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January Options!

I'll try to keep this short but at the same time get my points across.

I think Chelsea have to do a major recall of some of our loanees come January, you can disagree and agree to this but its obvious that we are suffering from a lack of squad depth this half of the season. Having already blown away 3 trophies that were touted as a piece of cake, when are we going to have the chance again to compete for 8 trophies again in the immediate future with teams beefing up their squads and mounting worthy challenges?

First we need to buy a defensive midfielder in the mould of De Rossi or Fellaini, Yanns Mvilla too is another available option to give us steel that we have been lacking in the midfield since the glory days of our best defensive midfielder in the modern era in Michael Essien. We need to keep Torres out of our team and get a proper striker and getting Falcao, Theo Walcott and recalling Lukaku for the FA Cup and Europa league will be fair

Kevin De Bruyne will give us a new option from what we are used to as a central attacking midfielder, his style is different from mazacar and we can use the remaining half of the season to blood him into the team. We also have to recall one of McEachran or Chalobah for the same reasons, but I'd prefer it to be McEachran and he can play as a central midfielder for us in some games instead of Ramires.

Piazon should be given more game time in the FA Cup and the likes of KDB, whose time will be limited a bit, can be a given a shot there too, we can't keep saying they won't get game time when Fergie and Mancini find a way of rotating their squad to perfection, no wonder they are way ahead of us in the league table!

Chelsea have become too predictable and we need these players to add squad depth to the team and change our style a bit, Mata is too comfy in his role, so are Hazard and Torres, they don't break their backs whilst playing for Chelsea, because they know they'll be picked in the next game irrespective of their performances.

I think its safe to say January is a good time to bring in some real competition and make our squad more competitive, our stars finds it too easy getting picked when the likes of Anelka, Ballack, Tiago, even Deco had to burst their nuts to get picked at times. That is part of what is affecting our team, the ruthlessness isn`t there anymore and it needs to be addressed, we should take a cue from the buffalo herd or a bison's herd, the weak ones get wittled down by the predators and the healthy ones keep the herd strong.

Let the best of the best players be in our 25 man squad and let them keep guessing who will start the next game so the competition can be fierce and let the weak ones who can't handle the competition and standard set by the club should look for mid table teams where their demands are not as high as Chelsea's and play there.

I am sick of players wriggling their backsides and taking a stroll on the pitch doing next to nothing and getting fat pay checks whilst players who earn 25,000 per week play their hearts out and make a fool out of the 175k, 150k earners week in week out, its heartbreaking and disheartening!

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The Journalist

Writer: desmondadonis Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 18 2012

