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You Reckon it`s a Right-Back!

Our most recent poll, although having already assumed that Hulk and Hazard were already on board, focussed on which position you felt no needed sorting.

For once, the poll appears not to have been influenced by gate-crashers from other Vital sites with the outcome being pretty much as I thought.

Firstly though, before releasing the results, I`d like to thank CalculatedKalou for sending in the poll suggestion whilst also pointing out that due to the sheer numbers of poll suggestions we get, we are unable to use them all.

So without much further ado, here are the results, relating to which position you feel needs strengthening the most:

1st - Right-Back = 51%

2nd - Deep Lying Playmaker = 25%

3rd - Back-Up Striker = 23%

4th - Back-Up Keeper = 1%

My only surprise relating to the poll is that, on the surface, it would appear that your faith in our current back-up keepers - Ross Turnbull and Henrique Hilario - appears somewhat misplaced but that`s only my opinion.

Please feel free to discuss.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 6 2012

Time: 12:28PM

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Van der wiel isn't the only option at right back....there's chandler, debuchy, isla and sakai
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06/06/2012 12:36:00

Yeah we seriously need a right back ASAP. and a good CM otherwise team playing with us will destroy us on the counter. SIMPLES!
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06/06/2012 12:39:00

anyone from the Premier League or Championship that could provide back-up for Ivanovic?
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06/06/2012 12:39:00

Chandler, sakai, isla, debuchy are really good and cheap!
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06/06/2012 12:48:00

What's wrong with Iva? Honestly.. We could try and convert Ryan Bertrand? That would be amazing. What if we get Moura? Will that just ***** up our team cause we'll have too many stars. (Suppose Hulk is here too) Damn we need to calm down but then again i LOVE new signings.
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06/06/2012 13:01:00

Cesar Azpilicueta, Marseille: Azpilicueta is a player who I find particularly captivating as an individual. He'll be 23 in a couple of months, and for his age, I'd say his defensive development has definitely always been one full step ahead of others on the learning curve at any point of his Ligue 1 career. By built, all the candidates I'm considering are nowhere close to Bane's imposition, but Azpilicueta's probably the slightest and also the shortest of the 3. As is usually the case, the slight built one is also fairly quick, but at the same time, Azpilicueta possesses sufficient strength to be able to obstruct approaching attackers, as well as push them further toward the touchline when needed. Azpilicueta is also noted for being an exceptionally clean tackler of the ball, averaging only 1.2 fouls per game in his 45 appearances for Marseille so far. He's not the most frequent crosser of the 3, but is extremely accurate with his delivery, and generally likes to mix it up well, lifting, whipping & laying the ball into the box with equal ease, which suggests he has the technical goods to succeed in a demanding environment, or against teams where crossing opportunities may be relatively hard to come by. Another sphere where his technical skills shine is his passing, since he's not only a tidy passer of the ball, but he releases the ball quickly, accurately, and on occasion even manages to pull off the rare ambitious pass he attempts. His anticipation skills are top notch, because he makes a rather lot of interceptions and shot/cross blocks around & at the edge of his area, as well as whenever inside it, averaging 3.3 interceptions per game. Of all 3, he's the one closest to Cole in this regard. A reported bid in the region of 12-13M was supposedly lodged by us this past winter, and I reckon something in the region of 15M plus minor bonuses might be enough to seal his signature SOURCE:
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 13:06:00

Mauricio Isla, Udinese: Isla will be 24 very soon, and he's a player I wouldn't have had a particular affinity for, except that his positional versatility is phenomenal. Very rarely have I known of a player capable of playing every right sided position on the pitch yet flexible enough to slot seamlessly into central midfield. It's a pity his last season was blighted by an anterior cruciate ligament injury, which was especially disappointing since he was coming off what had been his most successful and consistent stint in the Udinese XI the previous year, and had been widely expected to establish himself as a Serie A defensive elite. In a defensive capacity, Isla too is noted for being a tidy tackler, averaging an impressive 0.7 fouls per game over 55 appearances, although it's unclear how absolute an indication that should be seen of his tackling ability, since with the range of positions he's played for them over the last two seasons, he wasn't always involved in roles where getting drawn into challenges was mandatory compulsion. As a passer, Isla too is a very useful option in the opponent's half, he's a more frequent passer, and makes him available for build up play more often than the other 2, but somewhat is marginally behind Azpilicueta in how quickly he reads the tighter passing situations, often preferring to make a simpler pass before moving into a further advanced position and making himself available again. On the odd occasion he does attempt an extravagant pass, he doesn't usually succeed, but coming into a team brimming with creative talent in central positions, his safer approach will be very well appreciated. As a crosser, what impresses me most about him is his ability to consistently deliver excellent looping volley-crosses, as well as a cleverly disguised lay-off cross which helps create some very good shooting opportunities for onrushing teammates. For a counterattacking system, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better wingback. SOURCE:
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06/06/2012 13:07:00

