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Those Days are Numbered!

The increasing gossip, relating to the future of Daniel Sturridge, infers that his time at Chelsea Football Club is definitely coming to an end.

The inference being that although we`re seriously lacking in the strikers department, Sturridge will be off in the January transfer window.

The latest reports infer that both Liverpool and Tottenham are willing to stump up the reported fee of 12 million but these same reports go on to infer that Sturridge has already decreed that Anfield will be his destination and it is there that he will get his wish to play as a central striker.

Here at Vital Chelsea, we`d be very surprised if Daniel was to feature much in a Benitez starting eleven between now and the window opening, just in case an injury would stall a move that, we believe, is designed to raise funds to be put into the pot for us to obtain a world class striker to assist Fernando Torres!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 19 2012

Time: 4:39PM

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I quite agree, if chelsea is willing to sell sturridge to have started negotiation with his suitors so early then that means we need the money from his sale to supplement the budget to sign a big replacement.
Chelz Akamz
With this news of sturridge departure, the likelihood of falcao's arrival is getting brighter. He didnt feature in any of atlectico madrid's europa league matches. They are very willing to sell so they can have money to settle their tax problems. Falcao's replacement in the matches that he has missed have also done very well for them in his absence. The only obstacle would be real madrid's interest which i think is getting serious by the day.
Chelz Akamz
byes sturidge...i am sure I will be alone on this one...but he never really convinced me...might become world class if he cuts the bullox off his play..but will he?...only time will tell....12m sounds like a fair lets a striker who truly knows when to be selfish and when to play for the team...chelsea is way bigger than individuals ..carefree!
Madrid aint buying Falcao. And Falcao's arrival doesnt necessarily mean we are gonna be playing better with TUBBY in charge!!! Tubby lost against Corinthians!!!!!! Crap face!!!
roll on the falcao deal....
Take note of Benitez' title...INTERIM MANAGER ....
Youre right Blue_mel. The sooner May comes,the better. Cant stand him at all.
hope danny becomes a hit at liverpool he is good player who never got his chance...hope he shows his worth there..and about falcoa he is another flop going to happen at chelsea....let roman burn his finger once more...he likes to do it again and again...the way he is managing chelsea now the bad days has already started and the worst day will be comming soon...
walcott will replace sturridge. we r sellin sturridge but not torres how is that fair? i hope he becomes a worldclass player and comes bak to haunt us
hey guys let rafa finish his term and the board will decide.good managers are shunning our club.plz stop the blame, players are the one to put a finger at.
3nity,get over it,that face will be around atleast till summer. If Torres was half decent a striker in that match,the story would have been different. Didnt you notice he was fed very well in that game,but as a saying goes,'you can take a horse to the river....' The choice is yours, you can continue hating on Rafa or pray we get a capable striker to do the damages and see us finish the season well.
Am on the opinion that danny should stay.if we'v been pantient with torres,then we should be patient with danny.but this is chelsea where democracy means less(wish of majority does not hold.)
Sturridge could be superb.He's got pace,trickery,great left foot,great on the turn,sharp but just lacks one thing.He hasn't got a football brain.
@thebreeze....looooooool.....isn't that a bit on the harsh side.?...its touch and go really...honestly he could turn out to be world class eventually (i have serious doubts though just because of what you said above)....its ok when you are playing like danny at 23yrs...but when you are 26-28yrs and still making terrible decisions..then it becomes a huge problem....and i think thats what happens when the footy brain aint reaaly there...LMAO...
This is very sad and one of the reason I find supporting Chelsea frustrating. The guy has proven time and time why he deserves a spot in the starting line up. First by forcing a loan move to bolton where he scored 8 in 12 (0.75 goal a game) and then scoring 13 goals and assisting 7 in the first half of the season, more than torres and drogba (and that was from being played out of position; he never complained and got on with it).

The whole breaking into the first team is a myth at Chelsea because nowadays unless you are bought for a huge some of money (in which case your place in the starting line up is a given) there is no chance of you making it at Chelsea. I fear for players like McEachran, Piazon and Chalobah.
