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3 steps to achieve Roman Desire

Call it fantasy football, call it football manager, call it anything but if we are to challenge on all fronts we have to pull up our sleeves for the best.

(1) We need a deep lying playmaker for the transition of the ball from defence to attack, we should look no further than Benat of Real Betis. He would cost £15 to 20mil

(2) We all know that our striking position is in a mess and if we are to move forward we should look no further than Leandro Damiao, lets forget Falcao, in as much as I like Falcao, we should unearth our own gem, Falcao will cost much and he is almost 27 years old with no sell on value, Damiao is just 23 and a sensation that can still improve, he is clinical as well and will cost £20 to 25 mill, if not less with proper bargain. If we are looking for another option, Lewandowski will be another cheap and quality product considering his contract issue, should come around £12 mill to 15 mill, German markets are relatively cheap as well.

(3) Call it manager again call it anything, we should go all out for Neymar next summer, some people believe his ship has sailed but I don't see the reason why Barca with Sanchez, Pedro, Villa, are going for him and we think we have enough, not to talk of Messi who is a permanent fixture, we need him. Neymar will give us options, he can play as false number 9 when our main striker is not fit and as well can play in the trident attack from left allowing Mata to come in centrally and Hazard on the right wing inter changing with Neymar and Mata on a regular basis, and thereby allowing Oscar to operate from deep but more of CM, I don't know why some people think that Oscar can not play from deep, he will even be suited more to that position with his pass spreading ability, and coming up to the trident position as well when Neymar plays as a striker.

I honestly think we will be unpredictable and have so many options with these signings. It is better to blow the money we want to spend on Falcao on Neymar with more team options than to allow Barca get him, he is a gem and have a better sell on value if he fails than Falcao, mind you Torres and Sturridge will have to move on for Leandro Damiao or Lewandowski and Neymar

