nani already fighting for a place. I have a feeling that he is choosing between us and city but reports are suggesting that they are not willing to wait for him and that they already have an alternative. If i were Hazard i would see no other option. He will get loads of playing time, he is playing for the defending eurpean champions, and several other players are likely to come to the club such as a new right back, midfielder, and forward.
Simple...Hazard (LW) AND Hulk (RW)...But if either one doesn't go through, then the Fourth Option - Seydou Doumbia. Lucas Moura is NOT what we need right now..
I think we both need Hazard and Hulk, Hazard as a left winger and Hulk as a right winger. Some r sayin we already hav Marin and KDB but can't see any of d 2 in the 1st eleven, marin is not a starter in his cloth while KDB will be competing 4 the midfied or play less important matches. Hulk is for the RW as well as a striker when d need arises. Hazard is a playa like Mata but with pace,can play in any attacking position.We need utility players. Then maybe VDW or any good right back then we can compete with the best team in the world. Done see us needing any moura.
Sry club
We should get Willian plus one of Hazard or Hulk
Not a debate, moura would be a huge mistake, can't believe we bidded for this guy. And hulk is not in this group, he's a must have, the contest should be between moura, hazard and kagawa, and i would choose kagawa in a heart beat. There's still time to hijack the deal from man u.
Hulk *PRIORITY* and Moura (if we signing 2 players) then we competitive atleast until Jan. no need to explain Hulk and what he'll bring but Moura too is a must because we need 2 creative players as Mata cannot do another season as this as he'll burn out and Lamps is as creative as a square in a round hole. Piazon could do well as a sub but we need a guaranteed starter hence Moura
Thank you Leyemovich..i seem to be the only one who sees this like you do..i feel Hazard is the most skillfull yes but this guy smells like trouble.. We will know after june 2 who he chooses..i feel it will be city because only them can be crazy enough to agree to his 200k/wk salary demands. If we dont get him (which may be a blessing in disguise) i have been saying for all who will listen that we do a "mata" and snatch Kagawa from Manu....the guy is class, proven in europe and thanks to Manu his price is fixed. ManU want to get him for ~15m euros, Dortmund is asking for ~ 25m..while manU is dithering i say we pay dortmund their asking price, offer a little more to the boy on salary than manu did and get him..he is quality, a hard worker, skillfull and dose not have the baggage that Hazard seems to come prepackaged with and his shirt sales alone in the orient will very quickly pay back much of his sign on fees. Moura we should avoid like a plague..he is a 19 yr old kid totally unproven in europe and the Joke of a club president at Sao Paolo rejected a 40m euro bid from us and did not even have the decency to mention his asking price..he just had to be an enormous fee. Himself and the santos president are clones and both thieves. Also mark my words..these new generation of brazilian forwards and mids are inferior to what is coming out of Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Germany and it will show in the 2014 world cup..with neymar and all the touted and hyped samba talent their team despite being the host will not win the tournament and dont be suprised when and if they are eliminated in the first elimination stages..fact is since Mano Menses took over from Dunga Brazil hasnt defeated any top 10 FIFA rated side in friendlies and because they have not had to qualify like everyone else they will not be battle tested come the world cup...they are way overated. Hulk may be a good addition for us but the Porto president is another known hustler and he has a buy out clause on the boy of 100m euros..this is not a joke..the joker will be expecting somewhere in the realms of 40m euros or more and we would be mad to pay that for hulk..i just dont think he is worth that much.
@GabeU then who would you suggest other than Kagawa? We badly need a winger for starter, Hulk price is not that 100m as i know, maybe between 30-40
I like Hazard but that boy's attitude is nonsense, mark my words. We will be in bidding war for the next 4-5 years because he will play either for Real Madrid or Barcelona. And I'm afraid he always wanted to be the center of attention, because he is known as the wonderkid in France
Real Madrid, Inter and Chelsea aren't stupidly run clubs collectively and if they have expressed interest in Moura (confirmed by the president) then it means the lad is as good as San Paulo are holding out on him. The problem is that some of you "football experts" have blinkers, you only see 1 side and you blindly stay stubborn as a donkey so much you hate reality when it dawns: Moura is talented and if we bid 40Mil for him then it means he's that much special that we have to outbid the other "big" clubs, learn from the Neymar saga people (the lad is outrageously talented and we could have had him for 35Mil and now he's valued at 50Mil with Barca and Madrid in the running for his signature) enough of this "he's unproven" crap, if Moura's worth 40Mil that's that. You can't get world beaters on the cheap, and why is it only "debt-ridden" ManU wanting Kagawa that much, why aren't the other big clubs bidding for him is he's so "talented"?? Don't just read and spout media talk, assess and analyze before you criticize or back something. ManU has a different policy from us and they have the manager to manage that policy so until we get a manager to do so we rather focus on talented players who can come and make simpletons like RDM look magnificent
@MrChelseaBridge..i am suggesting Kagawa as our playmaker far as would nice if we could get Hulk for tops 30 m but if not i would suggest we go for much cheaper but functional options; examples include Freddy Guarin, Junior Hoillett, Christian Maggio (from Napoli), Matt Jarvis (from Wolves). On the higher end are players like Lavezzi and Valbeuna, Remember we also have KDB and Marin already..they are both way better than what we have presently. The point is the skill set of a winger is far easier to find and teach than of a central playmaker..a winger really needs two main things..either blinding speed like bale or the ability to change pace rapidly like Robben and Ribery and then the ability to cross both on the ground and in the air with consistency and accuracy. A playmaker needs to have much more in their bag of tricks..i think we need an excellent playmaker to partner mata and we need just good wingers..they dont have to great ones. hazard is an excellent playmaker no doubt but kagawa is not far behind him and is teachable, coachable and doesnt have ego larger than England itself. His price is also fixed and reasonable.
