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Messi, CR9, AVB, City etc........

Just a collection of thoughts over the past few weeks of footy:

1 - False 9 is here to stay - zonal marking defines the false 9 as:

'A unconventional lone striker, who drops deep into midfield. Francesco Totti perhaps invented it for Roma in 2006/7, Lionel Messi played here when he swapped positions with Samuel Eto'o for Barcelona in 2008/09, and Robin van Persie played the role for Arsenal at the start of the 2009/10 season.'

Spain just won the Euros this summer with Fabregas leading the line in a similar role. Arsene Wenger has deployed Gervinho in a similar role for Arsenal. Gervinho in the false 9 position has notched up 5 goals and 1 assist for Arsenal in 8 games. Neymar was deployed in the same position against Iraq (I know it's not a competitive team). He assisted Oscar for his first goal, released the ball to Kaka who assisted Oscar for his second goal and also assisted Lucas for his goal as well.

So in one way or the other like Messi for Barcelona, the False 9 is involved in a significant portion of goals and attack launched by their respective teams. Will the rest of Europe and international footy adopt this in the future?

2 - Manchester Defences: Not sure why people don't talk about this more often but both United and City's defences are shambolic. Also very surprising to me is how United (Ferguson especially) has no answer for any team that presses excellently (Spurs first half, Barcelona, Bilbao, or Benfica) as well as Mancini. Klopp and Mourinho have outfoxed Mancini back to back by exploiting City's flanks and it seems the blueprint to beat them is the same as Man U.

It may be easier said than done, but the blueprint appears to be flood the centre of the pack and press intensely and then hit them through the flanks or middle. Cristiano Ronaldo was the problem against City. Although Reus was the scorer, Mario Gotze worried City a lot in that Dortmund game.

3 - Messi vs. Ronaldo: This debate will go on for so long, but the last El-Clasico proved one thing: Cristiano Ronaldo has stepped up his game so much at Real Madrid that he is likely on par RIGHT NOW with Lionel Messi. This is coming from a Messi fan. I am NO BARCA fan, but in the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate for years, I always chose Messi.

Both players are totally different. Messi is a specialist in what he does which is pretty much everything while Ronaldo is a specialist in his own thing which is scoring. Over the last 3 years, Cristiano has improved at so many levels including, but not limited to:

a.) Scoring in the important games

b.) Improving his finishing ability i.e. %age of his shots which are on target.

This year's world player will be a tough one. Very tough one and could be marred in controversy. Thank the stars I am not making the decisions.

4 - Falcao Stats that keep impressing me: According to back page football: 'a combined striking record of 117 goals in 143 games in just over three seasons for Porto and Atlético has meant that Falcao is behind only the un-sellable Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo'.

5 -) FA's beef with Chelsea: Don't expect this to end any time soon. Terry and Cole are just the first. Bertrand just joined. I am pretty sure Hazard or RDM will join them soon. Probably after an outburst as a result of the non-penalty calls we don't get any more in matches.

6 - Slow down with the AVB praises and increase the volume of the RDM praises: AVB wins four games back to back and all of a sudden he is a messiah and better than Harry while RDM is just a coach who benefits from a talented squad. There are also those out there who link RDM's success to foundations supposedly set by AVB.

There is an article which actually supports such suggestions. You can read it here:

I only have one word for this: RIDICULOUS!

