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The manager's office at Stamford Bridge has had many users in the past decade.

The office has seen it all from a strong headed Jose, a hot-headed AVB, a cool and calm Carlo and the experience of Hiddink.

But not one could do what RDM achieved and in my opinion he had inherited the weakest and the smallest squad of all and yet he succeeded.

How did he do it?

No random guy can come and win the UCL just with luck and beat the likes of Barca and Bayern on the way and not only that he played with a very weak team in the EPL yet he just lost 3 matches last season and he also won the FA Cup.

All the players love him, his team is third in the league even though his captain JT,Super Frankie Lampard and Ashley Cole are injured and his main man Fernando Torres has been out of form and he has no one else up front to replace him (even Studge has struggled with injuries).

His new signing, Marin has been out injured as well and still there are rumours appearing that Roman wants Pep Guardiola to manage us next season almost everywhere on the web.

And with our history such rumours will fly around, but the problem is that all the media have been claiming that it will happen irrespective of what happens this season.

This is very, very disrespectful towards RDM. What wrong doing has he done so far to get such treatment. WTF is this? This really is annoying and sad and I hope Mr.Roman comes out and clears the air!

I have faith in RDM and I know we will have many trophies to show come May 2013


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The Journalist

Writer: yash_blue  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 19 2012

Time: 6:33PM

Your Comments

as much as I think RDM is a great coach , abramovich will get what he wants and thats pep, feel really bad..
Nice one yash blue, I love ur article, God bless u
Abramovich will never learn, Sheva, AVB, and now Torres lol.... who's next???? lmao
In RDM we Stand!!!
@ yash_blue, article, am touched with your points, RDM doesnt get the credit he deserves, sorry for him, but for we the fans we dont have much say regarding pep's rumours, whatever Roman bring, we will just support it
*nice article* sorry for omitting that
update..Ashley available for Juventus match
U want to know why??because he keeps on playin a certain abysmal striker all game,torres has cost his predecessors their job...earlier robbie do the right thing the better for all of us..i wish him all the best anyway
hopefully sturridge starts , hes a true poacher , we need him on the end of the tap ins
Seconded. This madness has to stop.
And for all we know, this speculation about his future might just be idle pub rumor concocted by the media. All he's failed to do is to win four consecutive matches in the league. In no world, in no club can that threaten the position of anyone. Are our board that stupid that they prefer to look away from the 50m malaise up front and point the finger at RDM? I won't like to think so.
Damn that Clattenberg. He started all this.
This organization's biggest weakness is its severely dysfunctional managerial style..I still scratch my head on the complete waste of money purchasing some players...
@carefree_1990 nice points there, yea damn clattenberg, damn foy too, both of them ruined it! We are still suffering from chris foy's folly too.
Well as much as I love RDM, He really needs to steer the team back to winning ways or face the wrath of the Roman Emperor. We cant keep a none performoing coach on the sake of sentiments. He won us the champions league yea, But he needs to wake up. He has tried Torres for half a season now and he has proved to be a major failure. Its time to try someone. If you have ever played football at all, You will realise how depressing it is for the entire team to have a none scoring CF. it make the whole team look weak and downcast. Torres is our Major Problem. RDM you fix that or face the axe
No offence but is roman dumb or what? Why can't he just come out and publicise his backing for the manager?...all other club owners always back their managers in times like this.And to be frank i don't even see pep doing anything reasonable here.we don't have xavi,iniesta or messi.he should just go to Italy and leave our Rdm for the way a very Nice article @yash-blue.
Krested Kal-el
@Krested ka-el We are not QPR or reading or any of such small clubs tht the owners can come out publicly and support managers who not doing so well, We are CL defending champs for goodness sake. Roman and CFC fans demand nothing less than top performance from our setup simple. So No Roman is not dumb
No offence but is roman dumb or what? Why can't he just come out and publicise his backing for the manager all other club owners always back their managers in times like this.......... and how many of those Managers have retained their jobs after that KRESTED?? *smh*
If Roman deems the Manager not good enough then that's that, after all were it not for Roman arguably half of VC wouldn't be here discussing Chelsea. It's through Roman that we've won all we've won since he took over and if he feels a coach should be sacked then so be it....*In Roman I trust*
I want to ask the media how do they know what Roman wants when he never speaks with them.??? Thisarticle is not against Roman or to criticize him but i am worried that these rumours are increasing the pressure on RDM...i dont understand what saddistic pleasure does the media gets after chelsea sack a manager.???
screw Pep...the only environment he knows is Barca...RDM played for CFC...but coached the Dons and won promotion for WBA...Roman does not want Pep...he wants to win...and RDM will win and Pep will go to City/Manure. If we get rid of RDM bring back The Special One.
Hope all these come to pass and after January, everyone will be talking chelsea
rdm is better for cfc than guardiola.we know that but unfortunately roman doubts rdm.however roman is the reason cfc enjoys sucess.He also calls himself no1 fan of cfc so hopefully whatever he will do will be good for cfc.
