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Get yer finger out Josh

It has been stated for some time that Josh McEachran will be a great player when he fills out.

I don`t agree that it is the physical side of his game that needs to develop most Josh's lack of first team football is not purely physical. He had no problems 18 months ago against Marseille. It is my opinion that Josh just needs to develop more passion for the game.

Players of his type need to have an edge a desire to be involved, talent and a football brain are not enough. The fact is that Swansea were safe and yet Brendan Rodgers did not play him and made the excuse for Josh's sake, saying that it was a good experience for the kid to be away from home.

In the youth team Josh did not have to demand the ball, he got it because he grew up with that team and they knew that if the kept giving him the ball he would use it to cut through teams and create chances. When I first saw him live as a youth cup player I was shouting his name from the rooftops, it was like seeing Hudson re-born.

Three years on he has made little progress and that really saddens me. The last manager was so arrogant he was only ever going to play the young player he brought in, Romeu, so Josh had to get a loan and was unlucky to be going as cover for a really well performing midfield, but it was his performance for the England under 21 ones that really disappointed me.

Stuart` hoofball` Pearce picked him as the no 10 and then just got his central defenders to whack diagonals over midfield with bellows of 'hit the channels' Given all that I was sorry for Josh but whereas the far less talented Jordan Henderson began to demand the football, off the back four, and show some effort Josh seemed happy enough not to get the ball and became invisible.

I am not writing this to knock a fine young Chelsea talent I really want to see him as part of our blue revolution. So come on Josh if you`re a quiet shy person off the pitch, fine so is Messi, but on it you have to be a winner, no one gives you anything in this game, if you want to get in a first team you have to be talented but you have to want it more than the next player.

Make next season your year whether here or on loan and if you do, ask for a loan deal in Spain or France where your type of game is cherished and you can regain the confidence you showed at seventeen.

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The Journalist

Writer: Norfendrd Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 29 2012

Time: 7:15PM

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Is Josh destined to be the latest from the production line to fall off the conveyor belt?
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29/05/2012 19:29:00

Good analysis and I agree with you. Thing is the way we're set up, two deep-lying, ball playing midfielders - he's a natural fit. It doesnt get any more natural than that. Him and Ramires as the deep-lying two, Hazard in front and a pair of quick wingers down either side, someone quick and direct up front. In many ways he's a much better fit for that role than Lamps is as he's a better passer of the ball but Josh does need to beef up a bit be be much more clinical in the tackle. What worries me is that we've said the same thing about Josh as we said about a few others who came before - I'm thinking Jimmy Smith, Sam Dalla Bona, Paul Nicholls, even Jody Morris to be fair - good players coming through, lots of potential, just never did it at the top level for whatever reason. Like it or not, the odds are against poor Josh. Still, you can only hope. If he doesnt make it then theres John Swift to come behind him who I think has a better chance of fulfilling his top potential, and of course Lucas Piazon who will be Hazard-sort-of-good if he gets anywhere near his potential. This is why I want Loew as new manager if RDM doesnt get it - he was given a raft of very good young German kids to replace the Schneiders, Ballacks, Jeremies', Bierhoffs, Janckers and Effenbergs etc - they had a couple of years of nothing but when Loew took over he displayed a real talent at man-management and specifically bringing young kids through. Ozil, Mueller, Goetze, Khedira, Marin etc - all absolute stars and brought through the right way at national level. The assumption is that he could do an even better job at club level as he has much mroe contact.
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29/05/2012 19:30:00

Kalas, Bruma, Hutchinson, Pirez, Omeruo, Delac, Courtois, Kane, Bertrand, Van Aanholt, Swift, Feruz, Chalobah, Ince, Bamford, McEachran, Lalkovic, Kiwomya, Piazon, Davila, Hazard, De Bruyne, Marin, Lukaku, Kakuta etc. Some fantastically talented kids there. They wont all make it but those that do will be top players.
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29/05/2012 19:36:00

Courtois, Kane, Chalobah, Hutchinson, Bertrand, Swift, McEachran, Hazard, De Bruyne, Piazon, Feruz. Tell me thats not a class looking team, probably 3 years away from when we'll actually see it.
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29/05/2012 19:38:00

i cnt believe why al of a sudden why everyone is pointing their finger on this young guys.....now why everyone is saying he has not progresd enough cnt believe how people change their mind....this was the guy who few month back was in first team squad of everyone.....everyone was praisng him the next lampard....now why all of a sudden u guys think he has not grown enough he has to show his talent.....the worst thing happens to this kid is he is playing for chelsea....where homegrown talent are always ignored where how talented ur u wnt get chance .......guys if this guy was playing for arsenal tottenham or manu or any other club where he would have got chance than guys we wuld have chasing him for his signature....the problem is not with josh its that guy has not got enough chance and that has largely affected on his game....he is just sitting on bench how can u progress while sitting on abench rather than playing.....he could hve been in the first team have he been wih other club....dnt blame that him if u wanna blame then blame chelsea youth policy which is destroying such talented guys future.....im feeling so sad for him....he should have been in first team....hope he deserve wot he should...
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29/05/2012 19:42:00

Ake, Figueria, Affane, Loftus-Cheek...
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29/05/2012 19:50:00

Carling cup for chelsea should be dominated by this youngsters. Giving them a chance in cup competitions would help them considerably.
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29/05/2012 20:10:00

Whatever maybe the case, we shall never know how good josh can be until he plays. I mean an extended run of games, not just 30 second cameos.
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29/05/2012 20:13:00

I think he should play in the 1st team as a 2nd string player in the carling cup,f.a cup and lower positioned league sides on ucl weeks.....
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29/05/2012 20:33:00

