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Hulk Alternatives?

With the transfer saga of Hulk dragging on a bit and many of us fans deeming the £38 million fee to be overpriced, I'd like to get your thoughts on some alternatives to the incredible one.

I have listed some below and would love to hear what you think.

By all means suggest others that you feel would be better alternatives.

1) Willian

2) Douglas Costa

3) Edinson Cavani

4) Marco Reus

5) Gabriel Torje

6) Loic Remy

7) Adam Johnson

8) Victor Moses

9) Junior Hoillett

10) Hatem Ben Arfa

I realise that we've not been linked with many of the above but I personally think that these are viable alternatives that would come at a fraction of the price.

I'll even stick my neck out and say, my personal preference would be Hatem Ben Arfa, Who I think is quality and would really add something to us.

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The Journalist

Writer: Splint1976 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 8 2012

Time: 7:38AM

Your Comments

The no.1 alternative is LUCAS MOURA. And he's not there in the list?
I would rather say MOURA is my first choice and HULK is the alternative.
how would be alan dzagoev?? whats his actual position is? will get to see him at euros. and i think he is a winger. never seen him play though. have heard here from some of you only and also in one news paper where in preview they said alan dzagoev is the star man for them.
willian or munian
Adam Johnson. He‘s proven, he‘s English (6+4 rule) & he‘ll be cheap.
Oh and he‘s young as well plenty of years of service for CFC.
I see everyone is going for star players some whom are hyped to be world class by the media..for me..I'll go with junior hoilett or Victor moses...both are considered home grown and aren't bad players either.. they have premier league experience and are under 22.. both can play anywhere along the front line..they track back and help the defenders when not attacking and most importantly we've actually seen them play...
i think in terms of strengh, pace, technique and body fitness there is NO alternative to Hulk! He is the whole package...thats what we need - and he is a worker all game long! Imagine Hulk vs Bale! oh my god.....
Adam johnson is my own alternative,a highly underated player....Hulk's strength would be needed to balance up the team
Junior Hoillett is off to germany so you can take him off. They all right sided but are any of them the SAME type of player as Hulk and that answer is no. I still want Hulk.
Marco Reus moves to Dortmund and Hoilett have completed his move to Borrusia Moenchengladbach, personally i would love us to get Johnson, that Loic Remy, Willian, Douglas Costa are freaking over rated
Adam Johnson in a straight swap for sturridge. Iker munian as back up.
BREAKING: I have just heard from a good source in london that the deal with Hulk is in a real doubt....Porto just want too much money - but Hulk is more than willing to play for Chelsea - Luiz and Ramires are doing their best to get him to Chelsea! Hulk asked them how live is in London and at the Bridge! This story is far from over! And far from done!
Holliet, Adam Johnson or Loic Remy.
Well if porto cant get hulk for 30million max! We can get adam johnson for less...Besides i learnt that marin can play RW comfortably..I like hulk but we dont need to pay thru our nose for him
*if they dont accept a bid of 30m max*
The money will be better spent on Modric and swap sturridge with Adam Johnson.Johnson will get more games at Chelsea and won't complain when he is on the bench unlike sturridge,And i just f***king want Modric at the bridge!
Alan dzagoev... Rw 21 yrs and a self admitted chelsea fan.
@blueearth and who would be your first choice right winger?? Johnson? Cmon but he is not that good for being first choice - and so is ramires! He is no winger....We need Hulk or a high quality winger...FACT!
Im with you on Hatem Ben Arfa. Newcastle would definately let him go for 30m... If not less
@austriablue we've got Marin remember?and is also confortable playing at rw.Alan dzagoev is not a bad shout also.
Adam Johnson ... I like the cut of his jib, excellent on the ball and can turn any defense on the wrong foot with a couple of touches on his day.
