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Torres Revelation!

All those die-hard Chelsea supporters who willingly trudged around some desolate grounds in our darkest hours, have long since remarked that things are not the same.

Back in those dark-days, the team were cheered vociferously, at all four corners of our fine country, with the team responding as you`d expect.

Sometimes we accepted that our side was no match for the opposition but as they trudged off, after yet another defeat, you could see the hurt in their eyes, you could see that they had given their all and that they were bitterly disappointed at the outcome.

Well how times have changed!

Flicking through my somewhat sodden tabloid papers this morning (yes I got drenched walking into work), I stumbled across the following quotes from Fernando Torres, in the Daily Mirror, that supposedly come from a Spanish media vehicle - El Pais.

Have a read and see what you think,

"I have done lots of things wrong. Last season there was a moment when I lost the values I learned as a child."

"I had many team-mates who didn`t care about winning or losing if they didn`t play. I didn`t want to be like them but there was a moment I realized I didn`t care either."

"I also realized I was not happy, as I was not the person I wanted to be. I sacrificed myself for the team, as it was the only way to play."

Those who adopted that attitude should be ashamed of themselves, even more so considering those that follow Chelsea work damn long hours to afford the extortionate ticket prices!

All we can hope for is an attitude change or is that too much to ask for?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 17 2012