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The Journalist

Writer: KAKUfrank Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 14 2012

Time: 3:24PM

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false 9 in a player like rooney wil suit us better for our game
mou has improvd cr7 and pep made messi what he is today but dont look tito can improv messis game, peps style suits best for messi me think thoug he is stil scorin loads of goal.
I was convinced prior to the start of the season that Utd's defence would struggle, but I'm surprised by City's troubles. As for the false 9, I'm not sure what to make of it. I think you're right in that it will only become more common, though I wonder about the limited number of players available who can do it well. I was unconvinced about Fabregas' performance in the role at the Euros. Messi can do it well but he can do almost everything well. And well said about RDM--he's made tough and smart decisions, all of which were independent of feckin AVB. He deserves praise.
You can't compare RDM with AVB. One is a European Champion and another one is learning his trade with some mediocre team. One is tactically sound and the other one is out of depth... RDM is just too good to be compared to AVB. As for Messi and Ronaldo, i think Messi is far better. Messi is the only player on this planet who can be second to Neymar.
I've read a lot of articles where our supposed "defensive frailties" were the topic and how we would struggle against quick playing teams. Funnily enough, in all those articles, the argument commonly used by the writers to back their point was our 4-1 thrashing against Atletico. Such hypocrisy and bias. Yes we were handed our own arses on a plate against Atletico but in fact nobody that day played well - nobody. So, if they were consistent in their arguments they should have pointed out how a struggle it would be for us this season to score goals and dominate the midfield too. We should remind these****s how many goals we've conceded so far in the PL I think. 4 clean sheets in 7 games and 4 goals conceded. United conceded 3 at home against Spurs, two against Fulham and JUST won the game, same story against Southampton, had a lucky escape against Liverpool too. City conceded two at home against Southampton, were totally outplayed against Arsenal, were shambolic against Dortmund and nearly fluffed the Community Shield against us with 11 v 10 + we were nowhere near the level we are right now. Double standards at its best. Let the media continue like this actually. We always prove them wrong when we are prematurely written off. Remember the CL last year? Some of them still think that the title race will be a straight contest between the two Mancs. We'll see what will happen come May. If we are still at the top of the tabel come January-February we'll officially be in the mix as well.
@BOTUM You must be PELE incarnate! Messi can be second to Neymar? BUHAHAHAHA
Thinking of comparing Ronaldo and Falcao to Messi is a crime.Messi is a typical La Masia product.
Who is this puyolbarca fella? You claim to only visit this website 2wice a week. Since you made that claim, you've posted at VC everyday which does not support your claim. I implore you to not taint this article with your regular attacks and back and forth with other fans.
comparing ronaldo and messi i think both are in the a big messi fan as well as ronaldo but for me ronaldo has improved a lot his scoring rate is thing that goes in ronaldo favour in term of comparison is that ronaldo has played in epl which is the toughest league in the world and he has scored lots of goal here he has showed that not only he can score in laliga he has scored goals in epl also and about messi we all know how good he is in laliga but we dont wether he can score that much goals in epl also....i know he can because he is too good but still he hasnt played in epl... and about false 9 if chelsea has to play that system than i think there is one player who can play that system very well and he will cost us free also and that is piazon....i think he can easily play that role we dont have spent million on neymar or anyother player for that....piazon has been with chelsea now for more than one year and he knows epl better than other he is perfect if we have to play that system...
1; The false 9 is a tactics i find a little bit ridiculous,it undermines the role of a striker in a team. Its understandable when the opposition sits deep and defend for their lives,and you have the 'false 9' rotating through the defence line of the opposition in other to disrupt their shape. Pardon me but i feel its something strikers 'top 9' can also learn to do. We have noticed the flexibility in Torres of late,he drifts around and out of position to disrupt opposition set up in defence.
@FrLamp, I think January-February will be too far to tell if we'll be in the mix. I believe we will know this sooner rather than later. Our next 8 games are as follows: Chelsea's next 8 games: Spurs (A), Man Utd (H), Man Utd (CC), Swansea (A), Liv (H), W'Brum (A), M.City (H). If we are still on top of the league and CL league table after these 8 games and Terry has served his ban, then they better take us seriously.
