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Advised to reject Spurs for a bigger club (CFC)

I was going through various news online and a certain headline popped up and I read an article about the Brazilian nightmare called Willian da Silva popularly known only as Willian who plies his trade in the Ukraine and for Shakhter who have recently being a huge thorn in our flesh (European Champions)

Apparently the article is a come and get me plea from Willian to Chelsea, stating in the article from an interview that his work is done in the Ukraine after winning four domestic titles and one Europa Cup, he now sets his eyes on claiming a spot in the Selecao come 2014 and he believes playing for a top club would earn him a spot.

Willian in his own words said and I quote 'Chelsea and Spurs made offers for me and I will like to play in the EPL, I don't know why the board won't let me go as Chelsea submitted a 16.8m offer for me in January, its not about the money I just want to play with a big club."

His team mate, who is a former player for Arsenal, Eduardo told him that he'll thrive in England and that there are only three clubs that is big enough for him and they are Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Phew! I didn't see Spurs in that trio and it was a warm feeling reading that aspect of showering encomiums to us and our other big rivals in the article, you'll wonder how many players feel we are one of the biggest clubs in the world and would prefer us than Spurs?

However, the reason I am writing this article apart from my initial points is that, do we really need Willian in the summer?

Would he have a place in our starting XI?

As I am sure he is a player that would demand first team action wherever he is headed to, But personally with the loads of talents we have on loan KDB, McEachran and the already existing attacking midfielders we have at Chelsea, I don't think we'll need him, but off course I said the same thing about not needing Oscar, I couldn't be more wrong.

So Vital Chelsea fans, what is your sincere opinion about this? Should we go for this fantastic Brazilian for his reported fee of 25m or leave him for the Spuds who really would benefit from his talents?

One thing is sure about Willian, he'll be a blessing to the club and league he finds himself in next summer and if we are to go for him, I won't mind striking the rod while it`s hot and pay for him by January and let him join us by summer.

What do you think guys?

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The Journalist

Writer: desmondadonis Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 9 2012

