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Mikel v Wanayama

The topic of Mikel is a contentious one and polarising.

While I rate him as a player I find myself leaning, if ever so slightly to those who says Mikel does not suit the style of play Chelsea are moving towards.

I also have a strong suspicion that the club re-signed him so that they get a better price on him when they do sell him. Having said that I also think Mikel's career was spoilt by Chelsea and he should save it by moving to the Serie A, as it would be a place where his traits are more valued.

If we do sell him (not that I`m dying to see it happen), I think Wanayama (Celtic) would be the ideal replacement and would add that steel in our midfield like Essien used to and Yaya Toure does for City.

We could land him at just £12-15nillion and I think Mikel`s sale would cover the cost and ma be even result in a profit (with a faster younger and some would say better player).

I`d hate to see manure snap him up for peanuts.

Would you (the reader) make a move for him?

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The Journalist

Writer: saber Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 26 2012

Time: 7:09PM

Your Comments

honestly it will be tough for Mikel for this point onwards....but the guy is strong he might just respond...if we do sell Mikel, i dont think we need to buy a replacement...we have Romeu who i think can become world class...what we need to get is a deep lying playmaker who is fast both in terms of tot and recovery..'ll take one of Benat/Montinho or Fellanni...then as our youngsters come through we can bed them in..what makes me happy is i am sure the club has a strategy for the future with FFP in full consideration...i might not the details but i am sure we wont do a malaga..happy to be a chelsea fan!!
Nillion is that a new currency !!
we are always talking about players at other clubs.. is this a chelsea mentality?? I don't get it.. we have Mikel, Romeu, Ramires and now Luiz!?!? we can't have em all!!
Mikel is very under-rated. We arent gonna sell him. Wonder why he's played under every manager???? Now he's signed a new contract and people think Chelsea's done that so they could make a profit on his sale? Very funny Saber.
@Pancake....i simply dont understand it. We have exciting young players coming through...and everyone is simply bent on buying,especially in over-populated positions. It beggars belief.
@pancake...i dont think any of those you mentioned is an out and out deep lying playmaker...we really need one, Lampard is the closest we have and he is 34 plus it is looking increasingly likely he'll be moving on...there's the excellent Josh who i think should be in the squad next season...but at his age no one realistically expects him to play all the important matches next season...he still needs to learn from a more senior player and rotate with the person...Oscar can function as a deep lying playmaker..but its not his natural postion...we'll have to adapt for me a deep lying playmaker is a need for the team...
Wanyama is a celtic player,Mikel is a chelsea..i dont get the comparism,i saw the topic and was thinkin its a comparism of their abilities only to see a downgradin of our own and praise singin of another club's player..and u think mikel was given a new contract so he could be sold??the way some of us here devalue mikel he might just do a makalele to us..u dont know the value of what u have until u loose it.
How disgusting and embarrassing this article sound.Wayama who?just bcos the f{ }cking manure are being link with him then chelsea should waste £12-15m to sign him when we've got josh on loan,ramires,romeu,and even luiz now playing in that role then chelsea should sign wanyama just bcos he fecking score a goal against barca.Very boring article and for the notice whether u like or not mikel has got more 5yrs with cfc so live with it.
I have never seen Victor Wanyama play and if he was that good any EPL club would have snapped him up by now. We do need a proper pacey deep-lying playmaker like Alonso (too old now)/Benat/Moutinho and those who think Luiz is better than Mikel in every way, you watch against Everton Mikel will start in the DM not Luiz. I know Mikel can't pass the ball like Luiz but he is 100% more disciplined than Luiz. Chelsea will not sell Mikel otherwise they would not have given extended his contract. The reason why people don't notice his Luiz's overall play is because we are winning.
Its realy embarassing to see how people go to try and denigrate Mikel.Wanyama is at Celtic because he is good enough for them but I do not think he is good enough for top flight EPL. Honestly we would be saying lets buy Mikelif he ws at Celtic right now. Its people who do not understand football and the role each player has in a team that keep expecting Mikel to score as much as Torres. Let me be hones Luiz is not better than Mikel the defensive midfield role. He made more mistakes than Mikel n the game against Norwich and if you knmow your football you will acknowledge that FACT.
