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A Thought on the Managerial Front

May be this is the reason we're taking so long?

My dad and I were having a discussion today about why we haven't announced our manager yet and he came up with a very intriguing thought.

Maybe the reason we haven't announced it yet is because we are in talks with Pep Guardiola to join us for certain next year after he's had his 'rest' and we're waiting until those talks have been concluded so we know if Pep is interested or not.

If this was to happen then the board would probably give Robbie the job for another year before having Pep join us next year. Maybe this is why the board are taking so long.

Of course I would like Robbie to be given the job for more than just a year as I think he deserves it and is number 1 for me. But it is an interesting point.

You're thoughts please!

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The Journalist

Writer: HierKommtAlex33 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 29 2012

Time: 7:00PM

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Yea that may be it! However, I think we will get Pep now and not next year IF RDM doesn't get the job! Fingers crossed for Di Matteo tough!
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29/05/2012 19:25:00

I gave up many moons ago, I'm just living off the adrenalin from May 19th still!
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29/05/2012 19:30:00

I find that it would be risky either way. I mean we give Robbie one year, he does very well, maybe even winning a double or treble, we cannot then bring Pep in. Or if Pep comes in this year and he wins nothing, how stupid would the board look if they let go of the one who won for the one who didn't. I for one do not want Pep as he's only ever coached the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Pujol etc. The players he's bought are David Villa (not worth his price tag) Zlatan (Got rid of Eto who proceeded to win a UCL Trophy with Inter, knocking his old teammates out), and then Fabregas and Alexis, not really notable buys if you ask me, the core of his team were in place before he moved in. I have my reservations on him, whereas Robbie, since his playing days, I have always held a special place in my heart for him, there is something magical within him and I am 100% behind the prospect of having him become our long term coach. I would be happy if he was here for a decade or so and I do think he would do well. Sometimes Great things that happened are never planned for, they just happen like the fact that he's our coach now, I just wish that he stays and builds something special here. Remember what happened the last time a former player member of our coaching staff was unceremoniously jettisoned, we went into a Moment. Let us do good by karma this time around and we shall reap the rewards.
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29/05/2012 19:42:00

@Gian-Franco well said. my shortlist : di matteo, david moyes, joachim loew. if not robbie then low if not then moyes.
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29/05/2012 21:29:00

none of guardiolas signings excelled in barca .. ibrahmovic , sanchez and fabregas ...... joachem low should be the man
haji ahmed
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29/05/2012 21:48:00

I have said what i will on this several times point sounding like a broken record. All i can hope for now is that the board do what ever it is they want to do quickly. If they are hell bent on Pep pay him whatever it will does appear we now have excess money to spend (let us not bother asking how and who got us this extra funds and respect in the European football circles). We all know that even if the messiah himself were coaching Chelsea with Roman at the trigger he would not last more than 5 yrs tops anyway so the way i feel about it now..instead of waiting till mid to late July to appoint RDM (after every one else has told us thanks but no thanks) and then severely hamstring his ability to prepare the team for the season, for all i care the board can pay Pep 50m per season for 3-5 seasons and let us all behold the miracles he will perform when he gets here. There should be no delay...since the decisions makers feel that he is the holy grail for the clubs future..lets perform the Nike says..lets do wont be the first time we have made these sort of head scratching probably wont be the last. When the dust and ashes settle the Phoenix known as Chelsea will again rise from the ashes as we always do and maybe we would have become a little wiser for the experience.
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29/05/2012 22:51:00

Roman if you ever read this forum, please click on the link below to see what you have done for fans the world over, and you did this through your coach and servant RDM
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29/05/2012 23:55:00

I don't think having managed "Messi et al only" disqualifies Pep from managing Chelsea, who had Mourinho managed before he came to us?? This Pep-RDM talk has been washed up and that some still have the gall to mention it beats me because IT'S EVIDENT Pep is our NUMBER 1 TARGET (for obvious reasons) and RDM is the last resort (why else would they take this long) so the sooner some accept that the better. Who's to say RDM will be successful, especially given his history pre-3 months ago?? It's so easy to discredit others who are PROVEN BETTER MANAGERS (like Pep, I mean 13 Cups in 3 years, actually make that 14) yet RDM only has 2 cups, of which 1 was borne out of highly controversial circumstances (FA Cup semi vs Spurs) and the other was a miraculous 1 (unless you believe RDM's tactics involved other teams either hitting the post or missing sitters by their failure to convert NUMEROUS chances created)...face FACTS will you, RDM is last resort for obvious reasons
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30/05/2012 00:17:00