Time: 12:58PM

Your Comments

The daily mirror - come one merlin. Here is the translation of the whole interview. Torres was asked to be interviewed as it was his return to the Calderon and the question he was asked was, " what have you done wrong? I pretty sure FrLamp will be on here demanding that we sell him etc and gabeu will request that we should defo get Falcao. Here is the translation of the whole interview translated by Luis Martin. worth a read What is left of that boy who won the Burnete Tournament with Atlético? Values. I’ll never forget what I learned there. I was lucky to start off when I was very young, because now that I’m older certain things can’t and won’t surprise me anymore. I wouldn’t change a thing of how everything’s panned out. You think you’ve lived through everything, but you haven’t. And in the end, you learn from everything. Do the scars hurt? At first they do. But then life teaches you new things, and you learn to change the order of your priorities and your values. Your learn to fit into life in a new way, maybe not as intensely as before. For every scar, and for every bad moment, there are thousands of people who stay by your side. Social networks allowed me to be conscious of this, of people following my every step along the way. It’s when you know you’re not alone… but there are times when you just think about protecting yourself. How have you dealt with the critics? I won’t let them affect me. I’ve learned how to do that, but I’ve also learned to not disassociate and isolate myself and not listen, but to listen and learn. I learned to look at myself and know that the only one who can actually change things for the better is me, that the only one who can say and mean “you’re making a mistake, and you should do something about it”, is me. What have you done wrong? A lot of things. Last season, specially during the first half, I grew apart from the values I had grown up with. I’ve had some teammates that don’t really care about winning or losing because they’re not the ones playing. I never wanted to be like that. But one day I found out that I was, that I was indifferent about winning or losing because I was not playing, because I was not really part of the team. And I discovered that I wasn’t happy because I distanced myself from who I was and who I wanted to become. In a dressing room, the group mentality, not necessarily of friends but of a group of teammates, can and should never be lost. You seemed to have lost your identity, while playing for Chelsea. That’s what the team required of me. It was said that I was a different player because I intented to serve the team first and foremost. That was the way I played and it might not have been the best for me but that was the only way there was to play. I sometimes thought “I’ll run behind the defenders’ backs, I’ll create spaces”, and during 70 minutes I couldn’t touch the ball once. If I stayed in my position I wouldn’t get involved in the game at all. What was I supposed to do? I was so different from what I was used to, from what Benítez had taught me, and it showed! Then a new manager came in and things changed a bit. But of course that whole sorry episode had a big positive: I became a better player. Now I dominate aspects of the game that I wasn’t even aware of before. And you can be the player that your manager wants you to be but not the one you’re expected to be, by everyone else. I talked a lot with Steve Holladn, the assistant manager, and he taught me how to deal with it all. In the end, it’s the players who provide style to the team. What did you learn? I matured, I learned to trust and know myself a lot, I grew conscious that in the end everything was up to me. I learned to be very self-critic, to understand everyone around me in a better way, to accept situations as they come.
Did Luis (Aragonés) taught you some of that? I think Luis put a lot of effort into teaching me things I already knew, and we’ve discussed that. That was during the Atlético times though. Later on, when he became the national team’s coach, I really took advantage of his teachings. I noticed that he used to tell me to keep practicing things I already knew how to do well. Then he bugged me a lot about personality traits, character, values, that I was already very aware of at that age, because I’d learned them in the Atleti cantera. As time passes by and you keep growing as a player and become important in a larger scale, there’s a lot of things you might forget, you leave them behind. But Luis reminded you of them every day. That’s the kind of dressing room I like, the one where respect towards one another exists above everything. Do you know who Paulo Ferreira is? Your Chelsea teammate? Yes. He’s won the Champions League, the league in Portugal, England, and he’s basically won every title out there, yet he’s barely gotten any playing time in the last two years. He’s a ten as a person. He taught me to play the role I’m given accordingly, to adapt to any circumstance, to say “this is what I have to do now”. He trains the hardest, he always shows up to match days with a smile on his face, he always watches after the younger ones. I’ve learned so much from him. What would you like to do, after all this is done? The only thing I’ll be worried about when I retire will be someone saying I’ve been a bad teammate, disrespectful, arrogant. I’m sure that in twenty years from now, the first thing I’ll do when I visit Asturias will be to look for Juan, or Santi. And if for some reason I find myself in Andalucía I’ll do my best to meet with Sergio, Pepe. That’s the most beautiful thing of it all. Sadly, when football is done, some friends are lost forever. Is that the secret of this national team? Without a doubt. We went through some very bad experiences before the good ones came. Before Viena happened, we were booed by our own people in Spain. Even though it hurt, we took strength from it and it became a motivator. Then we realized of how better we were from all those players who came from abroad to play in the Spanish league, we realized just how incredibly good Xavi was… We discovered that we were capable of doing it, everything we set out minds to, that we were as good as the rest of them. I never understood how the Spanish league got so many players who were vastly inferior to the ones playing in the Spanish clubs’ very own canteras (youth systems). Then, of course, we sent those players to England and they went crazy over them there. It makes you think “and how come neither Barça or Madrid signed him?”