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No Change on Over-30 Policy!

If newspaper reports are correct then Chelsea Football Club are sticking firmly to their guns when it comes to renewing contracts for those that fall into the over 30 category.

With both Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole in the last season of their current deals, it looks as if the club is not for wavering on its policy of only awarding one year contracts to players in the aforementioned age group, even if their status might suggest a compromise can be met.

One tabloid has gone out on a limb to confirm such talk by printing comments from a club source that say,

"Frank and Ashley are still very important to Chelsea but if they stay it will be on the club`s terms."

"Didier held out for more than one year last season and was given a take-it-or-leave-it offer."

"The owner has made it clear that the same will apply to Frank and Ashley."

It all points towards an interesting couple of months don`t you think!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 10 2012

Time: 1:03PM

Your Comments

It has me slightly worried. Although this policy may be a sound one. It does seem to cause trouble Everytime one of our over 30 players asks for an extension. The logic is sound but personally I think someone of Cole's quality deserves a 2 year extension at least. But with a bit of luck, we'll start to players warm to the idea of just the one year extension as Giggs has at United
It's the way to go in my opinion. We can't say we lack quality in the positions they hold, we do. And if need be we can go to the market (especially for Frank's replacement). We need a 'controllable' young team. I've never loved the player power thing which is so evident in our club and to eliminate it the old guard must be shipped out slowly by slowly. This doesn't mean i don't appreciate their service. In fact i do and it will be terrible not have them around but i think it's the way to go.
I'm 100% with this stance from the club, there are gems out there who if given the chance I'm sure would put Cashley to shame just as Oscar makes Lamps look like garbage (not that he wasn't close to being garbage already) we will find a replacement that will make us forget this fear people have of selling players whop were once performers...either they accept 1 year extension (mainly Cashley, Lamps can leave now for all I care, we nolonger need him) or else they go
Yes, Ashley should get 2 years contract. He is still in top condition. Lampard will leave at the end of this season.
Keyser Soze
I agree with the club policy on this and have opined that repeatedly but i think the cheap shots Mq felt compelled to throw into his comments regarding Ashley Cole and lampard are uncalled for and rather juvenile. Be that as it may i see that both Roman and our board are getting more sophisticated in the art of renewing an aging side and doing it is a steady but determined and concerted fashion. I give them full marks for this. PVA better start getting his act together as well as Josh..they may need to be recalled in the near future to be back ups for Ryan and Ramires respectively as they grow into first teamers for us.
The policy needs flexibility especially with these two great servants and great players, cone on Roman get your cheque book out, these are loyal highly respected champions league winners, you dont win sod all with 11 great players, these players with tons of experience are essential over a whole campaign, carefree
you can forget about PVA & McEachran playing for us @GABEU because they will be deemed not good enough or not 'outstanding' already there are calls for Sturridge to be sold because "he's not good enough" the same player that scored endlessly for Bolton and scored 10+goals in the 1st half of last season (outscored Torr-Mentor with lesser games played)
let's cash in on the 'money man' Cashley :)
disloyal and disrespectful as ever @mq. somethings never change do rhey!
truth hurts, moreso when blatantly spoken TRUEBLUE...Cashley came to us for the moola, he said so himself
and all the rest, makele included didn't?
Giggs always sign a year with Man utd for the past 5 years, but he still play for them. Not wrong with a year deal for 30+years, they can always get another year if they perform well. Malouda case will not allow the club to change their stance on this
@Mq we did not win the CL last season because of new signings such as Mata and Luiz... we won the CL thanks to players like Drogba, Lampard, Cole etc... that gave 100% for us the fans to have something to brag about. Now they are ''Garbage'' and ''Cashley".. humm. as much as i understand what the club is trying to achieve by not giving players over the age of 30 contracts longer that one year i also understand that there should be some exceptions. i'm not sure if you understand this but loyalty goes both ways and if you expect someone to be loyal to you and give you 100% you have to show loyalty too. i employ people in my business and i can tell you that thats not the way to treat a worker that has been giving all to you for 10 years
