Chelsea - Rafa`s Excuse Book - WHU (a)
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Rafa`s Excuse Book - WHU (a)

After taking an eternity to come out and face the press, Rafa the unwanted Gaffer came up with the following;-

'I think it was a foul [on Ivanovic for the first goal] but I don't want to use this an excuse. We conceded the goal and then they were on top.'

'At this level you have to take your chances and we had many clear chances to finish the game. In the second half we were not winning the first ball or the second ball and we didn't have the control we had in the first half.'

'When you concede goals it is normally because you have made mistakes. We have to keep working and try to improve.'

'We have to be more clinical. We have good positions and we have to have the quality and confidence. We had situations with two or three players and we have to take our chances.'

Interim manager my backside!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 1 2012

Time: 3:10PM

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Those are the actual reasons....and we have lazy soft players who have been spoiled and cuddled into thinking they are any good. Diame outplayed and outhustled our entire midfield apart from Mikel. Ramires was soooo poor second half....don't know how he played to full 90. We can improve...we must
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01/12/2012 15:21:00

Be prepared for RB to vomit the whole 11 courses of excuses over the next few months. Who knows he might even show a creative side and come up with a new one. I'll give him this one for free "Fernando was rested today on the advice of the club shrink, he keeps having delusions in front of goal that flying fat tapas waiter is about to knife him in the back". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Torres and Beneathus, I loathed 'em at scousepool, I hate 'em now.
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01/12/2012 15:23:00

Folks can come here and state all sort of reasons why they think Rafa is the way to go....but event wont lie...this guy called Rafa is only going to take us down...Why didn't Liverpool ever win the premier league even though they were always worthy opponents?...its because each time Rafa plays a good game against a top four team...he then goes on a run of draws and losses against middle table teams which leaves his team worse off in terms of overall points total....he is not an exceptional coach in any way and he is only going to take us down...assisted by FT9. No Shame in just simply sacking Rafa before the year end...maybe we can still save our season somhow and secure a top four spot...Rafa is failing and will continue to fail at chelsea...the hand writing is big on the wall...the fans dont like him and he does not like us either...and the players obviously...cant be bothered...deep down..i dont think they like him either...they are probably all still hurting seeing how RDM was dealth with classlessly...honestly i dont know what the way forward is...but I am pretty certain Rafa is not the way forward..we are in a mess..chelsea all the way....
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01/12/2012 15:27:00

"Ramires was soooo poor second half....don't know how he played to full 90".... Well, ask Rafa the Gafa. Some muppets last time claimed that rafa was working on the defence and he is trying to build the team from the back. Well, clearly today's game showed that no work was done on the defence and still nothing has been done to the attack.Not taking away the credit from west ham, they did great. But clearly sacking RDM for Rafa was an ERROR he would have turned it all around by now. Remember what he did last season? Rafa is just copying RDM both in tactics, game plan, etc but he can never be like RDM.
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01/12/2012 15:29:00

Former Liverpool coach Jacques Crevoisier: “Liverpool’s current failure is linked to three people – [Rafael] Benitez, [Tom] Hicks and [George] Gillett. Benitez is an excellent coach but he recruited over 60 players during his time in charge. And, apart from Fernando Torres, Javier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso, his signings across five years were pitiful. Benitez brought in a staggering amount of players and at some cost. He is a very bad recruiter. His communications were weak and his links with the players did not work. When the team lost it would be the players’ fault and, when they won, it would be thanks to him. People who were at the club at the same time as him told me he was a megalomaniac, with people having to pledge allegiance to his way of doing things. The three players I’ve mentioned don’t require an army of scouts to tell you they are very good, while all the rest were average. If you look at Benitez’s legacy, you’ll say his scouts were no good. Has he left the club in good health? No. Has he prepared for the future? No. Benitez is a charmer. He comes on TV with a nice smile but I’m not fooled.”
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01/12/2012 15:35:00

im sorry but he's had 3 matches , we should have won the last 2 , rafa out , gtfo.
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01/12/2012 15:48:00

@had2b, Mikel was ***** TOO!!! WTF did he do?? Nothing thats the point! He might have not made mistakes but he did JACK! NOTHING!!!!!!
pego sama
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01/12/2012 15:48:00

Stop all this whining about Rafa,he is our manager period!blame the ******** player$!
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01/12/2012 15:51:00

Humpu if you know anything about Chelsea you will understand that no matter what he does or does not do Benitez is just unacceptable to most Chelsea fans!
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01/12/2012 15:54:00

