Chelsea - Read This And Weep!
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Read This And Weep!

Anyone need any more of an explanation as to why the Vital Chelsea membership is split over the announcement tonight?

Then read on……………

"We don`t need to give away stupid plastic flags to our fans to wave, our supporters are always there with their hearts and that is all we need. It`s the passion of the fans that helps us to win matches, not flags. Chelsea fans lack passion."

Just guess who said that?

Just what have those clowns done!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 21 2012

Time: 8:34PM

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I'm with you merlin. To hell with this fat waiter. I've never thought I'd live to see this embarrassment. Hope our fans give him hell. ****in fat ****
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21/11/2012 20:39:00

This quotation is still proudly displayed on the walls of Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground, showing the scorn Benitez felt towards the fans of the club he is now the manager of. I will never forgive him for the statement
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21/11/2012 20:52:00

Managerial drama season/episode 9 is just about to begin. Of the first eight episodes, the second(jose), five(hindink) and six(carlo) episodes were best and most enjoyed series.... But the last episode(robbie) was the classic that will out live the rest. Roman has gambled once more....will this be the one that will backfire terribly right back on our faces.... Only time will tell. I'm not optimist for once and wont want my emotions toll with again for now. However the fan in me will always make sure am behind my team cheering them on no matter who is in charge or who is on the pitch. Keeping the blue flag flying high!!
Chelz Akamz
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21/11/2012 21:02:00

don't forget your plastic flag at the week-end!
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21/11/2012 21:02:00

Today ranks with the lowest days in the clubs history. If you wanted any proof that you as a fan have no say in the way the club is run under Abramovich then today gives you it. We have a guy who is not prepared to talk to us calling all his shots, we have lost some bloody good managers in recent years, how long can this continue? We are never fed a scrap of information on why these managers of OUR club depart. RDM may not have been the greatest manager we ever had (we will never know) he acted with great honour and integrity and as an ex player and double trophy winning manager for us, deserved far better than the way he was treated today. How many more managers will we go through until we run out of options? We will soon be left with just the mercenaries like Benitez as we will have employed anyone half decent previously. Good luck Benitez your'e gonna need it because I have yet to talk to a Chelsea fan who wants you at our club, I just wonder how long Roman can carry on running it this way before more than the minority question what he is doing.
john neal
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21/11/2012 21:21:00

I fecking hate the fat wan.ker so *****ed off more liverpool garbage ffs why cant we stay away from that piece of shet club arhhhhhhhhhhh
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21/11/2012 21:23:00

Well one thing is for will not be without drama..let us see how long this marriage lasts..the appointment is interim anyway so the players know from the get go that Rafa is another "dead coach walking".
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21/11/2012 21:54:00

Probably best to support the team rather than bad mouth the manager before he has even started. Try looking at the Liverpool side he won the EC with, it was as unlikely a win as ours was last season. Maybe he will have the sense to dump Luiz out of the back four and the sense to get some width by using the winger we paid £7m for and who never plays. Maybe he will know how to beat teams who play 4-5-2. I don't say these things to diss Di Matteo, I was there at Wembley when he scored that goal but merely to show up some of his blind spots which may have been the cause of his downfall. Get behind the team and teh manager and let's see where we end up.
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21/11/2012 22:18:00

Oh and by the way, should we really need to be given flags to get us to support our team?
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21/11/2012 22:29:00

i hated him. i still do. i do not trust him. but i will trust roman. he deserves that at least. he does dumb things but he will never sit idly by should we be incompetent on the pitch.
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21/11/2012 22:34:00

Roman and his right_left hand men (Ron_Bruce) got this wrong, appointing a anti-chelsea fan as manager (albeit interim: who in his right sense takes that role if you weren't an assistant in the post before, especially since you reportedly turned down a one-year offer for the same job in the summer). A club needs its fans, RA, BB and RG just turned the fans against the manager now: a kingdom/family divided against itself shall fall!
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21/11/2012 22:38:00

Spot on @Ranners, well said!
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21/11/2012 22:41:00

maybe this is another dramatic twist from rom. maybe as we speak he is calling the donesk chief compelling him to ensure that they beat juve. juve willbtry to beat them coz no one wants to be eaten by dortmund or bayern (if they win their group). the further away this morning is the more hope i feel
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21/11/2012 22:42:00

Ooh stop it. This is rediculous, Rafa is a damn good coach and we should all get behind him, shame on anyone putting their petty feelings ahead of Chelsea FC. I for one will always support Chelsea that means the manager. Shame on all of you, how dare you even suggest giving Rafa hell, so what. He will still be Chelsea manager till the end of the season at least. What he said was said as a Liverpool manage and should be left to those days, we will only embrass our selves and make the team nervous when we need to beat City. How dare you try and get people to support a stupid caus. There more important matters than your trivial and juvenile mentality. Chelsea is more important than you, Rafa and any other fan who support any stupid ideas like yours.
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21/11/2012 22:56:00

kingdom against itself?! u guys should take a break and calm down..... things will sort out. The kingdom has always been divided on various issues, this is certainly not the first and won't be the last.....
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21/11/2012 22:58:00

yes faara he is brilliant just look what he did to the last European champions he managed. I am done until he is gone or maybe forever!
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21/11/2012 23:25:00

If ever my plastic flag needs to find a will be up that Spaniard's arse!!
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21/11/2012 23:29:00

