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Trust your instinct Fernando!

In our latest demolition series which we gave Norwich a 4 goal spanking we saw how our team played so beautiful in a style which our owner craves, the sexy football.

We could have scored 6-7 goals but well you know our striker somehow fluffed his chances.

I noticed that our dear Fernando got 3 chances (or maybe more, I was late at watching the game) the 1st chance when he receive a Hollywood pass from Frankie, he was storming to the penalty area and when we just waited for him to shoot, somehow he stopped and pulled the ball back. The 2nd was the header which he scored. And the 3rd when he received the ball from Hazard, kicked it but it hit Ruddy's foot

What I am really shocked about is his 1st. I just screamed at my tv 'what the heck are you doing Torres? Are you trying to nutmeg the centre-backs? Just shoot FFS!!!'.

And when I watched it again for the 4th time I just see from his body language that he seems so reluctant to shoot, it seems he doesn`t believe in his instinct anymore.

Have you noticed that when he didn't think so much he actually did some amazing things, examples - his bicycle kick last season which hit the crossbar, his goal against Manure in our 3-1 loss last season, his goal against Arsenal, his header and overhead kick against Norwich.

But when he over thinks about his chances he usually does some stupid things, his decision-making is terrible. I rarely see the Liverpool Torres do some stupid things, at least when he misses it because either the goalkeeper save it or he miss-hit it, not because he over thinks about it.

This syndrome is about how he doesn`t believe his striker instinct is probably because his confidence is still not yet back 100%. He seems afraid to miss a sitter, so he makes sure he gets the best angle to shoot and the result is he over thinks it and then does some stupid things.

My advice is he must trust his instinct. Why is he so reluctant to shoot? If he trusts his instinct I believe he will score more. However I'm not naive, I believe we won`t see the great Liverpool Torres again. His pace and acceleration has been decreased a lot. I rarely see Chelsea Torres do his trademark bursting to the penalty area. But at least we will get 80% of his old self

Last words. I heard the news about how we led the chase for some amazing Colombian striker for the summer 2013. My feelings tell me we will get him I have no doubt about it but only if Torres is not good enough or he somehow misfires again, even with our three amigos, always give him the service he wants

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The Journalist

Writer: MrChelseaBridge Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 10 2012

