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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

Is this how we treat our legends?

A little part of me thinks what, if the facts are being reported correctly, makes the antics of Ken Bates when he ostracised former players appear almost charitable.

Toda I`ve awoke, after a heavy Christmas night on the ale, to the news that not only, if the facts have been reported correctly, are we set to wave goodbye to Frank Lampard but the legend has been told that he should start, actively, looking for a new club in January!

Staring out at me, from the pages of a tabloid are the damning words of a club source remarking,

"Frank is absolutely distraught."

"He wants to keep playing for Chelsea but they`ve told him to find another club in the January transfer window. He can`t believe it. All he wants to do is play for Chelsea. This club means everything to him."

"Frank worships the club - and especially the fans - and would happily have seen out his career at Stamford Bridge."

"After everything he has done for Chelsea, he cannot believe the way the club are throwing him out so callously."

"Anyone who saw his performance against Aston Villa will know he should be the first name on the team-sheet."

I have to say, if it is true, it`s left me stunned at how a legend that can still bring so much to the table is about to be shoved out the door, shame on those in charge!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 26 2012

Time: 10:00AM

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This makes me truly wonder if Pep is in Roman's ear about this. Perhaps he wants the legends out (Ash too) before he takes over in order to make things streamlined. I'm racking my brain to figure out any other possibility, surely Rafa's opinion means feck all.
This is some serious stuff, I just hope its not true. If its true, it will suggest to me that Roman is making good his promise to eventually deal with players who the club felt contributed to the sack of AVB....Even if the club do not want lampard to stay (which is open to debate), this is a shambolic and classless way to do it...Issues like this clearly shows that there are some serious anomalies about the way the club is being run...i fell soo emotional right now..and I sincerely do hope this piece of news is not true...although I have to admit that with Lampard's contract remaining just 6 months and the club not saying anything (at least as far as the fans are aware), its not looking good...all I am asking is that Lampard should at least be offered a contract, he deserves that, If he rejects the contract (similar to Didi) then that will be a different issue alltogether...I hope the news is not true.
Cant believe this is happening. i really hope its just backpage rubbish. In the middle of the season too, gosh
i dont think there is a grand master plan at all. i think were crass calous and often rash and impetulant. we throw money at a problem and regret many things. we remain boyant however and pick up a trophies along the way. would be nice if we could mature a bit in our decisions and show a bit of heart from time to time but i wont hold my breath. Chelsea shes a frustrating mistress at times but how we love her.
@Foreverchelsea....if the news is true...then you might just be right...may be the club is thinking if lampard is offered a year contract with much lower wages, he might actually take it (unlike drogba)...that is why they are not offering him anything...this is just classless...thats my opinion...
Exactly lay
Just wondering, could the poor performances in the various Cup matches so far this season (possible backlash against Roman) be down to these issues amongst the senior players?
its time everz player to take responsibility for their action during avb era.lamps terry cole acted unprofesionally.what example are they giving others.
@Blue if I am understanding you correctly, I would certainly hope that the reason we lost those games was anything other than the senior lads not giving their best b/c of club qualms. I don't want to jump to conclusions but whoever would do that would be an enemy of mine I guarantee that. I think Carlo said it best amidst Terry's scandal when some mug questioned him about JT possibly losing the arm band and he said something to the effect of 'if the players show up and perform well on the pitch and in training then I have no problem what they do on their off time or off the pitch'. Basically saying don't let outside crap spill over into your performance on the pitch.
We are falling apart; the decisions at the top are getting worse, our Roman is failing to get to grips with whats sustains and makes a great club. Benitez, Torres, Lampard, Drogba, A Cole these are not the decisions consistent with greatness. Disgraceful, churlish and ultimately destructive. RA needs to get some proper advisers before its too late.
@mzeemyfavoriteposition ;) you are right about responsibility and actions taking effect if there was unprofessionalism but surely not in the middle of the season.. The club would be taking a huge risk and simply acting idiotically do dole out punishment (for lack of a better word) midseason.
On no condition or circumstances should chelsea fc treat a player like lampard in such manner, I am sure, drogba was treated with respect till his last moment, and I think lamps should be treated in the same manner, so all I can think of right now is that its the usual media crap
Merlin sometimes you go too far with this pro Lampard business. True he is a hero - but a very expensive hero who in these Financial Fair Play days can t be afforded. It is best he moves on to the MLS or somewhere like that for his last big pay check. Running a football club is business I am afraid and sometimes tough decisions have to be taken!
Merlin sometimes you go too far with this pro Lampard business. True he is a hero - but a very expensive hero who in these Financial Fair Play days can t be afforded. It is best he moves on to the MLS or somewhere like that for his last big pay check. Running a football club is business I am afraid and sometimes tough decisions have to be taken!
that's ****ing disgrace to lamps at least they should give him a contract with low salary & no assurance of permanent spot in the starting eleven & see would he accept that or not ! these actions damaging our reputation ! i'm ****ing *****ed off right now :@
Chelsea Champ
Yes, Lamps is a legend but I don't think his performance matches the 180 KS weekly wages. And obviously the news is blown out of proportion from the media.