Mikel is truly slow and slows up our attack, but guys there are games where he is best suited than all the flashy players we have in lamps, luiz and even romeu, this lad have given his all to chelsea from day one, and I think the club has a plan for him, I think most fans are grudgingly accepting him as a good player as the abuse on him as now dwindled to he is only slow (which is true though), he is trying not to be mistake prone as usual, I tell u this my friends, if chelsea get a fast CM or succeeds in bedding in luiz as a CM, then don't be suprised if mikel maintains his place in the XI as his slow play will be reduced by the ability of his partner in the pivot, he might just be the shield for the back 4 as usual, offcourse there are games he won't obviously play where the likes of romeu will be preferred to him.
@Desmond, exactly my tots but you just put it very clearly...I dont think he'll be sold..although i am sure he is not Tubby's favourite..but hey tubby will most likely be gone at the end of the its still interesting times!
If we need CM, we should go for spanish midfielders. They are quick and technical. I think they are the kind of players who can suit well with the current crop of players. But, given choice, I will go with KDB/Josh/Luiz/Ramires/Romeu/Mikel in the central midfield. They are very much enough for us. In the worst case, we can buy a replacement for Lampard (Pjanic could be a ideal one)
mikel is too slow for our attacking style....and since the time we have bought him he improvement level is too slow...he has got so much oppurtunity here then any other player here but he hasnt improved at all and neither he has become one of the best dm in the world...its high time rather sell him or utilise as a squad player only when is require he shouldnt start in the first team....he is lucky that chelsea has given him so many chance but he is still improving that the phrase i have been hearing since he has been bought....if any other player had got that much oppurtunity at chelsea today he would had been world class....but mikel he is still the same...chelsea should bring victor or any other player who could give our midfield the zing which we are missing...
Value what yu have....
de bruyne for deep lying playmaker. has the ability and vision. an his genk coach himself said that de brunye is class at centre of the park.
@shlok,how often do u see wanyama play??ffs the guy plays for the best club in the spl where its practicaly a monopolised league right now...mcfadden,miller,gordon,mcClouch and co all came to the epl and were unsuccessful after bein highly rated in scotland.
believe me, chelsea ha got QUALITY IN QUANTITY in loaned out players. and that too in each and every position. we really dont need to look at all at the players of other clubs.
I am just worried on the deeplying playmaker role and should KDB is this type of player, please get him back into the team. We need quality player like him right now....
Lol! Most of you don't know Wanyama. He is really a quality player, he is fast, tackles well, very disciplined, experienced, score goals..... He will not be in Celtic @the beginning of next season, thats for sure. Just watch his performance against Barca in the UCL and you will know all about him.
Wanyama or not, we need one more midfield m achine like Ramires and a quality deeplying playmaker. If we can get a young hardworking quality DM that will not cost more than 12m and can pay Moutinho's 23.5m release clause and buy Lewandrowski & Walcott instead of Falcao, it will be perfect. But we may have to part with Lamps and one of Mikel, Romeu.
Hazard, Mata, Moses, Walcott, Oscar, Marin can rotate in the band of 3 with Lewandrowski, Torres as CF.
New DM, Romeu or Mikel, Josh, Moutinho & Ramires will battle for the CM role.
ken4cfc....I Would rather see victor or moutino or any other dm in place of mikel at cfc...its high time for chelsea to get a new dm and give him a chance rather playing mikel who is too slow for our style ...
ken4cfc....I Would rather see victor or moutino or any other dm in place of mikel at cfc...its high time for chelsea to get a new dm and give him a chance rather playing mikel who is too slow for our style ...
Reports are there that chelsea are after Mario Suárez Mata At madrid defensive midfielder...if that is true than i hope chelsea should defenetly go for him...he would fit the bill perfectly for us..
shlok27 many times have u seen wayama play? And against which team? When u tell me 2-3, then I'll love to debate, that said, there only about a few natural DMs better than mikel defensively, comparing him with wayama is an insult to the lad, yea I said it. Its an insult, in a team where samaras Is their model player, u pick a player and say he is better than a multiple medal winner is a big insult
Desmondadonis i previously said i would rather give opputunity to victor or anyother player in place of mikel...till we dont play other player how can we know that there are other player who are better than him....regarding victor i have seen him one or twice but i would give him a chance at chelsea or player like mario suarez to see how they perform...rather than playing mikel week in week out and you know that his pace and his passing is not upto the limit for chelsea to play attacking style..
@Desmond I agree! So what if Mikel isn't fast and not an asset in the attack, neither was Makelele! We need balance in the squad, not everyone can be "creative". We're talking about a DM, a sweeper, not some allround deep lying jack of all trades. (IMHO we should return to our classic 4-3-3 to make that clear.) This summer we get McEachran (a playmaker and "new Lamps" if you like) and Chalobah (a DM and "new Mikel" if you like) back from loan, so why buy another one? Total waste of money to go for Wanayama even if long term injured Romeu (who BTW is rubbish compared to Mikel, with worse passing conversion and often caught out by poaching strikers) is sold now that Luiz been converted to DM.