give me a break SUPPA because Torr-Mentor got the corner that led to the goal, till that point we had nothing to show we were coming back into the game...Cashley came for the moola above anything else, and if the shoe fits he's gta wear it
also it will send the wrong message to all other player that are nearing 28-29 years and are still preforming at their peak
again i have people working for me and they earn alot... thus said i know if if someone offered them more they would leave no love lost, but do i really wanna loose some of my best people just because of some policy
Hmmm.. The door is open. Champion League winners or not rules are rules.
If they has faith in themself they'll sign it
is Ancelloti crazy to brand "Cashley'' ''the best left back in the world''... let say he is who is his replacement and do we realy need to replace him, or are we just acting spoil and want to see some new players coming in
Why're we fooling ourselves???
Ignore Mq. This is what he does. It's pathetic and juvenile. Anyway, if we're talking about the subject at hand--giving more than one-year extensions to players over a certain age, I continue to agree with the policy, and frankly I don't see what the big deal is for a player of any stature to accept such a deal. It strikes me as an issue of either ego or money, if not both, when a player rejects a one-year deal. Players like Drogba, Lamps, and Cole have every right to have an ego--they're brilliant, world-class athletes. But they are getting older. Age always catches up. And the club has a right to guard itself against that reality; it's not a slight against the player. If someone offered me a one-year extension in a job I loved for crazy money in one of the world's greatest cities, I'd be ecstatic. Sign the contract, Lamps. Say "thanks" and let's get on with it. Same goes for Ashley too.
it has nothing to do with faith players over 30 are nearing the ends of their careers and they dont want to be free agents every summer (i guess it afects their sponsorship deals) but that doesn't mean that they cant preform at their peak and still be the best
One year renewable contract . Not just one year. If they believe in themselves they woundn't have any problem in signing it
@MQ... You're on-point, no torres no corner, no corner, no goal, no goal, no Big Ear.
i hear what you say radio... the disrespect of @Mq towards some of the greatest players of our generation not only in England but in Europe and the rest of the world is what put me in defense mode. lol
if he can still perform why not accept and play to earn another extension end of next season?? Surely if you 'love'' the club you'd do the same, the club has already shown love by giving you the extension in the 1st place (we could've got some1 else) so reciprocate if you genuinely love
Take it or Leave it
all good chucks i got the point. but do we wanna see Chelsea turn into Arsenal??? I don't some games are won by experience and not flair... the point is do we wanna loose a player that can still easy give us two three years of top football just to prove a point. and as i said before i don't disagree with the policy but i believe that exceptions must be made on merit... thats how you motivate a team
suppahigh thats the reason for deed to motivate them to sill perform to their best abilities...
we dont wanna repeat malouda benayou case again...can sell them because no body wants them now....same goes with lamps and cole you dont know how they wil play next season its betted to sell them in jan rather than leaving them free at the end of player is bigger than the club no matter how big he is or how many years he has served for chelsea....the club comes first..
For me, it would be great to have Lampard retire at CFC and immediately take on an U15's coaching job (after he gets his badges) I do not like the policy, but hey, I do not own the club and I have attachment issues so it's a good thing that I am not a decision maker as if it were up to me we would still have Hasselbaink in our books LOL
Obviously there must be some sensible people on the board there who want the limit the damage when the Russian pulls the plug. Relegation in two years? Nostalgic games against Leeds to look forward to.
Love totty
@mq i see that u are the most hated man on vitalfootball, well i do not totally agree with u but i think u re making sense. However we still need their xperience in the team to drive and guide the younger ones forward.
don delsy
I have no problem with one year extensions. Give them one year now and tell them that if they continue to perform they'll have one more year and so on... I hope both stay at least that one more year they have been great for us and continue to be that... No matter what some here think. For Cole we have replacement in Bertrand but I still prefer Cole. And for Lampard we will never find a replacement but that is why we are slowly changing the way we play... But lets keep them and be happy we have them for few years still.