. Nowadays Spanish players feel more free and less scared to go to work abroad.
You left when you were very young. Would you do it again? Of course! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Not only in a professional way, but in a personal too. You start to see things in a different way, you get a broader perspective of life. Seeing the situation the country’s in right now, people will have to start leaving sooner or later. But in the end that can be an advantage too, it can be positive. We grow as people and we become better human beings. It happened to our parents and our grandparents. My father is Galician and somehow now we have family in Argentina! That’s the solution. If you don’t have what you need right in front of you, you have to go get it, anywhere. But until enough people realize that many years will pass, and that means lost time. We have to be brave. If you must leave, you leave, you learn and you come back. Do we have to be brave when it comes to everything? Yes, when it comes to everything. Time teaches you not to hide your feelings, even though in my case it’s a bit different. To open myself up and show my feelings freely during an interview can turn out to be a great mistake. I tend to hide my feelings to protect myself and those around me. I have to be cautious about everything I say. In the end people always remember the headlines they read, and nothing more. The media gains its readers by putting out dramatic or exciting headlines. Me for example, I admit I sometimes only read the headlines. I’m very scared of headlines to be honest, because after all is said and done, they’re all that’s left. Very few people read the complete article o interview, they only do it if they’re big fans of someone or something. It’s really easy to judge based on a headline, without learning about the context or the circumstances. You’ll be back at the Calderón. Home at last? I belong to Atlético. I think that in the end, you belong to one club, and to one club only. You can love a few ones, you can be grateful to some, but the one you choose to be yours it’s only one. I think Atlético represents very useful values in life, they’ve certainly been useful for me, even though I play for Chelsea now, a much more settled team, a team from a higher social class. But I still stand by the values I learned at Atlético when I was a child, which contrary to popular opinion, are not about victimizing yourself or about deeming yourself inferior from everybody else, but about fighting and getting through things relying only in what you are and what you have. A lot of times a failure can turn into a victory. And what is more beautiful than defending and standing by you values until the very end, and not only to succeed, but to do it in the way you wanted to?
You played with Simeone… Are you surprised by what the team he’s done so far at Atlético? Yes, even when he was still a player, he already was a coach. I remember he once told me, “the day I become a coach, it’ll be pretty simple. I’ll want to do certain things and I want to have players who do them accordingly. If they don’t, I’ll play someone else, no matter if they’re 15, 20 or 40 years old.” He had very clear ideas of what he wanted, even back then. He used to put a lot of pressure on the younger players but you could tell just how much he loved us. I’ve been surprised by just how well he’s handled a team that wasn’t his. He was given that team and he still made it his. How long will Falcao last at the Manzanares? You never know, depending on the team’s aspirations and success, and on their weekly performances. When a player outgrows a club, it’s not the right thing to do to try to stop him from leaving because it won’t be good in the long run for any of the parties involved. What is your relationship with Del Bosque? Vicente is exactly what he appears to be, he is not a hypocrite at all. He’s always dealt with us in the same way, since it all began. He doesn’t tend to engage in individual dialogue with players, but every time he’s had something to tell me, he’s told me. You’re a number nine in a team that is now playing without one. How are you handling it? We are a team full of alternatives. When everybody is so aware of your existence, you have to look for alternatives. Who knows, maybe in a few months we’ll be playing without wingers! Football is an evolving sport, and Barcelona has dictated a style that right now is trying to be emulated from clubs and national teams from all over the world. They’ve broken every barrier there is. There are teams everywhere wanting, wishing to play like Barça, from England to Italy. It’s not scary anymore the thought of playing a game without a number nine, when before it would’ve been considered insane. Spain has proved itself that it can win with or without a numer nine, against any