Chelsea - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Daniel Sturridge?
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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Daniel Sturridge?

I must first say that I am an ardent fan of this young man.

He started last season like a house on fire, despite playing on the wings - a position he clearly did not favour and was totally unfamiliar with.

Despite all that happened in the second half of the season when he lost his blistering form and people began to say he was a fluke whose time was up, I have no reason to doubt his talent since it's there for everyone to see for themselves.

He is pacey, has a deadly left foot and can be handful for any team on any day. Plus, he is the Chelsea player with the most goals last season (penalties not included).

With Drogba now gone, the competition for the centre forward position should be a straight one between Danny and Torres.

The question on every body's lips right now is, 'should we sell him or not?'.

This guy has the potential to go on to become one of the best players in the world and although much has been made of his seemingly inability to realise when to shoot and when to pass to a better placed team-mate, I'd be gutted if we end up selling him and he goes on to bang in goals for his new team while we struggle for goals, that'll be quite sad.

And, if I was Emenalo, I'd keep him - and let him play centre forward, behind Torres - in that order.

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The Journalist

Writer: Africanblue  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 10 2012

Time: 12:16PM

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I would give him one season as a CF and let him prove himself
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10/06/2012 12:40:00

If he can work on his link up play and learn how to pass and play with the team like Torres does, he will end up being one of the best CF in the world as he is full of potentials. He needs to sit down and work on himself and stop thinking he is CR7 or Messi already.
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10/06/2012 12:42:00

Sturridge is a boy beaming with lotta potentials, we all know that, don't we? I used to rate him ahead the other Danny (Welbeck) but forgive me if I change my opinion of him. The reason being that his link up play is poor, compared to Welbeck's own. That again can be forgiven because he is just a boy who wants to impress. I will say- keep him, play him as a Centre forward and make him prove himself worthy of the position. Anything short of improvement, he is doomed to follow our flushed talents...... Sinclair, Borini, Stoch et al.
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10/06/2012 12:55:00

Deserves a chance in the CF position. Just needs to learn how to pass.
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10/06/2012 12:55:00

Hopefully Danny realizes now after being left out of the England squad and being benched the last couple of months in the league that he has to change his style of play. Play with your head up and get it in your head that an assist is a valuable as a goal. If he does this he could be a truly great player, and for this reason I hope we'll keep him for at least another season.
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10/06/2012 12:57:00

Honestly Im tired of seeing all these articles that bash the youth. If they dont do a Maradonna/Messi/Bekenbaur/Kean/Xavi in a 15 minute 2 game appearance all season, LOAN OR SELL HIM! The term LOAN has become a euphemism of GET RID OF here in VC. Its shamefull, deplorable & quite frankly sad. Ironically it has come back to haunt us, people are just too emotional to see it. Remember towards the tail end of the season when the tabliods were reporting that we were advised to buy HAZARD when he was 15/16? We refused only to spend 32mill on him. Imagine if we didnt buy Kakuta & he was left to grow. We would most probably have paid 32/34mill for him. Now we want to buy 3 Belgian siblings. What will become of them? You guessed it, LOAN EM, LOAN EM AGAIN, THEN BUY AN EXACT EXPENSIVE REPLICA OF THEM & SELL THEM FOR CHEAP! Why do youngsters even bother to come to CFC anyways?
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10/06/2012 13:05:00

Borini is better than Danny @CF
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10/06/2012 13:21:00

i remember his stunner of a back heeled goal against Sunderland. average players can never do such amazing things. @SameX said it... thats all he needs to do. he has everything else.
Blue Boy
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10/06/2012 13:24:00

The new manager(hopefully RDM) should tell him he has till January to prove himself,improve his linkup play,passing and team playing, or we will get another young CF in the January window and he will rot on the bench.
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10/06/2012 13:28:00

And lets stop saying Danny is still young, he is almost 23, he is too old to be poor in his link up play, speed of tought and passing. Feruz is only 16 and his link up play is like a veteran's. Danny is older than Hazard,Neymar,Piazon,Reus and their build up play is far better than his. He needs to put his head down and work on himself cos i believe he has potentials to be one of the best CF in the world. I really like Welbeck cos he is a team player, works hard for the team, is humble and brilliant, Danny should learn from him.
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10/06/2012 13:34:00