lovetotty dont worry the russian will never pull the plug for him chelsea is not a business its a passion which he carries in his heart...and if he leave us also in the future dont worry we are self sufficient enough to run on its own and will still win pl... not like your levy who with his iditotic policy will never win pl at all...your team will just fight for the fourth place only and for you guys pl a dream which wont happen in keep on dreaming and stay happy...
Every serious business and club is guided by policies and the moment you start changing policies due to circumstances (which may not be dire), then there is a problem. The one year rule has to be adhered to regardless of the circumstances especially with 30+ players. The thing with 30+ players is that their form could deteriorate overnight that one becomes incredibly stupid for shifting the goal posts. Malouda went from the team's best player in season to the worst player (irrespective of his statistics) in less than a few months. And we need to stop kidding ourselves, none of the players will take one year extensions including you. Everybody wants the buck. It is human nature. I am not sure if you guys will take a 50% pay cut all in the name of "loyalty". I can still be loyal earning my big bucks elsewhere. Cole might end up in PSG since they will give him the cash and the length of contract deserved. Lamps will likely end up in the States.
Love totty, keep your wet dream to yourself. It's repulsive. Btw, how's it feel to have your direct rivals win the CL and knock your sub-par joke of a club back to its proper place? And how does it feel, btw, to have Dempsey settle for Spuds when he wanted Liverpool, knowing full well he had no chance of making it into the starting lineup of a top four club? I guess it's something like settling for the girl's uglier friend at the pub. You're pleased to be getting something, but only under the pretense that something better comes along later.
I'm not sure it's human nature, KAKU. If you're already rich and happy where you are, I think it's pretty sensible to stay put, especially when you have a family that's settled. But hey, that's just me. I don't pass judgment on those who chase one last pay day, but money isn't always the largest incentive.
Oh hit a nerve, did I Radio? Never mind enjoy it while it lasts. :)
Love totty
@RadioactiveD, it may be, but footballers are pretty young. One can argue that Lampsy and Cole only made this big money in the last 5 years. Spent a significant amount of the careers in England and won't get an opportunity to play in the United States or France or live there except for footballing reasons once in a life time. Might as well make money while they are at it.
How old is the average madrid player that won the league???
Ivanovic, cech, cahill, mikel, ramires, all above 25yrs.
(Experience) that's always problem.
Club policy is club policy, if ashley cole is even scoring week in week out, we don't need to bend towards him, no one is bigger than the club, if u love a club and trust in ur ability, you'll sign that contract without hesitating, when its not as if they are paupers, they are already rich guys so why hassle for more?
Malouda, essien, yossi, meirales.. Those're experience too.. I think we should call them call 4 thier experience.
Just Laugh If You Can. THE TALKING PARROTS- A lady approaches her priest and tells him"Father, I have a problem. I have two female talking parrots, but they only know how to say one thing." "What do they say?" the priest inquired. "They only know how to say, 'Hi, we're prostitutes. Want to have some fun?'" "That's terrible!" the priest exclaimed, "butI have a solution to your problem. Bring your two female parrots over to my house and I will put them with my two male talking parrots whom I taught to pray and read the bible. My parrots will teach your parrots to stop saying that terrible phrase and your female parrots will learn the joys of praise and worship." "Thank you!" the woman responded. The next day the woman brings her female parrots to the priest's house. His two male parrots are holding the rosary beads and praying in their cage. The lady puts her two female parrots in with the male parrots and the female parrots say "Hi we're prostitutes, want to have some fun?" One male parrot looks over at the other male parrot and exclaims, "Put the beads away, brother. Our prayers have been answered!"
Totty, you didn't hit a nerve at all. I just find your pomposity to be ridiculous. It smacks of envy. If you had any self-respect, you'd stop embarrassing yourself.