Exactly my thoughts desmond,you all say mikel is not chelsea carrick and anderson man utd quality?yet they play week in week out for a team that is top of the Epl.saber you and your funny articles.seriously,your article got me laughing at your thoughts that mikel was offered a 5-yr contract only for chelsea to get a better selling offer for is 5 yrs he signed for God's sake.we all know Mikel is slow and slows down play sometimes for shlok's attacking football.can we really say we play attacking football under benitez?if you want to watch attacking football,go watch barca and dortmund.not the one game attacking football we played against aston villa.and pls who is wanyama?he can only thrive in a league like the scottish league playing against teams like inverness,hearts and the likes....comparing wanyama to mikel is an insult.pls find better alternatives for him
barca has busquet who is good in dm as well a good passer of ball....we need a player of that quality who can do both job brilliantly....he has been at chelsea since ages then why cant he improve his weakness....all i get to hear is he is young and he will improve...when he will improve and become a complete dm...gone are the day when we had old type the scenario is differnt we need multitasker who can do dm as well a good not saying we need a dm who will create for our striker but a dm who can quickly pass on the ball to our attacking midfilder rather than playing tika tika style footbal with his own defender...
I also think Mikel is not a quality player since he has refused to improve his game. He is the only midfielder without a goal in EPL
hey @Perenzo, how many goals did Makelele scored throughout his chelsea career ? Since you rate a DM perfomance by the number of goals he scores....
i think what al the wayama lovers nd mikel slayers should do is to go to the transfer market nd buy who u love bcos u own romans money .......take note mikel is the shield al d errors mikel has made since coming to chelsea since 6yr ago are not upto d ones dat romeu has made in d last 2season
@finney angel it's not even about romeu here.we as chelsea fans should learn how to appreciate our players.this same mikel was instrumental to our double winning season last season.and they are now talking about wanyama now not even a player better than Mikel.SABER really fall my hand o.
@shlok27,so you want us to give wanyama a chancet because u watch him play 1 or 2 times?? Oh ma frend its really laughable,we can as well give cattermole,greening,spearin,whitehead,nzozi,etuhu e.t.c a chance since we now give every half decent player we watch once or twice a chance
@shlok27,its obvious U just hate to see mikel in a blue shirt not to talk of startin for CFC that u are desperate to take just anybody.i would advice to channel your desperation to our striker department thats where its needed
who is this shlok of a guy comparing mikel and wanyama.So chelsea has now become a place where joke of players should be given chance to prove themselves well we should as well be giving chances to players like delph of aston villa,mulumbu,seyi olofinjana,cocquelin and frimpong of arsenal.
And anybody who think wanyama is better than mikel should has well use his money to purchase the wanyama of a guy in his own cfc club.
As i was reading the article, i had concluded that it must have been written by mia manard cos his hatred for mikel(for whatever is his reason) is very obvious on this site but was disappointed it was saber. So chelsea offered him a new 5year contract so they would make more money when they sell him next summer? Pathetic thinking.... I wonder why they didnt do the same to kalou.
Chelz Akamz
What about Sneijder??Apparently he is available.
Malhotra all the mikel lovers are here....that because he is from your nation that doesnt means he is the best dm....apart from you guys the whole world knows that he is the weakest link in our midfield....time to get up from your mikel dream....i think the day mikel leaves chelsea i think you guys also will leave this site...going by your comment i think you guys are here just for mikel and not for cfc....and by the way im not mikel hater...i slam each player who i think is not good enough for chelsea wether its torres in striking department or mikel in midfield department...
What we need is true midfield destroyer with good passing ability. If you want to see the perfect defensive midfielder, watch this footage of 1993/1994 champions league final. Link:
Then slam wisely and not slam blindly(with due respect),mikel is the best dm we have now until we get a better dm and that better dm is definitely not wanyama..wanyama plays for the best team in a monopolised league where the standard of play is near zero compared to the top leagues in europe...brown and samaras who are arguably epl flops are now demi gods in scotland(that tells u something about the standard mate)
@Shlok27 u re just an idiot who dont know how to make arguements and defend his views. i normally dont respond to tots like yours except i want to slam u. U slam players i slam idiots like u who dont know how to fit in to proper discuss.
