Chelsea - We need world class and not just any striker!
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We need world class and not just any striker!

Falcao, Jovetic, Pato, Remy, Wilfred, Damiao, Martinez - Looking at all this strikers, we have been linked with one of them at a particular time or the other.

Llet me do my own analysis one after the other based on age, form, transfer fee, level of league participating (because they will meet stronger defenders in the EPL)

Falcao - he is strong, uses both feet, good in the air has a great eye for goal, the best striker in the world at the moment, he will work into any team and start, we have experienced him first hand at the UEFA Super Cup and know what he is capable of...but his transfer fee he will cost nothing less than £45m. He is 26 years of age and has scored 10 league goals in 9 appearances

Stevan Jovetic
.Pato - this is a fast, young, skillful striker who, he is undoubtedly one of the best strikers of his generation, I will liken him to Van Persie, he will be available for about £20-£25m, due to his injury record, but let's not forget that once he gets over his injury just like how Van Persie was able to get over his own he will cost up to £40-£50m, he is strong in the air and scores with both feet, he plays in the Seria A which is a relatively solid and competitive league He has scored 0 goals in 3 games this season ,he is 22years of age, he plays in the Seria A which is more rough than the EPL

Loic Remy - he is a French international, once a very bright prospect, but has seen chances limited at Marseille now, he is 25 years of age, he isn't a starter, he has scored no goals in 7 games with just 10 shots for Marseille this season, he plays in France, the best striker in France last season isn't prolific at Arsenal at the moment, then do we really need Remy who doesn't even start? He will cost us around £10-15m.

Wilfred Bony - he is 24years old, plays in the Eridivisie, he has a great eye for goal, he is strong and has scored 12 goals in 11 appearances, two of the best in the league Assaidi and Anita are not performing well for Liverpool and Newcastle respectively, .he will cost us around £7m, I doubt the quality of the league is coming from the best striker in Holland last season (Luke de Jong) is struggling in Germany at the moment.

Damiao/B> - he is a young striker, technically gifted, he is age 22, he has great eye for goals, he has fair aerial strength, he has scored 7 goals in 15 games and 48 shots, he will cost us in the region of £20-25m but he isn't yet proven in Europe. Is it worth the risk, he plays in Brazil, a competitive league to an extent, this is more of a gamble, he might just move abroad and hit the ground running or might not live up to expectations.

Jackson Martinez - he is a Columbian hotshot ,he is aged 26, strong in the air, hasa good eye for goals and he is dubbed the next Falcao, he just moved to Porto from Mexico in the summer, he has scored 8 goals in 7 games this season and has a release clause of £35m but he hasn't proven himself enough in Europe.

There is a difference between signing a world class striker for a world class club like Chelsea and signing a relatively, moderately good players for a world class club like Chelsea. The impact of Robin van Persie is different from the impact of Welbeck in a game for Man Utd, it is the impact of a world class, for us to compete for the EPL and Champions League, we need a world class striker in whom I see as Radamel Falcao! Jovetic, Martinez, Pato and Damiao can be good alternatives but Bony and Remy? we all know Torres is better than those two...

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Writer: Hazard11 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 10 2012

Time: 11:06AM

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@hazard11, cmmon pal don't right articles without a little research, use the google on ur pc or phone, ur age don't measure up, ur goal tally facts is lazy, jovetic is now 23 and have scored atleast 6 goals this season, bony with the little I have seen of him is decent, jackson martinez is worldclass bcos he scored 8 goals? Someone that is 26 and just came from mexico to the portuguese league? U keep contradicting urself.
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10/11/2012 11:44:00

Mate.Its well-written,but we have had many articles on this topic.So,I am expecting the same old discussions to take place.Torres bitching.Falcao coming.Some will say Sturridge should get a chance.Many would say Lukaku should be recalled.Same old debate.I would go for Falcao.
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10/11/2012 11:57:00

Rubbish. Sorry.
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10/11/2012 11:58:00

