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How to get him off our pay roll!

After our game against West Brom, all Chelsea fans can't wait for January for us to get another striker.

Yes, I can't wait either but if I have my way, I would sign two strikers and throw Torres through the exit door. The truth is Torres doesn't make an impact in a game, so it doesn't make any difference if he is a second or a first choice striker.

A player that can't make the difference in a game of 90 minutes, will that striker make any difference when he is brought into a game with 15 minutes to go?

The truth is Torres is not of any use anymore!

Sturridge gets into the right position but his finishing is poor and that's poor for a striker.

My way would be get Falcao and then recall Lukaku, but on a second thought, Lukaku is doing well but not yet a finish product, it would be great for him to finish his season at West Brom so he can play more games and be a better player.

But the truth is I am so fed up with Torres, I just hope we get him off our pay roll urgently.

Wait! I just remembered something! The Pazzini-Cassano swap deal, we can actually pay £5-10m plus Torres for either of Jovetic, Pato or Lewandowski, tempting I must say.

But the issue is by the end of January, it would be great if we sign Falcao and recall Lukaku or sign Falcao and include Torres in any swap deal like that of Pazzini and Cassano, so we can have two deadly strikers.

I would go with any of Falcao and recalling Lukaku or 2 deadly strikers (Falcao and the Torres swap deal), but Torres is finished at Chelsea, he should be kicked out, he shouldn't be wearing blue come next season.

I wish us good luck against Juventus and I also hope we are in the title race come January before we get a striker(s) to lead us all the way!

