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MLS Beckons, or Does It?

Is the USA the favoured destination?

With Chelsea sticking to their guns in relation to awarding players over 30 years of age anything other than a one-year contract, we can expect a plethora of rumours to emerge relating to Frank Lampard.

Lampard is in the last year of his current deal and has already intimated that he is no longer money-orientated but challenge orientated.

To this effect rumours about a possible move to America to participate in the ever-growing MLS continue to feature Frank`s name.

The latest inference being that the Major League Soccer boss has intimated that Frank would be most welcome in the MLS if he wanted to follow in the footsteps of David Beckham.

It`ll be interesting, come January, when Frank is able to hold discussions with clubs other than Chelsea, what will evolve.

Your views would be most appreciated.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 12 2012

Time: 1:06PM

Your Comments

If it's true? Goodnews for us. Sell him & get felliani..
If it's true? Goodnews for us. Sell him & get felliani.. But if he's ready to take the one year, pay as you play contract fine.
I hope Galaxy and CFC have some sort of agreement come January so either then or at the end of the season Lamps heads off. Hes been great but its time to move on.
He'll leave for sure and it will be good for him and us too.
He will stay. His kids are in London and he can't take them with him and won't leave them behind. No parent would. And he is way too good for MLS. And he is not after publicity like Beckham. And he has said time after time he wants to retire from Chelsea.
He won't leave in January. Definitely not. And I'm still at constant bemuse as to why people seem so eager to wave him off. He still has much to give the team. Not just in his football, but in his leadership, experience and professionalism. For example, we all know about Frank being inspired by Zola staying behind after training to put the extra work in, well apparently David Luiz is following frank's example and staying behind after training too. There is more to footballers than meets the eye. I still think he has much to offer the side, even if you feel his influence on the pitch is withering, there's more to it than that.
@chuks09 - "Sell him and buy Fellaini"..... It's not Play Station mate !........
The Persian
For the people that are saying get rid.... Have you forgotten the important goals and performances this man has given to chelsea. Get real, if i was Rom Abro i would give him two years for his loyalty to the club and for his consistant goals and performances. He has alot to give yet.
I hate comments like that of chucks,I've nothing against his opinion of Lamps moving on but I find it plain silly when people say things like sell him and get this or that guy!dude its not fantasy football,its not a snap of a finger and a deal is done.
I dont understand why so many of us want all the old guard out so soon?lettin them leave in january might disrupt our season,so let them stay til the end of the season..then if they refuse to sign the 1yr deal we can move on
Let's not be sentimental at all, we all want the best for the club, lamps have been a loyal player for the club who didn't say he want to leave at anytime, but we all know he has little to offer on the pitch, he can't perform well in the pivot, he aint better than mata or oscar on present form, so my verdict is if he accepts a bit part role then he should sign a new contract on his current 150k per week, if he says he wants a penny more in wages or playing time, then sell him. My opinion
I love Lampard but for the sake of the club,he should leave.It would indeed be a very very sad day.I hope he ends his Chelsea career with another Champions League.
Am on the opinion that we need both the young and old players who have the heart of the team.if frank feels he cannot meet his desires and goals come end of his contract and after he evaluates the new contract,we as fans should appreciate his decision and wish him the best,he has done so much for us.if he chooses to stay, good for him and we shall support him.
Ooh.. It's (Legend)Lampard now and everybody are hating chuks comment, hating fans like chuks.. Is play una dey.
Check the article of Torres.. Is he not a Chelsea Player??? sell him! Sell him!! You all screamed
@persian.. You forgot it's not playstation when we replaced carvalho with luis??? Anelka with hazard??? Buying of oscar??? Now it's Lampard.. You remember the spellig of playstation.. Mtcheeew
Give him a one year pay as you play renewable contract.. Take it or ....
chuks09 - we bought them because we didn't have anyone for their replacements..... but we have Romeu and Josh and Ramires to fill Lampard's place.... his position is not as vital as CF...... we can let Romeu or Josh to play there so they can improve...... I can't imagine us splashing around 30m pounds to buy someone like Fellaini...... yes he is class, and you're not the only one who wants Fellaini in our team....... but realistically, we should spend our money on buying a world class CF like Falcao..... CF position is much more important than that CM/DM position.......... so lets spend the money on someone like Falcao rather than spending it on another CM... Romeu or Josh will do for us.
The Persian
