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SOTN 93 - Feet on the Ground

The long-ridiculed cliché our scouse friends come out with is well known to most of you I expect - "this player is the final piece of the jigsaw."

Daft as that is, and we`ll talk more about that in a minute, it is not hard to feel that there is an element of puzzle building going on at Chelsea right now. I am going to go out on a limb now - bear with me. We`re a big club now. Even when we won the title three times over the last few years, I always had the feeling that we were still "my Chelsea" - the Chelsea of old that was always smaller and less successful than the Liverpools, Arsenals and Uniteds of this world. Indeed, I`ve written at length about this in the past: that I and many others among my fellow Chelsea of a certain age still have this mentality, which does not necessarily tie up with what we achieve on the pitch. It wrong to say I had a small club mentality as we`ve never been a small club, but probably better to say that I didn`t have a big club mentality. Well, something changed that glorious, balmy Saturday night in Old Munchen. We have always been a big club. Winning three Premierships and a load of cups made us bigger - this makes us massive. Yesterday`s signing of Eden Hazard (barring any very Chelsea-esque late screwups) is a hugely exciting signing. Did anyone seriously think he`d go to Arsenal or Spurs or Liverpool? No of course not. The fact that he chose us over Citeh and United merely goes to the Champions League winner tag if you ask me. Would we have signed him had Drogba not stuck that late, late header away to take it to extra time? No. But the club took a quantum leap forward as soon as that penalty left the Drog`s left foot and arrowed past a stranded Neuer. Now, several days ahead and still basking in the glory, it feels different now. Chelsea feel different. We`re not the same club any more. Not different in a bad way. In a really good way. I almost hate myself for saying it is good, so reticent I am to let go of the not-big club tag.

Things have changed. We`re doing our transfer business early. We`re paying market rate and we`re signing genuinely top-rated world class talent. We`re blooding a few kids now and the futures of the likes of Ryan Bertrand look very rosy indeed. We`ve signed three top class wingers who will provide genuine pace and width, who can actually pass a football and knock a cross in. We`re determined and organized in our transfer dealings. We`re signing players like Ramires, Luiz and Cahill for reasonable money who are making the step to being absolutely top shelf world class at Chelsea, not anywhere else. We`ve got some savvy footballing brains (and I`m thinking Michael Emenalo here) making the decisions behind the scenes now, no matter what the press would have you believe. There are signs that the club is trying to build a dynasty in a sustainable way, rather than throwing money at the programme and hoping something works.

In short, the signs are that the club is moving forward. Getting rid of AVB was not a decision I supported at the time but as with Grant, Scolari and to some extent Ranieri, can you really say things would have turned out ok had they been retained? No. Good decisions all four. The 850 pound gorilla in the room of course is the lack of a manager at the club  right now. I`m pleased at least that the club is taking its time and getting the decision fully understood and discussed before they leap. My personal view is that RDM deserves our loyalty and should at all costs be retained at the club, but that had we gone out of Europe without winning it last season, that people`s views might not be as positive on him as a manager as they are now. I think we`re getting Joachim Loew and that the club have already spoken to him and outlined the plan. I think a deal is in place but we can`t announce it  until after the Euros. I think he`s been the number one target all along, and I think the club is trying to find a way of retaining RDM and Eddie Newton alongside him. I`d be tremendously surprised if the club had been able to lure Eden Hazard to the club with no managerial appointment in place, so I think the club will be announcing Joachim Loew as soon as Germany go out of the Euros. My gut feeling is that they`ll actually win it.

So back to the jigsaw puzzle metaphor. Building on what is the best defence in Europe, we`re not far away from being Premiership challengers in terms of squad even before the Hazard signing, especially as we`re pruning back a lot of the dead wood and big salaries. Discounting managers, I honestly think we`re one right back and one top class striker (who can play up front on his own) away from being the complete puzzle.