Time: 5:01PM

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Well I have to agree there. Torres' killer instinct seems to be missing but a constant run in the side, as he's getting now, should see it return somewhat, and it has to an extent. But his reluctance to shoot is puzzling. Understandable, but also puzzing. Little by little he seems to be getting back to his best. Perhaps he'll never recover the lightening pace or the killer instinct he had at Liverpool, but he's getting there. As the support for him is imroving and as Mata, Hazard and Oscar keep feeding him balls, he'll eventually find his killer instinct eventually. That is, if we give him the time. I wouldn't say not to Falcao but Torres' future doesn't look too bright with him around. Those who wanted Torres gone in the summer, before he even had the chance to show what he can do with a continued run in the side will now understand that for a striker like Torres, consistent playing time means a lot, and we will need to continue to provide him with that if we want to see his killer instinct return, and it won't take long either. That's my one reservation about getting Falcao, it would see all the hard work Torres has been put through go down the drain
Well, well, well, about time huh?
I've said it, too..."Just shoot FFS!" No Fernando seems to need...just one more more more defender to get around... I hope he hits his stride in the next 4 games against Spurs, Shaktar and ManU. We're going to need him to score.
Just Shoot. There's no harm in trying man.
I was too annoyed at him on saturday.. He alway annoy me when he's with the ball in the box.
No mata what, my support is still with him.
And I hope he proves us wrong/right before the 1st day of 2013
The author of this article makes a good point; it's one we've discussed in threads but I'm glad to see it centrally addressed in this manner. I look at players like Jelavic or even Mario Gomez--they get goals. They may possess half the technical ability of Torres, but they get more goals. Why is this? Because they aren't afraid to shoot. Even if Torres was inefficient in his shooting, at least he's trying. The hesitation inside the box from Torres has no doubt cost him and the club many, many goals. Take a chance and just shoot, FFS!
I already said before that he has lost his killer instinct....
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Hazzabee i always respect your posts but do you seriously advocate we avoid signing one of the best and complete finishers in the game today just to continue to accomodate El Ninos fragile psyche..i am sorry but my answer is hell no. The truth is right now we are perched very precariously..we have been lucky so far from an injury stand point ..but Danny has been crocked from the beginning of this season and has thus not been able to start one game not to mention a full 90 min..El Nino has played as striker in virtually all the games thus far..he is not exactly an iron man..the truth is purely from a pragmatic stand point we are one El Nino significant injury away from disaster. This policy of having just 2 first team strikers available for a team with the work load and ambitions of Chelsea is very dangerous..just for that reason alone not to mention the issue the author here outlines come January getting Radamel Falcao is mission no 1 for us in my mind..both to increase our striker options but also to provide us sufficient depth, quality and security at that position.
i think.torres has lost his confidence but that doesnt means he has become a bad player i think his lack.of confidence is all because of the last season...last season was his worst season...lacks of service for him not getting enough chance to play....playing in a system which is completly opposite to his style....there were many factors which may have lead to his lack.of happens with most of them when your whole season is a total failure... but this season its is totally different he has players who can assist him a lot we are playing the way torrres would love he is missing chance but still he is scoring and assisting goals even though he is in bad form....we are in just 7 matches of pl and its too early to say he is flop...torres wil score this season not only score he will be the top scorer in pl this season...just wait for the right time...
I doubt if he'll prove us wrong, I have been suoporting the dude through thick and thin, but his thinning is so much that I am starved as a fan and as a team we'll be malnourished, damnit u big blonde, shoot the fcking ball!!! That's part of what set falcao apart from him, he shoots at sight and most time the ball ends up at the back of the net, why can't torres do that? I am sure he'll score more, but guess what, ur guess is as good as mine, torres has lost his nerve, plain and simple, and about the colombian striker are u sure its not the 15 year old phenomenon jao rodriguez who excelled on trial at chelsea about 2 months ago?
Sunderland's fletcher.. 6 chances 5 goals.
Still backing him because of his skill level you can still see it when he gets on the ball though i still dont want falco cause i think one of danny boy or lukaku should take over when torres gets droped all retires
pego sama
Shlok27??????? He'll be what? The top scorer? Oh I hope he is, I swear to God I'll be so happy, but I doubt it
Just tell him to hit the target, deflection, wave, misdirectin. Just SHOOT!!!
He's falling ma hand.
He can be the top scorer if he really want.
Can he, chuks? Terrific analysis: Torres doesn't feel like being the top scorer in the league. He's indifferent. AWESOME.
i said this like last week