I posted an article like this 1 day ago...
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10/11/2012 12:01:00

Look mate,I know we all want Falcao.But we should understand that with this kind of thinking,our club won't be able to comply with the FFP rules.I know the Dutch Eredivisie is not the kind of a championship,for which you can be absolutely convinced that if you buy the best from there they will remain top calss even in the PL,but there are a lot of very talanted players over there.The same is true for every other league in the world-just because the league is weak doesn't mean that there isn't top-calss talent there.You know,South American leagues are not the best in the world,but each and every year they produce a player who could become the next Balon d'or winner.Look no further than Oscar-before we signed him the only thing I know about him was that he was a target of AVB.No one had ever herad of him but look at him now-he is a revelation and he is our most crucial player alonngside with Mata. I very much wish that Falcao would become our player,but we should realise that there are many quality strikers there who could do if not the same than 90% of the work which falcao could do for us.Although we spent over 80M pounds in the summer,we are just 1.4 Million on the positive side,which means that if we bring in Falcao our losses will be significant.
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10/11/2012 12:13:00

remy scored 25 last season , i think hes world class.
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10/11/2012 12:23:00

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10/11/2012 13:05:00

You lost me at: "but let's not forget that once he gets over his injury just like how Van Persie was able to get over his own"..
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10/11/2012 13:48:00

How about a punt on David villa.
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10/11/2012 14:51:00

He's 31 in December, offer I'm a 2 1/2 year deal. Torres and villa play well together. I know he's just come back from an injury but he's still got it. Whether 31 would be too old for out new look squad I don't know, but when villa has a chance to score I'd put my house on him.
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10/11/2012 14:58:00

From which club did Suares came from??? The last 2 worldclass strikers we bought what happened to them??? Flopped!!! Drogba was not hyped, ba, cisse same.. We'll all want falcao. No sane person will spit out honey from his/her mouth we given.. If you check and do your research very well, you'll know its all luck. Luck. LUCK..
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10/11/2012 15:39:00

Of course we could always try our luck and sign mario Gomez. Seems to be out of favour at bayern with mandzukic and Pizarro scoring goals. Worth a try!
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10/11/2012 15:57:00

ur prics qouted are wrong. pato is nt 25m he is more likely 15m. martinez is 20-25m not 35m
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10/11/2012 15:57:00

What is the definition of a "world class striker"?
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10/11/2012 18:22:00

I would say to go for Jovetic over any of the above besides Falcao
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10/11/2012 18:26:00

Your analysis are bias it clearly shows that you have a mind set o which striker you would prefer so your comparism are not cogent. But check your records not much world class or striker with hype that has come to chelsea and has succeeded the list goes on and on. So for me, I will prefer a decent striker that will come in with less expectation, and with the guys we have in the midfield any striker that can guarantee 20 league goals per season will do.
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10/11/2012 18:44:00

You can all talk about strikers but there is only one in chelsea's radar and his name is is Bony and he is just 23yrs old plus he has what it takes to be one of the worlds finest hit-man. Not only does he lead his team in Goals but he also leads the assists chart. that's a great team player and kind of a player who performs in a big match.
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10/11/2012 18:51:00

Hazard11, u hav made ur points clear, but i dnt think chelsea need a world class striker badly, all that we need is a striker with good positioning, very confident, can score from half chances, is good in the air and has eyes for goals.
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10/11/2012 19:30:00

we should get neymar(cause his a striker like saurez, unlike what most of you think!!!) or joetvic, they would be great additions to our current team and would add bags of gurranted quality unlike they suggestions you made!
pego sama
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10/11/2012 19:44:00

but i didnt c Lewandowski in the article, i think he is good, also bony, we dont need a striker who will come to chelsea with all pressure to score goals(lyk torres case), bt we need a moderate striker. and with MAZACAR, behind him, that striker will become world class, and the striker will nt carry the load of scoring goals, as goals are shared around pitch, dats y cahill has 5 goals already.
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10/11/2012 19:46:00