If we are to lose Ashley Cole, Super and JT, following on the heels of Drogba and lets not forget there are noises about Courotis coming back to take over Cech. Where is the continuity, where is the handing down of what Chels are about to the next generation. Its a feckin disgrace, Ambramovich is taking the club further and further away from the fans, its his way or no way. Age is no barrier to class, if anyone can name three better PL left backs, centre halfs or keepers then lets debate it. Super is slightly different in that maybe he is not quite at the level he once was, but he is a man of immense class on and off the pitch and as an ambassador for this club when so much else around it is not right, he deserves two years for that alone. Wonder how long till the banners come down in the ground? Come on Roman get a feckin grip, sometimes money is less important than doing whats right.
john neal
There's two sides here. We the fans love Lampard at this club. He's very vocal in his love for the club and puts in some inspiring performances on the pitch. Then there's the other side: Frank is VERY vocal about the club but in general. He often makes inappropriate comments to the press which has left the club looking very bad. He's not capable of playing full matches every match anymore and his pace and playing ability are declining every time he's on the pitch. He used to be a MOM contender every outing, and now he just plays well every 4 games or so. So from a Fan position, I'd want Frank to stay here. Maybe retire to a backroom position. Maybe every a midfield coaching role. Generally an ambassador for the club. However from a business position Frank needs to leave. He's too costly in wages. Too vocal to the media. Plus his recent decline in performance no longer warrants his club position. This is not disrespectful. This is business. Although I want him to stay and be part of this club (not necessarily as a player), I also completely understand why the club would be open to him leaving, I just don't agree with HOW they are dealing with it!!
"Anyone who saw his performance against Aston Villa will know he should be the first name on the team-sheet."..........this sentence itself is a big joke...yaa lamps is a great player he has done lot for chelsea but chelsea has alos given lamps a lot...we cant keep player forever just because they have been playing with us for so many year if that was the case then no body would have retire at chelsea....he needs to move and we also neds to move...player is a fantastic player no doubt about it..but we have keep our sentiments aside and think about the club future...we dont want to depend on our old player for another one or two year..we have to find new leader new captain for chelsea...or else we wont never move forward and keep on relying on lamp jt and cole in future...just move on guys
I honestly dont think CFC club would treat Lampard that way, this is a player the club as shown so much respect and given so much power to the extent that at a point people were complaining that to much power has been given to him and some other senior players and that they were the ones determining which coach stays or not. I think this issue will probably be as a result of unsuccessful negotiation/bargaining between both parties. CFC will definitely have tabled an offer, maybe a 1 year pay-cut extension or something like that, which Lamps feels he deserves more than. It all boils down to finance, nothing more....
And I think the way the club operates is this; we can give u the fat checks when u are young and firing, but there is a time we will expect u to do us the favour of honorably accepting the less fat checks, pay-cut or one year extensions, if you still want to remain with us....
@Bizarre..that is very well said!!..i hope CFC learns
Lamp has not been approached for contracts talks,talk less of offering a one year contract. He has 6 months left in his contract and you would think by now the club would have approached him or offered contract talks with Lamps for an extension. Like I said on twitter earlier,its the lack of direction shown by the club worries me,the younger lads who want to become Legends of the Club like Lampard (like Oscar said a few times),you first have to recognize the role Leadership and the Club Legends plays in a team.
In my humble opinion the situation is simple-Roman wants Guardiola in the summer,but he has not confirmed yet.Pep has history with offloading previous leaders in his team and subsequently the board is reluctant to act until mr Guardiola comes and decides whether a certain player is in his plans.If he is,then he gets a new contract,otherwise he is released.However,the lack of action by the board is cleverly used by the fake and greedy media leading to different speculations about the future of our stars.In fact no one knows whether Frank and Ashley will get new contracts and the players are probably aware of that.As simple as that!
Roman needs to get some professional people around him, as the poor decision making at the club is getting more embarrassing every time a decision needs to be made. United have got Ferguson, we have got Emenalo. Say no more.
@blueheart9, what are u implying? Are u telling us that emenalo is the man deciding our legend's faith? Pls gimme a break!!! To the topic again, if we treat our legends this way, believe me that the talks of hazard, moses leaving for a bigger club in barca should be encouraged, barca offered puyol, who is half a player JT is, and xavi who we can name in the same breath a contract extension and we are trying to pawn off our legends!!!!! Then players won't have any attachment or loyalty to the club whatsoever when they see the way our legends who sweated for the club are treated!! Its SICKENING!!, stop the FFP bull, bcos barca's legendary duo are getting the same salary as ours
Our fans needs to take off their legend tinted glasses. FGS how many times we has seen this bulls**t from Lampard and his source in the papers in the last year? 100s of times. Each time he plays somewhat well he comes out in the press and gives negative stories about chelsea constantly. I for one his one of the big supporters. But FFP is not paper tiger anymore. Malaga is sanctioned. So just shut up guys. Chelsea cant pay lampard cole Jt their salaries anymore let alone increase in their salaries. All are in 150K's. Is chelsea is getting their money worth? NO? Each and ever season Jt and FL is spending more and more time on the treatment table. Also most of the SA players like Luiz ramires oscar etc are in modest wages only. Even Mata is earning around 70K only. Now only the club is trying to increase that sum. Lampard was great but we cant give all the legends contract after contract until they are in their wheelchairs. Time to move on. If chelsea honestly dont want to give the contract to FL then so be it. New leaders will emerge. Lot of our fans are talking like FL and JT are the sole reason CFC exist.