Chelz Akamz
This discussion is full of biased comments.... I just want to correct those saying Celtic is a rubbish or zero standard club, that is obviously far from the truth, you guys certainly don't know much about Celtic and are only conversant with recent trend in the football world, Celtic are a former European champ in case you don't know....Let's even forget about their past, with their current performance, I think it's a bit silly for any football analyst to say Celtic are a rubbish or zero standard club.... That aside, if I may ask, where did we get Mikel from? Lyn Oslo! Lyn Oslo will be so proud to achieve half of the status or success Celtic have achieved in Europe. If Celtic is zero then lyn oslo is a non-entity and going by some arguments here, Mikel should have no business playing for Chelsea then... Someone said brown and samaras who are epl flops are demi gods in Scotland.... funny! Forlan was an epl flop but became a star in La Liga, oh! may be La Liga is also a zero league based on that line of argument... People should argue objectively and without bias.....
@shlok, there are so many people here who are not from mikel's nation who see mikel's contribution for what it is, so don't try to fool urself by makng that comment, u watched wanyama in one game and u in ur infinite wisdom believe he is better than mikel? Pls I know u are better than that, @latunvic, funny about the way u defend the SPL and celtic, it seem u are the only one living in dream land and thinking celtic is currently one of the top 10 teams in the world, with ur argument u rate them as one of the top 15 in europe (which Is not)), if celtic is in the england's championship, they'll find it tough to get promoted to the EPL, u cited forlan when he was a young un flopping at man utd and making it in la liga, can u dig up the stats to backup ur claim? Diego forlan chance was limited when he was in man utd, there were other strikers at that time ahead of him, he wasn't man utd no.1 striker then, gerrard pique is another player, but mind u he was the one who wanted to leave and also there was rio, wes brown and vidic ahead of him, so we have only 2 players who u can point to as a flop in man utd who later made it big elsewhere, but in the case of samaras,mclough, everton's mcfadden and this highly rated scottish league player blackburn bought last year all flopping when they come to the epl, in recent years u hardly see 3 players coming from a club in scotland playing for a top 4 club in england (correct me if I am wrong) so stop talking of someone being bias, In my first comment if u scroll up, I gave my analyses of mikel and its still there, I just want to diffuse the tension saber and shlok are dredging up, wanyama is not better than mikel, we can only say that when we see him play up to 10 games and with quality oppositions before we say he is better, u can't judge him and rate him over a seasoned chelsea player when most of u have onely watched him play only once in the UCL, I think frlamp watched him a lot as he have been talking about him even before the barca game and he can be the one to really compare the stats without being biased, the rest of u should keep a lid on it will ya! So we can't say any of them is better until we see more of the wanyama guy
@desmond read my previous comment i have said i would prefer giving chances to wamaya or any other dm in place of before commenting understand i want to say....mikel is not improving at chelsea so i said time to give other playerr at chance..and by i havent seen oscar played before but he turned out to be a great buy for us...even i havent seen drogba before he signed at chelsea but he turned out be a great legend at dont give that lame excuse of a player is not good enough if he plays in some small league...@CHELz dont have anything to defend yourself about your miekl you are calling other people idiot...infact your the the biggest idiotttt of this big looseerr you are...
@desmond : where did latunvic say celtic were "one of the top 10 teams in the world or the top 15 in europe" ??..stop trying to twist his words. the point he was trying to make was we shouldn't compare players based on where they play!.. u said comparing mikel with wanyama was an insult to the former cuz wanyama plays for celtic!! LOL where did we get mikel from? and celtic may not be a top 10 side but they are the scotish champions, they are throu to the last 16 of the cl @ the expense of benifica, they almost drew barca @ nou camp n actually managed to beat them @ home.wanyama was a big part of that. I have been following this guy every chance i get since frlamp suggested we buy him a while ago.. the guy is an absolute brute, fast, tireless runner, great/aggressive tackler and a decent passer of the ball. there is a reason why top clubs are after him uno.. writing this guy off just based on the fact that he doesn't currently play 4 one of the elite clubs in europe, without making any valid points about his flaws/weaknesses is laughable.
Not my article. Haven't seen wanyama play so can't comment. O find it really funny that people think I hate mikel, I don't and don't see why you think so. Before the end of last season I thought he was a waste of space and on ridiculous wages but then I saw he could be of use when we are playing with our backs to the wall. Other than that he is not required in midfield when we have the ball and need to do something with it. My stand on him is clear, only play if needed, but because of how much he earns he is not worth it, and a new contract was a wrong decision.
