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Dark clouds gathering 3

Dark clouds gathering 3

This is written in response to what certain unnamed sources indicate has transpired in our dear club since our Saturday loss to West Brom. This was reported late today on the Fox Soccer channel though the actual sources quoted as is typical of this sort of "news" is not identified. This may well be idle chatter and I hope it is but the events if true are deeply worrying to me and should also concern anyone who has the best wishes for our dear club at heart.

Apparently following the loss to West Brom, RDM who is usually the epitome of calm even in a storm was very disappointed, animated and unhappy about the performance and a heated discussion then ensued behind closed doors with the players where views were aired as to what the problems were.

The issue of shoddy defending was brought up with several senior players including Petr Cech airing their views as to the way forward (so far nothing unexpected or untoward)..the script then reportedly changes to the dark side because RDM apparently decided that going forward there was a need for a more cautious approach that placed primary focus and importance on defensive solidity..with this in mind he then reportedly drafted his outline of how the team would be formatted for the upcoming Juve match and that El Nino would not be starting in that match.

Apparently some time after this discussion which had been a behind doors team members only meeting word of the meeting made its way up to the upper heirachy of our club and there was an immediate and firm rebuke of RDM particularly regarding El nino not starting against Juve. Further it appears RDM was then told in no uncertain terms that the upper echoleon are losing patience with him based on recent results and that his job was not secure.

Again whether this is true or not I cannot say but I am very worried..I had a few times so far this season mostly tongue in cheek asked why El nino has started every single game for us when available and mentioned that maybe RDM has been "instructed" to play him. It seemed an outlandish notion but now this may not be so far fetched after all.

We all remember the legends that made the rounds in Cobham of the "player power cartel" that followed the exit of Jose. It appears we may have the next version of this cancer now brewing. If there is any truth to this we are in a very bad place. Virtually all of us here on VC after the display against West Brom felt El Nino did not deserve a starting spot for the upcoming Juve match..if he does start come Tuesday I for one will seriously suspect that RDM was coerced into this decision with the threat of losing his job should he leave out Torres and the results not go as the top Echeolon want. The secondary issue of what mandate he received from above as to style of play is a matter for speculation but raises the serious question of how a coach can manage a team effectively and command authority and respect from his players if tactics and strategy are mandated from elsewhere.

I know there are folks on VC who don`t value what we have in RDM and consistently seek to undermine him. I also know there are those who are so enamored by flowing attacking football that they lose the plot in this intoxicating lust for Jogo bonito but can we be pragmatic for a moment? Based on our recent displays is it unwise for our coach to be concerned about our defensive woes and seek a return to better competence at the back?

We go into a Juve game of momentous significance. We already managed to tie the ignominious record of the Champions League champion (or its prior equivalent) who have lost to the Europa league champion (or its prior equivalent) in the European Super Cup by the largest margin when we got shell lacked by Atletico Madrid in Monaco. We are now facing the very real danger of being the first Champions league champion not to get out of the group stages since this new format was designed. If we lose to Juve on Tuesday and as expected Shaktar beat Nordsjaeland we will be in the dangerous position where Shaktar and Juve can draw in their final game and see us out no matter what we do against Nordsjaeland at Stamford bridge.

With this in mind it is clear that the Juve match is one we cannot afford to lose no matter what. We don`t need to win but we must not lose. We don`t need to be flashy, flowy or entertaining in that match..what we must be is efficient, supremely focused and effective..we must not concede and that is why a cautious water tight defense first approach would be a wise one to use while putting out our best counter attacking finishing options to try and grab a goal or two on the counter.

In my mind to go after Juve Mano-E-Mano as though we are Barca would be suicidal. This cautious approach however seems to have drawn a stern rebuke from the upper Echoleon. The problem I see though is should be line up as usual with Mazacar, Torres up front, whatever backline we can muster with Cole and JT still out injured and Mikel + Ramires in the midfield and we yet lose to Juve, RDM will again be the fall guy and with subsequent BPL games against City and Fulham none of which we are anywhere certain to win the dreaded question needs to be pondered again;

Is RDM going to be the next casualty in the rotating coaching shooting carousel gallery that is Chelsea FC?