@bluesinwhitearmy, u are saying this bcos u seem uninformed, JT and lamps are the longest serving players chelsea have, their absence under RDM and our poor form is no coincidence, will malaga get uefa the amount of money chelsea or barca would bring on a match day? No way, Hence the talk of malaga president saying uefa deliberately targeted them as scapegoats, if u think messi, puyol, david villa, dani alvesn iniesta are earning modest wages, then u need to do some fact findings my friend, would uefa ban barca? No way, real madrid players too are on obscene wages too, would uefa sanction them? Rooney, RVP and co are on obcene wages too, and I can't see them being banned by uefa, cos they have a huge stadium and sponsorship deals, we have a normal stadium and nice sponsorship deals too, and an owner who is smart enough to cover his tracks, so ffp as an excuse Is clutching at straws, and we don't have any CB that is in JT's level, lamps too on his day, I am not saying we should not let go when we want to, but we should be patient and address this without any controversies
@Desmond. U ve said it all. I cant believe hw chelsea treat d club legend like dat. Lampard should be given more respect he deserve it. Moreover is our highest goal scorer in topflight. I also heard dat chelsea wnt offer jt anoda contract. Sometin is wrong somewia. Blues for life
@Desmondadonis I know very well about chelsea. Even barca malaga RM etc. Football in general. I know fully well why CFC is not offering JT FL and cole the terms they want. Deep down all the fans know that they became liability. JT-Constant controversy one after another. I cant remember when did i saw his name for the right reasons on the paper. If your are RA will you give a 33 year old captain who constantly drags your clubs name through mud each year a 150K salary for another 2 yrs? NO. If you are RA will you give a 34yr (soon 35) midfielder who not only wants 150K 2 year contract but he demands constant playing time and puts managers under pressure when they drops him by moaning into press? Each and every time he has a pblm with a manager somewhat mystirically negative comments about chelsea is creeping in. Will you give commit almost 16M in wages for 34 year old? Eventhough cole is a exception case here yet he is just below JT interms of dragging the club name to mud. If you are RA will you give 2 year contract to a guy who bought a GUN to the training ground and accidental shooting in cobham? HELL NO. If we can make positive arguments for JT FL. But when the club and RA thinks the negatives outweighs positives then its time to GO. Your Examle of Barca is pathetic mate. I havent seen any barca player cause controversy in paper after Ronaldinho most recently pique other than that Puyol villa iniesta are modest human beings and never cause any controversy on the pitch or off it? So compassion is unwarrented. About giggs and scholes they both are in the range of 70K wage and accepts it they will play once in every 5 matches. Not mouthing off to press every time. UTD revenue is around 350M barca is around 400M CFC is 255M recently But CFC finances will get hit hard in the next year bcz of our elimination from CL group stages. So we must reduce the wages and move on from the core of 2004. Only player i can see of accepting one year extension on reduced wages is JT. FL wont accept it so if the club decides to move on we as fans need to accept it.
@Desmondadonis i dont think you understand the FFP clearly. Diff between UTD barca and CFC is unlike CFC they all generate their own revenue. But CFC is getting bailed out by RA. RA cant do it anymore bcz of FFP. So we must do it the hard way. That is why CFC are buying lot and lot of young players in the range of 17 to 23 years. Previously we bought proven players in the range of 23 to 29 now that days are over bcz we are moving towards getting value in the long time from the players.This move by the club may seem unreasonable and disrespect but if we look into it closely we could see the reason behind it. If we want to keep all JT FL AC for another 2 years we need to fork our 19M in wages each season close to 40M in 2 years with bonuses. For that kind of wages we can find 6 world class players if our board and scouts are good enough. So there is no reason for us to slate the club yet. Bottom line FL wont sign the contract on reduced wages for a year. This is the actual truth. Now FL is trying to put pressure on the club through the press by these statements. If CFC refuses then i will be glad they stick to their guns on all the players who are over 30+.
BlueAndWhiteArmy just get feckin life man
Chelsea Champ
@Chelsea Champ There is no need for name calling. If you are willing to debate then i will be happy. If i didnt give you a direct response there is no need for you to comment on me. After all there is lot of trolls already in VC. No need for another one.
@BlueAndWhiteArmy your talk is just nonsense mate how could you be so sure that FL will not accept a reduced wages contract ? you are comparing chelse players to the barca ones ? what can you say about players who cause problems to their clubs but they are not treated like jt or lamps what about ferdenand he is a crap player compared to jt & he troubled his club so many times why they dont reject him like we do i only understand this give these players contracts with reduced wages without insurance of getting in the starting 11 then we can judge them by their actions !
Chelsea Champ
Whatever we do,let us do it sobery without any hard feelings.the club comes first n i think chelseafc is a function of many things,one of them being club legends.they should be respected n treated well.but let hope those are just rumours.
@Chelsea Champ People know who is talking nonsense mate. Dont compare CFC to barca(400M) Best academy which produces world class players each day. UTD(350M) By the way Ferdinand is out ot utd at this year end.Its already reported in the press. SAF is no fool he tolerated RF bcz of his injury situation at CB this year he wont tolerate him anymore. Could you name some of the barca players who caused controversy like JT? 1.5 years CFC's name has been dragged thorough mud bcz of JT in AF affair. Even though i dont believe JT is a racist lot and lot of people are thinking low of CFC after this affair. That is the truth. We all can say they bring lot of thing to the club. But like i said IF RA and CFC decided that their negative outweighs positives then its time to GO. If CFC decided to move on from JT and FL then so be it. I am a chelsea fan my love for chelsea will stay even if my favorite players move on. I got over ZOLA moving on i got over Drogba moving on. So i will get over FL & JT if they move on from chelsea. Also CFC cant AFFORD to keep JT FL AC for another 2 yrs. That is the simple truth. CFC cant commit 40M in wages on 34 yr old midfielder 32yr old defenders. Like i said we cant compete with Barca utd RM on this mate. FL AC wont sign 1 year reduced contracts with CFC ever. They know fully well they can earn double at china and u.s.a. So they are fishing to know whether CFC will offer them money they currently earning just in case they decides to stay.