rival, anywhere, without fear. We know how to play against France, Belarus and Brazil. There is no other way. And that is something that Guardiola’s Barcelona defined, he set a pattern. He taught us that you can play well and win. Well, it’s the same thing in the National team. We know we’ll be given the ball, we know we’ll be the ones in control. But in that context, what is the job of the classic number nine nowadays? To be patient. It’s complicated to play and to get minutes. You have to keep the center backs in their places, it’s a secondary job, but it’s what it’s best for the team. It’s a complete luxury to be able to play in this national team. Here, it’s really common for me to finish a match in a good mood, even if I didn’t score, because I did what was best for the team, what the team needed. There are days when I think, “What a good match I had, I hope to play like that all the time”… and then you realize there are people criticizing you from left to right. But then the match you know hasn’t been your best, when you’ve been slow, clumsy, awkward and overall bad, but you’ve scored twice, you have everyone praising you. I’ve learned to live with that.
Tito Vilanova says that in the end, nothing ever really happens in football. I agree. You’re left with the good experiences and the personal acknowledge of what you’ve done and accomplished. Managers like Benítez or César Fernando taught me to think like a manager. That’s had its pros and cons, of course, and I’ve realized that on the pitch, a player mustn’t really think, he must act. When you look at a team, at any team, as a system instead of a team, you think about what must be done instead of what you’re “supposed” to do. You didn’t leave Liverpool in good terms, but you always talk about that stage of your life as something wonderful. Why? I owe so much to Liverpool, so so much. To the people, to the team, to Benítez, to his staff, to the city. Liverpool is a fundamental part of my life. Even though they don’t remember me like that, I’m confident that time will heal some wounds. When I left Atleti, I really couldn’t have chosen a better place to go than Liverpool. The other day, when the news about Hillsborough came out, I got really emotional. I lived through it, I know what people have gone through, I saw them cry… I felt it, I made it mine. The news came a bit too late, of course, but it’s definitely a step forward. These are the kind of valuable things you’re left with from having played at a club like Liverpool. A feeling, above everything else. I decided to leave because I felt like I needed to go in a different direction than the club, like I needed to take a step forward. It wasn’t the best way to leave, it really wasn’t, but it wasn’t also the way the press tried to portray it. Someday, people will know the whole truth. It was mainly about needing something new to keep growing. We talked about it earlier, about the whole growing thing and how important it is. My son is from Liverpool, he was born there, and he kicked his first ball before he turned one year old. He was born in the city of football, he is doomed. And what about London? In London I go to Rock & Roll clubs and no one knows who I am. It’s fantastic.
btw Merlin, im not sure if im allowed to post this translation up here, if not i apologise and was not aware that this is not allowed
Thanks and thanks @ahmedw1 for the full interview, it clarify things before some people start to call for Torres head.
@ahmedw1, post the link of the full article......
Wow what a quality interview. Thank you !
thanks KAKU frank. Not sure what is allowed or not on the site. also wanted people to read the answers and the questions asked in full.
After reading that interview, it is embarrassing football journalist won't take a lot of things in there that makes sense and publish. You can give Torres stick for fluffing chances like arsenal and norwich, but for this interview.......come on mate.....That is the worst type of journalism because not only are lies depicted, but the obvious omission of so many interesting things about footy e.g. Paulo Ferraira's incredible attitude, Diego Simeone, times for players to leave clubs, innovations in footy......It is embarrassing.
english press...hmmm....thanx man for the translation
thanks fella.good job's interesting to know what happen in the dressing room and to tell us as a fan how valuable someone like paolo ferreira is...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Thanks so much for this article...this quote from Torres says it all...and I must say shame to a lot of fans as well who were giving the lads some stick already without reading the full article. "To open myself up and show my feelings freely during an interview can turn out to be a great mistake. I tend to hide my feelings to protect myself and those around me. I have to be cautious about everything I say. In the end people always remember the headlines they read, and nothing more. The media gains its readers by putting out dramatic or exciting headlines. Me for example, I admit I sometimes only read the headlines. I’m very scared of headlines to be honest, because after all is said and done, they’re all that’s left. Very few people read the complete article or interview, they only do it if they’re big fans of someone or something. It’s really easy to judge based on a headline, without learning about the context or the circumstances."
Thanks for the translation. I am not Fernandos biggest fan if im honest but have no problems with what was said in the interview. Would love him to come good but I think he is wastefull with chances and his runs often end up hiding him from the play.