Whilst it is certainly a good time to be Chelsea, spare a thought if you can for Liverpool. No manager, getting turned down left right and centre by every vaguely decent Premiership standard managers with zero hope of getting anyone better. Only two genuinely world class players (one is a cheating, diving, unpleasant scumbag and the other is Luis Suarez) and a pack ahead of them pulling away from them in terms of squad and overall quality. Arsenal, Newcastle, us, United, City and T*ttenham all have better squads  and will strengthen again in the Summer. Seventh is about the best they can hope for next season. Many people have accused and joked at us that we are the next Leeds in waiting, but I was never worried about that. Going the same way as Liverpool have was a real possibility last season but what a difference a Champions League makes.

Liverpool must be absolutely gutted. We win the European Cup, get Champions League football for next season and spend money on tweaking the squad to make it competitive at the very highest level, signing one of the top world class prospects in all of football in the process, with the promise of another couple of world class players coming in as well. Meanwhile they sack "King" Kenny, get turned down by Swansea and Wigan managers and even the papers stop linking them to decent players as they know nobody will believe them that the club will sign them. Meanwhile their fans bleat on about challenging for the title next season, thereby guaranteeing the new manager whoever he is has an impossible task. Who in their right minds would go there knowing they have basically zero chance of keeping their job past the season`s end, trying to feed the 5,000 with two loaves and a fish? They need a miracle. How the mighty have fallen. And fallen. And fallen.

So yeah - safe to say we`re enjoying life at the moment. Safe to say also that we have had enough misery and heartbreak to last a lifetime in the last few years, so maybe we deserve this. Let`s just keep in mind that even the mighty can fall. Let`s keep our feet on the ground, take every day as it comes and not burden the new manager with unrealistic expectations. It will take a season to bed in the new buys and to get the team playing as we all dream it will. Dynasties were not built in a day.

Just sit back, enjoy it and thank the lucky stars you aren`t a Liverpool fan.


