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One Di Matteo

Roberto Di Matteo, on behalf of Chelsea fans everywhere, thank you.

You can hold your head high. You succeeded at Chelsea. You succeeded where so many have failed. To leave with your reputation still intact, which is more than we can say for a few others before you. And I'm extremely glad because of that.

You deserve to leave with your head in the sky. You masterminded what I would describe as the most amazing climax to a season at Chelsea.

I will always remember your celebration after the Napoli game, where you seemed like you wanted to embrace everyone, even the officials.

I will never forget your reaction to Torres' goal against Barcelona.

I will always remember the way you joyfully ran out onto the Wembley pitch as the full-time whistle blew to win the FA Cup and of course, I will never forget the moment, as you climbed those stairs in the Allianz Arena, and passed Roman Abramovich and screamed in his ear: 'I WON IT'.

I'll never forget that, but apparently the powers that be at Chelsea did. You turned Napoli over, you won at the Estadio da Luz, you thrashed Spurs at Wembley, masterminded an incredible win over the unbeatable Barcelona, you beat Liverpool when it mattered most, you beat Bayern in their own back yard and you transformed us into a free-flowing, stylish football team.

Cor blimey that's a lot in 8 months!

It has been one hell of an adventure with you Robbie and I doubt I'll ever forget it.

As I said, you leave with your head held high, just as it was when you lifted that Champions League trophy high above your shoulders in the Allianz on that most famous of nights.

You were unjustly treated but you will always be loved and respected by the fans and I'm sure the players too.

Good luck Roberto, we will miss you, and thank you for absolutely everything, it's been fantastic!


