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I think a good case can now be made for another striker.

It doesn't need to be a $40M or more striker but one that has a knack for goals which Torres clearly seems not to have anymore.

I am a big, big fan of Torres but come on how many chances could you give one player?

First it was the 'big shadow' of Drogba, now what could possibly be the problem? The 'little shadow" of Sturridge?

He has been given a good run and clearly Chelsea won`t get anywhere with Torres. I don`t even see the threat he brings to defenders even one-on-one! Yes he does try hard and plays for the team, but we need him scoring goals and he hasn't for two and half seasons.

Take a look at Suarez who is just carrying Liverpool, we couldn't expect that from Torres could we?

I read a few days ago that Chelsea posted a financial year end profit for the first time under Abromovich, but that is hard to figure with our massive debts in mind but all that would have been made a bit easier because of our Champion League success.

We have to build on that and I honestly don`t see us getting there with Torres and its disheartening to see others doing their jobs well and Torres not finishing up or providing great or superb assists.

Loan him out and get another striker or bring back Lukaku and let him and Sturridge have a go for the next half of the season.

Can someone tell me why RDM left Torres on the pitch for 80mins?

This guy has got to start getting it right!

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The Journalist

Writer: Afrosoulja Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 12 2012

Time: 4:41PM

Your Comments

We should have let this guy off our club in the summer. Remember his immature rant after our UCL glory? Very BAD decision to let the club, especially us as fans to get another tormented (as @mq now call him) season
Torres+20million=Falcao or Cavani.
Where would we have let Torres go to in the summer and who will give you Torres + 20 million for Falcao??????
Some folks even blame chelsea for lack of width but how can we have width if we dont have Strikers to utilise the opportunities created.Torres is done.We need hungry strikers in our team to carry us through.
If you were Athletico, would you take Torres + 20m? I wouldn't. Falcao is banging goals left and right. Torres is currently off form and is inconsistent. Does it make ANY sense at all to sell Falcao and get 20m + Torres??? I would just take the 50-60m and get better, younger, hungrier strikers. Period. This just doesn't make any sense at all, do we think Athletico are stupid???
The funny thing is that when AVB was here at the bridge, he tried to persuade Roman to bring in Falcao before he went off to Athletico and got rejected LMAO... Oh the irony of it all... Torres + 20m = Falcao??? That puts Torres evaluation at approx. 25m... There is no chance in hell he is worth anything close to that at the moment. The more sensible way to fix our striking problem is something close to this nature: Sell Torres for 15-20m, Danny for 12-15m, Kakuta 5m, Malouda 5m/free, Let go Lamps (even though i love the guy but we have to move on), Cole... save on the wages will be massive... We'll have 32-45m, add another 20-10m and get Falcao/Dzeko and Bony... Bring in from loans, pva, josh/essien, lukaku.... done. but that's not going to happen in january anyways and its unfortunate... so this season i don't think we can expect too much but a 3rd/4th place a cup or two, hopefully the World Club Trophy... and just patch the holes in the summer and move on from there
Just buy a striker that is relatively unknown but have a goal scoring predigree, we can get one for south america like chicharito and an african striker too, both won't be more than 30m
Just buy a striker that is relatively unknown but have a goal scoring predigree, we can get one for south america like chicharito and an african striker too, both won't be more than 30m
Desomnd u got it bang on that is exactly what we should do then , sod it and let torres rot in the reserves lol id love to see the look on princes face then o how i hate him by far the worst chelsea striker in my opinion and the biggest flop in prem history, i remember when we bought chis sutton for like 10mill pre RA and i fort that was bad lol
Anyone else wanna agree that @ Uncle Merlin should start rejecting all Torres articles? It's so annoying now and frustrating. Everyday, another Torres article... Vital Chelsea is so boring now... geez
Blue in Colorado
For gary monk of swansea to mark torres out and state that he is overpriced confirmed ma fear that defenders arent scare of him anymore...