Time: 4:39PM

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Agree m8, good and concise article. Will say though re: the loanees that it is a delicate balance between squad depth and 1st team playing time and continual development and much more time at their respective clubs.
fellaini is the best option after that get who ever u like and bench torres
fellaini is the best option after that get who ever u like and bench torres
dont see the point of recalling lukaku if we buy falcao. same with josh/kdb etc. agree with 1st 2 paragraphs the thing about recalling players is pointless if you buy players tht fill up their positions.
fellaini is not our best option. de rossi/m'villa are both better value for money
@Desmond good points and a nice article. I would love to express my toughts. I believe that among our team of players that are out on loan, the best among them who truly have the skill and talent and are actually making the right progress and development are courtois, KDB, Josh, kalas, PVA, lukaku, kane and chalobah. However i feel that recalling any of these players would significantly affect their development. If these players are allowed to complete their loan spells at their various clubs, they will become better players by summer who would be better ready to replace the players that would be leaving on free transfer in the summer like lamps, cole, fereira, hilario and turnbull. The squad we have now is a good one but its a squad that underwent a significant surgery in the summer and would have to go through a period of transition and moments of disappointment to become a complete and gelled squad that would be compete for us on a consistent basics like the last dynasty before them for years to come.. What this present squad needs are just 2signings(a quality defensive midfielder and a cynical striker) in january and we would get ourselves back on track, even if it means spending a big part of our next summer's transfer budget. We wont have to spend much in the summer cos we can comfortably replace most of our summer departures with our best promising youngsters on loan.
Chelz Akamz
Desmond,,,,How is your health
@chelz akamz, fair enough, @humza, I get ur point and they are fair too, but I have this feeling u don't like fellaini as an option for cfc, @samex, I am feeling a bit better but I am not happy with the way we are playing so far, @ akamz, u raised worthy points, but I'll ask u mate, if we get 2 quality players in the january transfer window in a DM and a striker, what will happen to this set of players when we start the same players in the europa league, FA cup, EPL and perhaps calling cup? Are wee going to keep playing only 15 players all season?
dont buy 50 million striker or any other player the that if he gets flop then the manager will still play him inspite of his bad form just because he has high price tag....for e.g torres inspite of being a fecking flop managera has to play him because its romans expensive toy and he doesn want his toy to sit on the bench...thats why dont go for expensive purchase sign players like damio bony isco schrulle wamayo benat lorrente they wont have high expectation and if they dont play well by chance then you can bench them....not like lady torres who has so much fecking ego when he is not in the starting line up....he is a disease for chelsea...and roman is not curing it
our players are soft.mata should play at the wings and leave oscar as no.10.infact mata came as winger way stick there and we have a strong oscar.also kdb should be recalled and play 433 with fellaini at the cdm ramirez rdm feeding mata and moses ldm feeding hazard.
@desmond, nice suggestions my brother! but i feel if any of our loanees are to be recalled i will only clamour for two and that's lukaku and KDB. any other loanees should see it out their loans. and i dont know if i should agree with you that mata is too comfy in his role, what i surely don't understand is coaches refusing to take him off when he's clearly not in the match. all we need like you said is a striker, fellaini and walcott
@humza, fellaini can only be second to de rossi but definitely not behind m'villa
Bluesinme, thank u my broda, nice suggestions and worthy contributions my brother,@mzee6, the way u suggest we set up our team is impressive on paper, but so did we set up the current team on paper when we purchased them and it took us no where, but seriously mate I like the look of whqat u suggested, it is intelligent and can work, @shlok, I must agree with u about the price tag, I was against it most time since we've been beaten thrice by expensive flops, but we all know falcao is a beast and er err I think the thought of man utd being kept at the top by solely RVP's goals and assists mught sway roman, roman happens to love his team scoring
Must have swayed roman* ,I am sorry guys
Cant agree any less especially the competition aspect of the suggestions. I for one wanted an addition of a suitable competition for Torres in the summer,but many were afraid it will hurt his psyche. And talking about loanee recalls, there are calibre of players that you keep in the bench and they will find playing chances very minimal,cos coaches under pressure(a familiar situation in Cfc) don't take risks,Marcko Marin,Studge,Piazon?. So only players of proven abilities can provide that level of competition.
