Chelsea - Oh Fernando!
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Oh Fernando!

Listening to the commentators discussing Torres is nothing new, but somehow I think the charade has gone quite far.

We did not buy the Torres of Liverpool or for that matter Atletico Madrid either. I am quite confident that the present Torres epitomizes the expression ''a shadow of his former self'.

Like most of the Chelsea faithful I have supported Torres through most of his time at Chelsea, but watching him in the last 4-5 games has convinced me that we should get rid of him. I admit that watching Manchester United`s strikers hasn`t helped either.

Time and again Torres seems to do the exact opposite of what he should be doing. When he should just shoot the ball hard and true he tries to dribble, when he should hold the ball up for others to arrive he starts running.

I admit that these follies are allowed but to someone like Ronaldo or Messi certainly not Torres on his current form. Often I find asking myself whether Torres will get 25-30 goals in all competitions and the answer is negative, always.

Another question that bothers me is whether this will affect the team's chances of silverware, and I think it will. Going by the success or rather lack of it in bringing in a costly striker we should be looking at someone other than Falcao.

Why didn't we sign Dembe Ba?

He is a goal scorer, has pace, has the physical presence to cause problems and above all is a fantastic footballer. But before we even make a move he will be off in Jan for the ACON.

So who else is left?

Loic Remy, well for one thing he wont be available for UCL games as he is cup tied. Daimao from Internacional, a tempting option but Brazilians tend to take some time settling in. Ramires did, Oscar hasn't really settled yet.

Or should we look at Sturridge and give him the responsibility to lead the line?

Well for sure he can't be as bad as Torres, can he?

Or should we play with Moses instead of Torres and be done with the entire concept of strikers?

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The Journalist

Writer:  bbose  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 12 2012

Time: 4:40PM

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Uou have highlighted the reasons we need Falcao! Yes he is expensive but the fact that he will be avilable for Champions League and will give us the real boost in our chances of winning it a second season in a row is worth the expense. Also , do we really want to see him go to our rivals??? After the Aguero affair, the Robinho affair, I dont want to see it happen again for sure. With United having RVP, we need certain firepower to go along with our fantatstic midfield so that they dont have to do ALL the work!. To me Falcao or someone with equivalent abilioty is a MUST in January even if it means losing Torres and his massive wage bill!
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12/11/2012 17:05:00

Just get us another striker, who can actually score goals, I wouldn't mind if it isn't a high profile name, or just get our reserves player in the first team. I wish RDM can learn something from Brendan Rodgers from our last encounter, specifically introduce the youngsters when there is nothing else you can do as the transfer window is still far away
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12/11/2012 17:14:00

Torres makes 9 mill a season...that means we're still left with around 30 million due to him should we wanna buy him out. Falcao wants 5 mill after tax which is the same as Torres...and he will want a long contract as he will see this as his last big pay that's what 36 mill....then Atleti want their 45 million so that's what...111 mill to solve our strker problem....
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12/11/2012 17:29:00

The funniest part about the Torres saga is that you can literally name 20 strikers who are playing better than him in the Epl.
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12/11/2012 17:38:00

Can we put Torres in defence and put Terry, Luiz, Iva in forward positions?? I think we will do better..?
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12/11/2012 17:50:00

We should any striker who really know where the net is and can scoregoals be it damiao,oliviera,lewandowski,ba or bony..but i would love us to sturidge to be given a decent chance to lead the lines henceforth..
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12/11/2012 18:00:00

Gosh!!! I saw dz coming b4 d transfer window shut down, am nt with those pple dat suggest we bring lukaku back.. Bt i'll lyk us 2 buy Damiao, i'll put My Money on him.
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12/11/2012 18:13:00

There are so many strikers out there that can get the job done for peanuts, chicharito cost man utd 7m, we can get an efficient striker for at most 15m-18, and we can have one african stiker.
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12/11/2012 18:13:00

LOL @bluekid youre actually true
Don capon
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12/11/2012 18:22:00

okay I've had it with these Torres articles.... PS: for 7 hundred pounds a week however, I will volunteer for the number nine position. I was the third highest scorer in my high school lol and I will score more than Torr-mented (thanks @Mq) plus think about all the money I will be saving the club huh? :)
Blue in Colorado
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12/11/2012 18:33:00

bbose , just want to correct u, demba ba wont go to afcon, senegal were kicked out by drogba's cote d'ivoire
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12/11/2012 18:55:00

@ Blue in Colorado, very funny, am with u here, at least u wnt dribble wen supossed to shoot nd wnt go wide wen suposed to be in the box. ahd last but not the least, u wont fear any keeper as some1 does
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12/11/2012 18:59:00

Jordan Rhodes is the British Hernandez. Get him.
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12/11/2012 20:42:00

bbose, you mentioned something I have toyed with in my head and which Vicente Del Bosque tried with Spain at the euros this year and it worked. I think it will work for Chelsea too as we got a good collection of midfielders who can make it happen. However I think it would be nice to add another midfielder to mix in the likes of Ben Arfa, or Fellani. Adding Torres to a deal for Falcao would be a good idea too afterall he has stated a number of times that he will always be an Athletico Madrid at heart and would love to go back there someday. Or maybe a loan spell for this guy, I know its not what anyone wants after paying so much money for a player but what next to help him get back is mojo? Plus we can't wait for him as we have already given him 2 seasons. If Chelsea wont buy another striker in January then lets bring back Lakaku who is definitely hungry and make him sub striker and Strurridge the main striker. Things couldn't get any worse in my opinion especially since not mush was expected of this new Chelsea team this season as most are new but they have given us more than we had hoped for and we dont less now!
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12/11/2012 21:06:00

