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Chelsea Reveal 1.4m PROFIT

CHELSEA have today reported a PROFIT of 1.4m for the last 12 months.

Since Roman bought the club back in 2003, the club had not managed to recoup more than they spent in any year leading to lots of bad press about our silly spending antics and not being able to comply with financial fair play rules.

But figures released today show the European champions (we know what we are) are in the black to the tune of 1.4million for the 12 months ending June 30 2012.

The income from the Champions League, combined with a *profit* in the transfer market, helped Chelsea overturn a poor financial record which saw us report a technical loss of 67.7m the previous year.

Chairman Bruce Buck said: "We will never forget that night in Munich and now we are celebrating serious progress off the field too.

"While we draw huge satisfaction from the achievements of the past 12 months, we are more than ever focused on continuing the story of on-field success supported by improving financial performance off the pitch."

Roberto Di Matteo added: 'We`re in favour of Financial Fair Play. We`re doing everything in our power to comply with the new rules and this is great news for the club.
"For the first time, we`ve been able to achieve a profit and that puts Chelsea in a strong position to remain competitive at domestic level but also international level."

So, to everyone giving Chelsea grief about how much we're spending, buying the title, not being able to cope with financial fair play rules, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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The Journalist

Writer: DJDUTTS Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 10 2012

Time: 12:32AM

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10/11/2012 02:16:00

Excellent news , hope we make more :)
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10/11/2012 02:32:00

Pleasantly surprised when I first read the news. It means that we are unlikely to go the Leeds or Portsmouth way.
Blue Day
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10/11/2012 02:46:00

McEachran's attempt on goal of the season here:
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10/11/2012 04:04:00

Good news. But how did we make profit in the transfer market?
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10/11/2012 04:05:00

Chelsea, who have yet to release their accounts in full, claimed a 28.8m profit on transfers in 2011-12 and recorded record revenue. That figure of 255.7m is the fifth largest in Europe and takes them above Arsenal for the first time. Only Manchester United, with 320m, have a larger income in England. It is a rise of more than 30m on the previous year and is down to the transfer profit and the Champions League success, which earned the club 12m in TV monies alone.
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10/11/2012 04:45:00

OH NO! We have PROFIT!!! Please don't we turn into Arsenal!!!! PLEASE NO!!!!!
I am Number 7
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10/11/2012 04:47:00

@Puttinuttan.. dat was some run... had he scored... could have been the goal of the season...
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10/11/2012 05:25:00

Josh is turning into some player....his place is at chelsea for sure...this chelsea team will be scary soon enough..but i am so happy for josh...that he is not doing a kakuta...praise God!!
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 05:41:00

Tank God 4 Josh.. Hopefully he could build a partnership with either mikel or ramires...
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10/11/2012 06:42:00

this proves the you we can win trophies and make profit simultaneously unlike some london club that ONLY makes profit without winning anything.... Right now, i feel so proud to be BLUE.
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10/11/2012 07:32:00

Good news,hope this rags will have something positive to say about us. KTBFFH
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10/11/2012 07:33:00

This shows that chelsea are moving in the right direction and we must brace ourselves for better times to come. Profits for the first time in 10 years? That is good news.
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10/11/2012 08:05:00

How much did spurs make? Coming fourth on the premier league table must sure have its financial profits too won't it? Haa! We know what we are, we are the champions of europe and the pride of london. Guys I'll love it if we start writing it like the way I did now, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE AND THE ONLY PRIDE OF LONDON
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 08:15:00

Good News!!!
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10/11/2012 08:50:00

Hope Josh keep Improving, coz i'll love to see him claiming a starting place here.
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10/11/2012 08:54:00

Well it only took winning the CL and not including the combined signings of Moses, Hazard and Oscar in the figures.(100m+ including agent fees, sgning on fees etc) Congratulations!
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 09:41:00

Huddersfield, u are just grabbing at straws and doing a guess work, it doesn't count in here, back ur points with facts, hazard was bought for 32m plus agent fees which sir red nose couldn't pay and ur miser owner, oscar was bought for 25m=19.6m,moses was bought for 9m, marin was bought for 7m and that's about 67.6m pounds. Consider urself enlightened pal
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 10:01:00

hahahahahaha... The haters are already here. We've just proved to everyone that we can splash money on quality players, win trophies and still make profit financially. This must be really painful for our london neighbours..... ROFLMAO
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 10:18:00

So we've been criticised for always being in the red and not being self sufficient. Now that we've made a profit, what will the haters say? That it's not a big enough profit? Stick that up your arse. All this wishful thinking that Roman will eventually get bored, get real. The man spent 70 million quids this summer, 8 years after he took the club over. Doesn't seem like he's bored to me! As for us Chelsea fans, I hope that you now realise how big that Drogba penalty kick was for the club. He assured our future for the next 10 years at least with a simple kick in a football. Absolute legend. LEGEND!!!!
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 12:09:00

The penalty of fortune........The penalty that secured our future.....The penalty that make us the next big thing in the world of football. Imagine where we would have been now had Terry scored that penalty in Mosco. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE! #We Will Beat Juventus In Turin#
munich Glory
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 12:39:00

is the profit 1.4 dollars or pounds srerling bcos both are mentioned here? and frlamp roman is here 9 yrs not 8!
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 13:51:00

Report Abuse
10/11/2012 15:12:00

Glad to hear it! I think it's long overdue, as our dear owner has invested so much fortune in the club. It's such a good news, I hope we continue to grow stronger and stronger!
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 16:20:00