You made some nice points mate, but I'll ask u what puyol is contributing to barca when he plays only 5 times a season, eric abidal? Gerard pique gets more injured than terry and puyol is even too weak to play 3 straight games yet his salary is in par with jt's, So JT getting into controversies is deliberate right? I agree lamps atimes can be annoying with his media rants and I have been one of the fans that is against it, what u say is true about their conducts, but what people like me are saying is that offer this guys contract extensions in the club's own terms, and if they refuse it, then there won't be a backlash from the fans, and future controversies, if RDM was sacked coldheartedly and jt, ash with lamps phased out forcefully, then what are we as a club with tradition? We'll continue to be the laughing stock of the footballing world, citing man utd players as examples is biased, they have stability and their gaffer is older than their fathers and is very successful, so they'll surely heed him, with that rooney and giggs along with ferdinand have been troublesome too atimes and yet they are still regarded in high esteem, u can't compare the english media to the spanish media, english media are reknowned for blowing stories out of proportion
This is all speculation. We don't know anything...Maybe Lampard has told Chelsea he wants to remain a starter and doesn't want to sit on the bench...or maybe he doesn't want to take a cut in his wages...No one knows...this is just an english media trick to drum up controversy and generate newspaper sales...What has Lampard said about it?
still cant see why lampard wont accept a new reduced wages contract unlesss he is ( as you trying to say ) is less loyal than terry which i highly doubt it
Chelsea Champ
@Desmondadonis Like i said dont compare Barca to ourselves mate. Barca is a institution with higher morals and human values. But at the same time they are also brutal in kicking out eto ronaldinho etc when they known they are creating harm to their clubs image. I am not saying JT is bad or he is doing deliberately all these controversies. What i am saying is CFC cant fight all his battles. When you say that JT *****ed bridge mistress. Everybody will say Chelsea captain sleeps with team mates wife. Even though its not true why he is making himself exposed time and time again? Almost each year he is creating a controversy it will last for another 12 months then he goes for the next. CFC cant survive against the media. You cant fight the war against MEDIA. Only one winner here its the media. So if the club wants to move on from all these controversies by playing great football and sign good young players who wont create controversy then so be it. WE NEED A CLEAN and GOOD IMAGE. WE like it or not AC FL JT are not the players who are going to provide it to CFC..
Its just what i expected. Roman wants to sell all chelseas english players and move chelsea to Spain.
Lampard has been publicly talking about his contract situation for a while. That is not professional.
@Chelsea Champ BCZ FL want CFC to give him 2 year contract in his current wages. There is already lot of coverage regarding this. He is constantly putting the club in negative light by saying he has 3 or 4 years left in him at the top and he wants to play all the time. If he just say if the club decides to offer me a 1 year contract then i dont hav any pblm to accept it. Bcz i love chelsea. Chelsea is where i want to retire. If he says something like this then CFC will offer him a deal for a year rolling contract and he can become all time great by breaking our all time record of 202 goals but loyalty count for nothing at football.. WE are all asking the club to show loyalty but what about lampard. Constantly moaning on the press each time he has a good game? Portray cfc negatively all the time in the press when asked about the contract?
I had hoped for a separation since Don Carlo's final season but it has come to this. No more a legend from my point of view the dude in the #8 shirt (what he has reduced himself to) has by far outstayed his welcome. Chelsea is a business/ football club that must look out for its future and make plans accordingly. It cannot afford to exist without a strategy for growth and continued existence. It was here before the dude arrived and will be around long after he departs. Like I have said many times..he's not being thrown out into the wilderness to fend for himself. This guy has been made a start by Chelsea and has also played a part in success of the club. He has earned wages and a reputation both of which he can use to survive long after he moves on. No better time will ever come than the glory he had at the end of last season. Legend Drogba left but he his English pals + Malouda stayed on and now he faces the bulldozer treatment...oh well.
i dont see any big deal in letting JT and Lamp and Ashley leave. yes they are legends and make up the spine of the current team but it is not as if we will collapse totally if they are allowed to leave and we get competent young hands to replace them. ( on far lesser wages). we should not be fixated with these guys. if you ask me, i think with or without them, we will get along just fine.
I don't wanna see Lampard starting against quicker oppositions. But I will never wish his chelsea career to end this way, unacceptable. he has done too much to be treated like this, I hope his report is not real.
It is not true Merlin! Over the past week,Jamie and Unle Arry have both been singing tunes on tv in support of their kin. It was only a matter of time before some *****ty reporter gets on the band wagon and writes something like this. Typical British Media!!
why? give him the contract, our board is a fool, it's a disgrace who run this club
We will regret this if we allow Lamps leave those two Buck & Gourlay are the biggest disgrace.
The cub is looking at bringing in some other top players on high wages so they have to make a decison to let go some players on high wages. Its as simple as that. Who would you offload if you were in that position - its better to let go f older players who re earning hig wages but will no b playing many games. Lampard and JT have done a lot for the club and the club has also done a lot for them. Its all square - I am sure the club would have their good reasons for taking that position and we will most likely have Lampard saying he never spoke to the press about anything.
The need for the club to comply with financial fair play outweigh the need to keep lampard for anything more than a year at the current wage he is earning I dont see lampard wanting to half his salary and why should he, he could earn more elsewhere.
@ BlueAndWhiteArmy, you are spot on with most of your comments, he is a legends no questions about that. We all know through the media he wants 2yrs extension and expect to play every game. We never hear Scholes or Giggs complaining when they don't get any game. I am pretty sure he won't accept 1 or 2 yrs extension on lower wages. A true legend will do that without thinking twice.
jollyheart Torres
Few yrs ago the medias were constantly having a go about CFC having the highest average age in our 1st team. Now the board is trying to reduce the average age and the same media is suggesting the way the club is going about it is not right. Players come, players go and club moved forward no matter what.
jollyheart Torres
I think the decisions has been made. Chelsea has never waited till the last 6 months to renew any players contract they want to keep. . Chelsea have invested so much in the reserves team like no other teams in EPL. I think it's time to gradually introduce few into the team as squad players and who know they might get a break through to be a regular
jollyheart Torres
I will love to hear him say he won't mind accepting a reduce wage so he can finish his carrier at CFC. Why has the media not pop that question? Because everyone know the board decision is financially motivated
jollyheart Torres
It is difficult to please Abrahmovic? I will say it is hard to please Chelsea more than it hard to please Abrahmovic, You have been saying the senior player need to go because they are the one that are control the club and they are the one that responsibile for sacking of all mangers that were sacked
No player/legend is bigger than the club. Chelsea Board know what they are doing. Lampard will sulk on the bench if he doesn't play, remember when AVB was incharged Lampard was sulking all the time and said in the media, " The relationship with AVB is not ideal".