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The Journalist

Writer: Hazard11 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 18 2012

Time: 12:18PM

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Dear oh dear.
I would even swap torres for stephan el shaarawy!!
Can't disagree now. When Torres got a through ball yesterday after about 20 minutes I thought he would charge in on goal - the chance to do so was there, but he squared it to another Chelsea player and the attack broke down. If he'd charged on there was a goal scoring opportunity for him but he seems keen to not put himself in the position that he can miss. He's lost it I'm afraid. Can you imagine what Suarez, Tevez, Falcao or Aguero would have done in this situation? Hint: they wouldn't have squared it. His body language is not there and he is listless. Compare him with Suarez who buzzes around enthusiastically almost all the game. Torres is till good on the ball and perhaps he is not getting the right servicve but then he also has to DO something!!! At 175K a week!
im pretty sure torres won't leave , no where will he get that payroll ANYWHERE , and why would they want a 28 yr old out of form striker for a 23 yrold who shows massive potential
Agree totally with CFCTalal...problem is his wages. I have been longing for Fernando to "come good" and he just hasn't, and at this point I am convinced he wont, in a Chelsea shirt anyway. I wonder would PSG be interested? If we are going to offer Torres in a swap deal we would need to offer to pay some of his wages, for a season or two. At this point in time i would rather see us give Danny a longer run in the team and hope he recaptures his Bolton form. Sign someone in January, with the head / bottle to keep going. I know that i am going to get lambasted for saying this but, Gary Hooper of Celtic might be a nice sneaky wee buy. At least his head wont drop so easily and his work rate is fantastic.
edit Hooper might not be that good a buy since my mate has just informed me that Neil Lennon values him @ £35 million
another Torres article....
Blue in Colorado
Torres' best days are behind him, it wrecks my heart to say it but that's the truth of the situation. It's gonna do a lot of good, if we get him off our books quickly!
if no one will buy Torres then we should give him out for free or on loan till his contract is done, he is a complete mess now. Sell Sturridge as well, he is not a good finisher.
What do u think of this picture: Cech-3-2-3-2-----Ivanovic Cahill Ryan-Ramires Fellani-Mata Hazard Oscar-Suarez Falcao. Sub: Azpi, Wallace, Moses, Lukaku, Okore, Josh, Annholt, De Bruyne, Willian, Piazon, Blackman. Sell Luiz, he is worse than Torres.
Selling sturridge might be a good move. January might be the right market to tempt a team like the 'pool might to pay £20 million or so and we can invest this into a Jovetic or someone like that. Torres is a huge mistake, it makes me feel sick that we have did not learn the lessons from Shevchenko transfer. Mourinho had the right philosophy in buying players who were hungry and young (we should have purchased Suarez in the Torres transfer window). Its a pity that Roman's has this tendency to approach the odd transfer market with a view to purchasing a Galactico. Personally, if i was Roman, i would get more satisfaction from buying some young talent and see them develop into a galactico within my own club, much like Lamps did when we bought him from West Ham. Then again i'm not Roman and the man is an absolute hero in my eyes as his presence at the club has brought me untold joys that I would never have experienced otherwise. So, actually scrap what i have said above he can do what he wants!!!
we need a world class team in full and not anything in halves with likes of Mikel, Romeu, Sturridge, Torres, Luiz...Terry, Lampard and Cole are legends, they need to give way to fresh legs.
we need a world class team in full and not anything in halves with likes of Mikel, Romeu, Sturridge, Torres, Luiz...Terry, Lampard and Cole are legends, they need to give way for fresh legs.
Here we go again. "we can actually pay £5-10m plus Torres for either of Jovetic, Pato or Lewandowski, tempting I must say." How will Fiorentina, AC Milan or Dortmund afford his salary?
look he's not going anywhere in january simply bcos of his wages. nobody will want him, that's for sure. but it's really sturridge that's beginning to worry me. and i believe he was 99% a spurs player on august 31st but didn't happen bcos we ddn't get schurrle. baring a miracle it will happen in january. RDM doesn't rate him. however with recent poor results RDM himself might be on his bike too and maybe e even sooner.
Look...Torres needs to be either sold or loaned out. He will not be happy as the #2 backup and his sulking will affect the remainder of the team especially Mata.. So he must leave. It will be best for him as he needs a new start to regain his own confidence. Just get him out a here.
Hold on where is this 'sturridge should be sold' talk coming from? The guy had a great game yesterday a were it not for myhill being on fire would have won us the game. He is not a goal scorer? that is laughable considering he scored 16 goals from out wide, where he was out of position and hardly featured in the second half of the season. He also scored 12 in 12 for Bolton prior to that showing in fact he is a natural goal scorer. If there is someone to blame for him not scoring blame RDM for not giveing him enough match time to get him sharp. I am 100% convinced that he will score bag full of goals if he were to be give a string of starts and was more match sharp. his record doesn't lie.
Oh my.. gosh..
PLAYERS THAT NEED TO GO - Torres...needs to go to keep the remainder of the team focused and positive. Lampard...needs to go in in as he lacks a long term future...Sturridge...he won't sign a contract extension so sell him in January. Romeu...sell him in January...doesnt' have a long term future with Chelsea with Mikel/Ramires a head of him and with Nate C. a potential starter in 3 years. Ashly Cole...if PSG/Real Madrid offer enough I would sell him has he now has long term ankle issues..
