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Let me start by saying this article will not be a Torres bashing article but one to outline why Sturridge, at this moment, is better for Chelsea FC then Torres.

I believe, based on Torres play in the past 2 years, he has done a great job to outline better than any article can why any promising striker should be starting over him. Honestly I think it's a disservice to Sturridge to suggest he should be playing only because Torres is doing so poorly.

The truth is, Danny should be playing because his good enough to and the boy will score. I have seen the comments stating that he hasn't done anything at Chelsea to showcase his ability. Well I'm one of the Chelsea fan that doesn't suffer from selective amnesia because I don't like something about a player.

At this time last year Danny was scoring goals for fun when few players in our team were. Now I know after the Christmas break the goals did slow down, that's really when we started to see some of the weakness in Daniel`s game.

For one his decision-making is questionable, while at times instead of shooting he should pass. But really as young players whose game is still developing that's nothing that can't be fixed by a good manager. Danny`s goal against Birmingham City kept us in the FA Cup, he was our top scorer while playing out of position, 8 goals in 12 games for Bolton, 2goals 5 games for team GB after battling meningitis.

His pace and ball control and dribbling ability make him a huge threat and his ability to take on players whilst also finishing chances in the box make him as dangerous as a young Torres. I do believe he can score lots of goals for Chelsea at the centre-forward position if giving the opportunity at the starting line-up.

A lot of fans pointed to the Capitol One Cup v United to say he`s not good enough but is it really fair to judge a player who was coming off an injury who was starting his first game of the season based on one match.

Daniel is not a super sub his one of those players who thrives on confidence and the rhythm of the game playing week in and week out. So we can't even judge him on his 15, 10, 6 minutes cameos.

'I don't need anyone to tell me I am great or that I am fantastic, I just need to play,'

Sturridge said.

'I need the opportunity and that is when you get your own confidence.

'Didier Drogba always said to me: 'Studge, it doesn't really matter about anything as long as you believe in yourself'. And that's my main strength'

'If anyone says to you that if they don't play they are fine, it is a lie. I do not believe it is easy to not play and then switch it on like a light'.

'You can't do that. You have to play regularly. You have to be able to replicate what you've been doing week in, week out'

'Some players can come off the bench and play well. Some players cannot. Some players can have an impact and score. Some cannot. Everyone is different'

Let's hope Di Mateo give the kid the chance I believe he deserves.

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The Journalist

Writer: Blue_yank  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 13 2012

Time: 4:40PM

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@Blue yank i actually agree with you that Sturridge has not been given a fair shake this season...i dont think he is sufficient for us as a lone striking option but his playing time i dont think has been well handled by RDM and now i dont think the boy is interested in the Chelsea project any longer,...i just feel he is is going through the motions waiting for January to come at which point he will move is telling that despite repeated moves from the board he has refused to sit down to sign a new deal with us..he no longer sees us as his future and this shows in how RDM uses him..he is only played as an absolute last resort when all else fails..unfortunate but this is the reality right now..we are entirely dependent on El Nino as our lone striker option till January...may the Good Lord help us and have mercy so we can just hang on till then.
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13/11/2012 17:53:00

I'm not saying Danny is good..... but till we get an intelligent and deadly striker, we should play Danny instead of Torres........ I know KAKU and some others probably would disagree, but we shoild ******** try this shoit man !....... I mean, we have nothing to lose..... in most matches, we play with 10 man from the beginning !.......... lets just give the guy some footy time...... it can't be worse than playing with 10 man !
The Persian
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13/11/2012 20:02:00

he should start against westbrom.
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13/11/2012 21:24:00

Not to mention joint top scorer last season despite playing 1 game as a St all season and the rest as a winger, and being marginilised towards the end fo the season. Despite apparent flaws in his game (no player is perfect), if nothing more he has proved in the past that he has an eye for goal and given consistant game time he will bang them in. Im sure if he had had the number of starts up front that Torres has had in the last 2 seasons his stats would be far different. Even to those unlike me that dont rate him, what is Torres doing to warrant his place over him? A big transfer fee, wage and name? Why should he NOT be given a chance? What does he need to do to prove himself? If he is not given minutes on the pitch how can he do it? Many claim he is not good enough, despite him having only a couple of starts as a striker for Chelsea. How can you judge on that? What does Torres offer than Sturridge doesnt. Sturridge has more pace, tricks, better shot, more confidence, longer range shot, shoot with both feet. Torres perhaps has a better pass, but for gods sake we are talking about a striker not a playmaker.. I love RDM and what he is doing but if there is one gripe I have right now, it is Sturridge not getting an oppurtunity..
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13/11/2012 22:17:00