@Chuks - I don't see how selling Lampard and buying Fellaini has anything in common with selling Carvalho and buying Luiz, or selling Anelka and buying Hazard, and what has the purchase of Oscar got to do with anything? Luiz did eventually fill the gap Carvalho left at centre back but it took 7 months to happen. Anelka left in January and Hazard arrived 6 months later but I don't see how Hazard in any way replaced Anelka. That being said , what you suggested (selling Lampard and buying Fellaini) is not playstation talk at all. In fact, something along thos lines is bound to happen over the next 18 months or so. But what I fail to understand - aside from everyone's willingness to pack Frank's bags, is why people are so desperate to land Fellaini. I really do not rate him as highly as some people seem to on here. I've seen enough of him to see he's not world class.Good but nothing special, certainly not the answer to our problems. Don't buy into the media hype of him this season. I would take a handful of players before him, including his fellow countryman Axel Witsel, but that opportunity has now obviously passed
although The Persian does raise a good point. Hopefully frank's place in the side will be filled by Mceachran or Romeu or perhaps even someone like Chalobah. I'd prefer that to blasting an unnecessary 25millin on Fellaini
hazzabee i understand you but, you just mention falcao, will he replace torres or supplement him??? You just talked about wasting of huge money, do you remember we still have lukaku, sturridge & torres. And you're talking about a 48m pounds???
hazza, I wouldn't bother with Chuks. Seriously, save your energy.
@hazzebee.. Not that man.. The lampard worshippers are too much. Check other article and see how torres has been crucified as he's not a chelsea player.
@Radio.. I see.. Worshipper.
@Hazzabee.Your posts are very intelligent and objective.Its a pleasure to read them.Keep them coming mate.You should be writing articles man.And Radio is right,don't waste your energy for this "chucks09" and I advice Radio also to ignore him.
@Persian.Well said.Better to get Falcao.There is not enough depth in CF position.
Much as i would love lamps to retire at Chelsea the ball is in his court on this and whatever decision he takes i would have no hard feelings and it will not change all he means to this club..he can go the way of Drogs and get one final pay day either in MLS or the orient or he can agree to the one year contract renewal with subsequent options for even more single year renewals based on performance indices. What must not be done though is to allow this drag on with all the attendant uncertainty till summer..the Club needs to know lamps intent by January so that if he is to move we can at least get a modest transfer would be a travesty to lose frank in the summer for absolutely nothing the way we did with Kalou and Drogs..Ditto Ashley Cole. simple basic business 101 demands that these decisions be made this january since we waited so late in the process to make the decisions. The same is also true of Danny sturridges situation.
I wouldn't mind having Lamp for one more year if he's ready to accept a one year renewable contract and play fewer games. I think it's just safer to have his leadership and maturity in the team for at least one more year. However, if he decides to leave, I believe we should be able to cope without him.. we'll surely miss him though...
Some of you can be annoying. Why should chuks be ignored? Like he doesnt make sense or what? Come on, the guy has a point, a point which it can only take a sentiment blinded eye not to see. Quit this abusive attitude mates, it doesnt take you anywhere. I may not advocate the replacing of lamps with felliani, but that doesnt mean that there is no other point raised by the guy. As long as am concerned, lamps is totally dispensible!
am glad the club sticks to their decision.if given opportunity some fans here are much ready to offer lamps 5years contract extension.because he's lampard,not because he's superb.
Fabrigas ahead of torres.
bash him, bash him, he'll still bang em in, he's super super frankie. he's the highest goal scoring midfielder, they wished for stevie g as his goals kept going in, he saves our tails yet the cries prevail for his number to be punched in, but still the goals go in, they celebrate even through eyes are filled with hate but still the goals go in.
@ohans.. Your Head is There. @valachi.. Tell Them. Lampard Worshippers.. Now I see why MQ IS that Hated.
cech saveds a penalty. Czechs 3-1 Mult
Lamps will end his career with us can't see him moving Stateside.
Sell Lamps and get who? Fellani? Lamps is more than legend. Lamps is experience, base, passes and crazy goals. We cant let such player go. He deserves to be retired here in our club and mls is not the place for him to move. Nobody can replace Frank!
Malouda, anybody? Give lampard anything beyond a year contract and you 'd have another case of Malouda. If lampard is truely a legend and does have chelsea in his heart, let him sign the one year offered to him. Its very, very simple, no sane board in the world will have Mata, hazard, Oscar, Marin, Kdb, Romeu, Ramires, Mceachran and Mikel in the team and go ahead to give a 34-yrs-old a 2 years contract at such a very high wage. I will not even give him a year contract worth the 150k a week he currently earns, what for? Lampard is only worth 70k a week wage at this declining stage of his career, move him on in the summer if he refuse a year offer with pay cut and limited role. Soldiers go, soldiers come but barrack will everly remain.
munich Glory
Lamps is the highest goalscoring mf in the world period enough said!
hahahaha...a year contract extension but renewable base on your performance.i think i like this idea so much.take it or go to mls.not that mls is a firing squad,he can earn good money there before hanging his boot.