the problem with "seasoned" Chelsea fans is that their minds are disposed to "cheap thinking" and don't realize that times have changed, the world has progressed and therefore "top talent" has become expensive (not just in football but in business) so if you want top talent you have to shell. Besides, being a top player is also about mental strength (you have to believe you are the best to be the best) so buying a player who already appreciates his talent (like Hazard) is way better than buying a player who "isn't mentally sure" because it's when the 'chips are down" that you see the difference, a mentally stronger player comes out quicker than 1 who isn't and his "ego" too won't allow him to stay in the rut for long. That said, I understand the boards decision (Moura or Hazard over Kagawa if it happens) because they've run business and they know business WAY MORE than some (actually MOST) of you here. They don't just sit and "thumb-suck" purchases, they calculate holistically (footballing ability, marketability, mental strength, club-profile fitting, among other things).*think modern, this isn't the 80's or 90's under the Ken Bates and Glen Hoddle's*
Yes, Hulk is the priority. This guy has already shown interest in playing for chelsea. Also, I think we are making mistake in bidding that high for Lucas. He is still raw, not proved in Europe. We should not be wasting huge money on these unproven talents. We need to follow the Porto / Benfica strategies in the south american market. Spend the money wisely in talents who have already proven at the high level.
Buy muniain and ocampos then loan them back to their respective clubs till the need for them arises. I'd like all three, but to pick ne would be hulk, not just because of his great talent and potential but he's also marketable. Hulk, kagawa, van der wiel/azpilicueta and m'villa then that would represent a great transfer window (plus Marin already). We do need someone to help mata definitely he's had a lot to do this season.
De Bruyne and Marin are right footed.
@mq...Is an idiot..Simple....I cant believe a fan that just strolled in when R.A took over at chelsea to understand club ethics.....We cant be like real madrid in our spendings by buying expensive flops......What did they win in the galactico eras? If ego is too much in the team there wont be cohesiveness.....I am thinking that kagawa would be a good buy economic wise and quality wise,i only want hazard becos i dont want us to miss out on him and make citeh stronger.....If we where to buy of the 3 i prefer hazard cos he is a match winner..Which is unanimously agreed upon by all camps....Moura is just another overhyped player(i watched the copa america)...Moura for 40m is a total waste....Kdb and kagawa are better than him
Real Madrid actually won 2 La Liga titles, 1 Champion's League and overtook Man Utd as the richest club; all with a *****ty back line. You may not like Mq but he does have a point about fees. Your Agüeros and Patos went to their clubs as 20 million pound signings, the same as 40 mil. Shrek went to Man Utd at about 30 mil. There could be flops but you cannot sit back and buy Johnson's and Gervinhos.
Hazard said his number one choice of position is playing the playmaker role #10 and we have Mata for that. And u can see United are empty at that space. So much they have Rooney playing mid playmaker role almost. So reports saying Hazard to United just may be true. I think out of the three we will be getting Hulk.
wil go for hazard and moura bcoz both are young pacy skillfull can create as well as score is right winger other is cam.....that wot chelsea want....and some wil they are unproven then gus listn cronaldo robaldinho zidane ronaldo messi drogba etc etc many were unproven before giving chance so its about giving chance....these guys have talent and thr is no doubt about it....lstn form is temporary talent is permanent......rgdng hulk i wnt want another striker....we want player who can create as wel as score....
Belhanda anyone??
if he do choose us,mata will be moved back to wing side..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Aclamp ...With barca's quality and sheetty defence..Didnt we nail them? We did in 2008 and recently...Didnt napoli beat the same man city? With a team that aint expensive....Dortmund annihiliated bayern with an inexpensive team...Its all abt efficiency and team work....Not by ego or expensive buys
I'd choose Hazard of the three.We could try Iker Muniain before his pricetag skyrockets in th next few months and maybe loan him back to Bilbao.