*first half of last season
Competition for places my ass..... doesn't exist at Chelsea!
Unless you're bought for large sums of money you have no place at Chelsea....Even if you do end up loosing us games, competitions, trophies. Its the price tag that matters here not the performance.
*cough cough Torres and Hazard!
Torres is loosing us games and trophies...Yet its sturridge being shipped out.. Chelsea are clueless!
Not a big Sturridge fan...he doesn't appear to be a team player and is selfish...I would rather he moved on and get someone with a better attitude....See ya.....
Why not seel all our English players, and Stamford bridge and move to Brazil or Spain. Thats where all the players roman and many on here wants.
I may be a huge chelsea fan but i say to studge get the heck out bro you can come back when chelsea buy you back for 50 million..I will be very surprise if studge doesn't become world class at Liverpool.
Goal Mata
When he leaves I really wish he comes and destroys us every time.... even if it costs us trophies...I really do!
Ess...DaBison single player is bigger than the club no matter what your grieviances are...fortunately your wish does not matter...just because a player is leaving, you want the opposition team that he is joining to beat the team you support so that your team can learn i suppose...for a true fan i think the thinking is faulty..maybe you should take a breather and think a bit more deeply...
Walcott will replace him
i will miss him but wish him well
@layorh12...Firstly I find it funny that you say no player is bigger than the club when Poorres automatically gets the nod to play over Danny whenever he's fit (obviously the club doesn't think your way). Anyway more to the point, I didn't say anywhere that a player is bigger than the club (beats me where you got that idea from), I was commenting one the poor system we have at Chelsea and thus voicing my concerns for our very talented youths. Its not "if you're good enough you'll get in" as the current situation proves (Studge is better than Torres), more like "if your price tag is high enough you'll get in". And as a true fan I see no problems with the club being taught a lesson as long as it will change this pathetic system...We need to be taught a lesson for the sake of our youth's!
Will be sad to see him go. He is more skillful than most on our roster and has been denied a fair run, even when ur main starting striker has been really poor. Its funny how many remember sturridge for being 'selfish' only, yet we remember another very selfish player in Drogba as being a legend. Drogba certainly is a legend, but my god he used to take shots from far mre rediculous angles and range than sturridge ever did. Only really in his latter years was he more willing to set goals up. I think alot of people just jump on the 'selfish sturridge' bandwagon as they would prefer a glory signing in his place on the roster. Ive always been a fan and have made note of his progress since he has been a chelsea player. Im still sure he will make it as on of the best in the league, its just a shame its not with us in my eyes.
As for thos thinking Walcott will come - if Falcao signs as many predict why would Wacott want to come and be third in line as a striker? He wants a centrol which Im sure most here wouldnt trust him with. I would trust Sturridge over Walcott as a striker any day.
Bluekiwi me too!
Ess dabison have a point that I accept as the truth, chelsea are the type of club that is only concerned about the price tag and not the performance, if that was not the case then paizon ought to be getting chances ahead of torres not to talk of sturridge who I'll play a million times over torres who falls off the ball or attempts to dribble his way to score, very pathetic player for cfc, never witnessed such mediocrity even from malouda!! Its a crying shame abot studge but what can we do? Let's just hope it works out for both parties in both financial and footballing aspect
If sturridge is convinced that he cant stay at chelsea, then it is good to sell him. We get money, invest it sensibly. Dont want to buy a player who is not going to improve us.
The involved agents are greedy b*****ds. They keep on milking the clubs. Transfer agents don't deserve more than a few thousand pounds for their work which a lawyer does equally well. Players agents don't need to be payed at all by clubs.