Jesussss!!!!!!!!! read on tribal football that Man U has agreed a 25million deal with Modric and details are been finalized and the deal will be signed when modders return from euros. I will be gutted if this happens. off to vitalspurs now to confirm. unhappy
There is no better alternative to Hulk, An inverted winger & an out n out striker. Buying 2 players at the price of 1.
I'd say Hoilett and Ben Arfa are the top 2 out of those but I don't think either is actually as good as Hulk. They would be far cheaper yes, but Hulk costs more because he is better than them (he is overpriced, but so are most of these, e.g. Cavani would cost almost 50 million and doesn't even play in the same position as Hulk)! Interesting to hear about Alan Dzagoev though, if he's a Chelsea fan then it would be interesting to see how little we could get him for!
Let them get Modric as long as we get Martinez there will be no problem, Modric is good but he fades away in big games and is kinda inconsistent. Martinez is far better than Modric, stronger, more creative and has superior skills. He is younger than Modric.
@blueearth dont expect much from marin! i saw him nearly every game at bremen but he is not that good as hulk and not as good as everybody say! He is a squad player (bench sitter) for the future - but he can prove me wrong... Dzagoev is a good call though but i think we should get hulk! he is much stronger overall!
Hulk is a must buy!! He is far better and experienced than the other players in your list, reports are that he and his agent are pushing for a move and they really like Hulk and am sure they wont stop him from coming, they just want to get more than 30m from us but he will come eventually. City will not sell Johnson to us, Reus is already a Dortmond player, Willian and Costa are not that good. Remy and Cavanni are not Right wingers they are central forwards. The rest are overrated. Dzagoev is not as good as he used to be and he is more of a CAM than a RW.
Those calling for Ben Arfa, he is not a natural winger, he is more of a CAM like Kagawa and Mata
@SameX Yes! Agree 100% with you!
Like it or not we need the strenght and energy of Hulk in our team if we dont want to end up being Arsenal. He is powerful and we can play him and Ramirez on the wings against physical oppositions. We need the Drogba effect in our team and he is perfect for it
None of the above
I like Munian so much but we will be filled with too many little players if we get him. And he is not a RW he plays more on the LW and behind the CF and we have about 6 players like that in Piazon, Hazard, Marin, KDB, Mata, Kakuta...what we need is HULK!!!
Martinez will go to City or Madrid! end of story!
If he even leaves Bilbao that is.
LOL-- At the alternatives t Hulk, Hulk is predominantly coming in for a Winger role, Jesus who writes these articles??? People doesn't even know Marko Reus already joined Borussia Dortmund from Borussia Monchengladbach, idiotic really. This site is becoming Crap day by day, just like those tribalfootball and
38mil for Hulk in today's market is much but not too much, you guys are looking at the price but not what he would add to the team, of any players out there he is one player that I'm sure he would hit the ground running. We paid 50mil for ft9 32mil for Hazard and you guys want Hulk for how much? Check his goal scoring record guys.
Can someone tell me why no one is considering Victor moses? Is it because of your usual not good enough crap or is it because he plays for wigan(wigan is not God enough, so the same goes for Moses) remember wigan's problem has always been their defence and not attack..moses has been one of their top performers. He was a handful when we played them.
Hulk is not a team player like moses. I've a very bad feeling this hulk deal will become something similar to Veron deal for Manu. He won't even have a resale value. All we have seen is highlights of hulk and he doesn't have a good record against English teams
Pedro of Barcelona would be nice but unlikely. André Schürrle or Julian Draxler good possibilities. Adam Johnson cause he counts as home-grown and he is a good talent.
Blue Ninja
KERIM FREI!!!!!!!!
@Samex, ben arfa doesnt have to be a natural winger to play alongside our cf. they boys quality... Better than hulk
And proven in the prem
I want Schurle as I think the lad is Class!! Also, with Mata talking up the olympics, Hulk looking like he will go to the olympics as he has been in the last few Brazil squad with loads of u23s, Sturridge and Bertrand likely to go, we could have a depleted squad for the start of the season. Thoughts?