Sturridge is good at 1v1 situations. How many has Torres fluffed? I like Torres still and I will continue to back him, but please RDM, at least give Sturridge SOME game time, and if Torres is playing kack, then bring him on with more than 10 minutes remaining.. I had looked up some minutes numbers and commented on another thread. Torres = over 1500 minutes of play time already this season, Sturridge 200 odd. Rediculous. For keeping Torres fresh if nothing more this needs to change. I had hoped given our striking options this year that Sturridge would actually get a run of games. People are applauding what Lukaku is doing and how he is developing at West Brom. Sturridge was far better at Bolton, and yet is still starved of game time.. Wonder if same will happen with Lukaku?
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13/11/2012 22:22:00

And maybe contractual issues would have been solved long ago if the club and coach showed a bit of faith in the kid. As much as it pains me, if I were him I would want to get the heck out..
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13/11/2012 22:24:00

Why does KAKU have to be mentioned with anything in regards to Sturridge?
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14/11/2012 01:11:00

Kaku - Lolololol!!!!!!
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14/11/2012 01:48:00

Here is the thing about Danny, HE IS NOT A NUMBER 9. He scored from the wing. He is too left footed for a central striker. Very few left footer have made it as a proper #9. RVN is one who comes to mind. I think first Danny has to understand that there is no coach out there willing to play him as a #9. At city it was the same, for England its the same, Chelsea same, Bolton same. Are you seriously telling me that all these great coaches were stupid, there is a reason they they didnt play him where he wants. Its time to grow up a realize that if he needs game time he will have to play where the coaches want. And sulking will only result in more sulking on the bench. Thre is no team excerpt Liverpool who will take him if he keeps whining about a central role, where he is not suited and on the few occassions he has come off the bench and got his wish, he really hasnt showed much. He is great wide and taking on players and cutting inside and shooting.. zits time to wake up one day he will wake up and realize he has wasted 3 years of his life.
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14/11/2012 02:07:00

@Faara23 - No they are not stupid, they did exactly what I would have except, for RDM. Accelotti had Drogba, Anelka, Kalou all ahead of him in the pecking order and later Torres. Whom would you rely on to get you the goals? A very young and raw Sturridge or the battle hardened and journeyman boys that have done it all to often in the past? AVB used him wide as he lacked real wingers and saw that he was good enough. There was still Drogba, Torres and Anelka to start with whom are all proven so would naturally be used first to spearhead the attack. Thats why he was sent on loan for 6 months as a striker with Bolton and did very well. One can argue that was as a two man strike force which it was, but whose to say he cant work as s single striker? He certainly believes he can. Has he had his chances? NO. He was not a winger at Bolton. He played Striker at City (all be it not often but did well enough for us to sign the young talent) as far as Im aware he was only a winger under AVB.
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14/11/2012 02:14:00

Whether you rate him or not, does he not at least does a crack whilst Torres struggles to get goals?
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14/11/2012 02:21:00

Change Sturridge's Nationality to Brazil or Spain and you will see RDM play him as CF immediately. I think RDM's issue with Sturridge has to do more with perception than Sturridge's ability... We are neither giving him an opportunity to prove his ability nor improve it.. so why was he kept as the 2nd striker? don't get it? poor planning....
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14/11/2012 03:03:00

For all those who call Sturridge a $hit player I'm yet to hear a footballing reason why they believe so. His goals/minutes played ration is just about twice better than a 50Mil overpaid flop
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14/11/2012 06:29:00

For all his selfishness the man was in our top3 goal scorers last season having basically played half the season...if that's being selfish then I'll gladly accept it wholeheartedly than some "selfless" flop who gets paid handsomely to be discussing his affairs in the media constantly (he seems to have taken the mantle from Lamps)
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14/11/2012 06:33:00

What makes me so sad about the big wigs on VC is that, they won't see reason (just once) to other fans opinions who raise worthy points, I can't believe how a sane person would still argue that we should play torres continously without any alternative when we keep failing when we keep our faith in him, its beats my imagination really, I won't say anything and complain if rdm keeps introducing studge in the 65-75th minute consistently in all of our games, then we'll have a clearer picture of things by now, but we keep playing el nino again and again in all of our games and sub him off only in the 85th minute without any improvement. That is the root of my frustration and I can't wait for january to come.
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14/11/2012 07:26:00