This guy has actually PASSED when he's on the field recently, he doesn't get started cause his defensive abilities ain't that good AND he isn't consisted all match.
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10/06/2012 13:35:00

I dnt think we need to sign another striker esp if we get hulk. Torres, Danny and lukaku shld be our strikers nxt season. Hulk can play there too if need be. Danny shld not be sold at any cost.
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10/06/2012 13:52:00

Fair enough slating his link up play!! But he is playing on the wing! He's a striker. He's link up play as a center forward would differ. He would pass the ball backwards or sideways and then make runs into the box his greediness would help him as he would passing the ball to players for them to pass back to jim when he's in a better position.. when on the wing he couldn't do that. It was either go for goal or play other players in which he clearly doesn't have the vision to do regularly!!
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10/06/2012 14:17:00

See everyone is bashing how the club loan, loan and loan again. But I honestly think there must be change right around the corner because otherwise the youth wouldn't be signing for us. I mean, Bamford and the three Musonda brothers both had the choice to sign for Arsenal (who are great at bringing youth into their first team, and for some reason their loanees always get playing time) but opted for us so surely they must have been told about some new plan to integrate youth. That, or we will continue to waste young players and it's all gonna be very painful as we will have to watch the brightest youngsters in the world waste away at Vitesse and other clubs on loan.
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10/06/2012 14:22:00

guys guess what? I was checkin vital manu for modric rumours and i saw redhotspur marketing muller even ther!! seems to be muller's agent! LOL!
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10/06/2012 14:52:00

Must say I totally agree. I would hate to sell him as I have no doubt he will more than shine at any other club. I've always admired him and truly hope he stays.
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10/06/2012 14:53:00

i think that abramovich likes a big name striker and he his desperate for torres to get back to his best,as i do,and i just cant see danny getting anywhere at this club.
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10/06/2012 15:05:00

@Adwaitlovechelsea.Lolz!!! Redhotspurs123 is surely muller's agent!
Krested Kal-el
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10/06/2012 15:38:00

Keep him. I'm a big fan of Danny. However his main prob seems to be himself. He had a storming first half of the season but constantly complained he wasn't starting up front. Had he kept his head down i'm sure his link up play would become better and i have no doubt he would be in the England team now pushing Milner if not starting. If we loan Lakaku (something we shouldn't do) then he should be 2nd striker behind Torres and see what he does.
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10/06/2012 15:47:00

We as the fans should kneel down and thank our lucky stars we're blessed with a talent like Danny Sturridge, the coach should figure out how to make him a more rounded player and convince him that assists are worth more than shots on target and and if he learns to cross he will increase his marketability and his value to both club and country by being proficient in both his favored position and as an inverted winger, the club should do all they can to make him understand that he is of critical value to the club as he is a very talented English youngster with a big upside in terms of resell value, and pr value owing to his nationality, and he the player should appreciate that he has the opportunity to be an integral part of our club's history. He can build something here and he must just do all that he can for chelsea and then he will have a legion of fans, perhaps even generation of fans in the same vein as lampard or osgood for chelsea; rush or barnes for liverpool. He is at a big club and competition will be tough, but that is merely an opportunity to become better, not to become a selfish player to pad your stats to justify playing time.
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10/06/2012 16:02:00

In all honesty, i am split on sturridge. whilst a big part of my mind says retain him for one more season, the other says sell him to liverpool or city for upwards 15m and use to money to bring in mueller or somebody else that will be willing to play for the team rather than trying to score from impossible angles.
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10/06/2012 16:08:00

put it this way hes the only player in our team that can beat som1 in a 1on1 situation. but now we gt hulk and hazard hes 1of3 but wd still be an awsom impact sub
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10/06/2012 16:22:00

