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Singing Lampard`s Praises

And it`s not just a blind allegiance!

Scanning down the comments thread, under our Match Day Moments feature, it was clear to see that opinion remains divided over the future of Frank Lampard.

There are those that simply, for some reason, want Frank out of Stamford Bridge, and there are those that, despite his advancing years, can still see his worth to a club that needs an element of stability as we head through this transition period.

For the record, I`m firmly in the latter category.

Last night, up at Elland Road, Frank demonstrated perfectly that he can still deliver the goods. From the moment Frank embraced everyone of his team-mates in the tunnel, urging them to deliver the goods, until that final whistle went, Frank was up for it.

Perhaps an early indication that this would be his moment came with two crunching tackles he produced in the opening quarter of an hour. Even though the second brought a yellow card, Frank`s early contribution was a great indicator as to exactly what the team needed to produce to quell any early Leeds thrusts, showing that we had to match fire with fire and not just, as many suspected we might do, roll over.

As the game continued, it was Frank that peppered the Leeds goal with long range shots as the intricate play saw us stutter and struggle to make any early impression. Despite the continued sledging, form some Vital Chelsea members, relating to Frank only shooting for personal gain as he heads towards that scoring record, his unnerving knack of producing swerve, accompanied with a late dip, unsettled the Leeds keeper.

Indeed, it took a decent stop, by Ashdown in the Leeds goal, to stop Frank from registering on the score-sheet with a wonderful 35 yard free-kick that dipped and swerved at the last minute.

In the second half, despite the appalling weather conditions, Frank stuck to his task urging those around him to up the ante and to provide the passion needed to get back on level terms. As the half progressed Frank`s contribution increased to include the delivery for the headed goal scored by Ivanovic and yet another long range shot that saw Ashdown spill a swerving ball that was eventually netted by Torres.

So should we let Lampard leave?

No way, his experience, his leadership and his know-how should be harnessed with a possible coaching role awaiting him as his playing days become less regular.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 20 2012

Time: 4:43PM

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He must stay. I really dont understand the ones who want him to leave. Ur not gonna find a another player like Lampard in this world. People always talk about other young players being the new Lampard but there is only one LAMPARD. I agree that he has to play a squad part role and realise that he is not going to play every game but we would be very stupid to let go a player of Lampards quality and experience. Look at giggs at man u, he is almost 40 and is still at man u. LAMPARD is the type of player who only stays at one club forever and that club is CHELSEA FC. The same goes with ashley Cole, tell me a better left back in the world, exactely there is none, so please chelsea board and Abramovich KEEP LAMPS AND ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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20/12/2012 16:56:00

just move on guys why we are debating on a person who holds no future at chelsea...yaa agree he was a great player but now move on.....enough of crap talking that we still need his experience his leadership....his leadership cost us club world cup and super cup...let him leave chelsea in the end of season let him give his experience and leadership to some other club.... we have enough problem at chelsea at present....first get rid of lady torres along with the spanish waiter along with all the deadwoods like malouda ferrera....think about chelsea future not about your favourite players future...
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20/12/2012 16:57:00

I still believe that some people on here hates lampard more then they like Chelsea. It really showed yesterday. Lampard got the blame when it was Luiz mistake
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20/12/2012 16:58:00

Here they come, legend worshippers
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20/12/2012 17:02:00

He should stay. For all he has done and for all he still has to offer.
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20/12/2012 17:05:00

Frank had a good game. He showed steel in midfield and especially in the second half he played like Pirlo. I'm of the opinion that we can still benefit from pairing Lampard with another holding midfielder. He's slowed down but his vision is still there. We've seen Frank as half match fit so far so that we know he can still do better.
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20/12/2012 17:08:00

I am one of those who vehemently attributed our loss CWC on sunday to the double pivot where i felt Lampard dint give enough and should not have started...but truth be told...i taught Lampard had a huge game yesterday and was brilliant...he clearly led by example even putting his body on the line on a couple of occasions which was really good to see....performances like that one is enough reason to keep him at the club quite frankly...although for him to have the same level of influence whenever he plays will mean he cant play or start all matches...if a common ground can be reached between him and the club over the the terms of a new contract...then with such level of one can be against him staying at the club...once the role is fully defined and he agrees...what ever happens, he ramains a true chelsea legend with all due respect...
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20/12/2012 17:09:00