Ess...DaBison...Sturridge will not sign a contract extension so he would leave this summer for free. So, if he is sold in January..Chelsea will get something for him...otherwise he walks for free. Chelsea must sell him in January to receive money to fund a new CF.
get rid of him for nothing...I'd rather we make a £50m loss than have him start another game for us ahead of Sturridge
Dear Hazard 11, why would Torres leave Chelsea? NO club in the world will pay him the ridiculous wages we do so we are stuck with him for the rest of his contract. We can't force a player to leave!!!
I agree with most here that something needs to be done about Torres and I agree that we might want to take another look at sturridge too, I keep getting the feeling of selfishness from him. He seems to want to play to showcase himself than for the team sometimes.If he is to remain with us, he can't be our main striker. However one player that seem to worry a lot lately is David Luiz. Considering the amout of stupid goals we have conceeded in the last couple games, somebody need to tell this erratic young man to stick to his job of defending. Defence used to be one of our main strenghts now every tom dick and harry scores ridiculous cheap goals against us most of which have been defensive blunders. We need to do something about our defence!!
Sturridge is not a bad finisher. It was his first start in the league after sitting on the bench for no good reason.
After yesterdays game I have given up on Torres he does not fit into the system we play I thought service from our midfield was the real problem for his failure in Blue but know I have to come to realise the truth the problem is Torres himself the guy does not look interested in playing for the shirt. So yes I agree its in the best interests of the club that we part company with Torres and bring in a new striker if we are challenge for domestic and European honours.
If only we had Berbatov and Lukaku and Meireles.
He would take a pay-cut to rejoin A. Madrid, and Falcao moves in the opposite direction, we can put in an extra £25-30m in the deal. I think its too early to over-criticise Sturridge, he played badly yesterday and deserved the stick he got but I think he needs some games.
@robertarri Is mikel the reason for our crisis?post something that makes sense next time.not that useless formation of yours.thank God ur nt a coach.playing ryan betrand as a centre back lol.
its amazing ur all slating danny who was our brightest spark yesterday & who looked better movement wise than torres has all season but not one person noticed how crap hazard played yesterday & marin still didnt get a game what the hell??
its amazing ur all slating danny who was our brightest spark yesterday & who looked better movement wise than torres has all season but not one person noticed how crap hazard played yesterday & marin still didnt get a game what the hell??
Sturridge is an upgrade over doubt about it...But since Sturridge will move in January...why waste all this time..blah..blah..blah..about Sturridge. He is moving on...We all agree that Sturridge needs to start the remainder of the games at CF over Torres...but realize since he won't extend his contract he will be moving on in January.
I can't understand this stuffs anymore, can anybody in here tell us what we'll do with torres and his wages? The guy didn't get much chance yesterday, he needs someone that will give him the type of through balls he relishes and I don't think any of our midfielders have any understanding with him, his wages will be a hindrance for him, tell pool to pay 25m for him and he'll start scoring when he gets back there, his love for that club is part of his problem while playing against them.
@Gondo don't know which game you were watching were Harzard was crap:-( oh, i see, you must have been watching a different game to the rest of us and that's why you noticed!! I for 1 thought Cahill and Harzard were our best players before mata came on.
pego sama
Dannism...are you having a laugh because clearly you weren't watching the same game. We actually found out what its like playing with a striker for the first time this season because Torres thus far has been non existent. Yh he didnt score but that was down to a lack of match time and Myhill having an awesome game. But his movement, positioning and link-up play (especially with Mata) was brilliant. He was a handful for their defenders who were thankful to their goal keeper.
i love hazard but all he did yesterday aside from score the goal was lose the ball & then stand around looking at the ref especially in the second half
 can't agree more sell torres or give him out as a̷̷̴̐ gift τ̲̅ȍ any club or maybe τ̲̅ȍ eyimba fc ȋ̝̊̅Ŋ nigeria,Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊. Buy falcao and lewandoski ȋ̝̊̅Ŋ januarry or else we will finnish 10th come may..
I don't agree with you about Sturridge cause he looked good yesterday. If he had enough playing game like our "50 mill" Striker he wouldve been scoring a lots of goals for us. About Torres you r right he is not that Torres we all wanted to see now cause he's finished.
According to reports, Torres earns £175000 per week. This means, without bonuses, he gets £9.1m per year. He has another 3 years left on his contract so we will play him £27m for the privilege of playing for our beloved CFC irrespective of whether he scores another goal or not. We have already spent £50m to buy him and another £18m in the two years that he has been with us. Why do we need him, what does he bring to the table when his heart and apparently of his son is in Liverpool. Give him back to Liverpool for £20m and save wasting another £27m. Put the boy out of his misery and let him go back to whence he came. Ps Mata, Oscar and Hazard all earn less than Torres. Amazing!!!