1; The false 9 is a tactics i find a little bit ridiculous,it undermines the role of a striker in a team. Its understandable when the opposition sits deep and defend for their lives,and you have the 'false 9' rotating through the defence line of the opposition in other to disrupt their shape. Pardon me but i feel its something strikers 'top 9' can also learn to do. We have noticed the flexibility in Torres of late,he drifts around and out of position to disrupt opposition set up in defence. 2; Fergie and Mancini of late believe the best form of defence is to have a strong and potent attack...\something thats obviously going to be their undoing. 3; This ones somewhat of a huge debate...Its easier to score 40+ goals playing as a false 9,as you have lots of chances to take shots on goal,but its harder when u play from the wings and end up scoring 40+ goals...They are both different kind of players,but i feel Ronaldo's abilities are being undermined. I hate to pick and compare players especially those that play in different positions,so ill just say both players are great players and miles ahead of everyone else. 4; Great player,arguably the best striker in europe right now...but he still has a lot to prove,to get to Messi and Ronaldo's level...It takes consistency to stay up there,lets see how long he stays consistent. 5; Its a witch hunt i tell ya!!! They don't affect us,they only ,make us stronger as a group. 6; Outright ridiculous.
False 9 only depends on the quality of the team.. Ronaldo is Good while Messi is Great. AVB is an average good coach.
KAKUfrank.We are not kids to count how many times I visit.Not more than three times did I visit this week.Check out if you want.Today is Sunday.Free from work.And,I am not tainting your article.I just gave my opinion and you shifted away from the subject.Ronaldo and Falcao are not on the same level as Leo.
just as @kakufrank has listed the games, after those games we'll know if we still need (someone like)falcao.
I'll never understand why a Barca fan bothered to sign up on a Barclays Premier League related site. Jog on you complexed kid.
I agreee with chuck and kaku.if we get maximum points in the next one or so month,we should not be taken we know what to expect from the media which is good for us in far as we are winning games!
I have said it times without number, ManU and City dont have a defence, City depend on their midfield and attack to push teams back and ManU depend only their attack and hope to outscore their opponent. Get a clinical forward, 2 pacy and creative wingers, a midfield that can keep the ball, a solid defence with good full backs and you will destroy City and United effortlessly.
@FrLamp.To check out what is going on in the camp of European rivals like Man UTD,Chelsea,Bayern,etc.Maybe,you are too young to understand.
If we dont destroy United at the bridge I will cry cos our attacking 4 are just too much for slow Rio and poor Evans, no need to talk about Evra.
@nely, on the false 9, I think it is easier getting attacking midfielders/wide forwrads who are capable of finishing with great link up play, passing ability and pace to move towards the false 9 role than to get true 9s to perform everything that you are mentioned. Like you mentioned, Torres is already doing it for Chelsea. But outside of Torres, you can count on your fingers how many strikers can potentially do what Torres of the false 9 does. However, it is easier to see how many players from the AM or wide position you could deploy as a false 9.
I laugh when people say AvB is better than RDM. Its funny. How can you say a manager that made our players look crap, conceeded many **** goals in his time, made so many poor subs and was outsmarted by almost all the EPL managers IS better than a manager that turned that same team to world beaters and won 2 trophies in less than 4months including the UCL destroying Barca, Napoli, Benfica and Bayern in the process. I laugh!!!
Ronaldo and Messi are out of this world, I dont really care about who is better but I like CR7.
I agreee with chuck and kaku.if we get maximum points in the next one or so month,we should not be taken we know what to expect from the media which is good for us in far as we are winning games!
And Messi not only swapped positions with Eto'o but with Henry also in 2008-09.
Marco Reus will make a perfect False "9"
Regarding the "false 9" there really is nothing new under the sun guys. I'm not quite old enough to have seen either play but I can remember when I was young that various football writers would wax lyrical about Don Revie, as a player, not the manager of Leeds & England that he had by then become. Revie's playing career ran roughly from the end of the 2nd World War to 1960 & when he was at Manchester City they used him as a deep-lying (false 9?) centre forward, revolutionary at the time & based on the role pioneered by Nándor Hidegkuti, deep lying centre forward of the all conquering Hungarian national side that became the first foreign side to beat England at Wembley on 25th November 1953. Football, like life is cyclical so maybe one day we will see the return of 2 genuine wingers to every team, though I'm not holding my breath.
Reus is a real gem, he is a perfect player has bunch of tricks, skills, pace, creativity and his movements are crazy, one of the best in Europe. The best part is his goal-scoring ability, he knows exactly what it means to put the ball into the net. Still sad we did not get him for pea nuts(17m) before he moved to BVB. I prefer him to injury prone Marin tbh.
The same spuds fans who used to mock us & called AVB all sort of names are the same people calling him tactical genius today cos he is their coach; ridiculous indeed!
STOP PRESS- Mikel scored a goal for Nigeria, true it was from the spot but at least it proves he DOES know where the goal posts are
Although this false 9 strategy is somewhat synonymous with attractive footy,i stil see it as a formation developed as a result of the crop of players at hand or available. Teams blessed with abundance of tricky and intelligent attacking midfielders that can hold possession for long periods are better suited to it. So it is basically not meant for every side, r we set for it? A question for another day. About the porous ManUre n Citeh defence, your analysis of the kinda team to take advantage of that corresponds with what we have now. And the Avb - RDM comparism is too early to make. Though i would gladly take Robbie a better coach anyday. Clasico? Good football, but not good for La liga.