Hulk the beast.
Pleeeeease google these names john henry davies & james w gibson 4 news about roman abramovich
Hazard sounds exactly what it says on the tin! Chelsea are starting to produce some REALLY good football at the moment based on great team work, so the last thing you need is a diva or even a diver! Well done last week, i was in a SPURS boozer watching the game -------------suffice to say-nice one Cyril!!
Completely agree fk hazard that attention seeking sket. lucas is mad but untested and brazilians tend 2 fail in England. bring on HULK
Kagawa also plays as a no. 10 and he is also young, getting him will cause some problem cos Mata is also there for that position
Kagawa can be better than Mata cos he has skills, dribbles, is fast and i think he is more creative than Mata...getting him will be too much for that no. 10 position. Don't forget that the both of them are young and Debruyne's best position is also behind the Striker....
Hazard's best position is not the no. 10,,,it is the LW, he is fast, has superior skills, loves to cut in like CR7 and would suit the LW,,,playing him in the no. 10 is risky as he will not have enough space to display his pace and skills,,,Players like Messi and CR7 are what they are today bcos they play from the wings,,
I'm with you @Mq, Moura is a great talent, to be honest I ll take him before Hulk and Hazard, I do not see where or how Hazard is better than him except he has never played in Europe and don't forget last season fans favourite Neymar never played in Europe too and Lucas more suited to epl than if you watch their games, at 19 the boy can only get better.
Do you know that Sir Alex is even planning to use Hazard in LW and not in the no. 10 position cos he knows that he will be better off there,,,his plan is to play Hazard and Valentia on the wings with Kagawa in the no. 10 position behind Rooney,,,that will make the deadliest attack of the decade
Ultimately guys it doesn't matter if you pick up someone of a free or if you pay £100m for them. That player has to fit into the club and play with the team. I'd rather we pick up 3 players of Junior Hoiletts standard for £10-15m each than pick up Hazard or Moura for £45m only to have them fail at the club. Let me tell you about a certain player sold for around £13m. That player over 5 years with his club has been top scorer for his team during one season, has won the Champions league, a league title and 3 major domestic cups. £13m not £43m So who is this player? MALOUDA. Yes there has come a time recently when that player has served his time and ready to move on (in many of our eyes), but it doesn't chance the fact that this guy has contributed HUGELY toward the success of this club. Why do we need to go and spend £30-45m on a player who might not gel with the team? Everyone keep focusing on "star players" who only look great as they have teams built around them. What we miss is the intricate team players who can hold everything together. A Valencia if you want a comparison. Hazard will need the team built around him and so will Moura. We don't have that structure in place right now.
I think our board wants Hulk and one of Hazard,Moura....i think the Hulk deal is done already, we bid for Moura and Hazard and are waiting for the one that will happen,,Moura has said he will be there till 2014, so he is out....Hazard is the one we are waiting for
I dont like the way the lad flirts with teams,but u gotta check this stats out its mind boggling... Hazard all the way lads!!
I dont think Hazard is money seeking as some of us claim, he is just looking for what is best for him,,,he is very talented player and we have seen many talented players in the past waste away all because of wrong decisions,,,he wants to be one of the best and to do that he believes he need a team that will give him plenty of game time....Remember the media said Cahill was seeking for more money but he said that they were wrong and that was not the case....ManU would have back out if the wage bill was really high cos SirAlex hates Money seekers....
City have a wealth of attacking options in Dzeko,Tevez,Aguero,Ballotelli,Silva,Nasri,Johnson,Milner,Kolarov....Mancini have confirmed that Ballotelli and Dzeko will stay, they want RVP to replace Tevez and are already in private talks with Lavezzi, they will not let Johnson go cos he is English...Mancini is not a very sound coach and there is no hope that Mourinho will come, Pep might come to Chelsea and it might make him want to come here
ManU are also blessed with lots of wingers and Strikers in Giggs,Park,Nani,Valencia,Young,Welbeck,Harnandez,Rooney and will definitely get Kagawa who will play behind the CF a position that Hazard fancies, Fergie will like to move him to the LW but he will have to compete with a player that Fergie really likes-Young and Giggs.....
Why go to City and United with Lots of attacking options when he can come to the present EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS with only Torres,Mata,Marin,,he knows that we want to build a new team with a top manager like Klopp or Pep and have the spending power to get the likes of Hulk,Martinez,Jovetic,M'villa,Isla and so on who will make the team too hot to handle and challenge for the title...btw the likes of Malouda,Raul,Essien,Kalou,Bossman are already packing their things.....