Chelsea has a club has sunk to an all time low.
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01/12/2012 16:03:00

what is rafas excuse for being so fat...did he feast on the cfc under 18's before the match...he is obese...when he stands in the technical area he casts a shadow up to the third tier...he is fat.
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01/12/2012 16:08:00

True talk Rafa, if you don't take chances you dead. We missed the chance to kill em off in the 1st half and those goals we conceded were largely individual errores more than Rafa's fault...
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01/12/2012 17:11:00

That said, when we lose the Manager get's the blame so...The Ar$e's lost 0-2 @ HOME and yet they don't chant former Managers for that. $perms had been losing a lot of games and checking on the Vital Spurs page, they hardly ever called for his sacking despite his "history" and look @ them now.
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01/12/2012 17:13:00

Is rafa really that fat??allardyce,scolari and jol are all fatter than him...however benitez has said exactly how we went wrong today,i hope he works on it,most expecial our strikin department
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01/12/2012 17:23:00

Co-sign 100% with KEN^^
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01/12/2012 17:28:00

Shut up Mq. I am sure that u are one happy bunny now that ur chum s our manager and he is getting all this fantastic result for us. The players clearly don't like Rafa. Majority of them now don't like torres either. Roman's constant meddling will be the death of us.
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01/12/2012 17:41:00

worst run since 1995 that says it all
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01/12/2012 18:07:00

@Ken4Cfc...he is colossal. those other guys are barrel mafioso bosses...
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01/12/2012 19:17:00

the excessive fatty acid content in the waiter's saliva is why the boys slowed down after the half time talk...
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01/12/2012 19:44:00

Lol@gian,say nice things about our manager**winks**
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01/12/2012 20:28:00

cant wait for jan so we can get a striker and DM to replace those 2 liabilities called torres(who's single handedly cost us the league and we paid 50m for him to do that to us!!) and mikel!
pego sama
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01/12/2012 20:32:00

Pep can't do anything with this team and neither could rafa, what anybody can do is find an alternative to torres, who would score atleast a goal per game to save the team and that would be sturridge till january
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01/12/2012 20:54:00

Drog of War
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01/12/2012 23:54:00

I never wanted RDM to leave and i never wished Rafa to come. But all that has happened has happened in a manner i cant do anything about it other than to move on and wish my team comes back to winning ways. And you don't need to be an expert to see that the recent debacle in the club's performance has little to do with the managers,old and new. The overarching problem in our team is the strikeforce and finishing. The lack of crucial goals from the striker(tired of mentioning his name) plagued the sacked coach and has continued to plague the new one. I am the sort of person that see positives in every circumstance,hence i pointed out some perceived gains of Rafa's appointment regardless of my disapproval of it. But clearly our striking department is impotent and has kept on fluffing chances after chances. No matter how good a side is without goals,there is no headway. Goals not only put you ahead,but gives you the greater chance of scoring more as the opponent push forward. RDM sack was a mistake,Rafa's appointment yet another as the major issue(striking) is unattended.
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02/12/2012 07:44:00

there is truth in what he said.i first highlighted how we got outmuscled in the city game,our midfield is light,end of.we have flair players but they are not built.i miss old chelsea. Jeremi Njitap,Essien, Lampard,Carvalho, Anelka,Drogba,Ballack. We now have small players: Mata,Oscar,Marin,Hazard.
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02/12/2012 13:57:00

@11Bandwagon, does Barcelona FC not have smallish players too? And since when did Rafa become a "fat spanish waiter"? LMFAOOOO!!!!! Anyway, the blame falls soley on the players and not the manager, even in the days of Di Matteo, its all on the players and their playing attitude. Enough is Enough, like Petr Cech said, "shape up or ship out".
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02/12/2012 20:42:00

I dont agree that the goals we conceeded were individual errors. When the same happen with Luiz during RDM regime, we blamed the coach and the player. The same should be the case now. Rafa has to take part of the blame. But, still our players are becoming more ***** now-a-days on the field. No Hunger to play or win...this was the case i am observing after ManU match...something was wrong from that day
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03/12/2012 06:52:00

We need to check where the real problem is and the earlier we realize the same, the better for the team
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03/12/2012 07:47:00

Going into the season without enough striking options was emphatically stupid. About 3 good forward,Drogba,Anelka,Kalou, left us and we didnt bother to replace them. *smh*
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03/12/2012 11:58:00

Going into the season without enough striking options was emphatically stupid. About 3 good forward,Drogba,Anelka,Kalou, left us and we didnt bother to replace them. *smh*
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03/12/2012 11:59:00

That was risky but will make the team stronger since we realized that the striker will not have anything to complain about
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04/12/2012 08:58:00

Now is the right time to know what we really need and are missing fro the team
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05/12/2012 07:18:00


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