Someone posted the same article you listed in the forums, I agree that its piffle. Spurs as fans seem to enjoy being blissfully ignorant- an honest assessment might bring Daniel Levy's decisions into question. Two seasons ago, Uncle 'Arry had them beating AC Milan at the San Siro in the Champions League. Fast forward to AVB geting his win percentage to 50% and fans are basking in his managerial brilliance.
@puyolbarca pls stop commenting blindly, hw can u say messi is miles ahead of ronaldo when they dont play the same position. Its like comparing xavi and alonso. They are both xcellent and d best at what they do so stop being biased.
don delsy
Not being biased.Check out the stats.Both enjoy a free role.Messi plays well in important games as the author has stated.Ronaldo stinks.He was better at ManU.
Puyolbarca, for the first admit you are in love with VC, It does no harm to say the truth!
C.Ronaldo played his best football @ man.u.. All the.same.. They're both best in their positions.
Interesting article KAKU. A few of my thoughts follow; 1. As regards the false 9 it a system that Barca and La roja have thrived in but it is tom foolery to think we should adopt this other teams of note have played this way with any sustained success recently . I am no fan of it..there is still a need for teams like ours to have top quality true strikers. 2. Regarding the Man U defense since Vidic started spending more time on the treatment table than on the pitch their defense has been suspect but it will take boldness and a practive approach like spurs did to expose them. For city their situation is a mystery..Kompany and Lescott have both looked really suspect this season unlike last season and for the life of me given that i dont know whay Mancini seems so eager to kick Kolo Toure out the door..i wonder whether what they are going through has to do with their selling Nigel de Jong who was their prototypical mid field destroyer ala Mark Van Bommel..their loss is our gain..when me meet them again we need to avenge the community shield loss. 3. Re Messi and pains me to say it but Messi is a once in a generation type player..Ronaldo is good and actually getting better but Messi is literally superhuman..if you have been watching what he has been doing recently for Albiceleste he is now reaching Maradona level. I suspect Rio 2014 will be Messis world cup and i suspect Argentina will win it. Whoever wins the Balloin D dor this year in my mind Messi is the best player on the planet and it is not even also has nothing to do what he learnt at La masia..They helped hone him but the genius of this guy is does help that he is so driven..his virtual indefatigability may have something to do with his receiving Growth hormone supplementation during his formative years as a youngster but the guys genius is undeniable and once he leads Argentina to a world cup victory his place in the pantheon of the very best football has known like Pele, Maradona, Zidane and Cryuff will be forever established. I despise Barca but i respect deeply the drive, attitude and ability of Leo Andres Messi..he is the very best right now. Ronaldo has to fight of others for second place. 4. In my mind at this time Radamel Falcao is the best pure striker in the world. If i had any say in it i would literally moves mountains to see us get him this January but as the saying goes if wishes were horses Paupers would ride. 5. I agree with i warned early in the season when we were getting those penalty calls..right now our players will essentially need to be mauled in the box and even then they are more likely to get booked than get a PK call thanks to Tony Pulis poisoning the refereeing is what it is. 6. As regards RDM and AVB..the comparison between the two is laughable for those who suggest AVB is superior..i will just wait till we meet them next week and then i will hopefully have enough ammunition to answer such jokers with first hand recent evidence.
I think Drogba is much better than Falcao. He may score more goals, but Drogbaa scores THEEE goals! #justsaying.
Slippy G-19
In as long as rdm historically succeded with same players that avb had at disposal,i can say rdm is better no matter the results come this weekend.
we should have a true 9 who should be developd to play false 9 as we have personel in our midfield to play that kind of game and we lukaku who can play as true 9, we shouldnt develop midfield or wing player to play false 9 cos false 9 should hav instincts of striker.
how was ronaldo at his best with manu. at manu he was the big game flop that destroyed little teams nd thn crumbled under pressure against the big teams. right now he is at his best point in his career. but evn that isn't enough to make him BETTER thn messi. he may be closer 2 messi but he isn't better.
also people like puyolbarca are just attention seeking. hes just looking 4 a conversation bcos hes lonely. if u ignore him he'll go away.
Ronaldo has lost something. He is not exciting anymore. He's got bigger muscles and Looks slower. He has been been turned into a striker.
@Foreign_viewer I believe Ronaldo is better now than he was at Man Utd. He works better for team now, score goals and assists. Watch him well and you will see the different between Madrid Ronaldo and Man Utd Ronaldo and he never play as a striker for Madrid but he always make himself available for pass at final third.
Sorry "Foreign viewer" i just had to comment and express my opinion that that is one of the most stupid posts ive ever read on a forum ever
I believe if we want to have that false 9, Hazard suits the role perfectly..... he's a good finisher, and also he loves playing central attacking roles.............
The Persian
and if we want to play with a false 9, I believe Cavani or Neymar would be better purchases than Falcao FOR playing in false 9 position........... but in their natural positions, Falcao is definitely better...
The Persian
I see Ronaldo fan boys are out in full force. The guy is boring. He is a striker these days.