Good article Desmond. I understand most of your points but i disagree with a few of them. The basis being that we do not have a stable managerial position in place . Only clubs with stable managers make the decisions you are talking about. I wouldnt say much about United cos they are way ahead of us in terms of stability anyway. Clubs that are on par with their managers regarding future plans do a lot of these things. A good example is Dortmund. Klopp bought Reus in January and while he couldnt move,he had to wait till the summer before joining Dortmund. He planned his team and worked his team to accommodate his arrival,We have all seen what Reus has been doing with Gotze since his arrival. That is a good example of a manager signing and planning for his team. We do not have that at Chelsea cos our managers only have months and therefore only plan for the immediate future. The only reason why certain players come to Chelsea now is either cos they love the club or their agents negotiate very lucrative contracts for them,the money is enough to take their minds off the other problems they are sure to face. Players no longer come to Chelsea for footballing reasons.The same goes for any manager that comes,Tubby included. You wonder why Robinho and some other player warned young players to stay clear of Chelsea!! Getting back to the point of the article,it would be an absolute disaster to bring back the onloan players.....cos Tubby hasnt got any plans for them,he doesnt know them and thats the truth!! The manager who supposedly knows them has been sacked! Their careers with Chelsea lies in the balance except for the very special one which is Courtois. And i will be shocked if he doesnt go to Barcelona. He would be a fool not to cos he has a very good chance of pushing Valdes out of that team than waiting 4years on the chelsea bench while we keep changing managers and unsettling the whole team. I remember a time during Mou's reign that he introduced Scot Sinclair and the boy bullied Rio Ferdinand with his pace... My point is,Until we get some stability in this club,we will keep ruining the growth of these youngsters! 1 question,whats the difference between McEchran and Wilshere? One is from an unstable club and the other is from a very stable club where the manager has been allowed the time to norture his talent and give him the needed confidence! You think some youngsters dont regret coming to this club? think again!!!
3nity, u blew me away with that aspect of the instability of the club, in my blinded race to see chelsea playing well again, I neglected the fact that we have an interim manager who aint staying, sighs, then what are we to do in january? Buy our way out of this troubles? Buy anoda 5 players for perhaps 150m, mate I am getting frustrated with chelsea!! We need to start playing like the european giants that we are not some club a corinthian will be beating!
Desmond,Now you see my frustrations! The most painful part is that we have the talent!...Only a few tweaks here and there and we will be playing swashbuckling footie! If it were left to me,given the rate of our current decline,i will find a way to sell Torres and take away that huge 175k per week and get Falcao. Get a proper manager by January who can start his job in the shadows,start making his plans for the summer and just lock RA and the BOARD up in a room for the next 2years!!! Thats never gonna happen,the best we as fans can do now is just support our dear club and watch as this drama unfolds. It saddens me to see how a very good season that promised so much has been turned into such disaster. Incompetence is very much engraved into the core of that board and there is nothing we can do about it since this is a sole proprietorship!
why not try nino as cf.and mata behind sf marin n hazard at wimgs and moses and luiz at thd pivot.azpi iva ferrera and cole at the back.this is only for leeds vs cfc.
@Desmond i think with those 2 quality additions to the squad, we would have enough depth to compete on all fronts. We currently have a squad of 19 outfield players. 8 defenders, 3 DM/CM(minus romeu), 6 attacking midfielders(plus piazon) and 2 strikers. Players like marin, piazon and even sturridge are yet to see enough match time to actually have a run in the team and stalk a claim to a regular shirt and we all know that these players all gat the quality to play for chelsea but ve been restricted by either the form or reputation of the players ahead of them. A player like hazard would definitely average around 50 appearances this season cos of his price tag, wages and potentials cos he is a big monetary investment and a young player who needs the consistent game time to become the world beater that we expect him to become. Same goes for oscar. Mata too is currently our best player(even though he has being disappointing in some of the key matches this season) and he too would keep playing most of the matches. So there is really no need to bring back some of our most promising youngsters who are currently making encouraging progress and have them waste away on the bench when they would be of better use for us in the summer replacing the free departures. Just make two good additions in january and we would be back to business. Either sign falcao and an average DM like diame or sign fellani and a cheap proven but quality striker like huntelar or ba. Left for me, i could even go as far as signing only falcao if it means that it is the only deal that the avialable money can do and push luiz to DM. The trio of terry, cahill and ivanovic can compete for the centre back as caesar have proven to be very reliable at right back with fereira providing him cover.
Chelz Akamz
@Chelz Akamz...i must admit, you made very plausible suggestions.
@3nity, sup bro! i understand your points about not having stability hence it keeps affecting some players but one thing i disagree with in your comment is saying 'Players no longer come to Chelsea for footballing reasons'. i dont know what facts you have based this on but in this current setup of the team i cannot point at one player his not playing wholeheartedly. you may question their mentality, their fragile nature but not the heart. need i remind you that most of our signings in the summer are not used to always winning based on the clubs they came from. there's is need for a bedding-in for them to understand the task at hand