Time: 4:11PM

Your Comments

The difficulty is how we'd fit him into our squad ensuring enough game time. His position is already overcrowded IMHO, especially with KdB set to return
no he is not that good enough....we have better player in our squad than him...if he wanna sign then there are plently better player than him...there is nothing special about big nooooooo...let him go to spuds...
Ermmmmm. Where is Willian going to play?
Bizarre blue, shlok27,kakufrank it beats my imagination and @shlok27 did iu just say willian aint good enough? Well I don't know about a player being good, but the player is damn tricky and got a footballing brain on his head.
your like a year late. hazard/oscar/piazon/kdb/marin/moses all occupy the positions he can play. and considering hes 25m i dnt think he wd want 2 b a squad player like moses/marin/ he might b gd but is he better thn mata/hazard/oscar? no he is not. and also if he really is so great why does he nt get regular call up to brazil? kaka is being selcted ahead of him/
I wish he was a CF I would have volunteerd to travel to ukraine and bring him myself. But I think the thrio of Hazard, Mata and Oscar with the option of Marin Moses is certainly enough for us we should spend the money on a center forward
chelsea have made a profit of 1.4m this season , we are the 5th biggest football club in the world and we are now officialy debt free.....ktbffh
Willian is very, very tempting but the question is; should we sacrifice our very own future (i.e Josh, piazon and Kdb) because of his quality? I would bring him here if lampard decide against signing the reported one year contract handed out to him.
munich Glory
desmond honestly speaking i havent seen anything in him that would exite me to sign.....just because he is brazillian it doesnt mean he has to be great...he is an ok average player that all i can say about him and nothing else....i would play moses ahead of him anytime...for me moses look far better than him...
*anything special*
Spurs won't pay the required money to get him. Also don't know how we need him since we have Mazacar. Plus Oscar's case was very different because it only meant pushing Mata wide and not to the bench. In Willian's case, one of Mazacar has to go to the bench which is quite frankly an expensive bench.
Spurs won't pay the required money to get him. Also don't know how we need him since we have Mazacar. Plus Oscar's case was very different because it only meant pushing Mata wide and not to the bench. In Willian's case, one of Mazacar has to go to the bench which is quite frankly an expensive bench.
Spurs fans will soon be here buddy
Yea, I know that and I am not saying we have to buy by force, but yikes the lad is tempting as munich glory said and he'll only play from the bench, if spurs could get him, it will be a good buy for them, expecially if they find themselves in the UCL next season. Or manure can benefit from him too, so could city who don't have a number 10
where will spurs ever get 25m to buy him. that arguement is a totally void as long as they have the tax avoiding, island owner miserly billionaire as their benefactor. how come a billionaire avoid to spend a 100 million on his team hmmm!!!!!!!!. what a miser. he should be buried with at least 10 million on his body when his time come.
City play Nasri, Yaya and overrated Nasri in the no.10 role though. Willian is sort of like Hazrd - from the flanks to the middle. Man U won't make a move for him. Will be wasting money. If there is any player from that team needed, it is probably Fernandinho. He has the defensive and passing ability to suit the pivot. However, you are putting Ramires's position in jeopardy and then Lampard's position is in the club is threatened. Most importantly however, Josh and KDB's future is somewhat threatened.
@kaku, I know that too, fernandinho is what we need mostly from that team. Heard man utd is going for wayama too for 12m....premier league will be more scarier than it is now.
Man U is crazy to think Celtic will sell Victor for 12mm.
Apparently we are leading the chase for the new "didier drogba" in winfrey bony a 23yr old striker for vitesse who we have a good relationship with, a friend called him a cold striker in front of goal. But I don't know anything apart from the fact that he is an ivorian who have a goal ratio of .68 per game
I Laughed When I saw that.. Very Funny!!! But the Spurs fan 'll never agree.
There's nothing special in him. I'll prefer fernandinho to him
Definitely not, decent player, not what we need. We need to prioritise our money on a regular goal scoring forward.
Some of u who say he will disrupt d future of our youngsters re saying complete *****, 1. Josh is a pivot player nt an attacking player 2. Piazon needs at least 2 years loan at anoda club b4 we can even think of him as first team material 3. Marin is injury prone, is he better 2 have than a fully fit willian? 4. Those who keep sayin moses is a better player re totally deluded. Apart 4rm d goal he scored against shaktar what meaningful contribution did he make when he came on. 5. We need him cos he plays just like mata (i.e dristributing d ball, and controlling d game) cos we cant expect mata 2 play all our matches dis season. 6. WIDTH. Except from MAZACAR, do we really think if we put marin, moses and piazon/kdb against a man utd we wuld av any chance 2 score let alone win. Pls lets get our facts right.