Who the hell is this "Puyolbarca" guy?We kicked you out of the CL.Get over it.Ten men-Chelsea kicked you out.Even Cuenyt Cakir and Platini could not save you.Go and share your hatred towards Chelsea with your fellow Barca fans.
KAKU.I had a long long post and an argument,which I lost in the middle of work.I will get back to when I get time.Interesting article after some boring articles we've been having for a long long time.I partly agree and partly disagree.What I was concluding in my long-post is that Messi and Ronaldo are not as good by their standards in the important games and they are overrated.Zidane is way way above them.I will state the reasons later today why I don't rate them as highly as some people.
Please guys don't give puyolbaca any attention, he'll ruin this article. Geez, the guys replying him are as guilty as he is.
@BOTUM, as much as I think messi & CR9 are on par as the best players in the world, saying the messi is 2nd to neymar is a bloody joke buhahaha...
SameX, I am a spurs fan and I dont say AVB is better than RDM or RDM better than AVB. All I would say is, RDM had literally nothing to prove & no real pressure last season. It was pressure cooker scenario for AVB all the way through with how things went. Chelsea deserved the CL the way they dig in and performed but I would not call like ypu that they 'destroyed' likes of Barca & Bayern. Every football fan including some chelsea fan will agree that those games chelsea did not 'destroy' those teams and were rather fortunate that likes of Messi, Robben had terrible days. But having said that I will not take away what RDM has acheived, especially this season, he has done well with abundance of talent he has. But the real measure of him should be done at end of season if he is able to perform under pressure. AVB wilted away at pressure but this season, he is coping well at Spurs under all unneccessary pressure from media.
Tactically, AVB is doing well at Spurs. Let me give you some examples. Last season, we went from being in 3rd with 10 points ahead of Arsenal to 4th spot because Redknapp could not find a a way to play us when Lennon was injured. He did not have a fecking clue how to plug that hole in Right wing. He rather complained about the situation and as usual received sympathies from media. This season, we play with a system. Likes of Townsend, Gylfi are rained to play in the system. Eventhough they are not the similar to Lennon, they bring their own game. He has made a tactical switch to play Demeble & Sandro together.
I see some of the chelsea fan saying we were so poor against United in 2nd half and our defense is weak. Our defense is as weak as Chelsea's or City or Arsenal or United. People have to take into context of the second half at Old Trafford. We were in a place where we havent won for 23 years. So, that mental blocks automatically takes over and makes a total shift in thinking. You will never see 87% to 13% half possetion either by United or by Spurs. So, to compare that half and say our defense is weak is not exactly correct. The weak link in our defense though is Kyle Walker, who has been pretty poor this season. Thats the only place I am worried about. If Adebayor starts then, we will give you a good game. I expect a good game at lane.
RDM used Piazon as a false 9 against Ac milan in the pre-season and he scored.. If we're look for a player that can play it, i think we have a lot. Piazon, Hazard, Oscar + Torres (if he still remember how to shot in&out the boy)
Islam Feruz scored a second half hat-trick for Scotland U19s aganist Switzerland. He (headed) the first, then scored with his (left foot) before curling the winner into the top corner with his (right)
Personally, i rate Falcao very much. Would drive him myself to Stamford bridge if i'd have my way. But certainly not for crazy money, not any more. Although Sheva was on the wane before his acquisition back then, it further proved that large sums can have adverse effects especially on strikers who are approaching their thirties. Same applies with Torres, who imho opinion wasnt at his best before we coughed out that record fee for him which further didnt help issues. I for 1 believe in super qualities, but they can also come at modest prices or at adaptable young ages. Wisdom is not when you fail to make mistakes, rather, its when you fail to learn from, and avoid such again. I believe we are setting new and enviable standards now, nothing will be wrong if we extend it to such tranfers. The news making rounds this morning is that we have agreed a 46m pounds fee for Falcao...fingers crossed
Not entirely sure where people get the idea that Hazard is a finisher, but he is a poor finisher. Lucas apiazon is way too young to enter this conversation. He should be sent on loan back to Sao Paulo or Bundesliga. It will be better for his development. People will argue he should be sent to a mid table team in the premiership, but I disagree. The coaches and teams at these foreign clubs are far more tactically advanced than the premiership that it is unbelievable. There is a reason EPL clubs don't reach far in european competitions and England as a national team.
@kakufrank..Why not send him (piazon)to spanish or portuguese team if necessary???
team assessments are very flexible, win a game and you are geniuses but lose the next and you suddenly have frailties...the season is long lads, we still have 60+ games to play so it's premature to say RDM is a genius or not, to say we are strong defensively or not etc. Let's wait for such assessments till Jan, then you can start such discussions
Ronaldo vs Messi: compare at the goals they've scored and the assists they've made you'll reach 1 conclusion, that Messi is a better team player and therefore a better player than Ronaldo
you hit the nail @SYDQCB5 and need I remind people, it wasn't till Roman visited Cobham that we saw Lamps dropped and Ramires moved to CM, till then he'd been playing RW and Bertrand playing LW, I