Get real, it's a job. He is an outstanding player and a real favourite of the fans. He is not offering his services for free, so it's a decision CFC are making. Like the hiring of Rafa it may not be a popular one, but as the league table shows the board and owner are not as clueless as many fans make out.
@blueandwhitearmy,u are spot on mate,great and incisive points u dish out there.i completely agree with u and the board.i suggest u do us a favour of writin an article about it so the pro-lampard band would see reasons the club why the legend just has to go
Now to the article...legends come and go but the club remains,if lamps goes a new legend would emerge..i read many out here slatin the way he has been treated,oh i see u want the club to throw him a sendforth party??..ronaldinho,gatuso and other great players have left their respective clubs unceremoniously so lamps wouldnt be the 1st...and come to think he gets paid for all his services to the club so i dont see any problem when the club feels they have had enough of his services.its a contractual agreement and it applies to all and sundry legend or no legend when your time is up u move on to the next challenge
It goes both ways. The ''legends'' love the club but don't want to take a pay cut. Just as they are entitled to hold on to their demands of high salary and regular game time, the club is also entitled to make prudent financial decisions, which is to ask them to take a pay cut to suit their bit part role or show them the door to bring in young hungry players. Players saying they love the club and the fans but not reciprocating it by taking a pay cut and then crying infront of the media is nothing but pressure tactic by the players involved.
Blue India
hope its not true but if it is .. its very sad ..very sad indeed !!
Are you kidding me! Lampard is on £140,000 weekly wages. Compare that to his contribution to the team and it will start making sense. The FFP rules is real folks. Malaga have been sanctioned. You don't want that happening to our club. We can't keep legends and be banned from Europe,or does that make any sense? We are trying to break even. Its not a free market like it was years back. If we can lose Malouda and regrettably Lampard this January, we would have saved £210,000 weekly, and that amount can comfortably pick the wages of three or four new players with significant contribution to the team. Lampard remains a legend, nobody can take that away from him. Didn't Zola... Drogba and RDM leave? Are they not still legends?
And about arguments that Malaga is targeted thus Chelsea will get away with defaulting on the FFP rules, when last did UEFA or FA decision or even press coverage look pro-Chelsea? Chelsea will either buy big this winter or next summer and bills have to be paid thus legends on big wages will go. Without trying to sound judgmental, there are persons in this club that acted like mercenaries just to make the owner/board panic and give them contract extensions on very high wages; now it has come back to haunt them. Why is Ferreira not hounded outta the club? If a man should inspire the new generation of players that's a man to look up to. If you look at the past few seasons critically you will see that Chelsea have been preparing for the FFP. When the idea was mooted back in the days when Roman was criticized for single handedly ruining football he came out in support of it, and UEFA implemented it in stages. It has gotten to a point where sanctions will be employed and for your information if we default, we will face a ban. Its quite simple. Go back and read the FFP rule book and stop consoling yourselves with baseless excuses. We are out of the champions league and we won't be missed. We don't even have high paying partnership deals. In an era clubs are having high end shirt deals, Samsung paid us peanuts, our stadium is even too small to run the club by gate earnings. We have to wake up to the realization that running a football club just got very mathematical. Real complex maths and Roman has gotten maths men to help in his decision making. Heads will roll but at the end of the day we will be the better for it. Look at the investment in the youth team, look at the number of players out on loan, google the 100 most promising stars of the next generation and check how many are donning Chelsea colors. Roman plans the best for this club. Wake up and feel that!!!
Malaga haven't been banned from Europe because of FFP as such. The reason they have been banned is because they have left a trail of unpaid bills all over the place. Chelsea have never struggled to pay wages or other bills.
Some ppl are entirely clueless about footy...They just get on their laptops/phone and talk garbage. Lamps was never offered a 1 year contract,no negotiations have been held,and u think he turned down a 1 year contract extension? Some people have been fans old enough to understand Legends bring identity to the Club. They are worshiped,and show the next generations of upcoming stars the Chelsea way. So the way to battle FFP is to buy an expensive young player,put them on a high wage bill,and release the experienced one on high wage bills to balance the sheets. Absolutely Clueless...JT washed the likes of Zola,Wise,Di Matteo's boots he looked up to them,to one day be a Legend of the Club like them. You need the younger lads to see what it is to be Chelsea thru n thru,they learn to play with their hearts,and to play for the team.
I have no words at all!!! Utter shock, pretty much bleak...
Given the AVB debacle, I'm not surprised. Russians NEVER forget :)
Besides, why pay some1 more than 60K to be a squad player?? If he's willing to accept 60K 1 year rolling contract then I don't think the club would be releasing him. The "problem" with the media is that they report convenient truths, stuff they know will sell not necessarily objective stuff. Till then, many here will continue to cringe when in truth they only know half the story
Oh the irony, after scoring vs Villa (a young Villa side it must be said) suddenly we see more "pro-Lamps" talk?? Should be a starter every week?? LoL.....I'm g;lad he is leaving, NO1 IS BIGGER OR BETTER THAN CHELSEA FC and he included. Can't just come warping to the media because he scored, rid him asap :)
@nelyvanile FL wasnt offered 1 yr deal bcz he and his advisers are adamant that CFC must offer him the same or better wages for the deal. That is WHY the club is not even showing interest in making another offer. Its already reported way back a year. Do you think CFC is that much a mad house to offer a 34 yr old(injury the last 2 year he is more and more spending time on the sidelines) 150K contract when the whole world knows that you can effectively sign even better players from SA for peanuts and with half the wages? NO. CFC cant throw money around anymore. With us going out of CL group stage its even bigger pblm for the club to offer new deals for FL AC JT. Our finances will get hit hard next season in the tune of atleast 30M. So its actually a no brainier to commit another 16M in wages on a 35 year old player. I cant see how the club could swing it around by offering new deals to FL AC JT? 40M in wages for playing half a season? Our wage bill is already higher than even UTD. So we must move these players and go for younger and hungrier players.
why is that whenever Lamps play well in any match,the days following the press will be talking about his contract. I guess, it is not from chelsea, but stories floated by Lampard & his agents to get the contract extension. I am sure that Roman & Chelsea will not buckle for this pressure. I hope they will offer him a low wage & 1 yr rolling contract. If he accepts, fine...otherwise bye bye..good luck.