don delsy
and dont 4get d fact dat without mata in a match, we are primed nt to win d match, isnt it better 2 have a mata like player so we dont have 2 rely on him all d time.
don delsy
. I'm with chuks09 fernandinho is the better fit to our squad.
A bigger club being one that finished 6th
a fantastic talent, i will love to have him at chelsea, dont care about pur attacking talents, he will add to our squad depth, manure went for RVP even though they had chicharito, ronney(a versatile player), welbeck, macheda, and all can play as a CF, so why nt buy him and let him fight for his place, like oscar did.
@Mchivers,,dont put your eggs in one busket.we finished #6 yes,but we won champions league,we thrashed you to lift f.a cup n we are stil playing c.l!you relied on premier league n that why you played last night!
Darlingblue and don delsy have a point too, but where would we put kdb too? Or if our mazacar are fit who will he bench as he won't want to be a bit part player, Mchivers, last season was the only time u lot finished above us for over 15 years, swallow that!! And guess who made us 6th? Ur current manager who is taking u that lane GRADUALLY.
@spurs fans... A neutral person has said it too.. That you're a mid-table team
+ we can't spend 25 for a squad player.. Instead we spend it on Jovetic
Willian is in my mind a good but not a great player..he would be nice to have for depth but not as a regular starter and therein lies the problem..the guy has literally been begging us for ~ 2yrs now to come and get him and to be fair we have put in multiple bids which shaktar have would be madness in my mind to pay over 25mill like shaktar is seeking to get this guy when his place would be essentially be in place of Marin in our 2nd order midfield line up..We need to concentrate on where our real weakness lies and that is at striker..we need to get two this winter season if we lose either danny or Torres (and frankly even if both stay i would still want us to get two strikers this winter as neither of these two guys have been close to being in any consistent form) and in my mind the preferred choices would be Falcao and maybe this kid Wilfried Bony. Once we have that sorted and get a half decent back up goal keeper and maybe one solid mid field general (or recall Essien to sub Mikel) i would say we would be set to make a major assault on all the major trophy possibilities for the business end of the season next year.
why do we think spending 25mil on a squad player is a such a bad idea (go ask madrid why dey spent so much money on modric even tho he is nt guaranteed a start in the team). y do we even tink of him as a squad player, we dont knw dat yet until he comes. Di matteo might dcide 2 draft oscar 2 d pivot 2 allow willian play. Concerning kdb, even if willian was nt bought he wuld still b a back up to either hazard or any of our attacking mids and i dont think he shuld b recalled into d team nxt season, he shuld either stay at bremen 4 anoda year or b moved 2 a premier league side. But i still blieve willian wuld b a fantastic buy 4 us.
don delsy
No, we have Moses.
@gabeu y did u suggest we get a half decent back up goalie, its nt like cech is in danger of picking up an injury soon and we wont b facing tough teams in d cup matches all d time so i think turnbull (nt dat i rate him) can do a decent job. Even if we were 2 sign a keeper, y nt we sign anoda teenage sensation like butland , it wuld b a healthy competition btw he and courtois for d no 1 spot (i dont need 2 tell u hw good a competition like dat wuld help d team), and of course we wuld still have cech 2 nuture dem.
don delsy
@tafchels re u seriously telling me dat moses is better dan willian. LoL
don delsy
They play different wings, willian is a midfield playmaker like mata who can drift wide, while moses is a wide man that can also strike if he works at it, moses is very good at dribbling, in my opinion part of the top two best dribblers at chelsea, I just don't know why he is keeping it simple since he arrived, not that I am complaining though, I'll take those goal scored than him having the best dribbling stats of the epl
I don't like him that much. We don't need him, the only player from Shaktar that we really need is Fernandinho to play alongside Ramires.
Drog of War