It would be foolish to let Lampard go, if only perhaps for the example he gives to the younger players who need someone to look up to and emulate. However somebody seems to have told the Tsar that footballers are finished at 30 so despite what he can see on the pitch from both Lampard and Cole, he will let them go; I expect they will both come back to haunt us. The Tsar has brought many good things to the club but he listens to the wrong people in my opinion.
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20/12/2012 17:17:00

so we should copy manu style just to accomodate lampard?where are we going as cfc.the problem at midfield will remain until lamps moves on,coz no replacement would be sign to unsettle the legend who wants to play every game.its a shame.
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20/12/2012 17:38:00

Lampard is a Chelsea legend, there is no doubt about that. However age is catching up. Im not saying letting him go is the right decision but he is no longer a starter for Chelsea. He needs to accept that. Go thru all the matches he played this season and we will find that the good performances like last night are very low. If he accepts the fact that he is no longer a starter and does not yap to the media the moment he is benched... there is no probs in giving him a years extension.
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20/12/2012 17:45:00

No doubt Abranovich advisors with no football experience, will promt Frank`s and Ashley`s early departure from the club. Experience is something you simply cannot buy, once they have gone, everyone will be complaining about the lack of know how and experience on the pitch. Insisting that we have let them go too soon, just like Ballack where we paid the consequences.
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20/12/2012 17:53:00

I hope this post doesn't sound too much like me trying to agree with all others but it is a complex situation which requires both club & Frank to compromise. Ranners is correct, it will ultimately be Roman's decision, heavily influenced by his advisers. I share Merlin's sentiments about Frank, his experience would be useful during the next season or two as our new (& as yet incomplete) midfield fully beds in but I have to say that nik001 has a good point too; Frank needs to accept a reducing status within the squad & certainly, a reduced salary.
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20/12/2012 17:58:00

More reason why I just can't stand must of the trolls on here. A club is not run by just on the pitch activities,you need some players off the pitch influence. The team lacks leadership to steady the ship,and you want lamps to go. Absolutely pathetic,go ask Barcelona why they gave puyol a 4 year contract at 34 with his injuries and the fact that he is not the same player on the pitch anymore Ans...Leadership qualities. Lamps is and should be a big part of the new Chelsea Era. He understands what it is to be playing the dirty Leeds at elland road,he knows how much games like this means to fans,he got stuck in and naturally players around him got the message.
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20/12/2012 18:05:00

Whatever happens, lamps will always be a chelsea legend, if we are to renew his contract, it should be on the club terms, I hope he takes it rather than leave it, I for one will see it as something of a pride if he retires at chelsea, but it should be on cfc's term
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20/12/2012 18:05:00

Blueheart9 is right. If Lampard and Cole leaves uŽll all be complaining about leadership and experience.
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20/12/2012 18:12:00

Anyone at Elland road notice Benitez trying to make his way towards the Chelsea fans Clapping? The reaction from Chelsea fans was total mayhem...hahaha...
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20/12/2012 18:13:00

@nely..sorry i am really interested in the mayhem...was it good or bad..i mean we had just won a gfame away from home...could you just describe the reaction a bit more..?...m almost bursting into laffter here already
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20/12/2012 18:18:00

If roman wants chelsea to be like barcelona then chelsea should alove Terry and lampard a contract to 2016 since booth Puyol and Xavi had been given that in barcelona.
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20/12/2012 18:38:00

Offtopic guys, it seem we are back in for willian!! I'll be glad if its true, he is a player I admire so much with what he showed in the UCL this season, I won't mind a midfield trio of oscar, mata and willian, with fellaini and rammy in the pivot and a deadly striker like falcao/cavani upfront!! Jeez!!! That can only happen in football manager me thinks
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20/12/2012 18:54:00

Frank had a very good game yesterday but such performances are no longer consistent because he is much older now and needs to manage his game time. With regards to his chelsea future, its obvious now that the club wont be offering him a new deal. Frank openly said that the club never made any contact for contract talks unlike cole who had been offered a year deal but wants two years. The truth is that there alot that happens behind the scene that we the fans dont/wont know.
Chelz Akamz
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20/12/2012 19:08:00