What Messi can do, Ronaldo can do better. That is the saying here in Kenya
So Roman told RDM to drop Lampard and play Ramires in his true position?
Lack of wisdom#
@GabeU, I am not sure if it is tomfoolery for any team to adopt this because the few teams who have shown this have proved till date that it works to a certain extent. When Pep started deploying Messi there, he was questioned. However, look at Arsenal this season. Can you believe a poor finisher with the brain size of a peanut in Gervinho is the highest goal scorer for Arsenal? The example I depicted with Neymar was just to show how productive such players for their team in the event such player is anything close to being a decent player Talkless of world class. Messi is out of this world, but he is a wrecking machine in that role. Same as Neymar against Iraq and Gervinho has been arsenal's most productive player. That brings me to my last statement on this. I wanted to bring it up in the article, but didn't want to generate unnecessary debates. Torres performs the role of a false 9 for Chelsea and he remains the highest goal scorer for us. Besides that, every Chelsea fan should count how many goals including penalties and free kicks plus hold up play and direct assists Torres has had his hand in this season in the EPL and UCL. This is irrespective of the chances and sitters he has fluffed.
I may not clearly state what ensued between RA and RDM that time, but it is obvious the visit brought RDM back to his senses.
actions speak louder than words KAKU and pre-Roman's visit we had Ramires at RW, Lamps playing all our games in the pivot and post-Roman's visit we hyad Ramires move to CM and Lamps not start the next 2 it what you like but it's evident, changes were made after Roman's visit :)
well Ronaldo can't win world player of the year 3 times in a row can he KENDEM?? *just saying* :)
Nice article kakufrank.i knew you were going to post an article when you labelled VC boring on twitter on saturday. For me, i think there is no much difference btw Ronaldo and Messi and even though i'm a ronaldo fan,i still think Messi edges it a little bit.i will like some Mikel haters to read what RDM said about him on the Chelsea Website today.As franklin said,our next 8 games is going to be a determinant of where we are going to end up this season.As for the RDM and the AVB issue,tactically,i think RDM edges it as this was obvious in his last 4 mths last management,RDM also edges it.
Well I think Torres similarly is playing as a false 9 at the moment, considering his immense ball winning ability in the midfield area and the role he plays in setting up some scoring chances on the regular these days. Right now, Torres is not really the go-to-guy in the team, he creates the space for our midfield players to operate by drawing out d opposition defence, and that i think, is the work of a false 9
Messi is an all rounder. Ronaldo is one dimensional. Can't control a game with his passing and dribbles. Lurks on the left wing and runs to the centre as soon as Madrid have the ball.
The Only Problem C.Ronaldo Has is Messi.
@ken...What C.Ronaldo can do, Messi'll do it better. Messi is his only (ronaldo's)nightmare
So bcos Roman visited cobham,Rami was deployed back to his fav role CM,and lamps was presumably dropped? Wow I seem to hear it all on VC. #pathetic
LMAOOOOOOO @Nely......
Who gives a ***p about Messi & Ronaldo we should analyze our Chelsea players.
@Kaku. The False 9,is a strategy that's employed against opposition that tends to sit deep,its easier to isolate a CF,when opposition defence park the bus...I think the false 9 tends to undermine what a Striker (CF) is all about,that 'Goal Sense' instincts to be in the right position,to maneuver the CB's. I feel you can develop a striker to play as a false 9...Its not a strategy i would love to see week in week out,but if its to be employed in certain key games when the opposition sits problemo.
It is not a coincidence that the football was horrible before Abramovic visited and thereafter it all changed. Suddenly nobody is played out of position.
Are people insinuating Roman told RDM to sit Lampard and Play Ramires or to play players in their true positions?
KAKUfrank me mate...I'm as stunned as u are.
Actions speak for themselves and any1 disputing that is not only an idiot but a very stupid 1 @ that. Before Roman visited Cobham Ramires was playing but always playing RW, actually in all our games under RDM pre-Roman's visit Ramires always played RW then suddenly after Romans visit he moved to his 'preferred' position, why RDM hadn't done so in all the matches before that is anyone's guess but why he immediately moved to the pivot and Lamps was benched straight after that is equally 'mysterious'...bottom line, he moved to CM immediately after Romans visit LoL
If you deny the obvious then you need to have your head examined because even some1 stupid would never deny those actions :)
so just so I'm not lost in translation, KAKU and NELY denying the obvious means YOU ARE BEYOND STUPID :)
I think Robbie is a very very cunning and a smart manager.He does all the work so silently.
I don do sublimity
@cfc250 how can u say Messi is not on the level of Zidane? The guy scored 73 breaking Gerd Mullers recored that stood for countless years at the tender age of 25 goals gave countless assists dribbles like a magician gives the most Throughballs in Europes top FIVE leagues scores the most goals etc. i can Go on. It's sensible to say Ronaldo is not on their level but Messi is on Zidanes Level if not he's better Level if not he's better
AnD I wanna write an article soon about Hazard u people seem to underrate Him...