Spot on samex....Checkout the hazard link i posted in my previous comment and u will want the lad in our team in a heartbeat....Slate the guy all we want....He is the best ä21-23 year old player in the limelight now...Ièf properly trained can be a world footballer of the year in 2yrs max......
@Desmond...i really liked that article, the author wroe exactly what i have been thinking
@samex,i am happy u took ur time to read it....But here is a dampner...I hope it aint true...Cos if man utd can get kagawa and hazard then we'l be fried.
Just Hazard!!!
all you football "experts" here's a reality check "experts"....FACT: WE BID FOR MOURA NOT KAGAWA...FACT: WE HAVEN'T GIVEN RDM THE JOB...FACT: WE RELEASED THE "LEGENDARY" DROGBA (I was alone saying he'd leave and got insulted for this) just waiting to confirm Pep as our next manager...(I don't know about you but it seems like the board and I think along the same lines after-all)
before you run away, it seems the "best manager" (Pep) is open to offers and this is encouraging as we are also "open" to a manager, I recommend the board (and Roman) do whatever it takes to get Pep because I shudder to fathom a full season with an aloof "proudly archive football" manager...*to the future, Pep is the future*In Roman I Trust*
@Mq "best manager hahahah Jose Mourinho is better and Have won more Titels in Portugies, Premier League and Serie A and LA LIGA Add 2 Champions League to that. Carlo Ancelotti is better 2. Pep is just like Avb being lucky that he had a Great team in his first season and then when the hard work begins they show just how much of a bad manager they are
Hulk would be the best choice, but are any of them really likely considering the blown out of proportion prices?
The fact is, at 33 years old AVB and his teamhad won all the trophies hey had played for. Chelsea players and their worshipers have managed to tarnish his career.
Lakupipu...Thats putting it succinctly...Tell them,tell them
@SameX, You do realise that getting Kagawa would mean Mata moves back to the Left, and De Bruyne plays right? If we get Hazard or Hulk, Mata stays at CAM.
Just to clear some facts so we'll understand who is better..... clucking my teeth
In my opinion, Hulk is definitely a must have! However we do need that player with the umph! factor who can change a game on his own. Barca have Messi, Madrid have CR7, City have Aguero and Tevez and Utd have Rooney. Although Rooney and Aguero are not yet on the same plane as Messi and CR7, they have that special factor that can turn a match on its head. With Drogba going we might have just lost a bit of that. Also, these players are not strikers per se but can play in an attacking role and also create chances. With all this said, both Moura and Hazard have this factor, Both will cost around the same price though Hazard will command a greater salary and i wont mind either coming. If we do prepare for FFP however, Munain would be a good option as well and IMO Victor Moses who i think can grow into that role. Considering all these facts, my option would be Munain who has the potential to grow, plays across the front and will come cheap!
@LAKU...Jose never won 13 Cups in 3 years and we talking about present tense not past tense...any how I won't discuss further with you because ROMAN WANTS PEP (and I 100% agree) yet BARCA REFUSED MOURINHO AND OPTED FOR PEP...
@DESMOND...has Mourinho won 13 Cups in 3 years?? NO...*enuff said* LoL
@mq,as i said...Check out ur facts b4 coming here to spew sentimental garbage...Check uefa's top 10 coaches b4 u conclude on who is better....Or are u more intelligent than uefa?
Shaking my head* what a mediocre
@MQ roman wanted sheva, he wanted scolari, he wanted torres, he wanted AVB. and now he wants pep. do you see a pattern in this ?? i feel he should leave the footballing decisions to the experienced people although without his mid season axing of managers we would be been even in a worse state
Ièf pep goes trophyless this season it will be a dampner....That would mean he is ßrunning away from mourinho bcos he have been found out and chelsea have given mou the formular to beat him....Now he is coming to a more competíitive premier league
tribalfootball is nonsense.....
@SALZBURRY point of correction, Scolari was Kenyon's appointment that's why he followed Scolari out...Now about Sheva, that has Mourinho all over it, Torr-mentor has been failing partly due to his own confidence issues as well as Malouda, Lamps and Drogba (look at our pattern of play and you'll see what I mean) AVB bought us the best players we could've asked for in Mata and Romeu (before his injury and RDM taking over) and his failings are masked with the EVIDENT undermining from the "legends" most notable Lamps so even his failure is debatable...Pep has beaten the best in the business more than once so it makes "MORE SENSE" appointing him that a pro-"dinosaur era" football style manager
Hazard. Young, proven, high potential, has a footballing brain. Moura is too selfish, and Hulk is too old and at his peak. In fact, Hulk often messes up the play quite often. Anyway, if I were to choose any 2 players for this club, it'd be Kagawa and Kerim Frei. Young and very talented.
I just hope we get real players for real positions. The signings must be sober and to the trot.

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