LoL I can't wait to read people's comments on VC if and when RDM get's replaced by Pep. Pretty sure the same people telling me to unequivocally back RDM because "he's Chelsea's Manager" won't be doing the same....*In Roman I Trust*
Spot on @Realmike and @mq..i dont get why any1 would want roman to come out and publicly support a manager,portsmouth and westham did it with avram grant and got relegated,blackburn did it with steve kean and equally got relegated,qpr is currently doin it with mark hughes and they might likely get relegated..comon mates trust roman to make the right decisions(he pulls the trigger at the right time),however,i pray rdm gets back to winnin ways,i really love him and want him to be a great manager with us
i also agree that media are hell bent on increasing pressure on RDM and will be happy if he gets the sack...I dont think Pep can really improve chelsea...I dont care if chelsea crashes out of CL tonight...All i want is the top 3 in PL, either of FA Cup / League cup / FIFA CLub world cup...thats it...If RDM gets them, he will be there for next season.....
Chelsea fans are the most spoilt fans in the world. They keep revising the season's target as and when required. Fans who accepted that this year will be a transition period, want top 4 finish, QF in CL now demand win PL, retain CL...
I'v never seen a fan so obsessed with its manager downfall.what a shame.*smdh!*@mq..silvio berluscuni backed allegri even when results were going bad.sheik mansour came out publicly last season to praise mancini and his players not even knowing city would go ahead to win the league..mourinho was having troubles in real madrid;there were even calls for him to be sacked but what happened? Florentino perez came out and backed him.i mean this are all big clubs aint they?...what's wrong if One of Buck or Ron gourlay comes out and calm the storm over Rdm head huh?
Krested Kal-el
Is Buck or Ron gourlay the owners of our club now???
kindly desist from mentioning my name or making any inferences to me KRESTED because if you have nothing to say/type in disagreement with my perception then best you hush, making personal attacks and rhetoric about me or my preferences isn't what VC is for...
@mq..was only returning the favor punk.
Krested Kal-el
Pep won the champions league with mabye the best team in football history and the Ref, RDM won the Champions league and beat BARCELONA with a team who many like to say our worst under Abramovich. Thats enough for me! IN ROBERTO DI MATTEO I TRUST!!!!!!!
If Roman sacked RDM and hired Pep would you all unequivocally back him??
hey there. Just registered. Big Chelsea Fan. to answer your question, it's the f***ing media who are circulating these rumors of RDM getting sacked due to our history in sacking managers. RDM is doing a great job. It the lack of firepower upfront that is causing all the problems. Remember RDM is the one who made Torres score. The guy just lost it. He's costing us the title.
Why the Roman Emperor can't leave Pep Guardiola alone. #CFC #FCB #MCFC #MUFC In a newly published biography of Pep Guardiola, the Spanish football journalist Guillem Balague spends a surprising amount of time writing about Roman Abramovich. The Russian billionaire's obsession with all things Barcelona is no secret; the details of his attempts to install the Catalan club's most successful coach at Stamford Bridge are worth acquiring the book for. Balague describes salary proposals "growing with each attempt: 10 million (Dh46.9m) a year, 13m, even 15m according to certain sources" littering Guardiola's last three seasons at Camp Nou. He tells of an invite after the 2011 sacking of Carlo Ancelotti to be picked up by private helicopter and holiday on one of Abramovich's fleet of yachts. ("Stop telling me these things. I don't want to meet Roman or I might have my head turned by him," is Guardiola's response.) And he catalogues Abramovich's two attempts to land Guardiola earlier this year. The first involved Rafa Benitez taking on a three-month contract as the replacement for Andre Villas-Boas before handing over to Guardiola. The second, "proposed the appointment of an interim manager for one season to leave the Stamford Bridge door open for Pep a year later, wanting him to design the squad for the 2013/14 season as soon as he was ready". RDM might just as well pack his bags. Pretty clear he is warming the seats for Pep.
All those asking why Roman doesn't come out and publicly back the manager, how many times have y'all read Roman's quotes? Does he even talk to the press? For all his passion for everything Chelsea and him wanting to get (a little too) involved with the day-to-day functioning of the club, he seems a pretty reticent guy who doesn't talk to the media even when they're slinging mud his way. So don't expect him to come out and give an interview saying he backs RdM or he doesn't. He's a man of action, not words. About RdM starting Torres every match so far, I have a feeling (or hope) its because of Roman's orders to start his 50mil man every game. I believe it was rumored to be the case some time back, and its the only reason why RdM starts blondie upfront even though its clear even to my 80yr old nan that the guy is utterly useless. If that's not the case, and RdM has insisted on persisting with torres all this while of his own accord and not due to any 'influence', then maybe he isn't the man for the job after all.
Pep made Barca great and won the CL twice in the process.
Pep will be sacked eventualy as well coz he will try and make another barca here n not create a new chelsea n we wont have RDM to rescue us then....and for @mq whose been asking will we support Pep yes we will supprot pep but we wont love him or be his followers
Whe you are given a job, do not let the owner to follow you up and down to make sure that you do your job. Give him time not to worry by perfecting whatever he is looking for in you since he hired you to do the job for him coz he knew he is not in a position to do that job himself
Or else you will face the sack

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