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Some Chelsea Fans, You Are Embarrasing

Some Chelsea Fans, You Are Embarrasing

Right you lot, time for some tough words.

Actually, it's not 'you lot' as a whole, so I apologise, it's probably half of you. It seems the VC membership base is split whether the club should have appointed Rafa. Well here's a wake up call for you. Tough sh*t. It's happened. It's done. No point crying over spilt milk - it ain't going to change anything.

There is absolutely no one with the same level of experience and success that was willing to join Chelsea on what is basically a temporary contract until the end of the season. Roman has done what is best for the club, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Or is there?

I've heard pathetic comments about people boycotting games. What good is that going to do? Weaken our support? Yes. Less revenue for the club? Yes. This is beyond a joke. Not attending games just because Rafa has been appointed is pathetic and won't help our club in any way, shape or form. The best we can do at the moment is accept that Rafa has been appointed until the end of the season and we should get behind the club we love. That's what being a supporter is all about.

Oh, and here's the other one. What good is booing Rafa going to do? Absolutely sweet feck all. In fact, how can that possibly help when he's in charge until the end of the season and what he really needs, like the players do, is to hear and feel our support. Yes, our support - for the club, but not juvenile boos. It's sad. It's weak. It's damaging our team. It makes us look stupid. It makes future managers and players less likely to join to see how immature we are. We need to be in support of the club, whatever decisions they make. Booing isn't supporting. Yes, it's making your opinions heard, but the simple fact is, Rafa is here until the end of the season, let's help him, let's help the players, and help the club out, by showing our support to the club we love, not booing a manager who will be trying his best.

Zonal marking? Worried about it? If it doesn't work, why did Liverpool have one of the best defensive records in the league under Rafa? Stop clutching at straws to try an nail Rafa before he's started For pete's sake, he's been in the job a day - one bloody day - and we're already giving him grief. It's sad and embarrassing. Give the man a chance.

The truth is this. Rafa Benitez was the only manager that was available, that was willing to join us until the end of the season, the one that has both European and Premiership experience, and has a cv better than anyone else available - fact.

Deal with it people. Grow some balls. Have a cup of concrete and harden the feck up. This is about Chelsea. This is about the club we love, NOT Rafa. Yes he said his comments when he was in charge of Liverpool, but fair enough I say. He was doing everything he could to help Liverpool. Chelsea were the enemy. In fact, it takes a man of balls to come out and say what he said about us, but you have to realise, he was doing that in the best interest of Liverpool.

And now he's in charge of Chelsea. And I bet you he will be doing everything possible to help us as well. My request is simple - before you start avoiding Chelsea games and booing Benitez, grow up. Stop giving his crap before he's even started the job.

It's a simple idea - let's see what he can do for us before slating him.

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Date:Friday November 23 2012
Time: 7:59AM