Mia Maynard
@latunvic,a point of correction no one is sayin celtic is a rubbish club or zero standard club only that they are the best team in a low standard league(compared to europe top leagues),the spl has now been monopolised followin the demotion of rangers(celtic's only rival)..u are talkin about history and celtic bein former european champions same can be said about Liverpool but are they among the top 20clubs in europe??? Or do u think celtic would have won as much title if they are in the epl???....when we signed mikel from Lyn Oslo did he bench makelele,essien,ballack or lampard?? NO,it was because he was nowhere near their league but he bid his time and learned under their tutorship and now he is bein able to take over from them...yea brown and samaras where starters and flops for fulham and man city respectively but are now demi gods in the spl,your comparism of forlan is not valid because he spent more time on the bench and well below the perkin order...maybe its u should take off your mikel-hatred blinkers,argue objectively and without bias
@blues4eva, I think u should read ken4cfc's comment, it answers all the misconceptions in here, wanyama playing tirelessly and fastly doesn't make him better than mikel, if u are talking about the barca game this season, was mikel playing badly when we played barca last season? Or the UCL final? U guys are saying mikel plays well in parking the ball style, pls tell me what style did celtic play? Wanyama plays every week against iverness and aberdeen, dundee and kilmarnock for godsake, is it the same energy we play with tottenham, arsenal, swansea, man utd and man city? U can't say he'll be better than mikel who held his own among legendary players like essien, ballack, makelele and lampard... What I am correcting is we shouldn't make assumptions that he'll be better or not until we see him play, besides chelsea is not bidding for him.
Why are you guys even tensed about what some Saber and some Shlok27 is saying about Mikel? Who are they in the world of football? Are the Roman's advisors? Are they Emenalo's PAs? Are they the gaffer? Please can someone with astute knowledge of football and history explain who these guys are? I want to know. I think i should come out with an article soon
@teepie shlok 27 is no one...and neither you are..and neither no one here...are you new to this place this place is for debate if you wanna debate then you can join or else shut up or take your garbage nonsense somewhere else....who you are first tell me Are you Roman's advisors? Are you Emenalo's PAs? Are you the gaffer....if you are no one out of this three then sshhhhhhhhhh shut up and f***off...
the thing is desmond mikel is very good DEFENSIVELY against teams that put together a string of passes in the final third (like arsenal & barca). their style of play allows him to get close enough to muscle the ball of their players, get blocks, interceptions.... But against more direct teams like United, spurs.. he gets outpaced and outrun, he struggles to close down their attackers and he is not a very sharp tackler (he usually just bundles people to ground). Unless u're an expert @ reading the game and always know how to position urself (like maka) pace, energy, aggression and sharp tackling are too important. Mikel is a good player! a team player. Maybe if he had gone to the serie A he might have become the best in his position by now. But like the author says he does not suit the style of play we r adopting now. he takes forever to execute a simple horizontal pass. tempo starts from the back mate, if the dm slows the game down, there is not much the others further up field can do about it because the slow build up allows the opposition to close down all the space...last summer GABEU in one of his articles suggested we buy nuri sahin for 13m and FrLamp in the comments section argued what we needed was a brute like fellaini, tiote or wanyama and that of the 3 he would prefer wanyama. that is quite a compliment from a guy who really knows his footie. like i said i have followed him ever since, ur argument about the scotish league is valid, but this kid has proved his quality against quality oppositions in europe and not just this year mate. Like u said, let's reserve judgement on whether or not he is a better player than mikel.. but his attributes and yaya toure-esque style of play suits us better.
Mikel, lampard & torres! The three current chelsea players with the most controversial & divided opinions among fans
prince china
@Shlok27, i am 'no one' that is why i dont speak foolishly. that's something you do here. arguing without fact or sense. it's only in your fantasy footie that Mikel isn't good for Chelsea. I know what football is and others here who also have an idea understands that Mikel is a rare gem and we are only privilege to have someone as composed, matured, team spirited player among us. He hasn't been a flair player but he has the skills and can do it if given the chance. watch afcon 2013 and see the role he plays for his country.
