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Switching Targets

With Rafa merely, as we understand, in charge until the end of the season, could Chelsea be making alternative plans?

It`s widely anticipated that Chelsea are targeting Pep Guardiola as their next permanent manager, but rumours are abound that Guardiola has his eyes on other ventures.

Therefore, the rumour doing the rounds this morning is that Roman Abramovichwill look towards recruiting the Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp, who has led the German side to two consecutive Bundesliga titles.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 8 2012

Time: 12:33PM

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i think we dodged a bullet with Pep cause his still unproven if you ask me, i mean even vilonova is doing a better job(if you follow stats) than him with a declining barca at the moment which to me clearly shows that i or any person on the planet would in all probability win trophies if given a chance to coach barca, even if they know jack about football (ok maybe i've exaggerated, but you get the gist.) Even Benetez is a better option to Pep, cause his gone up with the morinho more than once and come up on top in those fondly remembered tactical battles,(of course pep has gone up against the mor and come up tops but it dosn't count cause he was coaching barca!).
pego sama
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08/12/2012 12:45:00

Uhmm,which record will he becoming to break??longest or shortest time manager during roman era?
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08/12/2012 12:49:00

If we don't get Jose, this guy would be a good boss..... I don't want Pep
The Persian
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08/12/2012 12:58:00

I wud take Rafa over Pep anyday. Atleast Rafa won spanish la liga when Real was in the galaticos era, n Ronaldinho was at barca. He played 2 CL finals with a ***** liverpool squad. With the quality we have i wish him well cos tactically he is very good. When he got an average squad, he nearly won the league in 2009. If he is in charge till next season, then expect a CL final atleast.
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08/12/2012 12:59:00

I have come to realize that antecedent doesn't count and is no guarantee of success in coaching, I'm done with suggesting coaches or saying one will be better.... We are making noise about Jurgen Klopp today, when he comes here and begins to fail then we will remember oh, he has no EPL experience, oh he is a young coach, oh German league is different, oh the management failed to sign him the right players, oh we released the wrong players, etc..... I'll just say get any reasonable coach and time will tell if it's the right coach or not....
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08/12/2012 13:19:00

why would jurgen leave for a struggling chelsea that have a history with sacking managers when he manages a team that finished top in the group of death , the fans and players love him , why would he leave....
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08/12/2012 13:23:00

Will he last a full season?
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08/12/2012 13:27:00

Well as for me, I like klopp style, its similar to pep's but the difference is that klopp doesn't play tiki taka, his style, pressing and counter attacking is similar to chelsea's pattern which we need to perfect whilst playing good footie, the reason I like klopp too his that the man knows talent, he snapped up reus as soon as we were making noise about him,he developed goetze, lewandowski, sahin, shinji kagawa, gudongan* and some young chaps, I want a manager that will promote atleast 5 chelsea youths to our first team and make them good enough to start, when I see the amount we paid for hazard and his wages, I wanna puke, not to talk of the fortune we paid for nando, piazon can be good as hazard if we have a good coach, feruz deadly as rooney and so on, yes I want klopp
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08/12/2012 13:36:00

I have to ask would any top coach want to manage us considering the sackings me thinks not out of all of them I would have Jose.
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08/12/2012 13:36:00

As usual Chelsea ( i mean our owner and board in particular) have a sense of entitlement that is blown way out of proportion and not couched in reality. They have made it clear to everyone including the players and the entire world the moment they signed rafa that he is a lame duck coach just marking time..the same way they did with RDM. This sort of thing essentially places the coach who ever it is in "win now at all cost" rather than build for the future and the long term mode. Once trouble comes the coach is the first casualty. With that clear established pattern any worthwhile coach who comes here has himself to blame. As Elbowz said Jurgen Klopp would be a lunatic to accept a job from Chelsea no matter what Roman offers him. It reminds me of what Brendan Rodgers said when asked about possibly coaching us while he was still at Swansea..He said " I hope to grow my career not to destroy/kill it" It came of as rather harsh then but he knew what he was talking about. Now that Roman and his three amigos see that Pep is unlikely to commit career suicide by coming to us they are now reportedly starting to think of a plan B..that there alone tells you how twisted these guys approach to management is. They should have had a plan B and C all this time. Anyway for all it is worth the only person i see who would be willing to accept the poisoned Chalice that is the Chelsea managers job is Jose Mourinho..and that is because of his history with us, his genuine love for the club that goes beyond money, the fact that he still feels he has unfinished business with us and the fact that he is the one coach with a big enough ego and acheivement portfolio to go toe to toe with roman and his three amigos to iron out a contract and terms of service that he can work with. He wont pull any will either be his way or the highway and that is the sort of coach we will need to achieve some level of stability at chelsea.
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08/12/2012 14:21:00

Get Joachim Low or del bosque , low is obsessed with offensive play!
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08/12/2012 14:37:00