It is almost ironic in a way that just as our game against West Brom last year saw the last of AVB another game against the same team this year has now brought this ugly theme up again with a return fixture Champions league match (against Juve this time as opposed to the one against Napoli last year) against a Serie A side being the apparent rubicon deciding event. All I can do is hope and pray that all ends well in Turin not just for RDM's sake but far more importantly for Chelsea FCs sake because if that game goes south I fear decisions may be made in the heat of the moment thereafter that may not bode well for the club.

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Date:Monday November 19 2012
Time: 7:09AM


RDM will be sacked y the end of the season. Pep Guardiola is Romans firt choice manager and if he was anting to stay in management after leaving Barca then im 100% sure Pep would be at chelsea right now. RDM aint a bad manager but i just know that Roman wants Pep and Roman wil get Pep.
19/11/2012 07:49:00
So are we now saying that Chelsea Football Club now revolves around one player, is every decision that is made under the directive to get Torres firing. Well guys don't count on falcao coming anytime soon, we drop Torres he moans, we buy another striker he feels pushed out, I'm actually beginning to wonder who actually owns the club, Torres or abramovich. So rdm's job is on the line not because of results but because he wants to drop Torres, of course the board will make out its because he wasn't getting the results, but the real reason is that he couldn't get a donkey to drink water. Can our board get there heads out of the sand and actually see that we have a striker who cannot score in a month of Sundays- why are we pandering to this. There are no more excuses, I am getting to that end of my tether. If they think the great pep guardiola will get the donkey to drink water then they are completely stuck on cloud cuckoo land.
19/11/2012 07:55:00
Gabeu, nice article as usual with strict improvement on the puntuactions, I am sure the english teachers in here would frown less, as per the " outlandish notion" when I said its likely that roman might have ordered nando to be played at all cost, the VC giants called me laughable when I mentioned it immediately after the swansea and shakter games. I hope it is as outlandish as I was addressed rather than what the implications might be if its true, so here is what I think might help us against juve. In my own opinion, I think our problem lies with our obvious formation, we are now like a team without any pattern, we play only one formation without any plan B, we are being fed our own poison by other teams, we handled barca thru counter attacks, we beated barca bcos they don't have a plan B, now we are falling into the same trap and we won't come out of it anytime soon except our coach does his home work well, we have been playing 4-2-3-1 without fail and using the same personnel, except the westbrom game, we lack a plan B, we lack diversity, we don't play a 4-4-2, nor a 4-3-3 which are both sucessful formations if we apply them carefully, we lack that element of suprise, we have been found out with that formation, rdm needs to overcome this rut before it overcomes him or he'll be out of his depths, what I can advice as a cfc fan is, drill the defenders, I won't mind if he dedicates the whole week plugging the defensive hole, and the whole of next week making strikers take finishing practice and shooting, then he can try a 4-3-3 formation or a 4-4-2 depending on his position, he is the one that has the coaching license and can do a better job than our opinion, play cech,cole,cahill,iva,cesar,mikel/rammy,oscar,mata,hazard,moses and sturridge against juve with mikel/rammy staying as a DM with instructions not to move forward, all he should be told to do is shield the back four and break up play, pass to mata or oscar to transit from defense to attack and hope for the best, that is our best deal for now in my own opinion, a 4-3-3 formation as I highlighted just now
19/11/2012 08:49:00
I don't believe he's been forced to play Torr-Mented1 throughout because I'm pretty sure it's clear to the board the guy is past it...They could've instructed him to play the Torr-Mented1 as they were trying to build the team around him early in the season but now, I doubt that
19/11/2012 09:16:00
4-1-4-1 will ensure we remain defensively intact whilst having some attacking impetus. If you think we spent 80Mil+ for defensive garbage then you best leave with RDM GABEU (not a personal attack this 1) because let's be fair here, we have enough talent to ensure we are a balanced team, why must we be defensive now?? This is what I said was wrong with appointing a man who'd won playing garbage football, when "chips are down" he'll always resort to that because that's the only way he's won before. To effectively suggest that Chelsea become known as the defensive 'top' team in Europe is laughable, Roman might as well keep his money and we buy Stoke's players including Tony Pulis as Manager...We did not buy 80Mil+ of attacking talent to be "pragmatic" yes the team has to be balanced and yes we cannot lose to Juve BUT we definitely cannot sacrifice the attacking talent we have just for defensive garbage