@trinity, i also think we should sell torres but i think it will be difficult to do due to his wages and all. hence the kind of striker that can displace/match torres in quality and experience is what we should get . strikers like falcao, cavani or lewandowski nothing more nothing else. we should forget about torres being our starting striker just the way madrid has done with kaka. kaka was bought for big money but since he didn't hit the ground running like CR7 the club didn't wait for him instead he should meet up with the club's standard. imagine madrid waiting on him like we are doing to torres when they have the ozils and Di maria of this world? torres should meet up with our club's standard and not the club waiting on him to catch up. we should sign a quality, accomplished and experience striker that will put condemn torres to the bench forever!
Nice contributions from u guys and some are really enlightening, I hope we do something about our lack of squad depth fast and the weakened positions we need to strengthen, hence we'll continue with the downward slide, nice contributions so far guys, u really know what u are talking about
Walcott, Lewandrowski, Josh, KDB and DeRossi.
We just need a clinical Striker as we are creating enough chances per game. No need to splash 50m on just one player when we can use it to get 3 quality players.
We may not find any club that will buy Torres so it may be hard to add Falcao due to high wages.
So it will be better to just get Lewandrowski and Walcott. BVB have declared that they are ready to see Lewandrowski and he is a brilliant and clinical forward with great positioning.
Moses-Lewandrowski-Hazard with Mata as #10 and DeRossi-Rami in the Pivot does not sound bad.
Since Walcott wants to play tru the middle and Torres has turned to an assist provider, maybe they can be paired upfront in a 4-1-3-2 system. Mikel as DM, KDB-Oscar-Marin in the band of 3 and Walcott-Torres upfront.
Josh should only be recalled if Lamps leaves in January.
@Bluesinme-- I totally understand you mate but the thing is,im not saying this to knock the players we currently saying it regarding future prospects coming our way. Lets get one thing straight,footballers love to play to them is like getting paid for something you love doing. ''In my own opinion'',Torres is one player that only came for the money. Do you think he would take a pay cut to go kick start his career elsewhere? Torres said in an interview that at some point last season,he didnt care if we won or lost! Alarm bells!! Hell,Malouda is another example even though i cant blame him at his age, plus he did a lot for the club in his hey day. However,i totally understand your point regarding the bedding-in process and creating a winning mentality but i still feel its no excuse. Fabregas wasnt winning with Arsenal when he moved to Barca,we all saw how hungry he feels when he plays..Same with RVP. Mate,Valencia went to United from Wigan,Chicharito came from nowhere,At the end of the day,i guess it boils down to club stability. And regarding the Torres issue,its such a dicey situation. You cant compare us to Madrid,They are light years ahead of us. They are richer than we are,they command better revenue in many ways and they can afford expensive flops and all. Madrid could afford to buy Modric and sit him on the bench,sit Kaka on the bench and pay their wages without any issues. We cant do that as a club except Roman decides to just do it out of his own purse. I dont see us as a club buying Falcao ,paying him 200k a week and keeping a player who takes 175k a week on the bench. I think we should sell him for whatever,or find a deal with Athleti to send him over there,maybe give them Courtois free for a year(football manager thoughts there),Get walcott and let studge go.
Think about it,If it was an easy situation,would we have hired tubby to fix torres? The whole world knows tubby was hired to fix him. That alone shows how big an investment torres is for the club.
Nice article Desmond..3nity essentially echos my views on this matter..with chelsea having the stability of an iceberg on a stormy sea we cannot plan for the future and that means the usual fire escape, last minute type is also why the January transfer window is always such a big deal for us..look at ManU and clubs like Bayern, Barca or Real how many times have they had to sign anyone of import in that window..hardly ever because they have stability and a long term plan which they work on mainly in the summer. I will just wait and see what this January brings..our needs are obvious but whether Roman will be willing to spend big on an interim managers say so is another story..Even if he does whether the gambles will pay of before the said manager gets the pink slip and the whole sordid cycle begins again remains to be seen.
Seems that Falcao has agreed to join chelsea in Jan. Only thing dithering is the price put up by Ath.Madrid. We are focussing more on Gomis just to make Falcao price go down.
Samex as usual u raised some nice points, I for one won't mind us playing a 4-1-3-2 atimes, we might be suprised if we try it, if torres fires a shot, walcott or mata can finish the rebound (wishful thinking), I see things like that happening with city when aguero shoots, keeper saves and dzeko finishes the rebound coolly, same goes for man utd, RVP shoots, chicharito or rooney finishesd coolly, note guys that the season we won the double, we usually deploy two strikers namely, drogba and anelka or drogba and kalou atimes, so its worth it if we play with 2 strikers, but if we are to do that, we'll need a very good holding midfielder that knows his business, and he'll be a no nonsense one like essien or claude makelele