Oscar10.Think of comparing Messi and Zidane when Messi single-handedly makes his country reach the World Cup Final.I did congratulate Messi on scoring 73 goals which is a remarkable feat but those 73 goals did not do much good because Barca did not win the CL nor the League.And scoring in La Liga is not as tough as scoring in the Premier League and when you have players like Xavi,Fabregas,Iniesta alongside you,its not so tough.Comparing them today is a big big crime.Messi has to do something for Argentina.And Zidane was less of a goalscorer,but more of a complete player than Messi and delievered in the big games and on the International stage as well.Zidane was from a different planet.Although I should not write off Messi,I don't see him playing like Zidane at the age of 34.
Those goals in the end did not have much value as Barca won just a Copa Del Rey,which may not be sufficient by the quality they have.I judge players not only on their skills but also on their match-winning abilities and taking these two things into account,Zidane is miles ahead.The thing that differenciates Zidane from Messi and Ronaldo is that he has been a match-winner and scored in the big games.Messi has been slightly better than Ronaldo in the big games.But again,he has not scored against Chelsea in 658 minutes.He was average against Inter Milan in 2010 and Man UTD in 2008.He has always been average against Chelsea,by his standards.The so-called player from another planet should not have such average games year after year against the top sides.Messi,in 2009 and 2011 final(although scored both times),was playing like a good player(not the Messi people know).Barca,on the first place,reached those two finals with the help of UEFA and referees.And the big games Messi has done well in are the Clasico games.But think over it.Have a look at the Real Madrid side.This overrated side did not pass the Last 16 of the CL for more than half a decade and spent millions.After Mourinho took charge,they reached the CL semis twice and won the League.Mourinho has slightly improved Real Madrid and Ronaldo's match-winning abilities,but they do not look much different from the Real Madrid we have been seeing post-Del Bosque era.As much as I hate to say,Barca clearly have murdered Real Madrid in the Clasico games(apart from the Riijkaard last two seasons,when Barca was declining) since Del Bosque left.I can't understand how people call that a Clasico.Real Madrid have been murdered by Barca in recent years and but got the better of them in the Super Cup and secured a draw at El Camp Nou recently because their goalkeeper has made schoolboy errors.El Clasico is very overhyped.Hats off to Messi though,but Real Madrid is not such a tough opponent,although they are getting better with Mourinho.But then again,Messi has not scored in the Premier League.I am not saying he can't.Its just that he hasn't.Ronaldo is proven in both the leagues but Messi has a slightly better record in important and big games.So,Messi and Ronaldo are on the same level.Both are overrated.They are not potential match-winners for their countries.If they are from another planet,they should have taken their respective countries to the World Cup semis at least,if not more.Messi was terrible against Germany in the 2010 World Cup.Same has been the case with Ronaldo.Zidane,on the other hand,has been the reason France won the World Cup in 1998,the Euros in 2000 and were runners-up in 2006.He did not have pace and the players who do not rely on pace,have a longer period of success because pace gradually declines with a player's age.Messi and Ronaldo,on the other hand,rely heavily on pace.Messi and Ronaldo should not even be compared to Ronaldinho,who is a proven player at the International stage.Zidane is out of the equation.They have to surpass Ronaldinho first,which I very much doubt.Then we'll think of comparing them to Zidane.When it comes to footballing skills plus match-winning abilities,Ronaldo and Messi are way way behind than Zidane.Not even on the level of Ronaldinho.Currently,these two may be the best players but they are overrated and do not deserve to be classified in the top five greatest footballers of all time.How can one say that they belong to another planet when they have done nothing for their respective countries?Hence,these two players are overrated and even Falcao looks a better match-winner than them.
Are you seriously talking about 2008? How old is Messi you idiot.
Iniesta vs Zidane. Who wins? If we are going by team accomplishments.
FV.Joe Hart vs Victor Valdes?Who wins if we are going by team accomplishments?Victor Valdes.If Messi and Ronaldo are so great and they belong to another planet as many idiots say,they should have single-handedly taken their respective countries to World-Cup glory.Iniesta,on the other hand,has not done that single-handedly.The Spanish side itself is an all-star side.Get your head examined.Zidane,by a huge mile,is better than any another footballer.Iniesta himself would not like to be compared with Zidane.Iniesta is a match-winner,no doubt about that.We will see what Iniesta does in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.If he can do what Zidane did in 2006,we can think of comparing them.Playing alongside Xavi,Villa,Alonso,Silva,Busquets makes his task easier.Do you think Iniesta can take the current English team to the final?I seriously doubt it.Even Messi cannot take Argentina past the quarters.Currently,one of the best,but not on Zidane's level.But,yes,Iniesta is above Messi and Ronaldo,in terms of match-winning abilities.I have never seen Iniesta underperform under pressure.These players have to first show that they can lead their respective countries to World-Cup glory single handedly.The team accomplishemt should be considered a one-man army achievement.People should say that Portugal and Argentina are a one-man army of Ronaldo and Messi respectively.But I don't see that happening.These two players are overrated.Sneijder,still managed to take the Netherlands to the World Cup Final,single-handedly to some extent.And yes,in 2008,he was a regular under Riijkaard,but he could not get the better of Evra in the semifinal.Man UTD deserved to win that.