@blue4eva, that's a nice reply and good debate, u state ur points well and I accept them, as I said my friend, I am well aware of mikel's flaws and I am swift to acknowledge them, mikel is very good when we are defending deep and he is just too slow in moving forward with the ball when we want to counter attack as I have said in some articles, there are some games where mikel will be perfect, and some where he'll cost us, but my angst here is, if we don't know much about a player, we should not tag our own player as rubbish without concrete prove, u are the only fan in here who claim to have seen this guy play, how many others have seen him play? Yet they come here and slate player unjustifiably. Thumbsup pal, u debate well
@teepie yaa your no one thats why dont question other people wether they are this or that....if you dont like my comment then you can mind your own business...also check my previuos comment or others also for your so called fact and sense ...more than me you are the one who is talking rubbish without any fact and everyone is chelsea fan and they speak what they feel abou their team...if i was roman advisor do you think i would waste my time debating with you...the problem is that the day someone speak something against mikel he is called foolish and that also by his worshipper dont need to be a footballing expert to know wether a player is suited enough for this style or that...just beacuse he is your favourite player that doesnt means he is the best dm...get over dude face the harsh reality that he DOESNT NOT SUIT CHELSEA ATTACKING STYLE....hope you get it now crystal clear...
This is extremely laughable.. resorting into cooking up what I never said... @Desmond where did I say Celtic is a top 10 or 15 club, seriously, this is laughable.... I still insist, based on some arguments above downgrading Celtic and Wanyama, Mikel has no business becoming a Chelsea player then... If u want to argue that Mikel is a better player, state objective points, saying wanyama is not good cos he plays for Celtic and in Scotland is just a very silly argument.... And are u serious about your point that Diego Forlan wasn't a flop at Manutd cos every football fan knows he was. Forlan scored only 10 goals in 63 appearances at Manutd (even Torres labelled a flop did better in 63 appearances), compare that with 74 in 134 at A. Madrid..... Your words @Desmond.. "Diego forlan chance was limited when he was in man utd, there were other strikers at that time ahead of him, he wasn't man utd no.1 striker then" Now, when has that become an excuse to score just 10 goals in 63 appearances and say it wasn't a flop.... Most of the arguments writing-off Wanyama lack substance, are non-factual and based on personal insinuation...
@desmond i'm glad we can have a healthy debate and come to an understanding. cheers mate ;)
@latunvic, u said celtic qualified for the round of 16 which makes them a great club, so I was telling if u are confused about my comment that they are not in top 10 or 15 in the world or europe, I am saying comparing mikel with wanyama is an insult to mikel and I have stated why, I won't argue with u further bcos @blues4eva have stated points based on what he have seen, about the forlan talk, how many times did he start for man utd and how many strikers were ahead of him? When u get that u'll surely inderstand my comment more, I don't want a protracted argument that will result to name calling pls
I never said Celtic is a great club, I dont know where u conjure all these quotes from.... I'm just correcting the insinuation that Wanyama is not good cos he plays for Celtic and the notion that Celtic is a zero standard club in Europe... They may not be great but they certainly ain't a write-off or the picture painted by some of you guys in your defense of Mikel... Celtic is a far bigger club than the Lyn Oslo we picked Mikel from. As for Forlan, maybe u should do us the favour and honor of answering your questions on how many times he started for manutd and how many strikers were ahead of him, I have given u what I suppose is relevant; a comparison of goals stat at 2 different clubs.... If you feel 10 goals in 63 appearances is no flop, well, good for you, stick to what you believe while I stick to mine... Have fun!!!!!
@Latunvic,u should also correct the insinuation that wanyama is better than mikel when they ve never seen him play or seen him play once or twice
Mikel defends. If you don't like that, maybe an attacker should play in front of the back four.
Why do people think the topic of Mikel always bring arguments? Well, my personal opinion is Mikel is just darn too lazy. Chelsea is top club, all first team players must have a certain quality. My problem is i cant figure out what Mikel does different most players cant. I've looked at all the top 3 clubs in the top 3 leagues, i have researched the opta stats and it all proves that Mikel is average at best. There is no top 3 team in any top 3 league who's holding midfield player is not better than Mikel. I hate it when people say we dont appreciate Mikel because he doesn't score goal because that is just an insult to our intelligence. Maka was here and didn't score much, no one complained. Essien been great in the past but hardly scored buckets of goals and still was highly regarded. So why is Mikel not appreciated much? Simples, he doesn't do enough. Mikel cant stretch a pass to open up a midfield or defense but want to do the simple pass to the next player every time. If that player to receive is not there, he just passes it to Cech. He is too cowardly. The question some fans pose is why is here all this while? Its quite complex, i think Mikel is a respectful bloke and so the club appreciates him , much like how Paulo is still here i guess. Please Mikel is not bad, far from it. He's just not good enough for chelsea. Do u think if Mikel was half as good as Maka or Essien, we would be thinking of buying a CM this winter, why is it that even the press dont praise MIkel's perfomances? Has MIkel ever been voted Man of the Match before? Mikel is just too comfortable, someone with ambition would have left where he could be appreciated. I think he is just okay with the paycheck. Mikel defending is nothing to hype about, he doesnt close down quick enough, theres no fear factor in him, he just waits to tackle but if the player is very swift, he is easily bypassed. Mikel better games have come when Chelsea have been defending deep and there is a collective defending from the entire team like in the UCL final. In such cases, he's calmness is a plus and he doesn't have to run much to intercept balls and it seems he's having a better game. But this Chelsea fc! where we play attractive , attacking football. Unfortunately Mikel doesn't suit us.