..@shlok27........ i agree with you mate spot on. If he was at arsenal or even united he would've played so much games already. if the kid had a barca shirt on clubs would be monitoring him all day . Ancelotti realised tis and at least played him till we fcking got rid of carlo and AVB promised tht he was gonna be involved during the pre-sason i got so excited ....only for the knobhead to not even give him a sniff. Its our ****y youth policy its *****. ROSS BARKLEY, JACK RODWELL why r we sniffing around evertonian younguns when we have our own. baffling at least di matteo has given bertrand a shot. big thanks to robbbie for tht
Report Abuse
29/05/2012 20:54:00

@Shlok27..you have nailed it down and i have been saying this same thing for years. We have no youth development nor transition policy at Chelsea...we are looking for the easy way out and want to loan out (or as i call it..outsource) our young talent for someone else to do the development and sharpening for us..Few are as generous as Owen Coyle...most will do exactly what Brendan Rodgers did at Swansea..play us as fools. Again and Again i have begged that these youth players like Josh, Kakuta and maybe Chalobah be pre-identified by discussion between the senior coach and the youth coach. We should identify the best 3-5 of our youth prospects per year and have a written policy of their development and transition to first team play..they need to be given the chance to develop and grow or by their lack of progress show they simply are not cut it for chelsea and can then be sold so they can develop their careers elsewhere. In my mind this should involve their inclusion in all the early stage FA cup and Carling cup fixtures as well as starting berths for 1-3 of them in all the home BPL games against lower third opposition..With this kind of exposure by seasons end it will be obvious who the keepers are among the 3-5 identified as projects for that year and who needs to move on. But with next to no exposure, virtually no starts to speak of in a whole season these young men lose what little self confidence they have and their innate skills become rusty...Shlok is absolutely right if these guys were with teams like ManU or Arsenal they would certainly be seeing more playing time. OLASAL i would add that Joachim Loew cannot be given the lion share of the credit for the development of young german talent..he has reaped from the radical change in the grass roots football policy in Germany that followed the 1992 world cup and which most of the Bundesliga teams bought into. He certainly helped hone these players but greatest credit has to go to the Bundesliga teams that virtually all have high quality youth academies and also consistently poach the best talents from dutch clubs as well.
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29/05/2012 22:12:00

@SHLOK...expect this from VC fans, they change tune faster than a quickie in a nightclub bathroom
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30/05/2012 00:09:00

we've consistently played the youth in the Carling Cup now, it's just not enough. I believe a policy of starting with 1 academy prospect every game (barring against the top 6 or knock out stages in the Champs League) must be introduced and enforced, with rotation also being incorporated (can't play the same player 2 games in succession and can only "repeat" such player after 4 games) and I'm sure this will yield way better results than we are currently getting from both internally (at the club) and loaning
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 00:17:00

he is still young and has time on his side..
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30/05/2012 00:25:00

sorry dont agree about josh not having passion thats nonsense. Josh is like Zidane a super talent who looks like he is not trying because he is so elegant on the ball. If given a chance he will be a superstar, no doubt...
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 00:26:00

really don't agree with this . he cant stand on the middle of the pitch and ask everyone to give the football to him. if he went up to rodgers at swansea and demanded to play more games do you think he would be there any longer? you can blame him for not improving his skills but not for asking for the ball, thats just ridiculous
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 03:11:00

Ktm You have never played football if you don't understand that players have to show for the ball.
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30/05/2012 05:19:00

I really feel for this guy, how much I crave to see him in our starting 11, I'd see him as an ideal replacement for Lamps. The main reason he didn't get enough game time at Swans is because he was only there for a half season loan so Brendan Rodgers didn't want to groom a player who's going to leave in a few months.
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30/05/2012 05:24:00

This article really is rubbish now that I'm wide awake...how can you show more passion and put in action when you not getting into team selection?? *Be Realistic*
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 06:53:00

@mq...U are never awake u freaky gagoyle.....
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30/05/2012 09:24:00

This boy won't make it at the club while we have lamps and essien at the club or if we go out and buy a big central midfielder this summer! With us looking at signing hulk along with hazard and Marin the 3 behind the striker is totally full(Marin,mata,hazard,hulk,debruyne,malouda) then with hazard,hulk,debruyne and hazard all there it means ramires will now I guess revert back to one of the two central midfielders where he belongs. So it leaves one space between lamps,essien,mikel,meireles and josh? I can't see josh gettin much time over those guys. Can you? In my opinion essien and meireles need to sold and then josh moves up the chain. Plus we have cover in chalobah for essien and meireles if needed. We don't need loads of money.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 09:26:00

If we realize what is good for the team is to remove a lot of demands for the next manager. When everybody relaxes, we will see good football and players cutting in since they are enjoying themselves. Do you think he can play when you are fighting to save a season and put the full pressure on him? No. Every manager will not play them but will always look for experience.
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30/05/2012 09:44:00

Well we'll sell one or two of e▀ssien,meireles and malouda....Josh can still make the starting XI.....When the transfer window opens some players will be released ruthlessly.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 09:46:00

Too laid back at times Josh is, but the situation at Chelsea is not helping much I hope he does not end up like the rest of the Chelsea talent that was shipped out and is now doing well at other clubs like Borini. As longas there is no managerial stability at Chelsea the youth will continue to suffer.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 13:11:00

@ GabeU, Agree with you on that we dont have a transition plan from youth to first team or rather reserve to first team. We should put up that first. It is not good enough to provide these youngsters some 2-3 Carling cups matches. We should identify upto 3 youngsters every 2 years and get them into the first team. Give them 2 yrs of oppurtunity to develop with first team by givning them playing time against bottom 5 teams and lot of sub appearances in the remaining matches. I would like to see Josh, Piazon, Kane & Chalobah to be those persons in the next season.
Report Abuse
30/05/2012 13:40:00


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