When you think he will score, he doesn't. When you think he won't do squat, he scores. If he ever finds his instincts, then Chelsea has a complete striker who not only score goals, but assists as well. I think Muller said, if you think about shooting before you shoot, then you've wasted time.
His working rate outside the box is fantastic but outside??? Hmmm.. Annoying.
He's too mature for that. sHOOT.Shoot. ShooT
torres is our new kalou! Just like kalou, he always frustrate us and only perform good at times.
He'll come good, 3+ goals against spurs & united,
Consistent play,gets goals,grows confident,gets more goals...Its more of a team set up now,we do not have a focal point for our goals,we can get goals from all direction. Our goal scorers thus far this season; Ivanovic,Cahill,luiz,Ashley,Bertrand,Romeu,Lampard,Ramires,Oscar,Mata,Hazard,Moses,Torres...add if I left out any,but my point is,unlike the past when we depended heavily on didier for the goals,its different now. As long as torres keeps putting in the hard work and pressing and being a team player,the goals will come in and will pile up. The little details like they say,make up the bigger picture.
How many goals has rooney scored.
Unfortunately we have our best striker benched-one that never hesitates to make a shot(in too many occasions for some) with either foot,one whose positioning in the box despite playing 99% of the time on the right wing is one of the best I've ever seen,one who has brightened up every single game this season he has participated in,and one whose speed is comparable to his semi-compatriot Usain Bolt.From my point of view,if Dannyboy played ahead of Torres in all games this season,we would have scored at least 5 more goals.His incredible pace,spectacular dribbling ability,positioning and willingness to shoot from any situation combined make him a nightmare for any defender with Mata,Hazard and Oscar playing behind him.But for some reasons,Di Mateo is the only one who doesn't seem to realise that he has a raw diamond in his possession and keeps on playing Torres in every single game.I think that something has happened behind the curtains between Robbie and Danny and this more-than-one-month 'injury' was nothing more than a punishment.Anyway,I sincerely hope that Danny opts to renew his contract because he is the future of the club.
How many goals has rooney scored.???
He started off the season decently but it's fair to say that I still can recall more sitters he missed than goals he scored. If you compare his attitude to Sturridge's, Lukaku's, or any other striker, not particularly world class strikers, it's appalling. When they do miss a chance, they just scratch their heads and go for it again. They press, anything, but they move on. Torres however seems to be reluctant to try something. When he does try and misses it, he disappears completely for large chunks of the game. He's just too afraid and it's seriously getting on my nerves - jsut shoot the farking ball! And sorry but this is not a confidence issue or whatever - he's just shot. We've been talking about his confidence for nearly two eyars now, let's stop that farce. The money he earns should be enough to give him confidence until he dies anyway. He's just not the same player anymore and I seriously doubt he will ever come back to his old self. As OCBlues said on another article, when you do compare what we consider "a good game" for Torres to what we consider "a good game" for Drogba, you'll see that we've lowered our expectations from our main centre forward immensely. What is a good game for Torres? I'd say a goal, a few good involvements in build up play and a little bit of pressing. What is a good game for Drogba? The game he had in the UCL final. Again, what is a good game for Torres? A hat trick against QPR. On the other side, what is a good game for Drogba? A double and an assist against Valencia in an absolute must win game. These aren't comparable contributions. And even when Nino does play well, he still looks BY FAR the worst player on the pitch. He's just too big a distraction, we cannot wait any more until he finds a rhythm and some kind of consistency - we've waited too long for that and unfortunately it hasn't come. And more than a distraction, he's an enigma. How on earth can you hit the bar with an overhead kick, score a header with 3 defenders around you, hit the bar with your first touch of the ball (remember, at home, when we lost 3-1 to Villa), score your first goal for the club with your wrong foot on a horrendously watered football pitch and tons of defenders around you... and manage to fluff chances like the ones he has fluffed? If you give him time to think, he'll blow it. Simple.
@nelyvnile.. True talk, + if he learn how to shoot in and outside the box .
Simeon23 - weren't you suggesting on the forums that Marin WAS NOT injured and that RDM had no reason not to play him as well? I think that on both Sturridge's and Marin's cases, RDM knows a tad more than you unfortunately. Sorry to disappoint you pal. And why would he punish him? What for? Torres was spouting nonsense in the Spanish newspapers at the start of the season about how our owners lied to him and he got nothing. Same for Cole, got nothing despite his Tweet aimed at the FA. It's not a punishment, just an injury. If it was a punishment, he wouldn't have been left out of the England squad as well.
@nelyvnile I disagree that we started relying on many goalscorers this season.In fact for the last 4 or 5 seasons,we have had the most diverse attack in the PL as every player excluding Petr and Mikel posed a threat to our opponents' goals.