@Ess and Desmond...chelsea has issues no doubt...but Danny not playing for chelsea is not only for footballing reasons...The rumour that he wanted to leave for Liverpool or spurs has been around fopr a long time...and i am sure for the fans to know about it, the club must have had more first hand information...he had two options...1. at 23, he could have signed the contract and waited for his chance...guys the truth is if you are class, you are class...and being class comes with a level of confidence...with all the competition chelsea is involved in, if he had waited and only played as a CF even in only carling cup matches, matches against smaller teams and now the europa league ...if plays well and score consistently...guys class is easy to see and there's no way whoever the coach is wont play him eventually as first choice...given that FT9 will continue to play at the abysmal level we are seeing...Danny is far younger and it is only a matter of time before his class (if he has got one) will shine through...class cant be hidden...if I think i am better than the guy occupying my position, I will simply show it whenever I am given the time on the pitch...then it becomes impossible to drop me...Danny has chosen the second option available...which is to go to another club where there is obviously lesser competition for the center forward role...which is perfectly fine by me...@Ess i never mentioned you saying anyone is bigger than the club..I said so...its my statement...if danny is leaving, he can go, all best to him, he is not bigger than is not his first time of thinking the grass is greener at the other side....why dint he sign a contract at Man city?...he does not really care about any club (Chelsea, Man city (who brought him up) or even liverpool, he just wants to play...@Ess and Desmond if we put these things into perspective, its cant be right for a fan to want chelsea to loose and Danny to ''destroy'' chelsea when playing for liverpool to teaach chelsea a lesson...that cant be the right thing to say for a fan who bleeds blue...its just like saying Tubby should loose to teach Roman a lession for hiring a coach we dont like...that is sooo wrong...yes chelsea has issues but none of these issues should be bigger than our love for the club...and we need to better manage our emotions and be careful how we express our opinion of hurt in a public forum......Danny was offered a contract, he dint sign...yes he was not getting enough time in the CF position but if he really wanted to play for chelsea and was confident he had enough class, he could have signed that his time...and show everybody what he can do and earn the club's deserved level of respect that his talent deserves...the truth is that while chelsea has issues, you'll always get the opportunity somehow to show what you can do...its up to you to seize it...a player like marin who is not playing now will get his chances eventually...that chelsea's way...its up top him to take bye danny...wishing you all the best...but then whenever chelsea meets liverpool in any match at all...I do hope we smash them into pieces...enough said!!
HE was not playing in the second hald of last season after AVB left because we played with more defensive minded wingers and Didi had to play as the center forward and we could not really experiment because our season was falling apart..there was very little room for errors...and Yes at the start of the season FT9 was being selected ahead of Danny every time even when Danny was fit...but you guys forgot that Danny almost forced a move to liverpool on transfer deadline...the only reason he was not allowed to go was because our deal for Loic remy fell through at the last second...truth is Danny was no longer in chelses's plan for this season because it was obvious he was goin to leave anywys... it was clear he madly wanted to leave for another club....yesterday...Tubby confirmed Danny fit and in contention...but he was not even on the bench....its the same message, no single player is bigger than the club...all the best beef!!...just get in the replacements and lets move on...
The problem for us is that Danny isn't a centre forward in our liking. He doesn't want to play wide, so the only alternative is to sell the player for as much as we can get.
I don't care who you are at the club, if you don't want to prove your loyalty to us then you can feck off. Here, I'll pass out cyber bats so we can all beat the hell out of the proverbial dead horse when I say the CLUB comes first. I realize Danny hasn't had a proper run at the cf position and has been relegated to the wing; but, so was RVP in his younger years before he got his chance... We obviously had him in our plans by offering him a contract and he refused, so gtfo outta here is my opinion. My biggest beef with this situation is that we didn't sign a striker in the summer, rather 'hoping' Danny would sign or we'd snatch one on deadline day. Well that fell through and now we have been stuck with a player who gives feck all about the badge. Masterstroke by our board, bravo.
ForeverChels caught it mate...good stuff!!
