Chelsea - Why buying Falcao will help the youth and FFP too
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Why buying Falcao will help the youth and FFP too

One of the important principles of management is lateral thinking.
Ii do realize that we have spent £80 million in transfers in the summer. In my opinion we are just 2 players away from becoming a title winning side.

One is Radamel Falcao with a buyout clause of £47million and the other is Joao Moutinho as a direct replacement to Lampard costing around £20-23 million if we bargain well (this seems to be a new trait that Chelsea are beginning to bargain).

While in Falcao's case we can`t bargain as Atletico don`t want to sell we have to activate his buyout clause. I think Falcao has no choice but to join as no other club would pay that much right now.

Madrid could but Real and Atletico have an understanding not to poach each other`s players. It`s a match made in heaven. So Falcao will come. It`s purely a question of personal terms.

Moutinho too is a good buy. We will face competition from AVB and Tottenham but I`m sure we can attract him. We could even loan players to Porto as makeweight, like Essien for example with a youth player, possibly even Piazon as i think he will gain valuable experience at a Portugese club, he'D fit in well.

With Danny's £12million sale our January could end with £55million in expenses, plus the wages of Malouda off the books making it roughly £50 million. All things said we will stay FFP compliant with Lamps set to leave and maybe even Cole (though I don`t like that).

The point is we'll be just compliant! So we won`t spend insane money in the future. Let`s face it we need to have 3 centre forwards, at least 2 of them should be world class:-

1. Falcao

2. Torres

3. Lukaku (loan)

That`s good enough.

What this does is that it provides players like Ppiazon, Chalobah, Josh, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Kane, Bruma, Thorgan and all the others. I can`t name a serious chance of making it to the first team in the next couple of years. Why? Because we can`t spend away again! In a weird way spending today saves us tomorrow.

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The Journalist

Writer: saber Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 26 2012

Time: 7:18PM

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Saber!!! that is an article and an idea i find quite interesting...and it might just work...i like it at first read although i am still thinking...we have got enough talents stacked up no doubt...maybe we should include another winger on that list like Theo...i am still thinking...
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26/12/2012 19:38:00

Thank you saber! Everything Ive been saying and thinking
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26/12/2012 19:39:00

i think we will really be a very strong force in world football if we get the small details right at this point..its really delicate ans complex....but our academy is defnitely very interesting...
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26/12/2012 19:54:00

Interesting my dear friend, I like how you think! Like @lay I am still thinking haha, but what you layed out makes sense. I def like the Moutinho shout, he is sheer class and I think we'll have no problem attracting him to us instead of Spurs. So many rumors going around and possibilities it's quite difficult to digest it all. Villa on loan? Activating Ba's release clause? Fellaini, Theo, Falcao, Lamps leaving, Ash soon to follow..
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26/12/2012 19:57:00

@Foreverchelse you know times have changed at chelsea, some seasons ago everybody will have a decent idea of who we are bringing in...remember the robinho saga?...but now the club goes about his business very privately...which is very impressive...i am sure we have players lined up for january already..but no one knows who...even the journos come up with different names everyday...i like that part..cant wait for the window to open..i hope we do our business panic buys towards the end of the window
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26/12/2012 20:06:00

@lay too true, being early in the window is key!
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26/12/2012 20:17:00

I agree with your valid points but one thing you should see clearly is...we wont be signing any mid-fielders cos we dont need any right now. We have an insane abundance of mid-fielders in this club and even more coming through the ranks. Add ''Mr I just found my calling Luiz'' to the mix and we have more than enough. We need a good CB and a very good striker.
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26/12/2012 21:32:00

@3unity a good CB = Jeffery Bruma - he has really improved and can only get better imo...
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26/12/2012 21:45:00

I think we will sign one of below 4 players as Lampard replacement. Moutinho (26): For me, he was the best midfielder at the last Euros. Miralem Pjanic (22): I have never seen him play but we have been linked with him. I think Rafa would like this player. You remember he brought Aquilani to Liverpool who was a big flop just like Torres. Willian (24) & Fellaini (25): We all know about them.
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26/12/2012 22:21:00

I think instead of getting Falcao we should get 3 strikers with that amount. @layorh12: 1)These days when you make an offer for ANY PLAYER the agents make sure there is nobody else around who might pay them more, remember what happened with Hazard deal. When Chelsea will put an offer for any player, rest assured all other big clubs will be aware of it and might bid for the same player. 2) Bruma: He is not even getting into Hamburg's first team. He said that he does not want to sit on the bench at Chelsea.
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 22:28:00

Atletico would be crazy to sell their best player in midseason when they havin arguably their best season in recent time,we have no CL footie to entice him,tbh our best chance of getin him would be in the summer except Roman pulls something for moutinho,u think we would get him for £20-£23mil??am sorry for u,that porto president would make us pay through our nose to get him or have u forgoten our latest ordeal with porto,hulk anyone??if roman should pay against the odds in getin this 2 players what would be our chance of complyin with ffp?? btw an interestin article though
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 22:37:00