Spot on @faara,we all love robbie but he is gone now,lets get behind the new manager instead of hell..all he said was at liverpool and thats it,now he is with us lets convince him he was wrong about us,we should make him realise he has the support of the most passionate fans on earth
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21/11/2012 23:49:00 that quote mate.
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22/11/2012 00:13:00

Life's come full circle hasnt it ? He now needs us to prop up his dead managerial career. And how in gofs name is he going to work with drogba if he arrives , after all the rubbish he has said about him in the past
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22/11/2012 00:40:00

I remember Mourinho calling C.Ronaldo a cheap poor boy from a very poor village in portugal when he was in Chelsea & Ronaldo, Man.U.. But Now what's happening?????? Like it or not, He's now Our Coach for 6mnth... Our Best option is to Support Him.. * Accept what you can't Change*
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22/11/2012 00:46:00

Really, now. It's time for you to admit it. As long as the crazy Russian owns/runs Chelsea, you are, and will continue to be, a f--king joke! Yes, you won the Champions League, but EVERYONE knows it was unequivocally more about what Barcelona and Bayern Munich DIDN'T do (and the copious chances they failed to convert) than it was EVER about what your team did. With the Chavs/Abramovich, it's all about, "Let's get the checkbook out and see how much we can spend to buy ourselves a trophy." And let's face it. The comment about the plastic flags is so irksome to you because it is true. You know it. We all know it.
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22/11/2012 01:22:00

Barz - you are right...he is a crazy Russian...but he is OUR crazy Russian. So shut your trap..and go back and crawl under your rock where you came from...just remember 10 seconds of counter attack beats 80 minutes of possession every time. So feck off.....
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22/11/2012 02:19:00

If Rafa manages to bring back atleast 50-60% of the old torres, I doubt the same people here will be happily praising him....
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22/11/2012 05:30:00

Oh! U wanna support rafa? Pick banner and write his name on it display the banner during the match against city in SB...then tell me if you'd come out alive!
Krested Kal-el
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 06:18:00

Barz.Jealousy written all over your post.
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22/11/2012 06:45:00

Thank you very much @chuks,i for one could not believe ronaldo would ever work with mourinho but it happened and they are both enjoyin
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 07:15:00

Thank you very much @chuks,i for one could not believe ronaldo would ever work with mourinho but it happened and they are both enjoyin
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 07:15:00

DIMMATEO said: "It was an honour for me to be appointed manager of a club that I loved playing for and one that is so close to my heart. I am extremely proud of the successes and trophies that we were able to bring to the club in recent months. "Lifting Chelsea's first Champions League trophy, in Munich, was the best achievement in club history and without doubt the highlight of my career to date, both as a player and manager. It is a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life. "I have a deep and unreserved passion for Chelsea Football Club and I would like to sincerely thank all of the staff, my players and of course the Chelsea fans, for their tremendous and unconditioned support in the intense time I have been the manager at the Bridge. I wish all of them every success for the rest of the season and beyond."
Krested Kal-el
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22/11/2012 07:20:00

In the time Abramovich has been at Chelsea, the club have had eight managers. Manchester United, obviously, have had one. And in that time United, the most convincing argument for patience and loyalty there has been in English football, have won nine trophies (one Champions League, four Premier League, three League Cup, one FA Cup). But Chelsea have won 10 (one Champions League, three Premier League, four FA Cup, two League Cup). So random has accrued more than continuity. Indeed, in United’s single Champions League win, they played Chelsea, who lost on a penalty shoot-out having been marginally the better side. So, a method in the madness?? HELL effin YES :)
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 07:48:00

@Mq, method in the madness? More like math and arithmetic in the madness. The arithmetic of 1 billion pounds put into a football club - the highest ever amount invested in a sporting institution anywhere in the world - this is an irrefutable fact. Given the investment - which secures the best players, discounts the many flop purchases, top managers and coaches the 10 trophies won in 9 years is significant but not much if one looks impartially. 3 premier league titles in 9 years with 1 billion dollars is good but given the unprecedented money - its not a great deal as well.
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 08:16:00

How much has ManUre spent in pursuit of their triumph DELTA?? How much has Madrid spent in the process too?? He may have spent 1billion but he did it quicker when there was increasing competition, had he not done so we'd most likely be a mid-level club. You can't have your cake and eat it without $hitting lad
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 08:30:00

We will never agree on something since we have lots of personalities at chelsea. My want is different from yours and you love others personally.
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22/11/2012 08:41:00

Read his and Stop Weeping ***
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22/11/2012 11:58:00

Like it or Not, Benitez is now Our Coach. I hated RDM when AVB was sacked.. And to those questioning Roman's decision! Buy a £5m Car and dump it @ hömë without using it or looking for an alternative to make it useful.
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 12:03:00

I don't care who the coach is, all i want is good football and trophies.
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22/11/2012 12:05:00

RDM would have cost us a top 4 spot so a decision had to be made and time was of the essence, as much has I was riled by Rafa's comments at the time he wasn't that far from the truth the atmosphere at the bridge was much of the time subdued to say the least and the plastic flags were as bad an idea has bringing in a Torres whisperer. Our club, again looks so amateurish in the way it is being run, we're the laughing stock again.
ten men
Report Abuse
22/11/2012 20:56:00

We will never agree. Benitez wants a job and wants to add to his CV to get a new job when he is out of chelsea
Report Abuse
23/11/2012 06:42:00

Whatever he gets at chelsea will prove decisive for his getting another job be it here or somewhere else
Report Abuse
24/11/2012 07:05:00


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