the "over 30" policy is a myth in my opinion. Every individual ages differently and the club definitely knows that. Plus 30 is just an arbitrary number (a round figure) with no scientific backing that something magical happens at that age. Plus, I also don't think there can be an official policy like that (based on age only). Also ZOla, Ballack, shevchencko are examples of great players who performed really well in their 30's
and lampard, but he signed his last contract in his late 20's
I fully support the club policy. If either Ashley or Lamps really want to stay they can sign the 1 year extension. If they demand more than 1 year...they are asking the club to take a risk on their health...Futhermore, if they sign...they continue to block younger player development. There is nothing wrong with signing 1 year extensions and the risk of the player health is shared equally between player and club. Now if the player insists on a 2 or 3 year extension...that player just wants to see if there is more money on the open market and that is that players right to determine. Regardless, if either Ashley or Lamps refuses the 1 year extension...Chelsea should sell either one of them or both (along with Sturridge) in January and take the money to purchase a new CF.
No one is going to pay any real value for 30+ players in January who are Champions League tied. That's a waste of money.
Its a policy that has been put in place for certain reasons that are understandable. Scientifically it is stated that players tend to peak at the age of 30,thereby depending on their experience of the game to carry them over the 30+ years...although this doesn't apply to certain players who take good care of their health and diet,through various physical and mental programs. There's totally nothing wrong in extending a players contract on a yearly basis with some sweeteners here and there,just to keep the players at the Club. I would definitely love to see Lamps,and Ashley hang their boots at the club and slowly tutor the next generations of Chelsea greats.
LRF: I'm not sure the issue is whether or not the players can perform in their 30s. Frank Lampard is 34. Ashley Cole will be 32 in December. They've been performing in their 30s already. But when you're talking about more than a 1-year extension, there is a huge risk, especially in the case of Lampard. Players can fade quickly, especially after an injury. Ballack is a good example and strangely one you cite to make your point about the longevity of certain players. After persistent ankle injuries, Ballack not only slowed down considerably, his fitness in general declined. By 36, he was done. Lampard is 34. Maybe he can be like Giggs or Scholes, but that requires a compromise in his contract as well as a willingness to play a lesser part.
Kaku is right as their value depreciates closer to contract termination. Furthermore, you are also right as to the value of the player since they are both champions league tied. However, Chelsea should still sell them for something rather than to get nothing in return in the summer. This is why the club should never have a player with less than one year remaining on the team. Bad business as the club looses further money on the asset.
Is it right to sacrifice the financial future of the club just to please players who can get another job offer if the club goes bankrupt tomorrow? What is this craze about having 'legends' retiring at the club even when you know their input has grossly diminished? What's the point in having players like Hilario and Paulo Ferreira on the club's wage structure when they now do next-to-nothing at the club? Are we aware there are younger players out there who can be brought in with half the wage we are clamouring to be committed on the old players. Perhaps Cudicini, Carlvalho, Ballack should still be here. What have they done since their departure from Chelsea. Why do we see it as a disaster if players like Lamps and Cole leave the club? Do we just assume those put in the affairs of running the club are fools who knows nothing but to listen to the cries of fans to just reward players for their long service? Are you aware they did not only stay, score goals and play for the club, that it's a job they are paid incredible amount to do. It's not service, it's a contract and so many thing are involved in contractual terms. Not just signing the dotted lines!
another thread discussing this ? :)
Whoever is saying that Chelsea won the champions league coz of drogba,lampard,terry and cole pliz stop the biasnes,,the way I remember it my heroes were mata,Ramires,Cahill,cech,Bertrand,bosingwa,meireless,cole,kalou,mikel,toress and ivanovich,,,,,terry almost cost Chelsea the cup,,,
Davidoff loco hombre
Radio - the definition of embarassment was your performance in the Cl semi and final. There won't be many DVDs of that ****e watched in years to come. They all should have been locked up for theft.
Love totty
Is this dick Mq really a Chelsea fan.Full of crap.