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The Journalist

Writer: OLASAL Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 29 2012

Time: 11:39AM

Your Comments

Great Post, the skies seem bluer, the sun is brighter and ice cream seems creamier. Hazard coming, picking us over a hoard of teams clamoring for his signature. But it is important to note that we were not a small club, after all, Desailly; Zola and Vialli never laced their boots for a small club.
Only two genuinely world class players (one is a cheating, diving, unpleasant scumbag and the other is Luis Suarez) SORRY BUT THATS A MY QUOTE OF THE DAY!!!!
hahaha,nice,everything just seems to go right for chelsea,lets hope it continues that way.cos am loving it.
drogba scored with his right foot though..
Good article, it could have been oh so different if it wasnt for that night in munich, we would have been in deep deep trouble. Too scary to even think about really. I'd rather not have to have so much relying on one penalty kick ever again. As it turns out, the futures bright, the futures...very blue and i for one cannot wait for the summer to see how chelsea shapes itself for the future
Echo you a lot. Can't deny abramovich has gotten right more than he has gotten wrong with the club even though the wrongs are costly. Also echo your thoughts on emerald who is building a formidable squad for years to come. Our spending will be reduced significantly for years to come and will probably do more selling and releasing than buying. Low's Germany plays fluid attacking football that can be modeled anyway. Possession based and attacking, but let's see how it progresses. He is also on a cheap wage in Germany.
On cesspool though, Martinez will be interviewed today again.
I dont think its Leow. I believe its Pep. Infact I am more sure about Pep coming than about Hazard transfer
great article. Also spare a thought at the old guard that won us this trophy. Also spare a thought for RDM For handing us 100 million on a silver platter. If he leaves, that indeed would be a very sad day. It only shows what great characters these players are and hats off to RDM.
Blue India
@ merlin- cant we have one of those auto updating comments section or a yahoo style chat page. Saves the hassle of refreshing the page every now and then.
Blue India
Low has done almost everything right for Germany--I'm a big fan. But where does this belief of yours that he'll manage CFC come from? Tell me it's more than a hunch.
Nicely written Olasal. would really hav been Hell on earth if we hadnt won the Big ears. How the "Old Guard" kept their composure with all to play for is a real achievement. Great credit must be aknowledged really.
@ OLASAL. Nice article. Just like your every other. @Blue India well said. Even I get the feeling it will be Pep.As we learnt this season life would have been difficult for us if not we have won the CL. Whomever comes in - the minimum target is top 3.Just to be on safer side.its not just that we would have got Hazard. We would have lost many of our best players.At any cost we should get top 3.It will be a mess if in this season if Aresenal finish outside top 4 and win the CL. Hm. I can see your reaction. That was a joke. :) . Never in the next century Arsenal will win CL.
Jay Blue 7
Great article. Thanks for that Olasal. It is indeed important that we stay grounded but we will certainly be enjoying all of this.
I'd be interested to know what OLASAL and others think about this: has Chelsea finally liberated itself from the shadows of Mourinho? I feel like the club has. OLASAL's discussion about how CFC has finally joined the elite prompted this question of mine.
Pep aint coming as i am $ure that day is going to break tomorow(barring christ coming) but loew? Dats a tot....Maybe maybe not.
@radio, the shadows of mourinho had left since, but some fans refused it. We a double without him, got to the cl final 2wice without him and finally won the cl without him. The claims you will hear next is it is mourinho's team who won, but even that is debatable.
We'l rid ourself of the mourinho ghost when we encounter him in the uäcl and wallop him.....
RDM IS BETTER THAN MOURINHO. He'll stay on. I get the feeling...
If we hadn't won in Munich, we would be without Ivanovic and (possibly) Drogba already. Torres would have handed in a transfer request, with Sturridge next in line. NO HAZARD. Romeu back to Barca. Imagine how Mata would be feeling...
Also, OLASAL, the penalty left Drogba's RIGHT FOOT. Just sayin'...
KAKU: your answer reflects my need to clarify my question. Can the fans now move on from Mourinho? I never doubted that the players moved on. Prior to the CL final we still had people begging for JM's return, which I never thought would happen; and now that the club has won a CL without him, I feel certain it never will happen. Though the polls on the home page are never, ever a true reflection of how everyone feels at VC, I think it's pretty revealing that JM has only 1% of the vote.