@Desmond...i do like Willian....but i honestly do not think we need him except we are not getting Walcott or intend to sell Marin...interesting times ahead...
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20/12/2012 19:11:00

Lost the charity shield, super cup, the cwc lost and in the europa league. So where does this experience start showing?
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20/12/2012 19:42:00

Oscar ran the midfield. Let's not get it twisted.
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20/12/2012 19:44:00

why cheat ourself,lamps will never be given the 3 yr contract he wants.cfc has drawn his replacement frm fellaini willian and now goes on.
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20/12/2012 20:05:00

I hate to see Lampard play the Pivot. He Hinders Other players a lot. If I were Rafa, i would Alternate between Lampard and Mata in the Number 10 Position. Lampard is more useful as a Number 10 than in the pivot position, he gets some games and mata gets some games too. Not withstanding, i would love for him to remain at chelsea. Notice that Lamps is one of the very few English veteran players that never had issues as regards to discipline and misconduct, that makes me believe he still has something to offer the youngstars in chelsea, if not anything else but Discipline.
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20/12/2012 20:07:00

My opinion is he should stay,sometimes leadership and experience is important even when players are off the cannot tell me me guys that lampard,ash,terry has no role to younger and new players you need someone who understands the system and structure of the team such that when for instance its a players meeting ,these old guards are the one offering guidance,direction in managers absence.they also plays roles during transition periods(mostly change of managers),you all remember avb and senior players.
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20/12/2012 20:19:00

@Layorh...Chelsea fans were like animals yesterday,brought back the old times,they out sang the Leeds fans and were in a pretty ecstatic mood. I presume Rafa noticed after the game and tried to tap into the fans feelings,clapping and making his way towards Chelsea fans and songs of "We don't care about Rafa and he don't care about us,all we care about is Chelsea FC" rang shared a laugh,lovely stuff.
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20/12/2012 21:08:00

Lamps is a must keep letting him go will make us look like fools.
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20/12/2012 21:23:00

Yea lampard had a great game yesterday but we forgot that was because there was no rami or mikel(both whom he loves to overwork) so the mantle of doin the dirty job fell on him,he had to comit tackle after after tackle in the openin minutes...where was his leadership qualities when we lost the community shield?? Uefa super cup??or CWC(is it a coincidence he played in all of them?) for his examples,the only example i see him show the youngsters this days is how to go openin their mouth to the media(oscar,piazon,lukaku and co are learnin pretty fast)....but dont get me wrong,i dont want lamps out,i want lampard to stay only if he would accept a bit part role
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20/12/2012 21:27:00

@nely thanks a lot..hilarious stuff, I just knew it was going to be sooo funny...poor Tubby I am still laffing....
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20/12/2012 22:40:00

what is wrong with Chelsea fans. Lampard had 1 good game, now give him a multi-year contract...funny. I am ook with retaining Lampard, but on a 1yr contract with huge pay cut, limited game time. For Cole, same pay, but a 1yr contract. If they really love their clubs, i think they can agree to these. If not, I will thank them for their services and move on.
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21/12/2012 04:57:00

Obviously Lampard doesn't want to take pay cut. Therefore club can't keep him.
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21/12/2012 05:17:00

No one thinks he should play every minute or every game, he cant at his age (despite his excellent fitness record over the years), but come on, the guy is still class whether he is 34 or not He offers different option in the middle. No one else on the roster that plays deep for us has the same vision and passing ability. He should be used sparringly, but I think alot of people totally down play what he can bring. Leadeship in the dressing room is a major. Ive heard people on here say people like Mata can bring it (hes a soft spoken little spanish man, great footballer but not a vocal driven leader), that ivanovic can bring it hae you heard him talk he speaks terribel broken english?), that Luiz can be a leader (hes vocal yes, but his inconsistantcy means he wont always feature and doesnt exactly lead from the front on the pitch).. Lets be honest, bar Terry, Cech, Lamps we are lacking real leaders out there. Drogba was the other that coud be called upon. Who else we got at the moment? Lamps is a total asset for sure. Not as good as he once was, but is an excellent rotational player to give Rammy + Mikel a break, and be a super sub and bit part starter.. To those having a swipe about 'legend worshippers', what the heck is wong about loving our legends ay? Lamps, Zola, Terry, Cech, Di Matteo, Dixon etc we should bl00dy love them, they have been the one to give our club an identity for feck sakes. As above I note hes declinded, Im not saying he should start every game, or be first choice, but he is still an asset none the less..
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21/12/2012 05:43:00