I have no problem with this at all, we are moving on as a squad and a club. We are now playing in a style that the owner craves and the new era is starting. Lampard and cole are still great players and still offer a lot. I think the club has thought now is the time to re vamp and revitalise the squad, whether the likes of lampard and cole want to be a part of that future is up to them. Whatever they will always be loved by us all.
Self security to the detriment of another man's business and most importantly the fans. Greedy men!
love totty, speaking of DVD releases, why did your club release one after beating Arsenal in the Carling Cup semi-final? If Arsenal, or us, released a DVD every time they beat you, we'd have to make a collectors' edition box set. Your club even made a mug about it: Sums it up pefectly. You're mugs!
Is chelsea fc lampard's home? Must he retire at chelsea because he played for 10yrs? Who is a legend? As far as am concern, lampard deleted himself from my list of legends by his unnecessary antics of last season. He directly or indirectly caused us the top 4 spot last season and only showed up after Roman had warned them. Giggs and Scholes are true legends, never moan at any decision capable of changing the club's fortune rather than theirs. But lampard? I don't know!
at present form and team situation lampard dont deserve more than 1 yr contract. Though cole deserve more than 1 yr contract. Havin said that policy should stil be maintain, we cannot put club in risk for club legends. Without club wont be legends. No compromise with future of club.
Excellent policy by the board. As others have said above, Lamps is 34. Im happy if he accepts 1 year extension on reduced terms as indication that he is no longer a self starter and is a squad player. His experiance is very valuable, so I would be happy with that, and he can still put in a shift. @BlueNigerian - Lampard is absolutly a club legend. I dont agree with your opinion of last season, even if you were correct in some way, you only have to look at the 10 or 11 seasons prior to see that Lampard absolutly deserves a spot in the Chelsea hall of fame. Lets not judge a whole career based on the last season or two where he has obviously not been at his best in compariosn to years gone by
As for Cole he does have more grounds to ask or have a longer policy in place as he is still arguably the best LB in the world still. Saying that, there comes a time where you cant just keep giving long term deals, and having a one size fits all policy means, that it is easier to tell some of the golden oldies that they cant give them a longer term deal, and makes it fair. We must learn to let go of some of these guys if they are not willing to accept contract length. They will still be getting paid massive salaries so it is not too much to ask. If they wish to go to greener pastures in the USA or somewhere for one last long term deal and big payday thats up to them. We have very good squad depth and the ability to bring in reinforcements if needed. We also have a good core of experiance now even if both of these guys go.
Also with Bertrand now what 24? would you offer Cole a 2 yr deal so that when Bertrand is actually our first choice he is 26/27? The more I see Ryan the more I think he will be ready after this season to be our number 1. My only concern then will be who will deputise as I have my doubts on PVA
i really dont want ashley to leave but one question , why cant we give them the kind of contract we gave di matteo of one year with optional extension ..
Don capon
Love totty.The definition of embarassment is when you cannot play Champions League football,despite finishing in the top four.
Yes,as much as I love Lampard and co,the rule should not be an exception to anyone.And to all those idiots who think Cole came for money,please remember that only fans are the loyal people of any football club.
Saying Cole and Lampard deserves a 2yrs deal is as good as saying Drogba derserves a 4yrs contract
munich Glory
@RadioactiveD, I agree with your point about Lamps and Cole's situation and believe the club is doing the right thing if the rumors are true. However, I was making a point about the title of the thread, the Over-30 policy being a myth. Again, I don't believe there is an official policy like that. The policy in itself makes no sense. Every player should be treated as a separate case.
The Ballack and Sheva examples weren't about good decisions by then club, per se, but I was referring to the contracts they got when they were over 30. .Could someone post some official link talking about this policy. I'm not sure it exisits. I hope it doesn't exist.
I am with @Mq on this one...I am in for the club policy...No multi-year contract for lampard and cole. If they believe that they can perform at the highest level for 2-3 years, why cant they sign a yearly roll on contracts...We are pretty much covered in the position these players play. Bertrand can be a good match for cole. Lets us not keep thinking that these are the best...there are lot of players who perform better than these 2 in their respective area.... @suppahigh, dont think that people like drogba,cole and lampard won the CL for us...if you ask me, it took 11men to win that...dont underestimate the efforts of the men like luiz,cahill....