A lot are mercenaries now to be fair. At least he has questionned himself over his attitude, hopefully that will lead to a re-adjustment and an improvement for you. The problem is us fans - I think - want our players to care as much as we do. They never will, they are mostly staff (some become fans to be fair) whilst we are the die hards, the fans, we love no matter what and no matter how trying our fecking clubs can be at times!
The Fear
thank you @ahmed. Didn't know that Torres is a well articulated speaker. That's rare among athletes.
The article transcript is an excellent read. @ahmedw1 you mentioned me early in your post and you are correct i have been an advocate for us trying to get Falcao..if you have followed my views on this issue though you would know i have never advocated getting Falcao as a replacement for El Nino but as a compliment for him. I have never subscribed to this widely held view that it has to be one or the other and quite frankly with the way it is looking that Danny may be the one hitting the exit in January if we do get Falcao it will not be to replace El Nino but to partner him. As regards the interview it is essentially El Nino pouring his heart out which is very interesting...whatever anyone may say about the lad it cannot be denied that he is a hard worker and is selfless..probably even too selfless to be a top level striker as that breed typically have a bit of a selfish streak to them. I am glad to learn that he acknowledges he has grown as a player since joining Chelsea. Having read through his comments i am even more convinced that the lad has outgrown many of the insecurities he had when he joined us and when the Drogs was with us..his style of play and skill set passing, crossing and drifting outside the box actually in my mind make him an ideal partner for a more typical no 9 and i am salivating at the prospect of him and Falcao maybe playing for us in the near future, could be dynamite that will boost both players tremendously the way Rooney and RVP are hitting it of and the way Arguero and Tevez play of each other at City. If in fact Lamps and Cole are going to be exiting the Chelsea scene in the near future there will be plenty of salary space freed to enable us afford two high profile relatively highly paid strikers who are very different in mentality and skill set..I dont see any incompatibilty here but rather the potential for a devastating partnership with Chelsea FC being the major beneficiary.
Thanks for the translation@ahmed...the media are at it again,tryin to unsettle our dressin room and management with fictitious headlines but am glad not even them can disrupt our new found rhythm and fantastic season so far
@gabeu im sorry but 2 natural number 9’s are difficult to accommodate in a team (hence why Drogba and Torres was never really tested). Ronaldo and Ruud did not really work at Real Madrid, Inzhagi and sheva at acmilan ( sheva played from the right) and the dilemma you have is that oscar, mata, and hazard just are too good to drop ( and Oscar is the best of the lot and should never be converted into one of the positions in the pivot - absolute waste). Rooney and RVP work because Rooney plays as the number 10 though both RVP and rooney can do this and they can interchange as can aguero and tevez. Also one thing that people state is that torres is out of position and at times out wide getting the ball. We are not aware of the instructions given to Torres and he has not got the brute strength to Stand and hold off big strong cb’s like DD did but is good at running the channels which opens up space for the other players to fill in and i get the impression that he is asked to do more than just wait for chances to come along. I remember when Theo Walcott started making more inside diagonal runs for England after scoring a hat trick against Croatia and capello told him to touch the line and not dare come inside and due to him not following this instruction in future matches he was dropped from the world cup squad, point being Torres maybe told to go out wide vacating the Cf role for other to fill, Mata, Oscar and hazard yet he gets criticised for not being in those positions. But for spain in the euro’s he played on the shoulder and he scored and was much more peripheral as was the case at liverpool but this season you see him winning flick ons and headers and bringing the ball down on his chest ( specifically against arsenal) which is what he mentions in his interview. Falcao is just not required at a price of £50m+. It is just not good business and there is no chance in hell that atletico will sell him in January ( the release clause of 60m euros is not as simple as is made out), if he can help them attain the CL which is likely it is a 20-30m minimum shortfall guaranteed and then they could sell falcao for 50m in the summer. Why not go for Llorente who will be out of contract next June and pick him up on the cheap?
Nice one @ahmedw1. It really clarify things.
Nice one @ahmedw1. It really clarify things.
" m e d i a " , " english m e d i a " . cheers ahmedw1
That was a good read, i liked the Paulo bit I have seen him watching reserve matches and have always wondered. Sounds like a Top man. This does also raise interesting questions as to who those players who did not care whether we won or lost were.
We quite understand that headlines can be deceptive and not to be trusted. It become more worrying and atrocious when the actual body or context of the article is dubious,misinterpreted and intended to misguide and stray the publics view or opinion about someone. Aweful journalism!!
Nice one there.
Anarchy, Torres was talking about players in general that he met in his career (who didn't care about the team) not about Chelsea players in particular. Lost in translation. :-)