I dont hate nando, he is only 28 and if he is to go the drogba way, he still have atleast 6 years of football for us at the highest level, but I don't think majority of the fans want him at chelsea till that time except he hits a rich vein of form for us. No sane fan will want him to fail, if torres finds a way to score regularly till january, u'll see some fans argue that we don't need any other striker, that is how much he is loved.
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14/11/2012 07:30:00

I had so much hope on the torres but He has turned out to be the most selfish player that ever wore the blue shirt, that alone is enough to keep him on th bench till he learn some footballing sense. I would rather have Moses in the CF positon over Studge. watching him is a very painful experience for any person tht knows football. Give Studge a simple pass and be sure he will try some silly moves and lose the ball. That sot of thing *****es managers off and as long as he continues that way he will keep finding himself lower on the pecking order.
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14/11/2012 08:33:00

so much hope on Sturidge I meant
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14/11/2012 08:35:00

is RDM waiting for Roman to visit Cobham again to effect positive changes??
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 08:56:00

@mq,u are spot on,i would prefer a selfish sturridge than a selfless torres...if a striker scorin goals(doin his job) is perceivd to be selfish,then i would gladly have welcome his selfishness
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14/11/2012 09:33:00

Studge have refused to sign for Chelsea, so he should be managed and allowed to leave in January. @Realmike - I quite agree with you. I do not see any of the top teams that will take him in as No. 9, except mid table teams (and I must say, selected ones not all). The reason we have been mentioning Sturridge is due to Torres failure. The board should go out and get a class and support strikers, while recalling Lukaku in Jan. Sturridge does not come close as the answer in solving CFC's striker's problem.
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14/11/2012 10:13:00

KAKUfrank - that's because you make good arguments and comments so you're always in the spotlight and it's easy to remember what was your opinion about Sturridge or any other matters...... you and GabeU both......
The Persian
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14/11/2012 10:44:00

faara23 - the "Very few left footer have made it as a proper #9" argument is really cheap....... the fact is that most of the players are right footed , so it is clear that there would be more successful right foot strikers than left foots...........
The Persian
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14/11/2012 11:06:00

@ThePersian, they was a reason I was screaming for Chelsea to sell Sturridge in the summer. Besides my perception of him as a footballer, it was clear as night and day, he was gonna be getting the dog house treatment because of his contract situation. He was already on 60k higher than Mata, Ramires and Luiz. Whatever new contract he has to sign will be higher than 60k and quite frankly, he ain't worth that....It made no sense to be paying the player higher than starters at the club for him to sit on the bench. Given Sturridge's track record with Man City, this was heading for the exits......I was screaming it throughout summer - sell Sturridge because we know Chelsea will treat contract renegades like dogs if they didn't sign.........We'll keep getting articles like this as well......Funny thing is he won't play because the Board has made its decision. Maybe you can put up Malouda articles as well for him to get a chance too.
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 13:34:00

@Latunvic, of course the Brazilian will play. His salary will be much lower. He will sign a longer term contract and I am sure he will be better footballing wise in terms of skills, footballing decisions and footballing brains.
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14/11/2012 13:39:00

I agree KAKUfrank... it is obvious he's going to the exit door... RDM always says this and that player are not guaranteed starters, they have to compete to get in the starting XI...... but I remember when RDM was asked about Sturridge's situation, he replied "Torres needs competition".... I think there's a difference between saying "Torres needs competition" and "Sturridge has to fight for getting game time"................ I now notice that he uses Sturridge to rest Torres............ I'm not saying he's doing the right/wrong thing........ but I still think Danny can be used better..... If we're going to sell him or let him go, then we know he has something to show, and possibly he will do his best to attract some clubs to buy him................ there are several reasons that he can do better than Torres (and that doesn't mean we don't need to buy another CF)....... footballing brain ? yeah, surely Torres is better than Studge in that matter, but that's not enough reason to let Torres play and leave Danny on the bench........ yes Torres probably has the brain more than Studge, but he has lost his instincts and pace and body balance etc.....
The Persian
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 17:12:00

@ The Persian, you might say its cheap but its true. Just name 5 good ones. I dare you
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 18:03:00

faara23 - Van Persie..... Christian Vieri.... Patrick M'Boma.......Mario Kempes..... Davor Suker..... Stoichkov...... Ferenc Puskas .................... and there are some who would qualify as "good" , but not great ! like Borriello , Oscar Cardozo , Adriano , Podolski , Saha , Negredo , Groud........ some of them played the second striker role , but also they were used as a true #9
The Persian
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 20:06:00