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The Journalist

Writer: Obinnio Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 6 2012

Time: 4:44PM

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...Falcao will cost much and he is almost 27 years old with no sell on value,...say's who?? Van Persie is 29, he too has no resale value?? David Villa?? No offense author, I'm just pointing out an unsubstantiated reason I've heard many times without any facts to back it up.
Otherwise you are right about the players we need, although I'd add LB to that (if we do get Shaw form Southampton then we probably wont need 1)
@MQ wat sell on value does RVP have? wd you pay 25m for RVP right now? Hell NO.
@mq forget about Falcao he isn't worth the fuss.
There is ONE big step that you have forgotten about We need a manager who can will stand his ground and not just let RA tell him how to play, maybe we need someone a bit special, someone who doesnt have a club next season. Is it just me that gets the feeling that RA watches highlight videos of players and decides that he should gat that player
@lovehate83 he doesnt watch highlights he just listens to the stupid advice tweedle dee and tweedle dumb tell him. (ron gourlay and bruce buck)
falcoa is just another flop to be happen at chelsea....roman would be fool if he spend anither 50 million on a striker....agree with your post we need benat type midfielder to replace our slow poor rami mikel combination....damio would be a good buy he is young and can turn out to be a sensation never know....and about neymar i would buy risking him rather than buying falcoa....
that part of what i said was more a joke than anything serious. to be fair to RA he normally makes very good purchases. he just doesnt know how to buy a striker. He seems to buy good strikers but he is just getting there too late in there careers. i remember the days when we were looking a villa, aguero and others i really hope we get a decent centre back who can control the back line (a terry replacement) move david luiz to DMF, get baines for a few years until bertrand can take over and buy neymar and falcao and if we can get rid of torres we should get lewandowski. i think our midfield is one of the best in the world and doesnt need touching. the goalkeepers we have are good enough for the foreseeable future and just a few tweaks to the defense and we should be good to start our european dominance
@shlok27 so which one is rami slow or poor? because i see him as neither
@lovehate....for me both of them are poor...mikel is slow he takes lot of time to pass the ball either his passing is backward or sidewards....rami has tremondous energy but when it comes to ball distribution he is poor....we should understand that chelsea cant depend on mata haz and oscar for free flowing football they need help from their deep midfield for that and thats why chelse need good deep lying midfielders who can boss the midfield and can allows us to play the style we wanna play in great effect...
if you had read my second post i had already said that i think david luiz should be moved to defensive midfield because personally i think he is better than mikel in everything and it would allow him to attack without leaving that sideshow bob shaped hole in out defense but rami is getting played out of position so i think for what he is doing he isnt poor
Rafa tried something yesterday and i must say,it was a change which was nice to see. Did anyone see Luiz play in the pivot with Rami yesterday? I didnt think he could do it and i still dont think i will be comfy seeing Luiz in the pivot given his tendency to go crazy but perhaps Rafa could help him and create our very own Fernandinho? Just a thought.
@ the Author,you think getting damiao is unearthing a gem? Hello? He is a STARTER for the selecao. The cheapest you will get him is 40mill. And Lewandowski for 15mil? You have gotta be Dortmund is a big and proud german club. They have a good shot at winning the UCL and you think theyd sell him? Why would he even want to leave? Our club is currently in a managerial turmoil. The only way any player would come is if we throw loads of money their way and even that wouldnt entice a player who is on the verge of winning something big with his club! I agree with Neymar and ive said it on threads a lot. He is like having 3players in one.. I think we should get Fellaini and a cheap striker if Studge leaves but if not,we dont need to spend over the odds in january. Panic buys have never worked for us! If we get Fellaini in january,Get Neymar in the summer with one left back. Bring back Chalobah,Josh,Kdb and Lukaku and we are good.
damiao would be a good buy , but benat isnt needed , oscar can play as a deeplying play maker
The reeeeeeeeal steps: 1) Be a model that would make any man wet himself if she sat down beside you. But not poo. Party foul. 2) Be facking the size of florida, and float. 3) Fill every seat at the Bridge with children.. His own..
@3nity lewandowski IS available for 15m his contract runs out next summer(2014). and tell me where would you play fellaini? CDM? hes hardly better than mikel in terms of being part of the pivot
The striker I would suggest is that Bony Wilfried dude.... the guy is strong, skillful and has a good goal sense.... I prefer him to Damiao...
CFCTalal is right! "Oscar can play as a deeplying play maker."
...@MQ wat sell on value does RVP have? wd you pay 25m for RVP right now? Hell NO....I'm afraid you are grossly incorrect HUMZA because thus far RVP has been a huge success @ ManUre and I'd take him over many an EPL #9 given his goal scoring records lately. How many #9's have a better goals/games ratio that he has (besides Aguero if u consider him a #9)??
I wanted Falcao more than any other guy here.But not now after we crashed out of the CL.Get Bony or Damio.
Falcao vs Bony...
Proof that even Lukaku is better than Bony...
lovehate...i dont agree with david luiz playig dm.. this makeshift wont last long it will give us result in some match but for long term they are not the solution...thats why we need a defnsive mifield player who can do this duties well....mikel is not good and luiz is not the solution...