Arsene's worst nightmare. However, there is a lot to be learned from the numbers posted. 1.) REVENUES - 255.7m from the previous year's level of 222.3m. From the numbers publicly available, Chelsea was paid or made 59.935m from the UCL. That's 48mm from the UCL. Last year we made 44.5mm Euros from the UCL because we exited at the UCL quarter-final stage. We also made 54.4mm from the PL giving us a total of 102.4mm from TV money. Not sure if that is all that comes from TV, but those are the figures that are out there for now. Matchday revenues will increase, but not considerably like the UCL revenues. I suspect the other contributor to our revenue increase is probably from commercial revenues. In the 2010-2011 season however, it should be noted the following occurred - Matchday Revenues - Man U - 109mm, Arsenal - 93mm. Chelsea - 68mm. Pretty clear a BIGGER STADIUM is needed because it is not possible to win the UCL every season. It is imperative we make a deep run however. To illustrate the importance of UCL. See the payouts - UCL payout - CFC - 59.94MM. Bayern - 41.73m. Barca - 40.550m, Real Madrid - 38.43m. The quarter-finalist make around 31mm Euros to 35mm Euros. Difference btwn winner & finalist - 18mm (15mm). Difference between winner and semi-finalist is around the same amount. Difference between the winner and quarter finalist is around 17mm - 20mm. Chelsea won't win the UCL every season as much as we would like to so we'll need to find other ways to plugging this 17mm - 20mm gap every season in form of increased commercial revenues and match day receipts. Hopefully, the Sauber, Gazprom, Singha, Samsung, Delta and that Myanmar Whiskey deal should help provide some bridges to that gap from this season and hopefully next. From the 2014-2015 season, we would also see our PL revenues increase from 54mm - 60mm (depending on where we end up) to about 84mm - 95mm. About a 30mm increase. The ONLY ISSUE THAT HAS NO CAPACITY TO INCREASE IS OUR MATCHDAY REVENUES BECAUSE OF OUR LIMITED STADIUM CAPACITY. We have to move and a decision to move has to be agreed between the fans and the heads of Chelsea quickly.....
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 16:34:00

On our 1.4mm pounds profit. Good news that we made it for the first time in Roman's era. The profits mainly came from the trading profits like Yuro Zhirkov, Alex and our academy players. Arsenal make profits this way as well. Unlike Arsenal however, it is not every season we will be making player sales of World Class players. We could make money from selling or receiving compensation from some players who look closer to departure - academy players like Kakuta. Maybe Sturridge. We won't make any money from selling Torres although we would get his wages off the books. Except player trading however, we continue to move wages off the books. It should be noted that this result still included part wages of players like Anelka and Alex and wages of other departed players like Bosingwa, Kalou and Drogba. Those 3 players alone account for 13mm in wages alone. Essien and Merieles wages won't count towards the 2012-2103 result as well. With this watchful eye of meeting FFP, i believe it is going to be hard (very hard) to see Chelsea giving Lampard (who is losing his place by the day the longer his injury keeps him off and the better Ramires, Mikel, Josh and KDB continue to perform) and Ashley Cole 6 figure salaries at all although they don't even count towards FFP.
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 17:00:00

Glad to see everything that has eluded us all these years coming around. Champions league trophy, Beautiful football and now Anual profit. RDM must be a goodluck charm
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 17:57:00

gud one for chelsea, but the the profit is too small, but i hope its just the beginning, there may be more coming. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 19:16:00

Absolutely Brilliant. No words can describe how amazing that is.
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 19:35:00

Great news and hopefully a sign of even better things to come.
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 22:02:00

This figures make him think of the failed investment in torres. The total worth of fernando torres deal that brought him to chelsea is 98.6million. 50million in transfer fee and 48.6million in wages over the next five and half years that he signed for. What disastrous waste of money. This must be the worst signing in football cos unlike some fellas who are still hoping that he will somehow miraculous recover his form that has long left him, i have given up on him. My concern now is that he is holding us back from progressing by taking up a place in our lineup that should be afforded someone else to make a go.
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 22:38:00

And apologies for diagressing....just couldnt stomach it anymore. I hope he doesnt start tomorow cos i can already sense big misses from him:)
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
10/11/2012 22:43:00

Glad to hear...Chelsea doing good on the business end. Now we can increase the profit by reducing the big earners/old gangsters @ the club and attracting more fans through good football which will hopefully bring more success. Very nice.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 00:23:00

anyone know the release clause on each of mazacar's contracts? if real bought an elderly kaka for 65 million euro, then I hope we slapped at least 120 million on Oscar's contract.... any info would be much appreciated please.
Blue in Colorado
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 00:56:00

No buyout clauses for players in the premier league. And please. let's not compare Oscar to kaka yet. Not now please. One is a former world player of the year and was bought a season after he won such illustrious award being an instrumental part in AC Milan's UCL win. Oscar is yet to score a goal in the premier league. Let's relax it a bit. The boy is class, but he is not even yet on Ozil's level talkless of Kaka at his peak. We also never know if he will ever surpass Kaka at his peak or will. let's relax the hype a bit.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 02:24:00

Although the only buyout we've heard in the Pl in a bit is demba ba.
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 02:24:00

@kaku, too late for that now. Manor menezes always compares them and Oscar's reputation is based on kaka's legacy as most pundits, neutrals and even platini compared them. David luiz, neymar, ramires and hulk all compare them. Whenever you hear the name Oscar , it is usually followed by kaka and it seems our youngster loves it! as he can't stop taking pictures beside Kaka lol
Blue in Colorado
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 03:48:00

Wow!great news,hope its the beginnin of many great things to come for Chelsea
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 10:13:00

Hoe we grow from strength to strength
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 07:46:00

good news...hope this continues while we get all the reqd best players, win all silverwares....
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 11:20:00

Let them maintain the same and enter a new era in profitability. Be warned that all the seasons transfers are not included because they came after the financial year.
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 07:42:00


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