@B2k..check Bruma stats...he was a starter for Hambourg before he got injured..he just returned and although not starting yet..he plays in almost all the matches coming in as a sub which means the coach rates him...he is still very young..he should win back his place soon...i watch him on regular basis...he has really improved...and can still improve a lot more...bringing him back to rotate with JT, Brana and Cahill will be good since Luiz has moved into midfield...he will get games so long he performs at the expected levels...might carry on after JT if JT is not offered a new deal in next season might be the perfect time to start bedding him in...the kid's got some good talent...
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26/12/2012 22:41:00

@layroh12: One of the rumor is that Bruma might join Vitesse Arnhem in this January window. I shall start watching Hamburg i.e. if he doesn't move to VA. LUIZ: He will not play in the midfield against the big/better teams otherwise in my opinion we will get screwed, his positioning is not that good, sometimes he commits himself where he doesn't need to.
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26/12/2012 22:54:00

@BK...from what i have seen, if Luiz plays DM against a decent opposition, we'll be very exposed...which'll be bad..but if he has a sort of enforcer behind him and he plays more as a CM with lesser defensive duties and more freedom more allowances for errors, i think we'll be fine...he is an immense talent but quite impulsive which is why a role as a CM might suit him better than a DM role where you need a lot of positional and tactical discipline to have a great game against decent opposition...i think tubby will bed him into midfield gradually...he might play as a defender against everton...or maybe he'll be completely'll need to watch bruma a bit more..he is near ready..!!
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26/12/2012 23:02:00

Yes, today at times Luiz was going forward and Oscar was covering for him, CM might suit him better, lets just watch the space. For me by beating Everton & Stoke we will get the 2 Manchester clubs worried. I always want Chelsea to beat these [1) Everton 2) Liverpool 3) Barcelona 4) ManU] teams.
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26/12/2012 23:10:00

I think the whole players-on-loan thing is fundamentally flawed. We send them to (sorry to say it) mediocre teams. Their whole game is different. They spend most of the match without the ball, and this is what they experience day in, day out. It will never turn them into the players Chelsea need. It's happened to Kakuta already and I fear Josh M will meet the same fate. It needs a radical rethink.
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26/12/2012 23:18:00

@londonfc: Good teams will not want to have UNPROVEN players on loan so yes that only leaves mid table or mediocre teams. (IMO West Brom play Lukaku only because it is in the loan deal that WB give Lukaku xx number of starts and subs appearances.
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 23:27:00

B2K420- There is no clause in any loan contract that states that a player must be played. Its up to the coach of that club to use the said player or not.
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27/12/2012 00:15:00

dont need a CM, get villa now and lewandowski in the summer
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27/12/2012 01:05:00

NEYMAR the club should do what ever it takes to bring him to Chelsea, we cant sleep on this one like we did modders and aguero. Infact we should invest that 50million on Falcao on NEYMAR instead.
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27/12/2012 02:54:00

I would love to get Falcao but it is not logical for AM to sell him during mid-season. Bring in Villa for loan till end of the season and we shall try to exchange Torres with Falcao with some fees. Should Villa's performance is good, I don't mind signing him for next season with Falcao as the main, Lukaku as the backup learning and Villa for his experience.
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27/12/2012 04:07:00

As for our midfielders, I would like to get Alonso to spray those passes if we continue with 4-2-3-1 formation. We shall also look at players for 4-4-2 as well as 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 as this could come handy especially when we play different team... We shall also get a good DM that we could exchange Mikel as I wouldn't want to flood out our midfield with too many DM....
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27/12/2012 04:14:00

Jeffrey bruma's development is slow, I watched kalas and slobodan rajkovic under AVB and they impressed me than bruma ever did, if we are sure that we want to play luiz in the midfield (it should be as a CM and never DM) then we should recall kalas not bruma, kalas is a ball playing CB/RB, and is very solid and we don't need villa, we won't get villa as its against club policy, we have a better chance of loaning or signing alexander pato than david villa, we'll see by next week if I am wrong or right about this.
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27/12/2012 04:55:00

Nice plan i must say,Saber. The truth is our board are quite aware of the threat posed by the financial regulation,thats why they may be seeking to do away with most of the big earners in order to make sure we balance our sheets. I also think that they will deal in a manner that will guarantee us ffp compliance. Thats why i am anxious for the new year,it sure promises alot of interesting times. @layorh, your observations are accurate,me thinks,and that secrecy in transfer targets together with early n well articulated buys is sure the way the to go.
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27/12/2012 06:00:00

If we are not buying Falcao in Jan, then I doubt we will get him in Summer. We may have lot of other options in Summer. But I do see chelsea not going to buy any player for more than 30m in future. Moutinho's price is now fixed in market when Spurs almost signed him for 22m last year. So, in summer, we need not pay more than 20m if he has not signed new contract with porto
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27/12/2012 06:20:00

Torres will be gone in summer (IF we buy Falcao). We will buy another new back-up striker.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 06:21:00