Hulk edges closer:
I have no idea whether the fans will move on, but I don't envision him returning. The platform at Chelsea is not even a fit for him. Roman has complete control now. Emerald is being empowered while Ron and buck have so much power as it seems now. Mou has chased jorge away and is on the verge of chasing Aidan's. Don't see it happening at Chelsea.
RDM has to stay at the club but i think he would be the perfect assistant manager for either pep or Low. he has the confidence of the players, gets on well with them and can motivate them. im not sure i'd want him as the long-term manager as, despite some excellent performances, there was a hefty amount of luck involved in us winning the champions league. having him at the club would really help whoever is coming in and if he does get the job i will of course support him 100%.
Hulk edges closer... is he a glacier or something?
On the verge of chasing zidane.
We always live on the edge gyverblues, that's what we do. We've been one kick away from oblivion on many occasions (beating Liverpool before Roman came in, Clive Walker's goal, Chairman Ken buying us for £1 and taking on the £1m debt, players not being paid, bulldozers parked around the ground...)! Maybe, one day, we'll actually lose our footing and slip into the abyss but we've lived the dream and risen to the very top along the way and it's been bloody fantastic!
Much as I'd love to retain the CL (getting greedy now we've finally won the bloody thing!), the main thing for me now is to get back to challenging for the title again. We haven't seriously looked like contenders since we won it in 2010 and you could argue that we didn't look much like it then either! Citeh have won it now and are only going to get stronger, they are now the ones to beat. ManYoo will be there or there abouts even with an average team all the while Fergie is there to drag them up by the hair so it'll be tough but we need to be competitive in the League. For all our recent success and increase in stature, we have 'only' won the league 4 times in our history. Just 1 CL puts you up there with the European greats, 7 FA Cups puts us up there with the best in the best domestic club competition in the world. A few League Cups, a couple of Cup Winners' Cups and a Super Cup are all very nice too (and I wouldn't mind a World Club Cup to complete the set!) but 4 League titles is not enough! I am serious, yes. Feet on ground and not wishing to burden the new Manager all accepted but this is the level we are now at and hard as it is to get used to and even if I'd have wet myself as a kid to see someone write this about my Chelsea, we mustnow be genuinely competitive for the Premier League at least!!!!
@SpanishBlue, I'm actually too young to have experienced any of that, but I'm sure one day, we will lose our footing...but for now, let's enjoy.
RD - excellent question about the Mourinho legacy. I think that we have now, finally, stepped out of that shadow. A part of that win in Munich was unmistakeably fashioned by Jose but now we move on, now we finally close that chapter and rebuild. That era has been glorious and ended with the ultimate glory, the holy grail but it is now over. We will start to move on that golden generation of players (starting with Drogba) and over the next 2, 3, 4 years they will all be gone. They are being replaced with a new generation of hungry, young and immensely talented players that will, if all goes according to plan, bring a new, more aesthetically beautiful style of football to Chelsea, hopefully securing the future and also bringing even greater riches. Only time will tell how it will all pan out but it will be exciting and being Chelsea, it won't all be plain sailing! One thing's for sure, there will never be a dull moment!!!
Bravo OLASAL, Yes life is great for us and winning the CL for the likes of our sponsors and gobal fan base will ensure we will thrive...I always maintained we were a big club. I went in the late 60's and Arsenal and Spuds we not doing a great deal. Spuds had won an FA cup in 67 and the Arses were getting beat in the League cup final by the likes of 3rd Division Swindon as well as them getting 7000 at the library,we more than matched them with attendances and the only thing missing...we did'nt win anything. We were called SLEEPING GIANTS...noew the lion's awake and on speed!!!
Well I genuinely can't work out whether you are lucky or not ucmyway to have not been through all that. It wasn't much fun but it made us what we are and it makes all the success all the sweeter. Either way, you are quite right, let's just enjoy it for as long as it lasts and never expect anything as that is the sad day we turn into Liverpool!