@3nity, I have been saying it that I'll hate it if torres gets that 175k while sitting on the bench week in week out if we get a quality striker like falcao, it will be too painful to see him slicking back his head in frustration and looking ahead stonily not caring if we win or not, except we find a way of using our two strikers upfront, but I'll always wince in dismay if the commentator keeps snickering that chelsea's strike force is worth 100m and they can't find the net if we have a bad day at the office, financial fair play is coming and we might not have all the answers yet, so I think torres is a cancer we need to do something about quick before he spreads further, my opinion is that we can only sell him to a club in russia or china, but I bet he won't accept any deal coming from that part of the world
@gabeu, I don't know if roman will spend for real as what is going on in the media is that he is not happy with the way our form is fluctuating, I really hope he splashes out so we can get thet 3rd spot hopefully, @blue_run, I am not sure of anything until its made official, but are we sure a player like gomis is what we need right now? I have watched this guy play and seriously nothing excites me about him at all, loic remy is more threatening than him in my own opinion, bafetembi gomis??????? No way!!!! He is another lukaku both in looks and playing style
After much careful taught...owing to the high level of instability currently rocking our club, i think our loanee should be left at their respective clubs until the summer when we have a better idea of the direction the club will go in terms of who the next coach'll be... i sincerely think that the players we should buy in January are Fellanni (25-30m), Demba ba (7-9m) and Walcott(12-15m).... I am assuming Sturridge is leaving and that will take our net spending (worst case scenario) to 30m + 9m + 15m -15m = 39m....which i dont think is too bad..i think girly FT9 and Ba should get us into top four which appears to be the priority now together with all the talents we've got...espcially Fellani in the midfield and Walcott mostly on the wings and as a back up for the strikers...then we can consider our striking options in the summer...Falcao is fantastic and probably what we need...but the cost implication will be really heavy at a net figure figure of 46m - 15m(amount from Danny's sale)=31m which is just 8m million less than the amount we will need to get three players...except we can do a falcao and FT9 + cash deal which i dont think any team in its right senses will agree to....less importantly, i also think getting Falcao now might affect our spending in the summer especially if it does not work out and we dont make top four...none of Fellani and Walcott will want to come to us the sensible path is to get these players in January and in the summer we can properly sort out our striker issues...there will be good options then i am quite sure even if falcao goes elsewhere: Jovetic, Cavani, Lewandoski just to mention a few...go chelsea.
@Desmond...nice article...i enjoyed reading every single post...its the first time for me in a long time when discussions and arguments here are not headed to low levels of name calling and cheap jibes...hopefully folks on here can keep that up...going back to bed...!..
Walcott (loan out Marin), Josh (if Lamps leaves), Chicharito (if not him than Llorente or Ba; or buy 3 of these options), de Rossi/Fellaini, Falcao/Cavani (if Torres is sold). Sell Sturridge.
Thankz layorh12, nice one there, what I summed up is that we should spend prudently and wisely in january, so we won't spend over the odds in the summer! Nice one mate and I am enjoying the posts too, @icebluelg, I like llorente and ba keeps impressing me everyday too
I agree to as far as saying we need depth and loads of it... But as far as recalling back our players from loan I seem to not like the idea. It would be very selfish of us to do so, Josh is playing week in week out and for us to destroy that for the kid would be crazy, we all know it would be great for us to get to watch him in blue but we all know he would be getting 15mins max and that could be over 3games...allow him to get regular with playing weekly I guarantee you will be happy with results...(Imagine if we called back Betrand all these years, he wouldn't be what he is now, let's just be patient with the loanees) for KDB, my fave Chelsea signing after Oscar and Marin, I certainly don't want him called back!!! He has been bremans best player this season and could win the clubs players of the season if he spends the full season there...Let him win it, let him come back dripping confidence and give him a slot in the starting 11. As much as this period is killing us to see, we still need not fall in a trap and be short conclusion is; instead of calling back our loaned out players, we loan in 2 players (ST + DM)
We are selfish because we want the best for our club, that doesn't mean we would be doing the right thing either, but atleast we know we need the additional squad depth, make no mistake about it, next year will define our season and we can't keep playing only 15 players in all competitions, it will never work, I know u made a good point with some of ur comments but it won't work, u ask us to loan only 2 players a DM and a ST, can u shed a light on which? Which team has a player in their books and would be willing to release their best players?
at the moment i cant think of a DM but im pretty sure we could have had nuri sahin instead of bloody liverpool. Im pretty sure Higuain would come to the bridge in a deal in which we could possibly pay a further fee to keep him for good if we guarantee a starting place? Just spitalling here!