If we r gonna stick to this 4-2-3-1 formation for the future as well, then its best to let lamps leave. lamps has contributed to the success of this FC more than anyone else in my opinion n i Love him to death. but the thing is, even when he was at his devastating best, he wasn't particularly known for his versatility. he only excels in one role and that is as a left sided, box-to-box raiding midfielder in a 4-3-3/4-diamon-2/4-3-2-1.. I just don't see where he would play in the 4-2-3-1,,Jose n Carlo tried him in the hole, but he lacks the close control n holding/dribbling qualities to play in such a congested area, it also makes him easier to mark and prevents him from making those late runs from deep. N we already have mata, hazard n oscar for that role anyway.. AVB (towards the end) and robbie have tried him in the double pivot, though his range of passing and vision are ideal for this role, his desire to be involved in the attack coupled with his lack of recovery pace have seen us exposed far too many times (especially this season). And he is not a natural dm, he doesn't win too many balls back for us like mikel and ramy.. he has said in an interview just a few days ago "I am not the kind of player to see out my time and sit with my bum on the bench too much" so unless we r planning to ditch our current way of playing , we have to let him go..
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21/12/2012 05:55:00

Majority opinion cant really be wrong you know. Peruse the comments and see that most people on here think Lamps should be retained(at the club's terms),but he should play less and more so in games against opponents like Leeds(accept a reduced role). I personally understand what his presence bring on board,mostly off field,but we can very much cope without him, that is if his insistence on playing regularly continues,we'l have to cut him loose. Am glad he played well last time as i dont wish him not to,but am of the belief that against a more formidable side,he wil have to come on as a sub,and not in the pivot,he should be deployed further up in the hole behind no.9. Let him accept the club's conditions and contract terms if it comes,and if it doesnt,let him move on as we will exactly do the same. If we can survive Didier's departure,lamps' wont be that much of a problem.
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21/12/2012 06:03:00

I like your analysis blue4eva, my sentiments exactly. Many games has been lost as a result of Lamps' deployment in the pivot. And he cant really bench an in form Mata in the position i think he can manage to play better for us in the present set up. And why are we seeing this sort of articles after a good by him,and we do not see the ones about his numerous off games? I don't exactly know why there is so much fuse about Lampard's imminent departure. It maybe nostalgia,it maybe be fondness for local heroes. Which ever it is, we should understand that nothing lasts forever,lets should start getting used to changes.
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21/12/2012 06:29:00

why waste money and space for a players who will be completly useless next year....his time has gone...chelsea should sell him rather than leave him free in ok game he played and everyone wants him to stay....we have to build on with the new players we have got kdb josh should be given more chance not lamps....first get a new manager and then get rid of all remaining deadwoods chelsea....leadership experience let him give it to some other club we dont want here...because his leadership wont take us forward it will take us backward only....time to say good bye to lampss....
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21/12/2012 06:44:00

i though lamps was very immense against leeds and the way he puts his body on the line and keeps coming deep to strike at the leeds goalkeeper was more awesome. truth is we still need lamps around. lamps isn't a kid and knows he can't play regularly when we have talented players around hence the truth i believe is he just still wanna remain in the setup and offer all he can. i know many think we dont need him around anymore but its when he's gone we will eat the humble pie. it was same with ballack, same with drogba, fergie actually recalled scholes from retirement but we won't have lamps to recall from retirement cos he will obviously move on. this guy has no indiscipline records and i recall fergie talking how awesome this dude is. see we need how legends and leaders to remain in the setup, its part of what is affecting arsenal to date (very very few leaders if there are any). they should stay, the club and them should compromise their position for the upliftment of the club. i mean we are so blessed to have alot of these legends and leaders in our team
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21/12/2012 07:14:00

