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Our Plans

Does anyone know what has happened to the talk of a new ground or extending the Bridge?

It was the top subject in our quest to adhere to the new FFP regulations coming out, now nothing, it seems it`s mysteriously off the agenda.

Don`t we as supporters think the club needs to tell us what they think is going to happen after all with West Hham getting the Olympic Stadia and talk of Spurs moving we will be demoted to the 4th biggest ground in London and we are the only London club to ever win the Champions League.

Any available space close to us is earmarked for other projects so what to do?

I think I`m right in saying that Hammersmith and Fulhamf council said they would help us with any plans etc so have we got back to them?

What`s our plans?

What direction are we heading in?

After all we need to develop our revenue to compete against the best for honours and were not competing in our own city for gate revenue

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Date:Friday December 28 2012
Time: 6:10PM


On this topic , I hold CPO and their greed solely responsible for the current situation ...
28/12/2012 18:20:00
The thing that held it up was the CPO not wanting to lose the ownership of the pitch. So wen roman and his army decided to try and move the stadium and buy the pitch why didnt he think it might have been a good idea to tell the CPO that if they sell the Stamford bridge pitch and move stadiums he would then just sign over the new pitch at say battersea power station back over to the pitch owners? So then roman gets his huge 60,000 brothal play thing and the CPO still have there pitch and know when they moved they would still have the power of owning the pitch? I might be stupid with this theory but to me it makes total Sence! Both parties win. Roman and CFC gets the stadium to compete and the CPO still own there pitch let alone at a new venue. Anyone know any way this couldn't have been feasible?
28/12/2012 18:56:00
CPO and their greed? Don't say what you have no idea about. Its way deeper than that.
28/12/2012 19:09:00
0 are thinking rationally and fairly..unfortunately that is not the way things often get done in the world of big business. From what i have heard from some friends who are members of the CPO the issue here is a power struggle. Apparently it really rankles Roman that the CPO holders own the Stamford Bridge means that there is a part of Chelsea he still does not own in toto. He is willing to sink massive money into building us a new stadium but is not particularly enthused about it being close to Stamford Bridge or even in London..he would have no problem moving the team in a heart beat if he could pull it of. Most importantly he is totally aborrhent to having another arrangement like the CPO deal at wherever the new stadium would essence when he builds that new stadium wherever it is..he wants to own it all..pitch and all with no CPO sharing. As you can surmise from this the battle lines are literally drawn.
28/12/2012 19:14:00
Well said GabeU...You do have a good idea of basically what's been going on. Its a power struggle,and its the same I've heard from members as well. Events like the hiring of Rafa didn't help Romans course either as it was against fans wishes,and the CPO members are basically the little say there is fans have.
28/12/2012 19:58:00
Go and buy a CPO share and then make your coments, as that will give you a true idea of what is going on. CFC announced that all avenues had been explored in relation to the expansion of the Bridge. The local council deny this and have stated that the club have made NO applications whatsoever in regards to the redevelopment in the last 10 years. They also clearly state that the Bridge CAN BE redeveloped and that they would help the club in doing so. The club are not interested in meeting the council as they wish to sell the land and relocate, which would be completely funded by the sale of SB making a massive profit. The whole issue is nothing more than a land grab. Earls Court is the best we can hope for, but don`t be surprised if White City becomes an option if Earls Court fails. CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB SHOULD NOT BE RELOCATED UNTIL IT IS PROVEN THAT THE EXISTING STADIUM CAN NOT BE ENLARGED. Then and only then, should relocation be an option. This is not the case at present.
28/12/2012 21:15:00
sup guys i can't log in using my phone but i can see all the comments! anyone knows what i can do? my phone is C3300K samsung
28/12/2012 22:15:00
I think the power struggle is not in the best interest of the team. Having a bigger stadium would give CFC a better platform to be able to compete with the big boys in the future whenever Roman decides to reduce how much he is putting into the team. Stamford Bridge is the 8th biggest in EPL. People taking about the "CLUB SHOULD NOT BE RELOCATED UNTIL IT IS PROVEN THAT THE EXISTING STADIUM CAN NOT BE ENLARGED", have they ever thought of how CFC going to pay for the enlargement? Every fan fear the day when Roman would enough is enough and the club can only spend the money it generates. if that happened CFC will never be able to compete. CPO have served a useful purpose to keep it safe from the developers but things has changed alot for the better since Roman took over. The interest of CFC to be able to compete without Roman money in the future should be our no 1 priority.