By winning the champions league we've no doubt put off a few managers, who would have liked to have been the man to finally win us that elusive trophy (mourinho for one) but with the trophy in the bag, I don't see mourinho ever managing us (unless for a short period of time at the end of his career for nostalgic reasons) . That leaves us with managerial targets who are more interested in creating a new team and a new generation, than coming in to win the CL before buggering off. Lowe is a man I do admire and would not say no to buy I just can't get the image of him picking his nose and eating it out of my head from the world cup!!
Hats off OLASAL. Brilliant read. And my sentiments exactly
Thankfully this won't be us, unless we make the wrong mangerial appointment and hire a "King Kenny" (club legend, loved by most yet vastly inexperienced)
or we hire a AVB (having won everything at only 1 club, zero man management skills and no plan B when plan A does not work)
I remember the days when Liverpool & us went head to head in some mammoth encounters. And i remember good old Aamir (remember him ?) who used to spar with us on VitalChelsea's Match day thread's during those encounters. Haven't seen Aamir post last couple of years. Sad for the pool fans who (rightly) don't think it's worth the effort.
Nice article OLASAL. I for one am not in the mood to gloat just like you said we need to remain grounded..the line between excellence and mediocrity is easily crossed and Liverpool are an example of that. I for one would reserve praise for the board just yet. For this window we have signed Marin (a great astute signing) and Hazard (this cannot be credited to the board..this is all down to Roman's pocket book but most importantly the present team who pulled of the Champions league Miracle and RDM+ Eddie Newton..the men who led them on that improbable journey. Those are the people who deserve any credit for the hazard signing because we all know sans the Champions league football allure Hazard would not have been caught dead with us..that is the fact). In essence thus our board can be credited with one very good signing thus far..How they address our other needs (RB back up, Utility player back up, No 2 goal keeper and possibly one more high quality striker in case El Nino does not deliver as needed) as well as who and when they appoint a new manager will be the critical pieces that will determine how highly our boards performance can be graded when the next season begins. I am hopeful but certainly not sold that they still cannot mess this thing up. As regards Loew i would welcome him..a certainly good experienced coach ..however it seems you feel getting him out of his established contract with the Mannscraft till the end of the 2014 world cup is a minor thing which i dont feel is the case..furthermore if the tabloids are to be believed he has previously said no to inquiries from us in no uncertain terms indicating his total commitment to leading the Mannscraft to Brazil 2014. I just hope that like Ron said come July 4-5 when the players return for the pre season and training tours there is actually a permanent manager on the ground ready to go. As good a team as we may assemble making another AVB type appointment may see us floundering next season. We signed one high prized player before just about 1.5 yrs ago and some thought we had was a false dawn...we have signed another very gifted and talented player but let us not forget this is the BPL we are talking about and not La will take way more than just Eden Hazard to get us safely into the top 3 next season.
@Olasal am begining to feel we are going to get it right for once after Mourinho, premier league here we come next season. GOD is really feeling blue.
Brilliant article and I am pleased you have mentioned Emanalo in a positive way. Our squad is looking really promising with 1-2 players short which will b rectified before the season starts. Mourinhos ghost has finally been laid to rest. The old guard deserved that unforgettable night in Munich as they have been brilliant for us for 8 years. But this chelsea side is a new fresh hungry squad just as we fans have been craving for. Hulk seems to be on his way which will complete our quartet of hazard, mata, hulk and Torres which just seems frighteningly dangerous! Good times! Let's enjoy this summer and get excited with a few more signings and lets also sit back and enjoy the Euros. Carefree
@zeenut yes I remember young Aamir the annoying deluded lost soul! Lol
Yes, Aamir was in the days when you could have decent banter/conversations with opposition fans. Nowadays you can't even do that on our own site without our own 'fans' destroying the discussion!