Thank you @ahmedw1
Drog of War
id just like to say our support has changed,we are very quiet and i think a lot of it is down to all seater stadia and prices but thats progress for you looney humourous crazy same old faces gone forever
Paolo is such a Chelsea legend
ahmedw1 - thanks for the interview mate.......... also accurate thoughts about partnering two #9s........
The Persian
Thks ahmedw1....good interview by torres...
How does the manager fit in both Torres and Falcao?
4-1-3-2's a mental 'block' really, I'm sure you can always accommodate 2 strikers in 1 team (ala ManUre) especially as Torr-Mentor has almost become an assist-striker more than a scoring 1
@mq,with that formation we would concede more than we score,and i guess you didnt read the interview coz torres stated it clearly that he was followin instruction..and as long as we are winnin i dont think thats much of a problem
@mq,with that formation we would concede more than we score,and i guess you didnt read the interview coz torres stated it clearly that he was followin instruction..and as long as we are winnin i dont think thats much of a problem
@mq,with that formation we would concede more than we score,and i guess you didnt read the interview coz torres stated it clearly that he was followin instruction..and as long as we are winnin i dont think thats much of a problem
**Oops**sorry 4 the tripple post
KEN if you have an attacking 5 of Hazard (LW) Oscar (AM) Hazard (RW) and Torr-Mentor playing off Falcao how many times would attack us to the extent that we concede more than we score??
What's this 'obsession' of having a 2man pivot, do you really need 6 defensive players when you have such a plethora of attacking talent (if we got Falcao)??
so based on this interview it is unfair to judge his performance especially in term of positioning since he was asked to involve a lot with a midfield that limit his chances in front of goal.but i still want him to show some killer instinct in front of goal...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
No wonder he never really cared when he was given the time to play be it from the bench or as a starter
@MQ the formation of a 4-1-3-2 would potentially work but you would need a world class defensive midfielder who can break up the play and protect the defence ( mascherano type) but then also make vertical passes into the 3 midfielders ( mikel is a retainer and can keep the ball all day but penetrative passes is not his thing and as a result one of the 3 midfielder have to come deep and get the ball. The fullbacks are not defensive players as mata and hazard are not natural wide players like (ronaldo and dimaria or pedro and sanchez and this then congest the central areas of the pitch making it easier to defend against which is why the full backs become your wingers, leaving you at times with only 2cb’s and one DMF. Also by putting more bodies forward and having a team full of attacking talent does not mean you will succeed. Carlos alberto perreira tried this with Ronaldo, Adriano, Ronaldinho and kaka ( the magic square) and it did not work they did not retain possession well enough to get the ball to these players. Balance is key. I also think Falcao would not score as many as at Atletico and Porto as he was the main goalscorer ( excluding Hulk) and all shots on goal are supposed to go through him, so they are directed to give him the ball and look for him at every available opportunity. Benitez did something similar with Torres at Liverpool were all shots on goal were supposed to go through the number 9. Currently that is not the case and should not be the case with the talent in the current team.
@kendemsblue. He did/does care hence working his socks off to do what is best for the team and he talked about not caring when not playing and never when he played. It is clear in the interview that is what he is saying
@AHMED I'm a firm believer that where there's a will there's a way. If we began training Ramires for the pivot I believe he has the flexibility and unquestionable attitude to become that 'world class' CDM as I have overall doubts about Mikel, I actually believe Mikel is still @ Chelsea because his position isn't as scrutinized as those ahead or behind him, no top team would buy and even start Mikel for the position. Playing a "trained to tackle" Ramires will work fine, with Oscar dropping back to receive the ball or assist whebn necessary (Oscar already shows signs of decent tackling ability) then Hazard (RW) and Mata (LW) can interchange inwards and outwards depending on the space available. Torr-Mentor seems more of a '2nd striker' lately the way he positions himself, we could actually end up having him as the 'Hulk' for Falcao. I believe we can accommodate both players, just as I believed we could accommodate Drogba & Torr-Mentor if the Manager (then) was willing to make it work because Drogba was now playing as a 'holding' striker who needed some1 to pass to so they score (hence Lamps was scoring more goals then)
@Mq, I still say the formation can be 4-2-3-1...Torres can very well play in the hole...this way we can easily rotate oscar/mata/hazard/torres....but, 4-1-3-2, i dont know who will be the 1 DM in this case...surely it cant be mikel...
If we use 4-1-3-2 then, we shd not allow our fullbacks beyond the halfway line. If this can happen, then 4-1-3-2 can work for us, otherwise, we will be exposed badly.
@mq,the obsession with the "2man" pivot started when it won us our first ever champions league and we are sittin pretty top of the league with that system,so its working so far and good enough to be obsessed with;it brings balance to the team(defence and attack) for your attackin formation,i think ahmed has given you a perfect response