Klopp has admitted his scepticism towards the business model of the EPL,Chelsea and City in particular,on several occasions,I can't imagine him tracking back on his words and joining us,as much as I'd like to see him at Cheslea.And besides,he has a great job at a club that is going places,I can't see him leaving the Bundesliga at all.Does he even speak any English?
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08/12/2012 17:26:00

Trying to avoid our managerial discussions of late,as we seem to come back to the same conclusion over and over again. An inept board tends to make rash and inept decisions.
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08/12/2012 19:26:00

I would like any manager who promotes/develops our youth team players.
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08/12/2012 22:12:00

Whats the f****ng point of getting this manager & thst manager, they're not gonna last a year. Really fed up...
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08/12/2012 22:47:00

I won't be surprise if Rafa get the job at end of the season.
jollyheart Torres
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08/12/2012 23:47:00

roman must be in dream if he thinks that managers like pep and klopp or any other top managers will join chelsea....chelsea have shot down on their foot by the way they had conducted their managerial top managers will wanna join chelsea circus in future...
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09/12/2012 06:17:00

i think it will be benitez who woll get the job at the end of the season.. whether developes the young players or not i dont know.. but one thing you can be sure of is that he utilizes the full squad.. hence keeping all happy and keeping good spirit up in the team.. the guy has won the la liga with valencia when he was 7th in mid january.. so that also tells that he wont let others have it easy against us.. and realastically speakling.. aren't we playing better football now?? a good counter attacking one?? i think its not only torres, any striker will thrive in his system because it is a striker centered system.. and i do thik that he will give the chance to youngster given his obsession with rotation policy. so he will do good job for us EXCEPT he being not in control of the transfers.. and for any future manager, i desperately want them to integrate KDB and josh in our squad and them into stars performers. because both of them have great potential and are doing great things on loan. and next year, according to me, we are due improving our midfield. like we refurbished our attack this year, so KDB and josh should be given serious considerations
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09/12/2012 06:44:00

Klopp will make a better manager for us,but the truth is he will not see us as the best option for him and rightly so. Jurgen Klopp,we must know, did not pull a rabbit out of a hat to get where he is today with BVB. He started from the scratch,and there was both bad and good results along the line, there was ups and downs all along but he was still retained. Until he built a truly solid and compact team, a team that sells world class players each year and still competes at the highest level. If we will not guarantee him some considerable patience,there is no point ruining another fine managerial career. Lastnight,Dortmund lost at home to wolfsburg,but that will not put him(Klopp) under pressure. That is such atmosphere great coach thrive in. If RA is ready to adjust the position of his trigger pulling finger or betterstill let down the barrel,Klopp will make a good coach and more so,his style of play suits our present direction.
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09/12/2012 06:48:00

The second coming of the Special One?
Blue Day
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09/12/2012 07:45:00

The question that Chelsea have to ask themselves is what sort of manager do they want now, what is bet for Chelsea football club. My issue is that we are becoming beyond obsessed with pep, even to the extent that he may even get 20m a year for 4 years and time and support. So when November comes and we go through another bad spell, does roman do what he's done with the rest of the managers and sack him or does he keep pep and allow him to weather the storm even though he may be out of his depth. Why should pep be granted a stay if things go wrong in November, is it because he's a personal choice and roman will keep him. Why should pep be given support and not Klopp, who I think is a better manager. Maybe sacking managers regularly is the way to go if you go by the fact that we've won 10 trophies in nearly ten years with 9 managers. If we are really interested in having an academy that produces players for our first team, we need to have the mentality to do so, moving out the older players buying he best young players and developing them, with a manager who has our support to do so. If Dortmund win CL this season, and topping a group that has man city and Real Madrid in it shows that there is every possibility that they can, Klopp would be a wanted man. We have to compete against bayern for both Klopp and pep. I want Klopp for the reasons outlined, above. But again how long is he going to get. Jose would come back in a heartbeat we know that, but there's certain conditions that will have to be put in place before he does, conditions which won't get granted. We are fast running out of managers to do the job, because of our mentality. Oh and rafa won't get the job full time, I'm sure that roman has clearly heard us on that one!
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09/12/2012 08:20:00

Guys ,keep your comments short and precise I am begging. The only post that should 2500 words or more should be the article itself.. Thanks.
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09/12/2012 10:50:00

Out of all the coaches I would rather have Mourinho back Pep is just a disaster waiting.
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09/12/2012 11:30:00

Pep will not come to Chelsea. He has better options in Bayern / MCity / Munited. We may have to search someone who is willing to work with us...Maybe Rafa itself if does very well beyond expectation. If Rafa is successful, he will be credited for the acheivements unlike RDM.
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10/12/2012 06:39:00

Pep will not come to Chelsea. He has better options in Bayern / MCity / Munited. We may have to search someone who is willing to work with us...Maybe Rafa itself if does very well beyond expectation. If Rafa is successful, he will be credited for the acheivements unlike RDM.
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10/12/2012 06:39:00


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