Chuks09 - how many goals has Rooney scored? Should I remind you what happened to his leg against Fulham?
GabeU - oh no i'm totally with you on this one. I agree that our our number one priority should be Falcao. If it means Torres' Chelsea future goes down the drain then so be it. What I meant by post was, as a Chelsea fan, I have great affection for Torres, as I do with most of the players. But with Torres it's different. Without trying to sound too poetic, he's like a beautiful, fragile bird who us, the Chelsea faithful, have nursed back to health. If buying Falcao and dropping Torres is what's best for the club then i'm100% all for it. But won't do it without feeling sympahy for Torres. Similarly, I understand that Lampard's days as a Chelsea regular are numbered, and I accept that for us to move forward, Lamps needs to take more of a back seat role, but as my favourite player, I can't say it's easy for me to see Lamapard sitting there on the bench. So obviously yes, I would absolutely support buying Falcao, as he is, I believe the best out and out striker on the planet at the moment, but on a personal note, it will be difficult for me to accept that all the work with Torres will ... not 'be wasted'... but will never fulfill its potential. That will be hard to take, as will the days when Lampard and Terry and Cole's names are no longer on the teamsheet. it's all part of team evolution, and we must always support what is best for the club. That, at present, is the purchasing of Falcao, which I will support and cheer, but not without sheding a metaphorica tear for Fernando Torres
FrLamp: do your really feel that Nando is "by far" the worst player on the pitch, even when he plays well? I strongly disagree, and I say that in light of being among the few vocal opponents to his signature when CFC purchased him. When Nando is playing well, he's terrific. You see, even if it's far too brief, why people once praised him as one of the best strikers in the world. The problem is mental. When he's aggressive and confident, he is a hassle for opponents and he in turn creates space for midfielders behind him to exploit. We just don't see nearly enough of that. Do I want him to succeed? Of course. Do I think he can? Yes. Do I think he will? No. Bottom line, his lack of confidence and his inconsistency is contagious. But that isn't to say he's terrible when he does play well. Quite the opposite, in my opinion.
Chuks09 - if you want to be on top of the vital membership leaderboard so badly, why not just submit your comment word by word rather than sentence by sentence :p
@FrLamp,Marin has not been injured in the games against Arsenal,Nordslland and Norwich,but he didn't even make the bench,taht's a one hundred per cent fact,because he travelled for Danmark and was not included in the group of injured players in any of those pre-match conferences.Before that he was probably injured,i do not argue that.As far as Sturridge is involved,I have a different opinion.
This other subject of Falcao is interesting. I once detested Torres but I've learned to both like and respect the guy, even if does frustrate me. Would I swap him along with a suitcase filled with cash for Falcao? Absolutely. If that's perceived as disloyal, first and foremost my loyalty is for the club and not Torres. Falcao is the most lethal striker in Europe. I don't think we can accommodate both players in one side--the waste of wages alone would be reason not to. But if you can persuade Torres to move and take a pay cut (not easy, btw) for Falcao and cash, it's a no-brainer.
@Simeon23 - Again how sure can you be? Why would RDM ignore him completely after he admitted that he scouted him from January until we signed him in April? He travelled, fine, but it doesn't mean anything. Definitely injured players don't travel, but doubtful ones do.
@hazzabee.. I can't, cuz it'll take much time, thus. My Uc app. Will bounce it back to me. Not what you till bro. Be Positive.
I saw Marin on the bus in Copenhagen on one of ChelseaTV videos and as I said earlier when RDM was asked about injured players the only name he mentioned was Sturridge.
Anyway,I hope Marin starts playing sooner rather than later because he is a classy player and he will provide us with more attacking options.
According to team news and reports only sturridge is injured.
@Simeon23. Drogba was our Arrow head,he was pivotal to our success and sometimes to our failure. He carried so much of Chelsea to a point where,whenever Drogba is in his stride,Chelsea are unstoppable,but once drogba is having a bad day at the office,it affects the whole team. We are trying to share that burden around...To say Fernando hasn't improved is turning a blind eye to his contribution to the team, Fernando Torres had 6 goals in 32 appearances last season. Now has 4 goals in 7 games. His team play is immense...I don't think we will ever see the Torres of the liverpool days,different set up in a different team...If ure talking of his consistency in finishing,that will come...Class is permanent mate.