People fail to understand that Chelsea gave Lamps the oppurtunity to become what he is today, we made him play in a top club with a passionate owner that bought quality players to play with Lamps and sharpen his abilities to boost his career. If He loves Chelsea, he will accept the one year contract, he is 34 for God sake. Oscar can be better than Lamps as he is also a goal scoring machine but has superior skills, movements and creativity compared to Lamps, in 2 years he will be world class. Josh and Chalobah are developing well and KDB is another goal scoring creative midfielder.
There is no need of all these "he is the highest goal scoring mid" chants cos he will leave one day like it or not. He will still leave Chelsea as he cant play forever. Lamps was also given the oppurtunity when he was younger to display his talents and shine,,am sure some oldies then were benched for him,,,,then why cant he accept a bit part role with a year extension and allow the likes of Oscar, Josh, KDB, Rami, Romeu, Chalobah to shine and maximize their potentials. They may not get as many goals as Lamps but they may end up being world class gems with the world at their feet like Zidane, Iniesta, Xavi etc you never know what players like Oscar and Chalobah have in them.
Because he was and is being provided with more spot kicks than any other midfielder in the world, period!
munich Glory
He has given his quota, moving him on so that other young players can give theirs..simple! Del piero was a landlord in Turin, a true legend, but he knew his time ws up, he left giving way for others to make their mark. Highest goal scoring mids my foot! Like he has been that Cristiano or Messi kinda goal machine that strives individually.
Good for him since he is not up to the speed being employed at chelsea a the moment
Point of correction, Lampard owe Chelsea, not the Chelsea. If he want to prove his legendary status to everyone then he should sign the one year renewable contract with limited playing time.
(Not vice, versa)
i really want lampard to break tambling's record after which he can get out if he wants
Don capon
There is a full blown campaign to get Lampard to the MLS. If the commissioner wants him to join. It will be tough for him to get a 2 year offer from Chelsea. It's a complete waste of money as well as Chelsea's time. From the loan reports I am reading, Josh and Kevin De Bruyne are improving on a daily basis and if they continue, they'll challenging Lamps for his spot in the squad so there is a strong possibility we'll have Ramires, mikel, romeu, KDB and Josh in CM. Add Lampard to the and it is 6 midfielders for a 2 man position. Not smart business at all.
KDB 1 goal & 1 assist last night. Thats a sign of improvement
Moses & Mikel are in the Score sheet for Nigeria.
On the score sheet. Mikel from the penalty spot. (Nigerian Lampard)Penalty Man.
Moses No. 2goal.
chuks09 i suggest you control your emotion a little bit while discussing with people from diverse continents.
Chuks09 - Lamps doesn't need to 'prove' his legendary status to anyone. He is a legend. end of.
@hazzabee.. Is that how other legends act??? He's a business Man. Raul, scholes, giggs + del piero, those are the legends i know.@valachi.. No need, Cos I have Non.
Disputing the fact that Lampard is a legend is beyond idiocy, you can have whatever opinion you choose regarding what kind of player is he is now, whether he should stay or go. But there is NO disputing whatsoever that Lamps is a legend. Nothing can change that, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a Lampard hater, and I have no time for those people anymore
Lampard-Legend-Vice Captain-Leader-(god)-Chelsea.. Hope you're all Happy???
Lamps to sign the 1 year contract, take a 80k a week pay cut, help groom the players at CFC and then start doing some coaching for the club. If we starting to develope our new style Now, having a legend like Lampard around would be an excellent investment for the club as he will be part of everything from becoming a legendary player to becoming a legendary coach for chelsea. I'm not calling for him to become our manager some day, but I'm sure having him around will only benifit the club as he's seen and won it all
Slippy G-19
Thank You @slippy.
I've been hoping for separation since the end of Don Carlo, would be great to have it sooner than later...Chelsea will not really chance until that dude, Terry + Cole are moved on.I just remembered that Luca went to Madrid...has a played yet? I not had a chance to watch any Madrid games is he progressing?
Comments like 'Lampard is a Legend', 'Lampard is the highest goalscoring MF in the world', you want to handover 2 yr contract for a 34 yr old for these things...Our board will be insane to give it...If lampard is so keen on chelsea, he will sign a 1yr rolling contract, with reduced wage and limited playing time...but i highly doubt it and he is gone in summer. I am against selling him in winter and lets allow him to move for free in summer :-)
The Persian where have you been? Just missed you here
Finally the realization sinks in... if Lamps 'loved' Chelsea as you many seem to believe why doesn't he sign the 1 year extension?? HE LOVES MONEY NOT NECESSARILY THE CLUB
'has beens' must be sold for the club to progress. Oscar is currently 3 times the player is already, and with time he'll be 10times the player. Sell the ***********r :)
Can't wait for the good times when I don't see Lamps & Cashley names on our teamsheet boy good times are coming :)
You will never hold on forever, but a time comes where you have to leave it off.
Look at Cole's ankle. How long can he hold up is a question one needs to answer

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