@Merlin, don't you have better articles to upload?? This managerial "chit-chat" has literally reached the "cigarette butt"
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30/05/2012 00:19:00

@mq 2 cups in 3 months with a team no one thought had any chance & even took down ur boy pep's barcelona so u face facts he deserves a chance. Dont care for the defensive approach but we did what we had to with an old, slow + uncreative team & won
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30/05/2012 00:31:00

Pep will not do well with Chelsea, same reason AVB didn't, Roman needs to get his head out of his own ass...
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30/05/2012 02:28:00

@ mq if you want to indulge in a debate do it in a gentlemanly fashion. Your attitude to just hammer your point is appalling. Let me tell you some facts. After JM, RDM is the most successfull manager at CFC. Talk about mental strength, we have scored last minute goals in each of our quarter, semi, and finals of our champions league. We saw the best of ramires lampard luiz torres dd cech mata all under RDM. In fa cup finals we played a good attacking game. RDM started bertrand and lukaku in his time. Just as we cant blame barcelona for what happened in 2009 you cant blame our coach for our opponents being pathetic. In fact i would say they fell victim to our extra ordinary discipline and our vigour. If you watch the finals and the semi finals again, it was them and not us who were playing under pressure. Poor league form was essentially a prioritisation issue in my honest opinion.
Blue India
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 06:30:00

BLUE-INDIA...1) we have conceded goals in the last minutes under RDM so that negates your "mental strength" exudation...2) Ramires was already a performer under RDM, the difference is that we were not "ultra" defensive so you didn't see him counter attack as much, as for Torr-mentor he had all the games while Drogba was gone and if you read the archives he was labelled crap (did you know when the team is doing well overall even certain players are absolved into that "doing well" mantra)...3) You didn't watch the FA Cup as I did, that was a bore from minute 1 except we carved a few chances here and there and as for the last 30 minutes (no comment)...4) *LoL* didn't Lukaku play our Carling Cup games and not make that much of a difference under AVB?? (or have you overlooked this in your "skewed" perception of AVB) and as for Bertrand, he and the 2 cups are the only "light" on RDM otherwise his football philosophy belongs in the History Channel (maybe Discovery, with all the pre-historic dinosaur crap they play)...5) how you can justify RDM's atrocious league performances because of the cups beats me because apart from a "handy" refereeing decision in the FA Semi (2nd goal vs Spurs) and the greatest luck ever experienced in football (after Maradona's "hand of God") we were effectively rubbish, hence Roman not hesitating in not offering Drogba (and the other "heroes" of the Champs League final) an improved contract. The man and everyone else (barring 95% of VC members) all acknowledge that was rubbish, if it were that effective don't you think we'd have atleast retained Drogba?? Chelsea can match or beat any other club's wage offers for the "right" player matey, so not giving Drogba a new contract doesn't mean we broke, he's just not worth it and neither do we want to play "homo-erectus" era football
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30/05/2012 07:06:00

@MQ: 1. How many goals have we conceded in the last minutes. I can count Bayern, may be Benfica and what else. How many were conceded during AVB and in how many matches did we actually come back. Do not try to manipulate facts just to twist facts to suit you. Conceding goals at the last minute has been the trait of this team but to come back Man Utd style is something new. (2) Ramires was a performer during AVB, but he just got better attacking wise and defense wise under RDM. Torress was bad, just about when he was coming back AVB benched after him the red card to deflate his confidence. Drogba was labelled crap but he CAME BACK TO WIN US THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND FA CUP under RDM. So credit goes to RDM, to wake us a sleeping giant. (3) No comments there as I enjoyed the match as much as I enjoyed the Champions league semi final. Just check the match day moments thread to see how many people actually enjoy the match. (4) Lukaku played in carling cup, trained as a winger, Mikel was benched without any communication, Malouda was played with Toress, are some of the master strokes of AVB, aren't they?(5)Just like 2009, It is a skewed perception on your part, I do not blame RDM for a referee fiasco, but look at the other 4 goals. It is as much a refereeing conundrum. Also Accept one thing, AVB destroyed the dressing room. made himself look like an idiot making senseless comments and virtually making the entire world our enemy. RDM united the club, its resources with immense passion (read Ryan Bertrand's article on the pre match activities before the Champions league Final). RDM was brave to take a decision like giving Bertrand a start in the most important match in Club's history. Also kindly note that RDM was himself an attacking mid fielder. Under strict directions, he can and will make us play attractive football. BTW, YOUR PEP WILL DEFINATELY TEACH OUR PLAYERS NEW WAYS OF DIVING AND SHOWING FALSE CARDS, IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT.
Blue India
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30/05/2012 09:37:00