jollyheart Torres
29/12/2012 00:38:00
The asset (i.e. Stamford Bridge), subject to the CFC lease, is worthless." I am wondering what would happen IF CFC decide to relocate against the wish of the CPO.
jollyheart Torres
29/12/2012 00:56:00
@GabeU What is rational thinking mate? Do you want RA to invest another billion pounds so that some pathetic s**t organization will hold the power over the club. Only 1% of the CPO guys are the ones who has some real concerns other than the remains are just living in a paranoid world. Even after CFC publishing the details of the efforts regarding SB expansion and the cost on a long document still lot of moronic and idiotic fans are disputing these claims by sliding with the H&F council. Only concern for H&F is to keep chelsea at SB. BCZ if cfc move out from there it will dent their revenues in the range of 30M annually. All these guys who are talking about we CAN expand SB should first know something about civil construction. Anybody who has some basic knowledge know that SB cant be expanded. PPL who are asking the club to buy the adjacent lands are so deluded. It will require a large Compulsory purchase order that london has ever seen. There will be atleast 10 law suits against CFC if we take this route. First and foremost CFC dont owe CPO s**t. ITs CFC who gave the required money of 10M to the CPO to purchase the land in the first place. So people who are talking about share value and how CFC wont cease to exist it wasnt for CPO. CFC put CPO just as a buffer so that the club wont be moved against its will. Lot of rational thinking CPO fans are happy to give the shares back but the problem is some 100 fans are the ones causing all the paranoid theories. With their constant negative s**t they talking other fans are also start talking paranoid.. IF anybody want to argue about the CPO issue first and foremost go and READ this block.. This is one of the most informative blog on the whole issue.
29/12/2012 06:15:00
News? we serfs don't merit such consideration.
29/12/2012 07:23:00
All we need is a bigger capacity Stadium that will give us enough we can compete with other big club
29/12/2012 13:25:00
45% of Chelsea`s gate money is generated by matchday corporate expenditure. Which is higher than Man Utd`s and every other club in Britain except Arsenal`s. By simply incorporating extra corporate boxes at the back of both the Shed End and the Mathew Harding end, this would solve the problem. It would be the equivelent of having a 54, 000 stadium. With no egress problems in case of emergency. But the club have not even looked at this possible solution. When Chelsea quoted the need to relocate from Stamford Bridge, it was before the new SKY deal was agreed, which will now boost our income even further above many European clubs that we continually compete against. For some strange reason the club are intent on moving and not redeveloping, some argue that it is because there is a lot of money to be made by selling the land at Stamford Bridge. I suggest that EVERY TRUE CHELSEA SUPPORTER spend £100 and buy themself a CPO share, so that they can truly understand the complexity of the situation and vote accordingly. This is a very important period of the club`s development, Roman Abranovich, Bruce Buck and Ron Gourlay are only passing through and it is imperitive that if CFC have to relocate, that is done for the right reasons and not for personal gain. We are the only club in the country who`s fans have of a say in our future. Buy a share and grasp the situation, its no good squealing when its too late. The club should only be relocated if all options of redevelopment of the existing ground have been exhausted. The club so far refuse to do this.
29/12/2012 15:51:00
nely, what i mean by "greed" isnt necessarily just financial.. whether CPO poition is justified or nt , its their position which is holding back development and advancement of the club and the building of a new stadium which is only good for the club..whether its ROman Abramovih taht owns it or CPO...IM a Chelsea fan...not a CPO fan .or a CPO sharholders neither ie Im not Roman and Im not a shareholder , therefore my position can be seen in this sense as neutral... my only care is to see Chelsea with new bigger and grander stadium sooner rather than later...whats the CPO position on this? or with them does it depend on how much control they have over it ? how much of their position is determined by their greed for money and/or power?
29/12/2012 19:27:00
@blueheart .. Im pretty sure SB can be enlarged.... we can squeeze an extra seat behind Roman's...but would that be sufficient? We need a stadium enlarged by at least 50%. i dont see that being possible To me its obvious there are people here showing that they have a vested interest in their position
29/12/2012 19:38:00