Danny oh danny! Patience is a virtue u know,i understand danny has not been given a decent run as cf this season but we should also understand that he always get injured whenever the opportunity(e.g the wolves and juve games) both of which he was out for a long spell....we have an amazing project of which danny fits the bill perfectly as he is stil 23,meaning he has more years ahead and offered contract extension which he declined wantin only a move away from chelsea...the problem with english youngsters is that they too much believe in their hype and its gotten into danny's head now he believes he is better than everyone,he has never shown his loyalty to any team 1st was city now chelsea the next would be liverpool and so on til he becomes a perenial journeyman and a wasted talent..but if he is patient and bid his time he would reach his maximum potential and become the worldclass striker we want him to be..dannyboy the ball is in your court,its your career,u either make it or break it
Ken4CFC've written a whole essay mate but you haven't said much. It bemuses me when you say that Sturridge doesn't care about any club. I remember his interview on Chelsea TV when he stated the reason he picked Chelsea over city. I recall him mentioning his family's history with the club in that his uncle use to play for Chelsea and his Dad is a supporter, as well as stating it wasn't about the money because he was offered more at city. Also yh he's voiced that he wants to play in the CF position but he's never really fussed about being played on the wings and just got on with it; you cant question his effort 13 goals and 7 assist in half a season. And when he did get dropped when RDM came in for the second half of the season he never caused a scene. I remember him celebrating with the boys in Munich even though he played no part; and that couldn't be said for all - Lukaku said he felt sick at the sight of the victory and didn't want to celebrate because he didn't play a part. Now that speaks volume about how big a man Sturridge is. If dan didnt care he would have left after he came back from his loan spell with bolton but he wanted to prove himself at Chelsea, not anywhere else. So this "Sturridge doesn't care about any club" is a myth made up by fans like yourself who rather we spend massive sums of money on players who do little (Torres, Hazard). If Sturridge was Brazilian or Spanish there is no way fans would want him out. And please dont give me this "if he's got class he'll make it" B.S...Sturridge has already proven his class by 1. forcing a loan move to Bolton (even though carlo didn't want him to go) to show us what he's capable of and he did (8 in 12) and then 2. coming back and proving he can do the same for chelsea even if he was played out of position (13 goals and 7 assists). He's proved he can deliver against the big boys too; scoring against the likes of spurs arsenal and Liverpool. Sturridge has proven his class but wont get the chance and the same will happen with josh, piazon, chalobah etc.
Oscar is an attacking midfielder...but he has played everywhere for dont hear him saying he wants to play the number 10 role...even though i am sure he prefers it...i am pretty the guy knows he is hugely and time will tell...and the way he has been playing, it'll always be difficult to leave him out of the team...and the RVP example is also perfect...and Iva signed for many times did he play in his first seaason?....patience and humility are the words here and if you dont have them...its ok to leave...'at this time 'll take Walcott over Danny without much tots imo...its actually not a issue is some fans here wanting chelsea to loose to liverpool...because they think Danny was unfairly treated...very very funny...that will never happen...we will continue to thrump them...lets get a hold guys
@Ess....i find hard to comprehend why folks like you cant have a decent discussion without moving to really cheap levels using words like BS et al...i mean its just childish... While I am all for discussing with you,...its gross lack of respect towards a fellow mate on the forum to say things like they are giving you BS and I TAKE AN EXCEPTION to that...kindly mind the words you use if you want us to really to the danny opinion is Danny talked the talk but he is not walking the walk....i will maintain that he has not shown the required level of patience..and he obviously wanted to leave the club immediately the champion league victory last season..he almost forced a move to liverpool..we are all aware.....he dint play a lot under RDM for half a season for reasons which i taught made sense, our team was near crap and we were mostly defensive..or was he going to bench didi...?....He has not been playing for chelsea this season because unfortunately he was injured a couple of times and also partly because the club knows he desperately wanted to leave despite all he said after the munich game as shown by his ACTIONS towards the end of the summer window...RDM is gone and he has a chance to prove how good he is under a new coach. (Romeu is an example)....For me my key disagreement with you is not the danny matter only...its the fact that you said you want liverpool to DESTROY chelsea so chelsea can learn?...just because a player is leaving?....i still maintain that reasoning is not cant love a club and say such things or think that way....I wish Danny all the best as i dont have any problem with his decision (I am praying we get Walcott)....but may chelsea continue to butcher liverpool each time we meet...for me thats the least wish to be expected from who ever professes to be a true chelsea fan....think!!