Mata, Hazard and Oscar can learn how he hits the target every time he has a chance. His eye for a goal will be missed. He doesn't fit the new style and team we are building. He can stay if he is ready to sign a 1yr contract, if not he can move on. A Chelsea legend he is and he will be, what ever he decides to do.
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21/12/2012 08:41:00

I'm pretty sure Frank's performance and the result of this match is a minor condolence to Roman given he captained the side that literally showed it's whole a$$ (again) in front of the world against Corinthians. Agree with Des, any contract should be on the club's terms - if Frank loves us that much he'll budge and take a backseat. High time for a new generation of legend(s) to make their mark.
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21/12/2012 08:50:00

@Foreverchels..again i am very much with you...If Lamp loves the club...he would take a pay cut and take a one year rolling deal andhe wont start all matches...I just hope the club actually offers him a contract...with their own terms...he deserves least the club offered DIdi a contract...and it was his decision not to renew...
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 09:03:00

The board are not making any offer to lampard because they know he wont accept the type of deal that they would want to offer him. He is on a 151k per week wage, do u think he would be willing to take a 50% paycut? (i.e 75k per week). He has already made it clear that he wont want to play bit part roles and u cant blame him for that, thats the kind of player that lamps is, he would always want to play and be involved. For those talking about leadership, if Denis Wise(who is perhaps one of our greatest captain before the advent of terry) didnt move on, would lamps on his arrival from west ham have had the opportunity to play regularly in our midfield and becoming a key player for us as a result of his consistent play time in the team? For those that keep mentioning scholes and giggs, do u think that lamps would be willing to accept the kind of significant paycut and bit part role that those 2 accepted in manutd? We need to sincerely answer some of these questions before slagging the board for their decision on lamps.
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 09:04:00

@lay, yep.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 09:11:00

Should I stay or should I go now. If I stay there will be trouble if I go there will be double
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 09:15:00

One thing Giggs and Scholesy have that Frank doesn't is a kinship with their manager which most likely influenced their decision to stay w/ ManU. Frank doesn't have that therefore is most likely gonna jog on. Gonna hate not seeing him but our influx of superb talent keeps me optimistic we'll have another Frank very soon.
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21/12/2012 09:16:00

Bang on @Dix.. Sorry m8 just had to do it xD
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21/12/2012 09:18:00

@chelz Akamz, your words are based on assumptions bro. the club shouldn't assume lamps won't accept a deal if offered, let them offer then it will be for lamps to accept or not. they should offer not assume likewise should you not assume lamps won't take a paycut.
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21/12/2012 09:36:00

Spot on @chelz, if dennis wise didnt leave chelsea,lampard on his arrival from westham would not have had opportunity to play in our legends come and go,if lampard goes another legend would emerge.but if he stays then he should accept a significant paycut and a squad player role
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21/12/2012 09:47:00

@foreverchels, yea lamps doesn't have that kinship that giggs and scholes have since we've hardly had a stable manager as a club. Man Utd is benefitting from that stability but even though everyone has been saying chelsea has no stability need i remind you that the only stability we have had has a club is the continued presence of our legend and leaders like JT, Lamps, Cech,Ashley,Brana and Drogba last year. My argument is not saying we can't let them go sometime but atlst not now when we are in transition, when oscar has not even scored a goal yet in BPL, torres keep missing chances, Hazard and Moses form still Up and down... and yet we stil want to take the only stability the club has away. our legend will definitely go one day but we shouldn't force it. the club didn't fight for drogs to stay bcos they thought torres will fill his boot but see our current situation. Our legends and leaders are no small players, THEY ARE WARRIORS!
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21/12/2012 09:49:00

i would be happy for lamps to stay as he understands the club which many do not. His experience is invaluable and right now clearly we lack leadership and experience. However he needs to accept that he no longer warrants automatic first team football but to be a squad player. He also has to accept a massive wage cut but for his services to the club 80k a week would be a fantastic deal for him.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 11:20:00

we need him without experienced players we turn into arsenal pretty football but no desire or leadership
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 12:13:00

lmaooooooooo @ 'bang on Dix'..
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 12:24:00