Łukasz Piszczek for me. top quality right back.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 13:09:00

Gregory van der Wiel, Ajax: van der Wiel, like Isla is 24. On emergence, he was probably the most promising prospect in Europe the year he graduated from the academy at Ajax, eventually collecting the Talent of the Year award in 2009. It was only later in the World Cup however, that his displays brought him onto the radar of Europe's elite. In terms of ability, van der Wiel is unarguably by far the quickest and the most hard-working of the 3. A constant feature of his game has been his tireless, purposeful running, and on an average he spends more time in the opposition half than either Azpi or Isla, which is to say, he easily trumps both in stamina and offensive endeavor. As a crosser, he's decent, but somewhat one-dimensional, something he makes up for with a powerful shot of his own whenever he's allowed time and space on the ball & the freedom to approach the right edge of the area. Consequently, his finishing is better than the expected average from defenders. Defensively speaking, Gregory-boy is a bit of a stuck-up record. His tackling, while not technically errant, is actually pretty wayward, even giving away crucial penalties on occasion, and the less written about his positional awareness, the better. I uncomfortably note van der Wiel's idea of positional recovery consists of being caught out of position as a result of lingering too long after delivering a cross or misplacing one, and then sprinting back to catch up with his dribbling opponent, finally getting into a decent enough position to launch a flailing tackle/block and just barely avert the danger. In short, he's pretty bashful at recovering from compromising positions, something that needs to be a staple feature in a proficient & aware wingback's game. Even in a good goalside position, he has shown the tendency to lose his man, or allow them to cross/pass, making at best only feeble attempts to limit their threat. Further, he comes across as somewhat substandard in his decision making skills, as he has a tendency to be frequently exposed when opponents attempt a side overload tactic on his flank. van der Wiel has averaged 0.2 successful tackles in his last two seasons at Ajax, which means he's either the world's best tackler, or the tardiest, your pick. So what makes him worth considering and including on our list? For starters, van der Wiel would be significantly cheaper than any other semi-established alternative, seeing as he has little of his contract left to run, that and the timely emergence of Ricardo van Rhijn. At the same time, pace and stamina aren't attributes that can magically be spurted up after a certain age, whereas defensive frailties and technical flaws can be fixed to an extent through exposure to quality high level coaching. Even though buying players shouldn't be reliant on promises/expectations of improvement, he can present a decent option in case the club ends up finding neither Isla nor Cesar to their liking. SOURCE:
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06/06/2012 13:09:00

We'll all be on a scouting mission for the Euros. Looking out for Van der Wiel, Piszczek and Debuchy. Isla and Azpilicueta to consider also.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 13:14:00

why do we always have to buy buy buy buy????????????????we have sam hutchinson lets give him a chance to play backup to ivanovic period.why dont we appreciate what our academy players are doing and give them a chance
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 13:14:00

weakended?? Bah ha ha.... Oops
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06/06/2012 13:26:00

Erm... Kyle Walker? And yes I am being serious. I'd stick my neck out and say that he was one of Spud's best players last season and out of their squad he's probably the only one of their players who I'd actually want. Bale = One trick pony and we already have Cole / Bertrand / PvA / Hazard / Mata / Malouda down the left hand side. Modric = WAY overpriced and over hyped. Fell to pieces when the going got rough at the end of the season. At the moment we have Ivan, Kane, Hutchinson which is good, but with doubts over Ivan's future beginning to emerge, and any injury / suspension issues, then we could find ourselves weakended down the right flank. We need someone of equal / better ability than Ivan and I'm more than happy if we picked up the "home grown" Walker (Or Micah Richards, or even Glennis Johnson!)
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 13:26:00

Lampardzachariah is right, we have Hutchinson and Kane, and let's not forget, Paulo Ferreira is still with us. If we sign a right back to backup Brana we emphasise just why the youth have no chance to flourish here at Chelsea
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 13:50:00

(so Kane could actually get some match time with Walker as our first team, giving him a chance to progress)
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 14:00:00

Good shout there Bizarre_Blue, Walker and Bertrand as a future full back team would be absolutely brill. But I worry we're getting carried away with ourselves here, as said by lampardzachariah, why do we need to buy buy buy? We have Hutchinson and Kane ready to step up if Iva does get injured and if I'm honest both make capable deputies (better than what most teams have for back up). Furthermore it appears Ferreira will still be here as back up! I feel the only reason we'd need to sign a new right back would be if Brana does decide enough is enough and he'd like to go to Mourinho. In which case I think Kyle Walker would be an amazing signing. But otherwise we have to choose, we can't argue both for giving youth a chance and buying the stars who might keep them out of the squad until they are in their late 20s, at which point, they are too old. Let's make our own stars, give Kane a chance and I reckon he can best all the people put forward, including Walker. Basically we only need one first class right back, so with Iva here we're fine, but if he leaves, Kyle Walker could be helpful as he hasn't yet developed the ego to think he must start every match!
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 14:00:00