Maybe you should say we need an EXPENSIVE striker.. You talk about Jackson Martinez today, when that dude was play in Mexico, some fans mentioned him on this site but a lot of people said he was rubbish, only score with the head, not EPL proven and playing in a rubbish league..... Now, he is world class! Same thing was said about Falcao before he moved to Atletico, people here said Torres is a better striker.... LOL!
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10/11/2012 21:34:00

if we are going to ever invest ridiculous money on any player again, it must be Neymar. Falcao is great but the expectation levels that our fans already have from him plus his ridiculous transfer fees and record-breaking wage demands will make his transfer doomed. Our last world class striker (didi) wasn't even close to world class when we signed him..... in sharp contrast, all the world class strikers we have been signing all suddenly became deadwood and low class... kezman, Sheva, manicured and El nino. I bet most people on here don't even recall maniche. probably never even knew about CFC back then.... smh.
Blue in Colorado
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11/11/2012 00:26:00

*maniche not manicured lol.... frigging auto-correct
Blue in Colorado
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 00:29:00

Maniche was never a striker, he played in midfield.....
Report Abuse
11/11/2012 02:41:00

well he played like a striker at Chelsea (among didi, duff, kezman, Joe Cole,etc) if I remember correctly.
Blue in Colorado
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11/11/2012 03:57:00

What we need is Falcao, if we can't get him then recall Lukaku and use him instead of Torres. Sorry but this is a bad article.
Drog of War
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11/11/2012 06:32:00

If Man.City sell Balotelli, they'll eventually buy Falcao.
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11/11/2012 09:49:00

True talk @Latunvic.. All world class Striker / Player starts from a club. Every buy in football are all risk. i'll go for Jovetic/Bony.. They'll be eligible for champions league, no transfer fee pressure.
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11/11/2012 10:03:00

These articles make me sick. " Buy this, buy that " etc.... We all know Torres could have scored more goals and so on, but at the moment we need to GET BEHIND OUR PLAYERS and drop the " I know what to and who to buy " - articles !
Strapping Blue
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11/11/2012 11:23:00

I don't think u fellas have seen Brazil's Neymar play, that kid is a wonder, plus he is improving a lot daily, it would be a damn shame if we let him slip our fingers cos he has clearly stated that he would gladly listen to discussions/offers from Chelsea. Can't imagine him signing for Barcelona or Madrid, they would be unstoppable. Falcao is not our solution, we need atleast 2 good strikers (not necessarily world class) that would be rotated game after game. What happens if we spend all that money (money that can fetch 2 decent strikers) on Falcao and he later gets injured? Are we going to have to revert back to Torres or Sturridge (that is if they remain past January)? Personally i would spend that kind of money on Alex Pato and Rob Lewandowski. Young lads run our midfield, an area which people often say requires years of experience, and we still do great with em, so why can't Young lads Run the attack for us? If Lewandoski and Pato can give us 20-25 goals each per season in all Competition, wouldn't we be cool with that? We only have until january to fix this, after that, whatever happens, we have ourselves to blame.
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11/11/2012 11:38:00

Wilfried Bony sounds like a name that can become world class, when he finally joins Chelseafc. He's such a guy that ticked all the boxes, because he's got a great eye for goal, has excellent foot-work, and he's physically built with enough strength to be a star in the premiership. What more is there to ask for?
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11/11/2012 12:08:00

Money matters. Let us go for Bony.
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12/11/2012 07:50:00

Every player has his time and he can get the time at chelsea to replace Didier
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 07:50:00

other possibilities 1. Edin Dzeko 2. G Higuain 3. D Villa... ANy 3 will definitely improve us vastly...particularly D Villa....
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 11:03:00

we need a defender too we need clean sheets
Report Abuse
12/11/2012 14:20:00

Yes, but Villa, I do not think they will be in for him
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 07:43:00


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