I would love him to stay. All that are against Frank staying should move on and forget about Chelsea.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 13:08:00

Lampard should accept a pay cut and stay with Chelsea. I rate him highly even though he is past his prime- a fact no one can deny. If the reason for his departure is that he's unwilling to take a pay cut, you cant really help it. He's in the twilight of his career and deserves such a treat for the player he has been... After all footballers reach their retirement at an obnoxiously early age. His contribution as a player and as a man is unparalleled at our football club. On the field he's adapting to a new style and you get the feeling that he's resigning himself to the fact that he's no longer the athlete he was. Either ways, rather ungrateful of the club supporters to hate on him. He's always given his all. You should too.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 13:41:00

@BluesInMe, I was just talking about Frank not JT, Ash, Cechers or Brana. Not quite sure what you meant by stability: Last year's league form was dreadful and the worst in the Roman era.. How many trophies have we already lost this year.. True, they are warriors which was on showcase in last years' CL along with lady luck. Like I said before, if Frank loves us as much as we love him, he will take a pay cut and a backseat to let our new talent grow. Simple as that really. 1 year contracts make perfect sense. Keeps you on your toes and not complacent because it is largely based on performance.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 14:23:00

Playing devils advocate here when I say if Frank refuses a rolling contract at a reduced wage is he reciprocating the love and loyalty we have for him? Is our love and loyalty for him justified in that case? As much as a lot of people would like to ignore, by prancing around in a vast meadow of daisies and butterflies with pink unicorns and little fairies passing out cotton candy to all the magical creatures, money talks.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 14:38:00

Didi left no complain, lampard time to leave all are complaining, english teology
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 14:45:00

Just saw this on the BBC website. A very good watch to lighten up the friday.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 15:48:00

the comment of tugy8 wasspot on in my own opinion. we should retain lampard if only he is wlling to stay more on the bench andtake a reduction in his salary. instead of playing hi in the pivot however, i will reccommend we play him in the no 10 role particularly when we are chasing a game. if lampard is wiling to accept this change, then he is more than welcome to stay in the bridge. but if he wants to get quality time on te pitch ahead of oscar, marin, etc, he should please pack his bags. Hero or no Hero.
Report Abuse
21/12/2012 16:15:00

Footballing wise, Lampard is not Chelsea quality, the same with Malouda, Hilario and Turnbull.
Report Abuse
22/12/2012 07:56:00

staying doesnt mean playing week in week out . this season , after winning the holy grail last May he knew his role , the bench . you dont need to be an expert to read expressions . you dont expect him to go to media and saying that he realize that we are transitioning and accept the bench role ; and give the media the spices they need .
He is a legend , period .
does he need to stay ? we need him to stay .
does he want to stay? he is approaching the end of his career . it is okay if he refused to . even Didier travel to China !
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 03:16:00

Some things teams just wont do. Can you imagine Liverpool letting Gerrard go? What about Giggs and Scholes at Man U. Puyol at Barca. If you asked anyone in the world even now to name three players that come to their mind when you think of Chelsea three names will always come to mind 1. Drogba 2. Terry and 3. Lampard. Fergie said it perfectly that when building a team its always important to build the youth along with the experienced players. What experience do we have in midfield at the moment? Ballack gone, Essein gone on loan, and now Lamps leaving. And those before mentioned I STILL trust more with build up play more than Mikel, Ramires, Luiz (drives me crazy and scares me everytime he drifts up field). Midlfield is maybe the most important part of the field and you need a general there to pull strings and direct traffic. Lamps is still very capable with his passing, vision, and free kicks. And oh "leadership"
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 12:30:00


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Buzz on the Spot - Juventus v City - The aftermath
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MOTM v Maccabi?
Suggested By:  merlin
Begovic 5%
Azpilicueta 1%
Terry 0%
Cahill 1%
Rahman 9%
Matic 1%
Fabregas 6%
Oscar 1%
Willian 57%
Hazard 15%
Diego Costa 3%
Pedro 0%
Zouma 1%
Remy 0%