Club policy should not change for some people...if these people really love the club and want to stay here, they will sign even a weekly contract...
If Drogba as good as he was wanted it and never got it, then these ones remaining needs to understand what the club wants and forget about what they want since they will not get it.
humans are insatiable and all they want is self gain let the policy stand no matter what...........i thank God that R A is a man of action and will .....if they go it will give room for josh, pva bamford, clifford and so many more to step up thier game.
Whatever the case may be, it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT AND VITAL that these players are treated and escorted with the respect they have worked hard for and earned at the club. A departure should not be negative from the club. We shouldn't make a mess of things and actually support their decisions.
Ryan bertrand has deleted his twitter account. He tweeted this earlier in the day; "Just to clarify.... Its not a "sore throat" Im ill. Swollen glands in my neck... And constant headache for 3 days now and freezin cold," "Do you think a "sorethroat" could stop me being apart of a match for my club or country # yourf***ingnuts this is what every boy dreams of." He got a backlash from opposition fans and the media as well...Sad how the media turned his tweet into a storm. Daily mail as usual were quick to jump the gun reporting "Bertrand lives up to billing as next Ashley Cole... with angry Twitter rant". Bertrand later apologized for his use of language and deleted his twitter account. The social network is supposed to serve as a bridge between fans and players,this lads are humans not mutants,don't know why the media turns every thing they say into a hurricane.
so Bertrand gets stick for just simply casually communicating with his fans???? without even saying ANYTHING dodgy, pathetic media is bored just like I am cuz of this international break...
Slippy G-19
nelyvanile - coz we are Chelsea , that's why !
The Persian
lampard & ryan out of england's tomorrow's game
lampard and ryan are out of england's friday's game through injury and sickness
hope they get well soon... 4 tuesday's game
@Nelyvanile.That is sad.
You cant fault the logic for 1 yr deals for over 30's. It is very sound from a business perspective, (look at Flo Mo) who refused to go play football elsewhere just so he could keep earning his Chelsea Moolla, but there will be exceptions along the line. I believe an exception was made for a 34 yr old Drogs who in the end turned down a 2 yr contract, and an exception will be made for Ashley who at 31 appears fitter than many players 5 yrs younger. Unfortunately i do not believe this gesture will be extended to Lamps, and we may well see the end of his reign come this summer.
If any of the two should be given more than one year,it should be Cole. That said, there shouldnt be exceptions as it wil amount to injustice if another player has been or wil be denied of it. Drogba for example wil be disappointed. So the Cole should understand.
rules are rules, so too policies. As I said, if the mentioned players 'love' the lcub and still want to stay, take the 1 year the club has given (also out of love else we could've got replacements by now) perform for that 1 year and you'll get an extension, simply put. Why must we be accommodating players that aren't willing t reciprocate by accepting and getting on with their football??
chelsea are learning the hard way and thank God they realized that they have been losing much money on new terms for players who are not performing of late.
NICOLAS ANELKA has attacked Chelsea’s treatment of their ageing stars, who he claims are effectively being told to “get lost”. France winger Florent Malouda, 32, hasbeen forced to train with the reserves and youth teams this season – as Anelka was last year before his January move to Shanghai. “At Chelsea , as soon as you get past 30,you get the impression you’re too old,” said Anelka. “It’s sad what’s happening to Flo. Two years ago, he was named player of the year. “Chelsea could react in another way. When they need you, you’re the best. When they don’t, get lost.” The hard-line policy is also affecting Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole, with both being told they will not be offeredmore than one-season extensions. Cole, 31, and Lampard, 34, are in the final year of their contracts.
They just need to understand that they are to be paid from the work and if they really know that they are good, then let them sign the one year renewable contract to leave both parties safe and at the same time happy.
Let us move on. We are living past Anelka and Drogba and moving forward.

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