@Don Delsy Cech has been carrying an elbow injury that needs surgery since last year..this is on has been long he has not been 100%..if that elbow flares up or he has any other significant injury our collective gooses will be cooked. courtois is obviously our future no 1 and will stand in as our no 2 for 1-2 years in the next year or two but till then we are in a very precarious position where the two goal keepers we have on the book frankly cannot be trusted. What we need is a decent quality experienced no 2 who wont have a problem fulfilling that role...there are several available for very cheap prices and my first choice would cudiccini who is way surplus to requirements at spurs..he is certainly way better than Turnbull or Hilario and can hold the fort as Cechs no 2 till Courtois arrives. I like Butland but that guy is too good to be a no 2 and at his age he will be seeking to be a no 1 somewhere..we dont need the sort of mess Spurs are facing with Friedel and LLoris.
Actually darling blue is not making good comparisons. Chicharito was bought for 7mm. Welbeck and Macheda are home grown and cost Manchester United nothing. Mazacar cost us 80mm pounds then Moses and Marin cost us another 15mm pounds. Add to that another 8mm for KDM on loan. So it is not particularly smart to spend another 20mm+ pounds on another player.
Getting Willian in my opinion won't do us any harm if the price is right, we can make do with all the good players we can get.
a great player but things have kinda worked out for us cause if we got him in january then maybe we dont go for oscar besides im all for our youth & returning players. The future is bright & debt free (choke on that haters)
He can play Lampard or Ramires' place. Lampard is getting old and doesnt have the runs, leaves Mikel exposed. Ramires cant really defend, I have been watching him carefully, against Shaktar we went to ground so many times and never won the ball. Essien is not coming back, Willian worked hard and defend really well and bossed the mid. He is not an all out attacking midfielder and I think gives us more option, we are not going to offer Lampard more than 1 year and he is gonna go, Malouda is leaving, like I said I have a feeling Essien is not coming back, Josh is about a year a way from being ready, De bruyne plays a way different game and position. Look is we loose Mikel and Ramires we wiil be F*****. I say yes to Willian and for those who say he is not good enough, Please... He terrorised us for 120 minutes, more than Messi and Co have ever done in 6 matches. He is that good. Really special player. Lets give credit where its due. I still feel we are light in midfield.
@Desmondadonis: Spot on mate, I would get Willian (24 years old) with my both eyes closed, I would rotate him with Mata and I would not like him to join City/Spurs or United I know his price has gone up by another 10m i.e. he is now going to cost us 35m minimum. About Fernandinho (27 years old) I am not sure that he is the right age but we need a quick/pacey DM who can pass the ball long and short that is for sure.
All we need is a striker. wat about leandro damiao. He will cost us less than 25 million
Kevin de bruyne , mata , hazard , oscar , mcheachran , piazon , moses - no place in the team
we can hav a second trio of wizarcar or moskedwil
@cfctalal out of d pple mentioned, who do u tink is likely 2 bench willian except from mata, hazard and mayb oscar. Lest i remind u kdb needs another year on loan while piazon needs at least 2 yrs b4 they av any chance of breaking into d starting eleven and Josh is nt an attacking mid. Moses is a winger nt a playmaker like willian. @gabeu nt dat i am a stubborn guy who does nt agree with other pples views but i still think we dont need a back up goalie cos if cudicini like u say shuld b signed, we wuld end up having 4 goalies which wuld increase d wages our dear club pays. And do u think any club in its right mind wuld buy turnbull or hilario, so we wuld need 2 release dem (which i doubt we wuld do) or wait till thier contrats xpire (dat can b frustratin at times). @desmond tanks 4 further xplaining on how he plays just like mata. Without a mata in d team dis season we shuld never expect a win. Period.
don delsy
Kevin DeBruyne is ready. Infact, he is more than ready, I dont see anything Willian does that KDB cannot do, he is on wicked form at the moment, he is more calm on the ball than Willian, he is also a no. 10 with great vision and a good passing range, he is creative and he scores much more than Willian, he scores crackers like Lamps and knows how to get into the box. He is even more skillful than Willian. We dont need to waste money on him.
@samex do you prefer a good but relatively low on experience at d highest level (kdb) to a highly experienced, gifted playmaker and urgently needed player(willian). Dats why i said we need 2 send kdb on loan 2 a prem league side (like westbrom or sunderland) cos even with all d things u say he possesses, when he comes back nxt season he wuld still b second fiddle to mazacar. Dont u prefer willian who would give a strong challenge 2 mazacar.
don delsy
We dont need another #10, what we need is a midfield general, that can attack and defend(Ever Banega), a clinical CF and Shawcross. Danny/Torres, Lamps and Luiz can go in January if we get good offers for them.
When that chance was there, the transfer never went through. Now that the chance is already taken, as good as he is, I cannot see us going for him, not unless we are just buying for the sake of buying. The place we wanted him in was filled.