@Blu_run i am also so SICK and tired of his constant moaning and wh0ring int he press about his contract each time he plays some what OK. Why didnt he said any s**t after CWC? If he does OK in a game then comes the whoring for another 3 days about how he has 3 years left in him and how much he loves the fans and how much CFC is wrong to push him out blah blah blah. I cant see a single quote from him for the past 1year like this "I am a chelsea boy. I would love to retire here. If the club offers me a 1 yr rolling contract i dont hav any pblm in signing that?" This is what a player with REAL LOYALTY will speak. Not just whore himself to the press each time he has a ok game. Also i dont thing RA really forgave the older players for not backing up AVB. Unlike any other manager AVB is personally appointed and approached by RA. So i am really expecting the core of 04 will not be here after next season(JT contract ends there).
actually i would really like to find the source behind this news. because i am sure the club would have told it directly and privately, if this is true at all, to lampard and/or his representatives. then who is the actual source of this report???? CFC, EMENALO, GOURLAY OF RA HIMSELF??? i don think. then it might lampard's representatives. why should we keep those who are source of the media??. if lampard really want to retire at cfc, then why doesnt he himself says this in the media?? and why his representatives have to tell this??? and this proves lamps has his demands. and thats why hcant say he wants to retire at chelsea. because, if he said so, then he will have to accept whatever the club gives him. but thats not the case. this whole situation is created by lampard himself. because of his statements like "i havent heard anything as of yet and its in clubs court". he is clearly trying to pressurise the club. the only person i think will take a paycut and rolling contract is our captain fantastic the JT. some days ago, jamie carragher said about hi contract situation that he might retire at the end of the season if he is not offered the new contract. because "its liverpool or nothing for me". that is the statement of true legend. doesnt carragher know that he can play for a season or two??? he knows but but he didnt said it. so guys. please stop believing and fighting on the reports of these fu(king disgraceful SOURCES. these sources are created for the individual benifits and to drag the club through mud. specially if the name of the club is CFC. otherwise why the statement of this source alongwith the statements of harry and jamie redknapp would come in the same week???? please mates. understand this politics. we love CFC. whether lamps is there or not.
Drogba was treated no differently or Ballack before that, so I don't think Lamps or JT or Cole need to be treated different. Lampard can sign and carry on at Chelsea at the clubs terms or else he can look somewhere. We cannot be sentimental, it has to be logical. I think the club's logic is sound.
well said BLUEANDWHITE, likewise BLU_RUN and CHAMPIONBLUE. It's time people woke up to the "facts", I've said this countless times and been ridiculed for it. When we play well and Lamps features in the win (especially if he scores) then you can be sure we will see a Lamps article, if he doesn't play well it's silence, and I;m glad the club has wised up to this. The last time a good performance got us mugged was during Carlo's EPL win era, when we rewarded the likes of Malouda with good deals to our peril, never again must we do such
@BAWA..."FL wasnt offered 1 yr deal bcz he and his advisers are adamant that CFC must offer him the same or better wages for the deal. That is WHY the club is not even showing interest in making another offer." Oh really? That's utter bull***** and pure assumptions. How can Lamps and his agent be adamant on same or better wages when he hasn't even been approached? Or Negotiations haven't taken place? I'm not gonna engage in assumptions and chitty chat about something we have no clear view of.
We talk about Lamps being on 150K per week,well he actually worked had enough to receive such wages,he didn't start receiving 150K per week over night,it was a step by step approach,he penned a 5 year deal in 2008 and got the 150k. This will be his 11th season at Chelsea,he knows the club thru and thru,a true club Legend. Whatever the decision from the Club(be it financial or whatever),recognizing the role of Leaders and Legends at a Club is vital. Frank loves this Club,deep and passionate about the Chelsea badge. I remember quite vividly after Pat's death(Franky's mom) at 58,a week later Frank was on the pitch playing a vital game against Liverpool the semi final of the UCL,he couldn't see himself sitting it out...Grant said "Frank is a brave man." "Frank was very close to his mother and what has happened to him over the last few days has not been easy." "It was his decision to play and he played extremely well. We spoke about it yesterday and it was decided he should play then." ... Frank went on to score the penalty in extra time that got us to the final of the UCL...He looked to the heavens both hands and two fingers in the air with a teary eyes...kissed his black arm band in memory of his mom,then kissed his Chelsea badge...Now that's passion. Super Frank Lampard
That was in 2008,this is 2012 and his performances has dropped eversince,he worked hard to get the 5yrs contract then but his workrate and performances recently cant even earn him an 80k 2yrs contract its the reality we ve gat to accept lamps has past it..zola,wise,rdm,ballack,drogba e.t.c are all legends but they left and we moved on so lampard should not be an exception #LegendComeAndGo
So I presume Torres work rate is worth 175K/per week...Fans Logic? Like I've said countless times,its not just about the performance on the pitch,you need leaders on and off it. Pedro wanted to get himself a mustang,called xavi for advice...Xavi replied,that's not the way to grow,its not the barcelona way. A leader on and off it. Why am I even wasting my time...Some ppl will never get it.