am i the only one thinking that if we brought hulk will only be hindrance to sturidge, lalkovic, feruz, piazon even josh?well if RDM will be manager we will likely play 4-2-3-1 right?i really want josh to take 1 position on central midfielder (lamps position considering he's declining) or mata number 10 position and let mata take left wing swap all along with right winger eden. his ball distribution will be joyous to watch, we have de bruyne feruz lalkovic even kakuta to challenge the '3' position in 4-2-3-1 position and having sturidge and lukaku for forward position. hell if we keep buying players that wont be dreaming im watching fast paced blazing run of team filled with:cechiva/kane-luiz/iva-terry/cahill-bertrand/colejosh/ramires/lamps-romeu/ramireshazard/stu-josh/mata-marin/matatorres/stu/lukakuhell im shivering fantasizing this lineup..the only things needed is a manager that willing to take risk let the youngsters play and somehow keeping the "old guards" realize that they have to let the baton passed to the next very dissapointing that josh dont even make cut in swansea. and maybe joe allen will be cheap alternative for us considering how great he is this season.
Loew did not produce the players that have taken them forward they were the result of a good grass roots system developing young footballers across the board not just those that go on to become pro's(The opposite of England). To think that he will make a top manager at club level in a league he has not experienced is going down a route which is a route of a mixture of Scolari and Av*********itup. I would rather have Robbie than him or even Martinez for that matter
Josh, Kakuta, Lalkovic, both Cliffords, Piazon and maybe Van Aanholt will go out on loan next season. Feruz, Swift, Kiwomya and the rest from the youth team are not ready to go out on loan yet and will spend the year with the youths/reserves again. My gut feeling is that next Summer we wont have to replace Sturridge, Essien, Malouda, Cole and perhaps JT as their natural replacements will be ready to move up from our loanees and reserves. Some top, top talent there. Dont worry about Josh - he'll have a better time of it this season i think. Needs to bulk up and grow physically. Brain is there, body needs to catch up. He'll be fine.
"one is a cheating, diving, unpleasant scumbag and the other is Luis Suarez" - Cracked me up to no ends... hahaha.
good to see we are doing buisness in the market early i like that very positive all we need know is 3 more and a manager appointed lol
dunno about three more - think we need a RB to replace the monobrowed one, (Van der Wiel, £8m or so) and a right sided striker who can play out wide or on the wing (Hulk, £35m or so). Dont see that we need any other new players. Although an impeccable source I know has suggested to me that we had a fee agreed last summer for the Hulk for €40m but they are angry because we're only prepared to go to €35m this time, as "we're in the market for one more £35-40m player" so depending on that, the Hulk transfer might take a couple of weeks. Got to be a striker surely? We're not getting Cavani AND Hulk are we? *tingles*
@OLASAL, If Cavani or a Falcao is coming, the Board has got to be smart and sell Torres. You can't have 100mm in one position with about another 50mm or 40mm on the bench. Need to free up space financially and not go gaga over this. We will be smart to spend 20mm - 25mm on another striker if one is to come after Hulk. Downside with that means Daniel Sturridge's career is effectively over in a Chelsea shirt because he has to compete with Hulk on the right wing, Hazard on the left wing, Mata as supporting striker, Torres as striker plus "new striker"....That is tough.
I fail to see how "the end of Daniel sturridge's career in a chelsea shirt" and "downside" can be used in the same sentence. I'd be absolutely delighted if we were able to sell him. I know many are fans but i just dont get it.
Am I the only one thinks we don't absolutely NEED a new RB?Yeah,it would be nice,but it wouldn't be the end of the world if we didn't sign one.Kane(he can be like what Bertrand was to Cole at the end of last season)and Hutchinson are more than capable of backing up Iva
I think we should slow down with this Todd Kane being Ivanovic's back up. We've said about 1 million of our kids from reserves and they've all failed to live up to the hype. The same was said about Kakuta, Josh, even Danny (before Bolton) and co and probably some of these guys were more talented then Kane. Kane is just 19 and will need more experience. Our talented Ryan bertrand had to play 143 games to be considered beside Ashley Cole while a promising Patrick Van Aanholt is still on loan at Vitesse.
KAKU and OLASAL.I would start dancing naked on the streets if that selfish egoistic ba$tard "Daniel Strurridge" leaves Chelsea.Please,someone take him away.I hope Roman pays Arsenal 10 million to take that idiotic striker.
Lmaooooo OLASAL.
Paulo and Bos are leaving. Bane has said many times he's happy to play RB but he doesnt want to play there full time and sees himself as a CB first and foremost. The right balance there is to have one attacking RB and one that is defensively solid. Ivo a shoe-in for the latter, but that leaves a marauding, ball playing, inter-changing right back who can overlap with the winger as Bos does/did. VDW is that kind of player so makes sense we'd be after him. Get your point about Hutch but I think he needs possibly to go out on loan, and Kane is too young for now. Next season yes, not this one.
