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Who would you choose?

Who would you choose?

We have all seen the rumours, read the articles, flirted with the ideas and guessed the outcomes. But who would you prefer out of the three.

And when I say 'three' I am of course referring to Hazard, Hulk or Lucas Moura

Rumour has it we have put in bids for all three, whether that is fact or fiction remains to be seen, but where there is smoke there is fire. So I have thrown in my two cents worth on the three of them and who I feel would be best:

1.Lucas Moura - Fantastic talent, brilliant on the ball and doing all the right things to ensure he becomes a great. But he comes across as another 'Neymar' who under the steady guidance of Pele and co, will be pushed towards the Italian and Spanish sides rather than the EPL. His rumoured price of 35mil is outrageous as well and I wouldn`t want to see us taking such risks on a 19 year old who is yet to set foot on European soil.

2. Hazard - There is something bugging me about this boy. He sits around in France leaking clues of which destination he will grace next like he is the God of football. I get the fact it`s a tactic to spark a bidding war, but many rumours suggest he is a selfish, self absorbed know it all. He is an exceptional talent and a definite match winner but I get the feeling if he comes to us, every transfer window we would be waiting around for him to be whisked off to Spain. Tactically speaking, with Mata, Marin and De Bruyne all left sided players I am not sure he is the one we should be going for anyway.

3. Hulk - The one I want. Is he as naturally gifted as the two above? No probably not, but does he fit the CFC system and what we need? Yes. With Drogba gone and the need for some balance down the right, Hulk can fill the void of striker or right sided forward. He is powerful, unpredictable and can bring an array of set piece specialities with him. One sticking point is his fee, but I feel if we willing to pay £32mil for a Lucas Moura we shouldn`t hesitate at pushing the bar for a Hulk.

I wrote this assuming we would be in a position whereby we can only have one of the above. They all exceptional talents, but we live in the real world and would be lucky to get our hands on one of them. Let me know who you would prefer. #Sillyseason

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Date:Friday May 25 2012
Time: 2:00AM