How I love the manner in which debates is going on in here; DECENCY in its highest order (even with disagreements). Let's keep it up lads; long may it continue. Lest I forget, prosperous new year to you all. My comment now: @Anarchy, we (RA) did bid for Modders but D. Levy turned it down (so, no1 can fault cfc on that imo). Neymar's case is twisted; imo he's one of Brazil's golden boy: he's got a lot of pressure to either stay put (in Brazil) or move to Europe. & abt Moutinho, that Porto CE is anti-chelsea or better still, a shrewd businessman (one our board should imbibe self!). In conclusion, we'll all just have to wait & see what our board has for us in this winter transfer window. @Saber, nice to read ur article again.
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27/12/2012 06:33:00

nooo to falco....get two player in that price one dm and another a striker...get moutino or else go for victor both are good enough would prefer moutinho because his passing is better and for striker go for damio or schrulle young and talented enough to score goals with the midfield we have now....dont waste money for one single player....
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 06:58:00

@saber BIG NO for falcao from me. Not anyway on the sporting sense. The guy is 27 in another 2 months. Lets say we buy him in the summer 27 yr old for 48M and commit another 10M year in salary. That is 100M on a single player blown away. If our board and scouts are good enough you can build an entire world class team with that much money. With the players we got in hazard mata oscar(all are young) Any good striker who knows where the net can do well. Even if we sign falcao we cant get anything out of him if we decides to sell him. 1) FT is already here guys dont forget it. The press put enormous pressure on him for each minute he didnt scored finally he scummed and never recovered. Same thing could easily happen to Falcao. So in a financial standpoint its no sense to spend 100M on falcao. GO for the strikers who are good will be world class in a season. Not for a striker who is already in his peak who could easily become the next FT scheva. All in all i will so glad if CFC learned from our past disasters and not go for over 30M in any signing.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 08:50:00

believe me, chelsea ha got QUALITY IN QUANTITY in loaned out players. and that too in each and every position. we really dont need to look at all at the players of other clubs.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 08:57:00

I say recall Lukaku, Chalobah and Essien and we are set for the rest of the season. We really dont need to spend a penny in transfer fees. What we are missing is actual bodies as the squad is pretty stretched at the moment. In January we can reassess the situation and players like KDB will be ready to come back at that point
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 10:22:00

Reports are there that chelsea are after Mario Suárez Mata At madrid defensive midfielder...if that is true than i hope chelsea should defenetly go for him...he would fit the bill perfectly for us..
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 12:04:00

How much of Mario Suarez Mata have you watched apart from the Super Cup game. Mikel is a better player, mark my words. He is more of a DM, he can't even spray the ball like Pirlo, Scholes and Alonso.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 13:44:00

@Desmond once again I agree; Bruma was awful here when he got the chance, and he's so poor that Hamburger will send him to the Eredivisie. Bruma surely can't be a part of our future plans. But Nathan Ake can. As for the Moutinho deep lying playmaker thing, I think it's rubbish. Why should the playmaker be deep lying instead of going forward? Stick with a proper DM, I'd say, and use Oscar, Lamps and McEachran as playmakers (preferrably in a 4-3-3 formation). BTW it's kind of ludicrous to suggest that the youngsters would benefit from us breaking the FFP, as the consequences of breaking the FFP the first time is a decrease in the allowed size of the registered squad and the second time around we'd be banned from the competition alltogether (i.e. the youth's chances to play UCL like Ryan Bertrand and Oriol Romeu will disappear). But as Chelsea's actually no more into the red figures, we could probably buy an amortised Falcao and still comply with the FFP.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 14:05:00 marking your word since the time we have bought mikel...and he is still improving all that i can hear from mikel lover...and why you dont wanna compare the super cup match that shows you who dominated the midfield that day...mikel is good when we play parking bus style game beacuse that time the whole chelsea team plays the same role of dm at that time...time to get some new dm at chelsea...
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 14:18:00

@Ibidayo we had the chance to get him before he moved to Tottenham for next to nothing instead we got Deco. Our Brazilian connection should make us front runners in the Premier League. My fear is if we get Falcao it would make a move for Neymar when he does become available unlikely because of FFP.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 16:19:00

What about Sneijder??...Apparently he is available.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 17:17:00

Falcao doesnt wanna move
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 17:39:00

Yes he perhaps dosnt want to move....could be a play for the atletico galery , maybe he HAS TO ?? Im hoping that we have bought him anyway...if not for the january window, then possibly we have loaned him back so they can qualify for CL?
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 18:44:00

Jan is the time Falcao can move to Chelsea...If not, I think the ship will move on. Come summer, Chelsea will definitely look to soome other options which are cheap, young and clinical if not equally good.
Report Abuse
28/12/2012 04:38:00

I like the option of villa on loan that could be made permanent for about 15 million. Really rate villa, so much so that had he played against us for Barcelona last year they would have beaten us since he is more direct and can finish from distance, while the remaining Barcelona players wanted to walk the ball into the goal. Messi too played very deep that day, oh well it was meant to be!
Mia Maynard
Report Abuse
28/12/2012 08:12:00

Chelsea just needs to go for a winger/striker and midFld,. -We can keep Lam for another 2 years, he still has the stuff in him . -Defence : we have class players who can handel things -Mid : Best range of players -Forward : in need of proper winger/Striker.
Report Abuse
28/12/2012 20:41:00


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