@DJDUTTS I am going to keep this simple. I totally agree. KTBFFH !!!!
23/11/2012 08:13:00
totally agree with u djdutts..he's our manager now and we must support him and more importantly our team...lets put chelsea fc ahead of everyone...we have an important game coming up on weekend and if we win we have a good shot at the league cause till feb we dont have to face any top 4 club so tht gives us a good run at the for europe lets keep our hopes up....
23/11/2012 08:14:00
Harsh but very true.I agree
23/11/2012 08:21:00
I totally agree and have, myself, said this to all the 'haters' since he was appointed. And who knows... could we finally see the £50m paid for Torres coming good? I for one, hope so!
23/11/2012 08:23:00
So, so true. I was flabbergasted to see men in their 40s, 50s and maybe even 60s whining around and throwing tantrums like spoilt little brats. Even the admin of this site. Disgusting. I am not Benitez' biggest fan, but I think he can organize our defense and teach them proper pressing, which is exactly what we need! As far as I am concerned, he should get a fair chance, so good luck to him.
23/11/2012 08:26:00
I agree..... I have actually just submitted an article very similar to this one.
23/11/2012 08:32:00
Lol@Elmagico...... I know we dont have like him, but let's just support him for the sake of CFC and our young, fragile players. If we fans are not careful, this may lead to the end of Roman's era @Chelsea, it is as sensitive as that.
23/11/2012 08:36:00
Dont care. Who are you to dictate to me how I should feel about the man? I do not like him and I will never support him. Love Chelsea, hate Rafa. Now you deal with that.
23/11/2012 08:40:00
That No.9 - so you're saying that your hate for Rafa is bigger and more important than your love for Chelsea??? Seriously mate, crawl under a rock and disappear. If that's how you feel, then you clearly don't care about us.
23/11/2012 08:43:00
Simple as ABC! did i like RDM as our manager? No but i supported him till his last minute here. No fan will be happy with any opposition manager who undermined their passion for the club they love and support but we have to understand that what he said then was meant to get the scousers behind him. Put yourself in his shoes, would you do same? Yes because you have to please your employers. I 'm mostly disappointed by the way the most popular figure on VC led the Anti-Benitez campaign because i believe he has the experience to make these angry fans see the other side of life. All these people including Roman could leave chelsea fc one day but can we?
munich Glory
23/11/2012 08:47:00
By the way THAT No.9, I'm not dictating to you how to FEEL, just how to SUPPORT. Thanks Ash :)
23/11/2012 08:51:00
so u think it is wrong for us to hate a man who has shown absolutely no respect for us.he spat in our face.and u think we should support him just becoz he was made the manager by least show for once what u want.and the truth is none of us wanted benitez.i hate anyone who disrespects cfc.
23/11/2012 08:53:00
I have no problem with Rafa and i actually respect him for saying what he said about us because he was defending his club at the time. How many times did Mourinho whined up opposition fans and managers? No one complained then! I think this is a good appointment and im convinced we will win 3 of the 5 trophies. League Cup, World club cup and Uefa Cup. Rafa has a track record winning trophies especially Cup competitions and we will all love it if he whines opposition fans to benefit us! GET OVER IT!
23/11/2012 09:00:00
@ djdutts - "you clearly don't care about us" - there you go again playing thought police. My vehement opposition to Rafa is EXACTLY because I care. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner he is shown the door the better, because IMO he will ruin the club. Now in case you havent noticed, we live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their own point of view, so please please please, stop bloody trying to dictate to me how I should feel...!!!
23/11/2012 09:02:00
...or how to express my support for that matter. In my eyes, opposing that mercenary IS supporting my club
23/11/2012 09:04:00
@DJDUTTS - I think you're missing a very significant issue here. Firstly yes, you're right that booing Rafa will do no good. There is no point in taking our frustration out on him as it's not his fault. This situation is not Rafa's making, so yes, booing him would be stupid. Yes we support the club and always will no mattter what, but you must allow fans to demonstrate their frustration at decisions/circumstances such as this. How can you say Roman has done what's best for the club? Did he not just sack Di Matteo? He made the best out of a terrible situation which he created himself, how is that doing what;s best for the club? You need to understand the frustration this has heaped upon many loyal fans. Without the fans, the club would be nothing, so when a club legend who won the CL 6 months ago, who was doing well in the season is unjustly sacked, and a man who has been hated by fans since 2004 is hired to replace him without any sort of explanation or justification, you need to realise that this will be seen as totally unnacceptable by many. We are all Chelsea fans yes, regardless of who is in charge, but we don't follow a name, we follow club, a team, an image. With what has happened in the last few days, only the name remains. The character of theclub has changed and you need to acknowledge that many are more than *****ed off at this and have a right to protest it. We do not want to see terrible decisions rewarded, which is why a small part of me wants to see Man City thrash us on Sunday. I've been a Chelsea fan for roughly 15 years and I don't intend to stop anytime soon, ever in fact. But that doesn't mean I have to sit idley by and watch this horror show. And I think you, and a few othes need to realise that. The abuse towards Benitez could be deemed unnecessary, but the abuse towards Abramovich, Gourlay and Buck isn't, and at the moment, I don;t feel like giving them any money. I still support Chelsea, but i'm in no mood to give those ********s £50 on Sunday. They don't flippin' deserve it!
23/11/2012 09:11:00
haven't seen an article truer in while....thanks DJ :)
23/11/2012 09:12:00
@djdutts I don't normally go against comments, but seriously u lack basic ethics and morales, if u don't u'll know everything is not justified under the sun, u are nothing but a rafa apologist, fair points that we don't need to boo him or call him a spanish waiter since he became cfc's boss, but u are trying to tell the fans to forgive and forget when the offender have not asked to be forgiven, have he come out and apologize publicly? He arrogantly said he'll win the fans over with winning, there is no honour with winning without ethics and morals, why was adriano booed for his goal against nordjaelland? His coach was disappointed too, why was chelsea always the black dog despite our trophies and wins? We are hated bcos the public view us as a threat to football codes and conducts. Speak for urself and don't dare insult peeps for their opinions mate
23/11/2012 09:12:00
And by the way, as much as his comment about us rankle, its not the main reason I'm so opposed to his presence in our dugout (although it does add to it). Its simple becasue I think he is a terrible coach. A man who fluked his way to two trophies and was put on a pedestal by the liverpool-loving hacks in the press. A self obssessed ego-maniac who was finally found out at the end of his Liverpool tenure and at Inter. There's a reason no-one would touch him for two years.
23/11/2012 09:14:00
BRAVO! Good article there DUTTS. I've been here for a very long time and have said on many other threads that for his previous comments I despise Benitez. He didn't help himself with that shocking press conference last night... No Apology for previous comments. Kept talking about how "I want to win 5 trophies" not WE want to win 5 trophies. "The fans will support me because I am the manager and that is best for the team"..... I shiver thinking about those words.... BUT....BIG BUT.....He's RIGHT. He is the manager. He is what's best for the team in this situation. He could actually improve things on a technical and footballing level. For these reasons I will not boo or undermine him whilst he's in charge at the Bridge. I still think he has a lot to prove in this position before people will cheer for him (both in personality and on the pitch), but I will still support what he is doing until it becomes clear that he is harming this club (something I hope never comes to pass).
23/11/2012 09:16:00
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