@ess..Dabison even though im a big chelsea fan but at this time i wish sturridge would move to another club with a coach and fans that appreciate what he can do. its really crazy the double standard with torres and sturridge..this fool fernando been playing garbage for 2 years not once been booed fans go out their way to make excuses for him..yesterday played like straight caca and we saw how a cf suppose to play in sturridge his movement ball control balance the shots etc..yet a lot of us say well his garbage because he missed some chances which by the way were unlucky and good goal keeping. the way he played yesterday was 80% good 20% bad. some people are talking like his been playing cf for the whole freaking season saying things like our center forwards.. really we only been playing one since yesterday. torres is garbage. fans really have short memories huh. the beginning of the season Suarez yes Suarez wasn't finishing his chances did that make him a bad finisher no he had to get into a rhythm of things. giroud from arsenal same thing. now people are talking about we should get el shaarawy cause his banging goals in at this moment hmmm somewhat like danny did last year scored a beauty against sunderland, new castle, had a double at bolton, won the man city match for us even though he didn't score... but again that was last year right.. smdh Sturridge is rusty for lack of playing, he didnt sign a new contract because for one the manager didn't rate him i assume that because why else play torres for that long period of time but now he saw a clear difference between torres and sturridge i believe he will start on Tuesday. but like i say i hope sturridge play untill jan score lots of goals so we can still claim a championship place and he can move on to another club like liverpool... and chelsea can get another expensive striker that's no really not guarantee to be a hit.
Torees should watch berbatov play the no 9 role in fulham. Constantly getting involved in gameplay and build up and not standing around like a dummy expecting thru balls and losing one on one challenges. Infact we shouldbhave gone for the guy in summer rather than been stuck with this aberration of a striker. Our midfield is good enough to make any striker drool. We should get demba BA in jnury if falcao is not feasible give sturridge an extension and bringback lukaku. Yes!!! SELL POORES
If only we had gotten berbatov when he was at tottenham , didnt have a striker problem then though , he would have done us good in the long run , I always admired him even though I hated spurs.
lol @Dannism - Sturridge played badly yesterday? seriously? He was the most threatening player on the field alongside Shane Long. What game were you watching? If it wasnt for the keeper he could have had a hatrick..
Guys lets go easy on Danni. Any hungry player in his situation would have the same selfishness. He behaves this way because he needs to prove himself in a short time, and assisting will not help him take Tores' place. I was really happy with his performance as a center forward when tores came out, he made great runs and was desperately eager to score with all means. NB: DO NOT SELL DANNI, HE HAS EVERYTHING A STRIKER NEEDS TO BE WORLD CLASS. PLAY HIM MORE, HE IS TWICE BETTER THAN TORES.
Diego Costa. What a player. Forget Falcao and get him. Ander Herrara wouldn't be bad neither.
Sturridge won't leave the club,because he wont be able to find another unrivalary side which is competitive enough to challenge titles or CL spot.We wont sell to either Utd or City,while all L'pool,Arsenal or Spurs will be a step backwards in his career.If he starts playing regularly for us,which judging by RDM's actions vs WBA he should,at a certain point he'll start banging goals and this might well persuade either side to sign a new deal.But Torres is a dead soul after the supercup,perhaps he knows a little bit more than us and feels that his days at the Bridge are over.
Playstation fantasy world...Buy this,sell this,buy that= problem solved...Easy as ABC...#Pathetic.
great points @Blue_yank....
RDM will drop torres and play sturridge against Juve.wise move then...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Desmond how will a playmaker give you through ball when you didn't make a run? How will our three amigos give him an hollywood pass if he just standing static kissing opposition defender?
Professor Moriarty
Sturridge is a very SMOOTH mover of the ball, GLIDES into positions, has POWER on his shots, DYNAMIC in attack, AND NOT EASY TOO READ like 1 dimensional torres, Sturridge is a STALLION baby, just needs to SIGHT IN and LOCK ON, hopefully this be the case when we meet the OLD LADY and bend that bitch over!
Fans here just realizing what has been very obvious for a long time now. Torres is stuck with us, he is the biggest mistake and the worst signing in world history. He is going nowhere cos no one will want a liability but we shouldnt let him bring us down with him by continuing to play him. Put him on the bench or send him to the reserves and play danny until january. Danny cant be any worst, infact no striker can be worst than torres right now. But we need to do something urgent to save our dressing room now. Torres wages is bigger than that of mata, oscar, ramires put together. Soon enough they too will start complaining. Chelsea have to do something decisive now like they did with malouda.
Chelz Akamz
That was Sturridge' first start in a long time, give him time and if he keeps getting into those positions you'll see him score
I'd bet if Sturridge started all our games between now and Jan he'll sign a contract extension. He just needs assurances of regular football and with his performances when he gets that, I'm sure he'll justify the increase he's supposedly after
@Desmond, I would like to believe that was sarcasm?, your last post.
The time given to torres to justify his claims are long gone and he proves that he is never going to give back to chelsea the trust and confidence they had in him. It is time for him to start from the bench and give Sturridge a start
@raybell, mate it beáts my imagination what my comments mean, bcOs I freakout on every matchdays when nando plays
Bring a (rather wry) smile on your faces... "The one who could do things that nobody else could"....what Pedro said about Messi>>>
I won't be surprise if RDM starts Torres again and again. I'm tired of Contributing on this very issue. whether we sell Torres or not we must sign at least 2 new strikers, Falcao and another, cos I sure as hell wouldn't want us to have to go back to Torres if Falcao gets suspend for a game or worse, injured.
I hope Sturridge is given a start and becomes the hero in Turin to facilitate qualification to that knockout stage.
How many clubs can afford to pay him 120k

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