playing 6 defensive players and 4 offensive players isn't balance KEN it's defensive bias. In any case let's wait till Jan and we'll see how effective this current system is
@Mq: I wonder why you are not Chelsea fc coach if you are so good. You only get the best out of your players if you play to there strength not trying to change them. virtually all the coaches that have worked for chelseafc have used Mikel, i dont understand your problem with this guy. Leave him the **** alone.
@mq,i guess you prefer it the other way round..right now we are playing a defensive bias system(according to you) and its working pretty well,we have played beautiful football,scored more goals and conceeded less(isnt that a balance?) why change a winning system?
@mq,i guess you prefer it the other way round..right now we are playing a defensive bias system(according to you) and its working pretty well,we have played beautiful football,scored more goals and conceeded less(isnt that a balance?) why change a winning system?
@Mq so in your mind are the duo of xabi Alonso and khediera attack minded players or maybe xavi and busqets are attack minded? I personally don’t think they are attack minded. Ramires is more attack minded than xavi and khediera ( if you take the Chelsea duo to be mikel and ramires as an example). Yet both these teams score loads of goals and are attacking teams. Marcelo, alves, alba are not in their respective teams to defend but they are defenders who are playing to attack and this is what you get by playing 2 deeper players in central positions allowing fullbacks to go forward. It is the mentality of the players rather than the positions given to them which dictate a defensive bias. The current formation is fine and come January the team will probably not be top of the league by 15 points they may possibly be 5-7 points off the top but they will be in contention and that is the main thing ( remembering that city won the league last year 8 points off the top with half a dozen games left). You will never get footballing perfection and it is not Fifa 13 and as simple as playing 5 attacking players and 5 defensive players and hai presto you win 5-0 everygame.
you misinterpreted my comment KEN because I'm not saying we are playing defensively now, I'm just questioning the 2 man pivot system if we were to buy some1 like Falcao. I feel we are 1 'forward' signing from being a Champions League-winning team and if were were to get him and 'reinvent' Torr-Mentor into a "Rooney-like" forward (more assist like) and we get our 'goal scorer' in Falcao then we are complete. It's basically the same reason why I felt we should've gotten Hulk (to be the "assist for Torr-Mentor)
AHMED Xavi is more attacking than defending, as for Madrid they are managed by Mourinho (enuff said) so I'd expect more defensive approach from them, they are the counter attack specialists. I understand your perfection points but nothing's wrong with working toward that. Read my response to Ken (about the signing)
There are days when I think, “What a good match I had, I hope to play like that all the time”… and then you realize there are people criticizing you from left to right. But then the match you know hasn’t been your best, when you’ve been slow, clumsy, awkward and overall bad, but you’ve scored twice, you have everyone praising you. I’ve learned to live with that. .....wooow this so defines us in VC.
@mq,i understand your point and i respect totally not against signin falcao neither am i for it,we stil have an untested sturridge in our ranks,all am just tryin to say is that the 2man pivot seems to be workin perfectly for us and i dont see a reason why we should change it,and for torres bein an "assist striker" i agree wit you on that but we have to realise that he has been instructed to play like that for the team as he acknowleged in the for goalscorer issue,am quite happy that we are not dependant on one player to score us a goal because every member of the team a potential goalscorer as we have seen so far
@Mq have succeeded in hijacking a very interesting topic that is capable of changing the views of some Torres haters.
munich Glory
Players that doesn't care wether we win or lost a game back then are; Frank Lampard, John Obi Mikel, Michael Essien, Salomon Kalou
munich Glory
Paulo Ferierra is an example of how a true legend should behave. I 'd give paulo another 3years contract instead of given Lampard a year contract.
munich Glory
Paulo should be taken into the backroom staff team, he shd be with the reserve team coaching the youngsters both footballing skills as well as some behavioural skills...:-)...right now, footballers lack that...(right from Balotelli, suarez, sturridge, etc)
LoL my bad MUNICH just adding on the need for 1 'forward' signing because let's be honest, we are 1 injury from being mediocre. If Hazard (or Mata) got injured can you see Moses & Marin really carrying this team forward??
as for Torr-Mentor I'd appreciate it if he kept his 'feelings' to himself because the media can be your friend then turn on you once 'chips are down' and I'd bet if Torr-Mentor had a couple of bad games they'd immediately start 'reading' his body language as him being "not caring"
We have a team coming up and am sure that we are going to be a force to reckon with in seasons to come.