Guys I am loving ur debate on willian, and I am sure u are making a statement worth noting on the neutrals, @samex, kdb is not as skillful as willian, its clear as daylight, but u are spot on about those crackers of his, I really like KDB too, how about playing KDB-Willian-marin and moses in the front four as our replacement for mazacar when we need to rest them, oh yea I forgot, willian won't wnat to play from the bench!!! Yikes
@samex,I mean to tell u that willian is almost twice as skillful as KDB rather, but kdb is more of a lampard like midfielder, he is like scholes too.
chuks09 is right, Fernandinho would be a much better fit, looks a class DM, but comfortable going forward
@samex what do u mean when u say we dont need anoda no 10. D only real no 10 we av in d team is mata. Without him we are just nt complete, and here u av a like 4 like replacement 4 him who wants 2 join us and all u say is dat he wuld b a waste of money?
don delsy
why did man u buy vp when dey had rooney, hernandez and welbeck, why did madrid buy modric when dey had alonso, khedira and ozil, why did barca buy song when dey had busquets and mascherano, why did bayern buy shaqiri when dey had robben, muller and ribery. Its called WIDTH.
don delsy
Don delsy, u have a point, I am really scared of that bayern team, it just oozes of immense quality, shakiri,robben,ribery,pizarro,javi martinez,gustavo,schweinstegger,tony kroos, muller, gomez, olic, badstubber,dante,lahm,david alaba, and so on, top class every one of them is top class.
@Desmond...Marin-KDB-Willian and Moses will be a wicked front four with Mata-Oscar-Hazard & Falcao as first choice. Ooops!
And am also scared of that Bayern team, they will easilly destroy Barca and Madrid.
Desmond.I have been too busy,but whatever little time I will get for the next few months,I will try to save it for Vital Chelsea.Willian?Well,I don't think we need him.Who cares if he's a Brazilian or not?We have got so many players.De Bruyne can play at every attacking position.Piazon will develop in 2-3 years.Moses,Marin,Oscar,Hazard,Mata are there.Ulises Davilla is another talented youngster.And believe me or ask FrLamp(who is a Belgian),De Bruyne is going to be a very big thing,along with Oscar.Let him go Spurs if he wants.
SameX and Desmond.That Bayern team may be good in terms of quality and depth but they lack the fighting spirit to win the big games and most of them fail to turn up under pressure.I am not scared of them at all.The team that scares me is Dortmund,Shakthar and Manchester United.
the problem at chelsea is we always underrate or young players and overrate others....kevin de bruyne is a most underrated player at chelsea....he is far far better than william..
Samex that's wicked, mata,oscar,hazard plus falcao would be very lethal if falcao brings his ruthlessness to the bridge, we won't be bothered about our defensive blips atimes bcos we'll be outscoring teams a lot.@cfc250 I don't want us anywhere near bayern or barca except maybe in the final if we manage to get there, that team is wicked I must tell u, very wicked and more lethal with the addition of pizzarro,shakiri and javi martinez.
it seems some of us dont want 2 face d truth. Well if u blieve kdb, moses and piazon are better 2 have dan willian, its ur own point of view. Am off dis debate.
don delsy
@Desmond.Yeah.Thats why they lost to Bate Borisov 3-1.Shakthar can tear them to pieces,I bet.And I don't mind if we end up second in our group and get Barca in the last 16.I am pretty certain we'll smash their asses as usual.Personally,I would like to avoid Man UTD at any stage of the CL and Dortmund and Shakthar.Bring on Real Madrid,Barca,Bayern anytime.We will win.
Liuz will not be sold. He is the magnet that brings all the other brazillians Roman covets. He is the leader of our brazilizn contigent and a key ingredient to their haapiness in London. Read oscar and ramires's. Interviews if u doubt this. William won't be a bad buy. He can play annywhre in the front three and he very good at this. I will rahter go for fellaini in the dm/box 2 box role than fernandinho. Also read an article that we are going for fellaini and leighton baines. That would make the squad awesome.
We shold also explore the prospect of bringing in Paul Okorie for That danish team as an option in our CB in anticipation of Terry contact expiring
@cfc250 are u kiddin me, bring on barca, madrid and bayern we wuld smash their asses? seriously. U better b joking. Bayern wuld tear us apart let alone barca and madrid.
don delsy
@don delsy.We will see.Time will tell.
Arsenal go ahead in the 11th minute, this fulham team is very funny, they havnt won there at the emirate in awhile! Shame
willian is a good player but we are fully covered in that department. What we need will depend on the results in the upcoming month. Im almost certain that daniel will be sold in january. In regards to falcao; i think that barcelona will buy him and sell villa in the summer. Athletico will not sell falcao in january. We wont buy falcao. He is an outstanding player but the board and owner will go for depth rather than spending a huge amount on one player. Only time will tell.