I think that RDM pulled him and replaced him with kalou was because he was Very selfish and wouldn't defend. You would think that he got the message. I Agree with SameX and Hazzabee. Give him a chance as the primary center Forward.
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10/06/2012 16:53:00

Keep him. i think this is part of the reason why we have been buying AM's because the club want to put him in his prefered position. Studge has been taught at an early age to shoot-on-sight by his family (some who have also played at the highest level). as a STRIKER this is a good thing and the reason why he has scored alot of goals. At this moment in time i would even play him ahead of Torres as he looks sharper, quicker, more skiled and scores more goals. I hope Chelsea dont send Lukaku out on loan either, if u spend almost 20m on a player u should prob give him a few games - we will be challenging on 4 fronts again next year; Premier League, FA cup, Champions League and Carling Cup.
Nelson Blueman
Report Abuse
10/06/2012 17:32:00

keep him definitely. one season isnt enough to judge him. Whether he wants to stay is another issue
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10/06/2012 17:34:00

My concern with Stutters is the world class ego he seems to have. Clearly he has an enormous amount of talent that should be celebrated. What does concern me is that he also has some serious floors which he should not have by this stage of his career. Why would the champions of Europe now to a player who for me has in no way demonstrated he is able to play as a centre forward in a 4 4 3. Football has moved on and players like Stutters have to adapt their game if they want to play at the very highest level.
Steve P
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10/06/2012 19:55:00

My concern with Stutters is the world class ego he seems to have. Clearly he has an enormous amount of talent that should be celebrated. What does concern me is that he also has some serious floors which he should not have by this stage of his career. Why would the champions of Europe now to a player who for me has in no way demonstrated he is able to play as a centre forward in a 4 4 3. Football has moved on and players like Stutters have to adapt their game if they want to play at the very highest level.
Steve P
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10/06/2012 19:57:00

My concern with Stutters is the world class ego he seems to have. Clearly he has an enormous amount of talent that should be celebrated. What does concern me is that he also has some serious floors which he should not have by this stage of his career. Why would the champions of Europe now to a player who for me has in no way demonstrated he is able to play as a centre forward in a 4 4 3. Football has moved on and players like Stutters have to adapt their game if they want to play at the very highest level.
Steve P
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10/06/2012 19:57:00

with all that Torres has done, i still feel sturridge has proved himself more at chelsea...i wish him the best whatever happens
Report Abuse
10/06/2012 21:25:00

and its not possible to play sturidge n leave torres on d bench but i'll be glad to keep danny
Report Abuse
10/06/2012 21:26:00

Daniel Sturridge is the ultimate Backpfeifengesicht.

I suggest someone gives him what he needs.
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10/06/2012 22:52:00

Awesome compilation of him --------
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11/06/2012 00:35:00

The boy is absolute class & on the brink of being world class! We harp on about how he's 23 but for the vital parts of his earlier career he's had half-chances at a proper crack at it.We often use other countries to compare youth development but unless you're Arsenal or a lesser team in England,youngsters arent going to be regular starters like the Hazard's & Lukaku's.For Studge's crucial years to be sandwiched between Citeh's revolution,our elder statesmen & capitulation it was never going to be entirely fruitful for him.I believe here at Chelsea he's often ponderous,indecisive or makes the wrong pass because he's shunted to the wing so he tries do too much in a role which he's limited in.He's trying to prove a point in getting selcted in CF so he does what strikers do,become selfish,in a role that doesnt call for it.Watch him at Bolton this video doesnt truly do him justice.Yeah I know even Heskey could look good on Youtube but watching full games of him,he did a lot more.Playing behind Davies helped.He picked up the ball drove at players through the middle & layed it off to players ala Messi.He was surprisely selfless,he played with freedom,the one-two's,lay-offs,superb movement,8 in 12,he was quite simply impressive.A mini-Cisse like impact.Imagine the service on offer here.He reminds me of a Dembele in the role except with a better eye for goal.Given time in his prefered role,as we all say,he's dribbling ability could be right up there with the best of them.Studge one of the few British players/strikers who isnt typically English-styled.Yeah Welbeck may have the industry & goals but Studge has the better class & Euro-styled package.He should be England's future.With Di Matteo's guidance he can be stellar.Bobby just didnt have the time this season,this season is it.Feck rumours,he should be happy,one down & down to go,he's just Torres ahead of him(deepest thanks to Drog of course).I hope all youth & senior players alike understand the magnitude of what we're trying to accomplish,theres plenty of games.
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 00:53:00