I agree with giving youth a chance as some of you suggest, but you have to do it within reason. As we stand we have Iva, Ferriera, Hutch and Kane as our right backs. If Iva picked up a serious knock(a break or ligaments) early in the season that would mean we choosing from Ferriera, Hutch and Kane...and im sorry but that lot is not going to cut it. Hutch and Kane are promising but are sitting in the same boat with the amount of first team experience they have been exposed to, which is unfortunate. Ferrira is on his last legs at the club as well and considering the honours we competing for next season we need to have an established right back as back up. Dont forget Iva acts as our 4th CB as well.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 14:22:00

wht abt kyle walker ? i mean we got lamapard from west ham , cole from arsenal and now lets move for kyle walker from tottenham
haji ahmed
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 16:33:00

plus he is english and young , 22 years old ..
haji ahmed
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 16:38:00

walker is good. but being english, under contract till 2016 and most of all playing for spuds(daniel levy) would cost us an arm and length to get him
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 16:46:00

Azpilicueta is my man.....He and brana should be our main RB this season with todd kane understudying them in the next 2 years while playing in the carling cup and FA cup
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 17:08:00

of all the RB alternatives mention ( available or not) Walker is the best out there. I wish we can put in a cheeky bid for him although i doubt he will be interested except perhaps if Harry leaves.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 17:14:00

Ceazar is cheaper and better than Walker,i agree with Desmond on this one, Huch is more of a CB and it will be better to play him there, he is our 4th choice CB. Iva,Ceazar and Kane will be perfect for our RB next season.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:15:00

I will be sad if we play Huch @ RB cos that is not his natural position, we will destroy him there,better play him @CB which is his natural position so he can learn more and become better
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:18:00

RB- Iva,Ceazar,Kane CB-Luiz,Huch,Cahill,Terry LB-Cole,Ryan
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:19:00

Luiz can cover, someone from youth, reserves... we do not need big money RB to sit on the bench...
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:20:00

Guys enjoy this article. and this one too!!
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:27:00

Piazon should definitely get a few games in the 1st team next season. As should Todd Kane. It will give them the taste to strive on and on and become regulars for the following season. I'd say the same for Chalobah but competition for places in DM are pretty fierce already. I agree with what others have said about Hutch, he is back up to the central defenders and let's make Brana focus on RB, he'll play most games there, Todd & Paulo are good back-ups providing the former doesn't get thrown in at the deep end in a big game. Not a position as urgent as I first thought, especially if we want to slot the youngsters (Todd & Hutch) in to their rightful positions.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:49:00

With the few glimpses of Josh at the end of the season, does anyone think he has bulked up a bit? Or maybe it was his new haircut LOL! But he did seem to have matured a little, not such the young boy we all know. He now has to move to the next level and really start pushing for a regular playing spot, I hope he can. He can be Frank's replacement very soon if he can force himself to start imposing his game.
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 18:59:00

Blue abs what do u know anything about kdb and davila? I think it will be unwise to loan them out...
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 19:05:00

Sorry about the typo,i am just gutted that he might go on another fruitless loan like josh mceachran
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 19:07:00

Report Abuse
06/06/2012 19:30:00

Hahaha..... funny and interesting videos here on chelsea unseen, for those who haven't seen:
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 19:47:00

@Desmond Lets keep KDB and loan Davilla and Kakuta to Southhampton and Dijon respectively
Report Abuse
06/06/2012 23:26:00

I've always thought Ferreira was an able deputy and has never let us down, plus he can also cover the left back position when required, no need to sign a right back with Kane coming through, we need a back up striker like Jovetic more and a Deep lying playmaker, I'm surprised I've not heard someone like Hamsik being mentioned, I think he's an awesome player who can play anywhere in midfield and probably cheaper than Modric. I'd pip for him or Javi Martinez.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 02:18:00

Think isla almost on verge of signin for Juventus. Personally want to c kane and Hutch as the deputies this season ant iva as 1st choice obviously
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 04:38:00

Desmond - Only seen KDB in the CL for Genk where he was one of their best players, what I saw was a very sweet left foot with very accurate & dangerous crossing of the ball. Somehow though, I feel Marin might be the more exciting to watch. I know very little of Davila, maybe you can fill me in on him, I respect your opinion on these matters. But on loans, they always slightly perplex me, until the rest of the squad is sorted in terms of ins & outs, it's difficult to say who should be loaned out. I always feel that when players go out on long loans they lose their allegiance to our Club, and maybe more to point, we as fans tend to forget they still belong to us. Kakuta should have taught us a lot about the benefits or not of loaning and the result is not all positive. Josh though, what a waste of a year!
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 07:13:00

you are taking iva for granted. what if he leaves? then what. sign who? play todd?
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 07:51:00

We will be great no matter what happens
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:50:00

Or who we sign.
Report Abuse
09/06/2012 07:53:00


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