I'd have Ronaldo!
The olympic football final is 1 day b4 the comm shield so shld nt be much of an issue 4 the u23 guys. Chelsea wud hv to agree to release hulk and mata as theyre over 23 as well. Assumin v sign hulk
I think Spanish blue is hitting the bottle lololol.....
@ JamieKCFC I suppose Marin Hazard Lamps and Rami will be getting more playing time at the beginning of the season and even Kakuta and KDB may have the chance to play more than the usual.However,I feel that if we fail to buy The Incredible Hulk,we should opt for Moses,as he is the only one whose qualities are comparable with Hulks as he is fast technically gifted and powerful as well as homegrown and way cheaper.If neither of the pair joins us I do not think that we need to buy as we could not loan KDB or Kakuta and we might also give Piazon some 15 minutes a match if we are 2 or more goals ahead.
if we are talking 30 million plus, how about Gareth Bale. I know many here dont like him as being a one trick pony but i feel different. i think he will provide us with one hell of a left side with Marin and Hazard on the left and Mata behind the striker. With Torre, Bale and Ramirez and Hazard, imagine the counter attacking abilities of the team.
Hazard on the right* srry
Who wouldn't like Bale if he is playing with a blue jersey????However,I do not believe that the ******** yids will be really excited to sell him,especially to us.I see Bale playing for MC in another 2 or 3 years if they successfully manage not to qualify for the next 2 editions of the CL.
Simeon -- I think this would be the right time to snatch Bale, since Spurs are not in the Champions league and apparently, they have problems with Arry, and Modric is also on his way out. Bales pace control, age, EPL proven experience and his versatility to play in many places in the midfield makes him the ideal player. I would prefer Bale over Hulk any day.
As for who wouldnt want him? look at the list above and he isent even mentioned. lol
Just a thought, offer them Sturridge as part of the deal and i am sure they will be interested.
The list contains probably players we have been linked with.And little off-topic many of you wanted a deep-lying playmaker.We have been strongly linked for quite a long time with the catalan teenager Sergi Roberto,who in my view has the potential to become the next Xavi.Your thoughts would be welcomed.
Don't want adam johnson overated england players what he is facing in mancity is good for him when he was at middlesbrough we want to buy him before city came but he ditch us for city all because of money and said he is going to the best team and that time we didn't have wingers but being proud destroy his careers and i don't want somebody that don't want to play for us in our team.
What about going back for our old boys miroslav stoch, scott sinclair or napoli lavezzi, madrid duo callejon and di maria
@Sturridge101, Roman NEVER likes to go back on what he has done. He didn't go back for Ray Wilkins. We aren't going for Robben. We wont go for our old players
No bale please. I dont think spurs fans like to see that either.. Its like lampard to united. who wanna see that, i know its bs but you get what i mean..
@Pancake We need a RW not a make shift RW, we already have lots of players for make shifting, we can just keep Rammy there if thats the case. We dont need Ben Arfa and i will say it again, Get Hulk and Forget the rest
Presently there is alternative to Hulk of all that has been named, Chelsea should just negotiate and agree on reasonable price for him, looking at the team we are assembling I can't see any strong and rugged player, therefore we need his strength and rugeddity, alternatively we get an outright center forward preferably Falcao
We can play--[Iva-Cahill-Terry-Cole] [Mikel-Lamps] [Ramirez-Marin-Hazard] Torres for the Community shield game assuming Mata and Hulk are still in the Olympics. Kakuta, KDB, Josh and other new signings can also get some game time.
Jovetic and Schurle.... johnson wont come unfortunately
If we could get Ben Arfa, that would be great, but... still want Hulk.
None of them will be better than hulk. apart from reus but hes alredy gon 2 dormund so it wnt happen. ben arfa is good but hes nt leaving ncastle. willian is a uselles pile of ***** we dnt need him