@3nity, nice one bro you really brought me to my senses that we aren't as big a club as Real Madrid so will be difficult to have torres and Falcao in the same team together for now. but my main point is to let us know we can't depend on torres any longer and that he needs to meet up to our standard. @desmond and layorh, since we cannot sign the kind of quality striker we want then i think we should go for either llorente or Ba(though i haven't watched him closely to know how good he is but his stats rate him high i guess) and i feel we should recall lukaku but we using a one striker formation wouldn't make it a nice idea. then we get walcott and fellaini. i think that should be enough. by the way i heard napoli have been ducked two point in serie A and some of their players are facing disciplinary actions hence keeping a close eye on cavani might be advisable.
Whatever the club does, we have to keep an eye on FFP and also try to get the best deals while doing what is best for the club.....i dont think we should get more than 3 new players in january...too many new players in the January transfer window can actually adversely affect the team.....this thread oozes maturity...Good Lord..may the spoilers never find their way to this thread until Merlin removes it...amen!!!
@number25, u call it spitalling, but I like the sound of it, if we can loan higuain or look into a striker situation that is akin to his predicaments (I.e not getting play time) then I'll gladly accept it maybe loan a young striker who isn't getting much playing time, but heck where would we get such? But if we want a proven striker then we can loan back drogba or loan one of those old fashioned strikers in the lower league or italy like man city did with a certain pizzarro last season, remember anyone? Then when we talk about a DM, well can't we loan bayern munich's gustavo? He aint getting playing time aplenty right now or any other viable options? Note that we are just discussing this just in case roman refuse to buy rafa's suggestions
@bluesinme, I don't think cavani will come in january, its just a feeling and common sense, they'll be trying to get to the champions league spots, ba is a very good player who holds up play and has a way of scoring some nice goals too, @layorh12, yea more may articles like this come where we debate freely and fairly
yes i actually read an article on Gustavo looking for 1st team options so he could break into the Brazilian National team. Im pretty sure we could give him that but I also picked up that he plays too similar to Ramires, But I must say his passing is far better. Locally we could look at Nzonzi, Cattermole or even a return of lass diarra. But I do believe it should be a loan deal for all of them until/unless we get Sergio Busquets! He is class! As or strikers we could even get Dzeko or Super Mario on loan considerin City's overload of forwards!
The scariest thing out of all this, is that we have an interim manager making signings. We cant buy players who will only play for 6months. I feel if Rafa is only here 'on loan', so too should be his signings. Gosh I dont trust that man! wouldnt be shocked if he went and signed Kuyt for us. January is gonna be a scary month for me!
meen Gustavo...fanstastic player...if he is available...i will him in a bit either on loan or permanently...the guy is young and reads the game really well that is his biggest strength...he is also very fast and i like his short passing game...he is one player we should seriously consider...
@number25, laughing my arse out about the kuyt part, I won't put it past rafa to make such demands, but trust emenalo, he won't accept such outlandish propositions, the reason I agree with what u said initially is the truth in the fact that rafa benitez is an interim manager which might make roman reluctant to sanction any bid for him except long term targets of the club, but we all know the way rafa loves to play his game is different from what we have now in personnel
@layorh, I was thanking all the gods in our race wheb he wasn't available in the munich final, the guy can be a beast!!!
Desmondadonis pure footballing terms (not including the impact of destiny which i believe has the greatest impact on our winning in munich as well as some tactical input by RDM), if we had those suspensions and Gustavo had played, i honestly think we would have found the game a lot harder...even though our equalizer would still had stood since it was a powerful header from Didi...but we should make no mistake meen....Gustavo is a fantastic player...and to add i was shocked to hear on this thread that he has not been playing a lot at bayern this season..i guess Shwynsty and Javi Martinez are both ahead of him in the pecking order...shame!!
@Number25, I absolutely agree with your point regarding the loan moves. A certain Portuguese coach did brought in some players on loan in the past and they did a good job to fill in our depth.I think we can do a good job of tempting Bilbao to loan us Llorente in January as the lad isnt playing and he wont be leaving until the summer when his contract ends. If we are able to get him on loan,that will be massive for us. Plus we have a scouting network thats above average,im sure they will be able to do as job if Roman instructs them to find loan deals. I dont trust Rafa with a penny!!! Good loan deals could very well rescue this season lads.
Sorry for the typos.
Bayern is a team oozing with too much class, they play a 4-2-3-1 formation atimes too, so having a midfield of schweini, martinez, kroos, ribery,robben and muller atimes not to talk of the players on the bench, we'll have to look into that llorente and gustavo situation
Demba ba & Fellaini - think about recalling Josh for the 2nd position in the double pivot. Love this lad - hope he does not get pushed aside undeservedly.
1. Rumours - Falcao on a special tour to SB, Cobham with RA 2. RA willing to bring 3 players for 100m (Falcao 48, Fellaini 20-23, Moutinho 28) 3. We may go for OL Gomi's also. 4. Sturridge sold for 12.
I keep saying if we get Falcao he won't be able to play in the europa league, That's why i keep saying we bring back lukaku and buy leandro diamiao cause his a top finisher, younger, much cheaper and can play in the europa league.
pego sama