19/11/2012 09:21:00
There are other ways to win without being defensive...There's always ways GABEU
19/11/2012 09:22:00
U must be on a cheap weed, are u sure u are not residing in jamaica where they get those cheap stuffs? A manager is thinking of ways to win and all u think of without using ur brain further is that he is going all defensive, when u stated in another article that he should ask his players to defend first. Stop taking ur daily fixings maybe u'll think more clearly and objectively!!!! Aissssh! Aigooo
19/11/2012 09:52:00
@mq why do u have 2 b different all d time, it is evident dat if we play attacking football against juve we will lose, so what is bad in our coach wanting 2 avoid defeat by playing the way he knows best.
don delsy
19/11/2012 10:02:00
What's so intoxicating about responding to a Manager who says "how we used to win games, and make sure first and foremost that we don`t concede."?? What's so "not using my brain" when RDM himself says we sacrifice the attacking options to go a bit more defensive?? Not trying to be a nuisance but if you misinterpret this then you are either in denial or naive (no offense)
19/11/2012 10:02:00
Point #1 - We might have to go back to how we used to win games, and make sure first and foremost that we don`t concede...Point #2 - "Maybe it is a time when I have to change things in terms of selection and the way we play...Point #3 - Maybe we sacrifice the attacking options to go a bit more defensive."...Point #4 - but we have players who have been through this before."....and after all these clear and salient points you say I must be on "cheap weed" DESMOND??
19/11/2012 10:02:00
all I'm saying is we have the personnel not to be defensive but to be balanced DON DELSY I don't agree with playing garbage football, and if you read RDM's comments in the media you can see he's basically suggesting we revert back to that old crap and that he'll sacrifice attacking to be more defensive, and that I don't agree with especially after SPENDING 80MIL+ on attacking players
19/11/2012 10:04:00
Point 1, did rdm use the exact word, I will use the same approach that won us the ucl last season? Did he? Did he mention dropping a particular player? When have u gone psychic to the point of knowing rdm will recall malouda and kalou, meireles and drogba with essien against juve? U just jumped off like a dude having premature ejaculation on his comments and act all knowing and benigning. Lord ur comment is premature and baseless.
19/11/2012 10:12:00
Why don't u interprete it as I'll drop luiz and start iva, I'll bench hazard and use a more defensive moses who can track back and defend? Why not I'll drop underperforming torres? And start sturridge? Why not well I'll use a more defensive option that will balance up both the attack and defense by using a 4-3-2-1 formation? Why must u jump and act as if u know what tommorow will bring for cfc?
19/11/2012 10:17:00
(Our back and front problem) we need a centeral defender who can partner cahil and tery so luiz will be moved up defensive midfiled to patner mikel (reason)? Every of his mistake at the defense cause our team a goal as obvious in our last macht chelsea vs westbrom first goal and many more. We need a goal score. Torres and sturredge i doubt them to deliver The goals as evedience all season.
19/11/2012 10:24:00
I don't get why you resort to name calling and insulting DESMOND because you'll see I did not do such when responding to you...
19/11/2012 10:25:00
nevertheless, to quote RDM directly he said "Maybe we sacrifice the attacking options to go a bit more defensive." and if that is not clear to you, perhaps "We might have to go back to how we used to win games, and make sure first and foremost that we don`t concede" and clearly you'll see he's basically saying priority is defending. Ad the next point "change things in terms of selection and the way we play" and again I say, it's that already not self-interpreted then I say no more
19/11/2012 10:25:00
@mq if rdm were 2 use a defensive formation against westbrom, i wuld complain but dis is a juve team who if we lose against we are out of d competition so why shuld we play sexy football then lose when there are other alternatives.
don delsy
19/11/2012 10:26:00
nowhere did I hear about a change in personnel, I read about a change in formation and a change in philosophy DESMOND...and yeah I have an idea about CFC's tomorrow, and that's if RDM either reverts back to that defensive garbage or if he doesn't win a game in the next 4 games then he won't have a job by Jan,a little later than I'd predicted when the season started
19/11/2012 10:27:00
Lets face it, the only way the question of whether rdm is being forced into playing torres will be answered will be tomorrow night. if torres isnt starting then rdm is the man in charge, if he is playing then rdm is a puppet on a string.
19/11/2012 10:27:00
We've conceded goals predominantly from the wings, our RB and LB are too exposed as they venture too forward so to arrest that, they stick to defending and Hazard with Moses/Marin provides the width, occasionally coming in where necessary
19/11/2012 10:32:00
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