The big question is who will have Torres and if he were to leave he would have to take a massive pay cut.
After all is said and done we did destroy him. He was improving before he moved to us and we spent the whole year destroying him and now that we have creative midfielders we expect miracles? Come on guys give a guy a break you should know by now that chelsea and famous strikers don't blend. Check our previous big names and remember what happened to them. So falcao is brilliant but we need don't need to invest in another potential flop. The current Brazil no9 seems to have an eye for a goal.
@Blue in Colorado, I second and triple that.....Now you know why I was tripping on your own article a few weeks ago.
i am tired of this, everywhere torres torres torres, y? and truth of the matter is dat there is nothing we can do now, unless after 31st december, u guys keeping talking as if the transfer window is opened, in the hospital they have something called 'last respect' when a patient is sick and is not going to make it, doctors and nurses keep encouraging the person and keep giving the person drugs till he or she dies. so wat i want to say is dat lets get behind the strikers we hav now till the transfer window opens
Sorry mates,like blue colorado n kaku,am requesting merin not to accept any other torres debate here,too much of anything is poison,monotony creates boredom!
Sorry,merlin not merin
i agree. leave the torres arguments as they are all the same
Wao at the kind rubbish being spilled out by shaka09. Chelse destroyed him....
@ darlinblue and blue5 fans here talk about Torres not because of hate for him (at least am yet to see that on here) but cos of I dare say some affection for him being our striker. Yes there is nothing will can do till 31st of December but we can sure talk about him just like we talk about other players maybe him more and for a reason!! I still reamin a big fan of Torres and yes we have all been behind him for 2 seasons! About time ha starts repaying us with some goals!! Dont you think?
@desmondadonis got it spot on .... i really like this kid 24 years old adam szalai playing for mainz , other players lookig good are wilfried bony, jackson martinez and siem de jong.
haji ahmed
Zaha. Imagine playing him as a number 9
@faara23 i just logged on to say that ... zaha is so good at beating players ....
haji ahmed
20 mil good deal. Play as a false #9. with Hazard, Mata and Oscar. Sick
Just dont comment if you dont like the article guys. As for Torres, the money involved with him means that there is no simple solution to move him on. His wages being the first problem, the huge loss on transfer fee bieng another. He would go for anything more than 20mil, probably more like 15mil to be realistic. That would mean probably a 30-35mil + Torres if Atletico were silly enough to accept it, and to pay Nando his 180K wage which Im sure he wont take a pay cut, and may even ask for bigger salary seeing he would be going to a smaller club with less chance of trophies and success? Its not like Nando is on the wrong side of 30 - in theory should still have plenty of football in him. Lets face it that we are stuck with him for next 2-3 years?
@alfosoulja - I too would prefer Torres get subbed sooner the 80 min mark. Might then actually give Sturiddge some serious minutes on the pitch and we may then actually find out we already have a very good striker in the squad.
Sturiddge has had 216 minutes of game time all year. Compared to Torres 1566 minutes.
Torres is finished! Would prefer bamford to lead the attack than La-Nino aka el-floppo.
Krested Kal-el
@Bluekiwi, I completely agree with you! Why RDM always choose those times to make his substitutions beats me especially if a new dynamic needs adding. Also as you have rightly stated, because of the big price tag on his head, it will be hard to find a simple solution for his case except Abromovich decides to take it on the chin again especially if what was in the press then that Torres was Mr. Abromovich direct pick is true. All said, I just want this guy to be the strike force he used to be or at 90% of it. I like him but reality is, he needs to be scoring!
Berbatov was given 4Mil by ManUre to take a pay-cut and join Fulham, who's to say we can't structure such a deal and rid us of this flop??
in that same time BLUE-KIWI Torr-Mented1 has hardly outscored Sturridge yet he's played so many games...
Blue in Colorado,KAKU,blue5.I join you guys.I have actually been saying this for the past two months.Same old debate.Same old moaning.Not only Torres but the striker debate has crossed its length.