I'll still say get Damiao and stefane Jovetic, and for the deep lying midfielder, get Fernandinho and not Fellaini, also there's this Flamengo's player also called Willan, of course not the Shakhtar Willan, he's a very good midfielder, strong and very fast with accurate passes, both long and short, he wud make a good pivot midfield player.
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12/11/2012 22:17:00

one word Lukaku. We paid $18 mil. This is the best time to bring a hungry striker and a Chelsea fan. Torres is just tired (not in agood way. He is finished and I think Roman sees it now) Sad though but we have given him enough time. For now lets bring back Lukaku. He is way better than Remy and he is ours. Lets not just spend money to solve every problem. Or is any money is to go out Zaha is my man. $15 milor less plus a loan for Feruzzi or Paizon. Imagine Zaha playing a false #9 with Mata, Oscar and Hazard. Sick
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13/11/2012 04:13:00

What's 111 million, get demba ba, get torres out of this club in any way possible(i suggest the rusian mafia style) and keep danny till the end of the season. Lukaku comes back then, and everyone's happy.
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13/11/2012 05:07:00

After the fools game the pundits were discussing us buying Falcao and I recall 1 (don't remember whom though) saying if we signed Falcao we'd win the EPL and I'm inclined to co-sign with that assertion...The guys oozes self confidence which trickles into the team, making them even more confident and a confident team does wonders...
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13/11/2012 06:09:00

ManUre aren't miles ahead of us (without Referee assistance they actually behind us) so having a goal scorer will make us true contenders, even with an average Manager
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13/11/2012 06:10:00

1 word on Chicarito though, people shold desist using him as an example. The guy flops when he starts a game and is a very good impact sub so suggesting we buy a "chicarito" doesn't solve the problem because we need a starting and confident striker foremost. a Chicarito as impact sub makes sense
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13/11/2012 06:13:00

We seem to be headed to the same problem we had last season where the strikers were not really producing
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13/11/2012 07:59:00

Most people were sure kezman will blow the premierleague away, same with shevchenko, same with torres, we all know the story of alphonso alves who scored over 50 goals in a season and when he was brought to boro, he flopped! falcao is a beast but there is this way premierleague tame strikers, I think it will be wise if we buy 2 strikers just incase and not falcao
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13/11/2012 08:21:00

Sheva was old when he came DESMOND and Mourinho played him out of position to accommodate Drogba, don't know much about Kezman but was he ever a "world beater" in the mould of Falcao?? If you using a Boro player as an example for a team like Chelsea then you clearly don't understand the stature of your club
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13/11/2012 08:47:00

I don't like calling for a player who plays for another team, it is not good for moral when everytime Torres plays, there's the shadow hanging of Falcao...but we do need to address the striker issue, and I think that in sturridge we have an able...albeit rusty understudy.
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13/11/2012 09:18:00

Forever grateful to Roman...
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13/11/2012 09:57:00

While you at it...
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13/11/2012 10:00:00

@mq, u don't get the gist do u? Mateja kezman was brought to chelsea when he was ripping teams apart in the eredivise and europe, alphonso alves I think got the golden boot back then, but when he came to premier league, he hardly got 10 premier league goals, its citing an example and stating the risks based on facts as u see, hence my call for 2 good stikers at the price of one
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13/11/2012 11:20:00

If we buy falcao for 45m and he gets injured, so what happens? But if we get 2 strikers, its likely both would click or atleast one would. And we'll have depth in the striking department
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13/11/2012 11:23:00

buy two striker damio and jovetic...young and talented strikers...yaa they both would cost around 50 million but its worth...rather than spending on one player....chelsea should sign these both of these....
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13/11/2012 12:25:00

Most members agree, it's time to get a new striker. One to be looked on to deliver. In wanting to get another striker, we should not go about it the Malouda way. El nino must be accorded respect. When Pep wanted Etoo and Ibra to leave, he went about it without causing disaffection in the team. If we bring in a high profile striker of Falcao or Cavani's standard, and with Torres present form, then we must work out his exit terms.......... This should also be considered as we go for a replacement.
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13/11/2012 12:41:00

Me to Torres:"Amigo pack ur bags and vamos!"
Krested Kal-el
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13/11/2012 14:41:00

Nelson Blueman
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13/11/2012 16:11:00

get falcao! end of. drogba was 26 when he arrived and falcao will be 27 in feb. not much difference age wise.if we get falcao we'll win either the PL or the CL for sure.end of. (gawd i wish i would stop saying that. the missus says i say it when we row!)
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 21:33:00

I heard that Falcao hasn't played yet in the Europa League with Atletico this year because he will come to Chelsea in january and will be available for UCL?
Report Abuse
13/11/2012 23:03:00

Checked some rumours abt chelsea...48m for falcao, 30m for fellaini...oh god...not sure of this...but why i feel chelsea is always linked with overproced deals???
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 06:08:00

Read your comment about AVB's recommendations BLU_RUN perhaps he'd have made a good scout for us LoL
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 06:49:00

Falcao will move in Jan, whether to Chelsea or Man$hitty is the question
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14/11/2012 06:49:00

Yea. Agreed @Mq
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15/11/2012 08:25:00


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