Hazard. I acknowledge that his ego may be a problem but i think that he is just what we need to help provide Torres or whoever will be leading the line. He is tricky, fast, and will most likely bring us the first true winger since Robben departed. Also, apparently he is basing his decision on how much playing time he will get. With us he is guaranteed playing time. For this entire season we have been switching between Mata, Kalou, Sturridge, Bertrand, and Malouda so that we had someone to fill the void until we purchase someone like Hazard. In my opinion, he is a real quality talent.
25/05/2012 02:50:00
Also, i think that he might find limited playing time at United with the likes of Young, Valencia, and Nani already fighting for a place. I have a feeling that he is choosing between us and city but reports are suggesting that they are not willing to wait for him and that they already have an alternative. If i were Hazard i would see no other option. He will get loads of playing time, he is playing for the defending eurpean champions, and several other players are likely to come to the club such as a new right back, midfielder, and forward.
25/05/2012 02:53:00
Simple...Hazard (LW) AND Hulk (RW)...But if either one doesn't go through, then the Fourth Option - Seydou Doumbia. Lucas Moura is NOT what we need right now..
25/05/2012 02:54:00
I think we both need Hazard and Hulk, Hazard as a left winger and Hulk as a right winger. Some r sayin we already hav Marin and KDB but can't see any of d 2 in the 1st eleven, marin is not a starter in his cloth while KDB will be competing 4 the midfied or play less important matches. Hulk is for the RW as well as a striker when d need arises. Hazard is a playa like Mata but with pace,can play in any attacking position.We need utility players. Then maybe VDW or any good right back then we can compete with the best team in the world. Done see us needing any moura.
25/05/2012 03:15:00
Sry club
25/05/2012 03:17:00
We should get Willian plus one of Hazard or Hulk
25/05/2012 03:50:00
Not a debate, moura would be a huge mistake, can't believe we bidded for this guy. And hulk is not in this group, he's a must have, the contest should be between moura, hazard and kagawa, and i would choose kagawa in a heart beat. There's still time to hijack the deal from man u.
25/05/2012 04:02:00
Hulk *PRIORITY* and Moura (if we signing 2 players) then we competitive atleast until Jan. no need to explain Hulk and what he'll bring but Moura too is a must because we need 2 creative players as Mata cannot do another season as this as he'll burn out and Lamps is as creative as a square in a round hole. Piazon could do well as a sub but we need a guaranteed starter hence Moura
25/05/2012 04:13:00
Thank you Leyemovich..i seem to be the only one who sees this like you do..i feel Hazard is the most skillfull yes but this guy smells like trouble.. We will know after june 2 who he chooses..i feel it will be city because only them can be crazy enough to agree to his 200k/wk salary demands. If we dont get him (which may be a blessing in disguise) i have been saying for all who will listen that we do a "mata" and snatch Kagawa from Manu....the guy is class, proven in europe and thanks to Manu his price is fixed. ManU want to get him for ~15m euros, Dortmund is asking for ~ 25m..while manU is dithering i say we pay dortmund their asking price, offer a little more to the boy on salary than manu did and get him..he is quality, a hard worker, skillfull and dose not have the baggage that Hazard seems to come prepackaged with and his shirt sales alone in the orient will very quickly pay back much of his sign on fees. Moura we should avoid like a plague..he is a 19 yr old kid totally unproven in europe and the Joke of a club president at Sao Paolo rejected a 40m euro bid from us and did not even have the decency to mention his asking price..he just had to be an enormous fee. Himself and the santos president are clones and both thieves. Also mark my words..these new generation of brazilian forwards and mids are inferior to what is coming out of Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Germany and it will show in the 2014 world cup..with neymar and all the touted and hyped samba talent their team despite being the host will not win the tournament and dont be suprised when and if they are eliminated in the first elimination stages..fact is since Mano Menses took over from Dunga Brazil hasnt defeated any top 10 FIFA rated side in friendlies and because they have not had to qualify like everyone else they will not be battle tested come the world cup...they are way overated. Hulk may be a good addition for us but the Porto president is another known hustler and he has a buy out clause on the boy of 100m euros..this is not a joke..the joker will be expecting somewhere in the realms of 40m euros or more and we would be mad to pay that for hulk..i just dont think he is worth that much.
25/05/2012 04:40:00
@GabeU then who would you suggest other than Kagawa? We badly need a winger for starter, Hulk price is not that 100m as i know, maybe between 30-40
25/05/2012 05:36:00
I like Hazard but that boy's attitude is nonsense, mark my words. We will be in bidding war for the next 4-5 years because he will play either for Real Madrid or Barcelona. And I'm afraid he always wanted to be the center of attention, because he is known as the wonderkid in France
25/05/2012 05:43:00
25/05/2012 06:21:00
