Chelsea - A Defender or a Midfielder?
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A Defender or a Midfielder?

While watching our game against Aston Villa and after that marvellous David Luiz free kick, something came to my thoughts, Chelsea are being linked with Maruoane Fellaini who is rated at £30 million to shore up our midfield but can David Luiz be the answer to our midfield for now?

I was simply impressed with Luiz`s show in midfield, has made me to put up this question to the Vital Chelsea house - Should Chelsea sign a defender and use Luiz permanently as a midfielder?

Even if you opt for Chelsea to sign a defender, remember reports of old that Ivanovic prefers playing as a centre back instead of a right back, that has led me to ask another question - Would you prefer Chelsea to get a right back to compete with Azpilicueta while Ivanovic play as a centre-back?

So this is the question - Should Chelsea sign a midfielder or stick with David Luiz in midfield and sign a defender who will cost less? (Remember defenders cost lesser than midfielders)and even if they sign a defender should it be a right back or a centre back?

Answers with name of your preferred target please!

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The Journalist

Writer: Hazard11 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 24 2012

Time: 9:45AM

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and please dont forget Wallace (right back)...I heard he is coming straight into the first team as he is highly rated...a lot of complex laternatives really...I hope we choose the very best...and we bring in whoever early in the last minute panic buys please..!!
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24/12/2012 09:56:00

Midfield is the best role for Luiz should we sign another midfielder I think not maybe in the summer depending on the Lamps situation I obviously want him to stay.
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24/12/2012 10:08:00

I feel we should sign another versatile midfielder who can also play as a centre half like Luiz in order to increase our options. My fellow countryman Wanyama comes into the picture.
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24/12/2012 10:20:00

To answer the question...he is not a defender!!
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24/12/2012 11:20:00

I would still buy Falani now before the other Manc clubs snap him up. He is the longterm replacement for Lamps whenever he leaves. We still need him now as well, romeu out, mikel goes to afcn, with lamps's age you cannot guarantee him being injury free....that only leaves us with Ramieres.
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24/12/2012 11:25:00

Wallace is coming in for the right back competition. Luiz,Mikel and Romeu when he comes back should be good for us in midfield. We have got JT,Cahill and Iva in defence now. We only need a striker in January.
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24/12/2012 11:32:00

Wallas is going to spend the remainder of the season at fluminese....he is going to join our squad in the for me luiz should play as a midfder while we signa a right back and a striker so iva can play as a CB
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24/12/2012 11:48:00

By next season, if we bring in another mid, we'll have Luiz, Mikel, Rambo, Romeu, Mac (fingers crossed) & Lamps (?). That's seven lads if Lamps stays and Mac makes first team for 2 spots (4 really given rotations). Interesting times ahead indeed.
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24/12/2012 11:48:00

We can't simply overlook the obvious needs of the team bcos we had a good game against mediocre teams, luiz played against monterrey and aston villa, not against man city, man utd or real, there is a difference between a technical player and a player that plays with steel and power, luiz is technical and we can't say he has power or steel to maintain or boss the midfield for now, until we see him play against stiffer oppositions then we can scrap any deal for a world class DM/CDM, or else we'll rue our miss if the window closes, I'll be glad if we can convert him there and he excels along mikel and rammy, but we should be sure he'll cope there when the stakes are high before scrapping the purchase of a player we need, and if he copes there we can bring wallace back and return iva to CB or buy a player like mbiwa or okore
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24/12/2012 11:52:00

Luiz is a midfielder (defensive) . Isnt it obvious???
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24/12/2012 11:53:00

@Desmond...i was already typing before reading your post...i was actually going to say the same thing..Luiz has got talent no doubt but will still need to get him well grounded before we can launch him against top oppsistions..i just hope the board does the right thing by maximizing opportunities in the window...merry xmas @Desmond...plenty goodies ahead for you.
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24/12/2012 12:15:00

@layorh12, thank u bro, I am happy u didn't view it as negativity on my part, but u saw it as a hint of caution which we all need to see, I remember someone saying luiz is not chelsea quality when he keeps making mistakes and causing us goals, same person is now saying he is world class, my take is let's assess him a bit before we conclude that we don't really need another player for the pivot, here is what lamps have to say about him in the middle or as a defender
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24/12/2012 12:22:00