If mikel doesnt suit us,then go force him out since u know better than all the coaches he has played under
I dont know more than the coaches KEN4CFC , those coaches came to meet mikel. I cant force him out , im just a fan who isnt blinded by some attraction or sympathy for any player. KEN4CFC are you nigerian? I'm just asking because a lot of nigerian chelsea just love mikel because he's nigerian. But i have discourse with nigerians who are Man U and other teams fans and they all agree that Mikel is not good enough but they are just happy we are persisting with him. Chelsea always want to learn the hard way, the fact that mikel's mistakes have reduced doesnt make him great all of sudden. He must prove to us that he's good enough.
Ken4CFC, mikel didnt take over over from Maka or Essien, they just left or got too much injuries. Mikel has never ever benched any of Maka, Essien, Ballack, or lampard when they were fit in an important game. Mikel has just played matches when he just had to play because they were no better replacements for varying reasons. Look just disguise yourself as a Man u fan , go into their camp and see what other rivals think about Mikel, he is just not good enough. Please i googled 'mikel man of the match' and i got 'Mikel arteta' .. even google cant find a match in which he was beyond ordinary. Let me explain to you the issue of Mikel's contract renewal which i state is not fact but my opinion once again; Mikel is still young and so by giving a new deal it helps FFP. Because he's waging are going to be divided by 5 and added each year to FFP accounting method. This helps chelsea maintain the limit to prevent FFP from causing us sanctions. It will also help in any future sale, although there is a lack of suitors for mikel despite being a recent regular in a top team. All of you should watch the AFCON and see mikel lead his country, he is going to do nothing extraordinary but his fans will say chelsea have ruined him so he cant attack any more but those same fans believe he's good enough for chelsea even though he's not good enough for Nigeria. Oh its funny sometimes, my love is for chelsea not for any player. I loved essien but he's a waste now. I'v moved on and so should the Mikel lovers. We have Moses now who is also nigerian but works hard for the team but is also talented. My Naija folks support Moses, Mikel is just making you look ....
check this out, doesnt say much though:
@latunvic,why I said celtic are not in top 15 or anything about how great they are is because since they qualified for the next round of the UCL even at the expense of benfica doesn't make them great as u think qualifying and beating benfica or barca alone shows their quality, this team is not consistent in europe in recent times due to the quality of the scottish league which bring me to the argument that we can't say wanyama is better than mikel considering the fact that he is playing in a league that is not competitive as the one mikel have been playing in for over 5 years, I don't know how we are talking about forlan in a mikel vs wanyama debate, but heck it might clear some misconceptions, diego forlan played for man utd for over 90+ games, please note that he started only (31 times and came in as a sub in about 65 games) as I rightly told u there are strikers that are ahead of him then and they are ole gunner solksjaer, ruud van nisterooy
well said ishomoto you explained it perfectly with proper facts and sense....hope the so called mikel deluded fan get it better....think cfc first and then about your favourite players...
Again what I am saying about wanyama is that, he excels and he is thriving in the scottish league, he haven't played a single competitive match in the EPL and most chelsea fans are saying he is already better than a player who have always featured in every coach's team sheet since he was bought one way or the other, if mikel is that poor, we would have sold him as we did shaun wright philips,kalou,bosingwa and co, chelsea won't have renewed his contract bcos solomon kalou was just 26 years old when we released him and he had a decent time at chelsea, so it seem the board and coach who are at chelseafc is seeing something in the lad that we are not seeing
@ishmoto, my previous comment goes to u too, u seem well informed so the reason I direct this comment to u, in our 2007 FA cup final against man utd, were we defending when we pipped man utd 1-0? When we played barca in the nou camp were we defending there too? Check mikel's performance at the camp nou, under avram grant when we played some tough teams mikel didn't play only in the final, check his performances, mikel was one of our best performers against bayern in munich, check all the finals mikel have played in, u'll see him consistent in those high profile games, hardly will u see him flop in a high profile game, as I said in my first comment on this thread, I am not ignorant of mikel's flaws,he is slow, ball watches atimes, passes to the back (thank God that have stopped to a reasonable level) but I just want most of u to see a clear picture and stop channeling ur frustrations on the lad,remove mikel from this chelsea team, u'll see our players being bullied annoyingly.
