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Open to Question?

Following the moment of madness, against Stoke City, on Saturday afternoon, Marouane Fellaini is a man in the news this morning.

The Belgian international, linked with being on Chelsea`s wish-list this January, executed the perfect head-butt to flatten the Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross.

Fortunately, at the time, for Fellaini, his actions were missed by all the officials, unfortunately for the Belgian, his actions were seen by the television cameras and he will, inevitably, face justice.

Already condemned by David Moyes, for his actions, it`s now being suggested that Fellaini could pick up a ban, from the Football Association, for anything up to 9 games, following three separate incidents a the Britannia Stadium, as well as copping for a club fine from Everton Football Club.

But the suggestion from one news source is that the consequences of any such ban could enhance Fellaini`s chances of being sold by Everton and that one of the interested clubs may well get their wish and acquire his signature for a fee thought to be approaching 30 million.

Although quite how it`d sit with an expensive acquisition still serving a lengthy ban is open to question.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 17 2012

Time: 4:47PM

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Not saying we need Fellaini nor an outburst like that from one of our own but some sort of spirit and fight would be nice to see.
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17/12/2012 17:02:00

Another player with passion and heart???? Hell yes I would want him on this team...
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17/12/2012 18:15:00

Can you imagine with him and Luiz in our team Roman might have to employ a Club hairdresser.
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17/12/2012 18:24:00

The player who would make all the difference. He has everything; defensively sound, great tackler, great in the air, technically gifted (touch), great quick passer of the ball as well as a great shooter, great header, expert chest control, versatile playing many roles well if needed, can do the knitty gritty stuff too, causes a nuisance for defenders and always up for the challenge. If we can get him believe me the Manchester clubs will fear us, especially considering he destroyed utd almost single-handedly the last 2 times they've met.
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17/12/2012 18:44:00

We've lost a lot of muscle from our team with the likes of Drogba, Ballack, Alex, Essien etc. leaving in recent years. The players we've bought in don't have the same power. Now I'm not saying by any means we should revert back to the old way, but we do need more than one dimension to our game. We need to be able to show those who impose a physical game (e.g Corinthians yesterday) that we can match them in that department if thats the kind of game they want to play. Fallani could therefore be a great signing. Look at Barca? when teams challenge them physically they panic and look poor (e.g Chelsea last year and in 2009 and Real recently). Premier league is more physical and your always going to get more physical battles than in La liga. For that reason Fallani would be a great signing for us!
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17/12/2012 18:56:00

Shame that Abramovich and some fans dosent know that, They only wants small players and ball possession
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17/12/2012 19:14:00

When van persie elbowed cabaye,he was'nt suspended.imagine him still an arsenal player,what wil happen?.double standard
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17/12/2012 21:34:00

why does everyone think hes still a cdm? FFS he plays best at CAM/CF. so y waste 30m?
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17/12/2012 22:23:00

But mikel is big and technicall poor as well.look at benat modric and even tiote are all small but 'aggressive' is the word.
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17/12/2012 22:29:00

Humza that dude is better to our needs than anyone.his just too good to slip away.
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17/12/2012 22:33:00

Humza_96...he probably plays best CAM/CF but he doesn't play bad as a CM either...he's better than any of the CM we currently have. My brother is a die hard Everton fan and I watch them on telly just as much as I watch Chelsea and he really is that good as a CM, again better than our CM!
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17/12/2012 23:45:00

Again i will say this even though i may be sounding like a broken record now..Fellaini's appeal is his versatility..not since the Bison was at his peak have i seen a player so versatile. Between his games for Everton and the Belgium national team in the last two years this guy has played every central position from DM through to CF and has been from good to excellent at every one. I am not saying we have to get him but the way i see it, the 30-35m invested in getting this guy gets us two players in one and adds some height and aggressive steel to our midfield which has now become like Vanilla ice cream since the departures of guys like Essien, Miereles, Ballack etc. If not Marounne we will still need someone of his type to patrol our midfield and do for us what the great Makalele used to do.
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18/12/2012 00:32:00