Just get Wilfried Bony for that position and you will see the difference in the play and power. A good striker does the impossibles which Torres is not doing at the moment.
The thing is that if torres is kept as the main striker for chelsea in every game, then articles like this will keep coming up, with fans venting their frustration with articles, I can't imagine who adviced roman on buying torres, we paid a fortune for him that can buy atleast 5 strikers and atleast 2 will or 3 wouldve been good if that was the case, but what we need to do is try other options, but since we are not doing that, then I am sure what I said about roman ordering rdm to play torres without fail is true
No offense but Bony hasn't played under the pressure of a demanding schedule (European+League football) where he's expected to score in just about every game. Let's wait till he's played and excelled....a player called Jo was once a scoring machine, likewise a certain Kalou before he came to Chelsea
We already have Lukaku in the "Bony" mould so why have 2 similar players, we need some1 different...
Happy Diwali to all the Indian guys here.:-)
let us try sturridge!!! or even bamford who is scoring in every game!!! dey cant do any worse can dey??
God has heard our prayers...
Another 1...
No news sells like bad news and F9 is one vvvery bad news tormenting CFC at present. If some peeps have had a enough article on F9 feel and offer something different on the table that bring in banter and take our mind and soul off our risk asset gone bad(F9) then stating the obvious, so get busy.
Hardtackle sturridge also has a point , he deserves a chance cause , torres doesnt deserve start
haji ahmed
@MQ: 10X for that news of hope.
Danny will go in January, we can pay Torres as @MQ suggests to take a pay cut to Russia or China. Get Jovetic and Lewandrowski and we are set, both are young and clinical finishers.
@cfc250 happy Diwali.
The funny thing is that when Torres was playing for Liverpool, he was even more deadly than Suarez. I have long suspected that it must be something about the way Chelsea plays which creates an unsuitable environment for Torres.
Blue Day
@cfc250, I saw what that is like in indian movies, so I can imagine a lil what its like, happy diwali.
Blueday, its either the way we play which sucks or his heart is not at chelsea, it must be one of the two.
Even after all dis bashing of torres, some if nt all wuld still go ahead 2 name him man of d match in all our matches dis season.
don delsy
@DESMOND: If someone else had said our style of football sucks this season than that person must be on a cheap weed but you... Its unacceptable, stay off drugs you are better than that.
happy diwali to all of indian contingent ii this VC site...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Man U paid Berbatov 4mm to leave for Fulham? Where did you get this news from and what link? Don't embarrass yourself and post a link or Wayne Veysey link. And who compares a player's situation that had 1 year left on his contract and earning 100k a week (Berbatov) to one who has 4 years left on his contract and is the top 20 highest paid player in the world? To structure a deal like Berbatov's, think of the term of Torres's contract. berba's was one year remaining. Torres has four so whatever you decide to pay him off will be for 4 years. If Berba's was 4mm. Think higher numbers than the 4mm for Torres and multiply by the length of his contract. What Chelsea have in Fernando Torres is a Kaka situation. One of the highest transfer fees in the world, shadows of themselves and on high wages. Unlike Torres though, Kaka is improving. However, like Torres, they will forever be rumors linking him back to his boy club like Kaka has been linked back to AC Milan. Fans will believe it and look for all sentimental reasons for the player to move back to their previous clubs and will end up being disappointed that the former clubs cannot afford the transfer fees and/or salaries of their former prized jewels. However, Torres to Atletico Madrid in a Falcao swap will continue as much as Kaka to AC Milan. After a while, it will turn to the MLS or something else. I think Chelsea will follow Real Madrid's steps: look for a cheaper (Ozil in Real Madrid's case) world class player to replace Torres in the CF position and not engage in a big money move. And then work on loaning Torres to other clubs from the summer. We just made 1.4mm net profit of which 20mm+ was from player trading profits. A sale of Torres or a termination of his contract with payments (that's if it is possible) will be wipe all that profit from last year out......There is a reason Real Madrid hasn't been able to move Kaka all these years. Only because he is nearing the end of his contract are moves now looking likelier to happen like Berbatov's case and Adebayor.