Real Madrid, Inter and Chelsea aren't stupidly run clubs collectively and if they have expressed interest in Moura (confirmed by the president) then it means the lad is as good as San Paulo are holding out on him. The problem is that some of you "football experts" have blinkers, you only see 1 side and you blindly stay stubborn as a donkey so much you hate reality when it dawns: Moura is talented and if we bid 40Mil for him then it means he's that much special that we have to outbid the other "big" clubs, learn from the Neymar saga people (the lad is outrageously talented and we could have had him for 35Mil and now he's valued at 50Mil with Barca and Madrid in the running for his signature) enough of this "he's unproven" crap, if Moura's worth 40Mil that's that. You can't get world beaters on the cheap, and why is it only "debt-ridden" ManU wanting Kagawa that much, why aren't the other big clubs bidding for him is he's so "talented"?? Don't just read and spout media talk, assess and analyze before you criticize or back something. ManU has a different policy from us and they have the manager to manage that policy so until we get a manager to do so we rather focus on talented players who can come and make simpletons like RDM look magnificent
25/05/2012 06:22:00
@MrChelseaBridge..i am suggesting Kagawa as our playmaker far as would nice if we could get Hulk for tops 30 m but if not i would suggest we go for much cheaper but functional options; examples include Freddy Guarin, Junior Hoillett, Christian Maggio (from Napoli), Matt Jarvis (from Wolves). On the higher end are players like Lavezzi and Valbeuna, Remember we also have KDB and Marin already..they are both way better than what we have presently. The point is the skill set of a winger is far easier to find and teach than of a central playmaker..a winger really needs two main things..either blinding speed like bale or the ability to change pace rapidly like Robben and Ribery and then the ability to cross both on the ground and in the air with consistency and accuracy. A playmaker needs to have much more in their bag of tricks..i think we need an excellent playmaker to partner mata and we need just good wingers..they dont have to great ones. hazard is an excellent playmaker no doubt but kagawa is not far behind him and is teachable, coachable and doesnt have ego larger than England itself. His price is also fixed and reasonable.
25/05/2012 06:38:00
the problem with "seasoned" Chelsea fans is that their minds are disposed to "cheap thinking" and don't realize that times have changed, the world has progressed and therefore "top talent" has become expensive (not just in football but in business) so if you want top talent you have to shell. Besides, being a top player is also about mental strength (you have to believe you are the best to be the best) so buying a player who already appreciates his talent (like Hazard) is way better than buying a player who "isn't mentally sure" because it's when the 'chips are down" that you see the difference, a mentally stronger player comes out quicker than 1 who isn't and his "ego" too won't allow him to stay in the rut for long. That said, I understand the boards decision (Moura or Hazard over Kagawa if it happens) because they've run business and they know business WAY MORE than some (actually MOST) of you here. They don't just sit and "thumb-suck" purchases, they calculate holistically (footballing ability, marketability, mental strength, club-profile fitting, among other things).*think modern, this isn't the 80's or 90's under the Ken Bates and Glen Hoddle's*
25/05/2012 06:54:00
Yes, Hulk is the priority. This guy has already shown interest in playing for chelsea. Also, I think we are making mistake in bidding that high for Lucas. He is still raw, not proved in Europe. We should not be wasting huge money on these unproven talents. We need to follow the Porto / Benfica strategies in the south american market. Spend the money wisely in talents who have already proven at the high level.
25/05/2012 07:27:00
Buy muniain and ocampos then loan them back to their respective clubs till the need for them arises. I'd like all three, but to pick ne would be hulk, not just because of his great talent and potential but he's also marketable. Hulk, kagawa, van der wiel/azpilicueta and m'villa then that would represent a great transfer window (plus Marin already). We do need someone to help mata definitely he's had a lot to do this season.
25/05/2012 07:36:00
De Bruyne and Marin are right footed.
25/05/2012 08:53:00
@mq...Is an idiot..Simple....I cant believe a fan that just strolled in when R.A took over at chelsea to understand club ethics.....We cant be like real madrid in our spendings by buying expensive flops......What did they win in the galactico eras? If ego is too much in the team there wont be cohesiveness.....I am thinking that kagawa would be a good buy economic wise and quality wise,i only want hazard becos i dont want us to miss out on him and make citeh stronger.....If we where to buy of the 3 i prefer hazard cos he is a match winner..Which is unanimously agreed upon by all camps....Moura is just another overhyped player(i watched the copa america)...Moura for 40m is a total waste....Kdb and kagawa are better than him
25/05/2012 09:11:00
Real Madrid actually won 2 La Liga titles, 1 Champion's League and overtook Man Utd as the richest club; all with a *****ty back line. You may not like Mq but he does have a point about fees. Your Ag├╝eros and Patos went to their clubs as 20 million pound signings, the same as 40 mil. Shrek went to Man Utd at about 30 mil. There could be flops but you cannot sit back and buy Johnson's and Gervinhos.
25/05/2012 09:37:00
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