How about a prolonged run between now and Jan so we can assess his abilities before spending money SHLOK?? I'm not saying he'd be a perfect fit but who knows, that maybe the position most-suited for him. I read Kalas has been better at RB for Vitesse than CB (his "natural" position) who knows?? *just saying
I would love to ask VC members what they noticed between the falcao and bony comparison, this is just perfect for a debate, now tell me what u noticed between falcao and bony? Because I fail to see why they are being compared at all.
Since we are all learning here, I'll like VC members to tell us how lukaku is better than wilfried bony? Seriously waiting to learn from u guys, if u have seen the links please anyone?
Our first choice for striker should be D Villa > Benzema or Higuain > Damaio > Lewandowski > Falcao > Soldado....I would like Falcao, but for 48m, his recent run of 7 games, makes me worry that he would be Torres 2.0....D Villa is the best suitable for oour style of play, will help Pep (if he comes next yr) immensely, he will be cheap, have 2-3 yrs in him, a perfect clinical striker...
good article, But how do we intend to pay for these players with FFA looming and we out of the CL? We still have few players we can't moved on because they on high wages and won't want to take a pay cut. IMO we don't need to panic buy. We have few talented players on loan Lukaku and KDB. I hope they would have gain a lot of experience when they return to back. The board have a difficult decision to make, 1,To realigned their set targets for these season. These new targets are what is going decide if they go buying or not.
jollyheart Torres
@mq, for Gods sake Van persie is good but don't have sale on value at 30 next year,if you think any team will pay 20 mil for van p in the next 2 years if he is not performing you will be joking and mind you united will not sell if he is performing.
...if you think any team will pay 20 mil for van p in the next 2 years if he is not performing...and if he is OBINNIO?? Based on his current performances, if he were available for 20Mil what club do you think wouldn't consider him, later on even buy him (apart from Madrid, Barca & Bayern)?? All I'm saying is when you say a player has no resale value, back your claims with stats or factors from whence you derived that assertion
David Villa is 30 (I think) if he was available would you advise we buy him?? If so, then it means he has resale value to Barca @ 30, so why would Falcao not have resale value when he's currently 26 going on 27??
@3nity, yes getting Damiao and he succeeds in our colour is unearthing a gem, if he comes in and score 20 to 25 which I think he can do will give us a good striker for the next decade and to think he will cost 40 mill is craziness from their board,no club will pay more than 25 mill for him,remember they offered him to liverpool for 3mill on season long lone,does it not tell you the are looking for buyer, and looking to increase the money if he does well,why not we go outright and get him?, and lewandowski contract situation makes him come on cheap, he can come for even 13 mil,how much did Real Madrid buy Ozil with one year remaining in his contract?, how much did they buy sahin when he was bundesliga player of the season with one year to go?, how much do you think schalke will sell huntellar with one year to go? if you think Red Nose is stupid to go for him with the caliber of strikers he has you've got to be kidding me, lewandowski won't go for anything more than 15mil, and
@CFCTalal having only oscar as our deeplying play maker will not help, we need options and dept,we two deeplying play maker, mind you oscar will move to the trident when Neymar plays as a stiker
@latunvic, everyone have their own opinion, in wilfred Bony look no further than our very own lukaku, that is the way we clamoured for him as our very own didier replacement, doe the dude is improving at west brom, he have done nothing for us. I don't want another of that scenario and to think of it the place he is playing is where we loan out our fringe players and they go and shine, even kakuta that did nothing here is finding his feat, and kalas our youth CB is a first team fixture there,not to talk of Van Anholt, you should as well say we should bring our loan players back cos they are doing good there to come and face United and gooners and see if they will not flop, we better desist from this Wilfred Bony Madness, and to say the guy is better than Damiao is pathetic,it's your opinion doe
@mq if you think Madrid and Barca are stupid not to get him then you are joking cos I know he is better than both benz and Hig but he is not a long term plan,not to even talk of juve who I think needs striker badly, and that is because it does not make economic sense with his wages and transfer fee and not being a long term plan as well,Red nose got him for quick fix and to wrestle the title from direct rivals, he is trying to protect his integrity and not the club, he don't want to here city out shone him in his last reigning years as united manager, simple. and that is why hernandez who will walk into most teams will continue to suffer on the bench, and that is why Madrid will rather go for Hernandez with long term than to go for VP,
@Desmondadonis, Lukaku was exactly what Wilfried Bony currently is at his former club before being transfered to, does it not say something we wouldn't like to happen again? even lukaku has a better goal ratio at his former club to wilfred Bony at the moment, and one of the brightest coming out of belgium
@blu_run,for D villa thanks but no thanks, when we wanted him he refused to come and he is 31 going to 32 and won't come cheap,will be welcome if he comes cheap,for Benz and Hig, that madrid are looking for Falcao possibilty tells you something,they are good, but not consistent and the two are not cleanical, misses a lot of chances that will make me scream and wake my grand pa from grave,for lewandowski and Damiao the are worth the trial and we should look no further than them both, they are still 23 and can measure up with the top ones you mentioned and they will still improve, for falcao,I have no doubt but his run is worrying and remember he takes his sides penalty thereby increasing his goal tally,I would rather blow the cash on Neymar than on Falcao,both are risky buy, for soldado, he is worth a shout