kdb will be chelsea material once hes back from loans , hes top notch , if lampard decides to leave though we should probably get fernandihno
Kevin De whats his name was a wasted purchase in my opinion. Did someone actually say that he is better than Willian would have been a chelsea player if all the conditions were right under AVB. The guy should have been signed before Marin or Hazard..he is clearly a very talented playmaker and quite cool + confident. You fans seem to think that we are a better team than Shaktar....WE ARE NOT. The two legs showed that, we were just lucky to beat them at home and Cech saved us while in the Ukraine. He is not injury prone and as many mention he has a good football brain...something that we lack @ Chelsea. Mata and Oscar have those gifts and they are at the heart of our attack. He would be a VERY welcome addition to our squad and would give RDM an option to Mata up front as he is comfortable on the ball while creating. I must say that Hazard has not impressed me so far esp in his defending. He and Bertrand were @ fault in the week for leaving the right side basically open and we all saw how that worked out. He can play...if even to take penalties and complete the retirement of the dude in the # 8 shirt....I hope that number is vacated VERY SOON.We need also to give wingers a chance to influence out play as we currently play very narrow....I would have bought him already but since we have not lets hope we can still get it done.
Willian is a very good player,and i would have loved to have him in our team but i think that ship has sailed long time ago,we would have gotten him a since the avb days but the shaktar board were playin hardball just as levy did with modric..he didnt come and now we have hazard,mata,oscar,moses,marin,kdb,so we are covered in that department lets move on and get a striker which should be our priority
@had2bg Kevin dey what's his name? True Blues do not address their players in such manner. You are however forgiven as I'm sure you're one of the post-2004 Chelsea fans who joined us because of Romano's investment. His name is Kevin de bryune...get that in your skull you plastic!
Blue in Colorado
Kevin de bruyne is plying his trade at werder bremen , his finishing looks like lampards , scores crackers , can play anywhere from cam to cdm , he'll be better than willian , and he's belgian so hazard-kdb could work
agree with those saying we get Fernandinho that will do wonders for our midfield, imagine playing Fernandinho and ramires in the pivot! that will be amazing! and@Desmondadonis KDB is better than Willian! 1stly if you have watched he play even a minimum of 2 games for werder you'll see that; did you note the GERMAN League part? Willian is good KDB to, but the fact that KDB is proving his worth 25m in the german league gives him the edge for me!
pego sama
Pegosama, u are entitled to Your opinion, I have seen both willian and KDB play up close twice against us in the epl, I must say judging by what I see, willian posed a huge threat and played better than kdb, but kdb can be better when he gets to willian's age. Their style of play is different, willian is flair type playmaker that can use a moment of brilliance to rip teams apart by dribbling hos way put of tough defenders, while kdb is the old fashioned type with wicked passing ability and shots like lamps and scholes or gerrard like
Fernandinho is real class. But how well will he work with Ramires in the center? Not too sure. They are quite similar players in my book.
There is nothing else driving this hunger for Willian among VC members other than GREED. We already got Mata,Hazard,Oscar,Marin,Moses,KDB,Piazon who can all play in Willian's position,yet WE NEED SOME MORE. 'They had rather rot in our bench instead of ending up with our opponents line ups'thats just the mentality!. Willian ,you may think, is good but tell me who doesnt appear good in that Shakhtar's team. They are simply a good and blended team. Remember Quarisma's Porto days,shows players brim with confidence when a team is in sync. Before we signed Hazard, Willian wasnt in his class. Moses was a constant thorn in our flesh before we signed him. They are all just another player now for us,with nothing exceptional,and why do you think willian's case will be diff?. If we must patronize Shakhtar,maybe for the troubles they cost us,it must be Fernandinho. Willian's ship has sailed,that amount can solve our CF problems and we will not worry about FFP.
Ohans The link which prompted the article, @ohans, I see u
Chelsea Chelsea is our team!!!
I just wonder again how we can accommodate these players in the same team could they make their way to chelsea
We just need to have the balance we can manage and clear some of the players that will not have the chance to make it at chelsea

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