I mean the game under guus hiddink in 2009 at the camp nou* mikel is good ball passer when his through pass is not intercepted, his pass to lamps in 2007 before he (lamps) layed it for drogba, his pass to anelka for that goal in 2010 where he was rallied around as if he scored that goal himself is another of note, why he doesn't do more of that beats me, when he was still on twitter,chelsea fc gave fans the chance to ask him some questions in #askmikel, people quizzed him about his lack of goals and why he doesn't go forward often, he said if he does that the defenders will be exposed and its true. Check this link and see petr cech's view on mikel along with RDM
Mikel should mark, tackle, intercept, play accurate long passes, score loads of goals, never lose the ball all the while never crossing the half way line.
@ishmoto,since those coaches came and meet mikel why didnt they force him out or relegate him to the bench??or didnt any of them last till a transfer window??...."mikel didnt take over from maka or essien" are u really serious?? Since they left who has been our dm??...i never said mikel benched maka,essien,ballack or lampard if u read in between lines i said he bid his time under their tutorship but i would to clear your doubt on mikel never benchin any of them in important matches,who did mikel bench in the 2007,2009,2010 and 2012 F.a cup finals??who did he bench in 2012,2009 CL semi final at camp nou and 2012 final at munich?? Not to talk of countless big epl games and cl games,so your statement about him not benchin any1 in important games is ridiculous ...i dont care what other teams say about mikel,he is a chelsea player and he has ma support as long as he puts on the blue shirt even though he has his obvious flaws(no one is perfect u know)...@shlok27,think cfc first and then celtic
Please Read! KEN4CFC,i said mikel hasn't benched any of them if they were fit and it was an important Match. let me see, in 2009 CL at camp nou, mikel played alongside Essien and at home, he was on the bench because we needed a gaol and essien was the best then. So there you go. In 20012 CL final, essien was out of form and injury plagued but still lampard played alongside. So I'm still right right ok. In 2010 fa cup final, ballack played and Mikel was even injured!. Do u know your facts at all??In 2009 mikel played alongside essien.. So he didnt bench essien right?. Good. In 2007, he played along essien again.So he didnt bench essien. Good . The only time mikel bench essien was in 2012 and that was when essien was finished and just injury plagued. What i'm trying to put out to you ken, is take off your mikel tainted glass and analyze a trend here. This trend is all successful coaches have either preferred others to mikel be that ballack, maka or essien in that role. When mikel has been used in that role he was always supported by an experienced player to clean up his mistake and provide the attacking impetus. With the demise of the players due to age or injuries mikel has been given the stage to prove to us that he has learnt from these greats. What has mikel shown us? That he is the same guy from wherever he came from, lens i presume. In this new age of chelsea post essien, chelsea has not found that player to own the holding role or experienced enough to play along mikel to overshadow his obvious shortcomings which has intentionally refuse to erase from his game. Mike has just refused to develop into that world class player but he keeps his mouth shut and does his best and this is why he is still at chelsea fc. Because most players here are very ambitious and would have left where they could achieve their maximum potential. But mikel is cool with what he has and i dont play him on that. African brother like him , earning big pounds for doing little work , i would have done the same. I blame chelsea for leaving him hanging around hoping he will develop but quickly shipping players with obvious potential like sturridge albeit their gross personal character problems. Please i do not hate mikel, i just dont appreciate what he has done, because he hasnt done enough for my chelsea. One more think , i have researched and read and observed before coming to the glaring fact that mikel is not good enough. So before you counter me or try to enlighten me try to back your feelings with FACTS here. ok. RANT OVER
And one more thing, to demonstrate how unneeded mikel is at chelsea. Notice how chelsea is not going to even feel his absence during the AFCON unlike those days when kalou, drogba and essien use to leave. Also notice how he is going to do nothing for nigeria despite playing CAM for them. I feel for my nigerian brothers because if they dont let go of this big name players like mikel and go and look for the real street born players who play with their hearts, nigeria wont ever win anything. They need new okocha's and the rest. Mikel thems no go help my broda. Thank you ooh. E no be fight at talll.....
* i dont blame*.. sorry too many typos..

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