@jollyheart Torres, yes it is a worry with FFa, but if lamps leave as expected and cole joins him out we will reduce the wage bill magnificently, and if baines come to replace cole, it will be on reduced wage and a transfer fee of up to 10 to 12 mill that will be spread over the length of his contract, the real question will be how to offload Torres cos if we can right him off our wage bill then we can complete this deals and comply with FFP
@mq you think chelsea will be foolish to hand Barca 20 to 25 mil at 30 years, bro please think again.truth be told D villa is stuck with them unless they will sell him for 10mill and if you call that resale value for some one they bought for 40 mil then you are not a good business man,and come to think of it villa is 31 not 30 and will be 32 next year
Using our loanees improvement or lack of to define a particular player is a flawed reasoning, this is a league where the likes of arjen robben, kuyt, van der vaart, kanu, shneijder,suarez and many others were unearthed, he took PSV and some other organized teams there to the cleaners, that doesn't make him a bad player, kalas if u avnt seen him would start for some BPL teams, and kakuta is a player whose confidence and playtime was low, its natural if he is finding his form back, PVA would have been starting for arsenal if he was in their setup
I don't know where some of you get your stats and info from but @Obinnio, I'll appreciate if u can post the source of your Lukaku having a better goal ratio than Wilfried cos I don't understand how Lukaku's 33 goals in 73 appearances is better than Bony's 30 in 49 games for Vitesse and 22 in 59 games for Sparta Prague... You said Damiao is better, on what basis if I may ask you???.... he has scored only 28 goals in 72 games for his club... Oh, is it because Damiao is a Brazilian and Bony is not?.... Well, like you rightly said, based on mine assessment of watching both players, I strongly believe Bony is more of a complete striker and more of what we need than Damiao.... So if you feel the suggestion of Bony is madness, u can as well persist with your delusion with Damiao....
...nd that is why hernandez who will walk into most teams will continue to suffer on the bench, and that is why Madrid will rather go for Hernandez with long term than to go for VP...You won't count 3 matches where Hernandez has started and excelled OBINNA last season proved how useless he is when he starts that's why ManUre bought RVP. There's no way Madrid will want to start a player who can't start for ManUre, who's a sub for a 29year old. If you feel Hernandez is 'better' than RVP then why would RVP would be starting more games??
No "top" club (imo) will buy Hernandez as a #9 starter, super-sub yes but a starter NO. He isn't good enough, ManUre have proven that (last season remember how his "stats" fell while starting more games)
No offence fellas but reality is going to hit you hard if you think you can sustain your silly spending. You've just been knocked out of the champions league prematurely meaning you will lose an absolute fortune in revenue. You only managed to sign big money players last season because you got the money for winning the champions league and all the money building up to it, do you sersiously think after losing all that you can afford 50 mil on Neymar, 20 mil on benat and 40 mil for Falcao? FFP isn't hot air, it is going to happen and you will have to stop with the silly spending and start turning a far more convincing profit. Also laughable that you talk of unearthing gems yet go on to name well established players. @Mq no offence pal but you know very little of Hernandez and his ability. Messi didn't say he's good enough for Barca for nothing. The only reason he's deployed as a supersub for us is simply because he's unfortunate enough to have Rooney and RVP in the same team as him. Oh and the reason for his 'poor' season last season was largely due to him not being rested for 3 years straight, this summer is the first in a long time where he has actually got to rest. Despite no rest and being largely brought on from the bench last year he still managed 12 goals, more than that lady boy you've got upfront could manage. The lads strengths do more for the team than you could imagine, he's a number 9 yeah but his off the ball movement stretches the game vertically giving RVP, Rooney and co plenty of space to strut their stuff and win games. Despite his stature he's also a very good targetman, capable of getting the ball under his control and getting his teammates involved. Not sure why you're even discussing him here, there isn't a hope in hell that Fergie would let him join chelsea and its incredibly unlikely that Fergie would let him leave at all. He isn't the 2nd most lethal striker in the premier league for goals to minutes ratio for nothing....
i would love to see KDB playing in our central midfield.. i dont know where he is currently deployed in werder bremen. i think mostly its CAM or wing.. but his genk coach himself said that KDB likes playing in central midfield and he is some talent in the center of the park.. plus we have josh on loan and making good progress.. his manager tony mowbray has said that and not me.. when there is need in the squad, why dont our board think of bringing in somebody doing great on loan?? why we always look to spending huge sums??? thats not right.. and having josh in the team is helpful in the manner that he will help us completing 25 man squad because we need 4 club trained home growns.. and we currently have only terry as one of them.. so i am fully want lukaku, KDB and josh to be given chance next term if their progress continues..
Cech -Azpi-Iva-Luiz-Cole [Romeu-Benat] [Hazard-Mata-Moses] Lewandrowski AND Cech- Paulo-Terry-Cahill-Ryan [Mikel-Rami] [Marin-Oscar-Taison] Demba Ba.
IN: Ba(6m), Benat(20m), Lewandrowski(22m), Taison(7m).....Out: Torres(18m), Danny(20m), some reserve players(4m).
get real and stop spending your monoply money the only way is build a team create stability in a long term manager then we may get somewhere near what we want to be
Did Hernandez not start in ManUre’s Champs League recent 1nil home loss?? I’d love to know his starts/goals scored ratio FAMOUS
Did Hernandez not start in ManUre’s Champs League recent 1nil home loss to an ‘average’ club?? I’d love to know his starts/goals scored ratio FAMOUS

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