Radio - fair enough pal. When I look at his contributions this season, to me he still looks like our worst player, and by some distance, yes. Everybody has been playing really well. Apart maybe from Lampard, but his poor performances haven't cost us as much as Torres' I feel. There have been a few times when we badly needed a goal this season and he's rarely been able to get it. Against QPR, Juventus, Nordsjaellend, Stoke most notably. All the rest have been really good so far. From Cech all the way through to our front line, we've been competent. He has scored a few goals already, but he's never been convincing, while the rest have been. In all the games he scored in, he nicked a goal from arguably one of the very few chances he had. Now this might be a little bit of a contradiction, as taking the few chances that come your way is something all the great strikers are able to do, but in fact I want Torres to be a lot more involved. Not in one two's, putting in crosses or anything like that - I just want him to get on the end of things. And his positional play this season has been really, really poor for me. We're putting in some deadly balls in the box now. Thing is, he's on the end of it like 1 time out of 4. That's why I think he's been our worst player so far this season, and even when he does play well, the others on the pitch deserve the plaudits more. There is something about him that gets on my nerves, I don't know what. His body language, his lack of intelligence, his frustrating approach, I don't know...
@Radio...I wouldn't mind swapping torres + Cash for Falcao...but I've realized overtime that there's no guarantee in this signings sometimes...what's the probability that the Falcao of porto/Athletico Madrid,will be seen at CFC. The constant demand for consistency in performance by fans and media is a huge load to bear. Will I be willing to take that gamble? Maybe(probability).
@Radio...I wouldn't mind swapping torres + Cash for Falcao...but I've realized overtime that there's no guarantee in this signings sometimes...what's the probability that the Falcao of porto/Athletico Madrid,will be seen at CFC. The constant demand for consistency in performance by fans and media is a huge load to bear. Will I be willing to take that gamble? Maybe(probability).
FrLamp: more than anything, it's Torres' body language that worries me. It's revealing, or at least it appears so in context of his continuous struggles with pulling his own weight in what is (I agree) an improved side overall on last season. Anyway, I don't dislike the guy in the way you do, and I don't think he's been terrible. He does, however, deserve some criticism, but he gets so much of that everywhere he goes. I think in this case it's helpful to focus on the fact that he is improving. Maybe not at the rate we want, but he isn't the hopeless player he was a year ago.
nely: very true, there's no guarantee. But I think you have to look at Falcao's consistency over the past two or so years. He's been phenomenal, and he certainly ripped us apart when we played Atletico. The thing I like most about Falcao is his ability to make something from positively nothing. It's what great goal-scorers at the height of their powers manage to do. I don't know how he'd cope in a new side or in the EPL, but his transition to Atletico wasn't an issue. He plays well against top sides in Spain, too. He's the real deal and a safe bet if the price isn't ludicrous.
I don't dislike him. I'm just not as forgiving as before anymore. Why? Because of what he said in his media escapades. I judge what I see and I voice what I think. And I do think that this has been money horrendously spent and that we should cut our losses this summer. I try to be objective as much as possible, but as I said, there is something about this guy that winds me up. I don't know what. I wasn't like this when we signed him. I was fairly optimistic. But he's just been too big a disappointment for me to find the patience I had in his early Chelsea career.
Torres wasn't particularly good in his last season with Liverpool as well. That's why I think that getting Falcao represents a smaller risk. He's on fire at the moment. As for Torres, there was nothing to suggest that he'd be a success at Chelsea after the difficult year he had at Liverpool.
@Radio- Very true mate,but I feel we should take caution and support Torres,let's see what happens by January or the Summer,its going to take a lot of cash to win Falcao over with the likes of PSG and Man City sniffing on him. If the cash is abnormally outrageous then its a No No for me. As for Fernando,i just have a feeling he will come good.
I agree completely with u frlamp, what I am angry about are his consistent bad misses, its really disheartening when he aint s school boy that's just learning to be a footballer!
Atletico Madrid openly declared that they need money.Therefore,I severely doubt that 60M euro in the Winter transfer market would be rejected.I say that because if Sturridge refuses to resign his contract,we may be forced to sell him while we can have good money for his value and our lack of attacking options will force the board to find a suitable replacement and guess who's on the top of their list for a striker-that's right,the Atletico's hitman.
He's playing as if he doesn't love the game anymore, lacks the spirit to score goals, take shots. One thing is that he's never a rough striker like drogba, falcao or rooney. He's an artistic striker, he loves polishing the ball be taking it. He's not brutal like other strikers, he's not selfish nor selfless. I think he need to be selfish sometimes and hit the target. He has the chance and support to produce 9/10 of his liverpool displays.
@FrLamp. This is the first time I've seen u vent your anger on a Chelsea player,can't remember the exact quotes of Torres...but it sure did ***** u off mate. We are 3 months of the transfer window,and between those 3 months a very vital games that could make or break our season,cheer the lad on...You never know he might turn out to be vital.
( rugged )