Danny didn't try and force a move to liverpool...if he wanted I'm 100% sure he could have gone to them in the summer, surely he's miles ahead of borini in anyone's eyes-- even Rodgers...."think". Fair enough he didnt play last year under RDM because we went defensive, I understood that and that isn't what I've been referring to all this time. RDM CHANGED this and put his stall out at the start of the season to bring attacking football to the bridge as the transfer window suggested and his stating line-ups at the beginning of the season suggested. MY POINT IS (make a note) If we as a club agree and want change to become more attacking then why isn't Danny considered a part of the clubs future? The training ground reports on Chelsea T.V highlighted Danny was scoring goals for fun and exceptional goals in training (notihing once about Torres being exceptional in these reports; I watch them every day) yet its still Poorres starting every game. Rafa's been here for 9 games and same story (yh he's scored a few lucky goals but how many of them have been important?). No matter how big the price tag of the player he still needs to be reminded that he isn't invincible (like you said no one is bigger than the club) and there's always competition for places. That way the players give you 110% to keep their place and this keeps those on the fringe sharp and on their feet too because they have more opportunity. But at this club if the fringe player out shines the price tag and eventually takes over in the starting line-up it is considered unacceptable and he must be benched or shipped out so the price tag can play...this is very wrong and my main problem! Look at successful teams in Barca and Man Utd -- messi able to dethrone ronaldinho (if that was us we would end up shipping messi out), pedro dethrones the price tag in Ibrahimovic, Welbeck dethrones the price tag in Berbatov. You maintain whatever reasoning you want but THE CLUB HAS TO LEARN or else we continue to waste money. Money has to run out at some point, what happens then? We will be screwed because we couldn't become self sufficient! It is SOOO IMPORTANT we learn and it means the catalyst for this is Danny destroying us albeit. As a true Chelsea fan I am thinking of the bigger picture; the long term and the wellbeing of the the club.
@I dont think we'll ever opinion is that while i do understand Danny's frustration..I also know that his attitude will need to improve massively if he is to realise the potetial i think he has...i will keep reminding you of this as we both see career unfold...your point is that everybody seems to be doting over FT9 trying to get the best out of him at the expense of Danny which i understand, but Danny's attitude even before the season started showed he was ready to move on...Danny refused to sign a contract last season not even this season started...and as a continuation then tried to force a move away in the summer which dint happen only because we could not get a replacement...and that was before this whole ft9 being selected all the time thingy ahead of danny started happening this think the club is not doing things right, thats also want the club to change...that is also fine...but wanting liverpool to destory chelsea because a single player (danny) is being treated unfairly in your wrong....and is not something you should be saying as a fan....would you also want tubby to continue loosing and destroy chelsea so as to teach Roman a lesson not a hire a coach we dont like?...makes no the club you claim you love even with its imperfections while hoping things will be done in a much better way...that should be the ATTITUDE of a true fan....if you are angry at whatever learn to channel your emotions properly..and thanks for showing a bit more maturity with your choice of language, you actually come across as more intelligent than previously...
Danny tried to force a move to liverpool towards the end of the summer when Rodgers decided to loan Caroll to west ham and it was clear he wanted Danny...Danny's head was turned because he knew he'll probably play a lot more and patience was not the word for him...he did try to force a move together with Essien...if was had gotten another striker on deadline, Danny would have was because he almost left for liverpool in the summer that is making is transfer to liverpool relatively easy now....he needs to straighten is overall attitude...thats my take on it
This whole "Danny's got an attitude" is something that is made up by fans like yourself. Every time I watch Danny play he gives it 110% doing all the right things trying to win us games; having the confidence to run at players, test the goal keeper - something our players don't do enough of (our biggest problem IMO). The only reason he hasn't signed a new contract is because he wants more opportunities at his preferred position and I don't blame him for that; to label that as "Attitude" is absolutely appalling. He always supported his team mates; being left out of the CL final would naturally cause upset for any player - the fact he was seen celebrating with the team shows what a man Studge actually is especially when players such as Lukaku were "sickened by the sight" and didn't celebrate.