@layorh, I wish u a happy xmas too and lots of blessings and favour from God!! Thank u for ur well wishes, and may God bless all VC members too
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24/12/2012 12:32:00

Yet the most dangerous attack for Villa came from...that's right,a mistake by Luiz.He has to improve certain aspects of his game ,but he has a lot of potential in that position and he is better than Mikel.
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24/12/2012 12:39:00

I think we should still sign a DM, Fernandinho or Wanyama should be fine, so we can have two reliable DMs (Luiz and the new one). I will also suggest we sell one of Mikel or Romeu in summer (if we can do it in January, fine!). In addition to that, we definitely still need a deep-lying playmaker who will help us control midfield against strong oppositions, someone like Moutinho is my pick not Fellaini.... So, imo, our January reinforcement for midfield should be Fernandinho alone or fernandinho and Moutinho (if we have the finance for both).
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24/12/2012 12:40:00

we have our own nathniel chalobah who can play both center half and dm.
Blue India
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24/12/2012 12:50:00

Fellaini or diame will do for me in midfield
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24/12/2012 13:07:00

For the sake of squad depth a player like Luiz is amazing. Having him as a first choice DM is the way I'd play it. Personally I'd be more comfortable if we had another top class defender (Ramos please!!!). Then Luiz can move to DM permanently. Still need one or two strikers though, plus at least one other DM player. Bright things ahead I hope!
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24/12/2012 13:14:00

NO we dont need another CM (thank god) now we dont have to waste 30m on fellaini. next season one of our loanee CBs (BRUMA/KALAS) might return to the 1st team so we dont need to buy one. if we do gett a cheap one like okore whos like 5m
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24/12/2012 14:11:00

Monterrey didn't play high tempo pressure,Villa didn't play high tempo pressure...both teams gave us the space and time to do whatever we wanted in the middle of the pack. So its best we stop jumping into conclusions and rating Luiz as a certainty for DM. What happens if we come up against opposition that play high pitch pressing hassling us off possession.
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24/12/2012 14:19:00

And people saying Fellani is the player for the future,De Bruyne,McEachran,all have a shout.
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24/12/2012 14:27:00

Is de bruyne a pivot player??
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24/12/2012 15:04:00

He is a Defender and that is where he will make the maximum impact in High profile games. Currently he does not have the fitness nor the pace to play the DM role in tough games. If he plays as DM against good teams, they will mark him out of the game, the opposition will allow players like Cahill and Ivan who are not very comfortable or imaginative on the ball and eventually they will thump the ball forward and we will lose possession. Its best to get a deep lying playmaker to run the play when the front 4 are marked tightly.
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24/12/2012 15:08:00

I agree with Latunvic, regarding the selling one out of Mikel or Romeu and buying Wanyama, because I really rate him highly. he wouldn't be that expensive as well and if we are going to sell a DM, I would go for Mikel, because it isn't good to have more than one african player in a position (meaning we buy Wanyama), also I think he wouldn't be too fond of, if he has to sit on the bench, we could get some money for him. At the moment we have 2 DM's in Mikel and Romeu plus Rami, Lamps and Luiz can play there as well, also essien and Chalobah are on loan, but in Wanyama we can get a really special player. We will find out soon enough about our boards plans. Merry xmas to everyone here
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24/12/2012 15:17:00

Desmond again essentially takes the words out of my mouth..Luiz looked good playing in the central mid field yesterday but he looked and played more like a CM rather than a CDM and lets not forget the quality of opposition against who he has played the two times this has been done. Before we start speaking of him as the replacement for Mikel let us remember this was not City, ManU, Spurs, or even West brom, West ham or Liverpool he was facing..perspective is important. Fellaini is a very different player from what David Luiz brings to our midfield..even if we dont get Fellaini i still feel we need someone in that mold as an aggressive mid field enforcer against top notch opposition. As far as RBs, we certainly dont need any more, we have just signed Wallace and we already have Cesar and Iva with Paolo ferraira another option. For CBs i dont want to see us buying anyone else either; in addition to JT, Luiz, Iva and Cahill we have Bruma out there available to recall. Frankly also at LB i would prefer given Ryan and PVA the chance to marshall that slot if we lose Ashley Cole for at least half a season before deciding if we need to go out and buy another LB.
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24/12/2012 15:18:00

I think the best way to tell how well he can be gd at DM is when we plays a tougher opposition.but so far so good he has done well.merry xmas to you all
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24/12/2012 15:29:00