@Nelson Blueman arent we competing in five competitions? Dont we play in the Club World Cup now that we won the Champions League?
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 00:57:00

By the way anyone see the Hyundai Ad they keep looping for the Euros? The one with Iker,Podolski,Benzema,Guiseppe Rossi & our own Studge? Hyundai's own predicted "game-changers",too bad Studge didnt make the cut so they strategically cut him out hehe.
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11/06/2012 01:02:00

Chelsea needs a striker who can replace Drogba and Anelka.It has been proved that both Torres and Sturridge cannot fit in the shoes of these players.Drogba could score from a header,backheel,dribble past defenders and score.He could score from deadball positions and make goals from nowhere.Sturridge has very few of this traits and thus wont benefit chelsea much thats why Abromo is looking for another striker.
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 06:44:00

There is no need to be repititive in here.Nice contributions from good footballing minds,my take is lets start using studge as a super sub for torres in the 75th minute for starters,same should go with kdb and marin too atimes.
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11/06/2012 06:50:00

Once RDM took over Sturridge's "problems" became to emerge, especially here on VC where the same people who praised him suddenly failed him. The lad needed game time but RDM would rather have played Kukou (a useless player who wasted our time and money) who's contract was ending over Sturridge who just needed "fine-tuning". It's a no brainer that RDM chose Kukou because of his defensive "strengths" over Sturridge, tell's you something about RDM footballing philosophy. ..
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11/06/2012 07:20:00

RDM is rumored to offered a "multi-year" contract (to ward off the "bench warming for Pep" talk obviously) and should that happen, mark my words Betrand will be the only "young" player to play a decent number of games. If RDM get's the job, we'd rather sell Sturridge because in football if a manager doesn't like you from the onset you can kiss your career goodbye (Mourinho vs Sheva, remember??).
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11/06/2012 07:21:00

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11/06/2012 08:28:00

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11/06/2012 09:14:00

I heard montepellier are offering us oliver giroud for 12m and lukaku as a loan backup....I dnt knw if its true but if it is true,what is ur opinion?
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 09:44:00
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 09:45:00

I'd really want to see sturridge play in the CF role behind torres, but like whats mentioned already, he needs to improve his link up play & passing or will be doomed.
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 09:59:00

this boy sturridge was on song in the beginning of the season what changed in the second half of the season is his attitude, he thought scoring goals from wings has given him enough credibility challenge the spot ahead of torres and drogba ,what was he thinking if was him i would have wanted the coach ask me play cf rather than moaning about it myself, plus he's afraid of hard tackles.
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 10:33:00

Sums it up succintly....
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 12:07:00

Keep Studge...@derfmesh it hasnt been proven that Sturridge cant replace drogba because he's never been played in the drogba position. the only time he did play as a CF was in his loan spell at bolton where he scored 8 in 12, scoring against top sides such as spuds, everton and newcastle. And to Score 13 goals from a wide position this year shows he's a natural.
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 14:12:00

Also I think many are exaggerating his selfishness. He still notched up 7 assists for a CF (natural position)!
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 14:13:00

He just needs to get his confidence back and it takes a good manager to do that. He has the potential to be the worlds best
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 16:12:00

How do you solve a "problem" like Sturridge? Simple. Play him up front and put Torres on the bench or transfer list.
Report Abuse
11/06/2012 16:44:00

We are not to make him a problem but a solution to some problems that we have been facing for the better part of last season.
Report Abuse
12/06/2012 08:22:00

spoken like a true "leader" KENDEM pity many don't think "forward" like you do mate :)
Report Abuse
12/06/2012 08:41:00

Actually he is his own problem and he is the only one that can solve it.
Report Abuse
13/06/2012 09:39:00


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