Even Forlan took Uruguay to the semis and made them look like a one-man army.
LoL @CFC250 who dares suggest Zidane was better than Messi, no1's evern suggested that because they all know Zidane would pay with his life to be half the player Messi is. As I said, look at Messsi's goal scoring exploits as well as his assists and if that isn't a team player then you are confused (no offense) because frankly there's no other known player on this planet who has the goals and assists stats that Messi has, NO ONE :)
Why would Messi win world player of the year 3 years running and Zidane once?? *tells you something*
Food for thoughts there.
@Mq.Stats can very misleading.Victor Valdes had more clean sheets than Petr Cech.So,as per your logic,Victor Valdes is a better goalie than Petr Cech.John Terry has been in the FIFA Pro World xi five times(only Messi and Ronaldo have that achievement).Even Xavi and Iniesta don't have this achievement.So,does that make John Terry a better footballer than Xavi and Iniesta?I say Fabio Cannavaro and Paulo Maldini are better footballers than Kaka.So,now would you counter-argue by saying that Kaka has more number of goals and assists than these two.Hence,Kaka is a better footballer.Messi himself would consider it an honour to be compared with Zidane.Maybe,you didn't watch the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 Euros and were not born that time.Zidane,at the age of 34,single handedly took France to the World Cup Final.Zidane was not a goalscorer.Zidane and Messi are two different type of players.Messi and Ronaldo's stats should be compared as they are similar type of players.But,Zidane was a better footballer and the whole knows that including Messi.Scoring in the La Liga is not as tough.Its an open game.When you have Xavi and Iniesta,alongside you,its not so tough.Messi and Ronaldo have not even done 10% of what Zidane has done in the important games and in the International stage.Messi could not even get past the pathetic German defence,without the help of Xavi and Iniesta.Ronaldo has been average as well in all the big games and at the International stage.Comparing these two even to Ronaldinho itself is a crime,let alone Zidane.If Messi and Ronaldo,at the age of 34,can single-handedly lead their country to the World-Cup final,then maybe,we can think of comparing them to Zidane and Ronaldinho.You are disrespecting football legends by comparing Messi and Ronaldo to them.Messi and Ronaldo,may be the best today,but not even in the top five footballers of all time.Pele,Maradona,Zidane,Ronaldinho,etc are way way ahead.Messi and Ronaldo themselves will tell the public that please don't compare us with these guys.
Messi cannot even make his team reach the Copa America semis.LOL!Beats me how you compare him and Ronaldo and Zidane.
If Messi and CR7 can single-handedly win the World Cup for Argentina and Portugal respectively,we will start comparing these two to Ronaldinho.
According to you,the Olympic bench warmer "Hulk" is better than Zidane and Ronaldinho,I assume.
your sarcasm (about Hulk) is pathetic (no offense) because you and I both know that doesn't merit me responding beyond this...Ronaldinho was the most naturally talented footballer (imo) and he rightly deserved to win that award, actually I believe Ronaldinho was ahead of Messi but I still rate Messi highly, it's Ronaldinho then Messi for me, Ronaldo is a very distant 3rd because apart from pace and a powerful kick (shot) he doesn't have much variation to his game, if he can't shoot from far or run he's out of the game yet Messi can do something out of nothing (well up to last season imo, he's dropped a little)
It's that you dare say Zidane was better than Messi that I find it very laughable and no1 but you would dare suggest such garbage...if you the only 1 driving up a road not a single person wants to go then you either an incredible genius (I doubt that) or you acting foolishly (no offence)
That said I'll leave you to your Zidane is better than Messi (LoL) folly :)
@Mq.Even Messi knows who is better.I won't waste time with a peanut brained person like you.You are a joke.Everything you said in the last six months was proven wrong and made you look like a complete muppet.I won't bother myself by wasting time with you.You and your comments are a joke.You have been proven wrong time and again,ever since AVB was sacked.We can contest a poll asking if @Mq is foolish or not.I am sure 95% will agree with me.I was one of the first persons to identify that you are a joke.I am glad others have realised it.Even Lukamolski identified it.You go to the zoo if you require so much of attention.:-).And I tell you not to address me before,so why do you address me time and again?I mainly come here to debate with older members like GabeU,Mutters,Merlin,OLASAL,CFCBlue.est,JT_Daniel,KAKUfrank,Lukamolski,Desmond,Saber.So,kindly ignore my posts.I have told you in the past and I request you yet again.
cfc25s coments r laughable
Football is teamwork and no matter how good you are, if your team is not at the standard, you will never make it. We had Mata alone in the middle last season and him alone could not win us the league and never protected us in falling to a position we never got used to for the last one decade.
Mq, why Messi has won 3 Player of the year is and zidane is easy. Messi plays for uefalona WHO Uefa has supported since 1970. Zidane played for real, juve and bordeux. And won the euro and the world cup nerly himself. Sneijder Did everything better then messi in 2010 but beacuse Messi Scored so many glams vs zaragoza, sporting gijon and arsenal he won. While sneijder won the Champions league, serie A, copa italia, got his team to the final of the world cup while Messi won the spanish league. So WHO really was the best that year?
Looking at it wider, you see much more that you could.

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