I would believe that it would be sufficient for us to spend a 'mere' 20m on Jovetic. This would be due to the fact that getting any striker for 30m+ in a league as hard as BPL, for a club as big as chelsea and in a lone striker formation, will have an affect on their ability to perform consistently. Look at other clubs prowess in the market for strikers. The problem, with this would be that I do not wish to see any of our rivals get Falcao (as knowing our luck, he would go to them and destroy everyone :P). This leaves quite a conundrum. Also, we do definitely need a DM. If Fellaini is too expensive, then I'd consider someone young we can snatch like M'Vila. Also, for the record I would at least consider offering for Ballotelli as a striker option.
Fiorentina turned down a 25mm offer for Jovetic so I don't think our 20mm will fly. Balotelli? Will destroy our locker room and Chelsea fans at the Bridge will destroy him. We won't tolerate his nonsense like City does. M'Vila is garbage and doesn't have any passing skills. Cabaye is much better. Milan Badelj is doing well at Hamburg. Wanyama is good. Diame from West Ham is a monster. They are so many options at Double Pivot including our own Josh and KDB if they develop their defensive ability as well.
so you think there's no way Chelsea can sell Torr-Mented1 KAKU?? For all the stuff you just said, I can't wait to see the look on your face when we sell him (given his current performance) you really think it's impossible us selling this guy?? LoL how "clever"
Gosh Mq, that is why I don't have conversations with you and know you have no iota of investment knowledge. If Chelsea is to sell Torres SO SOON like your intelligent brain thinks, it will be for a significant loss and will probably impede on big money moves. It is not about it being impossible, but it being unlikely as soon as some of you expect e.g. like January like some of you think. The whole point is to reduce the amount of losses we'll take on disposing Torres. The equivalent of selling Torres is the cost of sacking Ancelotti + Hiring AVB close to 30mm pounds. If you think we'll be taking that sort of this loss this year, you must be joking. A loan move then a sale is more likely, but a sale in the early part of his contract with his current performance is just wishful thinking......Comparing such to Berbatov is incredibly daft as well....
@hardtackle, u obviously misinterpreted me, or let me put it this way, I did not make myself clearer, our style doesn't suit torres or his heart is not with chelsea. That's what it boils down to.
@ Mq I hope the story of Falcao already agreeing personal terms with Chelsea is true but on the other hand, 60M is a very big spend and I dont think we need spend that big. Why can't we find a decent striker and hopefully turn them into world class striker. Maybe our scouts need a good kick on their behind. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on one player is not sustainable.
whatever we think of AVB...he suggested us the best things we have today and possible targets...RDM, Mata, Cahill, Sturridge (promoting), Courtosis, & FALCAO....he told us to sign him for 34m and 1.5 yr we are after him for 48m and 1.5 yr older...funny
do you really think Chelsea (under Roman) are fearful of taking a short-term loss given the long-term benefit to be gained KAKU?? Investment isn't just about short-term gains lad, you can lose immediately but gain eventually. Given we having made a profit now and Uefa allowing for losses upto 40Mil Euro's, we can still accommodate losing Torr-Mented1 and buying Falcao because Falcao's cost will be amortized over the duration of his contract (5 years presumably) so it can be done....*go figure*
We don't have the 'patience' to turn an average striker into a world class striker AFRO otherwise we'd be seeing the likes of Sturridge and Lukaku stay and be given more chances.
@ blue_run.....apart from mata and Maybe rdm avb did nothing..sturidge was already was chelsea who bought cahill, courtois, lukaku, and Kdb.with avb approval or not....chelsea deserve the credit not Avb mate.
Krested Kal-el
if we get anything ard 20m for torres, we shd take it.
Gosh,...didn't know you were this terrible in analysis. We only made profits because we booked players profits for close to 28mm+ pounds and won the UCL which earned us 15mm pounds more than the finalist in Bayern. These are 2 events that don't happen every year. If we didn't sell players or win the UCL, we'd be in a loss making position AGAIN to the tune of close to 40mm pounds...2 events that don't happen every year. How many players we would be ABLE TO SELL from next year? Lampard, Cole, and Malouda are all leaving on the free. Once players like Josh, PVA and KDB return next year, their salaries will be on our books. Besides even the striker situation, there is a possibility we could sign another midfielder and left back.....So yeah, it is not as easy as go figure as you put it. Almost all your go figure thoughts always end up stupid anyway.