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The Journalist

Writer: hazzabee Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 21 2012

Time: 4:38PM

Your Comments

Thank you Roberto, from the bottom of my heart.
Blue Day
Thank you for that memorable UCL victory RDM. You're a man with class. And hope you'll get the AC Milan post. :)
thank you robbie we love you thank you
Whilst I will not miss seeing his funny forest creature like face squinting int he daylight, on a less personal note I think he did great for you guys and his sacking is an outrage.
Cape Town Spurs
Thank you Robbie! You stay in our hearts forever.
Spoken like a true blues fans..i concur sir.
Farewell Roberto Di Matteo and good luck!
Thank you so much. The pain of Moscow, and you ask will my darling club ever lift it up to the soothing of Munich on 19-05-2012. Grateful!!!
this is all torres fault. if he cd just fkin do something we wdnt hv been down to 9men against united, cd have drawn away 2 shakthat nd juve. finished off liverpool. done something useful to try nd overcome swansea/wba. fkin waste of 2 yrs nd 50m +plus wages. even sheva was better thn torres
^ Agree! He cursed chelsea. First Carlo then AVB and now RDM
Thank you RDM you are for ever a chelsea legend. Wish you all the best in your feature endeavour.
all the best wherever you did what you could do in your grasp...thnksss for the cl and the fa cup....:-P
thank u RDM
na me b chelsea
Thanks Abounch
rdm should try for ac milan they need someone like him
Thanks immensely for removing from us the stigma of being a big team without a Ucl trophy. Best of luck!
munich Glory
I have no words to describe the man. As a player and a coach you have served us well. There will never be tears, just joy. Joy that a sacking will not change. I will always be glad to hear your name mentioned. At least I know that if you were playing, you would have shown more heart than some of our players yesterday. Salute paisan.
thank u rdm.u will never be forgotten by are forever a part of our history as a legendary player and manager.ONE DI MATTEO, THERE'S ONLY ONE DI MATTEO
i know it is a remote possibility but i would like rdm to come back at cfc this time when he proves what a top coach he is at another big club outside bpl.i would definitely love the sight of roman getting rdm back.
What, really, does it take to please Roman? I thought RDM had it in him to steer the Chelsea ship a good while longer. He did get Chelsea playing more attractive football, won the elusive trophy and showed guts in chopping and changing when it mattered. Can only wish him well.
Yeah, blame it all on Torres. We let Drogba go because of him. Not because we refused to give Drogba a contract longer than one year. AVB was sacked because of him. Not because AVB lost the dressing room and every player hated him. RDM was sacked because of him. Not because he was never Roman's first choice, and Roman was looking for the first chance to fire him. And Yeah, we want Benitez because we think he can get Torres firing again. Not because Benitez may be the only BIG-NAME manager available at this moment. Torres is crap. I want to sell him and get another striker. But I am not delusional to a point that I would blame everything on him.
I am Number 7
It all comes back to Torres. Chelsea had a dip under Carlo in November/December 2010 but they then picked up their form and went on a phenomenal run which very nearly won them Carlo's 2nd title. Despite the long unbeaten run Torres only scored 1 goal and his pathetic efforts cost us dearly in the CL against Man Utd. Carlo could find no solution to the Torres problem and he was - wrongly - sacked. AVB took over and despite the fact he was clearly an idiot could well have survived if Torres had started scoring. Previously successful Chelsea players Drogba, Malouda, Anelka, Kalou were all cleared out of the way because they supposedly weren't helping Torres. Mata was purchased to bring out the best in him. It didn't work and Drogba, Kalou and to a lesser extent Malouda were brought back into the fold and Chelsea won the CL & FA Cup after RDM took over. Then this season Drogba, Kalou were let go, Malouda banished to the reserves and Hazard and Oscar were purchased to bring the best out of Torres along with Mata. For a very brief moment it seemed to be working but once again Torres lost the plot and now looks as bad as ever. His lack of goals, especially in tight games has killed us. If we had drawn with Man Utd, beaten Swansea & Liverpool, Roman would probably have put up with a tough night yesterday. Torres has destroyed everything and everyone who has tried to help him at Chelsea. Why is Roman still trying to find a solution for him? There is no solution. He is the worst signing in the history of football. He is destroying our club. We must get rid of him NOW.
There is no word we can describe this man. A legend in every sense for this club. And he is treated like this. What a shame. As someone said above, Roman was looking for a chance to sack him. If it was Pep instead of RDM, would Roman have sacked him too? I bet he would not have. Roman is playing fantasy football. RDM was not rated highly because he did not manage any big club before Chelsea. I loved the way he was handling, he did not afraid to bench any player. He did it without any fuss. Last night also, just imagine had we taken out golden chances, we could have been 2-1 up by half time. The game we could have won from there. Then everyone would be singing praise what a genius he is. Roman made biggest mistake when he sacked Jose. Then his 2nd mistake was when he splashed 50 million on that sulky player. Which led to 3rd mistake of sacking Carlo and 4th sacking RDM. I hope RDM gets to manage a top club soon. I have nothing but sheer love and respect for RDM.