I think the best way to tell how well he can be gd at DM is when we plays a tougher opposition.but so far so good he has done well.merry xmas to you all
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24/12/2012 15:30:00

Who used to do the articles about our boys on loan - was it KAKU? Be nice to get a clear and concise update again regarding our loanees from someone who has been following them intently.
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24/12/2012 15:32:00

@KenCFC...He is not a pivot player,but has the natural ability to play as an ACM pretty well.
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24/12/2012 15:42:00

@foreverChels..i think that was Frlamp..speaking of which i havent seen posts from him for quite some time now..i do hope all is well with him especially at this holiday end of year season.
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24/12/2012 16:30:00

@desmond,you talk of big teams,this was the same villa team that won liverpool,some of you talk about speed,mikel and luiz,who is faster,you also talk about strength,luiz and carrick or lucas who is stronger?Mehn!!!You guys just argue because you want to...we won the Ucl with mikel as our DM and some of you are saying he is better than mikel and yet mikel played DM for us in the UCL final....Remember mikel was an attacking midfielder before he came to chelsea,then why can't luiz be our perfect midfieldere....Desmond and his likes should just chill!!!!
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24/12/2012 17:04:00

MF, for now
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24/12/2012 17:21:00

I think David Luiz started football as a midfielder. He played dm for Vitoria but reports say he wasn't really good there so he was converted to a cb where he did better. David has dm experience and isn't a novice at the position. He is naturally a very versatile player but as any keen watcher would have noticed, he is prone to mistakes just as he is at cb. Thus, its the coaches responsibility to know which team to play him against. About getting Fellaini, he is a versatile player but does he possess the passing skills that would bring the kind of transition we are crying out for. The problem of our pivot is transition. Steel without transition will still make us look weak as our band of 3 will be starved of the ball or our 9 will be starved. We should get a mid who will both bring steel and transition but won't set the club back in such a way as not to comply with ffp. I asked around and someone said Capoue fits the bill. I don't know much about him tho'.
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24/12/2012 19:47:00

Hazard 11, I don't have ur time, just drop ur opinion and free me, what's with u people picking agressively on me? I just said luiz should not be branded as a hotshot midfielder without proving himself in a high profile game, so where is the rubbish u are talking about in ur comment?
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24/12/2012 22:01:00

Hazard 11, I don't have ur time, just drop ur opinion and free me, what's with u people picking agressively on me? I just said luiz should not be branded as a hotshot midfielder without proving himself in a high profile game, so where is the rubbish u are talking about in ur comment?
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 22:01:00

@nely,i copy that
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 22:05:00

We need regista!!!
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24/12/2012 23:18:00

@Hazard11, relax m8. Des was speaking common sense. In can be inferred that you need to chill given your number of !'s used in your post.
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25/12/2012 00:33:00

@GabeU ah yes, I second that as well!
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25/12/2012 00:34:00

Nelyvanile - Right on...David hasn't played against a team with a high press...So, he needs further evaluation and playing time against better teams. But I like what I see. With that being said, I would only purchase a CF in January. If David shows that he is capable of being the long term DM then I would sell Romeu this summer. Also while I like Lampard there are too many CM on this team and to pay his wage and let him sit on the bench doesn't really make sense. So I would let him move on...So that would make David, Mikel and Ramires as the DMs. If David is a DM whom would be his best partner in the pivot? Mikel or another passer/playmaker like Josh? Too many unknowns at this point...but I would continue to play him to see what he can do and then make my purchases in the summer...I would want to see Josh McEachran and KDB on the team next year.
Report Abuse
25/12/2012 17:40:00

@Lamarochs..I think we sill absolutely mad not to integrate at least those two (KDB and Josh) as well as maybe Bruma (depending on need, he may be loaned out to an EPL team) next season....if we integrate those two, it will show that we are moving in the right direction and the other youngsters can have some confidence they can play here if work hard enough...
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26/12/2012 06:14:00

Undoubtedly he makes a decent DM and works hard to be noticed, extremely talented, especially for a defensive player going forward. He has the physique for a Defensive role in midfield I think, we could take a chance and recall Josh, I'd love to see him playing as a deep lying playmaker. As for the CB position we have more than enough cover. With Wallace coming in We're spoilt for choice really, even without Mikel, Moses and JT we have enough depth
choc ice.
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 11:38:00


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