@Mq you must surely know more than the last six coaches we've had who have alway used Mikel in the DM position. anyways, i am not too keen on this falcao deal bcos so many reasons others have elucidated at lenght on this site. I read on a site yesterday that we are looking to bring in alexis sanchez from barca ( though a tall order), i believe this is the type of striker/winger that we need and we are going to get in January. a player like sanchez, suarez or giovinco. small nimble, fast players that can dribble in the box and find space in it. on the other hand, if we are looking at a quality CF, i believe llorente would be a great buy for less than half of what falcao will cost and i believe will jump at the chance to come to SB becos of the other spanish players we currently have. i wll rather see us go for Neymar ( who i don't really like ( for less than falcao's figure) because he is a more versatile player than falcao and would have the most fluid front four in the game of football. Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Neymar not to forget Marin (if he can ever be fit for two games in a row) can play anywhere and pop up anywhere at will. the kind of interchange/swapping will be a joy to behold
I bet his character as a man is what endears people to him, which I respect, but torres as a cfc striker sucks, and the only way to make me stop that opinion is If he starts banging in those one on ones. I won't be sentimental about any player, we don't need his character alone, we need is friggin goals!!! His character alone won't win us trophies. And there is no way he shouldn't be scoring those clearcut chances. Watch his goals from pool days, then watch what he is offering us now, we have been shanghaied!!!!
I'm somewhat with you DWONDER on the type of signing we need and I recall saying if we signed Falcao then we'd have to reinvent Torr-Mentor into a more "2nd striker" role ala Rooney (more assists) because it seems he's playing more like that lately. It's the same reason why I was for us signing Hulk in the fist place because I felt he'd bring us that different dimension of a Forward we needed so if it's true we after Sanchez then for now I'd rather we get him pending the assessment of Torr-Mentor (I'm seriously questioning his ability now) by Jan if Torr-Mentor still needs 3 chances to score 1 goal then we sell him and get Falcao, it'd cost us about 25Mil tops (we'd sell Torr-Mentor for about 20Mil+) because for a top team we cannot afford a striker that needs 3 chances to score 1 goal, it'd hurt us in the crucial games where 1 chance is all you got to make an impact
I'm inclined to your assertion DESMOND and I also feel if we were to measure all our players on a position/impact level then Torr-Mentor would be no better than 6 average. He has until Jan to sort this out, else we sell him for 20Mil+ and get Falcao with an additional 25Mil + lesser wages
Sanchez is a $hit player. Why will anybody want such ***** player at Chelsea? Losing his place to a young Tello, our of position fabregas or slowly but surely recovering David villa. Why anyone will want such overrated player at Chelsea is beyond me. He is on the same level with Nani.
... only we could say half that :(
KAKU.As much as I hate that idiotic Sanchez for getting my John Terry sent off,you can't draw conclusions just on the basis of one season.He is just 23 and he will surely improve.Pep is not a fool to waste 36 million Euros on him(don't draw comparision with the Ibra-Eto'o deal).
FECK.FECK.There are rumours of Terry gettiing the sack as captain.I hope our board is not as thick as the English F.A.Oh my god!I will $hit in my pants if this happens.
The world won't see a captain like John Terry in years and England can't produce such a player in decades and such a skipper in centuries.
@cfc250, actually Pep is a fool to waste 36mm Euros on Sanchez. He is a flop and a ***** player.
As much as I want him to be a flop,you can't draw conclusions on the basis of one season.12 goals in 30 games(playing half the games on the wings) is good enough in my opinion.I usually don't judge players by stats but I guess you are a great believer in stats as you were were judging Defoe by them the other day.So a player scoring 12 goals in 30 games cannot be called a "flop".He is just 23 and he can have a better season.
well since KAKU believes Sturridge isn't good enough I'd understand why he feels Sanchez is a flop...except that it's a crazy thinking really
Sanchez is a flop. He scored 15 goals in 41 games last season for Barca. For this season, he has scored 1 goal in 9 games. No idea where you got that 12 goals in 30 games. He was trequartista at Udinese and that's where his marvelous form in Seria A came from and not on the wings like people believe or from elsewhere. If I need a player to give me 15 goals in 41 games from the flank and to compete for places with an injury plagued David Villa or up and coming Tello, I will sign Callejon like Real Madrid did for €5.5 million or sign Kalou not blow 36 million Euros on Sanchez.
Please mind your business MQ. I am not conversing with you at all and really not into calling anyone names on this forum. I am not going to ruin it for Merlin. Thanks.
Pardon me if I have the wrong stats.As much as I hope for him to be a flop,only time will answer though.I share your sentiments on Danny 100%.He is not upto the Chelsea standards.And please for feck's sake,ignore this "MQ" guy and I advise other members also.Don't even respond to him.He's just another attention-seeking brat.
I'm commenting on your comment KAKU as this forum is for commenting on any article or forum, if you want 'privacy' go personalize your own, don't be acting like a b**ch here lad, this ain't your house k :)
I myself am concerned but admit that i have belief in Dan and know that with the right attitude and game time, he will come good for chelsea in games to come.

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