Keyser Soze
What is this am hearing about Benitez taking over? God,please don't let it be.Benitez of all people?
I can imagine this sung on Sunday by the fans of Chelsea
Sack Torres!!
Rafa Benitez is in advanced negotiations to succeed Roberto Di Matteo as Chelsea manager, ESPN understands.
pego sama
Lmaooooo @ blaming Torres for the sack. I guess he was the reason we sacked Jose, Carlo and Scolari. Roman again brought this on himself and no else. ROman is a 100% to blame for our success and failure. His first mistake was buying Shevchenko when Mourinho wanted other players. That led to the sacking of Mourinho. If he had let Mourinho lead this team, we would have come out of that blip like Real Madrid have done this season. Hires Ancelotti. Doesn't listen to the coach. Releases players Carlo didn't want to dump which led to poor form in the winter. Signs Torres who was poor until he was dropped. Drogba is brought back and we have an incredible run. With Drogba in the lineup, Chelsea still couldn't beat Man U at Old Trafford. Carlo is sacked. He continues his poor performance. Torres clocked one year. Summer transfer window opened. We had the chance to sign Cavani; Atletico were reeling and offered us Falcao; again we bombed and made another mistake not signing him. If a Ferrari has been ***** for two years and you had the chance to replace the Ferrari countless amount of times and you don't; it gets to a point where I would stop blaming the Ferrari and start pointing the Driver of the car and the owner as retarded for still driving that piece of *****. You've had a poor employee for 2 years and after countless amount of times of having the chance to hire replacements for the ***** employee, you don't. At a point, I will stop blaming the ***** employee for the company's poor performance and blame the manager, owner and shareholders for not replacing the employee.
We'll see what Benitez will do about Torres...
Rafa Benitez is in advanced negotiations to succeed Roberto Di Matteo as Chelsea manager, ESPN understands.
pego sama
Beautifully crafted Hazz...Very emotional article. Thank You Robbie you were great as a player and a Manager as well. You have placed yourself in our heart as a Chelsea Legend.
KAKUfrank, Torres woeful performances did play a significant part in Carlo's sacking as Roman thought Torres's appalling performances were Carlo's fault. But other than that you are spot on.
This is TORRES' last few months at chelsea , unless benitez signs(which he will) and gets goals out of torres , torres out. One di matteo , everyday , always.
Thank you Roberto Di Matteo for everything you did for Chelsea,thank you for winning us the big ear which made it possible for us to sign great talents for the future such as Hazard and Oscar, you will be remembered
KAKUfrank Scolari were sacked in Jan, Jose was sacked after couple of seasons. Carlo was sacked after two seasons and none of the won CL trophy. We wan CL six month ago and Di Matteo sacked after marvelous season? R u kidding me ? he should've been given at least a time till Jan. Yeah yesterdays loss was Robby's fault but still he was one of us dude.
Was Torres scoring? No!! u knpow why? he is not Ferarri .... He is human beaing who was supported by world class players behind him and still he couldn't he deserves to be sold..........or SACKED :)
So anyway I wish Robby all the best in his and career. Thank you my legend and good luck!!! There was only one Di Matteo!!!
Torres was not the whole problem but he was certainly part of it. Luiz deserves as much blame as Torres for his failures this season
What are you talking about prettyguy? Don't understand you mate.
thank you Robbie. you are a great man.
Never mind Kakufrank my bad dude ;)
@CobhamBlue, if Roman had not released the players Ancelotti wanted to keep, we could have been up there fighting for the title with Man U. We won't have been so out of depth in the squad and maybe we won't have had to buy Torres, but waited till the summer to make better decisions. It is as simple as this: everytime Roman meddles with the team affairs it leads to disastrous decisions which lead to further disastrous decisions and more. It never stops there. He should just leave player transfers and coaching to the people in charge.
Now who? Benitez? He will be sacked in 6 months. Then Pep? He wont last 2 years. Then? Would Roman swallow his pride and request Jose to come back?
Keyser Soze
Sell torres and appoint Gus Hiddink. Problem Solved
KAKUfrank, do you really think Roman would leave the player transfers and coaching to the people in charge? If he had done that we would still having Jose as our manager with 2-3 more PL titles may be 1-2 CL titles. Roman has not learnt and he will never learn. He still trying to justify he was right to spend 50 million on Torres. At the end I see more misery for CFC.
Keyser Soze
@Kaku spot on...said exactly the same thing about players released. Meireles,Essien,...the least goes on,most people were blaming RDM for the decision without even taking a deeper look at who runs our transfers.