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Vital Members League (view all)

1. kolagold25 125
2. Bharath Narayanan 97
3. BlueMIA 70
4. BOTUM 55
5. Tambling 54
6. StamfordDLion 51
7. Seabourch 42
8. DeepBlue1 39
9. Michael Reid 38
10. merlin 35

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Chelsea 2 - 0 Hull City
Newcastle 2 - 1 Chelsea
Chelsea 3 - 0 Spurs
Sunderland 0 - 0 Chelsea
Chelsea 2 - 0 WBA
Liverpool 1 - 2 Chelsea

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
1. Chelsea 16 12 3 1 +23 39
2. Man City 16 11 3 2 +19 36
3. Man Utd 16 9 4 3 +12 31
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 +8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 +12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 +9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24

Breaking League News

Team News: City v Crystal Palace
Man City : 19/12/2014 19:57:00
Pellegrini Confident Milner Will Stay
Man City : 19/12/2014 19:54:00
Team News: Hull v Swansea
Hull City : 19/12/2014 19:37:00
Dawson Out For Five-Weeks
Hull City : 19/12/2014 19:36:00
More Than Arfa Chance Hatem Will Leave
Hull City : 19/12/2014 19:35:00

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Stoke v Chelsea?
Suggested By:  merlin
Stoke to Win! 34%
Chelsea to Win! 66%
Score Draw! 0%
0-0! 0%