@nelyvanile Ok i will come to your side of argument. So you want the club to give the same 150K just bcz he did good things for chelsea 5 yrs ago? I can argue about the liverpool match after his mothers passing and all but i am not that idiot. I know the sentiment and practical. CFC gave him 150K contract bcz it wont count towards FFP. Now CFC wont give him contract like this bcz he is 35 for gods sake. Spending more and more time on the bench and treatment table. WE ARE A LOSS MAKING CLUB. First and foremost try to remember that mate. RA is the one who continuously bailing us out. We are not BARCA(400M) UTD(350M) RM(450M).We dont even has a bigger stadium. Also you are simply forgetting the truth about his contracts its reported way back a year. Go and see for yourself. When the club tried to extend his stay. FL and his reps flatly refused to entertain the club on reduced terms and a year rolling contract. So now if the club decides to let him go for free then so be it. I am a supporter of CFC. Not lampard fc or Jt fc or FT fc. I hav seen zola grace cfc colours like no one else. I got over zola. I hav seen DD terrorize defenders and skin them alive in finals after finals. I got over DD. So i will get over FL JT AC. If the club thinks the time has come for them to move on. Finally CFC cant spent the crazy money on wages anymore like before. We cant commit 40M in wages on FL(35) JT(32) AC(32) anymore. So i am all behind the club on this matr. With each press releases FL is loosing his respect among the CFC fans by his constant whoring to the press about his contract situation. Last season is DD last season yet i didnt saw this much noise about him moving. BCZ DD and the club came to a understanding to leave when all is well and his stock is high.
@Ken4CFC...Legends come and go? Hahaha...Okay not to be insultive mate,but that's funny,and a lil naïve. Legends leave a mark,they stay forever,because they leave a legacy to behold,they remain in our memories and should be treated with respect. Ballack a Legend?
What's the difference between having a trail of debts and the club only spending what they generate? Its the same thing. The last I checked Malaga is owned by a Qatari billionaire AL Thani. He bought the club at a time that the FFP had already taken effect so his spending had to be curtailed. What helped Chelsea is that most of the contracts weren't affected by the FFP cos they were signed b4 it came into effect. Research the FFP and you won't argue as if your love for the club is superficial. Take the weekly contracts of the legends and multiply it by a year and you will have a clearer picture. No one is disputing their love,commitment or contribution to the success of the club. The club asking them to leave is basically a move to survive. I see no reason we shd have issues with that. Chelsea is someone's investment. He has put in multi-millions into it. He is working at making chelsea self sufficient like Madrid and Bayern etc. Do well to research about this so that our arguments will be educated and realistic. There is no Chelsea fan that wouldn't want to see the legends stay on and play on their wheelchairs, but unfortunately that isn't realistic.
@nelyvanile Finally WHY didnt lampard come out and say "if the club gives me one yr i will sign it bcz i am chelsea boy i want to retire here". NO. HE WONT DO IT. BCZ eventhough he knows he declined as a player still he is trying to milk CFC into buying into his bullying tactics through press into giving him another bumbler contract. JT & FL both are the same. Only money matters. Before he signed his last bumber contract FL was seriously considered the offer from INTER. After CFC gave him the contract he wanted 5 yrs and 150K then only he committed to CFC.. SAME goes to JT he was going for CITY for 200k+ wages until RA stepped in to make him the highest paid defender in the world. Then only Our sweet JT(chelsea through and through) decided to stay. 2 months of endless speculation and constant whoring to the press..So dont talk about LOYALTY. Loyalty is a 2 way street. They hav acted for their interest when they are top. Now CFC is acting for their interest bcz they are no longer on the top of the game.
@nelyvanile Your love for individual player are clouding your judgement. When we gave the contracts to JT and FL they are in the top 3 in the world on their professions. CFC under FFP cant give them the contracts they want so the club is asking them to move on. What is wrong in that? Yes Legends will come and go.. FL and JT are legends they came and played their trade and now the club has decided to GO. Then so be it. There is no need for all the legends to retire at CFC. Do you remember MILAN of 2 years before? All are legends each position is filled by a legend but all are in their 35+. Do you want CFC to fall under the bus so the legends could play until 50 at CFC and retire? I dont think so mate.
@BAWA...Mate ure all over the place man,read my comments again,I didn't say lamps should be given 150k per week for his work 5 years ago...just clarifying u do not jump into assumptions pertaining the terms involved in contract negotiations. Bottom line,Lamps has not been approached no contract negotiations have been held,or talks of extension. So there's no point assuming,its baseless and senseless.
@nelyvanile Ok now you tell me. How much you want to give to lampard in terms of money and years? Same for JT AC. There is one small thing in all this that is FINANCE. CFC's finances will get hit hard next season bcz of CL exit in the range of 30M at least. So before coming to a conclusion think long and hard. How much do you want CFC to commit on JT(controversy king & recurring knee pblm spending more and more time on treatment table). FL almost 35(last 2 yrs he is also spending long time on treatment table) Not a starter anymore. FL cant play the fast paced attacking football philosophy CFC are trying to install all around. AC(prince of controversy)he also has a knee pblm which requires spl attention after each match. Do you want CFC to commit 40M on these 3 in wages for the next 2 years? Or do you want CFC to move for younger and fitter players who we can buy for low and sell for profit and will be on low wages? There was lot of preliminary talks with lampards reps had taken place a year before mate. It was reported in the press. They flatly refused to entertain the idea of a 1 yr extension. After that point the club has come long way. Now we are moving in another direction. I am not saying anything baseless. Everything is reported. You can just say that as lies and rumors. I can say the same thing now about FL lying to the press about no contract.