Falcao is one of the most lethal CF in the world but with his price tag(60mil) I would love if Chelsea sign Lewandowski.A very lethal forward in his own right,much younger and cheaper aswell.
@Simeone Athletico Madrid already placed a price tag of 48m on him.
Falcao is one of the most lethal CF in the world but with his price tag(60mil) I would love if Chelsea sign Lewandowski.A very lethal forward in his own right,much younger and cheaper aswell.
I don't think falcao and torres can be in chelsea. Lets be realistic a bit 50m & 45m strikers in a club that plays just one striker??? Never. We should be suggesting lewandowski's and jovetic's that wouldn't cost morethan 25m
I don't think falcao and torres can be in chelsea. Lets be realistic a bit 50m & 45m strikers in a club that plays just one striker??? Never. We should be suggesting lewandowski's and jovetic's that wouldn't cost morethan 25m
Fernando Torres needs a serious, powerful, team, heavy, mighty & personal Prayers.
Am surprised that no one is talking about liandro damio.. a better CF than lewandowski(though he woudnt be a bad option but i dont think dortmnd will let him go for less than 25m) from what i've seen, and lets not put his never played in euorpe talk in the equation cause we got prove that the barzilian league is almost as good as eroupe with oscar and a few others
pego sama
Fernando youre the striker so freking SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
established star players bought from other clubs are generaly not able to maintain their form of previous club, they tend to decline when they change club. I feel falcao has reached his maximum potential from hereon he wil decline especialy if he change club. And if we bought him now price wil be based on present form, which is incridible at the moment but dificult to b maintaind if he moved. So i would prefer somebody younger, cheaper who can further develop as our team is stil young so that they could develop their game together based on game style and understanding of each other. This way there wil be better team chemistry and unity.
*but should be able to lead attack now.
Just to clarify something-there is absolutely no way that Falcao's release clause is in pounds,forget about what British media is writing.His release clause is sixty million EURO which by today's currency rates means 48.24 million pounds.End of story.
Its because we put too much pressure on him to be perfect like the Van Persies and Aguero types.. Well he's not, He's different.
choc ice
The fans at the bridge should worship him, you'll see what happens
choc ice
Everyone can tell that Torres plays with a lack of confidence...Sorry to see as he is a head case...I continue to withhold judgement on Torres until January but, regardless, Chelsea will still purchase a CF at that time as Sturridge will leave. Hopefully, Torres will look at the new CF as positive competition...otherwise he may be sold next summer.
As frustrating as he can be I am happy to stick by Torres. 60mil euros for falcao is crazy money really. After the Torres (and Sheva) purchase Im a bit weary of the big money splashes from Roman when they are as big as that. The expectation becomes huge for the player, and for the club. I think Falcao on current form is a better Striker than Torres. I agree that there is no way we can accomodate both though. Look how fragile Torres was with Drogba here? Now that he is starting to get to some kind of consistancy, do you think Roman will want his favourite player back in the shadows? Im real doubtful of the Falcao move. It would absolutly make us stronger but the numbers make me cringe and almost completly sets up Torres for failure dont you think?
last season people complain because he's not scoring, this season he is scoring and some people complain? what do some fans want? Falcao? really? what makes you people think he will succeed here? 60 m is a joke, we won't spend that much and we will not, get real and stop the day dreaming
falco.has been in great form from.last two three season...what if we buy him for 60 million and his bad day start at chelsea can anybody guarantee that he will be scoring 30 to 40 goals per season...i dont think so no one...he is going through a good phase and we dont if his bad phase start at chelsea...anything can be happen....he could be a stop dreaming that he would score.lot of goal for the way we are playing we dont need an 60 million striker to score goals for us...
a striker without confidence is a waste....I'll repeat that :(
i don't know how people can still doubt falcao to succeed at PL.didn't u saw aguero i know that 48mil is very expensive but that is the price for a world class player.falcao will change your team from challenging top 4 to champion's material just like how people see Man Utd when RVP join them.i will cheer falcao if he sign for us even if that will mean the end of torres time here..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
now i see torres just like how i see bendtner during his arsenal time.the player that will squander a lot of chances before he score.u can't afford that on CL knockout stage because it will punish u just like how we punished bayern in last year's CL final...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Many of you here get angry when people criticize RDM saying he's just won 6 out of 7 games and he needs and deserves time to fix everything else. Well Torres has scored 4 out of 7 BPL games and deserves the same patience from CFC fans. Whether any of you here like it or not, we're stuck with him, at least, till January. Even then, I wouldn't want him to leave if he scores 10 more goals. So you better start believing in him.