KAKU.Sam Hutchinson can deputise Ivanovic.There are around 60 games.Ivanovic can't play all and will get injured if he does.Paulo can play some like the Carling Cup games.Hutchinson is a good back-up.I like his attitude.
KAKUfrank.I disagree with you.Every title-winning team has two world-class strikers.Look at Real Madrid and Man City.There are so many games in a season.One striker cannot start all the games.
Yes but Hutch is one injury away from retirement again - lets not forget that. I love the lad but lets keep things in perspective.
I have this strange feeling that we get all! Hazard,Hulk, van der Wiel and Pep as acoach! This will last for years! Just dreaming but who knows!?!
austriablue - well worth a read.
OLASAL, what makes ou think Ferreira's leaving? He's still got another year to go on his contract, and so we can't force him to leave. We can't punish him either because he never plays!
CalculatedKalou is right.
Paulo hardly plays.He has been a great servant who never complained in his career.Whenever he plays,he puts out a decent performance.
I just hate the thought of losing a talented,homegrown kid like Kane(Not worried about Hutch,he probably feels like he owes it to Roman to stay at Chelsea,regardless of how much he is played)because he can't get playing time.I know he won't leave for at least 2 seasons,but beyond that,if we sign someone young like Azpilicueta or Van der Wiel,he will have him and Iva to fight off,leaving Todd little room to break into the first team.
@OLASAL, we've had scouts at Dortmund looking at various Dortmund players. I am not sure if I recall, but we called Dortmund back in January for Lewandoski and they said no sale. Piscezsk is another player we were rumored ot be scouting. He is their starting right back, but it seems he is headed to Real Madrid if they don't land Ivanovic. He is a marauding right back as well. @cfc250. I have no idea what you referring to about having 2 starting strikers? Where did I say we would have only 1 striker.
There is no need to be holding on too deadwoods please. There isn't any further upside for them nor for us. This isn't some youngster we are developing by giving them games nor are these players going to do Chelsea any better if they play 10 games straight with the starters being out. We've got to find a way to move them out of the roster and make space for people who will be developing with us as the season progresses.
But KAKUfrank, I understand what your saying and 100% agree with you. BUT, we cannot force Ferreira to leave. He has a year left on his contract with us, and no team will pay the 40 odd grand we're paying him a week. He's gonna be intelligent and run out his contract, so I don't blame the guy. And it's not like we can punish him by sticking him in the reserves, as he never plays anyway!
Have no idea if he makes up to 40k a week and is not really 2nd choice RB. Bosingwa was.
Hulk deal '90 per cent' complete as Chelsea prepare to wrap up transfer for highly-regarded Porto striker -
"They have made an inquiry for several ‘big names’, including Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuaín and Atletico Madrid’s Radomel Falcao, although neither would want to be second-choice. It would appear more likely that Chelsea could bid for a younger striker such as Bayer Leverkusen’s Andre Schurrle. An inquiry has been made for the German international."
Just for laugh ,CFC sign Hazard,Utd in for Kagawa. Arsenal are monitoring Chinese sensation Fu-kin Noh-wan! source:twitter
Nice to know hazard chose us. Him, Marin, squad for next year already looking strong!!
ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer Atletico Madrid President Cerezo: "I have no intention to sell Falcao. He has a 4yr contract, but if Chelsea wants, we value at €60m." #CFC
Chelsea have had an offer for £28m (€35m) for Falcao rejected tonight. President Cerezo informed #CFC they won't sell for less than €60m
"Falcao still has four years to go on his contract with us. It's silly to say now if he's staying or if he's going," Cerezo told to Efe. "I really don't know anything about Falcao leaving, I just know that he signed a contract with us and that contract states he can stay with us in the next four seasons." He also stated he is not sure of Falcao's value right now, despite previously admitting that he would listen to offers for his star man. "I am sure Falcao is now highly rated on the market, but as we don't want to sell him, we really don't know how much how much that is," the former cinema producer said. "He does have a release clause in his contract, I guess that's his value, but, as I said before, he has four years to go before his contract expires." Said nothing to me.
@matamata, lmao!!!!
the ghost of mourinho is dead... Long live the ghost of cl winner RDM!!!