I say Buy Him and the Ban alltogether lol, it is just a 3 game ban. Imagine Him, Hazard, Moses, Mikel and Ramires againt those guys that will want to use power to suppress us...
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18/12/2012 04:27:00

I say Buy Him and the Ban alltogether lol, it is just a 3 game ban. Imagine Him, Hazard, Moses, Mikel and Ramires againt those guys that will want to use power to suppress us...
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18/12/2012 04:27:00

lol hairdresser, zing!
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18/12/2012 05:07:00

Fellaini!! Get him please,we need brute like him,fellaini was a constant threat to yaya at the etihad,he hassled and outmuscled yaya(how many players often do that?),we need a player like that..the guy is a jack of all trade,master of all..
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18/12/2012 06:09:00

Fellaini just started playing upfront last season, I don't know where u got the idea that he is a CAM, please get ur facts right before coming here to mislead peeps, he is a player that plays in multiple roles but he is best as a CM or a DM, we need him, he is the best option that we have, he would plug up so many holes and already has BPL experience!!! We need fellaini, I'll take hime even for 35m, he is that good!!!
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18/12/2012 06:33:00

In fellaini we have a player that can play as a DM (very well), can play as a CM, can play as a SS, but is not a CAM... He plays like a yaya toure
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18/12/2012 06:36:00

3 games...confirmed
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18/12/2012 09:34:00

A must buy (imo) because we certainly lack some brawn in our squad.
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18/12/2012 09:35:00

In my dreams, i wish us to buy Fellaini and Wanyama for our pivot with both swapping supporting attack roles. Mikel and Ramires benched. the combo of the two will allow for our Mazacar all the freedom in the world to play their attacking games to the fullest.
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18/12/2012 10:31:00

We are trying to leave brutish hard tackling footie behind. We need clever tackler,winner/ball passer types, players like Benyat, Banega, Classie or simply bring back Josh not another brute like Felliane. Besides we are a team in transition even if we were to splurge on Fellaine and Falcao they'd still need time to blend with the team. No instant solutions folks.
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18/12/2012 11:19:00

that 3 matches also includes our match with them. Better God...
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18/12/2012 11:21:00

Desmondadonis - that's very true.. he is a cm by trade and only started playing up front a season or so ago. Everton play a lot of there midfielder as a SS when they have injuries in that department. I remember Tim Cahill was moved more forward to compensate for injuries.
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18/12/2012 11:40:00

traykidd you can't leave brutish hard tackling football behind, this is the premier league. At the moment our problem is we don't step up when we're challenged physically, one knock and our current players become scared to enter back in to the game. I saw it in the OPR game, the West Ham game (after Diame came on), last game against Corinthians. We need a brute who is going to be up for that physical challenge in midfield therefore allowing the top 3 to feel more confidence knowing what is behind them. La Liga is less Physical and slower (more technical) so stop expecting us to be a Barca because it wont simply work in the prem.
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18/12/2012 11:54:00

have been clamouring for us to buy this dude for the third year running now. i love his game he's such a force in midfield. in short any where he plays he has a presence.
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18/12/2012 13:16:00

Spot on @ess,we urgently need a brute in the midfield,we fumble each time we face a physical side..thats because they outmuscle our attackin players thereby neutralizin our play..this is the premier league where only the strongest survive not some duopoly league in iberia
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18/12/2012 13:28:00

Right now,fellaini is the best man for the job,his versatility puts him ahead of others and he offers a goalscorin threat from setpiece (lately cahill is our only threat on setpiece)
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18/12/2012 13:32:00

I don't in any way like Barca but I do respect them and I think that this idea of Barca - or their style of play (which no one can replicate) - being in the Prem and flopping is a misnomer. Since the start of the 2000 campaign, Barca is 10-6 against English opposition. Now, that is only a snapshot over 12 years and certainly not a grueling season in England with the likes of Stoke slaying people and our fine weather included. I personally think they would swat most teams aside except us of course. And if you think they'd get bullied bc of their size just look at Mata, Silva, Hazard, etc..I think of them being an Arsenal on steroids if they were here, or if you prefer, HGH (just in jest nothing more).
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18/12/2012 15:57:00