50 million signing of a top striker in the january transfer window..really????...thats Deja Vu
i am strictly against the purchase of falcao just bcz it dont make any financial sense at all...CFC's scouting network is not like 5 yrs ago..They are doing somewhat good job with sensible and good young purchases..Why should be the striker is any different...Everybody is talking about how falcao is great and how 60m for him is peanuts...REALLY guys? Are our fans completely lost financial sense just bcz RA is pumping money into the club always..Falcao wil cost way more than the 50M quoted by Atl madrid..They are just testing the waters..Nothing else..Whether CFC psg wil come with a crazy bid..Yes AM is in big financial trouble but they wont sell like ppl think..BCZ in spain football clubs are immune..Govt wont ask the money from them..AM most of the financial pblm is with govt and tax authorities..Also falcao is 27 in another 3 months..Everybody in the football world know that the life time of striker is just under 30 yrs..Lets say CFC go crazy and sign falcao for 55M pound this january..He will sign a 5 yr contract with atleast 150K a week(AM may even pay more than 150k now)So weed to top that..It will dent a big hole with another 50M for the next 5 yrs..he can keep up his crazy form for 2 yr tops in my opinion..So our fans want us to spend upward to more than 110M pounds on a guy who wont even get 1M if we decide to sell him after 30 yrs of age...What do we actually need is falcao the player who played before PORTO days..Unknown player who could blow the world away in a year...Not a finished product who wil cost you more than 100 in total cost and may even flop in the EPL...Our fans should stop this obession with big name strikers and try to appreciate bargain world beaters..
As every game goes the Falcao talk will never go away. Like O have said numerous times there should be no excuses for failure for Torres considering the talent we have in midfield. I am sticking by him but if he goes through a bad run like last year then sell immediately.
I know where the problem is. The problem of Torres is Torres himself. Or maybe we need to understand the role he is given at the team training. They just need to change it to finish. Let him just finish and forget what he has been trying to do. When he gets the ball, let him look at goal. He will start scoring them again.
sponnukumar-atletico not testing the waters with that's his release clause.whichever club that hit his release clause doesn't have to go for more than that figure because atletico has to release him at that price if he willing to's his wages that will cause the bidding war,not his price just like the case of hazard...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Lads come one . Fernanado is on fire . Playing really well in a new team and formation . Scoring goals . Enjoy what we have not what we dont
As a striker Torres should know that if you take a shot early you can catch the defense and especially the keeper unaware. Just needs to be on target. As soon as he received the ball for the first chance you mentioned he should have shot. Take one touch, fine, but taking more, and then trying to cut it back to your weaker foot was overdoing it. With a header you only get one touch, and you don't need to think much, so the headers are going in.
Mia Maynard
sponnukumar-another thing,drogba join us at 26 but he still can make his mark and become a chelsea legend.2 years on top is just your opinion,but drogba did won the golden boot at the age of 32.falcao doesn't rely on pace to make him a lethal striker.he is just like Inzaghi but with a strength,and more intelligent with his positioning and he can play until 33 on top at least as long as he doesn't lose his killer instinct that make him well known today.the statement that we can't make even 1M if we decide to sell him after 30 years of age is totally a farce.ask Ibrahimovic how much he cost PSG,ask Rvp how much he cost Man Utd.then ask yourself how much other club willing to pay for ashley if he still has 2 years contract lets say,how much they willing to pay for JT,for someone like Yaya Toure who is approaching 30,and so on...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Striker are always hunger for goal, they shoot when it even seem impossible to score. Great goals are sometime the result of selfishness from the scorer. Sturridge is always hunger for goal and believe if the guy get proper motivation and proper direction he may turn out to be a little close to our own Thiery Henry. Torres play like Spanish Midfielder: Pass around the pitch then dribble and pass to the net
I've asked this question before and I'll ask it again: If Torres is instrumental in creating at least a goal every match and we continue to win, it is really an issue if he doesn't score? For me he's playing a bigger part in the team success than if he was just a goal-hungry striker that shot on every opportunity. You can clearly see that he's trying to play for the team and not just himself, but because he'd not scoring a hat-trick every game there's so many people getting on the guy's case week in and week out. If Torres shot at every chance missing 10 and scoring 1 then people would start complaining that he's selfish. When he creates chances for others and works hard for the team people complain that he's not scoring goals or using a killer instinct to score. You really can't win! If we keep winning and he keeps contributing like he is now then I have no issues with the guy at all! If we stop winning and he becomes the only person responsilbe for missing every chance then I might change my opinion