Wow people want excitement from a fa cup final!!!! Haha obviously not a real English football fan of they don't know how rubbish the fa cup finals are every single year. Lol. Love how people put all we did this season down to luck! RDM was lucky as teams hit the post. Not that there players were ***** and cant hit a ban door! You make your own luck in this world. I don't care who the next manager is. It can be RDM,Pep,loew,Hiddink or the pope. As if they do rubbish then there sacked and a new manager comes in. Roman might have sacked a load of coaches but it's worked as we have won more trophies in this 8 years than ever before.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 09:38:00

Interesting things are going to unfold and we must be ready for nervy moments in weeks to come.
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30/05/2012 09:39:00

@KEndems blue, we need a manager to sort out our priorities in the transfer market. And with the board being so proactive in the transfers, I think RDM will be continued for next season
Blue India
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 09:43:00

Blueindia thats prööobable...Rdm all the way....And i'l swear on his critiques every trophy he wins
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 11:48:00

*for every trophy he wins*
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 12:19:00

MQ - you really are an ABSOLUTE INSUFFERABLE FOOL! I, for one am done with you, you really are not worth the effort.
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30/05/2012 13:28:00

Looking at the way the club is going ahead with the transfers, it is definite that the manager who is coming will not have any pressure to win any tropies, but there will be pressure as to the type of style with which we play. We are getting poised for some attacking talents in Torres, Mata, Marin, Ramires, (Hazard) , (Hulk). So, the manager has to manage this requirement from the owner. Pep is known for his philosophy , RDM showed that he can make the team play attacking (like FA Cup final) and also provide confidence to younsters. But, the final say is of ROMANs and it could be either of Pep or RDM .
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30/05/2012 13:53:00

Whilst I think Robbie deserves a second shot I don´t think its fair to right off Pep so quickly. His signing have not been the best but its clear that our board prefer to sign players so him coming in would not really change that. In regards to his style of football he must be No.1 choice. Bearing in mind he was promoted from youth team and the fact that their academy is really the foundation of their dominance you´d have to say he deserves alot of credit for their success. You rarely hear youth team coaches promoted to Manager (especially in big club) so he really must have been making big moves in their academy.. and to follow such a step-up with so much success he´s gotta be the real deal.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 15:10:00

BLUE-INDIA...1) You neglect to mention Villa, ManCity, Newcastle, Live-ya-fool, QPR to name the most recent. Check our stats mate, I recall before the final the commentators did mention that 70% of our conceded goals this season came in the last 30 minutes (and let's not discuss AVB because that'll just raise other issues) Funny that you say I shouldn't manipulate facts but go on to add "Conceding goals at the last minute has been the trait of this team" (so you deny, admit then justify??)...2) I alluded to Ramirez too because as I said under AVB we weren't as defensive as we became under RDM (so we agree, basically) then Torr-mentor, it's a mystery to me too why AVB benched him when he needed the game time but that's for another day, as for Drogba he had all the games to prove his worth but only "chose" certain games hence my relief at his departure (we can't have a player choose when to perform)...3) If you enjoyed the FA Cup final then clearly you and I have differing football philosophies and about the match-day threads, you should see the frantic the last 30 minutes threads *LoL*...4) AVB chose the wrong teams and combinations about 70% of the time but as I said, let's leave that because we all know how he turned out...5) 2009 came and went, Barca were lucky but atleast they played beautiful football whereas we were lucky playing atrocious football. Thankfully Roman (and the board) are dismantling that, I cannot fathom another season or match watching rich men play poor football...While Pep has his limitations too, I'd rather Pep than someone unproven and seeing how Roman (and the board) are behaving, it seems we think alike. Great Minds...*LoL*
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 17:44:00

Promoting managers from the youth team is a good idea given the way Brendan Rodgers CV is on the up. Imagine he was promoted through the ranks, he could be the chelsea manager. We are moving the right direction promoting these managers at chelsea and can see Drummy still climbing since Holland is up their already.
Report Abuse
31/05/2012 07:07:00

hope we can crack it and come up with them from within the chelsea ranks.
Report Abuse
04/06/2012 10:27:00


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