@Keyser Soze, Roman will fall out of love and get bored of Torres soon enough which I think he has already done. He will then force Bruce and Ron to find a way to get rid of Torres from the team which will probably be a loan programme elsewhere or pay him off to leave Chelsea with a heavy compensation. However, that won't be the end of it because he is going to meddle in again. He meddled by signing Shevchenko; did so with Torres and will probably sign another flop in the future for 80mm pounds.
i will forever remember you RDM. u will always be in my heart, ***** Roman, he is main downfall of the team and torres ''50 cent''.
Sky reporting now that RDM wanted to get a new striker in,but the board/Management wanted to stick with Torres. He ends up getting sacked for their failure.
KAKUfrank you are the most feeble minded person on this site i think. you are talking about one of the most successful human on earth and a man who made his fortunes from scratch and dont forget he is a chelsea fun and not some one who is just an investor! i would have done the same as Roman and we all knew RDM was never going to be full time manager and for the champions league medal we all know that it was pure luck plus Drogba. I love Chelsea and i never cared what the media said about us and i wont start to care. Thank God chelsea is in good hands..
Sky just proved my point. AVB wanted Falcao. RDM wanted a new striker. The drivers of the ***** car knew the car was ***** before getting into it. The driver wanted a new car to leave the old car wherever and the owners refuse to get a new car. Yet, we as fans blame the car for still being *****. Turn the anger to the owner and board. They screwed up.
@Drogged-Mo, you are an IDIOT. And don't try me this evening because I am certainly not in a good mood and I have time for you idiotic morons that have come on this site to resorting to insults on fans over their own points. IDIOTS like you ruining this site. If you don't agree with their points, argue peacefully and don't resort to insult. If not, feck off MORON.
You are the best Robbie! Now when Benitez comes in he will want to keep Torres and I dont believe in that set-up at Chelsea! Roman has to tell him that he can be the care taker and see the second part of the season WITHOUT Torres! Get us Falcao!
Didn't you read the part about 100% responsible for success and failures. What does being the most successful human on earth have to do with making bad decisions that continuously lead to other bad decisions? Are you saying successful people do not make bad decisions? You are an IDIOT and don't ever come at me when I am having peaceful conversations with other fans.
Hahahaha...Seems like a lot of us are fuming today.
Any coach who accepts a job knowing fully well that he doesn't have the right materials to work with should only have himself to blame if everything goes bad, it's either they accept the job just for the money or they are just being stupid.. A manager who has no say at all in our transfer can never make it here and I don't expect any coach who knows what he is doing to accept a job when told he has no say in transfers... I don't believe RDM had no say at all in our transfers... Well, we at least know he was the one behind signng of Moses which for me is just a waste of money....
Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague Rafa Benitez will be the next Chelsea manager
KAKUfrank, Your point about Roman releasing players in July 2010 is spot on. If we had kept, at the very least, Ballack & Carvalho for one more season I'm pretty certain we'd have retained the title. Considering Chelsea have won more major trophies than Man Utd since Roman bought the club it doesn't bare thinking about what we could have won if we had stuck with Jose or Carlo and Roman hadn't meddled so much in the transfer market.
@Kaku spot on...said exactly the same thing about players released. Meireles,Essien,...the least goes on,most people were blaming RDM for the decision without even taking a deeper look at who runs our transfers.
Benitez apointed on a year Contract.
And @CobhamBlue, you were spot on about Torres from day one. I was just a year late in January 2012 after the Norwich match, but I have to confess that I have never in my life seen a striker lose so much form and his quality in the span of how many seasons. It is still mind-boggling but that one chance against Norwich in January when he scoffed an open net just wide, I almost jumped off my staircase.
We've made a huge mistake
Benitez apointed on a year Contract. @SkySportsNews: Sky sources: Rafael Benitez to be appointed Chelsea manager. #SSN
Why is it a 1 year contract? If GabeU is online, please send me contacts. Need to send you an article on Rafa. But the suggest article box doesn't let me publish because it is too long. Also plead with you to help edit and add or subtract additional points as you see fit.
KAKUfrank seems to be tabloid junkie who takes one's opinion as a written fact.stop reading and watching sky. guardian or what ever. if you are a fun you should not accept any bad result and you should be the one asking for changes not the other way around. but thank god we have a big fan as an owner. Long live Roman. KAKUfrank nothing personal chill out mate and i hope you sleep good tonight no blood needed..