One last point i will mention as to why Fellaini and Walcott are such good transfer targets for us..there is a method to the transfer window madness...SAF struck a master stroke when he signed RVP from the gunners..he achieved two things in one..he strengthened ManUs already very good attacking front line but he also dealt a major blow to the gunners making very sure that they would not be in the title chase discussion. Whether we like it or not the most important and realistic goal for us this season is to secure a top 3 ideally and at the very worst a top 4 finish..Anyone who wants to be honest knows that the Manchester cartel of teams have the first two of those spots taken so we are fighting tooth and nail for one of two remaining spots..Everton and Arsenal will be in the conversation for those two signing Walcott and Fellaini we not only strengthen our team but much as i like Everton and David Moyes, these signings would weaken both of those sides which will be a good thing for us in the race for 3rd.."all they say is fair in love and war". This is a the end of this season we will see the terrible impact financially of dropping out of the Champions league in the group miss out of the champions league entirely next season is a horror show best only imagined.
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18/12/2012 15:58:00

Great point @GabeU, never looked at it like that.
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18/12/2012 16:09:00

no @desmondadonis he is not best at cdm. hes best as a 2nd ST anyone can see that. not everything you dream up is a fact desmonadonis. and how does he play like yaya toure? does he drive through midfield? NO. everton hit balls upto to him and he lays them off/flicks them on. i dont remember yaya toure ever doing that
Report Abuse
18/12/2012 16:26:00

@foreverChels,i disagree with u,if barca where to be here they wouldnt be as succesful as they are in spain..there is a huge difference between playin an english team(s) week-in week-out and playin an english team(s) once or twice in a year.u would agree with me that its more difficult playin them week after week coz they would eventually figure barca out and stiffle them with physical play and speed(barca always find it difficult under such conditions)...silva succeeded because he has yaya,de jong,tevez,aguero,mario,richards,kompany,milner,and barry(all physical players) in his team,mata succeeded last season because he has drogba & co playin in same team but now they are gone mata struggles for form and consistency...hazard started like a house on fire but he has figured out.we need a physical presence in our team to help this guys out
Report Abuse
18/12/2012 16:51:00

Touche have it exactly right!!!
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18/12/2012 18:23:00

when we had balack, an in form essien, in form lampard in the midfield even barcelona felt it difficult to play against us. so we have to again muscle up our midfield 3 or pivot with very strong and tall players so that the flair players like hazard, mata and oscar can shine. these players would also help us in attacking corners and repel opposition counters. a midfield of josh, fellani, ramirez would make us world beaters again. add victor wanyama or our own chalobah, it would terrify the opposition. let's wait and watch what happens, fingers crossed.
The Blue Indian
Report Abuse
18/12/2012 18:59:00

Ken4CFC... You beat me to it... Couldn't have put it better myself
Report Abuse
18/12/2012 20:00:00

Thanks @gabeu and @ess,just got to let it out the way it is
Report Abuse
18/12/2012 22:06:00

@humza, u are the only one in here that thinks fellaini is a SS, why are u judging him from a season? Last season he still played as a CM, because fellaini is playing in SS and excelling there this season doesn't make him one, we all know he plays as CM since he came to everton and I am sure u know that mate, if u don't ask around.. Its laughable when u say I dream up facts, all u had to do instead of saying that mate is bring proof of it with stats starting from his standard liege days, when u do that, and also the links as to how he played as SS since he arrived to everton then I'll acknowledge my mistake. Its simple mate
Report Abuse
19/12/2012 06:05:00

@humza, a little bit of research will always help u not to argue or point fingers the way u dim fit mate, here is a link of fellaini since his days in standard liege till date, read it and if u are on PC it will be easier than when on mobile, There is nothing to suggest that fellaini is a SS and ever excelled there before this season, thank u for making me clear this up once and for all
Report Abuse
19/12/2012 06:08:00


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