I`m sure everyone on this site want`s the best for our club. I am a CPO shareholder and have been for almost 20 years. I am not part of any group. Although I, like thousands of other shareholders, refused to be hoodwinked by the club in October 2011 by just handing over our shares to them, without being informed of where they proposed to move the club too. Not to menton the 250k worth of shares that were illegally bought by 25 anonymous individuals to corrupt the vote. (Bruce Buck and his family being named within the 25). The whole thing stinks. The club should exhaust all avenues to expand SB along with the council. If this can not be achieved, a move is what it will have to be. But to where ? No one is trying to hold the club back, the shares were originally bought for this purpose, to stop possible asset stripping of our club for financial gain. I put it to all Chelsea fans, if Battersea and Earls Court are not possible locations, where would you allow the present board to put us ? Because unless you wish to end up sharing a new stadium with QPR at White City, there is not a site big enough within 4 miles of SB to develop. Buy a share and get involved.
29/12/2012 21:33:00
@BlueAndWhiteArmy in relation to cfctruth, this is the mouthpiece of Steve Frankham the CPO chairman who is meant to be independent of the club on CPO matters. but is working for the club along with Frankhams chosen drectors . It didn`t take his best mate Dennis Wise long to quit from the corrupt charade did it. Battersea is out, Earls Court would never get planning permission, so where do you propose we go ?
30/12/2012 10:39:00
@Blueheart9 whether cfctruth is the mouth piece of somebody or not is irrelevant here. Just go and look the HARD AND PLAIN FACTS first With out your biased eye. Even they are biased that doesnt mean we need to close our eyes to the obvious plain truths. Ours fans who ever they are if they think that H&F council is telling the truth and the club is lying then they are so deluded that they cant think anything rational. Politicians are all the same. They wont tell you the TRUTH. NEVER EVER. I havent seen a single politician who said anything close to truth on a particular matr. H&F council has got more than 100M from CAP&CO to approve their master plan. Nobody knows when this so called master plan is going to end or who is going to finance for this scheme in the tune of 10 to 20B when everybody is looking to cut back. CFC fans are so fortunate to have a owner like RA who is willing to build a new stadium at 0 cost with out affecting on field success like ARSENAL. Anyway its already debated lot and lot of times on VC. Fans who are asking for the club to explore all the avenue regarding SB expansion dont know anything about architecture and planning restrictions. The last application CFC made to H&F council was more than 7 yrs ago to increase the SB capacity in the tune of 47K to 50K. But the whore council has flatly rebuffed the application with out even a effort. So dont buy anything the council says unless you have somebody who is your friend working for the council who is also a CFC supporter.Dennis Wise quit his post bcz of the torture of some idiotic ***** organization called SAYNOCPO. They published his phone numbers and address and invaded his privacy of him and his family by sniffing around his house. First check the facts mate. It also widely reported in the press.
30/12/2012 11:09:00
@BlueAndWhiteArmy. H&F council has recieved nothing from CAP&CO because Earls Court is in the Kensington and Chelsea borough I`m afraid mate ! At present the local residents have forced the High court to intervene in the Earls Court development. Shortly both borough councils will release a joint statement, stating that no football stadium will get planning permission on the site. Its a no brainer. Wait and see. So where do the club then go ? You still have not answered the question. If you were a true supporter you would have a CPO share and you would have heard Bruce Buck clearly state in OCTOBER 2011 in front of 700 people at SB, that the club has submitted NO PLANNING APPLICATIONS WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE EXPANSION OF SB INTO THE LOCAL COUNCIL IN THE LAST 10 YEARS ! And H&F Council have confirmed this. So I don`t know where you get your information from. The only interest I have, is where my club will play in 5 years time and what are the true motives. That should be every CFCs supporters priority. I don`t know if there is any truth in the rumuors that an alternative option is at Whie City sharing with QPR. I hope that is just rubbish, but I keep hearing it. Be careful what you wish for.
30/12/2012 17:27:00
@Blueheart9, i am disappointed to hear u say the main reason CFC want to relocate is 4 personal gain, that is Funny mate. it's ludicrous to say someone who have invested so much, more than a Billion pound and got just 1 million profit after 10yrs is wanting to relocate for a person gain. There is no need to write more. Just listen to urself for once.
jollyheart Torres
30/12/2012 19:30:00
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