The salaries of the player's you've mentioned are probably less than Lamps when all combined, so we'll still have 'excess' from losing Cashley and Malouda, salaries that can easily account for Falcao. For some1 who claims to know about investments to be suggesting you are "stuck" with 1 bad investment is ludicrous, I seen people lose much more than we have and still thrived, much like we've 1nce upon a time had losses that were in they hundreds and we still sacked Managers with huge payouts, guess what, we made a profit eventually. If you are suggesting we are "stuck" with Torr-Mented1 then you are deluded, we can sell this guy anytime we deem necessary.
and stop with the "if this, if that" it happened and we made a profit, and when we decide to sell Torr-Mented1 there's no if's about that, we'll sell him :)
Basic math: add Cashley's salary to Lamps & Malouda's then subtract the players we have on loan, I bet it's still way in excess to afford another LB and CM. Falcao's salary is offset by Torr-Mented1's :) and depending on how we negotiate, we could still have an excess. UEFA allows a loss of 40Mil/ annum for the first 3 years so yeah, IT'S POSSIBLE :)
Gosh Mq, stop making yourself look like an arse and fool that you are. You don't even know the rules. UEFA rules allows us to absorb aggregate losses of 45 million (36 million), initially over those two years and then over a three-year monitoring period. Not 40mm Euros per annum like you claim (AGAIN, MAKING YOURSELF THE IDIOT THAT YOU ARE). Read the rules here first then come back and talk to me: Under article 61. Lampard and Ashley's salary do not count towards FFP. PVA, KDB and others will count as well plus the new CM and LB you are opening your GOB about. Not only do you have to include their salaries, but the transfer fees we have to pay as well. Geez......Know the rules first before opening your stupid mouth. Oh Lord.
And again you miss my point like the idiot that you are. No one remains with a bad investment. You just have to know when to dispose of your investment so that you don't make a significant loss on the investment. A bad investment decision on Ibrahimovich and when to dispose him at the price has left Barcelona in a position of not buying world class CBs when they clearly need one or two. They are no ifs and if nots. It is what the situation is you genius. The point is the time is not right to dispose of the investment unless a stupendous offer from somewhere comes of which the fairy hasn't granted. At least not now. It is about the price. But an arrogant schmuck like yourself won't know that. No one you know investment. You don't even know the basic rules of FFP. Why should I even be discussing with you?
No way you know investment.
LoL I said 40Mil from the top of my head and you rightly say 45Mil after researching (you even have the doc to prove) , by how much does that make me an idiot, 5Mil?? Big Deal
Amidst all the stuff you rightly say BOTTOM LINE if Chelsea want to rid themselves of a player they can and will, especially if there's a buyer. We are not stuck with Torr-Mented1 beyond that which we feel we can handle, if Roman decides to rid us of the guy he can and he will, there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you and any other number cruncher out there that can influence that and therein lies the gist of my argument, so for all things you saying like we are stuck with this guy WE ARE NOT, we can sell him "good investment" or not :)
...No one remains with a bad investment. You just have to know when to dispose of your investment so that you don't make a significant loss on the investment..... small loss or big loss, a long as you don't get any meaningful or quantifiable benefit it's tantamount to a bad investment PERIOD :)
Nope. You said 40mm annually. It is 45mm for 2 seasons in aggregate so 22.5mm per annum. That is 18mm difference. Not 5mm difference. Again, you don't even understand that....
WoW 18Mil difference, boy I must really be clueless, next time I should research like you and not speak from the top of my head...NOTED: )
Just crossing my fingers hoping that chelsea pulls out a surprise and get the right person to bang in the goals again

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