And I'LL REPEAT it wasn't him who tried to "force a move" was Liverpool who came in for him because they were short on strikers and thought that they may be able to exploit the situation with Danny. Why would he try "forcing" a move to Liverpool when he could play for a higher club; why not force a move to Arsenal or Tottenham, surely that's more logical from his stand point? I'll tell you why, because he wasn't doing any "forcing", it was the other way round...LIVERPOOL CAME IN FOR HIM!!!!

"A single player being treated unfairly"...there is no point trying to explain to you for a 4th time, clearly you're not understanding. That's obvious when you go on to relate this point to loosing on purpose because of the coach we have. The 2 issues are completely different. The fact that you still think the issue is about a "single player" bemuses me. And please don't question my attitude and tell me what a "true fans" attitude should be; who are you to define that? Unlike you I'm looking at the bigger picture, considering the longevity and wellbeing of the club. The issue is bigger then what you think.

Another thing, please don't patronise me...I'm a postgrad at Cambridge, I don't need an approval of my intelligence from you. I'm a grown man, I don't need you forcing your idea of what you think my conduct should be. There is nothing wrong with my conduct or my language. I use the word B.S (note not spelling it out) once on a forum; an informal environment which means its not necessarily inappropriate (people say and spell out a lot worse). If I'm not wrong it was you who chose to engage in a discussion. If you didn't like the tone then don't reply, there's no love lost. The fact that you expect your tone of writing on a football forum from others is laughable. If we all had our way then you would be more concise so I don't have to read essay's length of text where only 2 points are actually really covered.
Yes if I remember correctly, RDM said that the rumours of us waanting to sell are rubbish, and if anyone wanted Sturridge they would need 20mil which in my eyes he is worth. Es Da Bison Im with you on this for sure.
@Ess...Now I am a little happier cos I can see I am forcing the real issues here. First my sincere apoligies if you do feel patronized, and Its good to know you are a Cambrige grad, I hate to say it, but I just concluded a Phd at Warton and that is why words like BS are a bit unsual for me what ever the nature of the forum and I am a bit more amazed you think its ok the use such words in an informal forum...m sorry so say but folks with our type educational background should lead by example wherever maybe we could strech this discussion a little further. Yes Liverpool came for danny (like I said in my last post) towards the end of the window, and he wanted to leave to at that point the question is why dint he sign a new contract anyways from the prior season (the contract was offered to him when AVB was in charge and he was playing regularly (please check your facts))??, The only reason chelsea could not sell on dead line was because all the proposed deals for strikers fell through hence@Bluekiwi RDM's statement. I am not saying chelsea is perfect in any way, clearly there is a need for the club to be run in a much more better way especially as we ve got loads of youngstars with immense talents coming through and I am sure every single fan knows this. What is I find extremely appaulling is a fan hoping the team looses so chelsea can learn how to better treat players and that is the essence of this entire discussion...typing that statement still feels very very funny...As a fan there are better ways to wish your team learns and improve...Clearly our opinions differ on danny which is fine, but maybe in the future you can channel your anger (which i understand) in a different kind of way...not by wishing gets destroyed (you can imagine that) by an opposing team...that cant be right for whatever reason...going back to bed!