chelsea n torres fan i think you have a crystal ball the way your predecting falcoa so call bright future at chelsea i think so you have got one...he hasnt played a single minute at chelsea but here people are already given him so call legend status...
@sponnukumar, mention the unknown player that will score 20 - 30 goals a season. Secondly, Atletico Madrid is smoking serious weed if they think they will get more than 60mm for Falcao. That's his buyout clause. I don't think psg is involved. Their name is just being linked by the media. Thirdly, the statement about strikers just banging them in till just under 30 is false. Chelsea just finished the champions league with a 33 year old drogba. Price of amilan is still Diego Milito. Starting striker for PsG is ibrahimovich who is 31 while Eto and David villa are still banging it in at 31. Van Persie just looks like he is just heating up. Atletico Masrid has been warned by uefa to get their acts right if not they won't be getting any uefa payments. They still owe Porto the transfer fees for Falcao.
@Bizarre_Blue, You are spot on, we are not complain because of now, creating a lot of chance, scoring goals and we are winning matches, but matches will come where we may not be able to create more than two or three chance. Failure to utilize that chance may hurt.
@shlok27, mention the last La Liga player that flopped in the premier LEAGUE. The Premier League is an easy cake for La Liga players......
Possible Strikers available in market...not sure of their quality though 1. Adrian Lopez (Atl. Madrid) 2. Falcao (Atl. Madrid) 3. R Lewandowski (B Dortmund) 4. N Oliveria () 5. F Llorente (Atl. Bilbao) 6. S Jovetic (Fiorentina) 7. Oscar Cardazo (Benfica) 8. Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea..offer him 80k per wk and tie him up).. if someone can compare these players and write a article, it will be interesting...(not just the stat, but along with their current form, their position with the current team, that teams formation and style)
So, if we eventually buy falcao and he flops, you guys will start chanting for another striker? I dont care what you guys think about Torres, he'll blow your mind this season. Unfortunately for Torres haters, you have to deal with it until January even though AM is saying he wont leave until summer. So my advise for haters, enjoy or endure it. u can only choose one out of d 2 options.
it's not just his instinct....... he is weak physically..... he runs with the ball like a little baby..... but I think he is still class in shooting.......
The Persian
Shlok27-sadly i don't have that crystal ball.u don't need that thing though.falcao is thge best thing around right now.he won 2 europa his 8 goals brought atletico on par with barca.accidentally,we have a weaknesses in striker department.and falcao is available at certain price.we cant afford to miss this opportunity since we will see less competition waith the likes of city,man utd and psg already got their man...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
@kaku im very bad in history so i have no idea about dont know may be falcoa wil be the first....just not saying falcoa is a bad striker yaa he is a good striker and he is in great form my only issue is spending 48 million on striker who will be 27 and that a big risk for me...because if he by chance gets flop then we cant recover even half of the money we spent on him and his big salary will also a big issue for us..
@chelsea n torres fan i agree with right now he is in great form but my only issue is as i said earlier in ma previous comment is the price tag which is too big for a 27 year old...along with his salary which we dont know at all...
Don't really understand the comments on here. In pre-season you were all saying if he got 15-20 goals this season you'd be happy. Well he's got 4 goals in 7 games and if he keeps it up he'll meet the quota.
Meadow, it will be a crime if he scores only 15 goals, nobody is witch hunting torres, we all love him, but he doesn't love us enough, if he does he won't be a girl and shoot when he is through on goal, there are too many torres apologists in this site and its sickening, when a striker scored 8 goals in 7 games from a crappy midfield like AM, and torres is scoring 4 of 7 and u are jumping for joy for it, then somebody has really lost his marbles
We're 8-2-2 through all competitions and only 7 games into the league. We are at the top of the table in the PL. Whatever he's doing or not doing up to this point is totally irrelevant. It is a team game afterall and his work other than scoring has been instrumental in our wins (4 goals seven matches is nothing to laugh at). If we fail to deliver and fall off-pace, then lets have this discussion...BTW, he isn't the next Kalou for christsakes...inane hyperbole is best left to politicians.
@desmond crappy midfield at AM....this crappy midfield tore us apart in europa cup...our midfield looked invisible among their in that match....dont give falco all the credit for winning europa cup its their midfield which makes him look good...
what instinct??
We can't have a striker that need 3 chances every game to score 1 goal, no other 'top' striker does that..
Get a chance and score. That is the kind of striker that wins games and cups. I wonder where we will be now if the so called last striker is injured tomorrow.
And it is reported that Roman is in for Falcao and wants to sign him as early as January
Never understand what the truth is
Adrian Lopez???

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