I think simply based on form Sturridge deserves a chance. Torres hasn't scored many goals and doesn't look like he will score except on the odd lucky occasion. I believe Sturridge's selfishness is him trying to show that he is willing to take a shot which is what central strikers are supposed to do. With his speed he should be able to latch on to through balls which Torres looks too slow to do these days. If he improves his movement and keeps moving about the 3 musketeers will find him.
Report Abuse
14/11/2012 20:39:00

I totally agree with GabeU. Sturridge has checked out and is going through the motions. True, RDM hasn't used him much but...he did have an injury. I don't like his body language and I may be wrong but he doesn't appear to be a team player as he is very selfish. Maybe not a good example to the younger academy players.
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 01:56:00

He's not good enough, neither is Torres
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 06:20:00

whether he was supposed to be sold in the summer or not is bygones now, pointless seeing people bring that up, talk about hung on the past....The guy is in our squad now and constantly on the bench with 5-10minute cameo's mostly while the team toils with a player who's proving to be more useless with every game so RDM quite frankly has no reason not to bring him in earlier or starting him in some games especially against "lesser" opposition
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 06:27:00

recall the time Rooney wanted out, Sir Alex said he spoke to Rooney to respect the club as long as he was a ManUre player till the day he departed. Not to juxtapose that into this Sturridge 'situation' but given that he's still a Chelsea player he deserves and must still be used till the day he departs, add to that the current 'malaise' of a certain Torr-Mented1 and you realize there's absolutely no reason why Sturridge hasn't been given more game time unless you have a cowardice Manager afraid to make the right decisions....
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 06:30:00

@mq. Whilst I agree with you on sturridge the manager is far from cowardace. Dropping lamps, playing Bertrand in champs league final, making Oscar at his tender age and experiance one of our main starters to note a few points of courage. Nothing cowardly about any of that?
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 06:54:00

Give Sturridge a starting chance in the next match and let Torres see from the bench and learn the best way to utilize the creativity coming for the midfield
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 09:01:00

Why do people persist with these pointless articles? Maybe the club shouldnt have fired AVB then Studge will be a regular starter. Or maybe Torres shouldnt be treated as a target man, maybe the central trio should play to his strenghts and give the passes earlier,through the channels instead of late through the flanks. Maybe RDM shouldnt have loaned out Lukaku if he needed a targetman. Have you thought of that possibility that perhaps RDM isnt playing to Torres's strenghts and perhaps doesnt see Studge as his type of striker?
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 10:32:00

BLUEKIWI the only reason Bertrand played in the Champs League final is because Ramires, Ivanovic, Terry & Meireles were suspended and there was no other defensive cover besides Bertrand. I don't get why people think RDM was being brave there, if anything he was being a coward. Why bench Torr-Mented1 & Sturridge to play Bertrand & Kalou unless you want more defensive cover??
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 16:30:00

As for dropping Lamps, we all saw he was dropped after Roman's Cobham visit (after the Juve game) so it's debatable that he "willingly" dropped Lamps
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 16:30:00

@Mq - Players on Chelsea bench for champs league final: Ferreira, Essien, Romeu, Malouda, Torres, Sturridge (and Turnbull). You cant tell me there was no other defensive cover here, in fact there was plenty and more experianced defensive coverage. Im sure most managers would have played any of the players on the bench over Bertrand for that game given it was his first taste of European footy. All were pretty shocked by his inclusion, a very bold move indeed. And for Roman visiting Cobham, I feel you are reading too much into things here. No one knows what any of his visits include and its pretty naive to suggest that he gave orders to drop Lampard. None of us could possibly know what conversations went on, and whether Roman had demanded anything of the sort.
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 20:12:00

@Mq - whilst we know you personally dont like RDM for whatever reason, I dont think you give him enough credit. You must surely be (at least fairly) impressed with his integration of Oscar and Hazard, and how the team is playing currently. There will always be areas of where we feel they can do better (Sturridge/Torres case for me)..
Report Abuse
15/11/2012 20:15:00

Just play those players adding something today and not how they have been playing in recent times.
Report Abuse
16/11/2012 11:27:00

Let us look forward since we can never change the past or live in the past
Report Abuse
17/11/2012 06:54:00


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