@Kaku. Its obviously in preparation for Guardiola for the 2013/2014 season.
After a long time I posted, I hate myself to post this Shait News.
'Chelsea Football Club can confirm Rafael Benitez has been appointed interim first-team manager until the end of the season.' #CFC
As a Chelsea Fan, I see that it is just normal for us to fire manager when we don't get the result. So I am not shocked or anything. That is just what we do. And we do win a lot of trophies because of that.
I am Number 7
Welcome Raffa..i hope you have the medicine for torres ..good decision again till pep or mou.
I will give Benetiz every chance to prove himself just like other Chelsea managers.
I am Number 7
I hope we now wins the Champions league again and Roman is forced to give Benitez more time
Feel so ashamed for how Chelsea FC are treating a legend...
raffa has been appointed until the end of the season..... What next?
Regardless of how hard this is, I will do my best to get behind Benitez and the team..
this is really hard for me to accept but like CFCSwede said ill do my best to support him and the team. We shouldnt have parted company with Di matteo.
this is really hard for me to accept but like CFCSwede said ill do my best to support him and the team. We shouldnt have parted company with Di matteo.
Chelsea Rumours ‏@ChelseaRumours Oh and do calm yourselves - from what Ive heard, Eva Carneiro is still at the club.
Good bye RDM no hard feelings. You still remain a Chelsea legend. Welcome to Rafael Benitez Lets hope he still remembers how to wake Torres from sleep.
credit to him, he did really well
RDM you will always be remembered as the man who delivered the biggest prize winning the CL I wish you every success where ever you go.
Robbie your a chelsea legend will never be forgoten, was very sad to here you got the sack today you deserved better, munich still brings tears to my eyes when i re watch thanks for all youve done
Oh and i hate torres big time its his fault another manager has gone and i fecking hate him and i fecking hate benites not a happy chappy
@Drogged-Mo. Tabloid Junkie? As I said, you are an IDIOT. Go to Bed.
feck it is benitez. oh well gotta support him. it is the cfc way. hope he does better than at inter milan.
'I have a deep and unreserved passion for Chelsea Football Club and I would like to sincerely thank all of the staff, my players and of course the Chelsea fans, for their tremendous and unconditioned support in the intense time I have been the manager at the Bridge. I wish all of them every success for the rest of the season and beyond'. He's exactly a proper Chelsea man, isn't he? Thank you for everything sir.And tq hazzabee for a very nice reading, I can feel peace
To be honest, he got his tactics wrong against Juventus but that shouldn't call for his head... Well what is done is done, I hope return of Rafa will help Torres back to form.
Less I forget, thank you RDM, which you good luck... One Love, One Di matteo
Thanks shown that chelsea can play attacking play...wish you best luck for will always be a legend for the club as a player & manager....
Well done RDM,,U were a gr8 player didnt get long 2 prove a decent manager or not,hope ALL fairs well for the future? A HUGE THANK YOU.
@shlok27 What *****es me most about this farce is the board always wanted RDM to fail.That is what *****ing me off.Wanted him to fail so that they can shift the blame on him.I was supporting CFC before RA come along..I will support CFC after RA.Real fans like us will always stay no matter if the money dries up the team gets relegated.Chelsea fc go bust...Supporting a club is a feeling and like a religion.I cant understand the way our past players and a true man and fan like RDM is treated this much disgracefully..That is what *****ing me off mostly.If RA sells up and we get the respect back then so be it.This is the first time i was not able to give any answer to the taunting fans of liverpool arsenal spuds..They are laughing at me what a joke my beloved club is how classless we have become since RA took over and the entire world is hating us for our lack of class...I was able to argue vehemently in the past about sacking managers is the right thing..But this RDM has scared the $hit out of me..This is the first time in supporting this club for more than 16 years i am fearing we as a club became a plaything and a toy for one crazy fan(RA).
Actually, there is no words to say what I want to tell you Roberto. You are one of the best thing that ever happened to Chelsea
Thank you for the famous double Roberto
Thank you RDM #OneDiMatteo
Thank you for your legendary status
rdm u were the best thing that happened to cfc.we will remember u as one of the greatest managers we ever had.
And to all those who thought we had overkilled the discussion of Torres, it has cost us another coach probably not entirely on its own but a big contributor I would say. RDM didn't do himself much favour either but he is loved and I believe will always be loved at Chelsea and amongst the fans. He achieved what bigger coaches had not been able to. Made us King of Europe. Thank you RDM! I join other Chelsea fans in wishing you the very best. You came, saw and conquered. Goodluck RDM!
Wish you all the best. You added something to your CV and the jobs to come will be higher than before

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