i enjoyed this alot...brilliant from olasal...up chelsea
i agree with OLASAL because to be European elite club u need to have UCL trophy we rightfully earned this time. roman is special guy u wont see an owner like him anywhere. every time people say he lost interest he comes back with lot of players to show that chelsea is like his son and will do anything to have a good future.
Off topic- has anyone seen the pic of Brendan Rodgers on Sky Sports' website? Funny stuff. The editor of that article is a cruel man...
guys it looks like we have wrapped up HULK! Twitter rumours are coming trough that it will be annouinced before the 4th of June! (Monday) oh my go chelsea go crazy! YES!
austriablue can u post some sources are they reliable??I am hering that hulk deal is 90% complete(from telegraph)also we are suppose to reenter for modric
Dan Levene ‏@BluesChronicle Major Chelsea rebuild under-way. Eden Hazard all but sorted. Hulk 90% complete. Talk of renewed interest in Luka Modric. Interesting summer.
OLASAN, Thats a nice one mate!
Not sure about Hulk. He's kind of like an iPad - it's expensive and I'm not sure if I need it, but GODDAMNIT IT'S COOL. DO WANT.
ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer Atletico Madrid President Cerezo: "I have no intention to sell Falcao. He has a 4yr contract, but if Chelsea wants, we value at €60m." #CFC Here I am sticking my player in the shop window with a €60m price tag but I have no intention of selling him ! ..yeah right Mr Cerezo
@kishaloy_nag_blue Sorry guy but i have some sources - which are i think 85-95% reliable but i cant say them to anyone! But the telegraph is right! That story with modric is just a bubble right now! But i at the weekend we will announce two signings! Dont be surprised if thoes two are Hazard and Hulk! Would be a massive statement from our CFC!
austriablue no worries mate just keep us updated on the latest gossips,also hearing we are making a move on falcao..cant believe wht i am seeing/reading right now.:),imagine hulk,hazard falcao WOW..ok none is confirmed but boy it seems their good chance of them actually happening
KALOU seems certain of leaving he just tweeted" the journey shall continue wherever the wind blows! love u all
since 19-05 we always wake up to receive good news from chelsea camp....... hazard ............ hulk ooooh bravo chelsea
Porto's top scorer Tweeted: "Thanks to all Chelsea fans, the beautiful messages of support! And I'm sorry for my english hahahah."
Hope it's not too breezy for him papsy, it'll knock him off the ball!
Hulk smash yet?
Surely the commentators would love to see him score from 30 yards out. "HUUUULK SMMMAASHHH!!!"" they'd say. ;)
Hmmmm....Hulk/Mata/Hazard and torres top striking? I cant envision any bus parking team that can shut them out! Bring on stoke city!!!! Hope its true and not robinho 2.0
if any of you are on twitter look at who hulk is following. Mata, Hazard and a Chelsea fan page were followed today! after what he tweeted earlier he may as well have announced the move!
u r right blueirishman
i somehow dont think its Hulks real account!
MARK MY WORD: Hulk will sign for Chelsea within a week!
@superfrankylamps i always look for pictures that werent taken by photographers. i think its probably real.
The Hulk account is apparently real, I read that Lucas Leiva at Liverpool (fellow Brazilian) has sent messages to this account of Hulks. It looks pretty real to me also!
Am I daydreaming or have we signed Hulk??
@Al£x-Pat0 Not official yet! But it looks like! But for now - just rumours!
yeh according to tom kundert (some portuguese news reporter in english) it is a real account!! im hearing both signings will b announced at the weekend!
@SuperFrankyLamps Great! Wow can you imagine Hulk and Hazard in ONE Team! In OUR TEAM! This is unstoppable!
Transfer News Central says Hulk has signed a 5 yr contract. Wages £145k per week. Transfer fee £37m. Will be unveiled on Saturday with Hazard.
not since robben, duff, cole and gudjohnson have we had so much flair! can not wait to see them in action
We SHOULD be looking at the league now... Forget fourth
I think £38m for Hulk is disgusting. Hazard has done more last season than Hulk did. I think he should be valued below the Hazard fee at least!
Sky Sports understands that Chelsea are close to agreeing a deal for Porto star Hulk. by Tweet me @skygraemebailey via twitter 3:49 PM
@Ess..., the only thing C.Ronaldo does better than Hulk is time he spent in front of mirror..;)
Hulk has not been signed yet.
If we sign hulk that means there is an intent to win the bpl title....I think rdm would be retained considering the interview i read earlier when he was praising avb's input to the team and saying the project is still being pursued....
The project is still being pursued and we are to brace ourselves for a very busy and eventful summer
Just wait and see what happens next

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