Both Layorh and Ess have some points FT9 isnt good enough to be our lead striker, heck he cant even trap a ball properly these days, i doubt that he would be lead striker for any of the top half teams in the league but then this is the problem with paying over the odds for players because it is so difficult to accept that the whole investment was wasted. I think Roman is realising this now, hence the interest in other top strikers. Having said this, Daniel isnt good enough to be our top striker either (we are the European champions - still) and the boy has what 20 premier league goals in his career? He will soon realise that he is not as good as he thinks he is once he finds his level in mid table mediocrity. He will never be world class, and that is what we need here. Granted, Torres isnt either on current form, but he once was. In my opinion, FT9 sucks horse a*se and is the reason we have underachieved so far this season
Warton? Phd?.... Really? I find that so hard to believe. How does someone who doesn't know how to be concise manage to slip through and get a Phd from such a prestigious Ivy League University such as Warton...I wouldn't believe that if you paid me!
@Ess..looool....and thats a cheap way to end a very stimulating discussion my friend just as I had to look for the easy way out...I have absolutely nothing to prove to you as I have nothing but pride from my achievements in this life..its people like you who have spurred me on to where I am today...happy with your responses and m sure you learnt the lessons maybe in a way you did not exactly like as your ego got hit and the challenge just a little above you: support your club with the right attitude even if sometimes your beloved club makes you unhappy....hopfully we'll talk some other beef!!...
"cheap way to end a discussion"-- Mate I'm not going to continue to explain the issue for a 5th time to you. Its obviously you're having difficulties understanding (which is surprising from a student of "Warton") and there is no point to continue to waste my time. You're right no beef but my last point was genuine. I've taken away absolutely nothing from this discussion because you failed to understand the issue and therefore your responses were irrelevant. "challenge a little above me"-- that's absolutely hysterical considering there was no challenge other than wasting time going through essay's length of text only to get 2 irrelevant points out of it. Again I don't need you to define and tell me what attitude I should be support my club in. I will support my club in the way I deem fit and I'm sorry but that will always mean keeping the future of the club in my thoughts even if its not so important to some!
@Ess..Danny can only move to a club that want him the most where he percieves he will get the highest number of minutes and Liverpool is just that, thats why he's keen to join them which is fine. Going to arsenal or spurs makes no sense as they ve got strikers...I dont know why you think I dont understand your point my friend..I do..our thinking is just miles apart, I have no qualms with Phd seem to really hurt you...I am smiling...lemme add..I am also a CFA charter holder (you can look that up if you choose to) and a chartered accountant (acca).. deal with it...if you wanta measure intelligence by degrees, I am right here for you...I am not forcing my opinion on you...I only did that which is allowed in a public forum which is to question your way of supporting our club. you sounded plastic really but you are too proud, you could not admit there is a better and more matured way to do these things which is fine.....its a bit of growing up you'll see things differently later...I had my undergrad in the UK at Manchester I understand the deeper i said beef..hopefully we can argue/gist some other last thing..thanks for ditching those loose words at least in our conversation and turning up the level of tots by a couple of made it a lot more comfortable talking to you..keep up!!
@Ess...just a bit of correction, I am not a ''Warton Phd student'' as suggested by your last post..I already graduated in 2010 (Spring), may be that'll give you a bit of context...or get you a lot more angry for whatever done.
With an ageing Defoe and AVB at the helm at spurs why not go there? And the reason I think you don't understand my point is because all the response's you have given were irrelavent to the issue. And I do know what CFA and ACCA is, my degree is approved by both as well as the CISI giving my FSA accreditation; but my point was about how inconcise you are, I find it hard to believe that you can go to a top uni with this attribute. You "went to Manchester" and I went to Cambridge, why would that be hurting me (even if it were true)? I voice my concerns for the longevity of the club and I'm "plastic" Now that type of reasoning is why I find it hard to believe you went to Warton! I need to "grown up"-- another patronising statement (I'm loosing count); instead here's an idea why don't you stop thinking you're above everyone and that maybe its you with the problem. And the "loose word'S" (implying plural)..I used the acronym (note not the actual word) ONCE and now apparently I use "loose words" all the time. Again you need to learn to understand what you read (another reason I find it hard to believe you went to Warton). And even if I did use "loose words" like you said its is a public forum, informal environment which doesn't mean its inappropriate.

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