I'd love Lamps to stay but clearly he is not going to play every week anymore so cannot justify £150k a week. If Chelsea are not prepared to offer him any sort of new contract then that is wrong. If Chelsea were to offer him a one year extension at £70k that would be a good deal for Frank and a chance to continue to play for a top European club. But, the problem is, LA Galaxy can afford to pay him more money and give him a longer contract, so from Frank's point of view, having won everything at Chelsea, it may well be time to move to LA for a few years. He should see out the season though.
The problem for all of us on here is that we don't have all the info to make a sound decision, so we end up making bold assumptions. Does anyone KNOW how much Lamps is on per week, including all bonuses and perks? I bet not a single person on here does. We make the assumption that he's on £150k per week because some tabloid made that assumption before us and printed it as gospel, but as I said, none of us really knows. One thing I can say for certain: Mata and Oscar aren't on anywhere near the wages that Lampard is on. This is a simple assumption made on age and position in the club. Lampard has been here a long time and been arguably the most important player in Chelsea's history. The guy reallyis a living legend and thus far he has deserved every penny he's been paid. BUT, and it's a big BUT, that was Lamps on his last contract. If he's now come to renew the contract then immediately the ball moves into the club's court. Is Lampard as indispensible NOW as he was in 2008? No. Is Lampard amongst the top 4 names on the team sheet like he was in 2008? No. Is he even in the regular starting XI? No. Is he likely to feature in 50+ games per season going forward like he was in 2008-2011? No. With all of these factors playing against the importance of Lamps, why should the club offer him another 1 or 2 year contract (3? 4?) without first renegotiating the terms in their favour. Simple economics: You have £x million for wages. Your top performers arguably cost more and thus take a great share of the wages pot. Regular squad players get the rest divided up according to their importance to the club. By this reckoning, I'd say that Lamps is no more important to the club than any other non-regular player, but I bet he's on nearly 3 times the wages! In my eyes the club should be offering him an extension but at a drastically reduced wage. Hell, if it were me negotiating then I'd even opt for a higher wage-per-match than he's currently on, but factor in the lower number of matches. If he was on £150k per week for 50 matches per season and played near full matches, then now he should be on £60k per week for 20 matches playing 2/3rds of a match. In that case he's earning more money per minute played, but look at the overall wages. They drop significantly. The big question is: WOULD HE ACCEPT THAT OFFER??
@nely,torres was 26 and was one of the best striker in the world but was struglin with form and injury,the club signed him up with the good will that he would return back to his best and replicate what he did for liverpul 4 us hence he offered a bumper contract,however so far it seems the idea has been do u think if torres where to be offered a contract extension now he would stil be on 175k???hell NO..where was lamps leadership when we lost the CS,Supa Cup,CWC(Is it a coincidence he feature all 90mins in all)?? Oh i forgot his leadership skills in always whorin and rushin to his pals in the media to discuss club matters(lukaku,courtois,oscar,piazon are all learing fast)...yea legends come and go,lampard came from somewhere and would have to move on someday and a new legend would emerge..players dont have to stay at a club forever to be acknowledged as LEGENDS..
@Bizzare...That's another probability,and its baseless to make arguments based on assumptions...Would Frank accept the offer? He may and may not,but he has not been approached for talks so we cannot say for sure. A player is not judged by events on the pitch alone but off it as well. As a player grows older, his on-field importance decreases but only to increase, exponentially, his off-field importance. We have young lads in the club who need tutorship on what it is to be a true blue. Puyol signing a 4 year contract with barcelona at 34 wasn't for on field importance,as he has become pretty injury prone. Barcelona recognize the role of experience and Club legends in the development of the club in bringing through La Masia players. Luiz gave an interview after he scored that amazing free kick against Villa,of how much role Frank played in training him and helping him perfect his free kicks during training. Players like Oscar who look up to Frank and still have a lot to learn about the EPL need guidance,players like De bruyne and Josh who look up to Lamps as mentors also need to learn a thing or two. Don't get me wrong am not saying Frank should be offered zillions of pounds to keep him,but i feel transition should be done gently and slowly. He shouldn't be forced out of the Club like a numpty.
@nely,the last time i checked,the meaning of legend is someone who is very well known and admired (by the fans)..length of time does not determine a legend,ballack gave us a very solid 4years and was well known and admired by the fans so he in ma book he is a CHELSEA LEGEND
Well my 4 decades as a fan my list is probably to full to contain Ballack...well respected player and played his heart...but in the same frame as Zola,Drogba or Matteo? Naaaa...Good to see he is in ur book.
Di Matteo being targetted for Blackburn job...I pray he rejects the offer. It is too low profile for him....It s better if he finds some clubs outside England...After managing chelsea, any clubs outside EPL Side is not so good...
We are already one and half years behind our transition. Our transition should have started with AVB. AVB should have cleared the oldies/legends out of the team. He didnt and paid his price. I am sure that now Roman has taken that mandate on his own hand and will ensure that the new manager whoever is coming will not get a chance to repeat the same mistake. I hope he give the new manager some time
in 2011 chelsea are team in transition...AVB Sacked in 2012 chelsea are team in transition...RDM Sacked in 2013 chelsea will be a team in transition...??? sacked
Since your book is too full to accomodate ballack,then i guess u reserved the last space for your darlin lampard,afterwhich the book is closed and no more legends...hmmm! Seem a pretty good idea *smh*
Since your book is too full to accomodate ballack,then i guess u reserved the last space for your darlin lampard,afterwhich the book is closed and no more legends...hmmm! Seem a pretty good idea *smh*
Hope it is just the hurtfull truth!!!! Get him OUT!!! It is not how the club treats his legends, but how the legends treated the club and their manager last year!!! For that particular behavior of not supporting and may i say pushing out their manager in that time - AVB, the legends got their payback... nothing less nothing more...they have too much power and use it not to the good of the team, but for the good of them selves, so they deserve it, and it has no connection at all to their on field ability...

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