@samex and simeon23,i like ur posts....Hulk would improve with us,drogba did at age 26,my take is that we should get hulk for at most 30million....Or we leave studge and ramires to vie for the position.. û
Every player has a price. For 38m I'd go for Di Maria, though even for that I doubt RM would sell him. Jovetic is also a great shout because he's young, versatile, and is likely on the market for a move.
none of the targets mentioned in the article have all the attributes skill, pace , power and they have 2/3 at best, they also don't provide you with option of playing as a central striker and winger so nine of the are viable options for me.
i prefer Junior Hoilett cos he is a free agent,home grown and above all has premier league experience
None pf them is a good replacement for Hulk. Cavani doesn't play RW or RF, Reus plays LW and is now a B.Dortmund player, the rest are not as good as Hulk, they don't have the qualities we will get from Hulk.....
Call me deluded if u want,but does the name lucas ocampos ring a bell?
I don't have a clue about this guy but I've heard he's good: SORTIS NINIS. We'll see how he plays for Greece today.
Am on Roman`s side, HULK,SMASH!!
GOALLLLL!!!!! Lewandoski scores for Poland, the opening goal!!!! Is there any thread for the Euro's???
good idea, any thread for euro?
Lewandowski,nice finish,great positioning,poland one goal up
Gaston Ramirez from bologna.
Sokratis receives first yellow card of the competition.....
Beautiful goal by Lewandrowski, Poland one up
Sokratis receives the 1st red card after receiving the 1st yellow card of the competition... The 2nd card was too soft imo.... REF......
Both cards were soft and they deserved atleast a penalty in the first half,nice fighting spirit by the greeks...Its now 1-1
Yeah, great spirit by Greece, that's the fighting spirit 10 against 11 can bring....
Hahaha.... now 10 against 10.......
Lovely........ Penalty saved, game getting more interesting and I think the Greeks defense is much more compact now than it was in the 1st half..... more drama ahead..
1-1 FT, fair on both sides. Piszczek was decent, not a bad RB... but I think his game is similar to that of our Todd Kane, just more experience on his side... Anyway, nice opening match...
Thats true latunvic,and the poles where lucky greece that penalty...The game was a little boring
What about Lucas Piazon? We may have the next KaKa...THis kid needs to play...
@the_blue_world I can only apologise for not knowing that Reus had joined Dortmund, but if you don't like the article write one that you think will be better or better still don't comment on it. The whole point of writing articles is to have a healthy and friendly debate and not write comments like a 12 year old, I'm sure other sites will welcome you with open arms! KTBFFH
ok.... reports claim we've signed another young talent, a Belgian 15 yrs old boy named Charly Musonda Jnr. We keep signing these kids..
Here is a video of the kid:
Yea latunvic,i read about the lad,guess he is the next big thing at chelsea with the way they say he plays!!
Could the exchange of Sturridge with Jonson work? Stu wants to leave and Johnson wants to leave also.
@Latunvic the lad is good, hope he makes it here with us
Hope he does, looks good in the video.....
There is no other Hulk and all the afore-mentioned players can't reach to his level...*think mate*
If Hulk did, others can do it also.
The way Torres played yesterday makes me think we really a clinical goal scorer. I love F9 but he still playing as if his old good days would never return he has 3 clear chances to score but wasted it. Even hulk was not superb in his gan VS Argentina. Maybe we need to find our own scorer from d fielders team (was saddened when F.Borini departed who wud av been our own F9 now wit much 2 save)I fear for my darling team.
The way Torres played yesterday makes me think we really a clinical goal scorer. I love F9 but he still playing as if his old good days would never return he has 3 clear chances to score but wasted it. Even hulk was not superb in his gan VS Argentina. Maybe we need to find our own scorer from d fielders team (was saddened when F.Borini departed who wud av been our own F9 now wit much 2 save)I fear for my darling team.
He just needed to get the chances.

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